Donald Trump’s cute little new plane

Thought you might like to see this.


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  1. If I had his money I would have one too. Well maybe not I hate flying so mine would have to be a ship and motor home lol.

  2. HEY!

    7.1 Alaska Quake – Tsunami WARNING in effect for Pacific and West Coast

    List of arrival times for Tsunami if one has been generated

    A Tsunami Warning is now in effect which includes the coastal areas of Alaska from Unimak Pass, Alaska (80 miles NE of Dutch Harbor) to Amchitka Pass, Alaska (125 miles W of Adak).

    This message is for Information Only for coastal areas of California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska from the California-Mexico border to Unimak Pass, Alaska (80 miles NE of Dutch Harbor).

    At 2:56 AM Alaskan Daylight Time on September 2, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 7.1 occurred 45 miles/72 Km southeast of Amukta Pass, Alaska . (Refer to the United States Geological Survey for official earthquake parameters.) Earthquakes of this size are known to generate tsunamis. If a tsunami has been generated, the waves will first reach Adak, Alaska at 3:52 AM AKDT on September 2. Estimated tsunami arrival times and maps along with safety rules and other information can be found on the WCATWC web site.


  3. FF! Yikes! Son and family were stationed in Alaska back around 2000. We went to visit and did the usual touristy things- and on one of the tours we were shown the remains of the devastation left by a quake and tsunami back in the 70’s (I think it was the 70’s)

    As for Trump’s plane- I watched the whole thing hoping against hope to hear it had been built here in the US. Anybody know? I am sure the tv’s, dvd, stereo components all came from overseas as we no longer make such things.
    Redefines “conspicuous consumption.”

  4. Trump’s plane is fine with me. At least he earned it and pays for it with his own money.

    Obummer and AF1? Didn’t earn it. Doesn’t pay for it. Still thinks it’s his.

  5. FF- Agree he earned it and can do as he wants- was just really really hoping he did not outsource the construction. sigh.
    As for Barky and AF1- nancy set such a good example on how to (mis)use govt transportation- he could only follow along as his elders taught him.
    With the amount of traveling- separately- done by the squatters we will be needing new planes by the time 2012 comes around.

  6. What? No swimming pool? Times are hard.

  7. Sweet ride. No hair salon?

  8. My thoughts exactly Anthony.

  9. LOL Jay. Swimming pools might get messy during turbulance. Not that turbulance would dare bother Donald. Then too, there’s the weight. A pool weights a lot full, so I would bet that’s a concern.

  10. Anthony, there is TOO a hair salon area. I saw an eggbeater in the kitchen.

    I kill me.

  11. Uppity! ROFL! Eggbeater! HAHAHA!

  12. I see that Obama is” suing” his biggest donors the banks for mortgage fraud and not performing “due diligence” with mortgages. Oh boy I am going to do a post on this as soon as I collect the BOATLOAD of information on how Fannie Mae and the COmmunity revitalization act FORCED them to give mortgages to deadbeats under threat from Acorn and La Raza. And I want to know why Franklin Rains isn’t going to be hauled into this lawsuit. The banks outsleazed the sleazebags by selling those deadbeat mortgages right back to Fannie Mae.

    If this isn’t a stunt for 2012 I don’t know what is. NOBODY is going to jail for this because the banks have the goods on our government. See Barney Frank and Dobbs.

  13. Uppity- you said

    Oh boy I am going to do a post on this as soon as I collect the BOATLOAD of information

    Is that a typo? Didn’t you mean BOOK not post? FCS you could write an encyclopedia on that one subject alone!

  14. Uppity Woman, on September 2, 2011 at 9:42 AM said:

    Anthony, there is TOO a hair salon area. I saw an eggbeater in the kitchen.

    I kill me.
    me too. 😆 😆

  15. Go for it Upps. I am so sick of his BS to take crap he started , blame it on someone else then act like he is a white knight.

  16. Have you seen this Rasmussen? No not barky’s historically low numbers- those just keep going down down down- I saw this-
    Partisan Trends
    Partisan Trends: 33.5% of Americans are Republicans, 33.5% Unaffiliated, 33.0% Democrats

    Then went and clicked through to this

    The days of D’s outnumbering R’s are over forever I fear.
    Thanks for nothing DNC!

  17. Yes that’s why he’s pretending to sue the banks. Of course, he’s not suing Fannie Mae and their “due diligence” laws.

    There is so much DISGUST associated with this issue, this post is going to take me some time. Links. Links, Links. Franklin Rains. Barney Frank. Dodd and his Countrywide buddies. The “Revitalization Act” designed to give houses to deadbeats and then take on their debt via the taxpayers. Do you know 100,000 abandoned houses were mortgaged to illegal aliens via threats to banks from Acorn, La Raza, etc? The banks were forced to do this and tehn they outsmarted them and bounced the debt right back. To you. Sleaze fighting Sleaze.

    If you ask me, this whole horrible meltdown was coordinated.

  18. OMG! It is like “The Birds” out back! Thousands of birds in the orchard and the neighbors trees! Can’t tell if it is the redwinged blackbirds or the starlings. Creepy! Must be getting ready to migrate.

  19. PMM the video said the plane is a 757 which would make it a Boeing so it’s probably mostly American made.

    Personally I just don’t get the rich and their fascination with gold faucets and the like. When I saw the mention of the gold seat belts, faucets and walls my mind immediately jumped to Jim and Tammy Fay. If I had that kind of money I’d keep my gold in a vault, what a waste IMHO. Meh to each his own, at least he earned it as others have said. One thing it points out for sure, the trappings of POTUS would be a step or two or three down for the Donald, LOL!

  20. The engines are Rolls Royce though. Which is odd, since GE aircraft engines are considered among the finest. Maybe he’s pissed that Jeff Immelt is screwing America daily with his Green Cha Ching and his outsourcing all his jobs to China while being Barack’s Jobs Czar. COuld be those $8 curly bulbs made in China for 10 cents. Not to mention his penchant for doing business with Iran.

  21. Maybe those Rolls Royce engines are his hair dryer? The eggbeater is strictly for the mouse on the comb over.

  22. Uppity are those suits against the bans by the feds or the states. I thought I saw something about state Attornies General suing-I’m not sure.

  23. What suits lizzy?

  24. You mean the DOA and the banks? Nah. It’s just a shakedown for campaign money. Barack uses investigations for his own convenience. THink S&P. There is no way they are going to follow through and we won’t see a thing that is helpful to Americans happen. Besides, too many people whose asses are sitting on capital hill are just as culpable and the banks know this. But suing the banks tof some poll numbers is just the ticket for a guy like barack obama. Just like everything else he does, just a fart in the wind and then it’s gone.

  25. If I had his money I would invent a motor-home with wings, and riding lawn tractor with a built in crapper!

  26. Yeah John I know how you love you those lawn tractors!

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