Moammar and Condi Up In A Tree…

Condi, wisely keeping her distance.

Condi Rice must be barfing at this very moment. But how hilarious is this: Moammar Gadhafi had the hots for Condi Rice.  Yes that’s right, gang. Mo had a banana in his pants for Condoleeza.

He kept a photo album of Condi with him. I don’t even want to think what he did with it. Nevermind. It’s just too much to imagine.

Mo wasn’t shy about his “Darling” Condi either.

“I support my darling black African woman,” he said. “I admire and am very proud of the way she leans back and gives orders to the Arab leaders … Leezza, Leezza, Leezza. … I love her very much. I admire her and I’m proud of her because she’s a black woman of African origin.”

I would pay money to see Darling Leeza comment on this one. Really I would. I could just see her lips pursed in disgust, trying really hard not to just burst into laughter.

Tell the truth. You are so jealous! I mean who wouldn’t want to be the object of that scheevy creature’s affection?

I kinda get the feeling that Mr. Unwashed was not Condi’s type. He’s nobody’s type. What a creepy man.

Anyways, here are some of Mo’s Condi photos. (From TPM Livewire).

Here’s one right there on his flowered mattress.

Why is this song running thru my mind?


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  1. Hahahahahha! Fell off my chair laughing.

  2. WordPress won’t let me post a video in a post! They keep shoving this UPGRADE in my face! WTF Is THAT ALL ABOUT!
    Why is this song running through my head?

  3. Ewwwww, that mattress has probably seen a lot of mindless action.

  4. What the HELL is going on with WP! I can’t post a youtube. I get a bigassed ad in my face with a WP video telling me to upgrade for $59 a year. This is bullshit. I’ll dump WP if I have to. What a bunch of CRAP!

  5. ewww….I wouldn’t touch that album without gloves

  6. That can’t be right. Must be a glitch.

  7. Can’t do it McNorman. Up pups a box that I can’t X out of. I simply cannot post a video.

  8. Go ahead. Try it. I’m telling you I am NOT able to get anything when I hit the video button but a bigassed video from WP and instructions on how to upgrade. And I canNOT get out of it.

  9. Just tried it. What the heck is going on now?

  10. While I go punch a wall, why don’t you all post videos of songs you think Mo would be singing to Condi?

    I am screwed posting videos for now. I will assume WP is in glitch mode before I pull the plug, because I am not paying to have a blog.

  11. I will not fork over one penny.

  12. I usually use Vodpod and leave the video in draft. I take the html as a paste and copy to the post as I need it.

  13. Note, the post button for Vodpod is not available as a plugin for Firefox 5, so do not upgrade to 5. I use 3.6 with all my plugins.

  14. Well you don’t need vodpod for youtube! It’s for all the other video places. Up to today, I just planked the youtube link into the video button in editor.I hate vodpod. It’s too damned much work and a pain in the ass, and sometimes it won’t take videos.

  15. Oh hell I refused Firefox 4. They tried to pretend you couldn’t get 3 back because it won’t delete. Bull. I found a copy of 3.16 and ran right over 4 with it. Firefox upgrades starting with 4 are poison. So I have the vodpod button for what it’s worth.

    I also configured FF at the config line to shut down their upgrade badgering. Now they can’t bother me about anymore upgrades. They lost their recipe, tried to become Chrome. Who the hell wants Chrome. It’s for infants.

  16. I don’t care for vodpod either.

  17. Me either McNorman. blogging is a lot of work. I sure as F**K ain’t gonna pay to do it.

  18. One of their links to ‘external’ places in that IN MY FACE BLOCKING AD, had this information. Too bad the youtube instructions do NOT work. You just either publish a bare link or you get their ad again.

  19. I suspect that Matt and the gang are going to get a heap coming their way. This is not going to fly.

  20. Well it might just be a glitch. The link to ‘external’ ‘free’ posting, such as youtube just isn’t working. They will probably fix it. It’s been my experience, WP is more polite than this looks. If it’s the way it is, I’ll just leave.

  21. The link to external video posting hasn’t been updated since 2010. I suspect they will fix that. We’ll see and make a decision. I’m going to run over to their forum and see the fireworks.

  22. Fireworks, for sure.

  23. OT, any one on the east coast seen this on Irene yet?

  24. Yeah it’s hopping.

  25. Okay. This works. Pisses me off, but it works. Do NOT use the insert video button. It will give you a WP ad now, forever. Instead, to insert a youtube you will have to manually enter the code
    You use the left bracket [
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  26. Thank you.

  27. I know this is OT, but I need help

    Oh hell I refused Firefox 4. They tried to pretend you couldn’t get 3 back because it won’t delete. Bull. I found a copy of 3.16 and ran right over 4 with it. Firefox upgrades starting with 4 are poison. So I have the vodpod button for what it’s worth.

    I also configured FF at the config line to shut down their upgrade badgering. Now they can’t bother me about anymore upgrades.

    I am bombarded with FF trying to get me to upgrade. So far, I just say “No”. But I am getting tired of constantly having to avoid the upgrade. I don’t know what you are saying when you talk about the “config” line, etc. Is there somewhere I can go to learn the tricks?

  28. Meant to add “thanks for any help”

  29. leslie, I refuse to change from 3.6.20 version because the later versions don’t work with my favorite plug ins.

  30. Agree with McN. 4.0 trashed my best plugins. To hell with that.

  31. leslie, you go to your url line from Firefox and type “about:config”. (without the quotes). All the firefox nags are there set to a “true” flag. Then you change the category for update reminders from “True” to “False”.

    I am assuming you already went to TOOLS, OPTIONS< UPDATE and unchecked FIREFOX right?

  32. leslie, “FF” is trademarked by our Freedom Fairy. Did you mean to say Firefox?

  33. Here’s hoping the link works. For some reason this odd but true fact made me think of this little song:

    I do believe this is even creepier than the Jodie Foster/HInckley connection.

    My condolences to Ms Rice. It must be both sickening and bizarrely amusing at once.

    One other stray thought is that is must tick Imelda off that its not her. After all she is a fashion icon and everything. Those poor lobsters better run for the hills (or hope Irene sweeps them out of MOs reach).

  34. Was just reading the comments to yesterday’s article on Most Powerful Women of 2011 and did you know who is on the current AARP magazine cover?????

    (scroll to middle of page)

  35. Oh for Chrissakes Mike. They are still blowing that twit for all the lucrative deals they got for kicking old people to the curb.

  36. Condi – pre-Bush Cabinet era, singing to her man….

  37. Omg! Poor Condoleeza! As Mt. Laurel says, its creepy and hilarious at the same time.

  38. stopped to advise that after last night’s rather vicious storm, we’re okay – despite the minor tornadoes that toppled very old trees. I read on madamab’s that they are getting heavy weather, and as I noted last night as it was leaving here, it was heading south east. I do hope everyone is okay.
    Re AARP – should that not mean Association for the Advancment of Real Pricks. Talk about a scam. I invesgated bach when I retired – freedome 55, but may have to work again at 65 – and back then it was just a bunch of retired folks trying to get together to forge links and met via Recreational Vehicle (RVs) once per year. A year later, it was shilling insurance etc. I’m not sure what happened, but don’t count the older folks out – most of them know snake oil salesmen when they see them.
    WRT to Condi and Muhamar whatever, I doubt whether she would wipe her boots on him, now that she’s no longer in government. Goes to show how deluded the ass*ole has become.

    Heard on the radio (I don’t have television) that some of the rebels in Egypt are trying to impose Sharia law. Sad that, there was much promise but if the women affected do nothing……

  39. Ah Condoleeza Rice- now why is it that the one brain in the Bush admin seems to have disappeared completely from politics? I may not agree with everything she has said or done- but by god she is a smart cookie! Why have not the R’s tapped her to run?
    If I had to hazard a guess it would be because she comes equipped with brains AND scary lady parts! Every male politician’s worst nightmare.
    Poor woman- to be the object of that madman’s desire. shudder.

  40. Agree completely Mom. A brilliant woman. More brains when she is sleeping than W had wide awake too.

  41. Poor Condi.

    OK – I want a show of hands as to who is storm-ready.

    This IS a Big Deal.

  42. Not storm ready. Don’t think I need to be, but if I’m wrong, nice knowing you.

  43. just returned from a day of appointments and appointments.
    Thanks for all the help w/FF (lol)
    i’ll try after I make dinner. Unfortunately I don’t have fresh tomatoes but I do have some fresh pesto (that I made)and I’ll make some fettuccine. It’s not the same as fresh marinara, but it’ll do.


  44. FF I see your friend is handling the Fema end.

  45. Current 3-day track for Irene. You can toggle between 3 and 5 days.

    Remember – the biggest killer is rising water.

  46. I’m not a pesto fan unfortunately. I will end up drying all my basil I don’t use in season.

  47. This is the MOST arrogant man and wife on Planet Earth. Press report on them going to dinner

    “We were not permitted to see the Obama’s arrival and that

    is all the information that we have been given for right now.”

  48. Oh and for the record- I stopped by the D booth again at the fair. Every single one is STILL angry about what happened to Hillary. I did blast (politely, she was old) one woman who tried to give me the aprty line about how the R’s were at fault for blocking teh one’s every move. I laid into her- and asked how that was possible? Was she not aware that the D’s had control of Congress from 06 to 10? Did they not have a super majority? I segued into his biggest contributors being Goldman Sachs, Insurance co, big pharma, banks etc. Ended with the premise that he is nothing but a shill for the big money and NOT a Democrat.
    Yes I got applause! And they want Hillary 2012 bumper stickers!

  49. YOU GO MOM!!!!!!


    Old or not, that is the ONLY way to tell a Bot what they don’t want to hear.

  50. “Don’t think I need to be”

    Uppity – I can only assume you are very west.

  51. Not really, FF. Just stupid.

  52. FF I looked at all those predictive maps and see the Island and South Jersey in the most danger, esp given the water. I figure we’ll get some wind and heavy rain but nothing we can’t handle. Unless another tree comes down, but I can’t be thinking like that. having one down already in the past few weeks, I imagine the odds are against it. In any event, nothing I could do about that. I figure by the time the wind hits us it will be about 25 mph.

  53. that’s what I thought.

    Now, do me a favor. If you are not prepared, at least listen to the local emergency managers.

    Chances are good you may well be out of power. If that is the case – we’ll make sure the blog is kept clean.

    Have propane or charcoal?

  54. Mom rocks! Did you ask her if her doctor told her he isn’t accepting medicare yet?

  55. FF on the dinner thing, they don’t want pics of them talking with their mouth full like that one shot we had when they ate breakfast on the campaign trail, with Michelle reaching in front of him to grab the syrup.

  56. “I figure by the time the wind hits us it will be about 25 mph.”

    Don’t count on it. This thing, unless something changes dramatically, is coming on shore as a full blown hurricane. It is slated to remain Tropical Storm status up through and out the other side of the Canadian Eastern Provinces. That is wind speeds from 39-73 MPH with higher gusts.

    Don’t laugh this off.

  57. The new AARP slogan:

    “Remember when you said ‘I hope I die before I get old?'”

  58. I got my trusty cat Joe and he will tell me if we have to evacuate. I will know when he is jumping onto the ceiling fixture.

  59. LESLIE,
    I went into MY about:config to see what I switched off.
    I switched these to false
    app.update.never 4.0.1

  60. Yeah myiq, AARP is going to help everybody who said that.

  61. I just posted a Yt video into my latest post. I use the HTML editor and I just did a copy and paste with the URL

    It worked.

  62. Alrighty then. But don’t wait to long – I fear there will be 8 million New Yorkers suddenly saying WTF?!?!?!? and hitting the road all at once. If you shelter in place, just watch yourself.

    My GF ages ago during Hurricane Hugo sheltered inland from Charleston in an old Plantation house with her friend. It took them 2 days to chainsaw their way in to rescue them. She said when she went outside the next morning after the storm, it smelled like Christmas.

  63. I’m not laughing it off, FF. There just is simply no warnings here for anything remotely resembling the thought that we may need to evacuate. And I’m not leaving my animals. They go, then I go. That’s final. Worse scenario is a very wet basement. Won’t be the first time. That’s why god made water pumps. We have food and pretty much everything we need. If the power goes, we have battery lanterns. We have a gas stove top. We will lose all of our frozen provisions, or rather will have a serious food party later. That’s pretty much all we need to do at this point. But if there were an immediate call to evacuate, there is no way the animals get left behind and they are safer with us than they would ever be with our yahoo humane society, and there is no way we could make it to the sanctuary with them and feel safe. So that’s that. Really, FF, if everybody evacuated in NY, they would only be doing a chinese fire drill evactuating to each other’s city. There is no place to go. New York isn’t coded for hurricanes, you know that. So my house is no less safe than some armory or auditorium.

  64. Uppity _ I agree and understand re Animals. And unless I KNOW I will die otherwise (and I would drown where I live now with this exact same storm) I will never leave my animals. Most people wont – that is why many more shelters allow them (down here,anyway). People were dying staying home with their friends.

    Anyway – I hope you have nothing to worry about – and let’s just hope the basement is the only thing that floods – if that.

    Just my training and experience I suppose. 13 years with Red Cross Disaster Services and now 8 with the State Emergency Response Team. People have NO CLUE how far water can push inland, how deep it can be or how FAST it can rise…

    You will also have an astronomical high tide when it comes in.

  65. Did you ask her if her doctor told her he isn’t accepting medicare yet?

    Nah- didn’t want a full blown heart attack right there under the grandstand. Wouldn’t that be murder in the 3rd degree or something? At least a trip to confession.
    Seriously thought- every one of these people voted for Hillary. (Did I mention I wear my Hillary button every time I go to the fair?) They have saved their Hillary yard signs just like I did and are praying for the chance to reuse them!
    We had a very long long conversation about never again voting party lines- vote for the person! And if the party throws your vote away- get rid of the party!
    These women are the ones who give- and give- and give. They phone bank, work the polls, work the booths at the fairs, work at the D office, donate donate donate.
    If I can get them OFF the D bandwagon I will consider it treasure in heaven.
    We have a good friend who is running for re-election as county commissioner- good guy and an old fashioned capital D Democrat. He gets to put a sign in my yard.

  66. Am hoping all you right coasters stay safe! Looks scary.

  67. Long day tomorrow- market auction at the fair. Gotta make sure I am wearing a shirt that complements my Hillary button!

  68. Mom, very cool how you handled them. Glad you enjoyed your fair & won some ribbons. We missed ours entirely this year.

  69. I fear there will be 8 million New Yorkers suddenly saying WTF?!?!?!? and hitting the road all at once

    To where?

    They can head upstate or central state. Good luck with that if they do. People aren’t going to be opening their doors to them exactly.

  70. A couple of downed trees upstate and they can forget the thruway. Those trees are centuries old that line the thruway. Big bastards. And they will take each other with them if there’s a downage. Lots of trees. LOTS AND LOTS OF TREES.

  71. A hilarious tweet from a PGA champ. Fore!!!

  72. Oh ROFL NES!

    OK, gonna go do something else for a while.

    ::::waving at Lorac if she drops in::::::

  73. Needlenose is worrying she might get her perfect furs all wet in all the rain.

  74. If you shelter in place, just watch yourself.

    There IS no place else to shelter FF. We don’t have hurricane shelters. We get the tail end of a hurricane every 30 years or so For us, it would be like setting up for an EQ. We don’t do that. We shovel snow all winter so we don’t have to do that. I mean, you are thinking Florida here. We are never the Eye of a storm. There ARE no hurricane shelter areas. If it gets bad, you hit the basement. That’s about it. There IS no place to evacuate to. Period. Evacuating to another city is ludicrous. They don’t have any more than we do. It seems to me that wandering around on the NYState thruway is the most dangerous thing somebody could do considering thousands of acres of trees the size of Paul Bunyan on both sides of you.

  75. Long Island, NJ shore, they have a huge worry. All that water. I bet all those big shots over in the hamptons are crapping their pants. Of course, the governemnt will rebuild their homes if they lose them, with that special Insurance they get on the cheap. I have no idea where the people on Long Island could possibly go. They are leaving in droves. To where, who knows.

  76. Be safe all you East Coasters. Will be thinking of you.

  77. Ok the deal is, anybody whose in the line of this thing needs to check in here thru sunday. If you can. Internet might be knocked out, hopefully not.

  78. Uppity… if I can help in anyway… Please let me know… all be safe and wishing all of you in the path of Irene the very best…. Hugs, Casper 🙂 🙂

  79. Just had a mini-hurricane here east of Tucson. Seriously – nothing on the radar – nothing. But something developed about 10 miles from us and blew through like hurricanes we experienced once or twice when we lived in NY.

    The winds were so strong we thought the saguaros were going to snap in half (none did, thankfully!) and we got about 2 inches of rain in about 30 minutes – which is a lot when you live in the desert. The wash is running behind our house and you can hear it a long way away.

    Cool. All is well. Hope all of you “up east” will report the same in the next couple of days.

  80. I’m here thinking about all the Uppityites who might be affected by Irene and hoping you’ll be okay.
    I am glued to the weather channel and switching to local stations periodically. I haven’t heard from my sister in southeast VT. She is pretty isolated and doesn’t have teevee so I’m a little nervous for her. I’ve left several phone messages asking her to listen to local weather and to call, but haven’t heard back. I’m not worried – yet.
    If anyone is in or near s.e VT, please report later in the week.

  81. See what FF did? She’s got my dog all nervous and I caught her singing the Traveler’s commercial song.

  82. BTW: the last report I read is that obama is ending his vacay early. Geesh, I hope that doesn’t mean they’ll be heading my way. We’ve had enough of him and his traffic stopping shiite this summer.

  83. TY Casper. We’ll be fine, I’m sure.

  84. 4 People were lost on Washington Blvd in Pittsburgh last Friday, driving home from lunch and the heavy rains just swelled an intersection to over 9 feet. A lady & her 2 daughters were trapped in their van while another woman who got out of her car to run to higher ground was pulled into a storm drain and found miles away. People in SUV’s were lucky to get their windows open before they lost power, it just rose, traffic slowed down and before they could respond, were making flotation devices of their handbags and standing on the roofs of their vehicles, holding onto side mirrors and luggage racks while River Coast Guard rafts rescued them.

  85. I’m riding it out. In fact we’re planning a hurricane party. To get into the party, you have to write your name on your arm with a black sharpie. Haha

    All joking aside, hopefully we have everything we need. It still looking like North Carolina is where it will make landfall. This part of Virginia is just too damn close to NC. As long as I have power I will keep you posted. Ya’ll stay safe.

  86. NES
    That tweet is priceless.

    I think you are right that everyone along the east coast needs to stay tuned for updates simply becuase Mother Nature is in charge and things can go downhill quickly (and it looks as if the possibility that Irene will simple turn and head out to sea is almost nil at this point).

    This is my take for metro DC (where a tropical storm watch is in effect and may be upgraded). I live outside the beltway (northwest of DC) and work inside the beltway in Virginia and have been here for 20 years. I used to live along the coast in Virginia so usually this area is better off (no direct landfalls).

    From the info I am thinking that, for our area, Irene looks to be on par with Isabel (2003). May be a little stronger or weaker, depending on the exact path. Lost power at work for over week with that one. Shorter time at home. Definitely looks to be far more wide spread than Fran (1996) and with more of an overall punch than Floyd (1999) which was mostly really heavy rains and lots and lots of flooding but oddly enough a lot of the really bad damage was further inland becuase of the enormous amounts of water dumped.

    Common sense really does come in handy in these situations. Unfortunately, it’s often in short supply.

  87. What are “wind” and “rain”……?

    But seriously, all you guys on that other side stay safe! Nature is so beautiful, it’s amazing that it can be so incredibly destructive….

  88. I can’t believe how stupid I just was. I saw the link about Obama leaving his vacation early, and without thinking, assumed it was to deal with our country and world crises.

    Duh. He doesn’t want to be on a golf course the day a hurricane comes through. I can’t believe I had even a one second lapse in “understanding” Obama….

  89. Cripes My house is nearly destroyed. Somebody let a damned mayfly in. Cats chattering, chasing, carrying on, and me freaking out because the damned thing was so big. I just whacked it with a catalog.

  90. what’s a mayfly?

  91. forget it…. I looked it up. You hit it with a catalog? Since wrecked my shoulder a few weeks ago, I can hardly pick up a salt shaker – never mind a catalog.

    Who won? you or the mayfly?

  92. My security door doesn’t fit quite right, there’s a space at the top that bugs can come in, and I keep getting August flies in here….. haha

  93. lol lorac, you dingbat.

    I won, Leslie. Handily. A mayfly looks like a dragonfly only smaller. They are big. Big wings. Long legs. Fugly as hell. They eat mosquitoes though. Anyways, my cat was seriously pissed because he was stalking it. But I couldn’t stand looking at the thing.

    Had to throw my new Pottery Barn catalog away. Pisses me off.

  94. You shouldn’t have thrown away the catalog. Just as I was reading about the cat stalking the bugger, a flying live thing as big as my fist flew into my face – buzzing all the way. I’m closing up shop here and looking for something to kill it with. It feels like it flew down my shirt!

    Be safe everyone.

  95. SW. that’s horrible.
    vivien, take care – perilous time for sure.
    Uppity, you killed a mayfly? I must get steelier. I chase them around the house and shoo them out cause I’m a wuss. I also capture drones (bumblebees) with large beer glasses and release them outside.

  96. Oooooh they closed the beach at Mission Beach here because they sighted a huge great white (15-17 feet).

    socal, be careful if you stop at the beach after UCSD tomorrow!

  97. lorac, a great white what? Shark? gives one the willies if it’s a Bruce. (Jaws).

  98. Yes, they say it was Jaws! Another guy came on and said they’re out there all the time, you just don’t usually see them.

    Yeah, I think I’ll just be ankle wading for awhile….

  99. a flying live thing as big as my fist flew into my face – buzzing all the way. I’m closing up shop here and looking for something to kill it with. It feels like it flew down my shirt!

    OMG! It’s a Boob Fly!

  100. Boobie beetle!

  101. Thanks lorac!!! We will probably go to the beach tomorrow afternoon, but def won’t be going in the water. The kids can swim in the hotel pool.

  102. socal watch out for the land sharks!

  103. The kids are hoping to see the shark tomorrow.

  104. I used to love swimming in the ocean when I was young, and spent a lot of time in the Pacific here is Cali, Mexico & Hawaii. Now I have no desire, and don’t want my kid to swim in it.

  105. Upps: Saw that bloomberg was ordering evac of low-lying areas of NYC and caught something about moving patients out of 5 hospitals and various nursing homes.

    Heard this on TWC: Tropical storm force winds extend out to about 300 miles from the center of the storm.

    My concern for my Yankee friends, you and madamab and Pat Johnson is that with ground already saturated up there, more tropical rains and winds will bring trees down and then power lines also.

    Can you get dry ice for your frozen stuff?

  106. Regarding Moammar and Condi: Y’all do know the rumors are that Condi plays on FF’s side of the street. 😉

  107. Guess I was the only late on up tonight. 😦

  108. Hi Fredster! Sorry I missed you earlier, am hitting the sack now. Stay safe Eastern Uppityites!

  109. eh, me too now. Yes, stay safe and also for the Widdershins folks in the East.

  110. WX situation is dire, yet I cannot help but consider that NJ, NY governors shouting “You will evacuate,” is the harbinger of a most undesirable trend . I took particular umbrage regarding a related Bloomberg (?) statement regarding seniors. And I’ve been wondering where the Obama’s will choose to go if leaving Nantucket early. Back to DC – no, too dangerous. Consider this unfortunate development:

    Dedication of MLK Memorial postponed by hurricane | The Associated Press | News | Washington Examiner
    With Hurricane Irene bearing down on the nation’s capital, organizers postponed a planned weekend dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall, dashing hopes of paying tribute to the civil rights leader on the 48th anniversary of his “I Have a Dream” speech….

    But then, MLK knows how to weather storms. Obama? Not so much. But he’ll optimize what he’s been handed.

    So perhaps they will choose to go to Libya – check in on moammar’s digs, the Condi diary [er papers 🙂 ], be there to greet moammar as he takes his perp walk. Then release the video as historical documentary to be aired on PBS.

  111. Mom, you’re so funny and dead on correct. Love it.

    Land shark – geebus that brings back memories.

  112. Fredster, twenty years ago, I would have run to get dry ice, worrying worrying worrying. The older I get the less I give a crap about Stuff. That’s why god gave us insurance companies to reject our claims. lol.

    Seriously, though, I’m not cavalier. I just know you can’t trump nature. Something all these yahoos in the global warming/cooling/global climate keep trying to capitalize on. It’s either going to pass me by or pound me and Mine into the ground and I highly doubt I am In Control of that. I did my worrying. If your house falls down on you it’s a bit disingenuous to say It Could Have Been Prevented. Hell, I’d rather be dead than homeless anyways. You just KNOW every home owners insurer will find a way not to pay for it, too. Extortionists, they are.They do it because They Can. That is why I get more than a little worried when I hear yahoo candidates talking about getting rid of “regulations”. Which regulations are they talking about? Silly ones that keep workers safe instead of skewered on a fork lift? The kind of regulations that keep employees from being locked in a warehouse on a third shift so they can’t leave when there’s a fire? I never hear them talk about exactly WHICH regulations that “cost too much” are “costing us jobs”. The regulations that say you ought to pay en employee for 60 hours if he works 60 hours? As it stands, we are being reamed by utility companies, big oil, you name it. Exactly how much easier do they want to make it for them to extract everything we have from us and treat us like THEY are our customer?

    On Monday, there are people who will have no home. They will call their insurance company, whom they have paid some serious bucks to over the years, only to find nobody home there either. Except for the really rich people who build their houses on stilts, flirting with disaster. They do it because They Can. And because the government offers them really CHEAP disaster insurance, underwritten by the same people who will wake up on Monday without a home and without an insurance company calling them back. We have far more sinister forces around us trying to kill us besides nature. At least nature is quick.

  113. Screw sharks. The most thrilling moment I ever had is when my father called me to our dock in Florida, and there, smiling at us and flicking her whiskers, was a manatee and her baby. Who gets that close to a manatee, huh? We fed her a whole head of lettuce with mom yelling that was organic romaine for dinner. lol. She stayed around. We touched her! And her baby was so cute and unscarred, so far. What are the chances that could happen to me again? Zero, considering most of them were long ago killed by boat propellers. THere just aren’t many manatees left in the water. Sharks, hell they are all over like flies on poop. And you can’t pet them! The ungrateful bastards can’t wait to eat you. Sharks deserve to die when one of us gets a chance to take them. I mean, where do they get off taking pieces off of people who are taking over their domain? I mean if God didn’t want people mucking up the shark’s domain, he wouldn’t have allowed them the ability to swim, right? If sharks had any brains, they’d come on land to OUR domain and eat us there! Land sharks!

  114. Uppity, your comment@7:58 – so true. I believe that we are reliving Charles Dickens worst nightmare with the exception that the press – so called independent and investigative journalists are easing us into it. Funny how corporations would cease to have any power if it weren’t for the people. Funny how the people are brainwashed into believing that their work is worth next to nothing. Been there, done that, don’t want to go back, however with the ridiculous manovering of markets in the past month, I might have to look for a job. Sadly, my resume even dumbed down scares most employers away. Sigh

  115. Be safe all you East Coasters. Will be thinking of you.
    and praying she blows herself out before she gets here.. 🙂

  116. AAAACCCKKK! Turned on the boob tube to check on the storm. (Sister in law in Wilmington NC) and there he is! On the boob tube again! Cheese and RICE! Isn’t it up to the governors of the various states to do hurricane warnings to their citizens? Will this egomaniac EVER pass a chance to pollute the airwaves?

  117. Why on earth would you dumb down a resume?

  118. Mom – I missed it! LOL I HEARD he was going to “Address the Nation about The Storm” and I thought – Blowhard! WHAT THE HELL DOES HE KNOW abut ANYTHING besides golf and the NCAA. Asshat.

    Wasn’t he the one who said there were something like 300,000 killed in some tornado or something when he was campaigning the first time?

  119. Address the nation because of the storm! He IS WORSE than this storm. He’s done more damage than Irene will EVER do to America. Shut up Barack. You ran as fast as you could when you thought YOUR ass might be affected. Just like you ALWAYS run for cover. Your speech will not comfort a soul. Nobody feels safe when you speak. They feel afraid. And shafted. Bug off and leave us to our hurricane. It’s going to be easier to face than you are. At least we know what to expect. Now run off and pretend to part the seas in your own little parallel universe. Have some lobster.

  120. I will be live blogging Sunday, from the basement. Barack will be watching a ball game.

  121. OF COURSE he was on TV!
    Today is the 91st anniversary of the 19th amendment. You know? The one that gave us wimminz the right to vote?
    I got an e-mail from your Senator Gillibrand reminding me Uppity.
    From oblamer?

  122. Yeah well if it were up to him and his sycophants, we should lose that right too, as soon as possible. Cripes, they’ve reversed just about every other right we achieved, and did it in just a few short years. That’s because the third wave is busy getting manicures and pedicures, no time for this nonsense when you can get all sexied up and worry about your long-range future later. Being hot and having the boys want you is wayyyyyy more important. And being called a C*nt is sooooooooo cute!

  123. I never heard that rumor about Condi. No wonder she can focus. SHe hasn’t got some macho guy screwing up her life. Just kidding.

  124. True what you say Uppity- and not just him and his sycophants either- both sides suck!
    Maybe I should think about getting that detailed on my car.
    Death by fire or death by drowning- both parties suck!

    Leaving for the fair in a bit.
    Hey! If your basement is like mine- you better rethink that and live blog from the attic! Or do you have a super size sump pump?

  125. fredster, 300 miles from center of storm. So where’s the center of the storm?

    (counting miles, lol)

  126. Oh well it is also national toilet paper day, national dog day, national cherry popsicle day- and at the END of the damn article? Oh yeah- Women’s Equality Day. There are no words fit to print for what I think of this little gem! ( I don’t mind sharing the day with the dogs- we are treated as such by the parties so fitting- but the rest?)
    Aug. 26: National Toilet Paper Day, First Televised Baseball Game, National Dog Day, National Cherry Popsicle Day, Women’s Equality Day

  127. When it comes to women, Mom, the past three years the democrats did the republicans’ work for them.

    I see they evacuated Ocean City. I saw a clip with two already slightly drunk pissants in the middle of the morning with their usual cruddy gab and baseball caps saying they (read, “our parents”) paid for a week and were going to stay.They were planning a party for tonight and unless somebody tells them that death is at the door they aren’t moving. As if someone is going to stick around and tell them, dumb shits. They looked like they belonged in Ocean city like a fish belongs on a bicycle too. They might be great candidates for this year’s darwin award.

  128. Uppity – I saw them while waiting for paint to dry! LOL Idiots.

    and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line: “Bug off and leave us to our hurricane”


    He really does think he just HAS to be involved with everything.

    And ditto what Mom said on your basement.

  129. Your speech will not comfort a soul. Nobody feels safe when you speak. They feel afraid. And shafted. Bug off and leave us to our hurricane. It’s going to be easier to face than you are. At least we know what to expect. Now run off and pretend to part the seas in your own little parallel universe. Have some lobster.

    Ahhhh, Upps. You always say it just RIGHT. Thanks — that was cathartic.

  130. Mom, and FF, I chose the basement because if a tree falls, I’m hoping it slows down by the time it goes thru the first two floors.

  131. He really does think he just HAS to be involved with everything.

    Except the things he should be involved in. Example: How long did it take his ass to say something about the BP oil spill again? The incident in Georgia while he golfed? How about when Iran was killing people who wanted a little freedom? Oh it goes on and on. He is never there when he is SUPPOSED to be.

  132. I will be live blogging Sunday, from the basement. Barack will be watching a ball game.


  133. Upps, you’re starting to worry all your fans. You sure you’re going to be safe? Now may be the time for all — including your pets, of course — to take that long-delayed trip to Cali.

  134. What NES said @ 1:46

  135. LOL what a tool. He just called the storm “historic.”

  136. Uppity – y0u have mail


    Angel getting her sutures out

    I guess she’s feeling better. She’s been humping the cat.

  137. unoresidented too 😆

  138. LOL. F.F. if she is doing that then she is on the mend.
    I guess she’s feeling better. She’s been humping the cat.

  139. By the way Fredster, what is FF’s side of the street that Condi plays on? Are you referring to my side of the street?

  140. Oh Christ.

    “Obama is expected to arrive back at the White House on Friday evening. The family had been scheduled to return to Washington together tomorrow afternoon.”

    She’s staying there. Michelle gets one more night in without the Boob. And two flights are again required.

  141. Go Angel!!

  142. Unbelievable on the two flights. They’re so idiotic.

  143. Sophie, I think that’s exactly what Fredster meant. The rumors of Condi being a lez are legion and longstanding.

  144. LOL what a tool. He just called the storm “historic.”

    Jaysus, what a dipwad.

    FF I think the reason she wants to fly separate is she knows what a jinx he is.

    NES, if I go to Cali there will probably be an EQ.

    FF just sent me the perfect photo of Lord Fauntleroy soothing his subjects about their “historic” hurricane that he will be hiding in his bunker from. I shall put it up for the weekend to remind us all on the east cost how lucky we are that a bunch of morons forced this creep upon us.

  145. NES, if I go to Cali there will probably be an EQ.

    Hilarious, Upps! We, from Cali, will take our chances.

  146. I shall put it up for the weekend to remind us all on the east cost how lucky we are that a bunch of morons forced this creep upon us.

    Looking forward to that.

  147. What a crowded side of the street we have!

  148. If Angel tried that crap on me, she’d be heading for the hospital for more stitches.

    You’re all lucky I don’t pull the plug on you right now.

  149. Himself just said:

    Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    Sorta sums up the Obot experience in a nutshell….

  150. FF – one dumbs down a resume depending on the job for which one is applying. Your area requires you to detail all of your achievements probably with pictures. My area – business is the same until one gets to retirement. Then if one wants to get a nice part time job three or four days a week, one has to dumb down the resume, as with my resume not one shop owner would consider my application. And if they did they would see dollar signs – too much education, too much managerial experience, too much of everything that would mean higher salary.

  151. LOL Sophie. He IS the worst. No need to prepare. We’re there.

  152. HT I know experienced RIT Engineering — EE graduates who sell lumber at Home Depot now. I’m sure they had no problem with their resumes, especially given they knew they were applying for a low paying job before they got there. I’m sure the interviewer wasn’t thinking about the “high salary” they were going to have to pay for that advertised minimum wage job. So unless you are Jack Welch coming out of retiremement, or a Harvard Magna, and we have some of those here, I don’t think they will be running and hiding from your resume either.

  153. HT – I have a lot more experience than painting murals. Managerial Advertising, Production Management, photography studio manager, etc., etc., etc., as well as jillions of years in Disaster Management, State managerial positions, teaching, etc. I NEVER EVER dumb down my resume – simply tailor it to the job to which I am applying. For me, that doesn’t require making me look dumber than I am just to make someone happy. ALL of my experience goes to enhance my attractiveness to potential employers – from business owner to entry-level teaching – they all matter – and I am not about to second-guess what might light a fire under a potential employer. AS for the salary thing – I understand your point, but Uppity’s right. If you are applying for a job that you KNOW pay’s $10 per hour, it is doubtful the HR person thinks you want $50.

  154. {{{{Awww, c’mon MK Bill…. I’ve seen the pics.}}}

  155. MK Bill, on August 26, 2011 at 3:01 PM said:

    If Angel tried that crap on me, she’d be heading for the hospital for more stitches.

    Awww, MKB – How about if she just pins you down and licks your head? Tippy loves it, and he’s a Tuxie too!

  156. Bleck!

    Dog spit is sticky and dries stiff! I hate dog spit. It’s not like cat spit, which is Spring Fresh and dries fluffy.

  157. But Cat Snot could beat anything developed by NASA as a permanent bonding adhesive.

  158. FF: ROFL!

  159. You folks would not believe the lines at the gas station (in CT, just east of Danbury). It was like the 70s all over again. People filled their cars as well as a few gas cans. They also bought the place out of propane.

  160. A cat sneeze can spray 15 feet.

  161. Cheer up, Sophie. There isn’t a generator left in any stores here. And of course, the prices were jacked up over at home depot etc.

  162. Oh cripes Bill is making protest signs. Ban Dog Spit.

  163. FF, I’ve been here for the longest time, so I am aware of the multiplicity of you talents. You and Deadenders are the people I would have decorate my home, should I win a lottery.

  164. If a tree falls on my house, will the members of Uppity’s Great Room hear it?

  165. There’s a tree across the road that is clearly one full story taller than the two story house it’s in front of. Now if that one comes done, it will take the FRONT of my house. Trees are now my enemy! I need helllllllllllpppppp!

  166. Uppity, no tree would have the temerity to fall on your house

  167. “Mo had a banana in his pants for Condoleeza” Uppity is being RACIST, (as Solange Knowles would assert ) !!!

    Begin rant

    This event made me wonder if Obama is a pro-Arab racist. On CNN, Fouad A. Ajami reminded everyone that Qadafi had previously renounced his Arabness & tried to rebrand himself as an African which, according to Ajami, was why the Arab League was happy to grant their imprimatur to NATO’s removing Qadafi from power. Conversely, Assad in Syria has clung to his Arabness & subsequently, the Arab League, to whom Obama defers on such matters, has Assad’s back & won’t call for his ouster.

    Additionally, as broadcast on O-dark-thirty on CSPAN2, self-identified Muslim Arabs are ethnically cleansing self-identified Christian Africans in Sudan & very few in Obama’s administration seems to care &/or speak out against such raping, pillaging & killing. I suspect if the ethnic & religious affiliations were reversed, Obamazombies would be protesting 24-7.

    end rant.

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