Women’s Equality Day – more “words, just words”


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  1. Yay! Lorac this is good stuff!
    Wimminz will get nothing from the fraud EXCEPT words- just words. And those only when he is trying to sucker the few recovering koolaid addicts back into being users.

  2. What are you complaining about, sweetie? There isn’t a “Men’s Equality Day,” is there?

  3. yeah, we have a whole day. Fabulous!
    Good job on the video. I went and did one for fun and learned a few things.

    Okay, first the disclaimer: I do NOT support Bachmann, I disagree with her on most things.
    Now the point: I found out yesterday when I saw the actual video that Bachmann was joking about the hurricane being a judgement from God. It wasn’t very funny and certainly inappropriate given the damage and lives lost. But it was a joke and my question is, why does the left feel so comfortable attacking conservative religious women but seem to always leave the men alone? Huckabee is 2nd to none in religious fundamentalism. I do not remember the media and the cheeto left going on the attack against him in any way much less the same way they do Bachmann and Palin.
    It pisses me off because it leaves me feeling like Imust defend people I do not want to spend energy on.

  4. I look it it this way. When the right starts remembering what they did to Hillary for 15 years, I’ll think about it. Instead I see Hannity still slapping her around and won’t even get into that POS Beck. If I can’t get respect I am not going to worry about their problems with the left and women. After all, they wrote the book. And the left went and read it when it came to Hillary. And if you do a search, you will see that Sarah no longer means a thing to me since her last shot over the bow about us Radical Feminists. Far as I can see, no respect for hillary from them, so suck it up.

    When a woman doesn’t respect my thoughts and feelings why the hell should I circle her wagon? So she lives another day to skewer me? If I want to tow their line I can get that from their men. How come I never hear about the ERA from these women? Or the Fair Pay Act?

  5. Nasty clown! Yer gonna get it now!

  6. It’s also an obvious fact that whenever congress or a president declares a “Day” for something, or a “Week” for something or a “Month” for something, they don’t give a shit about it and it’s all just museum.

    How many peers I had who treated their secretary’s like dog crap and then bought them candy on secretary’s day. It’s all just a joke. If you want to know the people the USA patriarchy abuse the most, count up the special “Days” they have declared and follow who those days represent.

  7. “SWEETIE”!?!?!?!? WTF?! Who is that?
    Oh I see- by the name it must be a bot troll. Who else would use “barryo” as a screen name.

  8. You certainly are not wrong UW.
    But I am pulled in, I tend to think Palin wouldn’t know a radical feminist if one bit her in the ass. So I hate to allow her bad behavior or Bachmann’s be a guide for my own behavior. I think, that we allow women we do not support to be attacked makes it that much easier to justify the attacks on those we do agree with and admire. Plus, the stupid behavior of the left is so much more disappointing to me than the stupid behavior of the right.

  9. In the meantime, I can not seem to force myself to vote for one more male for president. I can not imagine forcing myself to do so. That doesn’t mean I am voting for any of the women running or maybe running. But I will write in HRC before I push the button for one more man.

  10. Ok so tell me this if anyone can. Why would you or anyone respect or worship a ” GOD” who would use earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or any other form of destruction and death to send a message to us and then turn around and say he is a kind and loving GOD ?
    This is where the religious lose me 150%. If you want me to know God and believe then first thing you must do is stop preaching from the ” bible” written by women hating men. It is BS that a GOD can be kind and all forgiving all the while striking us down because he disapproves of something. It just don’t toot folks.
    Kind of like this makes sense http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2031710/Libya-Father-slit-throats-girls-raped-Gaddafis-men.html#ixzz1WZnYWLEN
    I sent an email to MB telling her first her joke as she calls it was way out of line because people died and lost property so Michelle I know I am not laughing. Second I said when you use religion akin to a God striking because he does not like what is going on you just offended a great many including ones like me who believe in a supreme source but only in the form that he or she alone will judge and will follow his or her own words about thou shalt not kill.
    Third you and your religious wackos will never make it into the white house by using fear and BS like this.
    Welcome to committing political suicide.

  11. Utah! Stand up and take a bow!
    The fundies are driving off the cliff imo. Methinks the R’s have a choice- get a moderate and risk the base staying home or go with a fundie and lose any and all crossover votes.

  12. I know exactly how you feel, Utah. But it’s like this big train running us over no matter where we turn. Relgious Whackos or Regressives. Death by drowning or death by fire. I see nowhere to turn any longer. We are fighting this kind of thing in the middle east and, I sometimes get the feeling that’s the very same intent here, without the killing of women and gays. And that’s only because we have laws…that can be changed by theorcrats. But then I look at that creep Obama and i think he’s up to the very same THING without saying God.

    I’ve come to the sad conclusion that I don’t think I can vote in 2012. I just can’t encourage these creeps with my vote any longer. Creep Party #1. Creep Party #2. Neither of them represents me on their best day.

  13. Toldja you’re gonna get it, Clown!

  14. Uppity- indeed-neither party represents us. And by us I mean women, children the elderly- you know- the “old” Dem coalition. There are individuals like Hillary and your Sen Gillibrand who do what they can to maintain the ideals. But BOTH parties have been hijacked by extremists. to steal your words lol.
    Sorry to say but there are none in the current crop of candidates who have earned my trust or my vote.

  15. Utah, it all depends on what religious people you are talking about. I don’t personally know any that believe God sends floods etc… to teach us a lesson. If someone wants to get all literally biblical about it, God promised Noah never to again do such a thing.
    I go to a church where the pastor said last week that you can not be a fundamentalist and a Christian and proved it with bible verses. It was quite a sermon. So I am guessing it is not the religious that lose you, but a certain brand of religious. I know I can not make a list of historic and current people I admire without a lot of Christian and other religious figures included. Start with Hillary Clinton.

  16. OK so I read the book called the Bible. To this person it is written by men who think of women as a lessor put here to serve them. A God or the one I believe in did not write that crap. If he had spoken to us he would have made it clear we are equal and if he loved us as it is said he would not have damned Eve and all women to suffer pain of birth. She tempted Adam and that sap is the one who ate and we suffer ? Eh.
    The God I know and want to know would never have written that book or caused the flood (which btw science has proven never happened) to have happened.
    But to me some crack head that wants to run for office using floods and hunger to send a message to me will lose me every time. I think religion is a good thing so long as you use it in moderation and stop talking about crap one can never prove ie God will strike you via a catastrophic incidence, or that he spoke to you and told you to go out and blow something up etc. That has long been what causes all the hate etc is religion. Using it to good ie not killing, raping, robbing etc is fine. I find most religious nuts are hypocrites. They talk a good talk but never walk the same walk. It is fine to believe in God just keep it to yourself and especially when you want to lead. Lead by example not by preaching and threats. Telling me I am going to burn in Hell because I do not attend a church is again where you lose me. I was raised a Catholic and dropped them like a hot rock once I was out from under my father who would beat the crap out of me if I did not go.
    I hate dealing with those who believe it is a duty to ” spread the word” I think they need to go to Hell.

  17. Oh btw if GOD wanted folks walking around handing out pamphlets and invading your pricacy he would not have created DOGS lmao.

  18. Lorac – brilliant work.

    Utah, I love it when you are in full fighting mode. You have just articulated why I and every single one of the people I know hate most organized religions. Thanks.

  19. Utahwoman –

    OK so I read the book called the Bible. To this person it is written by men who think of women as a lessor put here to serve them.

    Amen, sister. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her fellow travelers wrote a much more woman-friendly version, but for some reason it is not nearly as popular as the King James Bible. 😉


  20. One other thing – lorac I’m 62 years old next week – I’ve been hearing the same old, same old since the days that I chained myself out in the rain for women’s equality. It never changes – all during my career in business, all during my life as a single mom – it never changes. Mind you, we did get a lot of facile wordspeak – like the current one that you’ve illustrated, but nothing ever concrete. Nothing, other than vilification – feminism is now a benighted word – yet without it, we would not even be making $.70 per $1.00 that the penis brigade makes.

  21. Hey they didn’t bury Thomas’ gospel under a boulder for nothing!

  22. Oh btw if GOD wanted folks walking around handing out pamphlets and invading your pricacy he would not have created DOGS lmao.

    Yeah. If I knew a dog would get rid of those incessant pests, I would have gotten a dog sooner. They were so accustomed to harassing me what a surprise when they met up with needlenose. Free of them now for five years. They did almost fall off the wagon this summer. But she reminded them of why they don’t visit me any longer before they even got up the steps.

  23. I don’t know why I thought of this, but I tell you I laughed till I cried. My family business did business with this large equipment leasing and rental company. There was this secretary there who ran the whole show while the boyz went golfing. They of course paid her peanuts, but she knew where every body was buried and had that place running like a top. So one day, our secretary calls the place to make a contract and a guy answers the phone. So she asks for Loretta. The guy says Loretta died. So she says, we need to rent some equipment from you. And he says, we are kind of in a mess here and I can’t find the files. Loretta died. His answer to every damn question was, Loretta Died. In other words, these pencil dicks no longer could run their business because they spent years with an underpaid secretary running the entire place and they couldn’t find their own asses with both hands. She hung up the phone and said, ‘They can’t help us. Loretta died.

  24. Way to go, Utah!

  25. Uppity, not surprising at all. My dad fell apart when Mom died. He never did anything at home, it was always Mom – who held down a full time job too. When Mom died I lost the best friend that one could have. I also lost the one person who truly cared for me, taught me how to bake bread and brownies. I suspect most women remember their moms – I know that when my daughter needs help – I’m number one on her speed dial.

  26. Thought you all might find this interesting..about how far we have not come.


    And for the record, Jesus always treated women as equals, it wasn’t until the fourth century that men started pushing women to the side in the Church because they recongnized it was a growth industry. So who do the bozos want to emulate, the Messiah or the imperfect followers? Why the bigots, of course, since oppressing and abusing others is always indicative of your devotion to God.

  27. my apologies for upsetting you. I’ll lurk.

  28. NES- interesting on the gas tax but not unexpected. “Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” and price points to change behavior etc. The article says the ‘average” American pays about 100 a yr in the fed tax. Seems a tad low to me.

  29. That number sounded low to me too, Mom.

  30. Or how about “Send a Price Signal”?
    Great thing to do to people who can barely afford to drive to what’s left of their job, POS.

  31. Crickets from Al Gore and other Climate Change pimps:

    Findings of CERN – – a respectable group of scientists, by any measure — has found that “It’s the sun, stupid!” As Mom and you have been telling us forever, pissant humans can’t change a mega-force like Nature or presume to the superhuman status of Earth-Destroyer (a claim that the god Shiva would object to, in any event).

  32. Did you see where Al Gore says that as climate change gets worse, there will be more people with mental illness? Apparently it’s too late for him though.

  33. Hey I’ll bet this little criminal pissant won’t be throwing rocks at cars anymore.

  34. Apparently it’s too late for him though.


  35. Hi ya to everybody here. Will stop in when I stop running around like a freaking chicken. Hugs and kisses.

  36. HT, let me be blunt. My mother is dead too, as a matter of fact my whole familly is dead. I just don’t see how the hell it has anything to do with a business taking advantage of a secretary who died and left them unable to run a business, unless I wanted to use it as another opportunity to talk about Me. And I’ll tell you something else. My mother is dead and it hurts me just as much as your dead mother hurts you. No, HT, your hurt is NOT worse. I have also had some terrible shit happen to me in my life too. So has everybody else on this forum, but they don’t come here every day and Debbie Downer everybody about it and turn every subject into I Had That Too Only Mine Was Worse so let me tell you alllllll about it. I try to foster some good cheer here and not pour my guts out for people with PTSD, post 2008. I and others would appreciate if you would do the same.

    Hope this helps.

  37. Yup NES, Al is a scientist. And now he’s a doctor. He invented Mental Illness.

  38. Hey karen,, at least we know our food pantry is safe!

  39. He’s also a computer whiz, inventing the Internet and all.

  40. And let us not forget, he also invented Global Warming.

  41. Thank you for being honest, and I apologize if that is how I came off – not just to you but to all the people who come here.

  42. Al should invent a way to shut his big fat mouth. Do some good for the world for a change. Oops I said change- hope I don’t go to spam.

  43. GREAT JOB LORAC!!!! Did you MAKE that movie? WOW!

    (bows down to touch hem)

    Apparently – most American Women have already seen it and agree with you! 😉

    “Gallup: Obama’s Approval Hits All-Time Low of 41 Percent Among Women
    Wednesday, August 31, 2011
    By Terence P. Jeffrey

    (CNSNews.com) – Barack Obama defeated Sen. John McCain 56 percent to 43 percent among female voters in the 2008 presidential election, according to the network exit poll, and Obama’s job performance as president won the support of 70 percent of women early in his tenure.

    But Gallup polling last week showed that only 41 percent of women now say they approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president. That is an all-time low–down from the previous low of 43 percent, which is what Obama’s approval had been among women in each of the previous three weeks.

    Obama’s approval has dropped 11 points among women over the past three months. In the last week of May, according to the Gallup poll, the president’s approval among females was at 52 percent.

    Obama’s approval among women peaked at 70 percent in the week of Jan. 26-Feb. 1, 2009, his first full week in office.

  44. Well done HT. Well done. Now join the fun. You know you want to.

  45. I haven’t seen al lately. Has he blown up again? He always gains 50 when he’s not in charge and worshipped.

  46. FF I just can’t believe that 41 percent of women think he’s worth a bag of spit

    The Republicans are STUPID if they don’t see the advantage of running a social issue moderate. They would get all those women’s votes.

  47. Oops I said change- hope I don’t go to spam.


  48. Really Al is a mess. No wonder Tipper dumped him.

    His very biggest failure of credibility has to do with his tone deafness about his own warnings. He lives with a HUGE carbon footprint and EVERYBODY notices it. He’s a hypocrite.

  49. Brava to Lorac!

    I’ve tried a few times to do another one of those after I did the 3rd waver thing and they just haven’t worked. Of course that night I did that one I had had *several*I screwdrivers before I started. 😉

  50. Looks like screwdrivers agree with you, Fredster.

  51. PMM said: The article says the ‘average” American pays about 100 a yr in the fed tax. Seems a tad low to me.

    That may be just the fed tax. Add the state gasoline tax onto it.

  52. Yeah but upps then the next day rolls around afterwards.

    Clink, clink, clink (adding ice), gurgle, gurgle (add vodka), more gurgle gurgle for the o.j., and stir. THE MUSE IS UPON ME!

  53. Hilarious video, Lorac! Will the theme song for Women’s Equality Day be “99 problems and a bitch ain’t one”? We could show the video of Obama dancing to it in the background during the ceremony.

  54. Aaaaand here we go, to tack onto FF’s comment:

    Obama’s uncle in U.S. illegally for 2 decades, official says

    I bet the WH declines to comment! I just bet!


    As for the running joke called Secretaries’ Day, I had a boss once who said loud enough for everyone to hear, ‘Every day is secretaries day, since they have a job.’ Yeah, didn’t stay there for long.


    HT, your comment re how your late mom did everything, mine too. My dad was completely helpless when she died; as ill as she was at the end, she still kept the house and did everything. He never appreciated her until she was gone, and even then… 😦

  55. Does he has anybody in his family who isn’t either bilking the system or dirt poor in Africa with him ignoring them?

  56. Eh live for today, Fredster.

  57. upps@4:38: And watch him get an expedited hearing and get admitted legally. 🙄

    Maybe I’ll try Cape Cods for my next artistic endeavor Upps. 😉

  58. @ 1:26: Dood–“I don’t know, I still live at home. Woman: “I thought your fingers looked orange….”

    Oh bwahahahahahahaha…..*gasp*…hhahahahahahahaa

    Oh that’s rich. Thanks for the belly laugh, Lorac!!

  59. Dying laughing here- Boo hoo and oblamer are at odds on teh one’s proposed address to a joint session

    House Speaker John Boehner is asking President Barack Obama to give his major speech on jobs to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8 instead of Sept. 7 as requested by the president. Boehner cited a tight House schedule for insisting on the change.
    A Republican presidential debate also was scheduled for Sept. 7 in California.


  60. Actually Mom – I think Boehner just showed the Junior Senator from Illinois how it is done.

    Obama was an ASS for doing that, and the entire country sees through it. Jobs are SO urgent – they could wait til after the Vineyard – but just HAVE to be talked about when the Republicans are having a debate.

    Obama got his ass whipped on this one (so far) by The Good Old Boys.

  61. Barack Obama is a small small petulant little manchild.

  62. Cape Cods. ROFL

  63. 2010, patti page visits cape cod

  64. Who doesn’t love Cape Cod, let’s admit it. Let me tell you, New England has more beauty on its worst day than the rest of the country has on its best. Seriously. It’s just that most of us actually PAY OUR OWN WAY when we go there, ya know, Bawack? And it doesn’t cost a million when we go. If it did, we’d go less, know what I mean? Hint….hint…

  65. I love them but they sneak up on me.

    Oh well…the cranberry juice is good for the kidneys. 😆

  66. ACK GRACK me think miss Uppity just committed State Racism !!! roflmao

  67. I just heard there is going to be a federal lawsuit from Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota regarding the racism of New England roffffff

  68. Just heard from Colorado they are in

  69. crap first comment disappeared. I heard the states of Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana and South Dakota are launching a lawsuit against the racism perpetrated against them.

  70. fish me out of spam dag nabbit !! lmao

  71. ok WP is on the blink lol

  72. Oddly, when Uppity said her piece about New England, I was reminded of J.R.R. Tolkein and the “Song of the Entwives” – a poem from “The Two Towers.”


    Here are two verses.

    When Spring unfolds the beechen leaf, and sap is in the bough;
    When light is on the wild-wood stream, and wind is on the brow;
    When stride is long, and breath is deep, and keen the mountain-air,
    Come back to me! Come back to me, and say my land is fair!

    When Spring is come to garth and field, and corn is in the blade;
    When blossom like a shining snow is on the orchard laid;
    When shower and Sun upon the Earth with fragrance fill the air,
    I’ll linger here, and will not come, because my land is fair.

  73. Hey, my comment disappeared too! And I posted some lovely poetry. (pouts)

  74. @mb: Is there a literary critic here who disagrees?

  75. Could be, Fredster! It wasn’t my poetry, so critic away. 😉

    BTW, your drink is waiting for you!

  76. Apparently, spam has little appreciation of art.

  77. You think we could give Barack a cape and a cod piece and tell him to call it his next vacation?

  78. BTW, your drink is waiting for you!

    Oh hell!

  79. New England is pretty in August, the rest of the time its kinda cold.

  80. NE is BEAUTIFUL in the fall.

  81. Boston born! Raised on the South Shore (don’t ask- the nearest ocean was at least 25 miles away lol) Lived on Cape Cod- and other various and sundry towns and villages in MA. As honora said- it can be quite chilly! But the seafood!!!!!! FRESH! sigh
    And the system of town govt! Townhalls are democracy in action! And not a damn thing like the foolish press ops the current crop of congress critters are “holding.” Nothing like a good old fashioned town hall meeting in MA!

  82. LOL Uppity!

    No capes!

  83. Update on Blackie and Me Too:

    Me Too’s 2 kittens were successfully caught this evening! They are darling and healthy looking. The rescue people have taken them to the no-kill shelter. I think the kittens will find good homes.

    No luck catching Blackie or Me Too yet. I wonder how Me Too will react to the loss of her kittens? Will her patterns of coming over here to be fed change?

  84. Excellent video, Lorac! I’m sorry I didn’t comment about it earlier. It has been a long day. 🙂

  85. The “I still live at home” line from the BOY really cracked me up.

  86. First they hire a Chinese artist- to build it from Chinese stone. And they don’t even get the quote correct. MLK must be rolling over in his grave!

    Maya Angelou is NOT happy!

  87. Oh, PMM. That is horrible!

    Obama just can’t do ANYTHING right.

  88. Screw Protocol – It’s Obama we’re talking about. He’s Historic. He doesn’t have to play by the rules. Asshat.

    Fundamental Transformation. The King has decreed it,.

    ““No one in the Speaker’s office – not the Speaker, not any staff – signed off on the date the White House announced today. Unfortunately we weren’t even asked if that date worked for the House. Shortly before it arrived this morning, we were simply informed that a letter was coming. It’s unfortunate the White House ignored decades – if not centuries – of the protocol of working out a mutually agreeable date and time before making any public announcement.” – Brendan Buck, Boehner Spokesman”

  89. FF- PROTOCOL? For ‘teh one”???? PUHLEEZE! He thought it was like calling msnbc and “requesting” air time.
    How DARE the speaker ask his oneliness to [gasp!!!] reschedule! How can a once in a lifetime historically historic speech be rescheduled? The NERVE! The GALL!

    Hey- what can we expect from the guy who never finished his Senate term- because he was too busy running for his next job. Never held a committee meeting. Certainly he never ever paid attention to lowly things like protocol!

  90. Saw this at Greta

    York: Five Reasons Obama’s Speech Stunt Hurts Him
    Fire it up

    Byron York, The Washington Examiner, via Twitter:

    5) Everybody wins except Obama, who detracted from his jobs plan by pulling stunt in first place. Problem? What problem?

    4) NBC moves debate to 9pm, after Obama speech, giving Republican candidates chance to critique Obama proposals almost in real time.

    3) Non-NBC networks suddenly have lots of news on a night previously expected to be dominated by NBC…

    2) WH claim of ‘coincidence’ is laughable, but Obama is president, so Boehner dutifully calls joint session…

    1) President reveals himself by pulling nonserious stunt on very serious topic…

    Read this and more on Twitter
    Related Stories

    Some Dems Think Obama’s Jobs Speech Ploy Will Backfire

    Read more: http://bit.ly/nFNhNC#ixzz1We56

  91. OMG! After typing in the above comment I clicked over and saw this- we need a screen shot- what a snarky snarky little slap to teh one! ROFLMAO!

    Obama bows to Boehner; jobs speech will be Sept. 8
    Boehner gets his way; Obama to talk about jobs on Sept. 8

    Bows to Boehner! BOWS! BWAHAHAHAHA! What the hell- he bows to all the foreign leaders! Charity begins at home!

  92. He capitulated because he looked like what he was: A petulant, spiteful child. I’ll just bet one of his mental infant staff members set that speech up to spite the Republicans and it backfired.

  93. Maya knows he’s a twit.

  94. Beata at 8 weeks old she’s probably glad they are gone. 8 weekers have a habit of still tryiing to nurse and cat mother’s think that hurts. She will still show up. She might even be pregnant again. Happens all the time. She’s hanging out with a whole male. Females have been known to go into heat while nursing.

  95. And now he has to compete with opening night of NFL! Oh this just gets better and better.
    FF- love that twitter feed. oblamer is starting to remind me of the class clutz. No matter what he does- he trips and falls over his own feet.

  96. Wow, Cape Cod is really pretty. In the midwest where I grew up there were Cape Cod houses, and I really liked THEM, too lol

    You think we could give Barack a cape and a cod piece and tell him to call it his next vacation?

    lol but it’s giving me a bad image in my head

    UW – thanks thanks thanks for getting this video up. Sometime when you have time, if it’s not too complicated, can you tell me the secret? Thanks again for saving my butt!

    Also, I saw your comment about closing youtube comments – I hadn’t even thought of that. I went back to youtube and looked and looked and looked and finally figured out how to do it. And I’m quite proud of myself for having figured out how to make the youtube channel! (It says “since 2007”, but that must be the date I first subscribed to other people’s videos I think). Anyway, I’m almost an internet wizard! (j/k!)

  97. It wasn’t a secret at all, Lorac. The problem is you used your channel link instead of the link to the video. If the link has your channel name it’s not going to display. You would have had a good link if you clicked on the link to the video from your channel, brought up the video in it’s own screen, and then copied the video link alone without your channel in the url. That’s about it.

  98. PMM – nah, the NFL thing won’t be a problem. He’ll probably broadcast the speech to congress from the broadcasters’ box at the football game. He can probably help them forecast the game, I hear he’s really good at those bracket things (not!)

  99. FF – yes, I made it myself. I enjoyed working with the little bit of artist in me – about as much as you have just in one joint of your pinkie finger! lol

  100. Irlandese – I’m glad that came out funny. I didn’t like the intonation, though – with those xtranormal videos, you can’t control the inflection in the characters’ voices! (or anyway, I don’t know how!) So I remember, that orange comment was off, and also when she says something about “you’re really bright, aren’t you?” – it was supposed to sound sarcastic, but the way she asked it, it sounded just like a regular question lol

  101. Check out this turkey with his confederate flag on women’s equality day. Here’s a perry guy for sure. And they wonder why we don’t “enter the offices of republicans”. Sext ain’t he? Do you not LONG to be slapped around by him?

  102. lorac! (face palm!) Now why didn’t I think of that? Do you think he will set up his faux columns and do it at half time? You know- create a huge inconvenience for the fans who stimulated the economy by actually buying tickets? That would be about his speed. Gets him and a couple of hundred of meanchelda’s closest friends into the game. Tough luck to all the suckers who lose their seats.

  103. Women should just WORK HARDER? I can’t even watch any further of this jerk. OMG.

  104. His dome looks better under a hat though. He shore is mad at girlz.

  105. Lorac- i got to “mangina” and was already throwing up a little- i got about two minutes in and had to go bleach my mind.
    What the hell is a “man”gina” ??? Do I want to know?

  106. Hey be glad you aren’t married to him.

    We outta send NES over there.

  107. PMM – I can’t stand him. I just can’t stand him. I know everyone here feels the same way. I just had to say it. I can’t stand him. Oh, he just makes me sick.

    Thanks for letting me vent lol

  108. PMM – yeah, I caught that too, and was wondering.

    I imagine it comes from the standard logic – if you really want to insult a man, compare him to a woman.

    I can’t stand that video guy, either. I’m so sick of these sexist pigs.

  109. Uppity- i do not think there is a woman on the planet who would take him. Did you notice he has the same t-shirt on in both videos? I am not going to abuse myself by clicking through to his channel to see if it is his uniform lol. Not giving him any more hits- unless it is in person- with my good cast iron skillet. Then I might let Aladdin have him- he is current on his shots.

  110. “PMM – I can’t stand him. I just can’t stand him. I know everyone here feels the same way. I just had to say it. I can’t stand him. Oh, he just makes me sick. ”

    Hey Lorac – You talkin about the guy in the Video – or Obama?

  111. He’s wearing the same tshirt in both videos. Guess he really had a whole day of woman hating (because I’m sure he’s a perfect gentlemen on other days)

  112. off for the night- it’s safe for third shift to come out now!
    Hi to socal and laker if they stop by! I never get to “see” them. lol

  113. FF, is that really you? Are we really here at the same time? 🙂

    To answer your question, I can’t stand EITHER of them lol First I was ranting about Obama, and then I watched the first part of that video, and got pissed at HIM, too lol

  114. I’m here for now – but am having my Ben & Jerry’s NIghtcap.

  115. God, what a pig! I can’t listen to him. I can’t look at him. I bet he has two ex-wives who hate him and he owes them thousands in back child support. His mother sees him on the street and pretends she doesn’t know him.The guy has “deadbeat loser” stamped on his forehead. I would tear out his hair – if he had any. He makes me feel ill.

  116. Up, I have another question about the Kittehs. Now that Me Too’s kittens have been taken to the shelter, do you think she might move over to my side of the street where she is safer? She nearly got hit by a car twice today. I’m her major food source.

  117. “FF, is that really you? Are we really here at the same time? :)”

    she asks this…and then she vanishes.


  118. Ack, I’m here! 🙂

  119. I can’t believe the idiotic manchild pulled that stunt. Hope he suffers mightily for it!

  120. NES – He is so flippin’ clueless. He really does believe EVERYTHING revolves around his greatness. And WTF – A joint session of congress for a “jobs PLAN” – it’s not even a BILL!

    He is stuck now – he wanted the Joint Session to screw the Republican Debate – now the NFL’s big game is the following night. Only the pinheads and me will be listening. The joint session makes this look “Historic” – but in reading all the leaks re: his plan – it will fall flat. Same old Shit.


  121. AS I said upthread – The Junior Senator from Illinois (and his adolescent handlers) didn’t know enough about Congressional Protocol to even “punt” right.

    Boehner – who has been around since Barry was in Knee Pants – kicked him to the curb with “Roolz”

  122. HT – my cats asked me to tell Zeke “hi”. Unfortunately, he is a role model for them, and they’re getting so good at trying to trip me!

  123. You just KNOW they were all doing Fist Bumps in the White House when they released the time of The Junior Senator’s Historic Speech.

    I would have LOVED to have seen the look on their faces when they got Boehner’s letter.

    I bet Imelda was ripping sleeves and calling him every name in the book about what an imbecile he is (again) and Valerie Jarret was probably throwing china in the White House kitchen. I am sure it was not a pretty sight. As for the Pubescent Speechwriter – I see him like “Iggy” on Lavern & Shirley. Snorting, giggling and wiping his nose on his sleeve while laughing – until Jarrett pops him with her palm across the back of his head.

  124. NES, of which idiotic manchild do you speak? There are so many. It boggles the mind. It binds the moggle.

    Off to bed for me, with horrific visions of the Confederate Flag Pig dancing in my dreams. In addition to wearing the same T-shirt every damn day, I bet he doesn’t use deodorant. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  125. FF – he’s such a loser, isn’t he?

    On the one hand, it’s nice that some media is starting to call him on his sh*t. But on the other, it’s more reminders of how awful he is, and it makes my blood boil more! That settles it. Nothing about him will please me. He has to go! lol

  126. How can he say he is going to put forth a “bipartisan” plan when the plan has been done without Republicans?

    Secondly, what can you expect from a twit who gives a boxed DVD set to a blind man who can’t even use them in another country? Or gives model helicoptors to a statesman’s daughters? Or gives an ipod to The Queen, stuffed with a collection of his “historic” speeches.

    Barack Obama has a staff of infants. Period. All of them lived with their mothers until they struck it rich with Barack.

  127. Beata, I think you need to open the door next time Me Too shows up. Let her in.

  128. I agree, I think his staff is very adolescent, and it’s just ridiculous. But those two speechwriters (of the cardboard cutout groping session) must be close to 30 years old now. Not only is it ridiculous to have such adolescent staff members, it’s ridiculous that people that old are so juvenile. But they really reflect him – very petty, very into games. It’s mind boggling that people put these fools into such important positions (Obama and his staff). I think maybe people who voted for Obama should have to pay double taxes. Somehow they should suffer more than everyone else!

  129. Beata – that’s not a Confederate Flag. It’s something British – or Colonial. It’s just like the Australian Flag, except their flag has a blue field where the stars are – not a red one.

  130. Where the h*ll did you find that video of that bald-headed schmuck, Uppity? And I mean the word “schmuck” in its literal sense. 😉

    I’m so tired of these fat, ugly white guys whining and pretending to be victims. Reminds me of spotty old Bill O’Reilly and his “war on Christmas” crap. Hello, white Christian men are the MAJORITY IN AMERICA. And just for having a p*nis, Confederate Flag Dood, you get to make more money than I do FOREVER. You poor thing. Can I get you a pillow?

    Goddess save us from these pishers.

  131. Well the guy is what the word Redneck was invented for. Just laugh. You won’t ever see him in your life since I’m sure you won’t be hanging out at the bowling alley.

  132. Beata – yes, you should try to get those cats inside. We didn’t tell you before, but there’s a secret truth – once you name a cat, it’s yours. 🙂

  133. OK – the only time I bowled I scored a 63. Of course, half-a-dozen screwdrivers and a few Ludes can make that happen.

    As for the Confederate Flag – being a Southerner – I have a different take than all you Yankees – and it is not always good – but at least in this case don’t associate the Confederate Flag with that JO – it is not.

  134. LOL Upps, don’t knock the bowling alley. I’ll have you know my brother has bowled two (or is it three?) perfect games. I spent quite a bit of kid time in those places.

    Bowling takes skill. I’d bet this moron is more of a “kill a deer with a machine gun” type.

  135. FF, apologies about the flag. Maybe it is his idea of the “original stars and stripes.” Some of these guys seem to think they know all about the Constitution and the “original intent” of the Founders, even though I am quite sure they have never actually read the document in question.

  136. He is also wearing An Andy Capp Tshirt. Andy Capp – a womanizing, drunkard British Comic Strip character.

    Me thinks this guy may be an ex-pat.

  137. Wow, thanks. It’s actually a pretty cool flag.

    Oh yes, I remember “Andy Capp.” An unfunny pun to go with an unfunny comic strip.

  138. Sigh. Gotta go fold the laundry. Night, Uppityites.

  139. Okay, I just watched the first 1.5 minutes of the guy’s second video. Only parasites, morons talk about their feelings? Well, if we didn’t already know he has issues with women, we do now!

    It reminded me of how some people refer to lesbians as “man haters”. It always makes me laugh, because the only women I ever hear b*tching about men are straight women! (okay, I rant about Obama and sexist men – and sexist women – but disregard that for a minute!).

    And I always hear men b*tching about women. The way people talk about the gender they profess to be attracted to, it always make me think they should just “make” themselves “go gay” (that’s tongue in cheek!). It’s just so foreign to me – to have such negative feelings about the pool of people you can date/marry. I roll my eyes at the way a lot of men act, but I don’t have to date them. It must be rough to be straight and be trying to find a decent one. I’m so glad for you here who have. And for the men – I guess they just “settle” for a sex partner / mom / maid / nanny…. Ack, it just must be so rough for women trying to find a mate who doesn’t think they’re second class. It seemed like men in general were improving… then I saw the “new bunch” in full form during 2008….

  140. OT – OK, Katia just got upgraded to Hurricane Cat 1. Also we in the Gulf are dealing with what yesterday was a storm with a 10% chance of becoming tropical – now it’s 60% and growing. If it gets named soon – it will be Lee. Appropriate for the South and the discussion of Confederate Flags!



    Love you all


  141. Hell lorac, with the Milleniums, 30 is the new 18.

  142. They just showed some clips of the TV show called “Jersey Shore”. OMG. I guess those cast members had to make a choice between Jerry Springer and “Jersey Shore”.

  143. once you name a cat, it’s yours

    yeah there’s that too.

  144. Lorac – I met a very nice Astrophysicist tonight because he had an ADORABLE 1 year old Golden Retriever sitting in his Mercedes. He was charming – but I’m gay and he is married – and about 75 years old! LOL –

    But he was very nice. At least in the parking lot of CVS! They are out there.

    Don’t know how that is relevant – except I have been dying to tell someone I actually met an astrophysicist! HA!

    Anyway – off to bed for me.

  145. Well whatever the flag is, it would be nice if he were in that country instead of this one.

  146. “had to make a choice between Jerry Springer and “Jersey Shore”.”

    truer words were never spoken

  147. I’m glad MNF is on the same night. It promises to be a good game, too – the Saints and the Pack. I’m torn on this one, I like both of these teams.

    So will Barry have to re-reschedule because he knows he’ll lose out to football? >:D

  148. Dangit, sorry – that’s Thursday night football. Either way. Go Paints!

  149. FF – certainly, there are some good men out there. And some crappy men seem to get better with age – they start to mellow out. And astrophysicists – well, they’re just out of this world! lol

  150. Excellent posting, Lorac! Thank you!


  151. There are plenty of good men.

    But seriously, if the guy tends to drink down that beer, belches loudly and then smashes the empty can on his head, he’s probably not somebody you want to date. That’s what this guy reminds me of. I’ll bet that guy makes his videos in his fruit of the looms.

    You all should just laugh. He’s just an ignorant creature, a source of amusement. Like something you see in a zoo when you visit now and then. He’s the guy who pees outside within view and earshot at the picnic. It’s not like you’re stuck hanging out with him or work for him over at the brewery.

  152. Sports on TV are boring.

    I suppose I should duck and run now. But i never understood the charm. It makes me think of Al Bundy. I just figure if I can’t participate, it’s boring.

    Truthfully, the only sports stars whose names I recognize are the ones who get arrested for really bad shit. And there seem to be a lot of them.

  153. I’ve never heard of this website before, but they all want Hillary to challenge The Fraud

    (and one person mentioned something I’ve read others say, that a primary challenge would make him stop moving to the right. I don’t get that. All that might happen is that his language might move to the left. If he wins again, he can do whatever he can get away with – he doesn’t have to worry about another election. So the point of a challenger is for the challenger to WIN, not to make some superficial change in Obama!)


  154. As usual that heartless (figuratively and now literally) scheeve, Dick Cheney is taking shots at anybody who was a threat to his non working dick. Condi fires at Sleazeball for remarks in the book he’s pimping. Serioiusly the sooner this cyborg is sucked down bodily into hell the better off America will be. If you or I had what he has, they would have left us for dead long ago. Meanwhile while seniors are called a drain on society for medical care, this POS has golden insurance paid for by everybody else. He had a whole medical team following him around jump starting his miserable ass for 8 years, on your dime. Drop dead, Dick.

  155. He’s a comedian – note that Andy Capp t shirt. He had me at “Mangina.”

  156. Cheyney – unconscious for weeks after they surgically removed his heart, dreamed of pacing the paths from the Italian villa for coffee and the papers. At least he can dream – albiet being a dog or an errand boy

  157. OH FCS! The juvenile delinquents have nothing better to do? Or is writing petitions going to be a growth sector in the job markets?

    It is bringing that constitutional right to petition one’s government into the digital age with a webpage, “We the People,” where people can create and sign petitions seeking the government’s action on a range of issues.

    An official response is guaranteed for any petition that draws enough signatures — 5,000 names within 30 days — after it is reviewed by staff and the appropriate policy experts within the Obama administration.

    DAMN IT! I might just take them up on this and write the first petition- for the fraud to resign!

  158. A comedian. He’s about as funny as a barrel of monkeys getting shoveled by pitchforks with pins in their eyes. Funny people don’t have to point out that htey are comedians. Check out his comment section. he has every missing link in the country as an audience. I hope he doesn’t quite his day job.

  159. Cheney dreamed of fetching the newspaper?

  160. See, Dick is one of those nasty people on this earth who simply always has to have the last word. You know people like that, I’m sure. Nobody can stand them. But what Dick doesn’t Get is the last word is when they throw dirt on him. He doesn’t get a response opportunity either, unless you count Trying to talk to God and finding out “I know you not”.

  161. Great stuff!!!

  162. An official response is guaranteed for any petition that draws enough signatures — 5,000 names within 30 days — after it is reviewed by staff and the appropriate policy experts within the Obama administration.

    DAMN IT! I might just take them up on this and write the first petition- for the fraud to resign!

    Mom, the styoooopidity of Bots never ceases to amaze, eh??

    Hey, I’ll sign that resignation petition, 5000 ways! ChiTown style!!

  163. Obamazoid petitions are designed for the echo chamber. I am not even going to give it 30 seconds of my time. We all know who these people are and what they do. Screw em. They are in desperation and they put themselves there. There’s an old saying about spitting up in the air. It’s got to come down and sometimes it comes down right on you. They are all getting pelted with their own spit and they deserve all of it. These are mental infants and America is sick of them, just like you get sick of precocious children at a picnic. My only disappointment is that America was too dumb to figure this out in 2008.

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