President Obama speaks to his subjects before scurrying off to his bunker.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Or some such crap. Gotta run. I’m only here because I’m one step ahead of the hurricane and had to leave Martha’s because I’m a wuss — and now I’m stuck here with you fools. Anyways, my lobster is getting cold. Hope to see you all alive monday after the “Historic” hurricane, but if not, eh! There are too many people in this country anyways. One thing’s for sure: I’ll make sure I am safe! And I sure hope the ground doesn’t get too wet or I’ll have to wait a couple of days to golf again. I hate when that happens! Michelle says Hi. She’s flying in on her own plane again, because she’s special. I’m sure you don’t mind paying for that. If you do mind, who cares? Anyways, she says to tell you that, if you live through Irene, don’t forget to eat your vegetables! Glad I interrupted whatever you were watching. I love doing that. How else would I get an audience these days? Next week, I’m gonna shove myself in your face during Prime Time just for fun!  You know you love me! You people are sooooooo entertaining. Okay, gotta run. Be safe! Or don’t be safe. Whatever.

Freedom Fairy captures Obama as he speaks to his subjects before running off and hiding in his bunker. Thank God there’s a putting green down there!

I had to cut the back 9 out for this crap.

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  1. Yup, that’s a person after your own heart. I laughed when I read your blistering comment, then I stopped and thought, it’s probably exactly what he’s thinking. Sad that.

  2. Thank God I missed it.

  3. Give him a break! He left MV a whole day early!

    (Although the reason was probably Michelle, not Irene)

  4. Good one, FF.

    After an insane media frenzy yesterday, seriously interrupting Judge Judy’s hour at 4 pm, and heaven knows what else, the yelling of NJ’s governor about what the public must do (recall I was a former devotee of Chris Christie), with a performance by Mike Bloomberg which almost equalled Christie’s, we wake up to this:

    Hurricane Irene weakens to Category 1 as top sustained winds drop to 90 mph, headed NNE off NC | The Associated Press | News | Washington Examiner

    How embarrassing. NJ’s casinos will soon close. I hear people are flocking to Pennsylvania where casinos will welcome NJ, NY with open arms and smirking smiles.

  5. Give him a break! He left MV a whole day early!

    Indeed. And in case you forget, MSNBC is announcing every half hour during their storm coverage that Obama had to leave one day early. Missed it? Obama left a day early, y’all. In case you didn’t hear, he had to cut his vacation short a day. Storm so bad, Obama left MV and spoke like the nation’s mayor.


  6. Obama left a day early, y’all. In case you didn’t hear, he had to cut his vacation short a day.
    As opposed to his South American vacay which he cut short by just 4 hours, causing his loyalists to shorten the proclamation to …. he cut it short!

  7. Sophie, reminds me of an old saying my Mom used to throw at me when she was upset (Bless her soul)
    A day late and a dollar short, however in this case it’s a day early and 14 trillion short.
    Pamela, unfortunately gamblers need their fix, and businesses recognize that. My very good friend is in therapy for gambling addiction – it’s true – she lost over 300K at the tables.

  8. Where does Irene get off making Barack cut his vacation short? This is awful!

    Of course he left early. His ass was in Irene’s path.

    Of course it’s become a Cat 1. Like everything else, they love whipping Americans and then whipping them again into a frenzy, and then watching them crash in exhaustion. I suppose it’s their way of making us grateful to be alive, even if they take everything from us. Do you just not notice that the press gets off on instilling fear in everyone? and Barack? Well, HE loves it! Once you are whipped down completely from nearly constant whipping down, he can do anything to you because you are too tired and shakey to fight back. Seriously, if I were into superstitious religions, I would think this guy really IS something from somewhere who, instead of parting seas, wreaks havoc and leaves carnage wherever he goes. He truly IS Leland Gaunt. He’s biblical too. And not in a Good way. Decadent. Check. Deceitful. Check. Sinister. Check. Malicious. Check. Detached. Check. The man is such a horrid president that even cutting his ostentatious vacation short is hailed as a special event of even greater magnitude than the hurricane he was running from.

  9. Yup UW. There’s been this drumbeat towards learned helplessness since about 2000.

  10. Irene made landfall at Cape Lookout NC. Winds were 85 mph. It’s not here yet. They’re calling for lots of flooding because of the storm surge. I live close to the mouth of the Chesapeake bay, on high ground, we shouldn’t flood too bad here. Keep an eye on the news, if you see someone floating around in a johnboat with two dogs and a cat, followed by a party going on in a blue canoe, it might be me. Hahaha. Y’all stay safe.

  11. Indeed. And in case you forget, MSNBC is announcing every half hour during their storm coverage that Obama had to leave one day early. Missed it? Obama left a day early, y’all. In case you didn’t hear, he had to cut his vacation short a day. Storm so bad, Obama left MV and spoke like the nation’s mayor.


    Move over Rudy, the nation’s got a new mayor…

    have a good and safe day everyone. See you tonight (I hope)

  12. BTW Upps, you forgot to mention that in addition he’s HISTORIC.

    A historic, malevolent asshat.

  13. yes, historically malevolent.

    this will be his legacy, once his MSNBC sycophants die out. And if they keep it up, they might all just die on the vine, because every day, their viewership drops and all they are left with are vain and shallow creatures just like themselves.

    Ditto for FOX, because they are nothing more than a mirror image of MSNBC, jumping the shark in the other direction. I have never seen a “news” channel that looks like more entertainment and less news like FOX does it. They love to use the word “Folks” in place of sheep, but it’s all the same method as MSNBC. Herd em in and feed them our slop agenda.

  14. Obama left MV and spoke like the nation’s mayor.

    Rolling my eyes here. These people are absolutely out of their minds with lust for this character. They are Him, that’s why. And they also can’t stand the thought of admitting they forced him upon us with their psy ops. This would mean they would have to admit what they are: Stupid. Just. Plain. Stupid.

  15. Follow the money. When his campaign was sucking in huge amounts of money coming in (from millions of small first-time donors, HA HA HA), MSNBC saw a business partner and made their choice. In an attempt to recapture some of that magic, his PR guys jumped out of the gate this year with, “We’re going for a billion!”

  16. OT: Anyone know about how many miles an hour the wind has to be blowing to pick up an Adirondack chair?

  17. We’re going for a billion!”

    Considering our economy, this right here is all you need to know about these creatures.

  18. sophie, I would bring it in if I were you. I brought in anything that isn’t nailed down. Don’t kid yourself. If it’s not stationary, it can go flying. I am seeing the predictions on how the wind blows at us. It changes direction, like a spiral. So I wouldn’t discount the possibility that your chair could move if the direction and strength is right. Just put it in the garage. It’s not about losing a chair, the chair could hit your house, your car, you get the picture. I just decided to not take the chance. I even moved a heavy picnic table. If it’s above ground, I figure it’s fair game.

  19. The Onion is just hilarious.

  20. UW: I did bring them in…Like you, anything that wasn’t nailed down that could become a projectile. I’m just curious because my neighbor did not bring his in. I’m using his as a meter to gauge how fast the wind is blowing!

  21. ROFL on your neighbor as a gauge, sophie! What a dumb shit. Hope it lands on something that belongs to HIM.

  22. I just want to remind everyone of a few things:

    1>) The storm has ‘weakened’ for two reasons: a.) It’s over land, thus it’s energy is being drained. When it gets back over water – and if the water has any heat in it at all, it will PROBABLY reorganize and pick up strength.

    2.) These storms spawn a great many tornadoes. They are usually smaller but can literally drop out of the sky in seconds. They are also very violent and move quickly. In Hurricane Jeanne, I was in central Florida on response. In the middle of the night we got a tornado warning. The tornado was moving NNE at EIGHTY MPH. Keep alert for tornadoes.

    3.) Once again, the storm surge at high tide will be very problematic, even if this storm does not increase in intensity. The storm surge for this storm will be intense. Somewhere in the neighborhood of a Cat 3 storm.

    4.) If you are on the Eastern Side of the storm when it passes, remember you will get clobbered from winds (and water being pushed back) from the opposite direction as it passes. So it’s a one-two punch.

    OK, back to work for now.

    waving at Lorac! LOL! :)

  23. File this under “When Life Gives You Lemons.”

    Hurricane Cocktail

    Mix together:
    1 ounce dark rum
    1 ounce light rum
    2 ounces fresh orange juice
    2 ounces pineapple juice
    1 ounce grenadine

    Pour over ice and gently add:
    1/2 ounce 151 rum

    Garnish with fresh fruit. Drink with a straw; it gets stronger as you go as the 151 floating on the top seeps down.

  24. Sophie, thanks for the rum recipe. I’ve got everything but rum.

    Be safe all you east coasters. FF’s advice is true, so follow it.

  25. Thrilled and relieved y’all in New England heralded weathered the watery-apocalypse that wasn’t.

    What I love about this place is that we can blame BO even for a hurricane — and he deserves everything he gets, natch.
    Did he end up looking like a fool in anyone’s eyes other than ours?

  26. Yikes! Now that I’ve read FF’s post, it looks like the storm is still a problem. Hang in there.

  27. How’s it going Upps?

  28. It is really quiet out there. Eerily quiet. I normally have half a dozen each squirrels and chipmunks foraging about. Today, they’re coming out one at a time for brief jaunts. No bird noise at all when it ordinarily sounds like an aviary out there.

  29. Ditto here. Eerily quiet. No birds either. Very calm outside. I guess that’s what Calm before the Storm means or something.

  30. good news!!!! :mrgreen:
    Irene downgraded to tropical storm.

    Cable TV meteorologists, and Geraldo, on suicide watch. :lol: :lol:

  31. Headed right for the hamptons, where all those Fox and MSNBC big shots live. Bill O isn’t looking out for The Folks today, he’s looking out for himself. But not to worry. I’m sure they all have that practically free governent sponsored insurance like all the rich folks in New Orleans had. They got their minor damages fixed ASAP while everybody else is still waiting. In any event, most of them have other homes and I’m sure they moved there to avoid so much as a scratch.

  32. Sister in law and family in Wilmington NC safe. Small evergreen on sil’s car- looks as if the top just brushed the hood- won’t know damage on it for a bit. Her daughter had one leaky window. All family safe and sound so far!

  33. Going to be busy off and on today. Have to check property I own to make sure every loose item is indoors and things are battened down.

  34. Now we have rain. And Birds.

  35. Here’s a link for East Coast hurricane cameras. Scroll down a few for Martha’s Vineyard to see what BO is missing. I cannot decide if MO and kids remained there as I’ve seen reports both ways and am disinterested enough to avoid exerting any energy toward locating the facts in this instance. BTW I altered the display of the link for Uppity. Fox is good enough for me but Uppity, being more principled than I, is dead-set against it. :)
    www dot

  36. No fox is okay, no worse than msnbc or Huffblow :)

    I dont usually allow traffic to obot kossack places. Or pajamas media because of what they did to Phyllis Chesler.

    Other than that, unless it’s a wildly baloney throwing site, like, say, Drudge, or a fake PUMA site, no problem!

  37. Pamela, re Pajamas Media, those POSs
    She left a message of thanks in the comment section. PJ media can kiss my ass.

  38. Here in NYC not much is happening yet. Small rain storm half hour ago but sun is out now. They were supposed to shut down public transit at noon. It’s quiet no sound of planes or wind yet. I wonder if they are going to have egg on their faces over the shut downs and mandatory evacuations on Monday. I was here for Gloria and the media talked the storm into a disaster. The hurricane came ashore a low tide and there was very little damage.Of course they really can’t predict what a hurricanes will do but the government reaction seems a little excessive. Of course the storm isn’t due to hit until later today.

  39. lizzy, I look at it this way. If they end up with egg on their face, it’s good egg. But if I were one of those hurricane ‘experts’ I would be watching my back from now on. But for the rest of us, it would be great if they have egg on their faces. I think they are being uber cautious because of the complete ineptitude associated with Katrina and BP oil. Bawack doesn’t want to look like he doesn’t care even though he looks like he doesn’t care.

  40. I think the NYC reaction is also related to their dreadful response to the Christmas snow storm. I agree with you about the poor response to other emergencies.

  41. Have to agree there. No one wants another Katrina. Even Bloomberg said he hoped this was all for naught. As Edna Mode* said, “Luck favors the prepared.”

    My bathtub is filled with water. (My water is delivered by pump. No electricity = no flushing. Unless you have water!)

    * Edna Mode: fashion designer in The Incredibles.

  42. Love the podium golf club pic. It is easy to believe it is real and not shopped. I would also believe a pic of Meanchelle standing on the beach in the hurricane screaming at the national guard to “save the lobsters” — it could happen.

  43. Hey, FF, you have so many artistic talents – are “comic strip editorials” one of them? Karen’s visual above would make a great cartoon – or actually even photoshopped! I can just see it lol

  44. Love the podium golf club pic. It is easy to believe it is real and not shopped.

    That was shopped?! I thought it was real!

  45. I just saw an article in which Bachman is suggesting she may consider reducing minimum wage to keep businesses here. Oh my oh my oh my. So much to say to that, not enough composure lol

    But gee, how about getting rid of the tax loophole the businesses get for sending their jobs overseas – that might be a good start. Nah, turn people into starving slaves here, that’ll bring the businesses back home, that’s the ticket!

    I know politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths and you never really know what’s true. But it’s not just teenagers making some money for beer who work minimum wage – it’s single mothers with families. And, oh yeah, let’s also keep cutting away at the social safety net.

    Do these people ever think past the words they’re uttering?

    Do what it takes to make jobs HERE (without killing off the poor people), then we get more money going into the tax base and won’t need so many social programs. The social programs we have we can use for short term relief for those who truly NEED them. Don’t MAKE more people DEPEND on the government sheeesh

    And oh yeah, keep fighting against birth control and abortion, so we have lots of little poor babies whose mothers will be making $3 and run up all our tax dollars for MORE social programs that we wouldn’t have needed if women could have control of their own bodies, and after a few years we can pay more in taxes for these kids’ special ed classes, drug rehab programs, housing them in jail.

    Politicians! Think past your own words! Use your imagination to see what your words will cause! Oh I’m so fed up with politicians.

  46. Wow, Lorac. And it’s not even Wednesday.

    Does Ms. Bachman realize that the jobs that went overseas weren’t the minimum wage jobs? And does she realize they’re not being done well?

  47. PJ media can kiss my ass.
    Well said.

  48. “good news!!!! :mrgreen:
    Irene downgraded to tropical storm.”

    Just checked when I came in to refill the lemonade

    Still a Cat 1. Where did you hear it was a TS?

  49. Great post and picture!

    Lorac, great comment!!

    My thoughts and best wishes to all in the path of the storm. Hunker down and stay safe!!


  50. Yes, FF, it’s still a Cat 1

  51. Sophie, maybe she’ll take a deal – they can cut down minimum wage at the same time that churches lose their tax exempt status, especially all those opulent ones with the million person membership that talk politics (dem OR repub) from the pulpit. We can take all the taxes those churches will now be paying on all their riches and use it to supplement the working families making $3 hour. Bachman, do we have a deal? lol

  52. LOl. 600 senior citizens in Atlantic City are refusing to leave their apartment/high rise!

  53. Lorac, if they had to keep toxins out of rivers, poisons out of food, and people with their teeth, those foreign companies could not compete either.I’m for a level playing field of standards.

  54. There’s a show on, Millionaire Matchmaker – I suppose different episodes are diferent, but this millionare they’re trying to find a woman for wants a woman who is beautiful, has a job, will be a mom, will keep the house clean, make amazing dinners, and be able to take off at a minute’s notice (from job, kid, home, etc) to go traveling, when HE gets the urge. And the matchmaker wants to prove to him that yes, women can be superwoman.

    I have one question.

    What the HELL does the male bring into these relationships? They work at a job (in this case they’re millionaires), but in this apparent remake of women having to be superwoman, it’s all about what they can do FOR THE MAN! She has to be superwoman (mom to HIM, mom to their future kids, maid, chauffeur, laundress, cook, beauty queen forever, etc etc).

    What the HELL does he bring in? Oh, he has a job (maybe he’s rich). Woohoo. What does he do for her? Gee, maybe he brings her flowers once in a while.

    I’m sorry, I just have a real problem with women having to be the caregiver to the husband. Caregiving is an important part of a relationship, but this one sided crap has got to stop. I believe in teamwork with the house chores, and I believe both parties should be nurturant to each other. I know, some of you guys like your “manly men” who have few tender emotions outside of lovemaking. That’s just not me – I want to get what I give – after all, we’re all human, men CAN be nurturant.

    This show is just setting me off, it’s just all about the myriad demands the man has for a woman. And all they have to offer to the women is they have a job – same as the woman. But the woman has to offer a million more things. Not right. :(

  55. I would like to make a statement for Emergency Managers everywhere – Please don’t be hard on these officials. It’s really the New Media that adds the “hysteria” in these things. In consultation with loca, state and federal officials they have a very hard call to make in these storms. They are damned if they make the wrong call – either way. But out of an abundance of caution and generally years of experience they make the calls they believe they should to save lives and property. If they don’t make the tough calls, and people die – like that Ass Wipe Mayor from New Orleans did – people are outraged. The fact is, with any storm there are SO many unknowns, “mistakes” will happen – but there are ENOUGH knowns to make the beast calls under the circumstances. In New Orleans – EVERYONE had the same warnings. Ray Nagan got on TeeVee and started yelling for George Bush to come help them even when the storm had not finished passing. NAGAN was responsible for coordinating evacs with HIS LOCAL Emergency Management people to get things moving and he failed miserably. And now, just like any Welfare Queen, he blamed the government (before the levees broke) when Nagan had thousands of school buses sitting there that could have been used for evacuations.

    So, all I am saying, if Irene fizzles, please don’t think “they don’t know what they are doing” because you WOULD be saying the SAME THING if they did nothing and the storm was a catastrophe.

    Want to blame someone? Blame the Media who have to have STUPID STUPID “reporters” out standing in knee-deep water in 40 MPH winds (you can’t stand up easily in stronger ones) acting like they alone are brave enough to go into the mouth of the beast. They are ridiculous.

    In the real EM world – like with Hurricane Ivan – that shit doesn’t happen. in 2004 we were stationed in Panama City until after the storm passed – and had to wait there three days afterwards as FEMA and the Coast Guard were picking up drown bodies.

    The storm killed a lot of people. And for perspective about Katrina. 93,000,000 Square Miles of coast was effected. No one on earth can respond to that quickly.

  56. This is making the rounds:

    As Hurricane Irene prepares to batter the East Coast, federal disaster officials warn that Internet outages could force people to interact with other people for the first time in years. Residents are bracing themselves for the horror of awkward silences and unwanted eye contact. FEMA advises: “Be prepared. Write down possible topics to talk about in advance. Sports…the weather. Remember, a conversation is basically a series of Facebook updates strung together.”

  57. RRRRRRRRRRRRRROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! I LOVE it! I should put it up during Live Blog Sunday.

  58. FF, if Irense Fizzles. Americans on the East Coast should be happier than pigs in shit that they were wrong. And your point is WELL taken. Nobody REALLY knows when a hurricane is gonna change its mind. BUt you can imagine that the press would LOVE to skewer somebody if we were LUCKY enough to have Irene Fizzle.

  59. How come Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann never stood in that wind? lol. I wouldn’t mind watching that whiny assed Sean Hannity standing there either.

    FOX always sends Jeraldo. He truly is a crazy ass. And he’s been trying to make up for that stuipd program at Al Capone’s tunnel, where he looked like the complete ass that he is.

  60. I can appreciate your comments about Katrina too. Problem is, some people are STILL WAITING. All those greasy LA politicans took the billions and, second only to Illinois in theivery, distributed it according to their ‘needs’.

  61. Lorac, that millionaire figured out that it’s cheaper to enslave a wife than it is to hire a housekeeper and cook. And he gets sex too. And babies with his last name! What knocks me out is a boatload of third wave women will be applying for the job.

  62. Mr U is wayyyyyyyy more nuturing than I am. He almost have to be, living with me. lol. He’d make a great mother, methinks. I have offered to impregnate him several times, but no dice.

  63. sophie, they have people building things in these countries for $2 a day. They all think they hit the lottery because now they get to eat whenever they get an hour off from work several times a week. They have 12 year olds building things in garages. Ask walmart.

  64. FF: We evacuated for Ivan because until almost the last minute it was heading for us in nola. Nagin was sooo clueless even then that his suggestion to the people of nola was: if you are uncomfortable staying, just go to the bank and get some Benjamins and go out of town for a couple of days. The problem with that was that a lot of the citizens of nola are so damned poor I doubt they had 2 Benjamins they could rub together, nor would they have a car to get them out of town. That was one of the first clues that the man was an idiot.

    Oh and you know the reasoning behind the flooded school buses? Those were Orleans Parish School Board property and he didn’t have authority to take them. :roll:

  65. now lorac, don’t pick on Michele Bachmann, she’s out there curing homosexuality every single day.

  66. Helpful hurricane hints from gawker:

  67. That was shopped?! I thought it was real!

    HAHAHAHAHA. It’s not as if it’s out of character for him.

  68. Karen! Get out of my head! I am mulling a Save The Lobsters 2012 post, complete with lobster interviews.

  69. Isn’t it just like those hamptons people to figure out a way to re-route the hurricane and let it hit those commoners in the city?

  70. Uppity: For some reason they tend to avoid Palm Beach also.

  71. UW: Too bad you can’t find that commercial for Red Lobster from a few years back, where the music is Martha Reeves’ “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide”

  72. Okay, this is someone needlessly hoarding for the storm.

  73. The Jets and Giants canceled their game today. Now you KNOW it’s serious!

    Hubby and I took everything off our balcony. Hey, at least it’s clean now. ;-)

  74. MB said:

    The Jets and Giants canceled their game today. Now you KNOW it’s serious!

    Oh hell! I hope there’s another game they can show.

  75. Oh, p.s. – I saw Obama glad-handing at FEMA. Guess what – the SOB was chewing gum!!!! He looked like an arrogant, uncaring schmuck.

  76. maybe it was nicorette.

  77. lol madamab, there’s an echo on my land. Everything that isn’t set in concrete is in the garage.

  78. He looked like an arrogant, uncaring schmuck

    That’s our transparent president!

  79. First deaths from Irene reported:

  80. Uppity: For some reason they tend to avoid Palm Beach also.

    LOL Fredster. And Boca.

  81. Uppity: Heh!

  82. FF has hit the nail on the head. With Hurricanes the info is incomplete and Mother Nature can do all sots of things that simply cannot be predicted. However, there are base stats to help set up watches and warnings ahead of time. Local emergency response and states are trying their best to do what is right and keep damage and loss of limb and life to a minimum. Just ignore those Tee Vee folks as they are BOs cup of tea trying to make everything HISTORIC (ratings ratings ratings).

    Case in point. Remember Tropical Storm Fay (2008). Never hit hurricane strength but zig zagged all over the place, stalled out a couple times and then reorganized. I think Fay made three or four landfalls just in Florida.

  83. Uppity – are you getting rain yet?

  84. LOL Lorac – I envision Imelda as Moses in “The Ten Commandments” parting the sea demanding someone part the sea to get to her some lobster!

  85. Some fool on FOX called the 2.9 quake near Albany (the second one today) an “Aftershock” from the Virginia Quake. Idiot.

    She neglected to mention the 3.0 outside of Quebec…

    Boy, Obummer sure has a lot of events to capitalize on for more excuses as to why everything is so bad…

  86. FF, we had a rain and then it abruptly stopped. It’s very eerie out there. Air heavy. I know the barometer is going wild because i feel I am heading in migraine territory. The barometer hits me that when it shifts dramatically. I feel kinda sick. The air is oppressive and, hard to explain, but just very quiet. Sky is just a blah light grey. Very overcast. Haven’t seen one bird all day. Rescue cats hunkered down in their room, which is also odd for a summer day. Usually they want to go out of there and get some sun. Not today. I generally follow a cat’s ruling. They are very adept and telling you what’s going to happen with weather. So far my Joe is here and behaving rather docile, his usual good-boy self. But I can tell you right now, he will let me know when some sh!t is going to hit the fan. I suspect nothing is going to happen here till night. But you never know.

  87. Upps – we are supposed to get nothing major till about 4 am, I think.

    I’m betting on major flooding. The “highways” in this county puddle and flood in a heavy rainstorm, much less during an event like this.

    I know what you mean about the air – my sinuses have been killing me all day!

    It’s been steadily raining here for about four hours, and now the wind is starting to pick up. Stay safe Uppity and all Uppityites. Will check in tomorrow! My computer has about 8 hours battery life. ;-)

  88. I’ll BBL – but I want to make a bet….

    As soon as this storm gets past Long Island and the NY City area, there will be no further coverage of the next states up.

    It will all be – and all has been – about NY & NYC.

    They almost have a “Countdown Clock”

    If I had CNN – they probably do. I have FOX on an Internet TeeVee feed and that’s enough….but Jeesh.

    Did anything else happen in the world today? What Executive Orders is Obama signing that will screw us even more?

    Anyway – I’ll be back. Been working in the garage all day in 110 Heat Index and I am STARVING! It’s my night off so I am going to enjoy it!

  89. “Did anything else happen in the world today? What Executive Orders is Obama signing that will screw us even more?” FF – so true. What is happening that the powers that be do not want people to know.

  90. FF: You’re probably right. I NEVER heard a word about CT. How do they think it’s going to get from NY to Boston without CT?

  91. Here’s the 1938 hurricane that hit New England:

  92. Great clip on the 1938 earthquake. Reminds us of the unemployment of that time and the WPA that gave work to those seeking jobs.

  93. I wonder why we don’t have a WPA or CCC now. We sure could use the help and there are lots of folks that could use the work.

  94. Still calm here. Nothing expected till late middle of night. Tomorrow isn’t going to be a day at the beach.

  95. Charlotte was 15 in the ’38 storm and remembers it well. She has told me all about it. She lived on Long Island.

  96. “US President Barack Obama warned the US east coast was in for a “long 72 hours” as he led his government’s response to Hurricane Irene at a disaster command center in Washington.”

    First Response: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Second: …HIS government’s? I guess we DO have a dictator!

    and this – of course it’s all about the visuals:

    The White House appears to have carefully considered the lesson of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when a botched response effort and confusion between state and federal agencies inflicted a heavy political price on president George W. Bush.

    Obama returned home one night early on Friday from his island vacation on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts and appeared keen to be visibly in charge as the response to Hurricane Irene unfolds.

    read the (badly written) rest and see for yourself that Obama DID nothing except parrot (badly) the words of the real professionals. This guy is SUCH an opportunist. Maybe bin Laden will wash up in the Potomac and he can kill him again too

  97. “Visibly In Charge”. ROFL
    He can’t even get a decent law passed and now he’s in charge of nature. How Like Him to take up the “Charge” of something he has no control over. That way he can take credit where there can be credit and no blame if things go wrong. How Barack.

    Work on that Jobs Plan Barack! You know, the one you’ve been “implementing” without sleep, for three years. And leave us to our hurricane before you fuck it up even worse. I’m SURE the weather experts need you like they need a second butt hole. Get out of the way and let actual competent people take care of this. Thanks! Now go shoot some balls over at that putting green I’m sure you have tucked away in safety. Or shoot some hoops. Yes that’s it! Gather up all your mentally infantile staff and shoot some hoops, play beer pong, snap each other in the ass with towels, do arm pit farts, whatever. But stay the hell out evertybody’s way. And trust me, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is thinking of you right now. Except you. Ye Gods we are sick of your voice and your face all over the TV. A power outage might actually be a blessing just not to see you blabbering on TV. I think you have already passed Chavez in number of babbling hours.

    The only time this guy shuts up is when he is SUPPOSED to be there.

    “US President Barack Obama warned the US east coast was in for a “long 72 hours”

    Gee! Thanks for telling us! We didn’t know that!

  98. It’s just so creepy outside. Seriously. Anybody else feeling that?

  99. The President was briefed on the current track of the storm,

    Turn on the weather channel fool!

    “The President asked to be kept apprised of developments throughout the night and said that he wants the group to re-convene tomorrow morning.”

    Okay, he asked. Doesn’t mean it has to be done. What’s he gonna do? Go fill sandbags?

  100. We know that Obama killed Osama; now he’ll save us from Irene. Can I hide under his cape-it is starting to rain loudly now in NYC, not too much wind yet. Too bad BO isn’t here for a date night with MO; he couldn’t mess up the traffic the way he usually does.

  101. HAHAHAH Fredster! What a tool!

  102. Uppity said: It’s just so creepy outside. Seriously. Anybody else feeling that?

    Chat has a friend who was going to ride out Katrina in New Orleans. Chat kept saying she should leave. On the Sunday before the storm her friend called to tell her she was evacuating and chat asked why. Her friend said she saw all of the birds, the whoopers and others flying out and away.

  103. yup. the little creatures are smarter than we are sometimes.

  104. Obama will have to stand in line we are already being briefed by Christie, Bloomberg and Cuomo. Plus every few minutes they have the weather forecasters explaining the state of the storm. Sorry Obie, a day late and a dollar short.

  105. Lizzy, if you check the Wunderground site, you can see at which hour the wind will increase and how long the increases will occur. Might help you prepare. It’s good to know up ahead so it’s not a shock.
    Click on the ‘Hourly” link under “Sunday”.

  106. Right now it’s raining in CT. Not very hard, just moderately hard. More like deliberate. Not much wind to speak of. Rain is nearly vertical and the only leaf movement in the trees is because of the rain.

    So my birds flew away. You’d think the Robins would have to stay. I haven’t seen deer here all day or night either. You suppose they took off for higher ground as well?

  107. Sophie that’s very possible. Did you see the different vids of animals before the earthquake up there?

  108. It is really bad here in Baltimore now. We should be peaking in the next hour or two. I still have power, but I should go knock on wood. My husband got stuck in Dallas, so my sonshine and I are weathering the storm together.

  109. No Fredster. I missed those videos. Must have been interesting. As many here have already noted, animals are darn reliable indicators of a situation.

  110. honora, I hope your power holds out. I hate losing power and I know it’s coming. CL&P loses power on a dime.

  111. Like I said, I have sibling rescue cats that have a trap door to a closed off basement room. During the summer, they are almost never in that room. They love my land and never leave it and have all kinds of spots they can hang out and sun themselves. They have holed up in that room since late this afternoon, only leaving briefly and not moving very far away from their door. They Know. Furthermore, my irresponsible neighbor’s cat is in there with them. lol.

    If you have a cat, pay attention. They are the best meteorologists Evah!

  112. I think I’ll take the dog for a spin. I don’t know when she’s going to be going out again. Not sure what to do if the wind is so bad tomorrow. I mean, how can i let her out there?


  113. Sophie, do you have buried power lines or are there poles?

  114. I’ll probably be up most of the night. I confess I had such a whopping headache from the barometric shift, I fell asleep for a couple of hours.

  115. I’m afraid to go to bed. I have a feeling I’m going to wake up to no power. I hate power outages. (Don’t have a gas stove, do have a well.)

  116. Another reason why gas cooktops are superior.

    Okay, dog and I are out the door now.

  117. They’re buried from my house to the road, but go to poles after that.

  118. I wish I had gas. I’m so J of anyone with gas. Am considering a big propane tank in the back just to have gas.

  119. Sophie: Check the cat and the flamingos in this vid.

  120. We are listening to CNN and they are making me crazy. Twice in the last few minutes, they have said that certain areas are waiting for ‘a woman named Irene’. Are these people idiots?? A hurricane which has been given a female name is moving up the coast, it is not a woman. Every part of me is certain that they would not make that kind of comment if the hurricane was named Ivan.

  121. Very cool, Fredster.

  122. That cat just about flew it was running so fast.

  123. Hope everyone is Uppityville is doing well. Good luck.

    Has the mistress returned with Needle-Nose?

  124. Thanks for the link to Wunderground. It is interesting.

  125. That’s turning into a long walk or she got blown away.

  126. I wish I had gas. I’m so J of anyone with gas

    Eat more Mexican food :)

    That bolting move is exactly what cats do. They bolt and run really fast all over the house. That cat didn’t stop running after he got out of that spot. Mine run all the way up the stairs then down, then up. Their pupils are fully dilated too. it’s very ALERTING. You can’t help but notice.

    I didn’t walk my dog very far at all. Just took care of business and back in. I somehow didn’t want to go far from home. There’s a pretty decent breeze outside now. Very warm but a notable breeze. Not a creature stirring either. Nobody anywhere. It’s like a ghost town out there. Except for some crickets. Apparently crickets dont shut up no matter what’s happening. I just remembered the doves. I have a pair of doves that take up residence in the bird house every summer. They lay their eggs there too. They are monogamous, you know. Anyways, not sure it’s the same two,but probably their spawns return to their place of nest. So it’s always that family, my guess. I love hearing them after a rain. Very comforting. Anyways, I just realized I haven’t heard them in days.

    Sophie, buried lines tend not to lose power, but those poles are easy targets for a storm. Unfortunately, most of America’s urban areas have plenty of poles to go wrong in a hurricane. America has dropped the infrastructure ball in so many ways. We had the immigrants at the turn of the last last century come here and build our infrastructure. Apparently we expected it to last forever. Pathetic, we are. No foresight. No long range planning. No nothing. Plenty of parks and bike paths with Congressmen’s names on them, and dead street lights, crumbled bridges, falling overpasses, roads with pot holes big enough to set up an apartment. Infrastructure doesn’t get votes. Statues and stadiums and leisure accomodations get votes. Our government has destroyed America with their greed and constant preoccupation with their next elections.

    Ii saw the video of Bloomingdale’s boarded up. Wierd.

  127. Have no fear, NES. Needlenose is fine. She doesn’t like getting her furs wet in the rain though, so tomorrow is going to be a hard sell.

  128. The grey ghost is still calm. He’s doing his Monorail Cat pose on the back of the couch. So far, nothing from him.

  129. Grey Ghost and his companion RIP.

  130. HT, when did women get the vote in Canada? They got it here in 1920. I’m wondering if my grandma had the right to vote before she moved down here… that would have been a rude awakening for her, if true!

  131. Upps: Chat mentioned something about “shelter etiquette” as in public hurricane shelter. I said first rule: No cuban or mexican food before entering said shelter.

  132. pumapac has an article today about women getting the right to vote

  133. Upps@12:25 – Awwww.

  134. Attn Honora

    Also at pumapac

    “A pause for “herstory”: It took 11 years of protest to change the hurricane-naming process from all-female names (’cause women are notoriously SO emotionally volatile) to alternating female/male names, in 1979. Feminist victories vanish into normalcy!” — Robin Morgan

    Don’t know if she was the first to do so, but back on March 27, 1970, Roxcy Bolton of N.O.W. went to the National Hurricane Center in Miami to protest.
    She told them : “Women are not disasters, destroying life and communities, and leaving a lasting and devastating effect,” and therefore hurricanes should not be named after them. No one from the top on down seemed to take her at all seriously at the time, and the press treated her visit and protest in pretty much the same derisive way they treated everything about feminism before August 26, 1970′s big march. But she (and other) feminists persisted, and nine years later she was vindicated. (A lesson to us all not to give up when we see something that’s wrong – and to always remember those who brought about the progress we take for granted today !)

    Pick up a copy of “Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975″
    Author: Edited by Barbara J. Love
    Editor/Other: Foreword by Nancy F. Cot, published by University of Illinois Press.

    Notice that male-named hurricanes are usually “it” in the news, female-named hurricanes are “she.”

    Joan Baez – It\’s a hard rain\’s a-gonna fall

  135. Yes and she mentions August 26, 1970, a day that gave these third wavers the chance of a lifetime, which they have blown.
    The March for Women’s Equality that forever changed the landscape. The start of something big. The same something being stripped away not. Ah well, we will always have our pedicures. Right third wavers? Fingernails were broken nationwide that day, little girlz. So you wouldn’t be interested. Too bad you are going to have to do it again. And don’t expect us to do it for you, you little ingrates.

  136. Wow. Obama declares a day for women’s equality. Oh, wow wonderful. We won’t even notice that you didn’t bother passing the 2nd part of the Lily Leidbeiter bill (the one that counted), we won’t even notice that the “party for women” never bothered to fight to pass the ERA. We probably will no longer remember the terrible misogyny you and your bots employed against Hillary and her female supporters. We won’t even notice that that same day is apparently the national day of the dog. Declaring a day for women’s equality is just wonderful, and we are so thankful, and we will vote for you in droves. What a smart man. What a leader. I just can’t wait to vote for this caring, fairness-minded, and equality minded man. Gosh, maybe they’ll even write the date on calendars – this is a huge move on Obama’s part for us. I can just feel the “change for women” in the air. (adoring sigh) He gave us a “day”. What more could a woman want?

  137. screeeeeeeetch!!!!

  138. Lorac, not Baez but Bob. I’m touchy ’bout my Bob.

  139. lorac: Geez, wouldn’t have known it or about his proclamation if you hadn’t put up the link.

  140. Nevermind ledbetter lorac. The ERA, which is about to EXPIRE, was on Nancy’s desk for two years. They screwed us and we must NEVER forget it.

  141. Upps: What’s the deadline to get 3 states to ratify?

    Is that what you meant by about to expire?

  142. View of Irene from the Int’l Space Station

  143. Awwww on the cats, Upps.

  144. yes lorac, as indicated in my comment, your grandma had the right to vote in Canada in 1917. If she was anything like me she would have been royally PO’d when she moved to the States.
    I cannot get over the fact that women have allowed their rights to be stripped from them over the past few years and every time I see an excuse for M. Bachmann (backward nation) I grind my teeth. Pelosi is no better – as Uppity pointed out. Women kicking down the ladder they rose on – traitors all.

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