Forget at your own peril.

This is the horrific photo of the Falling Man, whose desperate and doomed descent became a symbol of a horrible day and the agony that faced the people trapped in theWTC Towers.

So horrible was the experience in that inferno, some were forced to jump to their inevitable death. Five years later, this victim was finally identified as Jonathan Briley, a 43-year-old who worked in a restaurant at the top of the north tower.

For all the talk about “Healing,” exactly how do you heal from what those savages did to us ten years ago? Exactly, how do you do that?

Ten years later, and the truth is we should forget at our own peril. Whomever said our country would be destroyed from within is right. I feel it and so do you.

You don’t forget hateful travesties like 911 anymore than you would forget a rape. And that is what they did to us. They raped our freedom. For all the overuse of the word “Freedom,” George W Bush was right about one thing. They DO hate us for our Freedom. Why else would people dare to try to integrate Sharia Law in our once beautifully free country. A country that has always attracted people who wanted to escape the countries they were in just to drink of our freedom. Since 911, we have witnessed that freedom being whittled away, bit by bit, not just by George Bush, but by Barack Obama as well. Not only did Obama continue the Patriot Act, but now we have a groping insult known as TSA to contend with.  If that unto itself isn’t insult enough, we have to contend with an intent to put a mega mosque near Ground Zero, with the request that we even provide  taxpayer support for the project. Who with a heart to help us “Heal” would do such a thing, knowing FULLY well it would open more wounds? If this is what “Forgetting” brings us, then I say Forget At Your Own Peril. For, even as I write this New York City is on high alert due to a credible Anniversary terror threat.

Forget? You gotta be kidding. You go ahead and forget without me. Sorry,  I’m not buying. Today is the tenth anniversary of the biggest insult upon our lives and our Republic that was ever perpetrated by two-legged animals who live in another century long gone by. Some of them have moved to our shores and killed their daughters and their wives, yet our excuse-mongerers pretend these murders aren’t what they really are. How do you separate people who think this way from members of their culture who don’t think that way when nobody will speak up or speak out against these things? Just asking.

Here is some raw video of the assault by animals on the WTC – from the window of a New York family. 26 minutes from start to finish. First shock. Then disbelief. Then fear. Then tears, panic, devastation. And finally, “Oh my God. There’s no more World Trade Center!”.

I’ll bet this family won’t ‘forget”.


Heart-Wrenching 911 Call from WTC. “I’m going to die aren’t I?”.

Heart-Wrenching call from WTC. WARNING: Final Screams.

South Tower Collapses

North Tower Collapses


Mayday! Mayday! Then silence.


FLIGHT 93, Shanksville PA, remains of Flight 93

Forget? You have to be kidding.

It looks as if these prehistoric characters are so damned jealous of us,  they just can’t stand it. They’re so damned backwards and too lazy to make anything of  themselves that they allow a bunch of psycho ideas rule their lives.  They are resource rich, yet they have nothing. They could have what the west has, but instead they want to kill the CIVILIZED world off so as not to embarrass themselves into showing the world what cavemen they are.

 They will never take our pride of freedom away from us and it just makes them crazier and more envious by the day, because they don’t even know how to clean up their act or even figure out which century they are actually living in. 

Remember, everyone. We are the USA. We Endure. It’s what we do. We Endure. And we Prevail.  It’s what we Do. We will never give up our Republic and we will never let others take it from us. We are the USA. And we are going to STAY the USA. History tells us we will have it no other way.

As for the swine who are instrumental in the High Alert in NY City during the anniversary of your filth, we will never let you drag us into your abyss of a century long gone-by. For you are The Enemy of freedom, choice and human rights.  This is who we are and we will never be you. This is why people flee shitholes and risk their lives to come HERE instead of where YOU hail from–including many of your own. When exactly was the last time someone risked life and limb to get to Afghanistan? Iran? Pakistan? Anyone? Meanwhile, between now and when you are arrested, stick this up your nose:

UPDATE: I am reading where two of today’s terror alert suspects are USA Citizens.  The penalty for treason is death. So be it.


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  1. I read that some of the people that jumped actually were physically blinded by the smoke and didn’t know what they were doing.
    Rutgers Law Review has the full audio transcript for 9/11. We will NEVER forget the 11th of September.


    Ain’t that the truth!

  3. ten years ago I was so pissed off at all the false bravado of bush, the war with Iraq which had nothing to do with the attacks, and being told everything had changed (isn’t letting terrorists change EVERYTHING kind of opposite of what we are supposed to do?) that I was able to bury the emotions and they still fester.
    Yesterday I was thinking about flight 93 and started crying. Those people were true heroes. Too bad that we elevate athletes rather than people who take down planes to save others. How much time does the average 16 year boy spend idolizing some guy who can run fast while carrying a foot ball as opposed to, just to chose one passenger, a courageous gay man who hatches a plan to sacrifice his life for others?
    How about the firemen? Do our children ever think about them? I think for one day we need to remind people that there is real good in the world and in people. But they aren’t going to find it by tuning in to today’s college game or by seeing a movie about mixed marial arts.

  4. Uppity, Thank you for posting these tragic experiences so that we will never forget. God Bless America!

  5. Can someone tell me if Barack is going to show up in NY CIty this time?

  6. Ah you may stop talking to me, Utah, but I had to let that post go. I know what you mean, it just sounded off. Fear is what they want from you Utah. They Win when you we fear. Instead, we must defy.

    I just wish that all the Muslims in the USA would fight side by side with us against these freaks. Denounce. If that happened, they wouldn’t be held suspect by people who Fear. Until that happens, I honestly don’t know what to say. They just won’t do it. Perhaps they have Fear too. If so, then these crazies are worse than we even know.

    We can’t repeat what we did to the Japanese in this country. But we need their help not to make that happen. Otherwise, people will continue to run from them and that’s very sad.

  7. Excellent post, Uppity! Thank you~



  8. I knew you would knock this one out of the park. Great post. That day changed everything. I’ll never forget.

  9. I think he is coming this time Uppity. I watched the flight 93 coverage yesterday with Bill Clinton and George W Bush. And it was Bush (of all people) who quoted Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. In a sense, we are in both a civil war from within and with those as your post describes, who want to see us destroyed. So the words Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg are fitting today.

    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

    But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

  10. God bless America, and bless the whole world, no exceptions. Evil is everywhere but the beauty of that is that good is also everywhere.
    Utah, I hope you can let go of the hate because it only hurts you. The people you hate have no idea, they can’t feel it and they go on their bat-shit crazy way believing they are going to heaven with their 72 virgins.
    After saying that, I would have been happy to be the one who put a bullet in Bin Ladin or in any of the nutball terrorists who threaten us today.

  11. Is he supposed to show up?

    WASHINGTON, DC – SEPTEMBER 10: U.S. President Barack Obama (R) with daughter Malia Obama, and, from left, Jeffrey Ragsdale, Jamillah Linkins, and Marianne Ali, participate in a service project to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary at DC Central Kitchen September 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. The First Family packaged meals that will go to organizations such as DC Public Schools, Covenant House Washington, and New Endeavors by Women.

  12. I’m not overly religious, but I think not allowing religious figures in NY CIty was unconscienable, even if it were just to say to people, let’s have a moment of silence for those who want to pray.

  13. It was wrong UW. People should be allowed to hang on to anything that gives them strength. Prayer, meditation, whatever one wants to call it should take place.

  14. This has to be the most pc bs I’ve ever heard of.

  15. He will be at WTC, then stopping in Shanksville, PA then to the Pentagon.

  16. Well that is good to know NYSmike.

  17. Well hey it’s an election coming up. Campaigning is in full force. Hopefully he won’t throw the flowers this time.

  18. why is it that Lincoln’s words still give me chills and Obama’s words leave me so cold? Bush three leaves me colder than Bush two. How is that possible?

  19. why is it that Lincoln’s words still give me chills and Obama’s words leave me so cold?

    Because Obama is no Lincoln. Or JFK. Or MLK. Or FDR.

    Obama is a publicity stunt.

  20. No place on Mt. Rushmore for you, Barack.

    Does anybody remember when they were trying to make a Barack Obama day? Wonder how those plans are coming along. Another let’s give him a prize he hasn’t earned and wait for him not to earn it. Like the Nobel Peace Prize, for example.

  21. ((((((((((((((((( We Remember )))))))))))))))))))

    We Are Americans.
    We Love Our Country, Despite Its’ Flaws.
    Those Who Hate Our Country – And Us – Do Not Belong Here.
    Our Freedom From Them Is Our Birthright.
    We Will Fight For Our Country Until The Very Last Breath.
    We Are Americans.

  22. Upps – you outdid your own amazing self with this post.

    btw, I was just over at the end of the last thread, catching up on reading, and saw you had posted something there that it seems you meant to put on this subject thread.

    The newspapers do not tell the whole truth, I am glad you cut through the fog of PC and say what we are all thinking.

  23. P.S. This posrt is rhe most truthful, poignant and patriotic post on the web, today – all week.

    UppityWoman Speaks For Me.

  24. Uppity. How is it possible to heal from an event like that? Our gen’s Pearl Harbor. The last decade. Your opening graphs said it all.
    I remember that day as clearly in my mind ten years later than anything. And then I look at the news — the Post Office going down, Bank of A laying off 40,000. I look at the squabbling mix of the worst politicians I have ever seen in my life. We are in what is called a “double bind” in psychology on this one because of the big melting pot that lives here. I think of the poison factories overseas spew into the sea, the plastic gyres, the food chain itself? The dumb down, I wonder what the future is for anyone here, economically, politically and so forth. That picture, god. Nobody will ever forget. The horror. A friend of mine has written a really good book — it’s in Amazon — “The Plasma of Terror” — a read I really recommend to all. Sends you and all at UW a hug.

  25. I hear you Valentine!

  26. I fear we might very well get stuck with an Obamamessiah day. It’s like those kids that get a ribbon for just showing up. No matter how bad he is, he is HISTORICAL.

  27. Barack Obama’s rise epitomizes what led to 9-11-2001.

    The errant power of so few, unbridled by the masses who want a personalized savior to govern them, rather than a government that represents their vested interests – from taking personal responsibility.

  28. Here’s Big Dawg.

  29. Today is the tenth anniversary of the biggest insult upon our lives and our Republic that was ever perpetrated by two-legged animals who live in another century long gone by.

    That pretty well summarizes it.

    Forget? Not a chance. Ever.

    Anyone seeing images from that day will get that horrid and deepest visceral response of disgust and dismay at those who have no respect for life.

    People should not forget. May we forevermore strive to maintain our freedom. That thing that instills evil so much in some.

  30. […] has all the horrific photos from the day and days after as well as a righteous rant. Today is one of the PROUDEST days to be an American you Bearded […]

  31. Obama is no Lincoln. Or JFK. Or MLK. Or FDR.

    Obama is a publicity stunt.

    …nor Constitutional Scholar, Messiah nor the Great Black – or White Hope.

    Obama is a Redux American Travesty.

  32. Oh man, Big Dawg was so good.

  33. Great header FF!

    Also, my post was very strong. But we must be careful not to allow those around us to jade our thoughts about everyone around us. That would make us no better. But Forget? I don’t think so.

    And we really need some elected officials with a spine to ensure that Honor Killings and abuse of women and children in the name of a religion or archaic custom are NOT tolerated on our shores. One Law. Period. If I want that kind of abuse of my gender, I’ll move to the Middle East. If you don’t want it, move here. Many came here to ESCAPE that.

    Temper yourselves today, infuriating as it all is.

  34. Upps, thank you for this post. As with everything you write, it came from your heart. I couldn’t watch any of the videos. It is still too raw for me. Ten years later and I still weep when I think of 9.11.2001. I am listening to the reading of the names as I write. It is heartbreaking. This travesty DID change the world. Not just ours, but everyone’s. I wish I could say that the change has been for the better. But change is complicated. Once one thing changes, everything does. Some for the better, others not so much. And so it has been with me. Today the emotions that I feel shift from moment to moment. But that is nothing different from any time I think about 9/11. I can still feel the fear – for my sister in NYC, to the stunning disbelief and shock for those in the buildings and planes, to the complete numbness at the end of that day. Anger came later for me. It was directed toward those in power, and the media that “catapulted the propaganda”, and at the Orange and red alerts and the warning system and the “War on Terra (or)” of GWBush. And my anger was most especially focused on the way we were forced to change the way we then – and now – live our lives.

    To Theresainpa:
    Yesterday I was talking to another person who had supported and voted for obama. After I called obama a fraud, this friend said to me, “He isn’t a fraud – he’s NOTHING”. His take on obama – now – is that obama doesn’t do anything with the intent to bring pain or harm to anyone because obama has nothing within him to recognize the existence of another person. He has no intention of voting for the “nothing man” ever again.
    So when you ask about not being moved by the words obama (the “just words” man) speaks, I now think of that conversation yesterday with my friend. And I think that of course we are not moved when he speaks. Nothing comes from nothing. How can we be moved by a person who doesn’t even exist?

  35. The press is saying at least two of the suspects are American ciizens.

    The penalty for treason is death.

  36. Obama is a publicity stunt.

    Brought to you by… your Illustrious hopey changey crowd. Non-thinking, illogical, and elitist included.

  37. Despite ongoing sluggishness in the U.S. economic recovery and fears of a double-dip recession, the economy continues to create jobs, albeit at a pace many wish would pick up.

    Yay! Jobs! And guess who tops the jobs list openings?
    Taco Bell and the Military.

    I know all of you just can’t wait to go to work for taco bell or go to war.
    Especially you young college graduates. And there’s always Retail for the Holidays.

  38. Did ya’ll notice at the end of Big Dawg’s speech above, he talked about his disgust when he found out that they still needed to raise $10 million for the memorial? He said he’d already talked to John Bohner and they were getting together with a plan to raise the money. Just like that. John Bohner, who Obama can’t even discuss when to schedule a meeting or speech. Does anyone have any doubt Bill will get it done? Of course not. That’s the kind of action we should have had with Obama regarding all the problems we face, number one being unemployment. Get it done. That’s the Clintons. They get it done. If we had been allowed to have Hillary, we would have had that kind of force, the get it done kind. She’d of had Bill working along side of her too. Does anyone doubt we would be in a different place right now in this country? A better place? Of course not. Yet we have to go through the motions every day with an inept “leader” at the helm. And we have to further contend with the idea that we might even have to submit ourselves to another 4 years of his rudderless leadership. Why? For “historicalness”? A real Democrat needs to step up to the plate, now. We need to stop going through the motions and pretending that the emperor is wearing such beautiful clothes.

  39. I sometimes wonder if that isn’t the design. Send all these young people to the military, make it so there is noplace else to go… and poof! Unemployment goes down. Barack will probably create a need for a draft soon. i hope all those young obots send their campaign contributions in first.

  40. He isn’t a fraud – he’s NOTHING

    Leslie, sad your friend could not have seen this before. Funny how it was so crystal clear for some. The giddy thoughts of new love. Then the honeymoon is over…

  41. When Obama touts his dismal job creation record, remember; many of the jobs were for the US Census, temporary jobs that are created every 10 years no matter who is in office.

  42. Clinton should not be denied the right to do “unpopular” things as he is no longer holding office, launching the correcting gesture – along with “Speaker Boehner” to raise the final $10 million to finish this project. One wonders, with Whom is this unpopular? Held up when the design, a Crescent (symbolic to those who brought this travesty about) of trees was “approved” … “Over Our DEAD BODIES!” the families protested as loud as necessary, echoing determination. تقية – taqiyya such as billionaire Bloomberg foists on the Ground Zero Families is a known practice of these manipulative elite. Remember, also, that it was SAUDI nationals who flew those planes, tore open the veil of illusion that prevented us from understanding whom it was Bush embraced and to whom Obama bowed. UW, you nailed it when you pointed to the resources they cannot begin to use, so disabled are they by their hatred of women. This, folks, is what you get when you let all men have control. This is Organized Crime from which we shield ourselves with our dignity, our respect for lives including OUR OWN, and our choice to die rather than live under their heels. In that choice we are gathered by those poised to collect us, ever innocent in self-respect. “Let’s Roll!” echos from Beamer to Clinton and beyond. Quecreek, in the same Somerset County, was the scene of an improbable rescue of 9 miners trapped underground for over 78 hours. The same Shanksville Rescuers who responded less than a year earlier to the scene of the Flight 93 crash, brought those miners out alive, watched over, I believe, by the energies of those whose triumph over fear is immortalized on this field of honor.

  43. It’s called courage. Something the passengers of flight 93 had in spades, and something sorely lacking in our current leadership.

  44. The people who think America “Deserved it” are holding it up Imust. As for being able to work with the Other Side. You are exactly right. Barack does not want to play well with others. He wants to dictate and then run away. He has no redeeming consensus skills at all.

  45. Paul Krugman, or as Murphy calls him, The Bearded Jackass, thinks today is a “day of shame”. No kidding. This is what we have front and center in newspapers in our country.

  46. I saw that about Krugman too Uppity. Riverdaughter and myiq have posts up about Krugman’s commentary that are excellent reads.

  47. put up riverdaughter’s link would you, imust?

  48. Two presidents at ground zero. One with his head bowed, the other with his nose stuck up in the air as usual.

  49. here is the link to riverdaughter.

  50. the photo of Bush and Obama says it all for me.

    Never a fan of W, but have more respect for him than I can say.
    The photo of them at Ground Zero is only one of the reasons for that respect.

  51. Thanks for getting that link leslie! And I agree, even though I do not like Bush and his policies, he’s more human in his response to things like this and Obama’s arrogance just oozes out of him. I never liked Bush’s smirk or swagger, but at least, once in a while, he turns it off. Obama never does. As was said above, he’s empty. Myiq has another post farther down the pages with a photo of Obama captioned as “animatronic.” That pretty much sums it up. Today for millions is a day of remembrance. For Obama, it’s a day of Photo-ops.

  52. Uppity. Today is just so sad. I’m hoping you can write a really funny one and FF does a banner. Between you and RD at Conf — the two of you nailed it.

  53. November 22, 1963.
    June 5, 1968
    September 11, 2001
    Who can forget? And I’m not an American. Re muslims supporting reform, there really are a lot of them, but they are being drowned out. As an atheist, I cannot understand religious fervour of any type, however people like Irshad Manji are fighting to bring muslims into the modern world. Don’t discount them. Lorac, NES she’s doubly cursed – she is also a lesbian so she’s endured years of threats against her life (from her own family natch) and she’s continued to punch holes so that other muslims like her have a chance to speak out. She’s also brilliant and beautiful – makes me rethink my hetero nature and celibacy status.

  54. imust~
    Never thought I’d say a positive word about W. Yet I did it today. (I also said it yesterday when talking with my friend. And he knows just how I felt about W.)
    I,too, hated the policies of W, and the smirk and swagger. But he did come across as human. Obama not so much. In fact, Obama not at all.
    I am going to work today. I don’t usually work on Sundays, but now that the tributes at NY and PA and DC have ended, I feel it’s the least I can do to honor the people who died doing their jobs ten years ago.

    (I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant. it isn’t meant to.)

  55. Where was that posted, HT.

  56. What a brave women. May she be blessed. And safe.

    The problem is there are so few of her. I would like to know where that comment was posted, though.

  57. Uppity, I agree. A brave woman indeed.

  58. Paul Krugman should reap the forever bedbug, lice, scabies reward for his utter vileness.

  59. She’s being “Drowned out” because, frankly, there aren’t very many doing this. How do you figure out whether it’s fear or condonment that keeps them from joining in? What are we supposed to think?

  60. Another brave Muslim woman. Read her statement for today. Click on English on the left.

  61. Uppity, I’m not sure to which comment you are referring – please I’m an old codger – my mind is usually sharp, however, I could be losing it, so enlighten me, then I will point you to the origin of the comment.
    With regard to Irshad, she’s not the only woman who is a Muslim and is speaking out. You have one as well, although her name escapes me at this point – senility catching up with me. Go for it, and I will come up with the source.

  62. Oh bah HT, there are plenty of folks on this board your age so stop declaring yourself an 80 year old because you’re not.

    I meant the comment the atheist made with the link to Irshad. Or Was that your comment? I thought it was quoted from somewhere.

  63. The thing is, HT, they are few. Very few. I wonder if it is fear that drives others to do nothing. I mean they kill their own too, these Islamofascists.

  64. I linked to Irshad, and I am an atheist, however I truly am at a loss vis a vis a comment?

  65. Not to butt in…but I think the comment you’re referring to was HT’s. The dates at the top make it look like a copy/paste from a comment, but those are dates of JKF assisnation, RFK/s and of course, 9/11. Sorry if I’ve overstepped.

  66. Imust, thank you. Of course those were the dates that stand out in my mind. You haven’t overstepped at all – you’ve saved my sanity.
    BTW, peach pie is delicious.

  67. Yeah I figured that out in comment above, it just looked quoted, you are right imust.

  68. What made me think also that it was a quote from one of our friends’ blogs was the mention of NES and Lorac and i didn’t recall any comments from them on this thread. But I could have missed them. But I see now it was in reference to lesbians. FF will be so J.

  69. Beautiful post Uppity. And doesn’t the constitution prohibt the elevation of any religion–wouldn’t that make the acceptance of sharia law a moot point or do the apologists not get it? Welcome to America, you are free to be offended.

  70. I really don’t know AnnE. The thing is it has been mentioned enough times by very high people to make it frightening. The “Constitution is a Living Docrument” argument and the remarks about how the Constitution is compatible with Sharia. Really. lol.

    Well I guess it is compatible so to speak, since according to Fascisto Son of a Mussolini afficionado, Antonin Scalia, women are not covered by the constitution. After all, only men are discussed.

  71. I also am largely suspicious of Harold Koh, a huge Obama confidante. he is a strong believer in international law over the constitution. I strongly suspect Obama would put him on the Supreme Court, given he chance.

  72. Until the ERA passes, if it ever does, women aren’t covered in the constitution.

  73. EXACTLY imust. And our OWN party has kept that from happening for decades. They have had the power and choose to ignore it. Tells me all I want to know about them.

  74. These are the states that have not ratified it. We only need 3 of these. What’s so hard?

    Unratified States

    North Carolina
    South Carolina

  75. Upps – you outdid your own amazing self with this post.again!!!! 🙂

  76. Okay now subtract the red states. lol.

  77. Isn’t it despicable that we are even having to have this conversation after all these years? This is shit Gloria Steinem should be focusing on instead of throwing a posh fundraiser for barack obama.

  78. Is that what a real feminist does? Gloria needs to get a clue. He’s done nothing for women since he’s been in office, except set us back a few decades.

    Hey Upps, I’m kind of lost here, tell me something, what color is Virginia?

  79. Red, Vivien.

    Without a champion, this will never happen. Three states. Instead of working on this NOW is busy writing press releases now and then.

  80. If you recall, O and a few other hypocrites mentioned they were going to revive the ERA after a major poll. Crickets now. They’ll bring it up again before the election of course. Along with Choice and Fair Pay. All bullshit of course. They’ve been doing this for years. They don’t deserve to have us believe them any longer. They are nothing but vote whores and liars.

  81. Yeah, didn’t The Won win some of those states in the general? Couldn’t the “Healer” of all- the one who could stem the rising tides….the one we’ve been waiting for….have used some of that political capital on passing the ERA?? Sorry sweeties. The answer is no. But he’ll let you iron his shirt!

  82. Here is my poem. We watched from clear across the country. The spirit of New Yorkers, my god. I’m holding out for one of the days when Uppity pokes fun — not at this day ever. This decade, our country — so sad today. The overcast in the sky, the quiet seem right. Uppity I have packages of seeds! Fall planting time. Flowers. Sends hug. ps: making black bean soup and cornbread. Thinking of you, Uppity. & Co.

  83. I quit NOW awhile back. They still send me emails like a still a member. They don’t focus on things that are important to me, so they must not need my money.

    Thanks on the clarification on the color thing. I wasn’t so sure after 08. Blue long enough to get Bo in the White House. I often wonder how that happened.

  84. NOW used to have a huge membership. No more. They are just wallpaper now.

  85. What happened Vivien is Barack Obama happened. The death of the Democratic party. If you look at a USA map, it’s not plastered with red. People have had it with this guy. Women have had it with this guy. That’s how I know he will mention the ERA etc again. He’s nothing but a huckster.

  86. If he’s waiting for me to iron his shirt, imust, he’s got a LONG wait. Now if he’s waiting for me to vote against him, he has a shorter wait.

  87. How low can he go before he quits? He does need to quit.

  88. Listen, no matter how much the party tanks, he is not letting go of the golfing, lobster, kobe or vacays. he’s not going to quit. He’s a narcissist to the nines. He doesn’t give a shit what crumbles around him. It’s all about him. Nothing more. Right now, he thinks the dissatisfied majority is just too stupid to know how special he is.

  89. I’m sure you’re right. I can still dream.

  90. Do women still iron shirts? I’m not being facitious at all, cause my mom raised me in the era or ironing. Vis a vis the ERA, until women finally get together and scream “Enough”, it’s not going to happen. Women, the only Majority of the human race or any other for that matter who breeds and produces their own oppressors.

  91. Era “of” ironing, not or. I really need to get back to Mavis Beacon typing lessons. Scheesh.

  92. No sense of dreaming Vivien. We have two choices. Him or a Republican. Let’s just hope it’s not a batshit Republican.

  93. I just watched the speech on the news in Google, very strange choice of words, I thought. Not clear to me. Also the look on Bush’s face at the end of it. All I can think of is MLK, and that Nobel. Dunno. Ugh. What a double bind. That speech.

  94. HT I don’t own an iron. I do have this thing on my dryer called wrinkle release. Works for me.

  95. Ditto what you said to Vivien. Geez. They all seem like poseurs. All of them.

  96. Fort Bragg. 14,000 rounds of ammo missing.

  97. Hmmm, wrinkle release? Vivien do tell. My poor old dryer is probably closing on it’s life cycle.

    Uppity, Zeke tried a Blitz attack today, so I think I should parcel post him to your environs so your beautiful dog can teach him manners. I could also include Milly. Jeebus, animals (human and otherwise) are such a pain in the butkis.

  98. Secret service investigating terror threats on white house facebook page.

    The messages included a picture of Osama bin Laden. One said, “We’ll come back 11/9/2011 to kill u all.” Another showed small plane icons and said, “Today we’ll come 11/9/2011.”

  99. Do women still iron shirts?

    With ease.

    Like breathing.

  100. We’ll come back 11/9/2011 to kill u all.

    Not as fast as the U.S. will come find them in their undies with their lids half open half asleep. Losers!

  101. Upps, did you see Hillary has a post up over at the Huffnpuff?

    HT, it’s a Maytag.

  102. Aw the Obamas volunteered at a soup kitchen, complete with photo ops and video. Then they went home and had a feast.
    Video here if you can stand to listen to him. Actually it’s worth watching because he looks about as comfortable as a fish on a bicycle.

  103. HT, I forgot to tell you my wardrobe consist of jeans, tshirts, and polos.

  104. Did Mo have on her designer shoes like last time? I call them her soup kitchen shoes.

  105. vivien, you are richer than moi – I don’t have polos. Well done girl, you’ve risen in the ranks.

  106. No HT, I’m poor. The jeans are holy. Thank goodness that’s the style now.

  107. HT, I think polo is now just a generic term for a soft cotton shirt with a collar and button front for the first 1-2 buttons from the neck. They’re not necessarily expensive. They’re just comfortable.

  108. Thanks lorac, I’ll look for some next time I need some clothes cause there is nothing I like better than comfortable clothes. Listening to some Glen Yarborough – just because I need to be uplifted.

  109. Viv, I don’t know what she was wearing. I didn’t see her on the video. All I saw was obama trying to say something without a teleprompter, while looking perfectly crisp. It was pathetic. She was probably in the parking lot hurling. All those commoners!

  110. Hi Uppity, a first time reader here, lured because Valentine mentioned my book The Plasma of Terror in comments, so thanks to her and you as well. But I wanted to respond to the claim that “They hate us for our freedom.”

    I don’t know that that’s so. For instance, Bin Laden said on the eve of our 2004 election, “If I hated a country for its freedom, I would attack Sweden.”

    No, they hate us for our power. After all, we have an Air Force on which we spend more than the rest of the world combined does on air power, and our Air Force kills antagonists almost on a daily basis, as do the rest of our armed forces. “They” had to hijack planes–our own planes–to mount a single attack on a single day. &c. But saying that they hate us for our power, rather than our freedom, is a key distinction. And indeed, power walks hand in hand with the yang side of the world.

    There’s a lot of feminist revisionist thought here at this blog, I’m discovering, a lot of which I’m feeling good about. But I would like to make the distinction: the radical Muslims in the middle east in general don’t hate us for our freedom, even if they also mostly don’t like the idea of extending our version of freedom to women. Mostly, they hate us for our power and don’t like the fact that we can lob missiles into their countries on a whim. We fought terrorism asymmetrically for a decade; it’s time to fight it on its real terms, culturally, and with intelligence, and not with the nationalist trappings of the nation-state militia.

  111. Joseph, point VERY well taken! Do you mean brain intelligence or military intelligence? Because I am not so sure you can reason with people who believe in Jinns and Honor Killings.

  112. Joseph, well stated. This truly is a war of ideas and the mind. And btw, I’m one of those feminists – actually virulent feminist and rightly so – we are the majority so why do we accept being stepped on.
    Valentine, thank you for bringing Joseph here.

  113. They hate us for our women’s freedom then (such as it is) lol

  114. No, of course I mean both. Military intelligence is useful but must be tempered lest it turn inwards. Civilian intelligence is useful but far from technophile. It is most effectively used to combat cultural threats in combination, where there are a handful of sober men and women affording checks and balances on each other. This was the model of intelligence we worked immediately after the surrender of Nazi Germany, and that England worked from Churchill through (but not including) Thatcher. There has to be a blend of civilian and military effort to make real cultural change against a hostile agent. Bush didn’t see it so–and neither did 22 Democratic Senators who voted for the asymmetric war in Iraq, alas.

  115. Well said, UW, as usual. I’ll never forget.

  116. Joseph it is obvious to me you have put a lot of thought into this. You are right about George, of course. It’s just that i’m not very sure there are very many inteligent senators or white house brains to see it either. In our current political cesspool, I would love to find a handful of sober men and women. Make that honest and sober. I was just wondering which people in power at this time would be helpful in the implementation of your goals. War sounds way more profitable.

    One thing is for sure though. They may not hate us for our freedom, but not when it comes to women. They do not condone freedom of the lesser sex. In fact, they are one step up from a goat. Maybe. Their entire religion is preoccupied with the pain and suffering of women.

  117. Uppity, this is really really good summation of how most of us feel and I liked it so much I am emailing everyone I know to be sure to read it.
    Thank you. ….. and thanks to all those who commented here — such good stuff!

  118. Thank you for this post Uppity.

  119. The way I remember the vote on Iraq was not a vote FOR war, but a vote to give George Bush a strong hand to negotiate. If he went to Saddam with the ability to use force if necessary, then the thought was, Saddam would allow the inspections. What they didn’t count on was that Saddam would never admit that he didn’t have WMD, that would be weakness. He’d rather destroy his own country, and himself, then show his hand. This is the trouble when you have a narcissist in power. Sadly, we have a narcissist in power here too….but fortunately he’s too lazy to be a dictator for life, he’ll be ready to retire with full bennies in another 4 years.

  120. One can only hope.

  121. I always felt Bush went after saddam as revenge for his plans to assassinate Bush the Elder.

    Frankly, we were weren’t so damned stupid and learned from experience for a change, Saddam wouldn’t have had all those chemicals we gave him–because he was our “ally”. Ditto for osama bin laden, whom they had the audacity to call “Freedom Fighters” when we were working to stop russia from taking down that pigsty Afghanistan. We even trained him at quantico, taught him all about guerilla warfare, in fact. And lo and behold, look what happened. DItto for those pigs The Taliban. We put our own future enemies in place and then we act shocked when they turn out to be a problem.

  122. Welcome, Votermom.

  123. but fortunately he’s too lazy to be a dictator for life, he’ll be ready to retire with full bennies in another 4 years

    I think he would LOVE being dictator for life, golfing, vacationing, living in opulence, being worshipped, And feared. That’s Barack! He wouldn’t have do to any work, just wag his finger at everyone once in awhile.

    Nobody deserves to be Jimmy Cartered more than barack obama.

  124. silly me, but Jimmy Carter was a good man – misguided but good. Can’t say the same for the current occupant of the white house.

  125. I used to think that about Carter too, but then I didn’t know at the time he was an anti-semite. As to his presidency…I never remember a more depressed America and only now is the economy worse. try interest rates to buy a car of 17%. And people dropping dead in gas lines. Jimmy Carter WAS his own “Crises of Confidence”.

  126. Hey gang, I emailed Joey to make sure she is all right. She emailed me back and let me know she had bronchial pneumonia and is still too weak for much activity. She says she will stop by when she feels up to it.

  127. I agree HT. Jimmy Carter had actually held a job with responsibilities before taking on the presidency. Wasn’t he also a commander of a nuclear submarine in the navy?

  128. Poor Joey! Get well Joey!

  129. Joey – come back soon, we’ve missed you – and for goodness sake get healthy.
    Thanks Uppity for looking out for one of our own.

  130. I have second thoughts about Carter. He didn’t much care for Bill and Hillary. That there told me what kind of a person he was. I remember watching him stop to shake hands with daddy Bush at Bo’s inauguration, but walking right past Bill and Hillary. The whole world got to see it. What an ass.

  131. Two great headers in three short days. Lots of fairy dust, but no Freedom Fairy. I just wanted to say awesome work FF.

  132. imust i am sending you an email.

  133. Hi everybody! I see the 3 millionth party happened in my absence. Looks like it was a great party- TWO threads!
    I got by TSA with no trouble- thanks be. Sometimes it pays to use the little regional airport lol.
    The wedding was beautiful and I am exhausted.

    As for September 11. My Mom is 86 – she can’t tell you who the VP is today- but she has never ever forgotten Pearl Harbor OR 9/11.
    I will NEVER EVER forget.
    They didn’t have any clergy or prayers? SCREW THEM! Here is my prayer! SING WITH ME!

  134. Hi Mom! Glad you had fun. Give your mom a kiss for all of us and tell her Way To Go!

    We have a vice president?

  135. Vivien, FF is very busy these days. But she always remembers Bill’s header! She puts them up herself. I see them when you see them. Cool huh?

  136. “try interest rates to buy a car of 17%. ”
    First home mortgage was 18.5% and I was happy to get that!! Over the years, Carter has proven himself to be a nasty piece of work.

  137. Yup SHV, dem wuz the carter years for sure! Happy to get 18%. ROFL.

  138. Was it under carter when coffee got REALLY expensive? The coffee “shortage”?

  139. ROFL Uppity! Next time she gets upset cuz she forgets – I am going to quote you! LOL!
    Seriously exhausted- and the drive home did not do my back any good- I am going to shower and lie down. Have to catch up on the threads tomorrow. (Glad to see NES did not go overboard with the whip!)

  140. Mom, tell her that I WISH I didn’t know who the VP was.

  141. Mom go rest. And NES is not a good whipper. Methinks she prefers to be the Whipee.

  142. Mom, thanks for the Kate Smith song – always loved that lady – big booming voice. Met her in Lake Placid, which in those days was a smaLL Country town – guess it’s not so much anymore. Anyway, Kate was a lady throughout our meeting. What a voice – Only Jane Froman can compete.

  143. Jane Froman.

  144. Got your email Uppity. Thanks for the heads up.

  145. You’re welcome imust.


  146. Oh my friends, you must read this disturbing article about the Jumpers from the towers. Did you know there were 200 of them and they are largely ignored? Now why would anyone do that, you ask? Well because religious crackpots have a thing about suicide and how you are going to go to hell if you do it. Even in the face of a thousand degree heat that melted steel, they cannot accept that their loved one jump. How sick is that? Their display is nearly HIDDEN in an alcove at the memorial because of the reactions of religious crazies.
    Read about the jumpers here. H/T John W Smart.

  147. I read the article and I also saw a documentary that detailed the search for the “Falling Man”. Horrifying. It reminded me of the infamous “Triangle Shirt Waist” Factory fire in 1911 where so many of the women workers jumped to their death. I remember seeing a movie in grade school, or it may have been middle school. It made such an impact on me that I remember it to this day.

  148. I saw something earlier today that said most of the jumpers actually fell because they were blinded by the smoke. I started to read your link but had to stop. It’s heartbreaking. I don’t have the stomach for it. I didn’t slept for three weeks after 911. I’m weird like that.

  149. Viv, I know what you mean – 10 years after and the horror is still there.
    Uppity, this thread is getting huge – perhaps time for another?

  150. NY WON!!!!!

    I know you don’t give a rats ass about foolball. The Jets just came back and beat Dallas. WOOHOO!!

  151. The llama place has a nice tribute to the 12 surviving dogs who worked at the 9/11 site searching for survivors.

  152. lol vivien, you just called it FOOLball lol

  153. hey lorac,! Long time no see!

  154. Pshaw! I’ve been following you all over the internet, leaving “imust, come home” messages after some of your comments lol

    Nice to see you, too, in the same place, same time!

  155. You never heard it called that? No disrespect intended. I love the game, in fact I’m a Jets fan. I don’t think Upps cares for the game. Just the idea that the Cowboys came to NY on this day and got beat. Double bonus. The Jets had to earn it, they scored 17 points in the 4th. What a game.

  156. So that was you following me lorac?! I should have known by the trail of pie crumbs leading back here…..they were delicious btw, thank you very much!

  157. lorac tell imust how many pies you made for her. I even tried to throw in one of those fake tomato pie, but no one wanted it after they found out it had mayo.

  158. tomato & mayo PIE? hmmm…..

  159. I just thought it was cute. I always liked playing sports, not watching them. But if I did watch them, I’d watch women. Everyone wants to watch men – men do, women do. No one wants to watch women, except for men who want to ogle!

    I used to be the norm – only men watched sports. But somewhere along the way, women started watching the men, too. Maybe they didn’t want to be football widows…? But I think they should have made a compromise – I’ll watch the men playing sports with you, if you’ll watch the women playing sports with me. And maybe then men would have started respecting women as athletes. Instead, they just got the women to watch men with them. Bummer, IMO…. 🙂

  160. vivien is right! My first Wednesday post after you left was entirely devoted to pie – I posted pictures of every kind of pie I could find online – even pumpkin pie, which I can’t stand after eating too much as a kid. And I ended it with something like, “wejustwantourpieback”. It was my double secret code to YOU! (but everyone knew and felt the same way lol)

  161. This afernoon Imust said:

    These are the states that have not ratified it. We only need 3 of these. What’s so hard?

    Did you see how many of those states were in the south?

  162. But Nikki Haley is the new governor of one of them – that might help in that one!

  163. Re: The Krugman piece-

    George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror. And then the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons.

    I think I get what he’s talking about. Remember Dubya’s suggestion ater 9/11 was to go shopping? And the attack did give Dubya and otghers the reason for creating and passing The Patriot Act among other gesm. Hel that was the reason we got the Dept. of Homeland Security and then TSA.

  164. My screen went screwy when typing that post above. All the little icons below “leave a reply” just sort of jumped up into the middle of the comment field.

  165. And Arizona’s governor is the formidable Jan Brewer – maybe that state might agree with ERA now….

    And Illinois OWES us after saddling us with the sexist Obama….

  166. lorac: She’s the guv of South Carolina and an R! They had a coniption fit about having to take down the confederate flag from their state capitol. Don’t count on them for much.

  167. I like to watch both. I understand what you’re saying. When I first started watching foolball, it wasn’t about the game. I liked the tight pants. I do know some guys that love to watch women’s sports. They do a pretty good job of acting as though they like it. I could be wrong, maybe they’re just checking out the tight pants.

  168. lorac: You’re naming states with female, but republican female governors. I don’t know about that.

  169. I like to watch football for the tight pants! 😛

  170. But Fredster, it’s an improvement that they’ve voted in a female governor. I’m not following her closely, but it’s my impression that she is well liked. She’s living a feminist life.

    UW said there’s not much time for these last three to accept ERA, before a time limit expires. Does anyone know when that time limit is? (I don’t)

  171. Hmmm I wonder which of those states have male governors and which have female governors, and which have dem governors, and which republican. None of them have passed it yet, even if some have female dem governors. I’m just trying to find changes that might suggest they might pass it now…. Not all republicans are against women’s rights – they’re not all far right Christians – so maybe these female governors aren’t either….? I should check into it!

  172. Thanks for the pie post too lorac, what a pal! As for the southern states, didn’t Obama, aka, “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” win some of those states? Seems like Mr. Sweetie should’ve had some pull in those states. What’s political capital for if you can’t spend it?? Yeah, I know, it’s Obama we’re talking about here, nuff said.

  173. Aha! You’re all caught! You’re all sexually objectifying the athletes lol

    You should check out gymnastics, then – they wear tight clothing lol watch those guys on the rings!! lol

  174. lorac: which one is living a feminist life? Nikki or Jan Brewer?

    Jan Brewer who cut off medicaid funds for organ transplants for sick people?

  175. didn’t Obama, aka, “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” win some of those states?

    Ah, but “bros before hos”, we must not forget!

  176. Aha! You’re all caught! You’re all sexually objectifying the athletes

    I’d love to objectify all of those athletes, but I’m afraid they might decide to objectify my face and head! 😯

  177. Hank posted this at NQ…..
    Great Photography of the 10 year Anniversary:

  178. feminist life as in having a family and career both, and even doing a “male job”. I never learned about the medical part of feminism Fredster lol

  179. Yeah lorac, those guys leave nothing to the imagination.

    Virginia’s Senate approved a measure to ratify it back in February, but it’s not likely to get through the House of Delegates. I guess we can count out Virginia.

  180. 10:30 pm here….but it’s 1:30am 9/12/11 New York time. So this day is officially over. It’s been a brutal day, very difficult. I wonder when we will be able to remember without having the feelings come along with the memory. Maybe never.

  181. Never. Look at the time. Nite all.

  182. feminist life as in having a family and career both, and even doing a “male job”.

    Oh! Okay, wasn’t sure what you meant.

  183. Having read the 14th amendment, I am not sure if Scalia belives that women are not “people” or “citizens” or subject to the rule of law in this country?

  184. AnnE, you can see now why some say Sharia is ‘compatable’ with the constitution. Women are not protected by the constitution. Scalia said this horrific thing back in January. Have we heard a word about ERA from DC except some lame remark about re-addressing the ERA? Nope. They will make this an election issue to get women’s votes. The democrats will pretend just to get elected.. And after the election……….nothing. If Obama doesn’t give a shit about us now, imagine a second term when he doesn’t have to run again. These people digust me.

  185. I wonder when we will be able to remember without having the feelings come along with the memory. Maybe never.

    I’m thinking never, imust.

    9/11 — I’m so NOT over it. I’ll never forget, never forgive.
    Good piece, Upps.

    Klugman’s statement is unconscionable — intellectually corrupt. He should stick to economics, not that he makes much sense at that either.

  186. Upps, Joseph is a big political blogger from LA — also he worked on the media campaigns for Kerry/Edwards. He told me once Hillary 2016, he thought. Anyway, he knows all about the real New Deal, FDR style. That book of his is fiction, so telling, and actually takes one’s mind away from all the rest. Okay we got past yesterday, collectively. I read you, Larry and RD and fb’d your pieces. Hugs.

  187. GWB’s reading at the 9/11 memorial was very touching, dignified and heartfelt.

    I’ve never been too ready to criticize GWB’s bellicose actions following 9/11 — although many of them were worthy of criticism — out of a recognition that his burden of responsibility became impossibly heavy. Can any of us fully grasp the sense of utter helplessness, coupled with grave responsibility and guilt, that he must have felt as CEO of the country in the wake of those attacks? His task was unenviable. Can’t swear that I wouldn’t have lashed out the way he did. Can any of you?

  188. Did anyone notice that BO’s memorial reading (of Psalm 46 from Ecclesiastes??) contained the following phrase, “I am God…”? Hilarious.

    I can’t get over the fact that we have a prez who (a la Rev. Wright) probably thinks that, at some level, America had it coming. Can’t prove it, of course, but it’s certainly consistent with what his mentor sincerely believed and with his own lefty scholarship.

  189. Sorry I missed out on this post yeaterday.

    Whether they hate us for our freedom or our power, one thing is for sure, since 9/11, regular American people have lost quite a bit of both freedom and power. I feel that the Patriot Act, Homeland Securiey, TSA, and the “If you see something, say something” campaign are all terribly unamerican. I feel like it was the beginning of the New Dark Ages. I feel like these programs and laws have given the goatfrockers a victory. I want our country back. Screw “safer but not safe.” We will never be safer like this. We will be safer when we are all empowered to be the Americans we were meant to be.

  190. Thanks, Uppity. America is gonna have to toughen up, see the reality and eliminate this evil or die of wussification. Kick ’em all out, every 7th century animal–no, wait–that’s an insult to animals, who have the Divine sense enough to protect their own, whatever the cost. It truly is survival of the fittest. So get fit and fight, America. Like Hillary said in the 2008 primaries, in her Texas Town Hall, “Take the Consitution out of cold storage. Warm it up.”
    Cicero, Roman politician of yore, said, basically, a nation can survive it’s fools and itios… But it cannot survive treason from within. Hear that bho the fraud and all your commie, socialist, sharia sickos?
    We the People got your number and we’re calling you out.


  191. Texas, weiner’s seat will not be a teachable moment for these crazies. They have their fingers in their ears and they are humming. Frankly, I would rather see a stalemate on every law than see some of the crap this guy is pulling pass the legislature. He’s tanking us. Nobody can be as stupid as this, so it has to be deliberate.

  192. “Whomever said our country would be destroyed from within is right.”

    why, this would be the Muslim Brotherhood in their Strategic Plan for North America

    (scroll down for english)

    and, oh my, look at the other information withheld from our Senators and the American public:

  193. NES just visited this thread again because there were new comments since I left.
    Yes I can blame Bush for lashing out, as you put it. First he was president of the USA, if you are not capable of not lashing out then you shouldn’t be there. That is why the American people voted for Al Gore and that includes in Florida. What happened in 2000 was just a warning about 2008. People do not steal elections to do good things. If you have to cheat to get where you are you are probably not qualified to be there.
    When 911 happened there were many contributing factors. However had Bush just done two things it may not have happened at all. There were two reports, one written by Gore which outlined the ways in which “they” wanted to attack us, including by flying planes in to buildings.
    Bush was so busy being the anti Clinton that he stopped the weekly meetings Clinton had on terrorism. He attacked Iraq which had nothing to do with the 911 attacks and he lied to get the cooperation of congress.
    I don’t know how you feel sorry for a guy like that. Much better to feel sorry for the people who lost loved ones in a war we never should have fought.

  194. Personally, I am so glad that Al Gore was never president. He is a hypocrite of the highest order. Starting with having the biggest carbon footprint on earth while telling us to live in caves. Secondly, he is building a “people’s car” off shore on taxpayer money with cheap labor. The People’s Car will cost upwards to $100k plus. His own blog is a pimp site for all his money making links and he increased his own wealth from 4 million to 400 million in approximately four years. His “Inconvenient Truth” has a number of Inconvenient lies in it and he refuses to answer questions. Microphones get turned off by thugs when you question Al Gore. This is bullshit and NOT a man I want in charge of my country. When the snow melts, you see all the turds. The snow has melted around Al Gore. If Al Gore had been president, we would all be paupers, just like Obama is making us all paupers. Except for hissownself. Everything about Al Gore stinks of Limousine Liberal Snob.

    Bush was a terrible president. Worst president I ever saw in my life, save for Jimmy Carter. But next to Obama, Bush is starting to look good to me. As for the Middle East, I am slowly becoming a hawk. I am sick of these goatfuckers threatening the lives of the west and of the only Democracy in the middle east, all for their caveman dogma made up by whackjob clerics.

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