Happy Labor Day.

Labor Day. Because there was just too much time between 4th of July and Veteran’s Day and who the heck wants to go that long working without a Monday off with pay? Although if you are a Federal Employee, you do get Columbus Day off, in celebration of Christopher Columbus discovering a land that already had other people living there, but nevermind. But heck, Columbus Day is in October, which would leave September butt nekkid in terms of that Monday off if it weren’t for Labor Day.

1st Labor Day Parade, Sept 5, 1882, NY City

Labor Day was created in 1882 by The Central Labor Union in NY City to celebrate….well…


Of course it started in NY. Did you think it would start in Texas? Anyways, the rest of America’s workers got to hop on board too. Even Canada joined in.

Unlike most holidays, it’s the day with a Movable Date. It’s always on the first Monday in September to ensure a long weekend, thanks to an 1884 Act of Congress.

It’s a day when you can have that one last BBQ of the summer, even though most of the burgers you are eating are actually on the salmonella recall list. It’s the day during which kids try really hard to have fun, but the Cloud of School Tomorrow hangs heavily over them. It’s the day when teachers brood a lot about what their new class is going to look like, and will there be a potential serial killer among them like there was last year?

It’s the day when you realize that you are out of cash because you usually go to the bank on Monday, but the damned bank is closed.

It’s the day when ALLLLLLLLLLL the stores are open early and everything is on sale, but you can’t afford to buy a damned thing because you are Unemployed Labor or Employed Labor who is afraid that you will be Unemployed Labor soon. But relax!  Party like you are Barack! But don’t try to find any lobster. Even if you could afford it, Michelle has already scarfed so much of it down that it’s scarce. In fact, the Lobster Union is starting to picket the docks with little waterproof signs hooked onto their claws.

Workers enjoying Glorious New Green Jobs in Potato Field

Most of all, today is a day to celebrate if you actually still have a job! Especially if it pays more than a bag of rice! Not that it doesn’t look as if your government and their corporate buddies are trying to achieve that goal. Some of you have two jobs! Woot! And together, they pay less than your old job you had back when the USA was a Republic without the word “Banana” in front of it.

For the rest of you, and there ARE a LOT of you, being unemployed means every day is a day off without pay. But have no fear. Bawwaak is going to extend unemployment until you all turn 65 or, if you are a public employee, until you retire with full retirement pension in your early 50s. Except nobody knows where the unemployment money or the pension money is going to come from, but what the hell, it’s Labor Day! Celebrate!

Happy Labor Day! And remember, Barack is going to make jobs tomorrow.  No wait, the Republicans are going to make jobs tomorrow. Barack is going to make jobs on Wednesday or Thursday — or one of these days. No matter. By the weekend, there is going to be a whole crapload of jobs available to all of you. That’s why he’s going to announce it in front of a joint session of Congress. The Recession is Over. We’ve Turned The Corner. Again. As a matter of fact, on Wednesday, everything will be just Fine. The New York Times will cover how fine it all is. Newsweek will do a whole Things Are Fine Now section. MSNBC will dedicate the entire day to how Fine Things Are now that Barack read a speech. Everything will be Just Fine. I said Fine. Do you hear me?

Below is a Thomas Edison movie of the Labor Day Parade, 1904, when Labor got to watch the idle rich and Management ride in their brand new touring cars. Try that one today, you Users. You’re lucky if you even get invited to the parade. But we know you don’t care because you will be visiting your plant in China where the workers sleep in cots above the manufacturing floor, right?

Be sure to count up all the offensive American (gasp!) flags. These were the days when people loved America and little pissants were better off seen and not heard. There were no cell phones, there was no texting, and people actually…gasp! Talked To Each Other. Warning: I know it’s a bummer, but you will not see one 18 year old in this video with his pants hanging off his ass and his crack showing. You won’t see a single young couple humping each other against a car or holding up pissant “Save The Whatever” signs. Code Pink wouldn’t have even made it to the street.  But then  again, watching a bunch of people dressed like it’s New Year’s Eve just for a parade is a bit over the top. But then all that taffeta and stuff did help to cover the bruises on the women, for which there was no recourse.


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  1. RRRROFL! Another Uppity gem. Happy End Of Summer, Everyone!

  2. Quintessential Uppity. Keen observations. Both she and Thomas Edison rock. So does America.

  3. Happy end of Summer yea……….. It got started here in July and lol rain most of it and now it is ending ? Sheesh what a jip. That is why it has been darn cold last few nights huh ? Oh happy happy joy joy it is going to be dumping that nasty white stuff soon aren’t I just thrilled lol.
    Good post Uppity .

  4. Utah- indeed- summer ain’t what it used to be- the fall rains have already started here. ugh.

    I see somebody in the oblamer camp heard about the unions being upset with their chosen one.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is celebrating Labor Day in Detroit, previewing his ideas for job creation and economic growth at a rally with thousands of supportive labor union members.

    Obama’s speech at an annual event sponsored by the Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO was serving as a dress rehearsal for the jobs address he’ll deliver to a joint session of Congress on Thursday night.


  5. The first Monday of every month should be a holiday.

    With free beer.

    That would give a whole new meaning to “A case of the Mondays”

  6. happy almost back to school day.
    September depresses me and I’ve been out of public school since the 70s.

  7. another summer with no swimming or canoeing.
    I don’t think the SSO “gets” me. If he did, the pond would be fixed, equipped with inner tubes for floating and there would be a canoe for paddling down the Susquehanna. Instead there is a new mower and yard tools.

  8. The first Monday of every month should be a holiday.

    Except when there’s a real holiday that week. Then monday AND friday should be holidays. Unless the holiday falls on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. In which Case the holiday could be Thursday and Friday, or Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday could be a wild card thrown in there.

    Europe probably already does something like that. Which is why they aren’t as stressed as we are about work.

  9. Well Detroit is the perfect place for Barack to celebrate Labor Day. He is sure to have a large audience since there are no jobs there at all. In fact, if Barack adds one job, it’s cause for celebration–considering their unemployment rate is around 30%.

  10. LOL on the Detroit thing Uppity. He is doing to be surrounded by “thousands” of union members! And they are paying their union dues how? With their high paying union jobs? Or will they be employed for the day filling seats at the rally?
    Will there be a concert and free food ala 08?

  11. This seems appropriate for Labor Day-

  12. MOM, I don’t know about that stuff, but I can GUARANTEE you he will be using his best Southern Black Preacher voice during his speech. I wonder if that’s written into TOTUS? You know, Phonetically.
    I want to hear him say “Mitt Rom-neh” in the worst way.

  13. Oh oh oh! It’s a good thing I always put down my beverage before reading comments! Will he say Mitt Rom-neh AND Matsatoosets in the same sentence?

  14. Oh – meant to say that I posted the Bread and Roses video partly as a tribute to my Nana. She and her sisters all worked in the mills. (They came from Scotland to Andover MA) She used to tell stories of the little children going under the machines to tie the threads. Wish I had paid more attention and written down all her stories. sigh

  15. Nice video, PMM.

    The history of labor has been one of the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other. Big shame that anyone one with a little bit of power cannot be trusted to use it wisely. Workers organize to get their basics, safe working conditions, a fair wage, end to child labor, and a reasonable work week. Then union bosses wield their power to screw the companies. but if they didn’t, the suits would be figuring out new ways to screw the workers.

    When two powers fight, regular people are the collateral damage and neither power cares. It doesn’t matter if it’s union bosses against corporate masters or right wing politicians against left wing politicians, it’s simply a clash of the titans and ordinary people lose every time.

  16. Another Uppity gem.just gets better n better. 🙂

  17. Another Uppity gem.better n better. 🙂

  18. DING DING DING!!!!

    It doesn’t matter if it’s union bosses against corporate masters or right wing politicians against left wing politicians, it’s simply a clash of the titans and ordinary people lose every time.

    That sums it up rather nicely!

  19. PMM, Do I get a penguin?

  20. Sophie- I am not in charge of penguins lol. But Comradess may be persuaded- equality and distributing the wealth and all.
    You certainly deserve one for that comment! Spot on!

  21. It’s the day when ALLLLLLLLLLL the stores are open early and everything is on sale,

    Need mattress? How about some furniture.

    No problem! All stores ARE open and waiting to exchange your wad of cash for one of these items.

  22. Good one, Uppity. Tragic, but all painfully true.

  23. Mom, if we have a pengy hanging around, I say give him to Sophie. Try to make sure it’s a sober one though, okay?

  24. Uppity- we shall have to see what FF has in stock. lol.
    OT- it was posted in the thread below I think- but deserves repeating- John has a new Obama Scripture video up- with a new character.

    He is on a roll with these vids!

  25. Ha! Good comment from His44 comments:

    Obama hosting and trial balooning his jobs speech at a labor day union parade in Detroit, talk about contradictions.

    He hosts his jobs speech in a city which is 82.7% black (friendly audience or what), on labor day of all days with union audience in a city with one of the worst rates of unemployment in the country. Talk about complete slap in your face. Preaching to the sheeple, now thats Audacity.

  26. OMG John is smoking! I will have to put both his scriptures up this week.

  27. LORAC!!!!! HI!!!! I never get to “see” you! (waving wildly)

    Oh yes indeed Uppity- John is rocking!

  28. I’ll ask john if I can cross post his scriptures for thursday. We’ve got you on board tomorrow and Lorac Wednesday.

  29. The history of labor has been one of the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other. Big shame that anyone one with a little bit of power cannot be trusted to use it wisely. Workers organize to get their basics, safe working conditions, a fair wage, end to child labor, and a reasonable work week. Then union bosses wield their power to screw the companies. but if they didn’t, the suits would be figuring out new ways to screw the workers.

    When two powers fight, regular people are the collateral damage and neither power cares. It doesn’t matter if it’s union bosses against corporate masters or right wing politicians against left wing politicians, it’s simply a clash of the titans and ordinary people lose every time.

    Having seen the workplace from both sides of this coin, I can only say that THIS STATEMENT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ON-TARGET.

  30. PMM! Hi! lol

    Hey, I liked your Obama resignation speech a couple of threads back! If only……

    I saw that Obama seems to be literally saying “country before party” in his “encouragement” for the congress to stop keeping him from the brilliance he knows he deserves…. I’d like to show him my Hillary tshirts that say “country before party”….

  31. lol I was the sixth person to see his latest video. Felt kind of cool!

    I never get to see Megan Kelly anymore. I used to watch her before work with Bill Hemmer, then she moved to the daytime. So today I get to watch her! Such a sharp mind.

  32. lorac- I took a look at what you had done and expanded on it lol. You had the original idea. That was a fun little thing.

  33. Could the “Entitled” Elect Obama?
    Found in His44 comments – people may disagree with parts of it – the bolding is mine
    Tait Trussell
    Sep 5th, 2011

    Although a dismal economic forecast spells defeat for Obama in 2012, a huge proportion of people ignorant of political issues or dependent on government handouts, or both, will support him.

    A CNN reporter recently asked First Lady Michelle Obama about the 2012 election, “It’s going to be quite vicious, isn’t it? How do you prepare for that?” Her answer: “You know, it’s…we’re ready…Fortunately, we have help from the media.”

    This election season, just as in 2008, journalists have partnered fully with the Left, as a CNSNews.com commentary points out. The politically ignorant supporting Obama will comprise millions counting on federal programs. The Federal Catalog of Domestic Assistance (FCDA) lists 2,185 federal assistance programs for specialized groups and individuals. The most familiar entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, are not even included in that listing. These three programs, plus the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Supplemental Security Insurance, altogether, cover more than 100 people.

    Many of those depending on Federal entitlements are misinformed, ignorant, over-promised and have been lied to for 2 ½ years. For instance, in the Sept. 2 Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore wrote “Congressional Research study finds that per unit of electricity produced, for every two cents of tax subsidy for Big Oil, Big Green (wind and solar) get close to $1 in handouts.

    The Administration’s myth of “Green” energy is almost universally believed by voters. Obama has told us renewable energy will replace fossil fuels. But they won’t, even though heavily subsidized, as they are today.

    A huge voting block, the elderly, has been told by Democrats and the media repeatedly that Republicans want to “end Medicare as we know it.” No one provides the truth that Republicans are trying to save Medicare before it goes bust.

    Ignorance abounds among some of Obama’s strongest supporters, Subjects in Harlem, interviewed after the 2008 election, when prompted, said they like Obama because of his stand for the surge in Iraq and for abortion, neither of which he supported. They even said they approved of his “vice presidential choice of Sarah Palin.”

    True democracy demands an informed public. “Voters who lack sufficient knowledge may be manipulated by the elites,” according to Ilya Somin, assistant professor of law at George Mason School of Law. It is true today as in past election cycles, he told me. Probably much more so today.

    “Scholars have long documented the limits of voter knowledge about the institutions and policies of government,” Somin has written. Today’s federal government, under Barack Obama, is more enormous than it has ever been. Never before have so many Americans been dependent on its largess.

    So, our Pied Piper President leads the “have-nots” and labor unionists, deeply resentful of the capitalist millionaire and billionaire “haves.” All, of course, have jet airplanes.


  34. Fortunately, we have help from the media.”

    I guess she means the ten people left who watch MSNBC.

  35. Obama is running against Washington. I know he’s always elsewhere on vacation or golfing, but someone should tell him that he IS Washington.

    Silly me. I forgot. He’s post racial. He’s post partisan. He’s above the fray.

    And I’m so glad the democrats have been calling for civility. Jimmy Hoffa Jr, at Obama’s speech today, said about the tea party, “Obama, we’re your army, let’s take them out”… Um… didn’t his dad literally leave some bodies behind…?

  36. Yes lorac, Hoffa’s dad left plenty of bodies behind. And as a reward, they never even FOUND his body.

  37. So – Romney hasn’t been governor for awhile – 6 years maybe…? Does anyone know what he’s been doing since then? Just wondering. I know he’s run for president before. Has he just been waiting around like a spider waiting for another presidential race…?

    Although, I do believe in citizen legislators. Maybe he went back to whatever job made him rich in the first place. It just seems like these people who want to be president, if they truly have ideas and plans, they’d be out there every now and again talking to people even between elections (assuming they have the ability to attact the press, which he does).

    Hillary. Save us. (without the uniform and Russian newspaper and Obama “O”, as were in that street art!)

  38. I put the flea med on the cats each month. Last time was two weeks ago, and I’m having to flea comb right now. Has anyone had that happen? Did I get a bad batch, or what…..?

  39. We just watched the Norman Foot vid. Very funny. Hubbie was just wondering whatever happened to jibjab. Or the Nose on Your Face. So bark’s giving a speech today. I really can’t picture him drumming up the energy to campaign again.

  40. I still can’t believe that crook Axelfuehrer is on the speaker circuit. Who wants to hear him? Funny how John described him in the vid.

  41. jibjab is still around. I used them at Christmas, so they were there then. Nose on Your Face was a riot, but it does seem they stopped making videos. Their Jesus Obama/Obama Chronicles series was priceless. Many of them have been removed from youtube.

  42. lorac, generally I am flea free using Revolution on my cats monthly. So you just may have gotten a bad batch. I am not sure what you use but some of them only kill adult fleas, which frees larvae up to pay you a visit in ten days or so. Also, beware of online deals on flea meds. many of them are knockoffs from that fucking China. FDA has warned about this. I think I did a post on it awhile back too. Be careful.

  43. Removed from youtube? Geesh! China is knocking off everything. All crap. I remember touring the National Palace Museum in Taipei when I was young. The most astonishing works of art. They said they had enough treasures stowed away in their basements to change their displays everyday for 3 years. How did these people go from being skilled artisans to producers of cheap crap?

  44. Uppity- have you heard from Joey? Haven’t seen her in months. 😦

  45. I haven’t seen her in months either. She used to post in the middle of the night. Hope she’s ok, and just busy. She’s a sweet person.

    My hubbie is sick today with stomach flu, so I’m glad he has the day off. He had to use up all his sick & vacation pay this spring for his time off from his foot surgery. I was going to make a nice Greek dinner tonite, but will have to postpone it. Hubs wants soup & jello. We’re so glad to have laker back. We picked him up @ camp Sat afternoon. He was holding court at a large table, having a bunch of counselors & kids sign his T shirt. He’s proud cuz he took a college girl to the dance! He still hasn’t unpacked yet, although he did do his Dads laundry yesterday, but spent most of the time since he’s been back with his guitar. Late last nite he was signing up his (teen) cousins for some goofy dating site called “Christian Mingle”. Ah kids. We’re glad he’s home.

  46. “How did these people go from being skilled artisans to producers of cheap crap?”
    They can make whatever quality that they are asked to make. The US retailers “spec” a cheap price point and the Chinese make crap. Apple specs an $8000 computer and they make that and ship it to you within a day or two. The “artisans” are employed by the 100s of thousands by companies like Foxconn where, in one factory, 400,000 Chinese make I-Phones, I-Pads and other “brand name” electronics.

  47. China isn’t just building to USA specs. They are pirating patents and copyrights from those specs. They make knockoffs of just about everything they build and they flood the market with this shit. From Coach handbags to DVDs and electronics, they are sucking America’s ingenuity dry. They are thieves of the highest order and nobody does a thing about it but watch them laugh. That’s because they own the majority of our debt paper and you can’t go after your banker. It’s as simple as that.

  48. You can thank Walmart for the great Chinese ripoff. Back in the early 90s, they had over 4000 little sweat shops in garages and warehouses, where 12 year olds made stupid trinkets after a day in the rice field. From there,it went onto bigger things. Do a search on this blog as see what microsoft and apple are up to. Their employees learned that if they die, they can collect 10k for their family. So miserable is their life working in these sweat shops that there has been a rash of suicides to collect the money.

  49. Yes, they rip off everything. One of my nephews bought a pair of raybans on ebay. I told him they were ripoffs. He didn’t believe me & took them to a sunglass store, where they took one look & told him they were knockoffs. I’ve never been in a walmart. The nearest one to me is about half an hour away. They tried to build one here, but the city I live in wouldn’t let them.

  50. socal I love stories where cities tell Walmart to take a hike. I feel that they were Pioneers. Pioneers in destroying the standard of living in the USA, that is. They were outsourcing pioneers and then they were blood sucking pioneers. Wherever they go, they drive others out of business and then hire the layed off employees for less pay. They offer 20 cents off a tube of toothpaste and then teach their lower level employees at the poverty level, of which there are many,, how to apply for medicaid. Save 20cents and get screwed watching your tax money at work giving health care to walmart employees at no cost to them. They are very popular in areas where they are because they know the people NEED to pay a little less. And they are one of the reasons they need to pay a little less.

    The abuse they get away with is legendary. From having 15 year olds wield chain saws to locking third shift maintenance employees inside a building that unfortunatelly caught fire. I have never shopped there and I never will.

  51. apple are up to.
    For the American people, it’s pay now or pay later. Cheap clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. now and pay for the costs of the under/unemployed later. $500 I-Phone, $175 in parts, $6.50 in Chinese (female) labor. Paying US worker $10/hr (still below poverty line) would cost $65 in labor costs and lower profits from 65% to 50% for Apple. And China is being undercut by countries that pay $1/day rather than $1/hour.

  52. Silly me. I forgot. He’s post racial. He’s post partisan.

    He’s Post Toasties.

  53. You know what’s missing from these comments? The ability to “like” them! 🙂

    Another great post, Uppity – rock on!

  54. Okay bird people! mayday! A friend just called me and asked me if I know anybody who has birds. A domestic yellow bird showed up in her yard. She held out a stick and it hopped on. It’s filthy but clearly a pet bird. She, like me, knows SQUAT about birds. We were trying to brainstorm what to do between now and tomorrow when she will call the sanctuary and bring them the bird. She has to contain the bird as she has two cats inside. So she put him in a cat crate.She wants to feed him. It’s cold outside and VERY rainy. Very damp. The bird HAD to be brought in. What should she get for generic food, considering neither of us knows what kind of bird it is. Description…small yellow with some orange on face.

    Advice ASAP would be appreciated.

  55. UW: I have always loathed WalMart. They began and perfected this race to the bottom until no one could stay in business anymore without doing likewise. Four of the top 10 wealthiest Americans are Waltons.

  56. Thanks Amy!

    Re: Sophie:

    He’s Post Toasties

    OMG I’m dying here!

  57. Doesn’t she have to go to the pet store to get bird food…? She could ask them there.

    Yellow indoor bird. Canary? Finch? Yellow parakeet? That’s all I got lol

  58. UW, thanks for the info on cat flea meds. I’ve been using Advantage. I got it at the pet store. Although I did just get a box in from 1800petmeds, but I haven’t started using that one yet.

  59. How small Uppity? Parakeet size? Parakeets and conures both will eat fruit and vegetables. Apples are good. Oranges, melons, banana- all should be ok regardless of whether it is a canary, parakeet or conure. Does she (or you if you are close) have any bird seed for the outside feeders? Sunflower or safflower seeds? Both should be ok for any type of bird. Water of course and away from drafts.
    (My Nana had parakeets. I have wanted a bird for a long time – sigh- someday- sigh)
    My understanding is that Teflon releases some kind of gas that is poisonous to domestic birds (when it is heated) So keep bird away from kitchen if cooking with Teflon.
    Hope this helped.

  60. Your friend will not need to go to the pet store if she has the above on hand. No sense in going to that expense if she is sending the bird to the shelter tomorrow.

  61. Yes she said it’s a small birdie. I just called her to tell her banana is ok etc. And she says she already bought some bird seed. She’s just worried that he won’t do well in the crate. I thought about the teflon so she’s okay with that. She says he’s calmed down a bit and is kind of primping up. she let him out in the bathroom and he seemed pretty happy with that, but the cats are chattering so she is keeping him as far away from them as possible.

  62. lorac i can’t remember for sure but I don’t think Advantage kills the eggs or larvae. Advantage II does though.

  63. I can tell you I could never bring a bird in here. My cats would be relentless. Dog would probably let it sleep on her head though.

  64. Mom my friend is worse than i am with needy strays. She wants to bring the bird to the vet in the morning before giving him to the sanctuary. lol.

  65. ROFL! I never get anything exotic like that. NOOOOO I get the unwanted Easter chickens. hmph! Yes I am so J! Good idea letting it out in the bathroom- and excellent if it is primping or preening. Cleaning it’s feathers would indicate to me it has some health left!

  66. Jaysus! I was just watching Animal Planet and these yahoos are noodling. You know,, catching catfish with their hands. Just another reason i’m glad to be a yankee. Not my idea of a sport I want to participate in. And what’s with that brown water? And the colorful snakes!

  67. Not a big fan of catfish- and that is NOT the kind of water I would be getting into. Have these people never heard of a fishing rod? Even little kids used to be able to make one with a stick and some twine and a paper clip or safety pin for a hook.

  68. I’ve never liked catfish either. Have gone fishing for them, they’re so slimy. We had a yellow cockatiel that was yellow with round orange patches, but it wasn’t small. Sounds like a canary. They come in a variety of colors. That’s so nice that its being rescued.

  69. Apparently catching them this way is more…um..fun.

    I actually do like fried catfish, to be honest. Not something I would eat often but i do like it now and then. With lotsa ketchup. Definitely prefer haddock that way though.

  70. On Animal Planet, apparently it’s some kinda series. lol. The water is positively BROWN and the poisonous snakes are all around them. One of the fish weight 70 pounds! They catch them by STICKING THEIR HAND IN THE HOLE AND LETTING THE THING BITE THEM AND LATCH ON! Oh man, I’ll just wait till dinner is served and you guys just go up ahead.

    Where’s Utah. You start talking scavenger fishes to her and she gags. She’ll tell you about salmon and when she’s done, you won’t eat it again for six months. Somebody gave me a steelhead trout once and she started telling me how disgusting they were and by the time she was done, I didn’t even want ot feed it to my pets.

  71. That noodling thing looks bizarre. No thanks. I’ve gone spear fishing with some guys out at the coves in the Channel Islands (off the coast of Ventura/Santa Barbara). We speared some sheepshead, and roasted it over an open fire & served it with melted butter. God, it was so good, tasted like lobster. Sheepshead is a good sized fish with a big ugly head. We used to sail out to the Channel Islands when I was young and anchor in the coves for a few nights. Really fun. Like camping on a boat.

  72. Oh and after they catch the fish, they KISS it. On the freaking FACE!

  73. I’ve eaten steelhead. It tastes like a mild salmon. Its a popular sport fish in the Pac NW. All the fishermen brag about catching steelhead. You can’t buy in stores up there.

    That program looks like something my brother & bro in laws would enjoy. They watch crazy fishermen shows.

  74. This might help explain it Uppity

  75. Most animals are scavengers, aren’t they? I used to think chickens were vegetarian! Now I know they eat mice, bugs, snakes, whatever.

  76. But… chickens don’t have teeth, do they? How do they peck raw flesh and get something tiny enough to eat….? And.. they must be eating them – when they’re already dead….?

  77. Chickens will tear apart mice, birds, any small critters & eat them. I was really dumb about chickens until my family moved to Washington State & my step dad kept chickens. They’re quite vicious. They also will turn on one of their own and peck it to death.

  78. socal the show is called “Hillbilly Handfishin'”
    No kidding. I didn’t make that up. The catfish are definitely the stars of the show. Apparently there are a lot of city slickers who want to try something new and exciting. Talk about fish out of water. They’ve been playing episodes for hours. It’s still on right now. Got a couple of new york city people giving it a go.

  79. Hahah one moron spent hours picking out his noodlin’ clothes. Definitely not dressed for noodllin. can’t wait to see him make an ass of himself.

    He and his girlfriend/wife/whatever got attacked by garfish and bitten. She’s yelling she wants to go back home to starbucks.

  80. Oh, I love fried catfish. The best I ever had was at Mike Fink’s steamboat restaurant on the beautiful Ohio River in Covington, Kentucky. It was melt-in-your-mouth heaven! Putting ketchup on it would have been sacrilegious.

  81. UW, you could have been watching the Labor Day marathon of “How I met your mother”, but you’re watching a noodling marathon! lol

  82. Excellent thread~ Aways learn so much here~
    Hows the bird doing?
    Maybe this lady can help?! I worked at St Paul’s when Diana got herself tangled up with that fool Charles~

  83. Well……
    Gun ownership soars under Obama as more than 15 million Americans apply for a licence in 2011

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2034054/Gun-ownership-soars-Obama-15-million-Americans-apply-licence-2011.html#ixzz1XC0hvqzf

  84. “Gun ownership soars under Obama…”

    God, that’s rich. Thanks justme!

  85. Justme, it not only helped, but it was just perfect.

  86. Putting ketchup on it would have been sacrilegious.

    As you guessed, I have always been a rebel!

  87. my gkds would put ketchup on ice cream. but won’t eat a tomato.strange kids 😆

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