Woot! Rejoice! Taco Bell and the Military are hiring! And there’s also Holiday Retail

…..And to think Americans were worried about jobs that will pay the mortgage. Silly them.

Despite ongoing sluggishness in the U.S. economic recovery and fears of a double-dip recession, the economy continues to create jobs, albeit at a pace many wish would pick up.

Job openings in the U.S. rose 4.5 percent in August compared to July, the second consecutive month of increase, according to analysis of online job postings by SimplyHired.com, an Internet career site.

Is this for here or to go?

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I know all the recent college graduates will be happy to know there are some great jobs out there for them now. The leaders among job openings? Taco Bell and the  Military. That should excite them

I just know that our recent graduates from schools that teach people to revile the USA will be all excited about those military opporutunities, don’t you? But for those who miss out on the Taco Bell opportunties, you will be pleased to know that Retail jobs rose 13%. I know that a job selling shoes in a department store will go a long way to pay off those student loans! But save a little, because you will probably be laid off after the Holidays. I suppose that, with the right degree, at least they will be able to score Bloomingdale’s or something.

“As expected, job openings continue to remain positive and stable this month due to the start of the fall season,” SimplyHired CEO Gautam Godhwani said in a statement accompanying release of the findings. “We anticipate modest continued job growth through the end of the year from seasonal hiring.”

Boy it’s a good thing Holiday hiring occurs just before Presidential elections too. Then the job numbers will look really good and when the Holidays that half the country despises are over, everybody will be unemployed again just in time for a Second Term.

Apparently there is a slight hope for a few good people with specific education and experience:

More job openings were found in accounting, finance, agriculture and some scientific fields.


New Agriculture Jobs

That BA in basketweaving won’t cut it there, though.

…But of course, true to our shell of a press, they aren’t specific about the “scientific fields”. Still, there are plenty of job openings among the top three. I mean, a Chemist working at Taco Bell doesn’t inspire a “How many things can you find wrong with this picture” moment does it?

Here’s where you all have your best shot at working. Woot! Let’s hear it for the American Dream and the giant  flushing sound that goes with it. But don’t delay. Soon you will have 30,,000 Bank Of America employees who are layed off competing with you! I am so glad we gave BOA billions of dollars in bailout money and I know you are too!

The Air Force had 134,302 job openings in August, while the Army National Guard had nearly 20,000 listings, making them Nos. 1 and 3 on SimplyHired’s list. In second place was fast-food giant Taco Bell, with 24,000 jobs available. Office-products retailer Staples, with 19,551 openings, was No. 4, while Valley Health placed fifth.

Glad I am not on a job search. But here’s a training tape for the next batch of dime-a-dozen college graduates from dumbed-down schools who are lying around in their parents’ basement, waiting for some CEO to call them up and make them lord of the company. Don’t worry! Be happy! Barack is taking care of you and your new pony!:


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  1. What did the philosophy major say after graduation?

    “Do you want fries with that?”

  2. How do you get an English Lit. major grad off your front porch?

    Pay for the pizza.

  3. why are they pushing those college educations??heck that’s the work I always did with an 8th grade education. :lol; 😆

  4. Well then. In my own humble opinion- putting the entitled generation to work at Taco Bell, or picking vegetables in the fields, or doing a tour of service in the military would be a damn good thing. Too many of the brats have never made a bed, done a load of laundry or washed a dish- never mind had an actual “job.” 8 weeks in basic training and then another 3 months to a year in tech school would do them a world of good. They would get some discipline, learn how to get UP in the MORNING and be ON TIME!
    As a side benefit, they would learn manners, get a healthy dose of humble pie, and by the time they got out of basic the orange stain will have washed off their fingers.

  5. Get with the program people! They’ll be no, “Do you want fries with that?” This is the United States of Obamica!! “Here’s your peas…now EAT ’em!” is more like it!

  6. LOL on the jokes. I mean, when these people go to college doesn’t anybody think about what that degree will be worth in the future or do they just take the easy major that doesn’t interfere with fun? Nevermind. Rhetorical question.

    When I went to college, you know, when you had to have high marks to get in, the easy route for the frat or sorority drunk was called “social studies”. Now they have WAY more choices!

  7. But you know, considering the cheating rate in schools, starting very young, I bet most of them would be good in accounting (read, book-cooking) regardless of their degrees. That is, if they learned to add in grammar school between field trips, sports, and free lunches.

  8. imust: “Which low fat dressing do you want 1 tablespoon of on this salad?”

    I’ll take the water and vinegar dressing! Double radishes please!

  9. Yes Uppity. That would be the regular menu for the common, unwashed masses. For the well-connected (ie; Barack & Michelle) would you like a Kobe beef burger or a Lobster McMuffin?

  10. oh imust, get with the program. That’s lobster mcmuffin with brie.

    Mom, given the ambition level, do you think they will join the AF then?

  11. It would sure water down the high school dropouts serving up the fast foods, and not in a good way.

  12. NY 9 (The Weiner’s old seat) is in danger of going GOP. Correctly or not, the MSM is playing this as a referendum on Obama.

  13. Good to know my 18 yr old son has already hit the trifecta! Burger King, summer job in landscaping and will leave for the Marines in December. I’m proud as heck of him though, Marine Corps is a dream come true for him. Me? Scared, but proud. Lobster Mcmuffin, yum, alas, there’s only corn flakes around here.

  14. ROFL Uppity! personally I think the AF raised the standards as a subtle way of keeping them out. They only want the best and brightest and hardest working.

  15. Mom, i had a huge post started about how something like 85 percent of our military age people are not acceptable physcially to the armed forces. Seriously. And how the army has loosened the basic training to accomodate powder puffs. It was pathetic.

  16. Do you believe it? They took the link down on how 70% of them are UNFIT for military service. Looks like Winston is still working hard removing history.

    Here’s another one, probably cut down, since it’s huffpo

  17. The latest Army statistics show a stunning 75 percent of military-age youth are ineligible to join the military because they are overweight, can’t pass entrance exams, have dropped out of high school or had run-ins with the law.

  18. And there’s another great benefit for working at Taco Bell – all the TB food you can eat. Barf.

  19. Uppity- I remember that story- and it is true- so so so many are ineligible- physically and mentally. The lack of physical fitness is hugely concerning. Part of the reason the AF upgraded the standards for personnel was to protect their long term health. Makes sense when you think about it. If they get them in shape in basic and then let them slack off and grow fat as they progress through the ranks- it ends up costing so much more in not just health care dollars- but in lost work days and morale.
    Air Force always had higher standards for entrance exams- perhaps because they have the most high tech jobs?
    Better save that article to your computer- they will scrub it.

  20. The name of the report was “Too Fat To Fight” and it is “corrupted”- just like our damn govt! It is referenced in many articles though.

  21. Well here’s how the army explains it. It sure doesn’t sound like it was reported. They say the training is not “Softer” but……different. I guess they know what they are doing since national security depends on it and these soldiers are all someone’s brother, son, husband, father. I just hope it’s all not because nobody is joining. The thing is, with 70% unfit to join, they may have to do the country a favor and make adults out of them. It’s always been that way anyhow. I’ve seen plenty of little shits come back from basic training acting like the world doesn’t owe them a lving any longer and taking responsibility for their own actions. It’s unfortunate that more parents don’t make these things happen instead.

    Anyways, to give equal time, here’s what the army says.

  22. BCL, my rule of thumb is never eat someone’s food if you can’t look at it and determine what is really in it.

  23. NES if NY 9 goes down, it’s a HUGE omen for the bullshit “NEW” Democratic Party. And I don’t care. The real Democrats will be waiting.

  24. Well here is a link that fits right in- no jobs and the poverty rate is skyrocketing-

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Census Bureau reports the number of Americans in poverty jumped to 15.1 percent in 2010, a 27-year high.
    About 46.2 million people, or nearly 1 in 6, were in poverty. That’s up from 43.6 million, or 14.3 percent, in 2009. It was the highest level since 1983.

    Also in that article- the number of uninsured INCREASED- now how is that? The not read bill was going to increase the numbers insured- right? Oh I see- the high unemployment caused that.
    And to top it all off- the median income declined almost 3%.
    Welcome to Barackastan.

  25. The thing is, the middle class is paying for the poverty rate and they are heading right down there with them.

  26. Case in point. I now cannot afford health insurance. I have been single pay for a long time, the premiums MORE than doubled since Barack “fixed” things. We are talking four figures a month just for one. So what is happening here is MORE people are uninsured in order to fix things for others. I think this is patently unfair. Period. And I resent it. Big Time.

  27. I do not blame you at all Uppity. The whole thing sucks. I have been writing, calling and e-mailing since my days as a citizen/voter in MA. What the hell is so damn hard about letting ALL citizens have the option to buy into medicare or medicaid on a sliding fee scale?
    Why do they (politicians) have to make everything so damn complicated?

  28. What the hell is so damn hard about letting ALL citizens have the option to buy into medicare or medicaid on a sliding fee scale?

    This is exactly what the health insurance industry has been blocking for decades. It’s the reason they pork millions into campaigns and buy our leglislators. If you had a hundred million, they might do it for you though. And THAT is what has gone wrong with our government.

  29. OMG! Shelby Fluffy! John has a new one up! I am dying here!

  30. Oops- here is the link- show John some love!

    Where’s my whip? There may be need of punishments.

  31. Oh My Gawd. That is soooooooooooooo freaking FUNNY..

  32. Don’t you just love Shelby’s “dance”? Each one is funnier than the last!

  33. Whoa. John is gonna get all kinds of gas for the racial crap. lol. Where the heck does he find time to do these? Can you not see him laughing his ass off as he writes them?

  34. Wonder what kind of coffee he is drinking over there on the West Coast? I have no idea how he does it- talented guy- so long as he keeps on doing it lol. The Ron Paul supporter ones are pretty funny as well.

  35. Gotta be expresso.

  36. OT Did you see what Mittens did with his dog on a long trip?


  37. mcnorman, that’s old news – Syd would have a few pithy comments about it, and personally, simce Milly is a rescue dog from Kentuchk I should as well, however it’s not my country so I’ll refrain from saying something like he’s a scumbag. Mind you, the rest of the republicans aren’t much better and honestly, the Democrats don’t inspire much confidence either. Seems to be a general malaise of good people running for office – look at us – we used a recycled 30 years as Harvard professor as the liberal leader – lasted 3 years and sunk the liberal brand. Sigh, when will we liberals ever learn, when will we learn.

  38. Oops, meant Kentucky, not that abomination of mispelling. Forgive me, please.

  39. Yes, it is an old story HT. If he feels that way about his pet, what does he really feel for those in need? He’s so far out when it comes to connecting to the average American.

  40. Funny thing mcnorman – all north americans love their children and their best friends – their pets. It’s odd that Romney missed that lesson – he has 7 kids right?

  41. Yes I am aware of the dog incident, mentioned it a few times and, sad to say, that’s the quality of the republican field. If it isn’t treating women like dog crap, it’s treating dogs like dog crap. I forget which POS congressman tried to pass a law to shoot stray cats. And if it isn’t women or animals, it’s the poor and the middle class.

    Romney the dog lover. Scroll down to Mittens.

  42. I should have written “most North Americans” – some of our fellow humans are really sick puppies. Apologies for making broad generalizations.

  43. Mom, re the centanarian – disgusting how we treat our elders. Thanks for the warning about cantaloupes – just one more reason why we should grow our own and cantaloupes are really easy to grow.

  44. Our government is complicit in the murder of our citizens. They complain of the cost of health care, yet they continue to condone the filthy way our meat and produce are processed. This hits a nerve to me this week as I recently met a wonderful woman who is now on dialysis. You see, she had a kidney transplant 7 years ago. All was going well as it does for so many who have that transplant, until one day she ate some chicken and contracted e coli. It destroyed her kidney and she nearly died….and now she waits in fear for another kidney and isn’t very sure she will get one.

  45. Old woman evicted? Eh! Old people are a drain on society to this white house. So no big deal. And her son should get whatever he deserves in this world so long as it’s not good, preferably very soon. I’m sure that now that it’s public, the local community will fix his ass.

  46. I have been watching the Jackie Kennedy Tapes on ABC. Fascinating. A real Keeper.

  47. UW please check your email. Thanks.

  48. I heard them say that the NY district that has the election today (Weiner’s district, which may be absorbed in 2013 into another district, anyway) has not had a republican elected for over 90 years, and in terms of voter registration, 3x as many people are registered as democratic as are registered republican. If that republican wins tonight, wow, that really IS a message… I hope Obama has his big ears open….

  49. UW, I thought it sounded familiar. lol Jackass, people are already thinking weirdo Mormon, now they can add stupid pet owner to boot.

  50. Bawack will be bawling all night long lorac. I am waiting, no I’m hoping that he has a mother of a crying jag tonight.

  51. Ok I have to say it. Sad as it is that a woman that age is tossed out of her home it is but yet 8 years not paying the payments what do you want ?
    This is sad but seniors should check into who is handling their affairs before they turn them over. Not all kids are good. She most likely knew that but hoped he would be. I am sorry but I side with the bank here they are not a charity organization.
    I hope she gets some help and her son the screw artist who did this to his mother gets a lot of bad things. The bank evicting her did nothing wrong for goodness sake they let them stay free for 8 years. The son is the slime bastage that tossed his mom out if you think about it.

  52. lorac, Barack is a narcissist, he’ll never believe that Weiner’s spot was lost because of him. He’d view it more as something that was done TO him, but it won’t be his fault, ever.

  53. Colleen O’Connor: How Hillary Clinton Becomes President

    The former presidential candidate’s fate is the commander-in-chief job.

    By Colleen O’Connor

    I know. I know.

    Hillary Clinton said the chances of her challenging President Barack Obama “are below zero,” according to CNN.

    She also said she won’t “run for the presidency.”

    That doesn’t mean she won’t become president! And I am not talking about 2016.

    Watch the special election for New York’s 9th District (Rep. Anthony Weiner’s old seat). That outcome could be a bigger upset than Scott Brown winning Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat.

    New York’s 9th Congressional District is a solidly Democratic district—has been for decades. If the Republican challenger defeats the Democratic nominee, the blame will fall squarely on Obama.

    Polls show Obama is upside down in popularity, due to his handling of the economy, his perceived less-than-forceful defense of Israel, and his inability to tame the Republican opposition.

    As it now stands, the latest polls show the Republican ahead by 4-6 points. Even that is astonishing.

    A Democratic defeat in New York could also presage the real possibility of a Democratic “thumpin’ ” in 2012.

    Already, the Republicans are in position to win both the House and the Senate. Simple math. The Democrats have more seats to defend in the Senate and less competitive options in the House. Advantage Republicans.

    Thus, to lose the presidency would eliminate any meaningful opposition and relegate the Democrats to back benchers.

    Where does Clinton fit in?

    Again, simple math.

    Should Obama’s poll numbers remain at or below 40 percent; should the economy stay mired in 9 percent plus unemployment; and should Greece drag down the European Union and cause collateral damage in the U.S. economy; or if there are even more weather-related catastrophes, then Democratic party insiders may visit the president and suggest he rethink his re-election bid.

    Such a scenario has played out before.

    In the late 1960s, President Lyndon Johnson accepted the inevitability of his defeat—due to the unpopular war in Vietnam, campus riots, social unrest, etc. A weak showing in an early primary state sealed his fate.

    In a televised address to the nation in 1968, LBJ wearily intoned, “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.”

    Fact was, he probably couldn’t win it.

    In the 1970s, President Richard Nixon accepted the fact that he would not survive a trial on impeachment for the Watergate scandal. Sen. Barry Goldwater informed Nixon privately that the votes to save him did not exist in the Senate. Nixon, too, resigned. That was his fate.

    Clinton’s fate may be rooted in that past—of which she was so much a part.

    Should New York’s 9th Congressional District go to the Republicans, the current hand-wringing about Obama’s re-election chances, and his potential drag on all Democrats “down the ticket,” would gain greater momentum.

    Clinton’s job approval rating (well over 60 percent); her personal popularity; her work as Secretary of State (out of the economic morass); and her ability to be a “bridge” between the warring parties (even former Vice President Dick Cheney thinks highly of Clinton); are all formidable pluses.

    The nearly 18 million votes that she garnered in the 2008 primaries provide an impressive base and the hint of what might be her 2012 ticket.

    Savvy Democrats (legions of which support Clinton) could run as delegates to the convention. Read: “Draft Hillary 2012.”

    No need for a primary battle. No need for a challenge to Obama. No need to “run” for the presidency.

    Clinton may be in the enviable position of simply waiting—for fate.

    If Obama’s luck continues to sour, or he tires of the relentless battle, he may gracefully opt out. It could happen anytime during the primary season, but before the Democratic convention. The delegates could then “draft Hillary.”

    Clinton could then be drafted for “the good of the party and the good of the country.”

    Stranger things have happened.


  54. Remember Obama saying a million times, pass this bill now, and in its entirety? Here’s the W.O.R.M.:

    Take what you can get
    W.H.: Partial jobs bill is OK for now


  55. What a wuss. Seriously. How embarrassing he is, mostly to himself.

  56. You know the expression, “he folded like a lawn chair”…..even that doesn’t come close to how obie folds. He’s the folded lawn chair still hung on the hook in the back of the garage.

  57. Here’s Team Obama. Only there’s no smart guy leaving his staff in the dust while he goes off to Kinkos.

  58. myiq has a funny picture up at the top of his latest post. He also has a good summary of what happened in the primaries (he’s rewriting the incorrect stories written today about how Hillary ran a poor campaign). Go for the funny picture, stay for the story!


  59. OMG This is a real Obama site – it’s a twitter site – he wants you to report when he is being attacked (an example they give is Solyndra HAH!) so they can respond, or tell you how to respond maybe.

    But all the comments are having fun and reporting to Obama the bad things HE has done!!!!! I was cracking up!

    “We’ve launched a new way to track and respond to attacks against President Obama: #AttackWatch. Check it out: attackwatch.com”


  60. Dear #attackwatch, there’s some guy who keeps showing up on my TV attacking companies that have corporate jets. Please make him stop.

    RT @TimGamble: #Attackwatch The head of Obama’s Jobs council, Jeffrey Immelt, is sending lots of jobs to China.Please stop him. @attackwatch

    #AttackWatch Jackbooted Marxist thugs in the DOJ and ATF deliberately put American guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels!!! OH MY!!!

  61. Oh, this poor little sweet twitterer wants to rat on the ratters 😦

    RT @ericinva: RT @amclimer: Dear @AttackWatch, people are NOT taking #attackwatch seriously. DO SOMETHING!

  62. Dear #AttackWatch. I noticed you used Media Matters and Think Progress as trusted sources. May I also recommend Dr. Seuss and peyote?

  63. RT @iluvscoops: #AttackWatch : I read that N North Korea, pple R asked 2 snitch on neighbors who say bad things about Kim Jong Il. Wait..

  64. Dear @attackwatch, some idiot in Washington is asking us to tattle. Can you look into it? #AttackWatch

    #AttackWatch There’s a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nutjob: @AttackWatch

    @AttackWatch I just read Obama is connected to the bankrupt solar company Solyndra through Obama fundraiser, George Kaiser. #AttackWatch

    3 ч назад » toddeherman Todd Herman
    #AttackWatch – The right wing attack machine is preventing @BarackObama from getting credit for Solyndra and their brilliant green energy
    3 ч назад »

  65. Yo #AttackWatch a leader of an American labor union has threatened to take me out. I don’t think he means dinner & a movie

    Dear #AttackWatch – I’m eating a high carb, high sodium meal right now.

  66. haha UW you found some FUNNY ones!!!!!

  67. Dear #AttackWatch, I wish to report an attack on @BarackObama. Michelle Obama won’t let him smoke, and God knows he needs one…

  68. @thomasa56 Drat! Well I still have my parents to report: #attackwatch my parents raised me RIGHT! Get ’em!

  69. Dear #attackwatch: Orwell’s 1984 was a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

  70. Weiner’s slot: AP calls a Republican win.

    Say goodbye, New Democratic Party. Don’t let the door hit all of you in the ass.

  71. @THEQUEENISMAD Yes indeed! I have been cracking up reading #AttackWatch for hours! Too much fun! If U don’t hear from me..they came 4 me! 😀

    Is this guy’s party over, or what?

  72. C’mon UW – it’s okay if it hits Donna Brazille’s butt

  73. OMG these tweets are HILARIOUS. You all MUST read that twitter site!

  74. lorac, if wishes were dreams and dreams could come true – then and only then would Hillary Clinton be President. TPTB do not want her because she is for the people. It’s not going to happen. However, one can always hope.

  75. The GOP won NY 9th

  76. Bye Bye Bambi…. BO is burnt toast, not even good jelly can save him.

  77. HT – I love that clip and will keep wishing… 😀

  78. Dear #attackwatch: Orwell’s 1984 was a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual

  79. HT – if the party asks him to step down, I think Hillary will step up. But I understand, you’re pointing out the problem at the beginning. Those PTB don’t have perfect control of all the balls they juggle in the air. In other words, things are going really poorly. They may have a choice in the republican field to take over from Obama, but that person may not win.

    Even so, the economy has to be “healthy enough” for them to play their games. They may know that only Hillary can get the economy healthy again – and then they’ll have to battle her for their prior power. But again – I think all their juggling balls are falling tothe floor, clattering about 0 they really need Hillary to set things right. That has to happen first.

    So they may go for that, just to let them “live another day” to when they have to deal with Hillary. But the way things are going now, they can’t really even “play”, because everything is so screwed up. That’s what I’m thinking, anyway. If it made sense lol

  80. lol goofsmom, that was a good one!

  81. #attackwatch Obama you literally stole the primary from Hillary. Now you’re ruining our country. You need to resign and let the adults take over. Please fix this problem.

    (I just made that up lol)

  82. soooo let’s play a game…it’s called rename #attackwatch …how bout #HitlerYouth

  83. hold on a sec, 1984 wasn’t an instruction manual? Who knew – oh right – all the sane people.

  84. Dear #AttackWatch. My business plan consists of lavish donations to @BarackObama in return for a huge federal loan. That’s cool, right?

  85. Obama’s job program just created a new job in NY for the GOP.

  86. Who was it on this forum, I think Sophie? Who said

    Obama is post racial.
    Obama is post partisan.
    Obama is post toasties.

  87. No so fast goofsmom. There are all those NY 9 absentee ballots of dead people.

  88. LiberalBoobs: #attackwatch Omg! There’s a crazy illegal alien driving drunk on the wrong side of the road! Oh. Wait. It’s Uncle Omar. My bad.

  89. Thanks lorac… 😉

    Good one Tony!!!

  90. RT @ResistTyranny: RT @JoeKenHa: RT @yrddawg Dear #AttackWatch : I turned in my sister, but never got my t-shirt. Please advise. #tcot

  91. Oops…UW you are right, by the morning it will have a different result… what with the dead voters and the missed ballot boxes… 😉

  92. Bill wants to tweet them about the catnip from Mexico Holder has been running. he says it was laced with crabgrass.

  93. @DLoesch: Erections have consequences! #NY09

  94. HAHAHA on Donna Brazille, lorac!

  95. DO IT, MKBill!

  96. “#AttackWatch: U do the reporting on your neighbors, we’ll do the knocking on the door in the middle of the night.” @attackwatch

  97. I want to warn you all that if you click on the #AttackWatch site, a Bobo cookie is embedded into your brain forever, as well as into your computer. No brain surgery or anti-virus system can ever remove them. Axelrot will know your every thought and follow your every move for the rest of your life.

    I don’t want to make you paranoid or anything; just aware.

    Carry on…

  98. Beata – we’re all protected! They couldn’t penetrate our brains with all that hopey changey stuff, they can’t do it now! 🙂

  99. Beata, you are so very funny. Thanks for the warning. Night all – time for Milly and me to hit the sack. See ya tomorrow.
    Tony, brilliant observation – at least someone has a job.

  100. This is all making me chuckle. First, the twitters are funny. Second, I remember all the bots invading our spaces (except protected places like this one) and harassing us – well, now we’re invading THEIR space – but our side is FUNNY ….. ROFL

  101. oh wait – I guess I said that wrong – you twitter a tweet – so I should have said “the TWEETS are funny”… lol

  102. lorac i think you have permissions to edit your comments. If not, let me know.

  103. Yeah I wonder how they like being bombarded and harassed.

  104. RT @Afterseven Dear #Attackwatch My neighbor told me Obama is smart … Please investigate this heinous lie | #teaparty #tcot

  105. lorac, honestly before Uppity clamped down, there were Bots. She is a specialist in counter-terrorism and dispensed with them PDQ, bless her heart and soul. I suspect they followed her over from Larry Johnson’s site.

  106. Yeah, except now WE would be bots at NQ lol

  107. Oh, yes, UW, I do – I’ve done it a couple of times – but I guess sometimes I just let my goofiness/ignorance of hip things hang out lol

  108. No kidding

  109. LOL on the #attackwatch!
    turn about IS fair play in the Golden Age of Obama!

  110. southrngirl77: I heard someone say, “If they bring a #Knife, you bring a #Gun”. Thought u should know. #AttackWatch


  111. I can’t figure out how to refresh that page – I get one or two new ones whenever I use the refresh at the top of my computer – but there are a whole lot of these responses, and I don’t know how to get to them…. any hints?

  112. Dear #attackwatch, somedays I feel like I dont deserve any of the money i earn. Will your generous hope & change relieve me of this burden?

    ROFL remember recently Obama said he makes more money than he needs, he should be taxed more? ROFL

  113. They really should leave twitter alone. Every time the use twitter it backfires! Remember when they started spamming everyone’s twitter accounts with congressional account info to get people to bombard their members about the debt ceiling and people got so mad they started “de-following” Obama? He lost hundreds of thousands of followers in one day!

  114. I think I figured out how to refresh the tweets – the part I have highlighted says “all tweets” (actually, phonetically, it says tveets lol – no “w” in Russian) – when I click on that I get new stuff

    Результаты: #AttackWatch
    Наиболее подходящие Все твиты

  115. Dear @Attackwatch . Ppl in NY and Nevada have attacked Obama at the polls. #attackwatch #Orwell #Youarelosing #tcot
    2 мин назад » AttackSwatch Attack Swatch

    Call PETA. RT @VioletTiger2 #attackwatch I’d like to report some chickens coming home to roost. #NY9
    2 мин назад

  116. have to watch re the pigeons – they leave a terrible mess – not sure but I suspect they all have urinary tract infections.

  117. ROFL! Posted in the comments at His44:

    Obama calls for NY-9 to return to it’s pre-1967 status.

  118. NY-9: A Hosin’ by the Chosen!

    (high population of jewish people in that district)

  119. More from His44 comments:

    Quote from DU….

    “They took NV as well…the hate for Obama is so thick here in Reno, I can’t even put a DU sticker on my car uless I want it vandilized.

    “Obama needs to be primaried”

    “I’ve come to believe Obama is a trojan horse for the republicans”

    I’ve never been to DU (dem underground…?), but I can tell they’re sharp, really sharp! /s

  120. Dear #attackwatch I think that some teachers stopped forcing kids to sing the “Mmm mmm mmm” song.

  121. Dear #AttackWatch, my husband @danhanso sometimes puts plastic bottles in the garbage instead of recycling. He’s not green enough. Help!

  122. Dear #attackwatch: I heard a rumor that your new Snitch-A-Rama is going to turn his Campaign-A-Rama into a mockery. Oh, too late. It has.
    42 мин назад » Nikon_User805 Alan Ballinger

    Dear #attackwatch: Since I’m a Teamster’s Member, and a TEA Party supporter, does that mean I have to take myself out? And if so, where?

  123. Obama calls for NY-9 to return to it’s pre-1967 status.

    Try pre-1921. That’s the last time a republican won that district. That is how damaging to the Democratic Party Barack Obama really is.

  124. hehe good video

    UW I think they were making a play on Israeli borders (but you probably knew that, and I’m probably ruining your joke lol)

  125. That whole attack watch thing is unbelievable- turn your neighbors in! Get yur talking points! Anyway here is my tweet
    #AttackWatch I would like to report the theft of 18 million votes and a nomination-

  126. Excellent Mom!! Bill wants to tweet about that Mexican cathip he got that was laced with crabgrass. He says if holder can run guns, he ought to be able to get better stuff in here.

  127. I actually clicked over to the attack watch site- it is all black and red- horrible looking scary looking- oh wait- black and red- black and red- hmmmmm lt me think now…… Ah yes- aren’t those the anarchists colors and the color of meanchelda’s dress- the black widow job?

  128. If Obama’s luck continues to sour, or he tires of the relentless battle, he may gracefully opt out.

    Good article on Hillary 2012, lorac’ers. Only problem with the hypothesis is the fact that Obama is incapable of acting “gracefully.”

  129. He will NEVER bow out. he is a Narcissist. He doesn’t much give a rat’s ass if he takes the whole country with him. It’s all about him.

  130. The tweets are hilarious. It’s so creepy that the BO campaign thought this was OK to do! sinister and desperate. Boy, they’re really recycling old tactics. Anyone recall http://www.fightthesmears.com during his ’08 campaign?

  131. Careful what we wish for. I suspect that even our Hill would lose in ’12. I think people are determined to try the other party this time around. Obama’s given the Dems a bad name for ’12. The last thing I want is for Hill to inherit the mess of his failed presidency and then lose.

  132. For those who want to see the actual attack watch obama’s hitler youth and whatever the hell they called the people in the old soviet union who ratted out their neighbors- I got that e-mail yesterday. not much scares me but this crap is evil- I am fixing the link so as not to have any clicks go from here to there

    Take out the “dot” insert “.” if you want to see it- very very VERY creepy

  133. Obama camp is saying that twitter is a hijack. I wonder of the website I screen shot I took that says “Paid for by Obama for America” and urled to mybarackobama is also a hijack, and the referral from the Barack Obama twitter account is a hijack, because the fork ran away with the spoon.

  134. Yeah well it sure has been “high”jacked Uppity. By truth tellers and satirists. I just LOVE it when technology backfires on those astroturfing punks in the basement of the WHite House!

  135. tweets are funny,this will backfire for sure 😆

  136. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904353504576568710341742174.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEADTop

    Obama losing many Jewish voters. Not good for his chances in FL or PA.

  137. Those tweets are HYSTERICAL!
    andilinks Andi Silver
    People are calling our President the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, that’s not allowed is it? #Attackwatch @AttackWatch

  138. Just saw one reporting OFA for their new website that uses the colors of the third reich- damned if they aren’t right- red, black and white were the colors of the nazi flag.
    Have ANY of the WH staff or campaign staff (they ARE two different things? Right?) taken ANY history classes?
    What a bunch of nincompoops!

  139. Llittle Hitler Youth getting ready to turn in their parents.

  140. NES these pollsters need to drill down the democraphics and show the world what people REALLY think. Like poll Jews, women, seniors etc.

  141. Hey foxy! Thanks for your contribution to the blog!

  142. http://tinyurl.com/5sencdc
    Obama is slipping in California- if he loses there- stick a fork in him. Never heard of the polling firm- but that it is reported at all is telling

  143. Seriously? He is going to NC to peddle his jobs bill at a company that is shiiping jobs to Costa Rica? Is there ANYBODY with even half a brain on his staff? They are just giving the election away- on a silver platter!

    President Barack Obama will present his “jobs plan” on Wednesday at a company which is shipping jobs overseas.

    Obama is scheduled to present his “jobs plan” in Apex, N.C., on Wednesday at the headquarters of WestStar Precision.

    WestStar is a high-end, specialty manufacturer that just opened a new facility in San Jose, Costa Rica — creating many new jobs there, but not in the United States.


  144. Taco Bell??? People still eat that shit???

    I saw this and thought of you Upps. Another reason not to shop at Walmart, like we needed one.


  145. PMM, clearly they haven’t taken any history lessons — but, then again, neither has their Dear Leader. Everything he knows about history can be etched on a grain of rice.

  146. Hey foxy! Thanks for your contribution to the blog!
    you are welcome Darlin.bet Bill is already stoned 😆 😆

  147. Yeah he bought some Maui Waui Catnip!

  148. I was going to send Bill to the 12 step program, but they banned him because of his behavior last time.

  149. Hi UP! If I remember correctly, did not Reagan get slammed because of MacD’s were helping unemployment numbers during his administration?
    Oh, this is off topic, but have you seen this Ford commericial? It has Barry a bit hot under his halo!

  150. p.s.. It has been awhile since you have done a puppy thread! Just sayin.


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