World’s most famous penguin goes home after traveling 4000 miles

Here’s little Happy Feet when he showed up in the strangest place.

But then some of the morons gawking at him figured out he was sick. Look at this poor fella, so sick  near a truck and a cruddy beach area while they stand around and gawk at him.

Alas, somebody with a brain rescued Happy Feet and nursed him back to health. Now he’s going to return home, where he can’t mistake sand for snow and try to eat it.

Do well, Happy Feet, you good boy, you. And next time, ask directions!


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  1. You know, if Barack Obama were any more toxic, we would need a vaccination against him. Consumer confidence is at an ALL TIME LOW. Unemployment is at an ALL TIME HIGH. People are not buying things either because THEY CAN”T AFFFORD THEM or because THEY DON”T TRUST THIS HORRID ECONOMY. SO what’s his newest idea?

    He appoints another fellow academic MORON who is a strong proponent of an additional five percent sales tax!
    That should fix things, right, you idiots?

    THis FOOL can only think of ways to squeeze money out of the bleeding! That’s ALL he can think about, how to EXTORT money from the people whose lives he is ruining with his TERRIBLE presidency. This new economic advisor is the same as the old one. His job is to squeeze America so Barack can squander it all on his friends and his ludicrously STUPID imaginings that America wants to live under Hugo Chavez.

    I never thought I would be saying this again after that weasel W Bush, but THIS is the longest four years of a presidency I have ever lived through.

  2. Hasn’t it been at least 10 years already, Uppity? Sure seems like it. I guess it’s because we had Bush before him, so it seems like a continuous unbroken cycle of Bush*t.

    Any economic proposal that does not start with “Yes, I will use the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling enough to create millions of jobs like FDR did when people knew how to freaking save an economy” is not worth listening to. Raising sales tax? Oh please. People do not have enough money to buy anything! Create some jobs and you’ll get a lot more revenue flowing into the government coffers. And let’s stop letting the corporations outsource their profits AND our jobs, mmmmkay? And how about ending those wars for oil and minerals? How many are we in now, 97?

    These things are so obvious that no one is planning to do them. Welcome to our bought-and-paid-for political reality.

  3. You know, if Barack Obama were any more toxic, we would need a vaccination against him.


  4. Only Bawaaak could make George W look like a genius!

  5. We don’t need a vaccination- those of us who saw through the con man from the beginning and picked the REAL Democrat have some kind of inborn immunity.
    Now the idiots who actually believed in that marketing scam? They need detox AND a vaccine!

  6. Good grief, I worry about our continued existance.Glad that Pengy got back home.

  7. But, MOM, he makes me ill; ergo the request to be vaccinated.

  8. […] World’s most famous penguin goes home after traveling 4000 miles [Now, if only Obama would follow suit.] […]

  9. How did the penguin’s release go? Any news?

  10. I can’t believe so many people kept watching him without calling authorities. And that one mom, all she could think of was how great that her 3 year old could see it – the kid won’t even remember it when he’s older! Maybe it would have been more valuable to teach the kid that we call for help when an animal is sick…. hmmm cute accents, but not too sharp in this instance…

  11. HT – another benefit of a laptop – if you sit on the bed with your legs on either side of it, your big fat cat who thinks he’s a dog can squeeze in between you, your legs, and the laptop – and roll around and keep pushing the laptop further and further away from you! Oooh, my aching back! lol

  12. NES! I just went back a couple of threads to get a link, and I saw you had commented to me on how to reply in the administrators section. It was just a few comments down from where UW and I were talking about it – I have no idea how I missed it. So – a belated thanks! (will you be this helpful after you’ve had YOUR anal probe?)

  13. FF – can we have an Angel update?

    Also, is DE there now? Are you having so much fun? You have a good opportunity to tease UW about how you can see his great hands and she can’t, don’t pass it by! lol

  14. So – I know people, some for nefarious purposes, periodically raise the idea that Hillary is planning to challenge whatshisname.

    But tonight I saw a clip in the WH press room, someone asked the new press guy if the WH is POSITIVE that Hillary won’t challenge whatshisname, and the guy smiled and paused (trying to figure out how to answer, I suppose) and this time he said, (not exact words) “what I think is that we have more pressing matters before us right now”. He didn’t even give the usual, “Hillary has said she has no plans for public life after SOS”! I can’t help it, it gave me a little hope….

    I want to do a little happy dance with Happy Feet the penguin!

  15. lorac I totally agree about them gawking at that poor bird while he was CLEARLY sick. I felt awful for the penguin. I was just horrified for him. Thank goodness somebody with some sense got him out of there and helped him.

  16. UW, I left an anal probe warning for you on the last thread! Do NOT put it on your resume! 🙂

  17. lorac, my soulcat, may that beautiful clown RIP, would hop onto the bed while I was propped up with the laptop……..and he would peer over the screen from behind. Now he had this peer with that glint that said, if I were you woman, I would pay attention to perfect me right now or I’m going to jump right over this damned thing and it won’t be pretty will it, now? If I delayed, he gave me a second warning…by huffing a big huffy sigh. Next came the toothing of the corner of the screen. You get the picture.

    Now my cat who recently passed would do what you described, leaving me trying to peer over his body to type.

  18. Yes, I know, it broke my heart when I saw him collapse forward. I wanted to scream at those people.

    And if they already knew that penguins don’t come to their shores, even if he didn’t appear sick, they should have been on the phone to the authorities to get him relocated before he got sick!

  19. Yes lorac, I saw your warning. Sigh, I guess I will just have to continue leaving all my MASSIVE education and IMPRESSIVE experience on the thing, the likes of which might embarrass some folks who can’t stop bragging about their own, but hey, what do I know. Awards notwithstanding.

  20. UW, I just took another two strays to the vet to get fixed, shots, and I could tell one had ear mites. I wanted to get that extra stuff done for them so I went to the regular vet. This time was a very strange experience. One good result, one bad. For some reason they didn’t scan them right away for chips, so they got a bunch of work done on both right away (before the surgeries). Long story short, then they DID scan them, and one had a chip, and she was reunited with her owner (with me paying the bill, because they were both unemployed). That was the happy ending. The other had to be put to sleep. It was sad. And it all “just” cost $500, would have been more iff they had needed to do any spaying.

    I always assumed that the first thing they would do would be to scan for chips.

  21. Lorac, they ARE supposed to scan them first. Also, how do they know if a female isn’t already spayed if they don’t at least scan the cat to see if the owner ‘knows’. I don’t even want to ask why the other had to be put down. Don’t tell me, please.

    I work with a sanctuary that gets them speutered free. They get a rabies shot too. Only thing is, they clip the tip of their right ears slightly, so that if they are put back down and picked up, you know they were already spayed if they are females. I recognize that bill you got. I have paid one like that more than I care to add up. It is ncce that the cat was reunited though and hopefully a bright spot in the lives of the owners, who were IRRESPONSIBLE and that’s why the cat had to be rescued. But nevermind. I wonder if they can afford to keep the cat though.

  22. Lorac, apparently the penguin was hallucinating so badly, he ate sand and thought it was ice. For Chrissakes, I wanted to go beat the crap out of those gawkers.

  23. I pulled this from Murphy, hilarious piece on Carney dancing around the question of whether or not Hillary will challenge the Inept One.

  24. oh, that’s what I saw on tv earlier, I’ll have to go read the article!

  25. haha this clip had more than the one I saw on tv – on this one Carney says that the president isn’t worried about the election, he’s just worried about jobs.

    How do decent parents feel when they teach their kids not to lie and then they grow up to be WH spokespeople who lie all the time?

  26. Oh, on the last thread – you guys were talking about the Lockerbie bomber and how Libya should let us have him, especially after we’ve helped them…. I heard on the news that it’s the Scots’ decision – I can’t remember why – but I know when he was released before, he was in Scotland and they sent him on to Libya. So does anyone know what I can’t remember – why Scotland is involved…?

    *isn’t he the one who stopped his chemo to make himself sicker, got his compassionate waiver to go back home because he was dying, then promptly went back on chemo and is living still 3 years later….?

  27. Ok I’m going on memory here, but I believe Scotland was holding him. And then BP paid somebody off to free him so they could get some Libyan perks — and they got away with it, just like they got away with what they did in the Gulf. So He was released from Scotland.

    Yup that’s the guy. NOW they are claiming he’s dying again. How coincidental. I say let’s help him die ASAP.

  28. lorac, you are too darned amusing, and for your info Zeke would sit on top of the laptop and chew the electrical cord – it’s what Zeke does. Re Lockerbie Scotland, that is where the plane came down. It’s a smallish town not far from Glasgow. The folks there were traumatized by the crash and debris. There was a reunion a few years back, where relatives of the folks who died gathered together with the local folks in Lockerbie to celebrate the lives of those who died.

    Time for bed. Take care all.

  29. OT, here’s a great rant by Pat Condell about Islamists.

  30. Will you just look at the boo freaking hoo photo of the lockerbie savage, who is conveniently Dying again. Poor baby! Tell you what. Let us stop over and put a bullet in his head and put him out of his latest “dying’ episode.

    Other option. We want to visit this POS with an American oncologist to examine him. And THEN put a bullet in his head.

  31. So – a belated thanks! (will you be this helpful after you’ve had YOUR anal probe?)

    I’ve been told I’m going to be more ‘helpful.’

  32. FF felt his (DE’s) hands before she saw his face.

  33. Poor tyke. Totally blindsided by ills and lands unknown to him.

    May good health keep him trudging along for a very long time.

  34. UW…. hellllppppp!

    Would you look in my saved draft? I made an Xtranormal video like John Smart does, but I don’t know how to make it show up. I put the embed code there, and two urls – I’m not sure which to use or how to insert. Do you have any wisdom for my tired self? Do I have to have a youtube channel to be able to do this?


  35. Um lorac, honey, I don’t believe you can do that video.I could be wrong but you are putting words in H’s mouth and O’s mouth that never happened. What you can do is have an obot and a hillary follower do it, like John does, but a fictitious exchange between jerk in chief and hillary, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t be comfortable with the ramifications and aggravation should a malicious person want to pursue it as a big deal. And if Obama has nothing he has malicious people following hm. I know you did a lot of work here and that makes me feel badly. but I see a problem with the malevolent ones in the horizon if this is posted, even if there were no legal grounds in the end. Think of it as like putting quotes around words in a post and attributing them to someone’s name when they never occurred (at least not publcly, heh). It’s a fine line unless it’s a blatent satire, I think–which is damned near impossible to do in xtranormal.

  36. Former NBA player arrested for murder. It’s so good to see so many sports figures being such fine examples for our children.

  37. Bird flu being pimped again already, to keep you busy while Barack writes some executive orders.

  38. Happy day— I have internet service back!!! No more reading you all on my iphone!!

  39. Good to see all of you for a change, honora!! Them damned iphones make you look so small!

  40. Hey where IS DE?

  41. Lorac’ers, you could do a private distribution of the Xtranormal vid to those who request it. Yes? If so, I’ll put in my order here — you have my email address, I believe.

  42. Yes, good idea. But make sure it doesn’t go viral or something. I’d hate to see it bounce back on lorac. You know how it is, NES.

  43. I want to do a little happy dance with Happy Feet the penguin!
    we should all dance with this good news!! 🙂

  44. Yep UW, I know how it is.

  45. DE is finishing up my soup bowls. Please do not distract him – he’s like FF – an artiste and one doesn’t interrupt their concentration – at least that is what I’ve been told. .

  46. Trust me. HT. DE throws pottery all the time. He’s perfectlly capable of chewing gum at the same time.

  47. Besides, his hands have a life of their own.

    I just received the nicest set of soup bowls from DE. Hope those weren’t yours, HT….

  48. His hands are a work of art all unto themeselves.

  49. A moment of silence.

  50. Yes, have your ribs in silence.

  51. NES, you got my soup bowls, perhaps – well DE has some splaining to do – oh wait, did you get the rolled rim, or the flat rim? He does beautiful work n’est-ce pas.

  52. Dang if DE didn’t send me both the rolled- and flat-rimmed ones, HT!
    Yes, he does very fine work.

  53. Il Duce issues instructions on how to behave on the tenth anniversary of 911
    No kidding. You can’t make tthis arrogant shit up.
    Work on jobs Barack. We don’t need a social director. We need a President. Anybody seen one?

  54. Re Uppity @ 214:How ’bout we sacrifice a hawg at our nearest, um, you know where.

    Just kidding…

  55. The audacity of B. Hussein’s pals: the Ground-Zero Mosque project has applied for a federal grant to build the darn atrocity. A finger in your eye, at your expense! Only in America! Eff them! has a website petition against it — go sign it.

  56. Do the 9/11 memorial guidelines permit sea- burials “according to Islamic law”????? Il Duce has just traversed a bridge too far. What the eff does he know about the magnitude of the atrocity committed that day!??!!!! You know he has to think, like all good lefties, that, at some level, Amerikkka had it coming…just like his pal, the Rev. Wrong. I’m hoping the Mad Cowboy Perry tears him a new one over this.

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