Three Million hit celebration

The celebration better be good when it hits that 3 mark or there will be punishments.
Love, Bill.


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  1. I don’t want to be the only one here Bill,

    Get needlenose to come to the party too.

  2. Hasn’t hit 3 yet Michelina. Just a few to go. Needlenose will be here because she will be trolling for food Karen drops. Noon is not the time when lotsa folks are around here.

  3. 2999883

  4. 2999886

    close enough to 3 damn million.

    I drop food?! Not likely.

  5. 2,999,999

    Oh baby!

  6. actually the number is only 2,999,906

    so anyone want to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall?

  7. You’re almost there Upps.

    Michelina, if you’re still around, I just wanted to say,*GREAT JOB!!!* You were a lot nicer to him than I would have been. Sometimes it’s best that I don’t say what I’m thinking. Come on 3,000,000.

  8. FF, great header. Lobster and peeps. Mmmmm.

    Is that Bill’s happy face?

  9. Its me!!! Its me!!! Where is my penguin!!

  10. Guess I was a little premature.

  11. Am I the only one here for the celebration??

  12. The counter thing says that we have done it!! I take all the blame.

  13. Ok then Honora wins as the 3 Millionth!

  14. Honora gets the pick of the penguins.

  15. I’m here. We’re there. I left my party hat at home. I’m at work, so I can’t party too loud. It wasn’t me that hit the mark.

  16. I would like to thank all the little people in my life for making this day possible….

  17. Whoa baby is right! (Advanced) Happy 3MM mark!
    So proud of you, Upps.

  18. It’s gotta be rough to be a star Honora. Continue on with your acceptance speech. Do not say “Folks” or “Notion” okay?

  19. honora, when you got up this morning did you know it would be you?

    Congrats honora. Did you win Needle-Nose? I’ll buy her off of you.

  21. Vivien2u, you mean you were able to SLEEP last night???

  22. Hahahahahha

  23. I’d love to stay and party, but work is getting in the way. Y’all have fun. And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Or is that would do? I foget.

  24. Congrats Bill, you are the best
    uppity, what happened to the Murphy’s Puma site?

  25. honora: CONGRATULATIONS: UW: says you get YOUR PICK

    Vivien: thanks for the praise, it’s MO I feel very sorry for, I see alot
    of trouble brewing if her face and attitude were on the mark

    I’m surprised no one else caught it—I know she takes advantage of her position, but it doesn’t buy happiness, and she is very UNHAPPY

  26. Woah honora, you won!

  27. YIPPIE 3 mil hit UW. That call for a sip of something fantastic tonight.

  28. who’d a thunk a bunch of sore loser, bitter clinging, deadenders like us could go the distance. It is a miracle how prescient we were.

    We know we won back then and that a true victory was stolen from us by our own party. We knew we were right then and we know we are right now.

    Long Live UW.

  29. FF, can I bite the head off the peep?

  30. Fantastic!!!! Congrats Honora, I think you’ll be getting a penguin!!!

    Congratulations Uppity Woman!!!! Woo Hoo 3 million hits!!!

  31. Congrats to Honora, michelina (who worked the numbers this morning) and Upps!
    3,000,000 !!!



    It looks like Times Square on NYE!!! Awesome!

    Congratulations UW!!

  33. Long Live UW.

    Well said, karen!

  34. Hurrah!

  35. Type! Good to see you again!

  36. Yeah, I remember Type. Welcome back!

  37. Congrats to UW and all the posters who make this such a great read.

  38. Cheers, AniEm! Have a glass of champers.

  39. I’m worried about lorac…where is she? I read that the power’s back in San Diego, but still no lorac.
    LORAC’ERS, write home.

  40. Somebody just donated to the blog but I can’t figure out who it is. Please ID yourself. And thanks!

  41. An odd gift, but congrats seems to be in order UW.

    It’s that family again.

  42. I think the Royals rival the Santorums, what do you think?

  43. Bill, YOU behave yourself tonight, and don’t bother needlenose
    (((UPPITY’S)))))) congratulations—to All of US

    we do have something special here—-Thank YOU UW:

    I know I speak for everyone, we all LUVS YA

  44. Congrats on three million!!!

  45. Oh my Gawd!

    MICHELLE !!!

  46. A bottle of Dom Perignon for you, Uppity. Congrats.

  47. Congratulations, Uppity! You fully deserve it!

  48. Gratz 🙂

  49. Congratulations, Uppity! Well-deserved, and may 4 million come soon!

  50. Whoo Hoo!!! Three million hits!!! Way to go Uppity and Friends! Single malts for all.

  51. Hey feel free to hit the donate button if you can, guys. I just got a huge bill that I may have to sell my soul to pay. I might have to start pushing Barack Obama for President for advertising or something. Taylor Marsh II.

  52. Congrats Uppity, frontpagers and commenters! I may not comment often but this is a must stop each day. Here’s to 3 more million!

  53. Thanks Soup. That felt good.

  54. SHV. Thank you for your generous donation to Bill’s disgusting habit.

  55. Congratulations, but not surprising. May you continue on to 6 million as the next milestone. Shouldn’t be too difficult – you have a solid base which includes all those who lurk but don’t comment. Take care – all Uppityites, and keep close.

  56. Thanks HT, where the heck you been? I thought Zeke killed you.

  57. Congratulations, UW & Uppityites!!!! Well done!

  58. Hey dwp, didja get my email on that IP?

  59. Congratulations Uppity and all the Uppityites on 3 million!!!
    You have helped me hang on through the crap we have had to endure since 08. UPPITY FOREVER!!!

  60. Uppity, yes, I did! Interesting. Thanks.

  61. Yes I thought that WAS interesting. So much for Wiki. LOL. And thank you for your donation to the blog.

  62. Hey we all keep EACH OTHER going, Judy!

  63. Madamab, thank you . Bill is buying some catnip as we speak.

    Quite frankly, I find your blog a whole lot more interesting than my own and am seriously flattered you hang out here. Just saying.

  64. Having recently been acquired by two kittez, I can sympathize.

  65. Yeah SHV, but if you give them catnip, they crawl around and sweep the floor for you.

  66. Oh Upps, you’re too much! 😳

    Wish I could have given more.

  67. Congrats, Uppity!!! Let’s par-tay!!!

  68. WTG Uppity and all the folks who hang out here. I am going to be MIA again unless I carry that damnedable lap top or use my phone. But most likely just out drinking in natures beauty.

  69. BTW just sent Bill lots of catnip funds. Keep up the good work here.

  70. Wow!! Great header! I feel like confetti is falling on me, it’s practically 3D!!!
    congrats to Uppity and crew!!

  71. Hey Thanks Utah, you generous thang you. Now send me your ACD and I’ll be happy.

  72. Buster Poindexter and the ultimate Partayyyyyyyy song.

  73. imust, you ARE 3D!

  74. Oh yeah, just try not dancing when “Hot Hot Hot” comes on! I like “Jump” too.

  75. Yay!! Congratulations on 3 million!!

  76. lol madamab, at least not without some serious chemical help.

    There a a bunch of songs like this that defy you to dare try to stand still.

  77. Irland, I knew you were lurking there somewhere!

  78. I hope Indy sees this thread, since we wouldn’t have Bill without her.

    For those of you who were here back them, Indy has a cat named Bill. She started talking about her Tuxie one day on the blog and he reminded me of my soulcat RIP. So then she started cracking us up about bill and I said he should moderate this blog. And so the Moderator Kitteh Bill was born.

    Incidentally, the commonly known pic of Bill, like in the header, was found by Freedom Fairy in an ad for a lost kitteh. In his honor, this is Bill’s face.

  79. Hey madamab, try not moving to this one.

  80. The Pointer Sisters. Forever hot.

  81. Did you guys go and hit 3 million while we had a blackout?! lol

  82. You…mean…Bill’s not…[gulp]….REAL???
    Next you’re gonna tell me there’s no Santa Claus!!!

  83. Yes imust. And no penguins. But don’t tell Honora. She busted it to be the 3 millionth click.

  84. Lorac! Where the frack you been? We thought everybody’s power was back on but yours!

  85. GASP!!!! The pengys too!!!!

  86. Well, at least I still have the pony Barack is going to give me!

  87. I know for a fact that I am going to get my pony before you get yours!

  88. You know, I was thinking, for a bunch of miserable, bitter, low information, uneducated people, we sure know a lot. Must be an accident.

  89. Hey lorac, I have a post for the 11th. If you want to do one too, go for it and I’ll schedule it. hope you outdo me.

  90. If anybody else wants to do a 911 post too, you just let me know.

  91. lol well the power wasn’t back until this morning and I had to go to work all day! My first blackout. Had to stay at work late, then go home to the dark and HEAT trapped inside the house. So I did dishes by flashlight. Nothing much else to do with my time without power!

  92. I know for a fact that I am going to get my pony before you get yours!

    Oh yeah? Well I’m getting mine when PIGS FLY!! When’s yours due??

  93. Sorry I’m late for the Parteh… Congratulations Uppity!!!! Great work everyone for making this happen.

    Honora!!! You have the crown, please take a bow.

  94. lorac dear….there’s a lot, besides dishes you can do without power!

  95. imustnothavesexwithmycats! lol

  96. Zeke hasn’t killed me yet despite his efforts, however he now has Milly to assist. Going up or down stairs is perilous, but this too shall pass. ‘
    SHV, you took the plunge and now have kittehs? Ensure that those kittehs know that they must not get between your legs on stairs – trust me on this one – personal experience.

  97. Oh yeah? Well I’m getting mine when PIGS FLY!! When’s yours due??

    When Haley’s Comet rolls around again.

  98. lorac, the last big blackout like that resulted in a huge influx of pregnancies. Good thing you’re a lesbian!

  99. Oh yeah, Upps? How about this one? Come on, you know you’re gonna boogie!

  100. Oh yeah madamab. Damn. Okay, let me think…

  101. Lorac, Electric stove here. Had to escape to Fiesta Island to grill dinner. Had I known, I would have invited you to partake. Last night’s moon donated just enough light to powerless San Diego.

  102. Shake your groove thang!

  103. Another argument for gas stoves. I mean, besides all professional cooks prefer them. I tell you a missing gas stove line would be a deal breaker for me.

  104. DWP! I haven’t seen you for ages.

    With you and Lorac here, I’m having Taylor Marsh flashbacks.

  105. Taylor Marsh?! [shiver] I was only a mere lurker….but still got the heebee-geebies from her 180.

  106. OMG Taylor Marsh. SOmebody shoot me. Now. Just pull the trigger.

  107. Agreed! I prefer gas stoves but I wasn’t planning on being here for more than a year or two when I bought the place with electric stove. When this stove bites the dust it’ll be replaced with gas stove and line.

  108. way to go dwp. And they sure DO come in handy in a power outage. You put up a couple of camp lamps and you cook anything you want.

  109. Ya want dancin’ ? I’ll give you dancin’ .

  110. Oh right send you a rock star trained ACD ? Are you mad ?? Ever seen an untrained 6 month old ? I think I am nuts to be even looking at them lmao

  111. imust, was TM amazing not in a good way or what? I mean there we all were worshipping her blog for her Hillary insight and in 24 hours’ turnaround, she was worshipping Barack and suddenly all those paid ads showed up. A pass to the convention too! Must have been a decision on principle, hey?

    It was a shocker. She had a great blog too. Tons of followers and comments. She was clearly famous for her blog. Don’t know about now as I never go there. She was a good writer though even if I was horrified.

  112. Then again, this is earthquake country and gas lines are dangerous in those frequently recurring circumstances.

  113. Taylor Marsh? 😯 Geez, that brings back bad memories.

  114. Utah I don’t want an ACD puppy. I want a specific ACD. Mainly, YOURS.

  115. Hey Fredster. Thank you for your blog donation to Bill’s disgusting habit, dude. Bill is too shitfaced to thank you himself.

  116. Raises a glass and says here’s to you friend

    (Fixit Fairy visited you)

  117. Then again, this is earthquake country and gas lines are dangerous in those frequently recurring circumstances

    Well yeah, there’s that too. lol.
    But hey, at least I would go out with a great meal inside me.

  118. TM was not a good place. But there were a lot of good commenters there before TM did her 180.

  119. Uppity, happy to oblige. Or is that being an enabler? 😉

  120. Wonder how that hope and change thing is working out for TM now.

  121. Agree about the comments, Beata, and I really did LOVE her writing and insight. I was bummed.

  122. Hey Fredster, somebody has to do the enabling!

  123. somebody has to do the enabling


  124. See Fredster? You wanted a Clown. You got the clown. The clown is everyyyyyyyywhere!

  125. Wow those Windsors did NOT age well.

  126. Welcome to a typical day in that rat’s nest known as Pak., lorac. Good to see you again.

  127. Upps: I know! Just mention zombies and he’s here!

  128. NES said: Wow those Windsors did NOT age well.

    I don’t know why they don’t. No housing worries-your choice of palaces or castles. No medical insurance worries. They get their “allowances” from the public till. All they have to do is to show up at the occasional public appearance and wave to the subjects. Not too much to ask. Oh and if you’re a woman it helps to wear a silly hat.

  129. True that, Fredster. If we were care-free Royals, we’d be endlessssssssly GLAM.

  130. Upps, I forgot to congratulate you earlier. “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” It looks like the party has picked up some. You didn’t tell me there was going to be klowns.

    Gas cooking is the only way to go. Gas is a double bonus when it runs the water heater as well. But I don’t know, Va sits on that Bushes Fault, and now I have to worry about earthquakes. Oh screw it. We get more hurricanes than earthquakes. I’m eating good.

    I loved that Bill story. That photo in the header, I see the resemblance now. Thats you. Cool. Thanks for being here Uppity Woman, You rock.

  131. Oh so true Nes. And yes, no worries for them, except for Carmella. I think they have to watch her for equine flu. 😉

  132. Congratz!!!!

  133. Congrats to Uppity Woman! 3 mil! And 3 mil more to come!

  134. Great dance tunes, everyone!

    I used to love this one, too – and Zoolander made it even more awesome:

  135. Hiya Dakinikat!!! Thanks!!! Good to see ya girl. I readju every single day. I am also too lazy to login.

  136. Yup Vivien, I am bill and he is me and we are all together…coo coo katchu. You get a penguin if you post the video to that song.

  137. NES thank you for your most generous donation to Bill’s habit. You truly never forget Bill.

  138. NONE of those royals age well. That’s what inbreeding gets you.

  139. Crier, the Quipster. I think you’ve been with me since i was a blogging guppy. You and McNorman. I remember you sent me the best damned email about my stuff when nobody even noticed. It made my week.

  140. except for Carmella. I think they have to watch her for equine flu.

    Who else would be head over heels in love with a guy whose ears make him look like a taxicab with the doors open. Fugly for Fugly, she’s gorgeous next to him. Honestly, I cringed when I saw him with Diana. Like who the H would want to sleep with that toad?

  141. NES if I were a royal, I’d steal me a crapload of the jewels and take off. Live somewhere incognito and have a REAL life.

  142. phew, I’m caught up on comments. From a previous thread, NES, this was great!

    Also, this whole ‘green jobs’ b.s. is just that — limousine-liberal sound-good nonsense. Why don’t they focus on brown and black and gray jobs instead…that’s what the unemployed need right now.

  143. move madamab. Move!

  144. UW, THIS has been the site since inception! Your slick insight and wit, always make this place a pleasure.

  145. Good girl Vivien! Give this girl a penguin!

  146. That really is a frightening thought, UW.

  147. Crier, all my thoughts are frightening.

  148. Crier. I swear I kept that email you sent me. It made me that high.

  149. I’ve never had the chance to win a penguin before. Is that the right video? What do ya do with penguins? I’m sure the dogs will love em, I’m not so sure about the cat. I might have to get a bigger bed. Oh well.

  150. I’ve never had the chance to win a penguin before. Is that the right video? What do ya do with penguins?

    You give them ice. Lots of ice. Do NOT take advice from Imuststealicefrompenguinsformybooze.

  151. I can’t put ice in the bed. Booze maybe. Not ice.

  152. Play this loud while you dance. Wake up the neighbors!

  153. No booze, Vivien. Booze requires ice. imust used so much of it her penguin escaped and returned asking for sanctuary.

  154. I remember reading something about that. I didn’t realize she got the poor thing drunk. Was he able to find his way back?

  155. Upps said: Honestly, I cringed when I saw him with Diana.

    Well true. But when I saw Carmella I thought “he left Diana for *that*?

  156. Oh he wasn’t drunk. Just all shriveled from lack of ice.

  157. Oh.

  158. Yeah Fredster, Camilla must be something in the sack. You never know.

    Eh, I just think they are simpatico.You know, of like mind. Or some such shit. Who knows what makes a strong bond between two people? I wish I had a thousand everytime I said what’s he or she doing with that dog anyways?

  159. UW, it’s a little too late for the pregnancy thing, either way lol

    I think I’m going to let last Wednesday’s post rest. I know you and Madame B thought the extended video changed everything, but to me that was a separate subject (ie, Fox – or anyone – not showing the whole speech, the whole context). So, while a very worthy subject, it wasn’t what I was getting at.

    My point was that I’m tired of both sides using the crazy language – especially now, when many people are desperate and fed up, and maybe more susceptible to reacting to these manipulations. When these politicians on both sides of the aisle use these inflammatory terms or phrases (Joe Biden calling fellow Americans “terrorists” recently), no one is overtly and literally telling people to be violent – it’s all presented within a context. At this point in time, I’m worried about the violent rhetoric even *within* the context.

    So, if I were to alter the post, I’d just substitute the full speech instead of the shorter speech. To me, my point is still the same – I think these politicians should stop with the over the top language that evokes violence (especially when they’re in the party that is calling for civility). IMO, it’s just too pervasive now, and there are too many people in dire straits who may get carried away after being pumped up with these phrases. (I’m seriously worried enough about riots – whether in response to the economy, or in response to the charged rhetoric.) So, we can just let the post rest in peace 🙂

  160. No worries there. I take real good care of my critters. If ice is what he needs, ice is what he’ll get. I prefer wine, and I don’t need ice for that.

  161. Nes speaking of “Green Jobs,” I don’t think you understand. he meant jobs in the potato fields. You know, picking strawberries and stuff. Those are the green jobs he has in mind. The OTHER green jobs, the manufacturing ones, have been sent to China already. So have our “green” lightbulbs with the putrid yellow light. Even Mr. Green hisownself, Al Gore, is making his green 100k “People’s car” in another country. Without union labor. And on USA grant money. He’s green too.

  162. dwp – if you were at Fiesta Island, you must have seen all the stars in the sky. It was so hot in my house (it gets trapped in there, even after it cools down outside), I sat outside for awhile and just looked at the stars.

    (to people who don’t live here – we don’t usually see more than a couple of stars around here – the city is so big and all the white lights keep you from seeing the stars (something like that anyway) – so with the blackout, the skies opened!)

  163. lorac, thanks for reminding me not to take stars for granted.

  164. Yeah, I miss the stars. It felt kind of magical to see them.

  165. lorac: Had a friend I knew from the Navy whose last duty before retirement was San Diego. I went to visit him and his wife and loved S.D. Anyway, he and his wife moved to my parish after retirement and one night we were sitting in the back yard and he just said “be quiet for a minute; listen to that.” He was talking about all of the crickets chirping and all of the frogs croaking. We had a huge amt of woods behind us and a canal on one side so we were alive with critters. He said no way in hell would they have heard all of that where they lived in S.D. I’m sure it was the same for the stars too.

  166. Bill’s ma boy! Tell him I said MEOW.

  167. Without me the woman would be nothing. Nothing I tell you.

  168. You can’t fool me NES. I know you’re after the Needlenose.

  169. Ok lorac, I hear ya! And you’re right. They’re all a-holes, both sides. Bunch of babies, kids at recess bullying each other.

  170. Well, I can hear the crickets outside from my living room tonight. That’s the Midwest for you. ( Remember, Lorac? )

    Congrats again, Up. You have a great blog. May it, and you, continue to live long and prosper.

  171. Thank you Beata and Mr. Spock!

  172. I want the Needle-nose AND you, Sir MKB.

  173. I want you both, Sir MKB.

    You are *such* a slut.

  174. Congrats on 3 Million+ to UW, MK Bill, and all of Upps Nation!

    I may be one of the lurkiest of lurkers since I don’t comment here too often, but I do visit this sublime blog at least once daily. Every day. So, I know not what course others may take; but as for me…

    Give me Uppity Woman, or give me Death!


  175. Fredster – your back yard sounds amazing!

    Beata – yup, I remember! And when I watched S**** P**** speak in Iowa last week, all I could do is look at the green everywhere and think about how much I love and miss all that green! (and I just bet if we went to that field that evening, we would have heard crickets and seen stars! lol)

  176. Taylor Marsh? 😯 Geez, that brings back bad memories

    Now, who would bring her up during a celebration?

    Congratulations…wish I had been here earlier for the drinks..

  177. Now they want Hillary…from No Quarter:

  178. From this link someone posted

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she has so little interest in challenging President Obama in the next election that the chances of her putting up another primary fight are “below zero.”

    Yeah, but she’s not saying she wouldn’t run if he needs to spend more time with his family……

    (I’ll parse her words if it will give me a smudge of hope to help me make it until the awful election of 2012!)

  179. lorac: It wasn’t so much the yard, but I think the woods behind the yard and that canal besides us.

    Have to remember that SE Louisiana is semi-tropical (tell me that in the middle of high summer it’s just semi-!) and woods kinda equal almost jungle. Before that canal was closed off to make it a drainage canal it had a good tidal flow and we could fish in it, although there was the occasional alligator in there too.

  180. lorac: from that link:

    “I think I’m going to stay focused on doing what I can to make sure that we continue to lead the world,” she said.

    I wish I could read the tea leaves and know if that’s some hint or something, but i doubt it.

  181. We need to give it up about hillary, methinks. She will never survive the repeat onlaught of the Useful Idiots. The only way she would run is if Dumbo does an LBJ. We need to admit that and move onto how it is we can fire this lying poseur, lest we lose our ability to help do that.

    What we need to do, and this is my opinon, is to hope that the Republicans don’t shoot themselves and the rest of the country in the foot by nominating an unpalatable nutcase. I for one am hoping that Romney knocks Perry out of the box. Not that he is a great deal, but he’s a better deal then Obama. At least we know he is wont to stay out of women’s vaginas or gays’ bedrooms. Social issues leave him cold. It shows all over him.

    To do this, the Republican wing of the Republican Party will need to heed the obvious and outvote the far right. Anything else will constitute a second term for Joe The Golfer.

    We all know that Democratic wing of the Democratic Party will do their part to displace Joe The Golfer, and the Republicans, whether they want to admit it or not, need our help. They aren’t going to get away with Shmoozing us like they tried to do in 2008. We watched how they turned around and betrayed us when it was over. It was back to the same old insults. This time we won’t be allowing that bullcrap to happen here. We will vote for the republican if necessary. But if you are like me, that doesn’t mean a right wing looney.

    Yes we will do our part. But first the Republicans must do their part. Otherwise, from where i sit, you are going to be reading a lot of pieces saying, Are You sure you want to vote for this POS…or do you want to stay home?

  182. Hahahaha, I love me my Revolutionary War Vet. I’ll never forget your writeup of Bill’s part in the Revolutionary War.

  183. Congrats on the 3 mega mark Uppity! Damn, I miss everything.

  184. Walgreens employee of 18 years is a diabetic. She feels an attack of hypoglycemia coming on and grabs a bag of chips and eats them. She plans to pay for them soon as she is allowed to leave her station. She tries to explain to manager but she is fired for stealing.

    Walgreens, you are so going to lose this one. Be glad there isn’t a multiple in the settlement for having no soul.

    Manager: I hope you have other job prospects.

  185. Is Walgreens related to Walmart?

  186. I’m putting up another thread because this one is too long. Ask that ? over there. I will also put up my comment about walgreens. Give me a minute.

  187. I’m closing this thread. Please use new one.

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