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……because the last thread got very long.

Thank you for all who contributed to Bill’s Paypal. I appreciate it.


The celebration better be good when it hits that 3 mark or there will be punishments.
Love, Bill.


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  1. Walgreens employee of 18 years is a diabetic. She feels an attack of hypoglycemia coming on and grabs a bag of chips and eats them. She plans to pay for them soon as she is allowed to leave her station. She tries to explain to manager but she is fired for stealing.

    Walgreens, you are so going to lose this one. Be glad there isn’t a multiple in the settlement for having no soul.

    Manager: I hope you have other job prospects.

  2. Upps, are Walgreens and Walmart related?

  3. according to wiki answers, if you even trust them any longer,

    No. Walgreen’s was started by Charles R. Walgreen Wal-Mart was established by Sam Walton.

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Are_Walgreen's_drug_stores_and_Wal-Mart_named_for_the_same_family#ixzz1XY6BQsym

  4. However, according to this site, Walmart bought or was buying Walgreens in 2009. The dow jones referral link comes up at the home page so no article.

  5. But in a recent coverage, they are still separate. Warning: Rahm Dumb Remark Alert.

  6. Thanks, I’ve wondered before. Rahm is Dumbo.

  7. I used to like rahm because he was a centrist, BO (before Obama). At the time I didn’t know he was also a thug.

  8. Yep, same here.

  9. UW, your first clue about Rahm should have been that Hillary had him demoted in the Clinton white house. I never knew what the demotion was for. I assumed it was for incompetence.

  10. I didnt now that. Interesting. I know why they ditched that toe-sucking POS, what’s his name again? I actually wiped his name from my mind. It was probably Hillary who got rid of him and he’s been on a vendetta ever since, as if she did it instead of him.

  11. Dick Morris. Bleck. Scheeve.

  12. ps.. did my donation post?

  13. I just went and did some reading and apparently Hillary had him demoted and wanted him fired because he was such an jackhole, he was offending the staff right and left. He was demoted from political director, a senior staff position, to deputy communications.
    google brought up a ton of links. Rather than trying to decide which to post here, anyone who is curious can google his name, Hillary Clinton and demotion.

  14. Poor Bawwwaaaack,…why can’t they leave him to golf? He gave a historical speech, and now they want more!

  15. I had a great success this morning. I get my husband’s hand me down cars. Mine is now 11 years old and falling apart (unfixable ac, no interior lights or automatic windows and locks)— so finally my husband is getting a new car and I am upgrading to his car. The problem was that my car has beautiful Hillary stickers on the front and back bumpers!!! So this morning, I carefully removed both stickers and they are in an undisclosed place ready to be put on my new car this afternoon!!! PUMApac is giving away Hillary 2012 and Draft Hillary stickers and DWP sent me some. But my 14 year old son said that the Hillary stickers were fine, but that I could not put Hillary 2012 or Draft Hillary stickers because we would be killed in our home town of Baltimore City. He might be right. Gotta pick my battles.

  16. I don’t see it teresa. Unless I thanked the wrong person. When did you do it? If it went awry, you will get notifed by paypal.

  17. Yeah NES, they’ve got a lot of nerve asking for details.

  18. Hey Honora. How come HE doesn’t get YOUR used cars? I say Rebel.

  19. “We look forward to receiving legislative text for any of your ideas in a manner that can be scored by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, and to the upcoming speech you described last night in which you will detail the offsets that will be needed to ensure your proposals are paid for,” the leaders wrote.


  20. Barack wants them to trust him because he’s so trustworthy. Trust Me in Barackese = Screw You.

  21. Here’s a good story I picked up from Politico, Barack Obama Wings of Wax:

    Peter Wehner
    09.09.2011 – 4:13 PM

    Presidencies can go through various stages in terms of their effect on the opposition – from eliciting respect and some amount of fear, to provoking anger, to becoming the object of ridicule.

    Barack Obama has reached the third stage.

  22. Uppity– He depreciates them through work, so I get the depreciated (kinda free) car.

  23. The article begins by highlighting the reaction, or non-reaction to the speech by the GOP. A good point was made that the Republicans thought so little of the speech, they didn’t even bother to broadcast a rebuttal. But even Democrats were less than enthused:

    Just as significantly, Milbank reports there were empty seats on the Democratic side last night. “Democrats lumbered to their feet to give the president several standing ovations, but they struggled at times to demonstrate enthusiasm,” according to Milbank. “When Obama proposed payroll tax cuts for small businesses, three Democrats stood to applaud. Summer jobs for disadvantaged youth brought six Democrats to their feet, and a tax credit for hiring the long-term unemployed produced 11 standees. Obama spoke quickly, urgently, even angrily. Rep. Jesse Jackson (D-Ill.) stared at the ceiling. Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) scanned the gallery. Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) was seen reading a newspaper. And Republicans, when they weren’t giggling, were mostly silent.”

  24. LOL on the standing applause!

    Poor Dana Milbank. He must be crushed that his secret love didn’t get more worship similar to the type he gave him since 2008.

  25. Ah good thinking Honora.

  26. I’ll never forgive Dana for that skit about beer and he showed “B%&H” beer for Hillary’s choice. Here’s another snip:

    Milbank added, “Presidential addresses to Congress are often dramatic moments. This one felt like a sideshow. Usually, the press gallery is standing-room-only; this time, only 26 of 90 seats were claimed by the deadline. Usually, some members arrive in the chamber hours early to score a center-aisle seat; 90 minutes before Thursday’s speech, only one Democrat was so situated.”

    As Jimmy Carter can tell you, for a president to become an object of disdain and apathy is a very dangerous place to find himself.

    It has been a stunning fall from grace for Obama, a man who, upon taking office, was routinely compared to Kennedy, to FDR, and even to Lincoln. One is tempted to say those comparisons were unfair to Obama, except that he did so much to invite them.

  27. Another speech????

    Upps, that was some party last night. I woke this morning wondering why there’s a guy in my bed that looks just like a penguin.

    honora, great job on the sticker removal. I know what you mean about the 2012 stickers. It would be a death warrant here as well. I was lucky enough to score some old Hillary bumper stickers last year. I haven’t put them on anything, right now they’re in my Hillary box of mementos. One of them says “Re-elect Hillary Clinton.” Me not being from NY, thought, how beautiful. If only we could.

  28. Poor Dana should be unemployed. imust, don’t torture yourself. I had to stop reading opinion pages. If I need an opinion, I come here.

  29. I wouldn’t spit on Milbank if he were on fire.

    I woke this morning wondering why there’s a guy in my bed that looks just like a penguin.

    Was it good for you?

  30. I don’t have any ribs stuck between my teeth.

  31. YAY UPPITY! xxoo! ps: that peep in the banner LOL! Hugs you.

  32. dwp – goofsmom – BCL – do any of you know what happened to Murphy?

    Will she be back?

    I miss her site and I miss all of you.

  33. [quote] has been a stunning fall from grace for Obama, a man who, upon taking office, was routinely compared to Kennedy, to FDR, and even to Lincoln. One is tempted to say those comparisons were unfair to Obama, except that he did so much to invite them.[/quote]

    The only ones comparing, (by insinuation or otherwise), Obama to JFK, FDR, or Lincoln were with on O’s payroll or Obama himself. The payrollers were the same who nominated O’s sorry ass for a Nobel Peace prize. Lackwitted propagandists.

  34. dwp – goofsmom – BCL – do any of you know what happened to Murphy?

    Is she coming back?

    I miss her site and all of your comments.

  35. I’m so excited that I have to share. DE created some soup bowls from me to gift my daughter. You have to see them, they are absolutely beautiful. Take a look, please!

  36. Sorry, that link includes my last comment. The picture of the soup bowls is further up at

  37. Very nice HT! S and A do nice work.

  38. HT & DE: Gorgeous glaze on those bowls!

  39. They are really beautiful. That boy’s Got Talent.

  40. Delle, I know Murphy’s place goes down now and then. SHe usually gets it back up in a few days. So hang on.

  41. If anybody is interested in seeing DE’s work, click on the link on the right sidebar to DE’s pottery.

  42. Yes Ups, they are beautiful, and that boy has so much talent!

  43. “Warning: Rahm Dumb Remark Alert.” @7:51

    He also told the head of the teacher’s union “f*%k yourself”. This while he was trying to cajole her into extending the school day by 90 minutes each day. Rumor has it he wanted to keep the kids off the streets and so felt forcing them to stay an hour and a half longer every day would keep them out of trouble.
    Gentle ways of persuasion.. That’s our Mayor Rahmbo …………

  44. Didn’t he also tell the ‘Professional Left” to stuff it? Now I admit I enjoyed THAT.

  45. Happy 3M, Uppityland! Glad the party was extended so I could pop in. 🙂 Here’s some champagne punch, my daddy’s recipe, to forward the festivities…

    You poor Chicagoans… going down the sinkhole faster than ever before.

    Honora, I know the feeling regarding a new car. My hubs and I trade off on who gets the new car, and last weekend I sacrificed my beloved almost nine year old Camry for a new Honda Pilot. Had to get an SUV-ish car because of my boy’s gait trainer and stuff… I love it, but I’m going to miss filling the tank every other week. Now? I hurl at the pump, but you gotta pay if you wanna play.

  46. UW said about Romney: At least we know he is wont to stay out of women’s vaginas or gays’ bedrooms. Social issues leave him cold. It shows all over him.

    He seems pretty mild to me, too. But I don’t know a whole lot about him. Something just occured to me, though – he was governor of MA, and that’s been a pretty blue state. Perhaps he had a dem-controlled legislature…? (I don’t know)

    I’m wondering what he might do with a rep-controlled legislature as president. He’s already shown he flips in the wind. I wonder if he might be another Obama – caving in to those who might criticize him, or alternately, following the money and power….?

  47. HT: Those bowls are gorgeous. Do you have any idea about what size they are?

  48. a man who, upon taking office, was routinely compared to Kennedy, to FDR, and even to Lincoln. One is tempted to say those comparisons were unfair to Obama, except that he did so much to invite them.

    Whoever did that comparing had to be on mushrooms or somethin’.

  49. Should have added: the comparisons were unfair to Kennedy, FDR and Lincoln.

  50. Trust the Big Dawg to do something when it’s important.


  51. Unfair Fredster? Try an Insult.

  52. Yeah, you rite.

    I’ll never forget that cover of Time.



  53. Fredster, I’ve not seen the bowls first hand, but the pictures show DE holding one, so I’m assuming that they are soup-size. I hesitate to ask, but I’ve been out of the picture for awhile – Chloe?

    Allie – 9 years Pshaw. I’m driving a 15 year old Plymouth Breeze – air yes, but rarely used (unless sonny boy turns it on) no auto windows, locks etc – 87000 miles on the Odomoter, so I’m hoping me and Bessie will be together for another 15 years. My last car was a top of the line Mazda Cronus – all the Bells and whistles – cost me a fortune in gas and repairs, so I’m happy with my little chug-a-long bus.

  54. Fredster, they should have titled that cover The Raw Deal not The New Deal.

  55. HT: Oh you haven’t gotten them yet? If DE comes on maybe he can give an estimate. Chloe is fine, the old girl. I don’t know who could use a dye job more; her or me. 😉

    Uppity: guffaw!

  56. Should have added: the comparisons were unfair to Kennedy, FDR and Lincoln.

    Ain’t that the truth, Fredster!

  57. Fredster, so glad that wonderful little Chloe is still champing at the bit. Are you finally back in NOLA? Re the soup bowls, I was so impressed that I’ve just order dinner and side plates. More than I would have spent, however worth every dime – as I mentioned at DE’s blog, I’ve had the same artisan created mug for over 40 years and still use it every single day for my coffee.

  58. Wow HT you are so lucky! What a beautiful table those will set!

  59. LOL I’m such a retentive, I’d be afraid to eat from them. I would have bought extras too. God, I need help.

  60. imust, it’s not for me – it’s for the daughter – however if I don’t have dinner off those plates she’s in for years of nastiness.

    Ups, as I told DE, my artisan mug has gone through the dishwasher and microwave so many times that I can not count the instances that it could have exploded, yet here we are – my mug and me – 40 years later, so it’s worth the time and money to get DE and Angi to provide the table settings.

  61. Zeke will probably want to break one, you know.

    The thing is, DE’s stuff to me is art and I would be freaking while I was eating out of one of them. Like I said, I need help.

  62. imust, btw what’s better – peach or apple pie? I’m pie baking tomorrow.

  63. Ummm, Ups I have a cousin who is a physiciatrist – although to be honest, I’ve often thought she should be going to a counselor.

    DE’s stuff, even dinnerware – is art. It’s wonderful to dine with and off of great art – makes the food taste better and believe it or not, it raises the level of conversation. People do not dare to be crude and rude when brilliant dinnerware is present.

  64. I know two psychiatrists socially. They are both not right in the head.

  65. People do not dare to be crude and rude when brilliant dinnerware is present.

    You have obviously never been to a large Italian dinner party.

  66. I had a delightful cherry pie for the orchard last week. I also bit down on a pit. I am lucky I didn’t crack my molar. Or to put it more accurately, they are lucky.

  67. Same with us re: the pscychiatrists. We know one who did marriage counseling and broke up several marriages, then his own wife dumped him and moved far away.

    Teresa, how are you doing? Has the flooding gone down?

  68. HT: Not in nola yet. Have a follow-up with the surgeon from getting that thing on the leg removed. Place looks fine but won’t hurt to have him check it out. On the soup bowls: It’s kind of hard for me to visualize. I need oz’s to get an idea.

    Oh well I’m off to grab a bite to eat. This football game bites; got to be a better one on.

  69. You’re baking a p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-…PIE? 🙂

    Well, I’d choose the classic, All-American apple PIE myself. But you’re Canadian…
    Still peach seems more summery and it’s practically fall….yeah, apple.

    (but I wouldn’t say no to a slice a peach if you offered!)

  70. caramel apple walnut pie. everything else pales.

  71. imust, you need to be more decisive (says the one who asked you which pie to bake – hmmmm)
    I’d gladly send you a slice (I think I’m baking two – one apple, one peach) but have no idea where you are. Nevertheless, in your name I will enjoy eating both pies. Is there anything you want to read vis a vis flavor, pie crust flakiness?

  72. There is only one way to make pie crust. Lard. And that’s that.

  73. Upps, absolutely – lard is the key (although in a pinch, butter is pretty good too).

  74. Yes also have to have some butter, but predominantly it’s the crisco act. Unfortunately, it’s the only way to make crust to die for. Not that I make crust to die for. I’m no pie baker.

  75. First the pottery, now the PIES. You’re making me so J!

  76. When I retire, I think I’ll open a pie shop. Not that I’m a great baker either, but I can learn. I’ve already got the perfect name for the shop, “ImusthavePIE”

    Maybe it should be an internet venture. 😉

  77. Pie does this to people.

  78. Yeah. We could probably do a lot for world peace if we just gave everyone a pie…..World Piece that is……I see a Nobel Piece Prize in our future….

  79. Mt. Laurel, are you here? Thank you for your paypal contribution to the blog.

  80. You know, DE hasn’t been around here in awhile. imusthavepissedhimofftoo.

  81. FDR, New Deal. BHO, Raw Deal.

  82. Obama didn’t have the “New” New Deal. He had his “Grand Bargain,” you know, put all the safety nets from the New Deal on the chopping block.

  83. I’m here. Missed the party. My own Mom (not our wonderful PMM) is coming to live with me so things have been at sixes and sevens as I try to get things ready. Her kitty came back with me a few months ago and has finally become acclimated to condo life and life with my own paranoid rescue cat (although the newcomer and foster kitty hit it off right away).

    The big old house needs tons of repair work plus Mom was no longer able to handle such a vast space. The “perfect” apartment the koolaid couple found for her turned out to be, not the pet friendly terrace level garden apartment promised, but a depressing and isolated senior living high rise that would not allow her to have the cat. it was also miles from friends and family. In a way I was not surprised. So Mom is coming here.

  84. UW: I agree with you about lard making a superior crust. I don’t care for Crisco though–I prefer actual lard. However, my techniques sucks and I find I’m more successful with butter! Ever try tallow? I haven’t but heard good things about it from others.

  85. Hmm. Pie. I’m not that great at crust. I make good homemade vanilla ice cream though. Would go great with the pie!

  86. Whoo Hoo! 3,000,000

  87. To the question Peach or Apple – the obvious answer is: Yes.

    lol at piece on earth idea, imust.

    Beautiful bowls, HT. May she put wonderful things in them for you.

    Almost 5,000 past 3million already. obamabashing really is getting more popular these days. 🙂

    I have been so freaking busy lately and will continue to be for a few weeks. A woman’s work… and all that.

  88. Lovely header. We’re lucky to have the great Freedom Fairy!

  89. SoCal,

    the river is at minor flood stage and going down. We got off the mountain a day and a half after the flood peaked. But the first day, most of the larger town near us was still flooded and there was on store open doing crazy amounts of business. The national guard is still around keeping people from going where it may still be dangerous.
    I saw some pretty upsetting pictures. Most of them were of helpless pets and wild animals caught in the rushing water.
    Yesterday was sunny and dry. It’s the sort of weather that either mocks or renews you depending on your basic outlook.
    Anyway, thanks for asking.
    UW, I will resend that donation as soon as I can get my lazy butt out of this chair.

  90. Great header FF!

    Also, my post was very strong. But we must be careful not to allow those around us to jade our thoughts about everyone around us. That would make us no better. But Forget? I don’t think so.

    And we really need some elected officials with a spine to ensure that Honor Killings and abuse of women and children in the name of a religions are NOT tolerated on our shores. One Law. Period. If I want that kind of abuse of my gender, I’ll move to the Middle East. If you don’t want it, move here.

    Temper yourselves today, infuriating as it all is.

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