Bill managed the hurricane just fine.

H/T thetownecrier!

Bill managed the hurricane just fine in his floatation device.

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  1. Great pic. I’m surprised MKB sat still with that silly thing wrapped around him. Most cats wouldn’t. Just too undignified. It’s not like they are dogs who will wear any dumb thing Paris Hilton puts on them.

    OT: I am trying to catch Me Too in a trap this morning. She is the little female kitteh I have been feeding all summer. I need to catch her quick because the traffic around here is getting crazy. It is dangerous for her to be crossing the street to get to my place. So far, she is not taking the bait in the trap. I need some good wishes from the cat people here! Having her run loose is really scary. She is going to get hit by a car one of these days – sooner rather than later, I’m afraid.

  2. I do hope you catch that little girl. I take it Blackie is doing well then? Perhaps Blackie can help lure Me Too then. In any event, make sure you have stinky food cats love in that trap. Like sardines. Fingers crossed!

    And it’s true. Dogs will let you stick anything on them. Since I am sure my dog would let me humiliate her like that every single day, I have taken the responsibility on to ensure she never has that happen to her. Except for her flag scarf for parades, she has no clothes and she never will. I HAVE seen cats in floatation devices though, on the water. They seem to realize they need them. But my big chooch does number 1, number 2 AND number 3 just on a trip to the vet’s. I can’t even imagine what he would do on a boat.

    PLEASE keep me posted on Blackie. However, I suspect she’s hanging out on your land rather than crossing the road. Once they find a kind person, they usually stick around.

  3. Oh, Ups, they both cross the busy road several times a day! I see them. Just yesterday, Me Too nearly got hit. It is making me crazy!!! I think she has kittens over there and goes back to nurse them. I’m pretty sure Blackie got her in a family way, the sly devil. Me Too loves lactose-free milk. So I put that and tuna in the trap. She is sitting on the porch now but not going in the trap. Darn.

  4. Be patient, Beata. Does she let you get near her? She AND BLackie need to be fixed, so check around for local free spay neuter programs if there’s one in your area. HOWEVER, if you feel she has kittens, I am not advocating trapping her! The kittens will die without her. And if you spay a female who is nursing, she will not be able to feed them. It’s not a good idea to spay a nursing mother, IMO. Also, just being away a day can be devastating to the kittens. I’m afraid you need to find out for sure if she has kittens and you will need to let her get them to weening or take the kittens in with her.

    Do you have access to local rescue people? They might be able to help you with this. I’m a bit surprised she doesn’t have those kittens closer to you, considering you are her food source.

  5. Bill managed the hurricane just fine.

    No surprise, I think his real first name is “Super.”

  6. A rescue person is helping me, but not very much. She said trap Me Too so we can find out if she is nursing. If she is, we will let her go for the time being. I think the kittens must be at least 6 weeks old by now. She had them before I started feeding her. I have seen no sign of them. There are a lot of thick woods around where they could be living. Me Too does let me get near her but not to pet her or pick her up. And the trap is definitely scaring her.

  7. Well no offense to your rescue person, but you don’t trap a cat unless you plan to rescue the cat now. Once you do this to me too, she is not going to trust you one bit. She won’t fall for it again and you will set your relationship back by miles. That is my experience. If she lets you near her like that you probably could catch her by throwing a blanket over her and putting her in a crate VERY fast. The thing is, once you release her, you are at square one again. Once her kittens are weaned she won’t be going over there much any longer. If I were your helper I would also want to get those kittens and save them from becoming road kill too. At that age, they are potentially adoptable once they settle down.

  8. Also, I recommend you trap Blackie now and neuter him. That way he’s not going to impregnate her again, if he hasn’t done that already. It’s a vicious cycle Beata.

  9. I am not at all impressed by the “rescue people” here. They told me they have over 20 years experience catching cats. They first set two traps here a week ago. Me Too went into both of them, but because they didn’t set them properly, they didn’t close. One trap did come down on her tail and she got out of it. So I doubt she will EVAH go into a trap again. Heck, I wouldn’t! I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure I’m quick enough to get her into a blanket and put her in a crate. I have some health problems.

  10. My mother had a little female Chihuahua that loved her little sweaters, she seemed proud to wear them. Without them she would shiver like she was freezing. The male Chihuahua would not wear one, he was a little butterball tho and proud without one.

  11. The “rescue people” are a woman and her husband. The woman is the one I’ve had the most contact with. She’s very blase. I’ve also contacted the local animal shelter ( it’s a kill shelter and I don’t like them ) and a feral cat organization. None of them have been any help.

  12. I’ll stop taking over the thread! πŸ™‚

  13. Beata, you aren’t alone. I took two baby ferals into the vet that I caught. Keep in mind I purchased my own trap. I got lucky and trapped two kittens two months ago. I had to put one in a regular kennel and another in another kennel. I had to pay the bill in full because they had not come in the trap. The vet was an ass at first because he swore they were tame if I got them into a kennel. Boy was he surprised when he took them out. You are getting very good advice. Just be prepared. Do what you can for them. You won’t be able to save all of them, but you can sure try.

  14. Glad to see everyone made it through! Saw the flooding on the boob tube this morning- YIKES!
    Am flying back to MA next week for son’s wedding- daughter, her friend and husband are driving out the day after- hope the hell the upstate NY and western MA roads are passable. Normally go the southern tier to avoid the ridiculous tolls and permanent construction on the NY portion of I-90- will have to take a look on line for road conditions.

  15. Beata….it might be a stupid idea, but what about making two signs that say something like “ANIMAL CROSSING….please slow down” and put them on each side of the road about 50 feet apart….a lot of (most) people won’t react, but a few might slow down just enough to give Me Too and Blackie a running chance.

    Also, could you move your food source to the other side, so that she stays there if she is nursing? Is it wild on the other side or would a neighbor object to the temporary move?

  16. So glad to see Uppity, MKBill and other Uppityites are doing fine! All well here…trains and roads are pretty bad but we have food, water and electricity.

  17. OMG! John Smart has a new Reading from the Obama Scriptures! I am dying here!

  18. Okay, Beata, here’s my advice, sister. You will have to work on petting her more and try to coax her in an enclosed area and feel safe there with you. The thing here is, it’s hard to know if those kittens are old enough to make it without her. We don’t even know where they are, which I would think those rescue people would be checking on, or at least try. My guess is you will KNOW they are weaned when you see one of them show up WITH her for dinner. I’ve seen it dozens of times. next thing you know, they follow mom to the source. That’ would be the time to trap them. But if you aren’t sure how old they are, then you still need to wait a week or two. I know it’s dangerous but we want to make sure those kittens are in good shape and aren’t going to starve or be too small to avoid predators. My advice is do not trap her again without a plan. That is, a place to put her till she’s spayed. And you need to pick up Blackie ASAP and get him done. Even if you are going to put him back out there, he needs to be neutered. This will tame him further and he will probably want to come inside eventually. Ditto for Me. Too.

    So here’s how I would do it.
    1. Get Blackie neutered now. He will keep impregnating her if you don’t.
    2. Wait till you’re sure those kittens are old enough (hopefully you will see one of them in tow when they are.)
    3.. Get some help picking her up. I understand you can’t do it easily. A friend can help. Can you do that? Crate her and get her to spay ASAP? She’ll be pissed but she WILL get over it. And she will be much more agreeable to your help after she’s spayed. Make sure you have a place to put her while she heals. Do not put her outside with spay sutures. You toss a throw over her, make it go tight so she can’t get out of it. Wear oven gloves and get her into the crate. It works.
    I hate to give you this news, but there’s a good chance she’s pregnant again.

    If I were close, I’d do it for you. You just have to be quick and move fast. She’ll be fine once it’s done. The gloves will make you brave. Catch Blackie the same way but don’t let Me Too See it or vica versa.

  19. Also, if you can grab a cat by the scruff, they go docile. It’s how their mom’s do it. You can pick that cat right up, hold him away from you and put him in crate. Wear gloves if you aren’t that fast.

  20. Ncpuma, Chis actuallly sometimes need clothes if it’s cold out. Some short haired dogs need cover in winter because their coats do not protect them well, but it doesn’t have to be some embarrassing froo froo thing.

  21. The video of Long Beach, Long Island, NY with the lifeguard 2 story headquarters floating around off its foundation, was filmed right down the boardwalk from where I lived for 10 years. One of the videos of the flooding and the floating building showed my old bldg by the sea.

    Beautiful place to live but expensive. Sigh.

    Here in Northeast PA we got a hell of a lot of water hitting a hell of a lot of trees. The trees were already damaged goods from the hail storms of the past few weeks. Tons of acorns (not the bo kind) on the ground, some still attached to oak leaf clusters.

    Have been off work for two days so today I will venture down the road for the first time since the storm. I am sure they’ve cleared up most of the mess.

    Dry and sunny weather all week should take care of it.

    Off to read mom’s link to JWS – and soon will be lmao.

    Cheers to Bill. You look smashing, oh you little darling kitteh mod.

  22. Better even yet – JWS’s latest parody is a video so I was able to do two things at once. Funny stuff as always.

    He will make up for his one day short vacay with at least one a month and weekly golf outings. He should have put a golf course on the white house lawn instead of a toxic garden.

  23. You know, I call Bullshit on Libya. We are spending billions of dollars to help them with this Brotherhood “freedom” scam and they refuse to extradite that Lockerbee piece of shit? How about we tell them to eat shit and die and pull our help out of there until that POS is at our airport waiting for us to pick his savage ass up? This is bullshit. If this doesn’t tell you what’s really in charge of those “rebels” I don’t know what does. Saying they won’t extradite pieces of shit like that freak to the West? Fine. Then you’re on your own you savages. See how well that works out for you. Ingrates.

    And about that crap that he’s suddenly dyiing again. We want to help. We want to help him die.

  24. With you on the Libya thing Uppity. Get that bastards ass on the next plane to jail- or we should pack up and go.
    So so so sick of this BS- but in a bad mood today. DIL had a narrow miss apparently in her Afghanistan assignment. Lots of people- OUR people- got blown up and otherwise killed this weekend over there.
    Oh that’s right- 24/7 hurricane. What’s a few more war dead? Bad for teh jerk’s numbers.

  25. Sorry to hear about the risky situation the DIL is in, Mom. I wish he’d bring the troops home, NOW.

  26. MK Bill looks as handsome as ever.
    The floatation device will also help him stay afloat on the b.s. that’ll emanate from the WH in early Sept. (the next most historic speech evah).

  27. As I said on the earlier thread, Upps, would the Libyan ‘rebels’ dare to give us the finger on this if we had someone with cajones in the WH? I think NOT.

  28. Obama appoints another pointy-head-know-nothing-about-the-real-world to head the Economic Council.

    This guy was one of those resonsible for the “Cash For Clunkers” program. Oh, and he also believes raising the minimum wage won’t harm jobs.
    Obama just doesn’t get it.

  29. Oh PMM, we’re praying for her and all of them to safely return home!

  30. NES: at least he got some ideas, even if they aren’t all good,

    that alone is SOMETHING

    Beata: I wish you well with you two kitteh dilema, do the best you can,
    it’s all you can do

  31. Yes NES, we all know how popular Cash for Clunkers was. Apparently, he also worked under Turbo Tax Timmy for a couple of years as well.

  32. Bill – it isn’t really Bill – Bill has spots on his nose. I’ve seen flotation devices for both dogs and cats – both sisters live on the St Lawrence and boat extensively, however this is a new one for me. Most of the ones I’ve seen are orange so they stand out for rescue purposes.

    Mom, I’m not a religious person, but I do send positive thoughts about your children – I hope they help. This war is killing young people and should be stopped.

    Beata, I’ve dealt with feral cats before. Uppity is correct in all her advice. Guess I should let Zeke come in from the backyard. He’s been sleeping, sorta, but I suspect he’s planning mass murder on the red squirrels.

  33. Michelina, I often think no ideas are better than bad ideas, particularly when we’re talking about the Obama administration.

  34. NES: it appears that bad ideas are all there are in this whole damned

    It isn’t really that hard, common sense should prevail but alas, it does
    not—–just greed, greed, greed, and it started with Reagan, bush Sr and progressed.
    Eight years of Clinton wasn’t good enough to stop the madness that has taken over our government. We always come back to the place we started, HILLARY was /is the best choice evah—

  35. Thank you for the advice about the kittehs, Uppity and friends. I have removed the traps from the porch and made a soft bed in a box for Me Too, with food and water close by. If she has kittens, I hope she will bring them over soon. Then I will try to catch them. Until that time, I will keep feeding Blackie and Me Too, as usual. I’ll just take it day-by-day and hope to gain their trust so I can nab them quickly!!! Blackie will be hard to get. He is a good hunter and not very hungry. I don’t believe they are really feral cats. I think they were pets abandoned by some college students at the end of the spring semester.

  36. Michelina, from you lips to the electorate’s ears.

  37. The sign of more rotten kids, when they abandon animals that they keep around till its no longer convenient. A pox on their house, may they meet up with it soon.

    You are being very wise Beata. I know it’s nerve-wracking but if you do think they aren’t semi-feral, then it should get easier. No way they are full ferals, by the way. They get too close. Just spend more time with them and yes, give them their modern conveniences. And pet them EVERY chance you get. Once they start head-bonking you and getting close, putting them in a carrier won’t be so hard. Even better if you have an enclosed area and start feeding them there. A porch. A garage. Like that. That way you can be with them without distractions around them. From your description, they sound ripe for rescuing.So you’ ll just have to get a little more aggressive about your interaction with them daily. Pet them a LOT.Damn, I hate when I can’t help in person. If I could, I’d have those two urchins in crates for you and ready for the fixing and taking over your bed.

  38. Michelina, I often think no ideas are better than bad ideas, particularly when we’re talking about the Obama administration.

    Boy, you said that right. Everything this administration touches turns to crap. Maybe we are better off if he just golfs. And the moron ACADEMIC THEORIST he hired to tank us the rest of the way worked for Timmy. He’s a Geithner pick. And we know what a bust Geithner is. So now he’s got an echo chamber. Congress has NO balls. They should have FORCED the dumping of Tim Geithner, but then GOD KNOWS what he has on all of them, the thieves that they are.

  39. Mom, I’m so sorry for the scare! You’re right! They ignore the people who are risking their lives every single DAY for us. The press disgusts me. They are the National Inquirer on Steroids. I’m glad she’s okay. You must be so freaked out. Do you have ANY links for ANYWHERE on this story?

  40. Hey don’t knock Cash For Clunkers. It was written just right so that all their friends could trade in their Lexus for BMW.

  41. it took 60 dollars to fill up my little ’96 Plymouth Breeze today. Cash for clunkers does not look a bad deal – although I do love my little car. Need to do some more body work, however at under 140K of mileage Which translates roughly to 87K miles. It’s really a perfect little car for an old lady like me.

  42. Mom
    Have two cousins and a nephew in the military and I taught classes at Walter Reed for years, so those who serve are always in my thoughts including all those with connections to Uppityville.

  43. Don’t fix it up too much HT! If you go for one of those part-time jobs we were talking about and dumb down your resume – you’ll look as uneducated and poor as I do when I land jobs worth thousands.

    BBL gotta go cook.

  44. FF, you are so darned funny. With your talent, your innate abilities, you make me look like a piker. My talent lay in business, so of course after 38 years I have a resume that is rather off putting. You talent is in creativity – creating beauty. I envy you and quite frankly, people will remember you long after they forget my name. Insofar as my little Breeze is concerned – just some rust removal and paint touchup required. It’s 15 years old – I’d like to keep it on the road for another 15. REuse, reduce and recycle!

  45. Somebody shoot me. Now. Just pull the g’damned trigger.

  46. Bill’s flotation device … Brilliant!

  47. Waving to madamab. Yes it is SO hard to tell the difference. It’s been 10 years. You’re right, girl.

    LOL Femobots, that airbound packing plastic is always useful.

  48. […] Bill managed the hurricane just fine. (via Uppity Woman) In Uncategorized on August 29, 2011 at 10:37 pm H/T thetownecrier! Bill managed the hurricane just fine in his floatation device. This is an open thread. … Read More […]

  49. Hey FF! Your friend Craig Fugate is getting accolades all over the place. I guess he didn’t do a heckava job like brownie did.

    I know you’re proud, what with a, you know, low-level person such as yourself having personally worked side by side with the current head of FEMA and all.

  50. I think we should have bumper stickers that say “Heckva job, Barry!”

  51. FF’s famosa. Muy famosa!

  52. Upps, are you fickle NY’ers starting to grumble (yet) about Mayor Bloomberg’s over-preparedness?

  53. NES, I have thought of Bloomberg as an A Hole no matter what he does, but he REALY lost me over the Mosque. I suppose he overprepped for the hurricane because he was such a flaming failure during that snow storm.

  54. PMM, I just saw what you wrote about the DIL. My heart goes out to you. I know it’s a mom’s job to worry, I can not even imagine what it’s like to have your baby’s off fighting a war. I have to agree with those who said it’s time to bring them home. Stop wasting our precious resources, declare victory, and bring our heroes home. It’s time.

  55. Upps, ask Bill where I can get some of those floatation devices for my dogs. Neither one can swim. The reason I know that is I’ve watched both of them sink to the bottom of my GF’s pool. GF started screaming, I thought she was upset the dogs were drowning, no, she was screaming because they were in her pool. We got them out pretty quick. She told me to leave them home, but if they had floatation devices, maybe I can get her to change her mind.

  56. Mom – ditto with all the sentiments here re your DIL and ALL those serving in Goatfuskistan’s the world over. Stop the GD wars and bring our people home. They can hate us alive over here just as well.


    “I know you’re proud, what with a, you know, low-level person such as yourself having personally worked side by side with the current head of FEMA and all.”

    Yep – Craig is AWESOME. But what do I know – I’m just an artist….

  57. Yeah and while we’re at it, pull all support out of Libya for those Islamofascists rebels. Leave them to fight Gadaffy by themselves since they are protecting the Lockerbie bomber and won’t release him to us. The hell with this shit. All those hundreds of billions wasted on a bunch of goatf*ckers that will turn on us in a flash.

  58. “she was screaming because they were in her pool.”

    Vivien – it’s not my business – but it sounds like it’s time for a new GF – not canine flotation devices~! πŸ˜‰

  59. …or maybe both

  60. Ya know it’s funny HT – I was in Business Management and Administration (in the arts and Emergency Response) a LOT longer than I have been a working artist. So, you could say my real “profession” has been Production Management in the Arts and in Disaster Response, I was (one of) the State Manager(s) setting up Federal Disaster Response Centers throughout the State. I was the State counterpart to the FEMA Manager in the same facility – but it is the State’s Job (after local authorities ask for help) to find the space and bring in all the Agencies required to assist in Recovery actions. I have only been painting for 11 years. I have done Business Management since 1977. I still do. Running your own business requires you to do it all – and in this line of work – the art is only part of that!

  61. She’s not really a dog person. They think she is. As soon as she sits down, they want to sit in her lap, lick her face. They won’t leave her be. I’m trying to break her in. The dogs really like her.

  62. Anyway – will try and get back in a bit. I have to go eat dessert and watch the rest of the mini series I am watching on Netflix – and if it doesn’t make me pass out – the dessert – not the mini series – (LOL – Soy does the same thing to me) I will stop in in a while!

  63. Vivien – good luck! Dogs know a sucker when they see one! She can’t be all bad!


  64. Yes but do you have a 1996 Breeze?

  65. I gotcha all. I had to remove from my resume the incident where I got abducted by aliens. I would have made me way overqualified for everything on earth, especially with the anal probe and all. I mean, you haven’t really been abducted without the anal probe.. You are all so J of me, I swear.

  66. What are you on? I want some.

  67. See? You’re J!

  68. Agree with FF. New GF is in order, Vivien. People who don’t love animals …well…

  69. I’ve never been abducted by aliens, but I’ll try anything once.

  70. It’s not that serious. Dogs come first.

  71. uppity, you are 1000% right on… about trapping the cat…. once is the only chance you get… and, yes holding at the back of the neck will render the cat calm for a very short period of time… but, First have a plan of action… Funny, I have a friend who called me to help with some 6-8 week old feral kittens… She had trapped the mom and could not get the 4 kittens… So, I pulled a few tricks out of my sleave and we got 3 of them but, not the fourth… So, I told her to just be calm and let the little kitten have some time… Well, an hour later the little guy was inside a neighbors bird house… so I stuck my hand in there and grabbed that little guy by the scruff of the neck and he was Not happy… My friend freaked out… πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜† I said “stop the drama and get me the cat carrier”…. She couldn’t get it fast enough…. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Then, she said how do we get it out of the Carrier? I said “are you kidding? It is a 1lb Kitten just pick it up…. Ugh!!! Oh, she is a board member for the HS here in Riverside… Unbelieveable!!! She is better now….. πŸ™‚ I told her to get out of meetings and in the real world of rescue… πŸ™‚ Just my little story…. Glad everyone is safe… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  72. Gotta run. Later.

  73. Yup, Casper, you’ve definitely been in the real world of cat rescue.

    Vivien, you don’t get a choice. You have to be Selected. Aren’t I special?

  74. Then, she said how do we get it out of the Carrier?

    Open the door?

  75. Uppity… πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† YEP!!! ‘just open the door’… πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† I thought the very same thing… 😯 πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰

  76. I’m happy to hear of everyone who came through Irene safely. I finally spoke with my sis in VT last night. I just came from a Brattleboro website that chronicled the destruction ( the town suffered. Fortunately my sis and her family’s home is elevated (I told her to stay high – she liked that), but she has friends who lost their homes and a friend who stepped out on her front porch and actually caught fish from said porch this morning!

    Foods may have been contaminated and bridges have been washed out. Downtown Brattleboro is just underwater. The farmer’s market – one of my favorite places in her town – was also badly damaged. Southern VT was hit pretty hard. Much of VT was hit hard.

    Mom ~ my thoughts are with you and your family.

  77. Anal probe! Sooo J.

  78. Oh, that’s not a life preserver on MKBill – that looks like what they use now instead of styrofoam peanuts for packing stuff to mail! lol

    I can’t believe tv stations spent the last how many days on practically 24/7 coverage of the storm. The storm is important, but aren’t there 24/7 weather channels…..?

    Beata, I agree, catch those guys and get them fixed. The sooner you can do it, the fewer new stray cats will be in your neighborhood for you to catch and neuter! I know it’s frustrating trying to catch them, but keep trying, you’re an angel for caring about them! There may be agencies in your town that will do it free or at a discount because they’re feral cats, no homes. It’s worth looking into because a regular vet might charge you a lot, especially for the female….

    ….and UW already mentioned keeping the female inside while the stitches heal, I’ll just add, you’ll want to keep the male inside until the anaesthetic is totally out of his system (so he’ll be prepared to defend himself when released).

  79. I’m not J of an anal probe. UW, those martians probably implanted a GPS system into you, and it’s right now transmitting all kinds of personal info back to Mars. Definitely no one would hire you – their business secrets might get sent through you to Mars, and the Martians would steal the secrets. The Martians might be like the extraterrestrial version of the Chinese… oh my, then you’d get arrested for intergalactical espionage… so yeah definitely leave that off your resume!

  80. that looks like what they use now instead of styrofoam peanuts for packing stuff to mail! lol

    This could be because that’s exactly what it is.

  81. lorac, I probably wouldn’t even feel the GPS, considering I am so accustomed to having my GOVERNMENT stick it up my………..ah nevermind.

    You know. I saw nothing wrong with them covering the hurricane in depth. What bothers me is they seem to grab onto one thing and cover it ad nauseum, while IGNORING any other news. Apparently, these geniuses are only capable of doing one thing at a time.

  82. Beata, tuna fish is not good for cats on a regular basis, but it makes great bait. There is a treat called Kitty Kaviar (a shaved bonito treat) that might help as well.


  83. You know, UW, Bill put that thing all by himself. And then promptly took it off when all coasts were clear, and then found a cozy place to lounge in peace. πŸ™‚

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