On Sharing: What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.

Speaking of Labor Day: Who knew one of my early 2008 satires was prescient??? Why, I may actually be Nostradamus!

First, the 2008 post:

Okay Students! Gather Around Little Comrades and Comradesses!

Text: © Copyright, Uppity Woman 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Very good.

hammersickleI want you all to learn the new way you are going to be graded. Now at first, it might seem unfair but remember, it is for the Glorious Cause!

Now I know that previous to the Glorious Cause, you tended to be graded based on your performance. This is not fair! It does nothing to enhance the Glorious Cause and it makes your classmates feel badly.

This is very bad.

So from now on, we are all going to be equal.

If you are carrying an A in this class, you are making others feel intellectually inferior. This is very annoying and makes your comrades feel unequal. We cannot have this. Therefore, all students who are currently carrying an A will get a B.

But don’t be upset by this! I am going to give part of your A to anyone in the class who has an F average! So you see, their lot in life has now improved. Doesn’t this make you feel better? It should!

I know you will continue to achieve according to your ability so that you may continue to share your A with classmates who haven’t shown up to class in weeks. It’s the right thing to do.

You students who are currently carrying a B will now get a C. Now don’t be upset. You won’t get into a decent graduate school with a B average anyways. So I am going to give part of your B to the D students. Now they have a C! Just like you!

changenotexpectedLook now, Comrades!

Everybody has a passing grade! Isn’t that Glorious!??? You will now be able to go out into the world and be equal. Those of you who actually carried an A at one time can do most of the work. It’s the fair thing to do. After all, you have the ability.

From each according to his ability! To each according to his need!

I want you to memorize that quote. We want you to practice understanding The Glorious Cause!

Since I am fully in charge of distributing the grades at my discretion, I am sure you will find my plan suitable.

Any questions, then?


Now one more thing: I want you all to empty your pockets of all money you have. No cheating! There will be punishment for cheating!

We are going to put all of the money in a nice pot and I will divide it up equally amongst your classmates. Now don’t be complaining that you worked to earn that money. This is not important. What is important is that you share.

Boys will get more than girls. Girls do not need money. They can marry and things like that.

Of course, I will take a cut from the total in the pot for all of my distributive efforts. And I will withhold some of the money for later. That way, if you you please me, I will give you a little bit more.

No questions! I hate questions!

Any questions?

Here we are in 2011 and it seems that a petition to redistribute GPAs to help students who have bad grades or don’t show up to class, etc. doesn’t seem to go over well at  DePaul College and UC Merced.

Depaul: GPA Redistribution Day. I don’t know what annoys me more: The students’ double standard or the Arrogant Trust Fund Snot who is trying to get the signatures.

“I work my ass off!”.

UC Merced: Vids are a little hard to hear in parts, but it’s hilarious to hear these kids think it’s okay to take what’s yours, but not what’s theirs. As in “I earned my grades!” and “You’re going to take away the incentive of people who work hard”.

Asking for signatures from students to redistribute GPAs of top students.

A little hard to hear but worth the listen.


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  1. Ah- this young lady seems to get it! (Or the parent that put her up to it!)

  2. Just love it when Comradess appears!
    And yes- you must have psychic abilities!

  3. Yeah I think I had that vid up. What scares me about that kid is the flag. For starters, it defiles the USA flag. For another, I get the feeling her parents are real rightos to own such a flag. Or she might just be a great little actor for a group–scarily named “REVOLUTION II). She did make the point, that’s for SURE.

  4. I see the hits are climbing ever closer to the three million mark. There will be party yes? Is there a way to determine who the three millionth hit comes from? Maybe award a penguin? lol Penguin redistribution!

  5. I live in Merced

  6. hmmm- myiq- were you perhaps “instigating?”

  7. They started it – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

  8. Hey myiq! Go do a poll there!

  9. Mom, it’s pretty hard to catch that 3 millionth and then figure out who it was.

  10. The clown Instigate? I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!

  11. repeat posts are the best. 🙂

  12. LOL Uppity- then we shall pick a winner! The DNC and RNC do it! Why can’t we?

  13. Yeah, Mom. We have the power. Let’s just arbitrarily pick somebody we like.

  14. You know what is it with these mean spirited right wingers on capital hill? One of the FEW things government is SUPPOSED to do is respond to national disasters. And these bungholes are demanding a spending cut before allowing FEMA to help people whose freaking HOMEs disappeared! What teh F is wrong with these cyborgs? And the ones complaining the loudest got them THEIR FEMA relief with THEY needed it. These are just plain SICK BASTARDS.

    That RYAN creature, they pimp him as something great? He’s like something out of Dickens for Chrissakes. I fully expect the ghost of Christmas past to visit this freak of human nature. No wonder that lifetime government teat sucker like his daddy before him, Alan Simpson, loves him his Ryan. Bloodsucking for me, thot Thee!

  15. Ryan and co- classic example of what’s ours is theirs.
    We could save so much money if we got rid of these congress critters and their lifetime positions and entitlements. And all their family and friends they put in to govt jobs.
    A pox on them all!

  16. I agree Mom, a pox on them all!

  17. I just want a couple gold plated chairs and a computer from Trump’s plane when they start redistributing the wealth. I can then visit this site in style. Genu-wine leather with symbols on it and all. Geeze.

    What is the world coming to when even opinion pieces at Fox news tout Hillary? Up is Down in “Grover Cleveland Obamaland”.


  18. I changed my name slightly, put Clinton in caps and added 2012 and now I am in moderation.

    BILL, put down the nip and fish me out.

  19. ack, still have a ! on the end of my name that I didn’t see with the cursor there…… maybe this will work?

  20. Moderation. Bill, I do not do ANYTHING in moderation.

    Heating Chicken. Three pieces in BBQ sauce.

    Need lots of napkins and cannot touch the keyboard type chicken.

  21. Karen, Bill’s a cat. He HATES change. Do Not change your name again or there will be punishments.

  22. Dammit! That chicken was for my lunch!

  23. I can’t go out to UC Merced. It’s outside the range of my ankle bracelet.

  24. ROFL Karen! There is no getting by Bill- (well there IS the nip)

  25. I have chicken in the fridge- gonna do it up later. I detest BBQ sauce so will invent something else to do with the chicken.
    I also need a good recipe for Lentil soup. (Not today- it is hot and muggy here!)

  26. I love a repost as well. They just get better with time, right? In fact, I’ve been looking for one you did a while back, I’ve not had much luck in my search. It had something to do with not leaving one crappy party to join another crappy party, or some crap like that.

    I can’t stick around, but I did want to mention yesterdays job report. Did anyone hear? Net zero jobs created for the month of August. It should make for a fun speech on Thursday. Tell me you’re live blogging it. I’m watching football, and I hate the Saints and the Patriots.


  27. PMM, have you ever tried Old Bay on your chicken?

  28. Would this be it, Vivien? Ah, I almost forgot about Senator Shithead Kyl. He didn’t want obstectrics in his health care plan because he doesn’t need it.
    Ooo. I was in a bad mood.

    Let me tell you something, Senator Shithead. I don’t want to pay for your god damned prostate exams and problems either. And I don’t want to pay for your Viagra so you can pretend you are good in bed, you decrepit old fart.

    I don’t want to pay for your freaking testosterone patches because you are getting old and ran out of the old hormone and are turning into a girl. And I don’t want to pay for anything that has anything to do with your dick or your balls. How’s that, Senator Shithead? And I bet you wave a Pro Life flag, don’t you, Senator Shithead? Oh yeah, for sure you do, you ignorant bastard.

  29. vivien- ACK! Also detest Old Bay- hubby and I cook our shrimp separately- he likes it. Blech.
    I have lots of fresh herbs and a partial bottle of wine that needs used- hubby is not a wine drinker and i can never finish a bottle by myself. Something will come to me.
    I am not really a recipe person anymore- except for baking and canning- which are formulas really- not recipes lol. I am the type that throws things in that I like and know work together. LOL Today’s requirement is that it go on the grill- cuz it is too damn muggy to heat up the house. Husband cut some of the deadfall apple wood so I might even fire up the old charcoal grill with some of the apple wood. Oh and there are tons of apples and pears out in the orchard…….

  30. I use old bay for crab cakes.

  31. I can’t go out to UC Merced. It’s outside the range of my ankle bracelet.

    Oh come on, clown. We KNOW they got a restraining order.

  32. Crab cakes are GOOD! Soft shell crab is excellent! But this New England girl still thinks lobster is the best! Well I am planning on killing myself and having an order of fried clams when I head to MA for the wedding next week.

  33. Mom, I stopped making Italian lentil soup when I got a recipe for egyptian red lentil soup. It’s just delicious.

  34. Sounds good Uppity! All this food talk and now I am getting hungry!
    Let’s see – I have chicken, apples, pears, wine. Fresh herbs- oregano, thyme, garlic, onion, chives. Blackberry sauce deserves a trip to our local ice cream place for some fresh french vanilla. Oh I see I still have some red potatoes too! And the neighbor up the way has sweet corn, Sounding yummier by the minute!

  35. Oh Yippee! I forgot! I have the peach salsa too! Now that would glaze that chicken and the fruit just perfect!

  36. That’s the post. Thanks Upps.

    Sorry PMM, I love Old Bay. Mmmm, crab cakes. Blue crab, right? The Chesapeake Bay is full of them. We go get ours for free. All we need is a chicken neck, and a net. And lots of beer. I guess they’re not really free. Old Bay is good on pop corn too.

  37. vivien- you are welcome to my share of the Old Bay. lol. If you can wrest it out of my husband’s clutches. We used to go for clams when I was younger- and herring in the spring. Now you have to pay a gazillion for a clam permit and no herring left to take. sigh

  38. PMM, thanks. I buy mine in bulk. Save yours for your man.

    Uppps, it’s not so much the post but what you had to say @ Nov 11, 09, 7:33 am, that told me who you were and what this place was all about. I love Hillary as much as you do, she keeps me coming back. I gotta run. Y’all have a great weekend.

  39. I declare that Congress is an entitlement program and we should end it to cover the damage to the east coast. Except for Virginia because Cantor is unamerican.

    Oh, and henceforth, I am sending my bill payments to Connecticut Light & Power 6 days late to see how they like waiting 6 days for someone to get around to thinking about them.

  40. I just read that comment I made, Vivien, and am awed that you would remember it. I don’t think I ever recall someone vividly remembering a post of mine because of a comment in the comment section I made. That takes some memory! I am also honored that this is how you see me. As I read the entire thread, I remembered on person there who spend plenty of time here pretending she didn’t hate hillary with a passion–to take advantage of the comraderie. and as time went on, it was hidden really badly. Really badly. We’re talking frothing venom and abject hatred here. It’s a wonder I controlled myself as long as I did. Later more suitable quarters of like and kind were found.

    Honestly though, I wish I could be the person my dog thinks I am.

  41. Well in that case, I say roast that chicken and stuff sprigs of those herbs right under the skin of every part. Shove the onion inside of that baby, and if you have a carrot and celery, a couple of stalks and a carrot in there to keep that onion company. Might as well roast some potates and stick a couple of apples in that pan too. Dont forget to toss some of that white wine you have left in that pan with some butter. Because you won’t regret it when you make the gravy. What time shall I be over?

    Oh and I agree. When there’s lobster around, I throw rocks at everything else.

  42. My mother used to throw traps off her dock and that was always a sign we were in for a treat. One time my father fished a big fat amberjack and between it and the crabs in the traps and some other seafood we picked up, I can still taste the bouliabaise she made.

  43. Amen Sophie. Twice! And I’m not even religous!

  44. 41 percent still think Obama is doing okay. this goes to show you that some people will put up with anything to save their fish. Or to avoid admitting how wrong they were. Or they are calling when mom and dad are at work to bring home the bacon for their 25 year old parasite who answered the phone.

  45. 41% huh? orange fingered basement dwellers.
    Seriously I am stunned. Where do they find these people? Do they even live in America? Have they ever taken a history class? Had a job?

  46. Uppity Woman, on September 3, 2011 at 11:40 AM said:

    XO foxy.
    back attcha kid!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  47. I already voted four times just like ACORN!

  48. Whoa, She’s whipping his ass. And the comments are great. Except for that one creature on the sauce who says she is “marginally” more qualified than Obama and Palin. That’s some shit that character is on.

  49. Pot Roast. So good.

    (wrapping leftovers and labeling ‘dog food’ to detour Karen)

  50. Oh, I definitely remember this post from back then, Uppity. Prescient, indeed. Unfortunately, though, as we watch our money fly out of our wallets…

    I am surprised, too, that Obama still is doing as well in the polls as he is. My sister, though, is one of those 41%, I am certain. Nothing Obama does will ever faze her. He’s The One, after all (who turns my stomach).

    Um, can you pick some lottery numbers for me? 😉

  51. Um, can you pick some lottery numbers for me


    You landed in mod ’cause you changed your screen name. MK Bill punishes people who change their screen names.

  52. Just have to love John Smart and the Obama Scriptures!

  53. I saw the scriptures but didn’t remember seeing the video. The video is even better.

  54. I answered your mail sister.

  55. Um, can you pick some lottery numbers for me?

    Sorry, I don’t have the rest.

  56. Got it- thanks!
    John’s videos are getting better and better. The Obama Scriptures and Shelby Fluffy are hysterical. I believe I shall suggest to John that he go back and make ALL the Obama Scriptures into videos. He could make a weekly series out of it!

  57. I just read that comment I made, Vivien, and am awed that you would remember it.

    Be doubly-awed then, Upps. I remember that comment very well too — and, I also remember how it warmed the cockles of my heart to read your heartfelt and full-throated defense of Hillary. What happened to her can never be forgotten, or forgiven. She is the glue that binds us all — including those, much-admired and missed, who’re on a temporary leave of absence (like imustprotest). It is a bond that may be impossible to sunder. I say this even though I am, generally, a great cynic.

  58. Oh and I agree. When there’s lobster around, I throw rocks at everything else.

    Careful you don’t hit MO when you do that, Upps. Wouldn’t want to have to spring you from the clink.

  59. CHIT!! One can only vote 4 times???

  60. Great suggestion for JWS, Mom.

  61. ). It is a bond that may be impossible to sunder.

    That’s because I come after you all with a hook if you stray.

  62. That’s because I come after you all with a hook if you stray.

    ROFLLL…. But, nope, it’s deeper than that. Fathoms deeper.

  63. Even the Ofluffers are turning on Teh Won:

    One wonders if there is concern now in the party’s higher echelons about the White House’s methods. Of course there must be. But what, for example, do seasoned Democratic senators say to one another when they chat in private? What about the party’s big money people? All of them must be dismayed. But which of them can reach Obama? Who can pierce the armor of his inner circle and tell him he needs to start doing business in a different way in a hurry?

    This week has the feel of one that might become retrospectively pivotal. If indeed we are standing there watching as President Perry is sworn in two Januarys from now, and we’re forced to ponder the what ifs, space will be reserved on that list for a week in which the administration made a boneheaded political mistake, presided over a jobs announcement with zero growth, and turned on a key constituency group.

  64. More from the OFluffers as the koolaid recedes: http://www.tnr.com/blog/jonathan-chait/94488/obamas-campaign-deluded

  65. NES here is another article from that tnr site that bashes The One.


    They’re so disappointed. TS, they did not vet him and when we did they didn’t listen to us. We told them he wasn’t the least bit interested in the environment. We screamed EXELON till we turned blue and the hopey-dopeys didn’t pay any attention at all.

    He told them whatever they wanted to hear. We told them he was a con-man. Glad his staff people woke up and will not support him.

    They are deadenders! Where else are they going to go? They should get over it. As they told us…

  66. I just made a cartoon of BO talking – they make it sound like his voice.


    You can do it, too – scroll down to the big picture of O, click on “edit”, then you just type in the text you write, then press “play”


  67. Lorac! You find the funniest things! Let’s see if I got it right

  68. Re: Libya. We just arranged for our worst enemies to take over a country. On our firepower and dime. It’s not as if we didn’t see this one coming either. It’s a Taliban rerum. It’s a Sadam rerun. We never learn. In another year, we will be over there in a war with them after they try to blow something up. The arab ‘rebels’ in charge are theocratic savages, They probably used Iran as a consultant when importing more “rebels”. We never learn. In a year, Gadaffi will look like a good deal.

  69. Lovely Hippy Wannabee sit-in. These little children are morons. They want so badly to be 1960s and 70s flower children in a 2011 world. And among them are typical Barack employees. Just like they do with music and movies, they haven’t got an original bone in their bodies. Remake, Remake, Remake. It’s laughable. What’s next, chidren, for us to laugh at you about? 12 inch bell-bottoms? They probably sat on blankeys so as not to get dirty. I’ll bet half of them hopped into their daddy’s SUV when the protest was over. The arrested ones called their daddy’s to bail them out ala Bill Ayers. On their best days, they are bad imitations.

  70. too true Uppity. Too true and too sad. We never learn to keep our noses (and weapons) out of other people’s business. Too bad most Americans are unaware that Al-Qaeda is our own damn fault, Ditto the Taliban. All the damn dogs- biting the hand that fed them.
    Our own fault for feeding mangy, rabid strays.

  71. The blonde up front of that “sit in perfect rows” sit in, is Darryl Hannah. She was arrested. Those Hollywood types can bail out the whole sidewalk full of people. Her limo picked her up at jail, surely.

  72. We’re never going to learn to keep our noses where they don’t belong. How long before they shoot us with our own guns, again?

  73. ack, coffee.

    out of where they…

  74. Uppity Woman, on September 3, 2011 at 5:47 PM said:

    I already voted four times just like ACORN!
    the more the merrier. 🙂

  75. Great one, Karen. It’s a big mistake for him to p*ss off his environmental movement supporters.

  76. Even a heartless guy — literally and figuratively — can see the truth: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/04/cheney-clinton-could-work-better-with-republicans-than-obama/

  77. Hey Upps, I just want you to know that my memory’s not that great. For the life of me I could not remember what that post was about. I just knew that inside it held something important to me.

    I really enjoy your writing. Some of your post are out of this world. Don’t sell yourself short, because more times than not, your real money shot, or I should say money quote, is inside the thread. I’m bad, I don’t always read what everyone writes in them, but I make it a point to read everything you write. I’m sure I’m not the only one because I’ve seen the same link two and three times in the same thread. I really can’t relate with a lot of people here because I gave up on politics. Done. Fanito. You make me laugh, and laughing makes me feel good. I just wanted to say thank you.

  78. Vivien, I just want to say Thank you for taking the time to say Thank You. It’s what keeps me going always. And if i can make you laugh, then I have done my job. There is much truth in humor and satire, both on a blog and in real life. Therefore I am invited to all the parties. Just kidding. Well, not really.
    Thank you again. you made my day. Maybe even my week.

  79. Haven’t been commenting much, but I’ve been lurking and enjoying just the same. Had to mention the Orange Punch link, though, as Hillary has 87% of the vote and that just made my laboring labor day a little bit sweeter. Thanks UW, for a provocative blog, and for everyone who pitches in to make it so lively around here.

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