Anticipation Open Thread!

Uppity’s great room will soon see the 3 millionth visitor! Hooray! I can not think of any blogger who deserves it more! As you all know I will be flying out to MA this afternoon for my son’s wedding this weekend. Therefore I am SURE I am going to miss the big event! I will be here in spirit though lol!

Now then. On the blogaversary we had the wonderful activity of recalling  our favorite Uppity posts. Great contest we had. We revisited the best of Uppity and declared her the all time world’s best blogger! So – in anticipation of the three millionth hit- let’s do it again! Find your favorite Uppity post and drop the link in the comments. This way new visitors will be encouraged to read and gain wisdom! If you have favorite comments and want to copy and paste those- that too is good! Please note the blog post to which the comment relates!

I sorely wish there were a way to vote on our favorite FF headers- but that will be for another day!

I will be popping in and out over the next few hours before I shut down for the trip! See you all soon! I leave the whip to NES in my absence! Uppity does not need it lol!


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  1. PMM: My favorite threads, always when Uppity went on a rant, she
    always had me laughing—-but also very informative
    my favorite comments are from MKBILL—-and the needlenose

    they are always good for a giggle

    Do you have a list of old threads we can pull up to pick one or two out

    not real good with the blog, I’m sure there is a tab here somewhere

  2. Michelina- look up on the top right hand side just under the header.See the search box? Type in a term in the search box- and lots of goodies will come up! For example- I type in “Comradess” and get this
    Also- on the left hand side- see the “Archives” box? You can search by month. Always fun to pick a random month and go back and read!
    Have fun!

  3. Last week we passed 300,000

    We were just giving you a head start.

  4. It’s agonizing to choose the best. It would be somewhat easier – but not much – if we were choosing from the category titled “Open Thread.”

  5. Thanks PMM: I’ll go by months, whenI was in hospital, I missed a couple of months–good chance to catch up

  6. No, “Favorite” posts doesn’t help.

  7. Hope good news is around the corner, Uppity.

  8. Why Not- agonizing indeed! So many many MANY excellent posts!
    Who wants to make an xtranormal vid for this soiree?
    Here is the one I did for the blogaversary

  9. Thanks for the reminder, PMM. Will there be a prize for # 3 million? I can’t go back to that 2008 stuff without reliving all over again, the insult I was expected to endure from HRC’s colleagues in the Senate who flat out committed – yes, treason, by joining the insipid chorus for her to step aside and hand the nomination to the One who has proven one thing: He is neither competitive nor prepared to serve as President. تقية – taqiyya is the middle eastern practice of lookiing somebody in the eye while you stab them in the back. The one thing I cannot shake about this creep.

  10. SWPAannA- oh yes- I understand there will be penguins! And PIE!

    NES- I sent Uppity an e-mail wherein I will you my whip in the event TSA decides to “keep” me. If I am allowed any communication I will e-mail Uppity so you can come get me out!

  11. PMM, sure. But, also lend half your whip to another mod. I’ll be some meetings in the afternoon, and won’t be able to be 100 percent vigilant. But, I’ll certainly try.

    Good travels, PMM. I’ll deal with the TSA if they dare to bother you.

  12. You know that choosing a favorite is almost next to impossible! They are all so deliciously fun to read!

    Have a great time PMM! And congratulations!

  13. Stay safe and enjoy the wedding PMM. Jeez, you left the whip with NES? Things will be hopping.




  16. Hiya FF. Jump into the water with us.

  17. NES – You have mail – and as for water – EEEEEKKKKKK!! It’s been raining for a week and more to come. Been raining actually since the first of August – but the last week it’s tropical storm rain and winds. This happened down the street last night from where I am SUPPOSED to be doing a big mural!

    Five miles from my home. Weather alert radio woke me up at 3 am with another storm.

  18. Will check mail soon, FF.

    Sorry you’ve been so water-logged. It’s Al Gore, I suspect.
    So, anyway, jump onto the beanbag with us. (lorac will be sooooo J.)

  19. Tuned in late to the Republicans. NES – your Former BFF Huntsman sounds SHARP

  20. Good to hear, FF. But, he’s stuck at 1-2%, which makes him a loooooooser.

  21. Cool ad, FF. I also like that it doesn’t have that satanic back-music that a lot of these GOP candidates (other than Perry) seem to have favored to date.

    I just wish Obama would “pivot” away from, would stop “focusing ” on, jobs. Maybe then they’d come back.

  22. NES – I am afraid you will have to remain the Lone Sentry here at Uppity’s. I am falling asleep in the chair.



  23. OK, FF. Good night.


  24. Without a doubt the Mollusk Abuse post is the best of the best of Uppity. (The one about her adventure trying to kill slugs one night)

    I know technically it’s not a political story, but I think it’s the best Uppity post there is. It is laugh out loud funny!!! Just be sure to use the potty before reading and do NOT drink while reading!!

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