My dog is in charge of the blog today.

Do what you want. What do I care?  I’m a dog.


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  1. Is Bill aware the dog has taken over? Will there be punishments?

  2. With the dog in charge will there be chasing but not catching of chipmunks and other such fun dog activities? Begging for treats? Trying to look like you are starving when you are actually fat and just ate ten minutes ago?

  3. ROFLMAO! Hey Uppity! The clown has some new photoshops to add to the collection! Obaroosevelt and obaraygun!

  4. teresa, if it were a cat chasing the chippy, it’s a chippy caught. A dog, not so much. Well…….MY dog, not so much. She’s been trying to bag a squirrel for five years now. They hang just above her reach and give her the squirrel finger. She did bag a horrid possum last year though. This did not break my heart. LOL on the you ate ten minutes ago. That is so Dog.

    Mom, Bill is no doubt plotting revenge.

  5. ROFL Ronald Obama

  6. LOL thought you would get a kick out of that one Uppity- Ronald Obama! The amazing plastic president! Like silly putty! I remember that stuff as a kid- stretch it out over the cartoon and press down- and POOF! an impression of the cartoon on the silly putty. A tad distorted- but that was part of the fun- pull and stretch it all out of proportion!

  7. Needlenose is at the groomer today. She will be incorrigible when she’s done, in true Nora Desmond Worship Me fashion.

  8. Will Needlenose be tweeting from the groomers? Does she have a twitter account?

  9. So Obama caved to Boehner and moved his “Greatest Speech Evah” on jobs (a topic you know he really doesn’t want to have to talk about) forward one day. “Numerous observers noted that the September speech will now conflict with the opening game of the National Football League’s regular season.”

    Well, at least he knows for sure now that no one will be listening.

  10. She opened a twitter account, Mom. But it got hacked. She logged on and foun this ad up:

    4 Sale. Big disgusting hairy dog. Has dog breath and sticky spit. Whines, moans and honks a lot and drops fur all over the place. Steals cat food. Gets along with cats because she’s not as smart as they are; can be made a fool of. Good at herding kids at picnics. Won’t fit in Prius. Free Shipping!

    Call 1 800 DogsStink, ask for Bill.

  11. Marsha. He could do his next Historic and Important speech when all the networks have no programs running at all and still not get anybody to tune in. America clicked off his boring, finger-wagging BS long ago. He really needs to kick that cardboard humping speech writer to the curb. And his research people are no day at the beach either. He gave them weeks to come up with something intelligent and they still can’t do it. In the real world, they would all be low life implementers.

  12. Saw Dick Cheney on Morning Joe this am. Kinda made me a little wistful…..

    Ah, for the good old days when all we had to do was plug in a microwave to take the motherf*cker out…. (sigh…)

  13. MKBill strikes again eh?
    We had crazy thunderstorms here last night- very soggy outside. At least I am now sure i got the frame of the first raised bed in the right place! Should have that finished off soon.

  14. Oh god, you’re beautiful. Why do you smoke?

  15. Yeah I know, Ant. In the old days they could have just given him a table near the kitchen and threw a chicken on thaw in the microwave. Now the only thing left is kryptonite.

    The bastard is operating on a 10 hour battery pack. See if you could get one of those if you needed it. And you can bet he carries extras too. he’s a cyborg now.

    I want to see TSA strip the bastard in front of God and everybody like they do to people with colostomys and bladder bags.

  16. Ah you’re gonna love those raised beds Mom.

  17. Oh god, you’re beautiful. Why do you smoke?

    Cause i’m all nervous. She makes me work all the time. Do this. Do that. Do this again. Same crap over and over. You know what NILIF is? Nothing In Life Is Free! She learned that from some trainer I want to bite next time I see him. That means i have to do like twenty damned tricks just for a crappy biscuit!

    No rest! No rest I tell you! She makes me babysit kids at BBQs while she feeds her face! She lets kids ride me FCS! Maybe later I get a lousy hunk of cold hot dog! Plus I’m better looking than she is and everybody looks at me and that P’s her O, so she makes me work more. Like Cinderella Dawg.

  18. You poor Dawg. Are you being honest? She really doesn’t seem the type.

  19. Psst- Hey Dawg- ya think you got it bad? Try living over here- every time I kill a woodchuck- ten more move in! AND they expect me to keep the possums and racoons at bay as well! Talk about work! The there is that bloody rooster! Cock-a-doodle-doo! At ALL hours of the day and night! Trying to horn in on my job! How the hell am I supposed to kill the vermin if the damn rooster is warning them? SHEESH!
    You got it made sister! You ain’t seen work til you come down to the farm!

  20. THAT will teach me to leave the computer open! Though I think it was Kozmoe masquerading as Aladdin!

  21. My dad gave me a lesson in NILIF when I was eight. My friend Molly was moving and had to find a new home for her dog Patches. I tried to tell dad the dog was free to a good home. He told me nothing in life was free. I’ve been trying to prove him wrong ever since. Some things in life are free, just not dogs.

    And yes, Patches lived out his life with us. I always called him *dad’s dog.*

  22. The dogs are taking over. I always thought it would be the cats.

  23. vivien- I too thought it would be the cats. Though it seems that Aladdin (my dog) and Kozmoe (my cat) are in cahoots. No way did Aladdin get in the house- and Kozmoe being double pawed (is that what they call it when a cat has “thumbs”?) seems a more likely candidate for typing.
    If those two form a union I am in deep doo.

  24. The cat’s are good at getting the dogs in trouble. That what I’ve always thought. The dogs look so innocent. I could be wrong.

  25. Well you all know Bill has the Admin. button so they won’t get far. Fortunately for them, he’s sh!tfaced on catnip right now.

    Can somebody explain to me why it is that we get pouring rain every time I leave my dog to the groomer?

  26. Damn, Kevin from black sphere is on with Megyn. I’m almost sorry I beat his pants off in the weblogs contest. I think I’ll go over there and tease him.

  27. Ooooooo scary there. But i love him anyways.

  28. Upps, I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like you should be doing some things to improve your karma. I’m just sayin.

  29. Then again….. it is fun to kick a guys ass. Have fun.

  30. Thank God she’s self-cleaning.

  31. enough to make a fella want a smoke and stiff drink I tell ya.

  32. Page not found utah and it does show your name when I click,, though. Want me to delete that comment? YOu shouldn’t show your name in this forum. Obots live for that.

  33. ya kill it. But even if those Obots found me I would have a ball with them lol.

  34. I’m sure you’d pick em off if they showed up. I ditched it, though. you could always give them to Whiskey. You know, for lunch.

  35. besides silly willy that is not my name lmao

  36. Oy. That crazy ass O’Donnell needs to stay the HELL out of the way before she loses a couple of million voters for the GOP. Somebody needs to explain to her that a one time candidacy that resulted in a loss does NOT make you important. It makes you a one time candidate who lost.

  37. Ah well I saw you first name, panicked and ditched it.

  38. Just looked again in trash. Just think what you just did to somebody WITH that name. lol.

  39. I once saw a spam comment tht declared my name. Too bad it was somebody I never heard of. I do hope she’s still living.

  40. Lemmie guess, McN. The cat’s name is Beatrice.

  41. hahahahhaha

    You know, I would take up chain smokin’ if I saw that hat on a cat.

  42. I have to give Beatrice a high five since she auctioned the royal antlers and donated the cash to charity.

  43. I would kill the Comcast guy, if he were to actually show up!!! I know that there is not a jury of my peers (other comcast victims) that would convict me. It would probably be justifiable homicide!!

    I had an appointment time of 10-3pm. At 2:50, I saw the truck outside my house and figured that he was filing out paperwork. I looked out a few minutes later and he was gone. Over an hour later, I am still getting the run around.

  44. Well honora, he probably rang you via telepathy. You just didn’t hear it. It happens to me ALL the time. I literally will chase down a Time Warner truck.

  45. I do wish Beatrice had saved some of the money for a makeover.

  46. Mummy dresses odd quite often which leads me to believe that there are no mirrors in the palace.

  47. That’s what inbreeding does to you.

  48. Keeps all the money in the family, splits up one brain among many.

  49. Yes UW, you are correct. It is a very good reason for not marrying the cousins.

  50. That brain pie is getting awfully small.

  51. ROF ok so if someone gets obots with that name I have to believe they voted for him lmao

  52. I have seen pictures of Beatrice and not Beatrice in normal clothes and they are very normal and not at all huge. Whoever dresses them for state occasions should be locked in the tower and beheaded. They still do that in England right?

  53. Ahhh an article from NewHampster on No Quarter that mentions our ProudMilitaryMom, madamab and Uppity….

  54. Oh teresainpa, you are so funny. No beheadings since the days of the nut Henry VIII. I do believe that King Perv detested anyone who was not properly attired.

  55. Listen if those two sisters were in the woods with those gettups, they would have been mistaken for a deer and shot. There is something wrong with that end of the gene pool.

  56. Let’s hope that they never are because helicopter hunting seems to be in vogue these days. Sure as heck Dick Cheney would fire off a couple of rounds.

  57. Just saw in the comments at His44 – wow, his favorability ratings are finally falling (I actually think it stayed high because of people afraid of being called racist – they started telling the truth about their lack of faith in his job performance, but wanted to still say “oh, but he’s a nice guy”).

    And when you look at how badly he is doing by religion – geez, it can’t just be Jewish people holding him up, but the religions they mention can’t stand him….


    For the first time, Obama is beginning to also have problems in his favorability ratings. His rating is a flat 47/47, but among independents Obama has slipped slightly underwater at 45/48. He scores well under water with Protestants (28/66), evangelicals (21/72), and even Catholics (39/55), and the only age group that has a positive favorability rating is 18-34YOs at a relatively weak 52/40.

    The dip in favorability means that Obama’s teflon coating on personal approval is peeling away under the intense heat of a failed economics program. His personal numbers had been his armor, and his one hope for appealing to voters to give him another chance to get things right. These results show an electorate that has tired of Obama and is looking for a better approach to Presidential leadership.

  58. It’s time to start putting these little f*ckfaces in prison. Youthful offenders, my ass. These are criminals and they know they can get away with it because they are minors. Time to change this chit.

    The 37-year-old victim said the boys hit him with a replica wooden rifle, a blow which knocked him off his bike, according to police, as the Chicago Sun-Times reports. After he fell to the ground, the four boys — aged between 10 and 16 — allegedly began kicking and punching him in the head and demanding he give them his money.

    Chicago. Where else? Too bad he didn’t have a gun.

  59. NYSMike said: Ahhh an article from NewHampster on No Quarter that mentions our ProudMilitaryMom, madamab and Uppity….


  60. I went to NQ and read the piece. I remember New Hampster. It’s a shame he had to write it there.

  61. Fredster – he didn’t write it there, he wrote it on his own blog first then on NQ with amplification.

    Time and tide wait for no one.

  62. Ah I’m going to go easy on New Hampster. I got to know him a bit at NQ back in 2008 when we were both posting there. His heart was in the right place and I’ve know few male bloggers who championed women more than he did, seriously. Sometimes he made remarks that offended people, but I don’t think it was deliberate, more like bad wording or maybe kneejerk style. I know I’ve hit “send” plenty of times when I should have thought first too. Who hasn’t. I recall he offended me once and I also recall him contacting me personally and apologizing profusely. He was a good person 99 percent of the time, which is more than I can say for some fellow bloggers who turned on a dime in 2008. Think Taylor Marsh. I am not sure what went on over at Partizine, but I did cruise there a bit and it looks as if he has other writers who took his blog where he didn’t want it to go. WHat I see here is a posting from a guy who is hurting, is aware of what went wrong and wants to fix it. His mention of some of us was meant with affection not derision, in an effort to let people know he misses and respects them and if he offended any of them with the blog direction, he is apologizing. I guess he’s saying his blog go away from him and rather than just throw in the towel, he would like to be the voice he once was again and is going ot give it an honest shot. If I want to beat on some people, he’s not high on the list.

  63. Fredster I think he cross posted it there because he wanted more people to read it.

    I think his message is a strong example of how a blogger has to get control of his or her own blog message at all times. Because in the end, that message reflects on the blog owner and nobody else. It’s not easy to do because sometimes you have to break some eggs. Hard. You try the best you can to set the tone and then the hard part comes. Keeping your blog where you want it to be. The thought than a blog can just let it all hang out is the recipe for an out of control blog. Eventually, the members eat their own. A blog has to have rules or it will die. The rules don’t have to be ludicrously control-freakish, like DU has the reputation for, but there does have to be oversight, and oversight takes time and emotional energy. It’s just not easy. I give him credit for not throwing in the towel But you understand now, maybe, why I would rather have quality than quantity in memberbship. I know what opening the floodgates gets you. So for a blog to survive and not turn into a food fight, you just have to draw the line and what you will allow people to come there and do to you or your members. You have to protect the integrity of your message or people will fly through and wreack havoc, or worse, turn the blog into their own forum, and we have seen that happen too. When that happens, people go away and you are stuck with the very people who ruined the mood or railroaded the message to begin with. If somebody shows up here and either tries to drive a bulldozer over everybody or uses this blog for traffic to their own place only, because they have already lost all their own followers and now want to do some more damage, You can see why I send them packing. You can see why I intervene when a food fight starts. You can see why I refuse some subject matter. Such as conspiracy theories. I HOPE at least you can see why I do these things. I don’t think this blog would be here now if I hadn’t done these things. So sometimes I look kind of dictatorial. I apologize for that too, but sometimes it’s necessary. Blogs are NOT democracies. They are the product of the blood and sweat of the blogger and if they can turn it into something others, but not everybody, wants, they have maybe done a good thing.. Hopefully, because it’s rough cutting off people you might even like for the sake of the whole.

  64. you do great UPPS.. 🙂

  65. foxy, I don’t know that I do great all the time, but I do try to keep this blog true to its original intent. And sometimes that means broken eggs.

  66. Uppity- you do an outstanding job- and I know exactly what you are talking about. This blog is a safe haven. We agree, we disagree- and those who get nasty get gone.
    We loves ya!

  67. Hello UW;
    Just stopping by to give you and update on the two stray cats I now care for. They live on the porch, and can’t be happier. Amos, has a good sized belly and actually sounds like a cat when he meows. His dome has so many lumps and bumps on it, I swear it is made out of tin! And his girl, Andie, lets me get in with a foot or so, but still will not let me pet her. She seems pretty happy though. Thet disappear during the day, but always come back at 8pm on the nose. I hope to save enough money to get their plumbing capped!
    How the heck have you been?

  68. Ah John that’s you yes? My favorite redneck! No more uncle Sam’s boot?

    It’s great what you’re doing for the two cats. I know it’s not the first time you’ve come to the aid of strays you rough tough, creampuff. You should check around for spay and neuter programs in your area. Call humane society of a local shelter. You might get that speutering done free before you have a boatload of kittens.

    I’ve been okay. I just cannot stand Barack Obama. Makes me crazy.

    I saw some hits from your blog and couldn’t figure out who it was. LOL. I take it you are all transferred, your posts and everything?

  69. Uppity Woman, on September 2, 2011 at 10:21 AM said:

    foxy, I don’t know that I do great all the time, but I do try to keep this blog true to its original intent. And sometimes that means broken eggs.
    😆 make mine a cheese omelet :).

  70. Oh I got lots of omelet eggs, Foxy! But nobody can say I’m not consistent!

    Mom ROFL you sent that to Boxer? I LOVE it.

  71. Oh you bet I did Uppity. It was Barack that downgraded smog regulations today. I sent her a link to the story and asked if she was now admitting that the selectee is a Republican.
    I sent her this link

  72. I know NewHampster personally. He and a few other guys I knew on line came to help in the Scranton office of Hillary’s primary campaign. He is a GREAT guy, smart and a real feminist. The night of the primary in PA there was a big party for her at a near by Hotel hosted by her brothers. We got kind of, well very, shit faced.
    Oh I have stories about the behavior of the visiting Obots that few days before the primary.
    I guess I should go pay attention to my own lonely blog and do some writing.

  73. That is so interesting…that behind-the-scenes blogging stuff. Appreciate the sharing of stories like that.

  74. On the subject of policing one’s own blog, Upps, you’re absolutely right, especially when it comes to preventing food fights. Thank you for that. It makes visiting here daily a pleasure.

  75. Dear NES. You’re welcome. Thank YOU for appreciating why I do it.

    Although sometimes I am crabby and I have to work on that. Or stay away when things are going south outside of the blog. It’s not fair. I lost imust that way and I don’t blame her one bit. I was a real asshole and didn’t connect. I should have stayed off the blog that day. From now on, I will try not to let life’s shit affect my mood here.

  76. It’s not fair. I lost imust that way and I don’t blame her one bit. I was a real asshole and didn’t connect.

    I think imust knows this is her true home and will return — when she’s ready. Just put a candle — in a pie, of course! — in the window.

  77. Did someone mention PIE?

    (just catching up on my reading)

  78. imust!!! By my calculations,, I reckoned I deserved at least one more month of punishment!

    Now repeat after me:

    “Uppity, you were a real asshole but I forgive you anyways”.

  79. Nah, I can’t repeat that. But I wouldn’t mind another penguin! 🙂

    (for the last time…I did not steal Pengy’s ice!)

  80. Oh sh*t. Another penguin without ice. Worse yet, I was such a bad girl, you get to pick your penguin. RIP penguin.

  81. IMUSTCELEBRATE! Oh welcome home girl! Welcome home!

  82. aww…thanks PMM. As for the penguin….he/she will have all the ice I have in the freezer! Oops….let me go check the freezer. imustmakeice.

  83. 25 Pengys to imust! Gift-wrapped too.
    (All charges of ice-stealing have been dropped.)

    Great to see you, imust. We’ve all been suffering pie-withdrawal. lorac even did an entire post on pies for you.

  84. OMG PMM! Thanks for the link….I died and went to PIE heaven for a moment!!

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