Open thread. Republican Dog and Pony Show

8 PM, Eastern.

Go for it.

The one with the best hair wins.


244 Responses

  1. Oh goody! We finally got our pony from Obama!!!! Oh, wait….this one’s from the Republicans right. Oh well, maybe Obama will get me a unicorn!!!

  2. I remember the first time Hillary was in a debate with the Democratic Penis Party, I was actually nervous that she would not perform well. After that, I looked so forward to seeing her wipe the floor with the pretty boys.

    Tonight, I am anxious to see Perry. (Although if I were in Texas and my house was at risk from the wild fires, I would be kinda pissed that my governor was off debating. Yes, I know that he would not personally be fighting the fire, but he should still be there to make sure all runs smoothly. My $.02 )

  3. Oh, this is going to be fun. I am sure the jokes will write themselves. I can’t believe Newty is still in this thing.

  4. Perry going first.

  5. ooo…romney blow to Obama, “Our president doesn’t know how the economy works”

  6. imustbetheonlypersonwatchingthis

  7. Crack at Perry through Al Gore …..

  8. This seems to be the Romney-Perry debate.

  9. Is it over, yet???

  10. LOL honora!

  11. Santorum and Cain are desperately seeking attention! They are talking at warp speed to get in their talking points in their one and only question, lol!

  12. I’m listening, not watching. Oooo, Michele gets to play too.

  13. Mittens told his hair and make up crew to leave two hairs out of place so he doesn’t look so anal retentive.

  14. Texas really wants to give healthcare, but the US is stopping him. Bulls###

  15. Huntsman is the least creep on the stage, and yet he is soo incredibly creepy.

  16. Newt is attacking the questioners again!

  17. He got a huge applause.

  18. Well…I really don’t like any of these people. I don’t like Obamacare either, but none of these people speaks for me.

  19. Newt doesn’t want Republicans fighting each other. He wants them to unite to DEFEAT Obama!

  20. imust, how’s Perry doing?

  21. That’s the beauty of it Sophie, we have no dog in the fight.

  22. Hey there NES. I think he’s holding his own. He’s gotten the most airtime as has Romney

  23. Is Huntsman trying to be the moderate? Or is he playing safe in the debate (while criticizing his rivals in TV interviews and print)?

  24. Rick Santorum speaks in the 3rd person like Bob Dole.

  25. Huntsman appears to be trying to be above the fray.

  26. That’s the beauty of it Sophie, we have no dog in the fight.

    I know, imust! There’s something deliciously liberating about that, eh?

  27. Perry is hammering the “creating jobs” theme.

  28. Excellent. Good to hear that. I still believe Perry has the best chance of beating BO. (I will, however, be voting for Mittens in Cali, since Perry’s a little tooooo right, and I can’t quite get myself to go there, personally…still, I’ll be wishing him (Perry) well in the GOP primary.)

  29. Now Perry is quoting John Kennedy.

  30. Newt just wants someone — anyone! – to pay attention to him.

  31. I folded. Watching it here:

  32. Mitt has the slick lines at the ready.

  33. Who got a “huge applause”?

  34. Romney’s full of shit. The way to lower gas prices isn’t drilling. It’s stopping the Banksters fro betting on oil futures.

  35. Yes poor Newt! Let me cry a river for him!

  36. Newt got the applause for going after the moderators!

  37. Bachman is doing the gas is too high again..

  38. And when Clinton was president, Ms. Bachmann, gas was 96 cents a gallon.

  39. But, but, but Sophie…whatever happened to good old-fashioned revenge?? Think of the delight we’ll feel the night Obama is de-selected. Short-sighted, but there you have it. I’m still suffering from PTSD from the ’08 primaries and need some reeeeeelief.

  40. She’s like the RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH guy.
    Romney just shot down her gas comments

  41. Whoa on Perry quoting JFK! I guess he feels he can since he used to be a Dem (as late as Gore’s run for the presidency!).

  42. Oh, didn’t ask Paul anything about Obamacare. He’s mad.

  43. NES: I find NO comfort in getting rid of Obama by having any of these asswipes replace him.

  44. Paul is mocking “Hillarycare” too.

  45. That’s the problem with Mitt — he drips insincerity. Other than that, he’s actually the nicest person in the bunch.

  46. Paul…I can get you a gallon of gas for a dime…

  47. oh….a “sliver dime”….worth $3

  48. I guess they get as many points for saying “Hillarycare” as they get for saying “Ronald Raygun.”

  49. Sophie, they probably get more points.

  50. a break, thank God.

  51. Tell ya what, NES, if any of these asswipes praise Hillary’s actual heath plan, I’ll vote for them.

  52. Time for Michelle to retire. Neither Romney nor Perry (one of whom’ll be the nominee) is going to pick her to be his Veep (she’s too divisive). I’ve heard talk of Susan(?) Martinez, guv of NM, as being a potential VP pick. I think that’d be very clever. Not only is she not crazy-right, she’s competent and a latina. (I don’t think Rubio will accept any VP overtures — I think he wants to build his creds and run for president in about 4-8 years.)

  53. Dream on, Sophie, that ain’t gonna happen. But, not even Obie praised it — in fact, he thought he was so superior for not doing it like she did. The rookie had his ass handed to him. if he loses, it’ll be because of the scope and bad timing of Obamacare.

  54. Hahaha on Paul. The guy’s certifiable, I tell you.

  55. lol, Imust I was just thinking the same thing. THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!!

    Also, Ron Paul is the Dennis Kucinich of the republican party. He is acting exactly like DK does at democratic debates.

  56. NES: I find NO comfort in getting rid of Obama by having any of these asswipes replace him.

    That’s certainly a defensible position, Sophie. But, you’re a larger person than I. (I should be the half-Eyetalian, FCS!!)

  57. Jeez, I am so tired of the Raygun thing. I didn’t think he was that great at all. Can’t we just say No to invoking his ghost at every one of these things?

  58. Nancy is in the audience.

  59. Social security now.

  60. Asking Perry now

  61. Ponzi sceme again.

  62. NES: I am keeping hope alive! I expect Hillary to jump into the race and trash Obamacare as well!! (I am full blooded Italian.)

  63. The Reeps are still stuck in DaddyMode with the whole Raygun thing.
    One does have to give it to the Reeps though for at least celebrating and seeking the mantle of a successful two-term GOP president. Unlike the Obamacrats who liked nothing better than to trash their first two-term prez success in decades, ie, WJC.

  64. is it only me or does Perry look like he has a pointed head?

  65. Oooo Perry: “Karl (rove) as been over the top”

  66. Social Security would be fine if they’d stop raiding the fund.

  67. Whoa, full-blooded Italian! I can’t compete then. If Hillary runs, she’ll find no more faithful supporter than I. If she doesn’t, however, Obie has to answer for her, so to speak (so says my faux-Eyetalian side).

  68. Romney the voice of reason to Perry. He’s lecturing him.

  69. He’s going to have to finesse that Ponzi Scheme point — that’s like cement-shoes for a candidate.

  70. Cain: Personal retirement accounts.

  71. Again with the personal retirement thing…until the market crashes when it’s your turn to retire.

  72. Ooooo is right! Karl was just on TV yesterday, swearing up and down that the Bushies loved Perry. Snake.

  73. I’m watching now. We’re screwed.

    Did Newt lose weight. Who said Perry was a bad debater?

  74. Romney should punch him out — show some passion. I hope he didn’t mention that his recently-released jobs plan has “59 points”! What a nerd…couldn’t he just round it up to 60. And, who da H has time for 59 points — people want jobs YESTERDAY.

  75. Perry “I feel like the pinanta at the party”

  76. Who said Perry was a bad debater?

    Apparently everyone across TX. I take it then that he’s holding his own; eh?

  77. Give me a bat.

  78. yes, let’s put Social security funds in to the stock market. Yikes

  79. All I hear is Blah blah blah.

  80. Romney playing Dad again.

  81. NES, months ago I changed parties to help a neighbor get on the ballot in our local primaries. Now I am staying to vote in the republican primary. Where are the good candidates. Michelle B. is not going to make the cut. Are there no moderate republican women other than the two in ME?

  82. Paul wants to eliminate everything.

  83. Is Ron Paul making sense to you guys?

  84. Whoa! Huntsman brings up talking about Homeland Security so close to 9/11

  85. Moderators going after Texas record on education.

  86. Va is an open primary state. I always vote in the Republican primaries.

  87. Perry is saying the truth, the border is unsafe, no doubt about that.

  88. Ron Paul is definitely the craziest person on the stage. How come everyone talks about Bachmann being crazy, she doesn’t hold a candle compared with Paul. I don’t even think that he believes what he says.

    Did Romney actually say that the immigration problem is caused by the employers who employ them!! I actually agree with something that they have said.

  89. God damn Rick Santorums parents, who came to America.

  90. Oh no!!! Newt is starting to make sense.

  91. Hahahahahah

  92. OMG!!! That gold tie.

  93. Join: Hahahahaha on Santorum.

  94. Nope, teresa, no moderates in this race. The two chicks — ME and VT are it.

  95. Paul wants to eliminate everything.


  96. Is Perry pronouncing it “Texshhhush”? If you close your eyes, can ya hear W? (I do think Perry’s more eloquent than W, tho’.)

  97. Fire or Poison. Make your picks.

  98. Perry’s accent is getting stronger.

  99. Perrry’s way better than W. I actually hear a lot of Gore’s accent in Perry, even though Gore is from TN.

  100. h shit. Huntsman is saying the right things…

  101. I’d have to call this for one for Romney so far.

  102. Nes – he sounds like W. It isn’t just you. Some people have commented that they cannot vote for him just because they think of the smirking chimp when they see him.

  103. Jon’s got my vote.

  104. I agree that Jon is better vivien (that’s not saying much!) but Jon is getting almost zero air time tonight.

  105. Gee Mr Perry, it was a Republican Texan that got us into these wars

  106. Michele never misses an opportunity to slam Obama, gotta love that!

  107. Bachmann actually sounded presidential. I kinda like having a vagina-ed American on the stage. She is kinda right, we had no reason to be in Libya.

  108. and yet, even Ronnie Raygun did not invade the USSR!!

  109. Did Santorum compare Raygun to “The Wicked Witch of the West?” “I’m melting…” that was weird.

  110. Huntsman is right, but he doesn’t stand a chance.

  111. Jon Huntsman….”I can get elected” with the question about the “crazies” in the Repub field.

  112. Wow, Huntsman is gonna get kicked out of the Republican party!

  113. Perry said he’s cleaned up the air in Texas….what about the water?

  114. Sophie, that’s why he looks so good. He’s not a Republican.

  115. Fire or Poison. Make your picks.

    I pick whichever one is not Obama.

  116. Really, Gore’s accent????? Al won’t be haaaaapy about that.

  117. Drilling in the everglades is wrong. I cannot stomach another wildlife mass murder. I’m still not over the last one.

  118. Wow, Gingrich is still there?

  119. Wow, Romney’s leading? That’s big.
    If only he’d start drinking, at least coffee…it’d make him less android-y.

  120. I think Obama is “poison” because he sneaks up on you. I’d rather have a full blown fire that I could fight.

  121. Fire Bernanke. Yep.

  122. Newt just agreed with Bachmann….didn’t see that one comin’

  123. hahahaha karen.
    but wait,….isn’t “smirking chimp” raaaaaaycist?!

  124. If only he’d start drinking, at least coffee…it’d make him less android-y.

    LOL NES!!

  125. Somebody pass the pie. I just had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but am still craving sugary fruity goodness. oooooooooooh pecan pie please.

  126. With that and 10 cents he can buy a cuppa joe, vivien. The guy is last in the GOP polls. He’s never going to make it.

  127. vivien, if he’s not an R, what is he doing up there with those asswipes?

  128. Did someone mention PIE?

  129. Is Perry in the 10% club? He seems like he’d be comfortable at a Tea Dance.

  130. execution got applause.

  131. …but Jon is getting almost zero air time tonight.

    Imust, with his numbers as low as they are, Huntsman shouldn’t even be on the stage. And, we all know he wouldn’t be if the MSM didn’t love him. He’s their fave GOP candidate; perhaps because he’s so fey, and has already declared that he won’t tear the bark off Barky.

  132. Isn’t “Republican Texan” redundant?

  133. Yes, it is. But only if it is used against The One. We are allowed to call Bush anything we want.

  134. Cain keeps talking about his “999” plan. You know what happens when you turn “999” upside down??

  135. True that, imust, she’s like S**** P**** in that way — she feeds my inner child with her swipes against the sacred being of Teh Won.

  136. NES, if Huntsman was a woman….he wouldn’t be.

  137. imust, ha ha ha. Glad you are back. Missed you.

    Now pass that pie.

  138. Agreed, honora. And remember he was my BFF, so I don’t say that lightly.

  139. Yeah NES. I like Gov. Brewer of AZ b/c she’s not afraid to go straight at Obi.

  140. Huntsman should change parties immediately and then primary The One.

  141. 666 999 666 999. we are sooooo screwed.

  142. Here ya go karen!

  143. LOL imust!

  144. There’s pie???

  145. It’s the TX Choice: you can have air or water or JOBS.

  146. That debate was pretty good. They didn’t invoke Reagan enough. Since it was his library and all they should have made it entirely about him and not included anything to do with our nations problems. Clearly Ronnie solved all the problems for good. Amen.

  147. I think Obama is “poison” because he sneaks up on you. I’d rather have a full blown fire that I could fight.


  148. That pecan maple pie looks pretty good, but it would look even better with a hunk of vanilla bean ice cream on top.

  149. NES, does that mean Mitt won?

  150. Fire Bernanke. Yep.

    I think Bernanke should be given the choice: Visit TX for ‘dinner’ with Perry or be fired.

  151. more peeps….imustgetmorePIE

  152. And now I have to go use hand and eye sanitizer. I feel dirty after watching politicians.

  153. Yapping Reeps make karen hungry. Now what does that mean????

  154. It’s the TX Choice: you can have air or water or JOBS.

    Greedy little me….I want it ALL.

  155. Sophie, Huntsman has to vote for the State Party. Ever heard of a Dem Utahan (other than Harry Reid). Seriously tho’, I’ve never personally met a Dem Mormon. (No doubt Utahwoman is now going to ride on in and contradict me.)

  156. NES – I always get hungry after I get screwed!

    Maybe you think we are all going to end up on a bread line?

    I am hungry because it is September and the weather changed. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

  157. There’re plenty of rumors about Perry being in that club, Sophie. His alleged former lover was the SOS of TX. His current alleged lover is the chef in the guv mansion. If he gets the GOP nod, it’ll be closeted queer v. closeted queer.

  158. Seriously tho’, I’ve never personally met a Dem Mormon.

    One of the reasons I was so POd about Obama’s “wins” in the primaries. He won states like Montana, Utah….places where the people “ain’t”! Not to mention Democrats!

  159. I want a scotch with water and ice.

  160. Ronnie solved the problems and took the solution-secrets to his grave.

  161. imust, those Texans sure like their health food. Heart Attack Menu.

  162. I’ll join ya NES. Watching Republicans always makes me want to drink.

  163. Gosh, I don’t know, vivien. I’m only going on what you guys are saying. I think imust opined that he was ahead…

  164. NES: LOL! Except Perry is not a bottom like the Big Zero.

  165. karen, I’m betting the fridge is on the way to and fro the “hand and eye sanitizer.”

  166. At this point NES, if Perry screwed a goat and went up against Barky, I’d take him. And you know what else, my head will probably explode.

    Karl Rove hates Perry. That makes me happy. I can’t stand Karl.

  167. NES that was just my opinion.
    @karen, yep they love the fried food!
    My favorite Texas meal was Chicken fried steak with Hush Puppies!

  168. The talking heads are saying Perry killed himself on the SS Ponzi scheme thing. I wonder though…the big money wants SS gone. Perry will be well-funded.

  169. I always get hungry after I get screwed!

    Bingo! Give this woman a Pengy.

  170. Mother at No Quarter re: her black son:
    My son used to like Obama, early in the primaries, because he was black. (He said this, when asked.) Then, he switched to Hillary. When I asked why, he replied, “Because she would never give anyone the finger.” True story.

  171. Cool, imust. Maybe madamab will shoot us a scotch. She’s good about that, particularly on Friday eves.

  172. True that, Sophie. That’s why I’m confident that Perry will top him.

  173. Now the talking head is saying what just said!

  174. Hush Puppies and scotch NES, lets go for broke. Party like it’s 1929!

  175. Greedy little me….I want it ALL.

    Well then, ‘lil laydie, ya cannit live in Texshhhush.

  176. imust, NES: you guys like Scotch? Got plenty here!

  177. Even a goat, mcnorman? But, that’d make him a goatf*cker, and we can’t have that. Let him do an armadillo if he wants me to vote for him.

  178. Your opinion is good enuf for me, imust.
    (Now your taste in TX cuisine is an entirely different matter.)

  179. You do Sophie? Well what are you waiting for? Pull up a’re buyin’!

  180. Have you ever had Chicken fried steak and hush puppies NES?

  181. Okay then, a round of Scotch for those who care to partake! I mostly have single malts, but I think there’s a bottle of JWB in there for those who prefer blends.

  182. Coming by, Sophie. (lorac will be sooo J.) (Where da H is lorac?)

  183. eeeehawwww….Sophie’s bringing the scotch! And speaking of armadillos… honor of Perry and dedicated to NES!

  184. Never had the pleasure, imust. My arteries clogged up at the very mention of it.

  185. Yep, Johnny’s my man.

  186. Heeeee Haw, imust! That Texshhhush music really rocks. Hilarious!

  187. Yeah, where is Lorac?! Isn’t this Wednesday?!

  188. It does rock NES, especially after a couple of shots of scotch! Speaking of that….shouldn’t we save the booze for tomorrow’s night’s “latest and greatest bestest evah most tingle-worthy SPEECH” from the most speechifying prez…no the most historic speechifying prez…..(yes I am making up words…can I do it? Yes I Can! Obama says so!)

  189. NES young Perry looks like a cross between Tom Cruise in “Taps” and George C. Scott in “Patton”.

  190. Perry’s alleged former lover, Geoff Connor:

  191. No not going to contradict anyone. Utah is a conservative state and you do not have to be Mormon however I tell you they are really great folks. They are very misunderstood by many and they do not marry droves of women unless you are with the fanatical group that are not Mormon.
    Jon Huntsman is shit. I had that piece of crap as a governor and glad he packed and ran when his fearless leader Obama called.
    He is a democrat. He just uses the republican status so he can not get murdered here lol.
    I am sure there are a few democrats that are Mormon but they surely are not in good standing.
    Either way I have my eye on two running here and I see you all hate them all. Listen we have a choice albeit not much but anything beats hell out of what we have now.

  192. Hey Utah, glad I got you to de-cloak.
    Hey, remember Huntsman is my ex-BFF…I only abandoned him ‘cos he’s losing, BAD.
    I’ll vote for Mittens ‘cos, as you say, he “beats the hell out of what we have now.” But, in my heart, I’m hoping Perry wins because he’ll be merciless in his attacks on Obie (Romney’s too gentleman-ly [and doesn’t drink even coffee]).

  193. An armadillo is always a possibility NES. hahahaha

  194. That would take an entire barrel of whiskey, imust. And, it’s a ‘school night.’ I haven’t had the stomach to watch or hear Glorious Leader for well over a year now. No intestinal fortitude, you see.

  195. Good point, imust. Good eye. So, that means he’s gotta win! (i think he’s Obie’s man-type…wink, wink.)

  196. You realize that if Molly Ivins had never passed away, she would have outed all of the sweetie pies NES.

  197. I’m sure she would’ve, mcnorman. She wouldn’t have had any truck with the likes o’ Obama tho’, right?

  198. Bonus! I just found a beer in the fridge. No pie. NES, you’ve never tried chicken fried steak? I don’t eat it often, but there’s a little place up the street that makes the best I’ve ever eaten. They use delmonico steak. NES, just remember, everything in moderation.

  199. Molly would have had a field day with Barack. She was a straight shooter. Didn’t always agree with her, but she sure didn’t kiss anyone’s rearend.

  200. I’ll pass, vivien. But, I’ll buy you one!

  201. Yum on the chicken fried steak. It’s a rarity for me, but I do find it a tasty treat.

  202. Yes vivien! Chicken fried steak, hush puppies, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits with a thick slice of PIE (alamode for karen) for dessert! YUM!

  203. said moderation.

  204. imust, that pie needs to be a fresh peach pie.

  205. Why worry about the cholesterol NES? After Obamageddon….what does it matter? Live it up! 🙂

  206. peach PIE it is mcnorman! karen wants pecan….isn’t pecan a Texas treat?

  207. You can eat all of that in moderation.

  208. The Donald is coming up on Greta….pass the scotch.

  209. Ok, pass the chicken fried steak…but hold the gravy and biscuits.

  210. Pecan or peach…either is delicious. Peach is a summer treat in Texas and Pecan is for the fall. Mostly seen at Thanksgiving time on Texas tables. Oh Gawd, I’m getting a yearning here.

  211. Hey, anyone read JWS’s new post? Looks like he’s on the same wave-length as lorac.

  212. WTF is Donald doing. He’s not running, right?

  213. I can see your attraction NES!

  214. The Donald is always running…his mouth.

  215. For chicken fried steak, Sophie?

  216. Donald is commenting on Obi’s upcoming speechageddon.

  217. LOL, NES! No, for your BFF. That letter is SO HOT!

  218. If you mean Perry, Sophie, I’ll grant you that those knee-high leather boots are HOT.

  219. Can it be anything other than a speechageddon imust? hahaha

  220. And we should care what Donald thinks?? NES, I saw two fugly guys in that photo. Which one is banging Perry?

  221. speechageddon

    Hilarious! Is that what “folks” are calling it??

  222. The shorter, balder one. Correction: he was being banged by RP. Now, it’s allegedly one of the chefs. Monsieur Pepe with ze creme in ze kitchen.

  223. Dang, he gets around.

  224. So, what? Uppity just abandoned us?

  225. Ahhh Sophie, in my neck of the woods it’s called “looking for the rabbit hole.” She’ll be back. lol

  226. I don’t know if anyone else is calling it “speechageddon”. I just started calling it that. I was inspired by our infamous CARmageddon here in Los Angeles a few months back.

  227. Upps is trying to find it in her heart to love Mittens.

  228. Notice: “Speechaggedon” is copyrighted by imust. Unlicensed users will be fined (in multiples of pies).

  229. Upps is trying to find it in her heart to love Mittens.

    AHAHAHAHAHHA I want to tell you that I just lost my Jack laughing so hard NES.

  230. I agree NES. Speechaggedon is spot on. lol

  231. 😯

    Great comments, I didn’t get to watch the debate but feel completely informed and won’t have to watch the clips on the news. 😀

    You all are making me hungry!! Have to talk the hubby into a Texas style dinner. 😉

    Thank you to everyone who watched the debate and reported it here.

  232. Lorac, come take up the mod whip. I’m to bed soon.

  233. Night to all. Sweet pecan & peach pie dreams to all.

  234. I don’t like Perry. He reminds me of Bush. I like NES former bff better. Or even Mittens. Was this thing at the Reagan?

  235. socalannie,

    Yes it was at the Reagan Library. Night all.

  236. Okay I’ll pipe in (Thank you guys for being so productiive without me). No Sophie I didn’t “abandon” you, I have abandoned life and now it has caught up to me., so you know how it is with Choice. Life or blogging. lol. Which would you choose?

    Anyways, Mittens and Ricky were the only appropriately dressed men there. I have to say that bachmann is well spoken and understands the use of the diaphragm when speaking, dumped the extra high octaves, so necessary for women. This is a major departure from S*P*, who makes my ears bleed. Unfortunately, she lacks inflection, as in a Droid. And I can’t think of much I trust her with. She doesn’t look me in the eye. As opposed to Ron Paul, who is just batshit crazy, He often makes me think of the original make of Bram Stokker’s Dracula, where Renfield sits in his cell sardonically laughing and eating flies, awaiting word from the Master. I’m sorry but a guy who says basically Oh Screw It If Iran Has a Nuclear Weapon, He Can’t Reach The USA With It, is batshit and doesn’t think of extenuating ramifications of his ideas.

    I don’t care what you say. Newtie has a nice touch, trying to convince the public that he has a human side to him, which I know to be false. But nice try. Okay so what was with Jon’s tie? Jon, Jon, sweet Jebus, were you sponsored by Grey Poupon last night or something? And what can I say about Rick Santorum that hasn’t already been said about that psycho? Except, who the F dressed you Rick? You looked like an advertisement for baby powder. Who the hell wears a blue shirt and pink tie and expects anyone to take him seriously? Good Lord.

    Overall, Jon was the coolest of them all. Or at least he was the only one I would take a bite out of, given the chance. He looks presidential and he definitely looks like a moderate, so the truth is he has a better chance of seeing Rick Santorum’s god than he has of getting the loony vagina-obsessed right to vote for him.

    So far, Rick Perry is definitely holding his own. I still say Mittens will prevail because Rick is a powder keg. You can see it in his face and body language, and hear it in his voice. But Jesus I despise people in top roles who can’t even pronounce their “INGs” when they talk. It’s a sign of laziness.

  237. As mentioned, Renfield.

  238. ruminations.. if we are going to have a battle of the closet cases, can’t we have a lesbian? I guess no self respecting Lesbian would run from the closet, so that is out.
    Look how easily women are dismissed. If I agreed with anything she said, I would be perfectly comfortable voting for Bachmann. She is not nearly as batshit crazy as most of the men on the stage last night. She is also no more religiously loony than most of them. But she is a woman so of course the favorite target of non republicans and male republicans alike. I think the real “the rent is too damn high” guy would get more male votes than Michelle from male democrats AND republicans.

    I liked Jon, but he is a bit of a dork. You have to admit that and republicans don’t nominate dorks.
    Who was zombie Reagan last night? In the past I would have said whoever is Zombie Reagan would win the nomination. But now Zombie Reagan would be way to moderate to win a republican primary. He’d have to switch back to the democratic party.

    This is going to be the most boring uninspiring presidential race of my lifetime. People do not like Obama, but like congressional republicans even less and are pissed off at Obama for not being able to “stand up to them” (as if he really wanted to). There for people will elect a new president in the hope that he or she will be able to do better, think smarter, jump higher.
    After dubya left office I stopped being embarrassed to have been born in TX. Perry has me feeling slightly shamed all over again. Ponzi scheme? They were selling that same sh*t when I was in my twenties and that is 30 years ago. You know why believes that crap? Kids in their twenties believe that crap and that means lots of Obots in their twenties will buy in to Perry’s rhetoric and go from Obama supporter to Perry supporter. There’s nothing like a good generational war to ruin another election.

  239. Seems like the Paulies love their Renfield. Great analogy.

  240. The establishment GOP agrees with your assessment, UW:

    We learned Wednesday that Perry — while not quite equaling his hype — is a serious candidate. We also learned, perhaps surprisingly, that Romney is the more natural and authentic candidate. He seemed more electable than anyone else on the stage. In the first Perry-Romney faceoff, Romney won.

    Now let’s see if Romney regains his frontrunner position.

  241. A POV at odds with that of the GOP establishment:

    This sets up a primary season which may bear a strong resemblance to 2000 when the only serious challenge to the nomination of another Texas governor came from a Republican who tried to win by running to the center. John McCain had no chance of beating George W. Bush 12 years ago and, if anything, the Republican Party is even more conservative today than it was then. That means Romney’s hopes of stopping Perry must be considered to be even slimmer than McCain’s were of beating Bush.

    The 2000 Republican presidential nomination was decided early as Bush steamrollered McCain despite a loss in New Hampshire. Unless Perry does something a lot worse than using rhetoric about Social Security than the GOP core applauds, he will do the same to Romney next year. Right now it looks as if a Republican race that was thought to be quite competitive will be a snore.

  242. The Donald is always running…his mouth.
    anyone else watch him? 🙂

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