The Deal.

The New Deal.

The Raw Deal.


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  1. Obama sucks like a Hoover

  2. “Always shovel ready” ROFL!!!

  3. Freedom Fairy strikes again. Hilarious!

  4. I heard Franklin D. speak on the radio [that’s a box with no pic].

    I saw him pass by our town in an open car.

    I know how he [smart enough to take advice from his wife, Eleanor] pulled us out of a terrible depression.

    Barack H. is no Franklin D.

  5. And MO is no Eleanor.

  6. Oyeah – you sure got that right.

  7. FF! You have outdone yourself now! Shovel ready! ROFLMAO!!!!!!
    Oblamer – NOT FDR, NOT JFK- OR MLK. Just a second rate, inexperienced, unqualified hack from Chitown.

  8. Set your DVRs!! Obama to speak again today!!

    Washington (CNN) — President Barack Obama will take to the Rose Garden on Monday to make a pitch for his jobs creation plan and announce he is sending it to Congress later that evening, the White House said.
    Obama will be joined by teachers, veterans, small-business owners and others who would benefit from the American Jobs Act’s passage, the White House said Sunday.

  9. Ahh….nothing starts my week off better than a lecture by the TelePrompTer prez and his props! /snark

  10. FF
    Sooooooo apropos!

    Imelda II is not even in the same league as the original Imelda let alone Elinor.

    Are they going to hand out outfits like that wonderful speech on the crap fest known as Obamacare so we know which jobs all “I’m not really a [fill in the blank] but I play one in the rose garden” actors are to be representing?

    For road projects they used to put out those ridiculous Brought to you by the Recovery Act signs weeks before any work started. For all the projects I have seen this summer, and there have been a ton, I have noticed that all this paving jobs are now holding off placing the signs until the the workers are long gone. From the condition of the signs it would appear that the public is not impressed with billions of dollars disappearing and the only visible sign that any shovel ready jobs were “created” consist of paving over stuff.

  11. FF the banner! xxoo! Yeah well, Taco Bell the new deal it ain’t. I never thought in college when I learned about the New Deal that we would ever, ever be in this kind of shape as a country. FDR. Oh for FDR right now, damn.

  12. FF, another killer header. But, hey, where’s MKB? Has there ever been a header without him? Is he out campaigning?

  13. Polenta endorsed Mittens. Campaigning for VP?

  14. Upps laughs at me for reading USA Today op-eds during the campaign season, but I’m sticking by my assessment that, because it’s the rag read by most Americans, it’s a good bellwether and shaper of public opinion. They panned Perry over his SS comments: Not good news for him. He seriously, perhaps irrevocably, hurt his chances at the GOP nomination by his SS remarks at the Reagan library debate.

  15. NES, MKBill is modest – he didn’t want to be seen IN his litterbox!

    Obama is showing the bill. Pass it now.

    If this is such a panacea and so simple – why didn’t he come up with this THREE YEARS AGO?

  16. Canada, on the text of the speech — as I listened to it, it seemed strange a bit, I didn’t know it was a psalm. Ah well.

  17. If this is such a panacea and so simple – why didn’t he come up with this THREE YEARS AGO?

    Precisely, lorac’ers. I believe he thinks we’re all fools. The country was foolish, indeed, for electing him, but people learn from their mistakes.

  18. Does BO not read the press about himself? He seems to have no awareness that people laugh at him for his belief in his own messianic nature. I never cease to be amazed at the idiocy that is this man.

  19. MO is definitely not on the same step as Eleanor – not even close.and BO as Franklin – pshaw. Poseurs.

  20. Set your DVRs!! Obama to speak again today!!
    what!!!it will be in reruns forevah!!! 😆

  21. Narcissist-Blowhard In Chief hasn’t been the center off attention since Thursday. Can’t have that.

  22. NES, I’m sure polenta is a nice guy. He might even be competent. He might even be a stellar governor. The truth is, he has no communication skills that anybody would want to listen too. He makes vanilla look rich and gooey. He should be an accountant somewhere in a back office. And he’s rather politically stupid besides. He set his own fate at that debate when he bulldozed the only woman on the platform. Big mistake. Women hate that, even if it’s toward a woman they can’t stand. It reminds them of the time it happened to them. In MY case, it reminds me of Dead Man Running Rick Lazio. He practically knocked hillary over walking over to her space and shoving a paper to sign at her when she was running for her first term in senate. It looked like an assault on TV. It sealed his fate. Lazio runs for anything out there now, but always, he is a Dead Man Running because women everywhere in NY depise his ass. Polenta could have learned from that. This tells me he’s not a very good learner.

  23. But just everybody remember. From the GetGo I said Mittens would take Perry out. More specifically, Perry would take Perry out. All Mittens has to do now is watch. What scares me is I think Obama is such a horrible president AND person, that even Mittens is starting to look good to me. And he will ultimately thumb his nose at the right wing crackpots in the end. I was reading where Florida is going to play big in that primary. I haven’t figured out what the means yet. But I still maintain that perry will not make the stretch in the end.

  24. Valentine you have got to stop reading anything canadafreepress writes. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.

  25. I think your blog is safe, Upps.

  26. JWS notes, though, that Perry is starting to roll back his SS comment and that the left is underestimating him. I think it’s too late tho’ — he should’ve done it at the first debate…instead he shot himself in the foot with a cannon.

  27. Upps, right on re Canadafreepress – and I’m Canadian. Right wing trash, gossip, innuendo – just crap. I’m surprised that they haven’t been sued out of existence. Gullible people gobble that stuff up, sadly.

  28. P.S. the National Enquirer is a more respectable corp.

  29. Will be interesting to see if Perry rolls it back in tonight’s GOP debate.

  30. I know this will be a hit and run as I’m at work and have minimal seconds for anything. This morning at the train station, the street brigade for my “representative” were asking for signatures to place HER on the ballot again. I rejected his request to sign saying that she was as much of the problem as the others. The worker said, “But what about her Jobs bill? Have you read her Jobs bill?” My reply was that if her jobs bill were “all that”, why hasn’t it made it out of committee and to the floor? I said I want ALL the incumbents OUT. I then said (before he could add another word), “I know you will respect my refusal to sign this petition because you are a reasonable person”.

    He looked shell-shocked. It’s only just begun. The fun continued on the commuter bus when I said to a staunch Democrat and obama supporter that I wouldn’t vote for him if he were the only one running. My friend asked, “What if it’s between Perry and Obama?” I then said that it didn’t matter. The Green Party was my best option for now. He, too, was as deflated as I’ve ever seen him.

    Happy Monday. bbl

  31. He can roll back all he wants. It’s in writing. He put it all in that book you can bet somebody else wrote for him. It’s on video. It’s going to be played every day against him.. And he deserves it. He’s toast with the mainstream republicans. The far right probably thinks it’s great, because I sometimes wonder where their grey matter is, since they are screwing themselves by supporting such a radical idea. He HAS to be a crazy ass anyways, trying to force women to have sonograms they don’t want, and then telling the women to pay for them besides. Talk about COMMERCE CLAUSE. How dare anybody who tries that talk about Obamacare in the same breath. It’s the same thing. FORCING WOMEN TO BUY A MEDICAL PROCEDURE THEY DONT WANT.

  32. Safe from what, NES?

  33. Hahah leslie, they are hearing a lot of what you said. I got a call from The Party. SOmething to the effect of this is………and I’m calling from the Democratic Party and I have some information you should know.

    I said, Democratic Party? There is no democratic party. It was hijacked in 2008. Now it’s just a bunch of thieves, liars and sexist misogynist pigs robbing us blind. Real Democrats don’t even want to know you and I personally am SOOOOOOOOOOO done with you so go give your information to somebody who wants ot hear it. You go ahead and call me again when Hillary 2012 is announced. Otherwise, no deal and goodbye.

    Then I hung up and realized this guy was in shock. He never even TRIED to interrupt me. It occcurred to me that they are hearing this A LOT.

  34. Upps, well done. I was thinking recently – because I had a birthday – that not much has changed vis a vis women’s rights since I was a sprout. All those protests and sitins in the ’60’s and 70’s – for naught. Nothing changed in either country. Women are still second class and controlled by others. Pisses me off that my daughter inherits the same environment as I did.

  35. Good for you Uppity! And I believe you are correct- they ARE hearing it a LOT! As they should be. They have NOTHING I want to hear- unless and until they call to tell me they are taking the fraud off the ticket and nominating the REAL DEMOCRAT- the one from whom they stole the nomination.

  36. Safe from what, NES?

    From being given away to anyone else. Remember your Romney vs. Perry bet?

  37. Well folks, the End Of The World is coming up again in October. I will probably be blogging it Live.

  38. Well done, UW. I liked this part best:

    You go ahead and call me again when Hillary 2012 is announced. Otherwise, no deal and goodbye.

  39. oh noes, not another end of the world? When will it end?

  40. ANOTHER end of the world? ANOTHER historical speech?
    Are there not laws against cruel and unusual punishment in this country?

  41. I got called by the “Dems” recently, ‘on behalf of Obama.’

    “Obama the Republican? The Obama who wants to cut Medicare and Social Security? The one who’s been screwing over working people, women, and the environment? I haven’t been a Democrat since May 31, 2008. And go look up what happened then if you don’t already know.” Click.

    Next time I’ll add: “Call me when Hillary 2012 is announced.” I was too simmered trying to not call the poor bamboozled phone serf a million names.

  42. Another *cool* header. That’s where FF’s been. She’s out creating jobs.

  43. How insulting to FDR. And I never cared for FDR. Now I like him much better when compared to the idiot in the house on the reclaimed swamp.

    Perfect header, because that’s about what the dipsh*t’s “incentives” will add up too – foul kitty litter.

    (grumpy, sorry)

  44. Allie, FDR was a prince, compared to modern day politicians. He didn’t need to be in the race for monetary reasons, he was already rich as Croesus and he created the TVA, the WPA – that man was incredible because he loved people – unlike most politicians today.
    How is the boy doing?

  45. “That’s where FF’s been. She’s out creating jobs.”

    Actually Vivien – I’ve been out making sure that Millionaires and Billionaires “Pay Their Fair Share”

  46. It sounds like you’ve been working hard. I missed you. BTW, you do good work.

  47. Thanks to everyone too for the nice words about the latest headers. I figured since the Crap Head was going to actually HAVE a Jobs Bill today – I would make sure we were ready for it here at Uppity’s Place.

    And did anyone HEAR him? I did not but heard a clip on the car radio – and it must have been when she dropped the Bill on the table or something he said “He ya go” like some petulant child who ACTUALLY HAD TO DO SOME WORK. God forbid if it were something REALLY important, instead of just JOBS!!

    I almost expected to hear him follow it up afterwards with “now watch this drive”

    What an ass this man is. A complete and total ass.

  48. Thanks Vivien. Lorac is going to be SO J! 😉

  49. Were you expecting him to do more? His job is done. Now lets blame Congress for not getting anything done.

  50. No Viv – I was not expecting ANYTHING from him – just he sounded so irritated when he actually HAD to show up

  51. I block that crap out. I can’t listen. It’s a joke. It’s a shame he’s in the position he’s in. We are sooo screwed.

  52. Hey FF! Glad I caught ya! You are on a roll with the headers. I LOVE this one. Bill is, however, quite pissed because he doesn’t have his rightful place. He says there will be Punishments.

  53. 100 protesters burn American flag outside U.S. embassy in London during minute’s silence for 9/11

    Read more:

  54. Well folks, the End Of The World is coming up again in October. I will probably be blogging it Live.

    Count me here. lol

  55. Of course, they were muslim religious freaks. Surprise! Not. Sad, very sad. Not the London my grandparents and parents knew or that I spent a year living in.

  56. I love Myiq’s “Obama sucks like a Hoover.” It is so true as we are recreating 1937 all over again. The “Shovel Ready” header is brilliant!

    Now that it has no chance in passing, the President is proposing to raise taxes on the rich, not by raising rates, but by further limiting deductions:

    This might hurt charities, by the way.


  57. Jindal jumps for Perry NES.

  58. UK has become the poster child for the saying,

    “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to serve as a horrible warning.”

    They have been eaten from the inside out by multiculturalism.

  59. Yes, I saw that mcnorman. These endorsements are coming earlier than I recall happening in the past.

  60. FF that is one fine header.

  61. I’m a little surprised that Bobby jumped in so soon.

  62. Paw wants help on his campaign debt and Romney has the money.

  63. Good guess re TPaw, mcnorman.

  64. His numbers dropped after that speech because everybody knows he’s nothing but a full of shit blowass.

  65. Nice of Obama to pretend to give a shit on video in a soup kitchen, with his crisp sleeves rolled up, trying to find words without TOTUS, and then he proposes shoving it to charities. It’s so Barack.

  66. UW — any explanation for why Perry continues to maintain a double-digit lead over Mittens? Seems mysterious.

    And despite his controversial comments on Social Security and other entitlement programs, he has an 18-percent advantage among Republicans aged 50 and over, crushing Romney, 38 percent to 20 percent.

    By a 15-percent margin, Republicans see Perry as the strongest leader in the field; Romney is second. Perry even has a three-point lead over Palin on the metric of which candidate is most likable.

    Perry leads Palin by 9 points on the question of which candidate is most likely to agree with respondents on the issues mattering most to them. He leads Romney by the same margin when respondents are asked which candidate is most likely to be able to get the economy moving. Republicans, by a six-point margin, even see Perry as the candidate most likely to fight for his beliefs, over the feisty Palin.

    But perhaps the most striking indication that Republicans see Perry as the singular frontrunner: When asked which candidate has the best chance to defeat President Obama, Republicans choose Perry over Romney by a wide margin, 42 percent to 26 percent.

  67. Uppity you will never get rid of me as easily as deleting a post I made lol. Your house your rules. Outside in public I will say what I like lol. It is me you ought to know me better by now. I do not mean to disrespect you far far from it. Anyway it is how I feel . Moving right along folks nothing to see here lmao

  68. Ah hell no, Utah, I didn’t feel dissed at all. I was just worried about your wording being taken wrong by those who troll for these things and next thing you know, someobody wants your IP address because they deliberately twisted things. It’s not reallly my rules as it is the way it works. Being a mod at NQ taught me much.

  69. NES, I suspect that Perry is the next “Chosen one” – the shine has gone off Obama so the PTB need another shiny thing to toss to the electorate.

  70. Oh yes NES, TPaw got a chairmanship position and bailout money.

  71. HT, I’m in Texas and Perry is not considered a “conservative.” Hard core conservatives still call him a RHINO. I don’t know if the waters are being tested or what, but they might toss in someone else if they don’t feel that they can take out the current administration. Pass the popcorn.

  72. Hey, Uppity did you ever check out the SC on the key board? Smile…. Love your response to the call…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😉

  73. NES re: Perry lead. It’s a long way home, sister.

    And his lead is not a republican lead so much as a right wing lead. I stand by my prediction.

  74. OK, vivien, you’re making me J! lol

  75. Upps, you watching the debate?

  76. Sorry lorac. Not my intent.

  77. Debate’s on! Huntsman is cookin’

  78. I still think Perry is gonna be the nominee and Romney will fade….sawwy Uppity. Perry’s ahead of Obama right now.

  79. Cain: they say, “you don’t know how govt. works” “I say, yes I do…IT DOESN”T” LOL!!

  80. Now that red tie works for Jon. He looks good.

  81. vivien, it’s all in fun. You, too, can be J around here! Only the cool people get J lol

    Right now, there’s someone out there probably J at ME, because NES has a nickname for me now. All my life, I never had a nickname… and now I do 🙂 So eat your heart out, all you J-ers! lol

  82. And he sounds good.

  83. Damn lorac, now I’m J.

  84. Ok so I just turned on the debate. It’s called the tea party debate – does that refer to the sponsor, or are only tea party pubs going to be there, or are only tea party concerns going to be brought up?

    Since the tea party seems more an idea than an actual party, I don’t know what “tea party debate” means! lol

    But I got off of work early today, and that’s always a good thing!!! Hey, I see sunlight, wow! 🙂

  85. Upps, are you sure Bill’s mad FF didn’t put him on the crapper?

  86. Santorum just needs to drop out. Now. I cannot handle his slanted nose and his unpleasant apparition….

  87. vivien, I don’t think Bill wanted anyone to see him IN there! He’s a bold cat, but very modest in the toileting department lol

  88. Texas guy – fire Bernacke, and federal reserve should not be used to hide suspect monetary decisions (something like that)

    Romeny – yes we need oversight over them, but we do need a fed, who else will do it? Not congress, that wouldn’t be good idea.

  89. No clue. I don’t know anything about tea party’s. And it’s airing on CNN. Now I’m really confused.

  90. A kid asks: out of every dollar I earn, how much do you think I deserve to keep?

    They won’t give him a straight answer, that’s my prediction.

  91. Huntsman is getting a lot more time this go ’round.

  92. Oh god. Congress running the Fed. What a horrible thought.

  93. I missed Newt’s comment, what did he say he got a lot of applause

  94. lorax play by play. I’m trying not to look. I’m only half listening, I’m trying to watch the foolball game. Multi-tasking.

  95. Vivien, the debate is jointly hosted by the TP Express and CNN.

  96. That’s RIGHT, lorac’ers!

  97. Whaaaa….lorac has a nickname???

  98. Oh. Thanks NES.

  99. Michele is putting his chit on the street.

  100. Wow they are hammering Perry on the vaccine.

  101. LOL lorac, The evangelicals are the most pagan, hocus-pocus creatures of all Christians, far past the vatican and its exorcisms. They speak in tongues and are supersittious as the day is long. They do Pagan Numerology in their incessant bullshit End Times predictions. They get “slain” in the spirit and some of these churches run on praying for money and success. They have beloved ministers who sell snake oil to them in the form of religous items and they even have Benny Hinn who prays on that other women preacher’s bones at her grave. Forgot her pagan name, the mother of the evangelical movement, right after that minister who held the first revival meeting in his barn with carnival people, and who later died in jail of alcohol induced cirrhosis, whilst serving time for sodomy upon a young boy. Then there’s that Rod Parsley who, if you give him the right sum, will see to it that you are successful. He once claimed Jesus sat next to him on the can (seat down of course) and talked to him in the morning while he shaved.. There is just no end to their 6th century hair on the back of your neck-raising superstitions and hocus pocus. We’re talking Magik here. So you would think they would recognize possession when they see it. Yet Santorum still gets some votes.

    “When I was a child, I asked the Lord for a bicycle. Then I realized that’s not how it works. So I stole a bicycle and just asked the Lord to forgive me”.

    Update: I just remembered the mother of the movement’s name. Katherine Kuhlman, a quaker turned charlatan. Also few people recall back in the late 50s when Oral Roberts was pulling pieces of liver out of people’s bodies in healing sessions and ended up investigated for fraud. Yet, he went on, because those people will believe anything.

  102. He knew it was coming. I don’t think Perry can back off anything because he already put it in his book.

  103. imust, yes, my very first nickname of my life! (well, other than generic things like “sweetie”, “honey”, etc)

    But imust, you, too, could have a nickname – you could be iMusty ROFL

  104. McNorman, he not only put it in his book but he’s on video. I should start a contest right now as to how many times his mouth will be running off about ponzi in TV ads.

  105. I wish I would get one of those campaign calls you guys are getting. I want MY chance to burn off their ear!!! lol

  106. Minor detail on that vaccine. Parents could opt out. We won’t be able to do that with Bamcare, will we?

    I think this is going to be a very long election.

  107. Well, NES and UW have a contest about Romney vs Perry. I believe the fate of the blog hangs in the balance! Drama!

    I, too, will make a prediction. I predict that Hillary will run and win in 2012 (well, for Hillary, run will equal win!)

    If I’m right, I win something.
    If I’m wrong, that means that Hillary didn’t run at all. It also means, no harm no foul. lol (kind of like tails I win, heads you lose)

  108. Ooooooo yeah. I forgot about the vaccine! Once again, a contender who called Obamacare a violation of the constitution, tried to force women to pay for a medical procedure they might now want or need. The hypocrisy is so thick here, that I honestly don’t know what to say about this guy. He rails against forced insurance and the constitution and then tells women (and notice, it’s always women) that they MUST do what he says at the doctor’s office or suffer consequences. What a bulllsheeter.

  109. It’s ALWAYS about the woman UW. It doesn’t matter who says what, the woman will ALWAYs get the short end of the stick.

  110. mcnorman – on the news they said that AZ was wanting to move their primary up to Jan 31 – but today decided against it. I think they need to get this stuff straightened out. Our elections don’t need any more of the confusion and idiocy we had with MI and FL. (although I believed 3-5 other states also moved theirs earlier, but only the Hillary states got penalized)

    Maybe they need to start alternating states’ order in the primary races. What I’d really like to see, though, are regional super primaries. For ex, 8 proximal states in Jan, 8 proximal states in Feb, etc etc.

  111. Rick Santorum is a Stepford. He’s such a freak. Sorry, I know it’s not nice.

  112. McNorman that’s another trick these bums are getting more brazen at……..telling people what to do and giving them an opt out of something they have no business sticking their noses into. Parents are supposed to OPT IN not OPT OUT. It’s like that whack job in NY who wanted legislation to make your body belong to the state when you die, your organs would be harvested and if you know about it, you can OPT OUT of giving your BODY TO THE STATE. WTF is that shit? This is something you OPT IN for not the other way around. Can you imagine the audacity of this?

  113. My live feed keeps fading in and out. Is Perry the only one talking?

  114. Moderator: Lorac, how would you handle illegal immigration?

    Lorac: Build the fence, have more guards down there, get rid of American citizenship for anchor babies, ENFORCE the law including no benefits to illegals, no college for illegals, and most importantly, absolutely no hiring of illegals.

    This plan will:
    1) keep new people out unless they are legal immigrants
    2.) get rid of many, many illegals who are already here – they can’t work, can’t get benefits, can’t run here at 8-1/2 months to drop a baby – they’ll just go back home. We won’t have to pay to transport them.

  115. Oh, moderator – one more thing – no drivers licenses for illegals, and criminals have to go to jail before deportation. And we’ll send MX the bill.

    If we stop throwing the pot at gold at them, they’ll stop coming. They will.

  116. Last debate I heard someone saying that we need to raise our limits of immigrants we let in, so that they don’t feel they have to cut in line.

    I call pshaw on that. First, hispanics already have the highest quota of all ethnicities. They don’t let in many Europeans. There’s no reason to raise the legal limit for hispanics, unless your goal is to erase the US and have it just be another Mexico. It’s totally reasonable to have a finite limit each year of how many people can come each year. And how about we let some more Europeans in. It would be nice to get some immigrants who have some skills.

  117. UW, I opted my kid out. I wanted more info. Unfortunately, HPV is transmitted by the male without consequence. It scared the crap out of me. Luckily, the kid is now old enough to decide for herself after a lot (and I mean a lot) of discussion with the family physician.

  118. Try entering Mexico illegally and see how well that works out for you. Then, try telling them you want them to teach your kids in English, and hang the american flag in front of your house. Then accuse them of civil rights violations. Have some politicians from America go down there and tell them what their laws should be. Don’t forget to write from prison, okay?

  119. One of my students underwent a full hysterectomy at age 21 because of cervical cancer.

  120. Oh I would love for anyone of these debaters to tell the Mexican version of a leader what to do. He has full backing of the cartels, so I would not push it.

  121. Well said on Mexico, Uppity.

  122. UW, only fools even drive their car into Tijuana. When they come out of whatever store they’re in, the car will be gone.

  123. We have to protect American women from those guys on the stage

  124. Sorry, are we not live-blogging the crazies of CNN. My bad.

  125. One question – if everyone is forced to buy health insurance and women’s care is not covered, why are women forced to pay for men’s viagra?

  126. UW – I have sympathy for people who want the default law to be that organs are harvested when someone dies, and that the person can opt out ahead of time. So many people need organs, and very few people donate them, usually because they put it off (because they’re healthy now, but don’t realize they could be in a bad accident tomorrow), or because it’s never really been explained to them. It would save a lot of lives, and we’re not going to need those organs after we pass…

  127. Frosts my hinny! Idiots… Yes we need to pull the troops out of Afghan, but we need to do something to ensure that the women of that country do not get forced back into subservience! As*holes

  128. honora – we are – off and on lol

  129. I was typing, but I did catch Ron Paul seeming to be agreeing with Krugman’s editorial this week saying that we have been shameful since 9/11.

  130. He did lorac. BIG mistake.

  131. They’re asking what they’d bring to white house

    Cain – a sense of humor b/c washington is too uptight
    Huntsman – my motorcycle
    slanty nose – I’d add more bedrooms because I have 7 kids
    romney – I’d bring the most beautiful woman in the world, my wife
    Bachman – I’d bring the constitution, bill of rights, etc

    That’s all I got

  132. Lorac, I thought romney said he’d bring winston churchill back to the oval.

  133. Perry said he’d bring his wife too… that an option? I mean, could Barry have left Meeshoe back in Chi-Town?

  134. romney – I’d bring the most beautiful woman in the world, my wife


    that was Perry

    Romney is gonna get Churchill back from the Brits.

  135. Holey moley lorac, if that’s the best they can do, the U.S. is royally screwed. Barack or one of those clowns.

  136. Paul was slammed with Boos on that one mcnorman.

  137. John King is giving Bachmann more airtime after the debate.

  138. Did Newt say he’d get rid of the staff?

  139. Oh boy did Paul get it, but there are a lot of people who agree with him. He’s so out of the loop. His perspective on medicine is very strange as well. He practiced back in the day when medicine was a healing art, not a factory.

  140. 9:51 p.m.ET– Huntsman: I’d bring my Harley Davidson and my motorcross bike.

    9:51 p.m. ET–Cain: A sense of humor, Americans are too uptight.

    9:51 p.m. ET–Bachmann: Declaration of Independence, the Bill of rights, the Constitution

    9:51 p.m. ET–Romney: A bust of Winston Churchill.

    9:50 p.m. ET–Perry: The most beautiful and thoughtful first lady the nation has ever seen, my wife Anita.

    9:50 p.m. ET–Paul: A bushel basketful of common sense. A course in economics.

    9:50 p.m. ET-–Gingrich: I’d get rid of all the czars. Music, ballet, and chess for his grandchildren.

    9:50 p.m. ET –Santorum: We have 7 children. We’d add a bedroom. Bring some beds.

    9:49 p.m. ET–Q: What would you bring to the White House if you were president?

    yeah, imust. Newty would fire all the WH Czars, the word he used. Not sure but it seems he meant regular workers would of course stay but there wouldn’t be any department heads.

  141. thanks karen!

  142. No Czars except for the one that gets to make sure his tiffany jewelry collection is always gleaming. After dropping millions on a few baubles the least his staff can do is keep his family trinkets in proper order…

  143. Hey, I can’t compete with a DVR! lol

  144. FF – I’ve now seen that litter pan a dozen times and it still makes me laugh. So perfect for our sarcastic little bunch of cat lovers.

  145. lorac, you have to do TWO posts on Wednesday, right?

  146. imust, men seem pretty obsessed with their staffs, I don’t think they’d get rid of them lol You know, it’s like strays – once you name them, you have to keep them lol

  147. lorac why’d you have to give it away. I thought karen remembered all that. Thank you karen, I missed it all.

  148. Karen’s good, but that would be amazing to remember the time stamp on each response as they’re given lol

  149. Why do I get the feeling FF is about to give us a header series? Well, because I know her. Heh.

    By the way gang, FF puts those headers up herself. She has full header control. That means I see them when you do.

  150. LOL lorac!

  151. Haha Karen! I DID do a post on Wednesday. You just weren’t here early enough in the morning to see it! But I’m already working on this Wednesday!

  152. From what I hear, I would rather have Rick’s wife Anita run for president and leave his ass home.

  153. Artistic freedom. She really is a freedom fairy.

  154. How many total debates are there going to be?

  155. UW, she is a very smart woman, and I’ll bet she ran rings around his ass on the vaccine subject.

  156. Let me tell you something. When Barack Obama sent that Churchill bust back to the UK that was just about the biggest insult to an ally I have EVER seen. It was the most petty, petulant and tasteless thing a man in the white house has EVER done. I knew then that this was nothing more than a spiteful, immature, mental infant who was going to be an embarrassment to the USA. And he hasn’t disappointed me for my observation one bit.

  157. Exactly, UW. If he really couldn’t stand it, he could have put it in a closet. He sent it back because he wanted to send a message. Petty.

  158. Vivien I trust FF to the nines. You know what you do with an artist when you are LUCKY to have one willing to ENHANCE your blog and give you something NO OTHER blog has? You turn that artist loose, that’s what you do. Do you realize that FF could have done this for ANY blog and she chose ours?

  159. Yay FF!

  160. Anderson Cooper to Debbie wasserlady –

    Obama took $500 million out of Medicare to pay for his health plan

    Debbie – didn’t answer, diverted, said blah blah blah savings

  161. She chose this blog because she knew one day I would stop lurking and show up in the threads hehehehe

  162. Fox always has dem commenters on. Don’t these lefty stations ever do that? I don’t recognize any repub people in this analysis – I think it’s just dems critiquing repubs…

  163. lorac, re: Barack’s medicare robbery: I don’t know one single senior who will be voting for him. He is the first president to cut their COLA increase. THREE YEARS IN A ROW. He is DOOMED with seniors. Just DOOMED. Notice all those in the pocket pollsters don’t poll seniors? Let me tell you, those people will vote even if they have to be helped to the polls. They despise him with every fiber of their beings.

  164. Debbie wasserlady


  165. Sooooooo, who won?

  166. Ron Paul is the crazy uncle in the attic.

    Newt is the snot nosed kid everybody made fun off for his funny voice and flabby body. He would be seen standing on the corner with his shirt hanging out, snot running down his nose. So he has spent most of his adult life trying to get everybody back with his false self-esteem. Incidentally, that’s how I see Rush Limbaugh too.

    Rick Santorum is always the seedy guy in the room whom everybody knows is an asshole, except him. 99% of the memories that live longest in his mind never really happened.

    Perry is the bottom of the class who got by with his good looks.

    Mittens is seen in the encyclopedia as the photo next to the subject “Anal Retentive”.

    Backmann, is an android experiment.

    Cain is the guy who solved world hunger, only we haven’t noticed yet.

    Huntsman is the guy everybody wanted to date in high school, college, and now. Due to his popularity in life, he never figured out what he thinks about anything.

  167. once you name them, you have to keep them lol

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  168. Pegged spot on UW.

  169. Did anyone see Obama’s Jobs Bill?

    I mean – it’s not even BOUND. It’s held together by a binder clip & looks like the staff ran it off on their office copier. This guy really has NO CLUE about HOW Legislation is presented. He is such an ass.

  170. What? Paperclips and sticky notes FF, because that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  171. Lorac – thanks for your note this morning honey.


    Off to bed for me now. Woke up at 4:30 this morning with numb arms and back pain…been up since. Have to meet clients here at 8 am.

    More tomorrow. And Uppity – if you want a series – tell MKB no punishments. Otherwise you’ll be using recycled headers for years to come!


  172. Seriously – look at this mess. (The Bill – not Obama)

    Ctl++++ to enlarge.

    Did anyone ask him if he read it. Opps…nevermind. I forgot. He wrote it hisself.


  173. The litterbox series!

  174. Where I come from if somebody at that level tried to pimp a report held together with paper clips, they would probably be shown to the lobby in the near future.

  175. Hey FF, you and lorac gotta stop with the notes and skype like NES and I do.

  176. Ah well – guess there was no one EMPLOYED in the WH Print Shop.

  177. It’s amazing, he doesn’t look the least bit embarrassed holding that mess up.

  178. looks like something a freshman in high school put together. Maybe not. Even a high school kid knows how to use a desktop publisher and a binding machine.

  179. What do you expect from a staff of children pretending to be big boys.

  180. Debbie Wassername.

  181. $500 million out of Medicare

    Wasn’t it 500 Billion?

  182. What do you expect from a staff of children pretending to be big boys.

    I got that from “pass this bill” speech. Good grief, i don’t believe middle school kids would write such tripe.

  183. Nice of Obama to pretend to give a shit on video in a soup kitchen, with his crisp sleeves rolled up,

    Did anyone get sick from eating that stuff he touched? Does the community organizer have a food handlers card? Or did the DNC just give it to him like they gave him the primary win?

  184. He gets a pass on the food handlers card.

  185. I you sure that’s his “Jobs Plan”? Maybe he accidentally picked up Malia’s school book report from the foyer table?

  186. Cooties! Cooties!!

  187. Yeah, you are probably right imust. It’s Malia’s homework.

  188. UW, I think you’re right – I was trying to type fast and get what they were saying at the same time lol 500 Billion

    Hey – leaving a nice note on the pillow is waaaay sweeter than skype!

  189. Has anyone ever seen this Kate and 8? This is the second time I’ve seen this. This woman does nothing but whine. How has this been on for years and years? You just want someone to stuff her in the closet until the show is over.

  190. Sorry lorac, I didn’t know you got it from the debate. I didn’t watch it. I just thought I remembered 500 billion because I was livid when I read it.

  191. No I watched the first few minutes of the analysis after the debate. Anderson Cooper said it to Wasserwishy, wanted her input, which she diverted – but I easily could have typed the figure wrong

  192. Re: the ongoing wondering about the gender of His44 – whatever it is, that person can type what they’re saying in the debate very quickly and accurately.

  193. You just want someone to stuff her in the closet until the show is over.

    Sound like a lot of bothersome muffled yammering, instead of it just coming out of the teevee. Don’t these people ever tire from talking and complaining so much?

  194. Debbie Wassername.

    Even better!

  195. From His44 comments by admin:

    Q: Healthy people who don’t get health insurance then get an accident. Who pays?

    Paul: That’s what freedom is about. Taking your own risks.

    Q: Should the society let him die?

    Paul: I practiced before Medicare and churches took care of people.

    Um – didn’t Medicare start in 1965 – and he was done practicing BEFORE Medicare? How the H*ll old IS he? Or did he only practice a short time….?

  196. That would make him waaay old – he must have meant that PART of his practice was before Medicare….?

  197. Yeah, he went to medical school when he was like 6 years old.

  198. lol towne

  199. H44 might have been there. lol. Don’t know if you ever saw this. I never did, but H44 had it posted and……meet H44.

  200. Wow, that brought back memories…..not good memories…but memories.

  201. Ron Paul is just a financially comfortable cranky old man. He’s the kind of doctor who would run over the back of a person who says they can’t afford health insurance and tell them to give up water, heat and eating to get the insurance.

  202. I never even wonder if H44 is a man or a woman. H44 just Is. No bells. No whistles. Just one bomb after another. And you probably already know I like those bombs.

    For Russert to have called H44 Hillary’s “drudge” is an insult to H44. In my mind Drudge is nothing more than a big tool who craps out the rumors for The Party. He put Humane Events out of business. Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch though.

  203. A couple of times Humane Events would drop some bomb. And if you did a search you would see tons of repeats of the lying scum bomb or rumor on google. But when you traced it back to it’s origin, it was humane events. Sometimes they were sleazy rumors. I don’t know what they are up to now, because I chalked them up a number of years ago. I also never go to drudge. Evah. There are just some right sites that remind me of the mirror image of Kos and Move On. What’s the point of reading any of them. Their agenda gets in the way of truth. It’s like choosing MSNBC or FOX. lol.

  204. I’m thinking we have some real blogging gems out there and none of them are these big boys sponsored by parties with ads plastered on their sites as in Cha Ching. H44 is one of those gems. I like near lost control of my bladder the first time they linked to me. lol.

  205. I never saw that before – but it refers to the site as “new”, and I know that Russert guy is gone now. They said that the site was geared to journalists and asked for hints or info to be sent in to the site. I don’t remember it ever being that way – must have been before my time.

  206. … and they’re saying it wasn’t interactive (interview seems to be in 2007) – does that mean no comments at that time….?

    … and they’re sayng that every night they posted the jokes going around Washington – which I’ve never seen posted. It must have changed format after that.

  207. On Nat Geo right now, there’s an Inside the State Dept with Hillary on – seems to have started 1/2 hour ago, 1/2 hour to go…

  208. I saw that Hillary docu last year. worth watching every minute of it. I think I covered it too. I have so many posts, who knows anymore?

  209. The New Deal is over 78 years old. I guess we could call it the Old Deal now.

    II want the Old Deal back.

  210. The New Deal is over 78 years old. I guess we could call it the Old Deal now.

    I want the Old Deal back.

  211. FF: I know you’re in bed (hell everyone is), but on the Jobs bill thingie. What did you want??? I mean they used the *good* Microsoft clipart, not just the stuff that came with Office 2010. They went to the WEB to get those things! 😆

  212. Yes Andy, I think most of us want the “old” Deal.

  213. Yes Andy, I think most of us want the “old” Deal.

    At this point, I would settle for a Real Deal.

    And Mom, you know what? You are Sooooooooooooooooooo Right. Except have you read lately that they have dumbed down basic training? No more pushups! Knowing how to Text is Primo!

  214. Hey Uppity- I hear ya- except the Air Force INCREASED the physical training aspect. More push ups- the 1.5 mile run must be done in a shorter time- AND ALL personnel- must participate in PT three days a week. That includes strength training and endurance- running, push ups, sit-ups etc. The Army might have dumbed down- but not the Air Force- maybe that’s why all those openings? ROFL

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