E.R.A. The Equal Rights Amendment. Pass it. Pass it NOW.


      "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or 
 abridged by the United States or by any state 
 on account of sex."


 Now, I realize the ERA has so many words, and really big words at that.  It takes time to get something so complicated through our political system.  We need to be patient.  Everyone knows women are patient; we’re good at it.  After all, where else would the women go?  (wild laughter track here).

But wait a minute!  We HAVE been patient!  Alice Paul and the National Woman’s Party first proposed the ERA in 1923!!!   Oh, gosh, big words today, big math today!  Can my little woman’s mind figure this out???  By golly, I can!  That was 88 years ago!  And it didn’t even get ratified by Congress until 1972!  Thirty-nine years ago! 

Poor Alice Paul.  She worked so hard for so  long for women’s rights, including the right to vote, and the ERA.  She was born in 1885, and died in 1977.   She was 38 when she drafted the ERA.  She was 92 when she passed away, still not being constitutionally guaranteed the same rights as those of the minority, the men.  She lived to see so much activism during the second wave, and I hope it filled her with joy.  But still, the constitution she lived under did not guarantee her rights. 

 Well, at least she didn’t live to see the regression of the third wave.










The Equal Rights Amendment, first proposed in 1923 to affirm that women and men have equal rights under the law, is still not part of the U.S. Constitution. 

The ERA was passed out of Congress in 1972 and has been ratified by 35 of the necessary 38 states.  When three more states vote yes, it is possible that the ERA could become the 28th Amendment. The ERA could also be ratified by restarting the traditional process of passage by a two-thirds majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, followed by ratification by legislatures in three-quarters (38) of the 50 states.

Since the 1982 expiration of the congressional imposed and later extended ratification time limit, the ERA has been reintroduced in every session of Congress in the form of House and Senate resolutions to start the amending process over from the beginning.  Each time thus far, they have been stalled without action.


Those 15 states that have still not passed the ERA are:  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.  Go here to find out what’s been happening in those states in the fight for ERA.  We only need three more states to pass the thing.  WHAT is the problem?  (Oh, yeah, with “feminists” like Obama, who needs enemies?)


This site describes the sponsors in Congress for the ERA (updated 2010).  Hmmm… not too many republicans.  I guess “things are going to be a changing!” once all the independents, PUMAs, and other Clinton democrats vote republican to get Obama out.  Maybe we can make our presence move those silly old republicans towards the center going forward !!!!  Whoever wants our continued votes, are going to have to work for it!   We’re going to be watching for ACTIONS! 


Politicians:  You ACT, we’ll consider giving you more votes.  No “words, just words” (TM, Obama) accepted as a “downpayment” on our future votes. 





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  1. Shout it loud Lorac! 88 years??? What the hell is going on here! Women make up the majority of the nation and the ERA still hasn’t passed??? I am sorry to say you are absolutely right. Our votes must be held and earned.

  2. lorac, so true re the 3rd wave – do nothings resting on the hard work of the 2nd while screaming that feminism is not necessary. Not sure what will move them to action – maybe the forced breeding that some politicians (male of course) seem to be advocating.

  3. Lorac, Gloria Steinem would love to help out but she’s far too busy planning Park Avenue fundriaisers for Obama. Oh and some dipwad actuallly thinks this will happen:

    The involvement of Steinem and others in the Obama 2012 effort could help get more Clinton supporters actively involved.


  4. Uppity, for some women, there is no hope. Talk about voting against one’s self interest – this young lady has no idea how the older generation of women feel and apparently hasn’t asked any of them either. Back in the day my Business prof wrote the word “Assume” on the chalkboard and I have never forgotten.

  5. Once you commit yourself to one party both parties ignore you.

    One takes you for granted and the other one writes you off.

  6. The involvement of Steinem and others in the Obama 2012 effort could help get more Clinton supporters actively involved.


    Oh yeah, the unicorn fence doors are open.

  7. For those who haven’t seen it. John W Smart’s Shelby Fluffy on the Jobs Bill.

  8. You’re right myiq. If it weren’t for local politics, I would be an Independent right now. But i do admit I enjoy the calls from the Democrats, where i get to tell them to crap in their hats and put it on their heads. The callers’ voices seem more and more beaten down. You can tell they are getting plenty of answers like mine: I am pushing that everyone tell any DNC etc caller this: “When Hillary 2012 is announced, give me a call then. Otherwise, I am so done with you”.

  9. Meanwhile over in the middle east there is a bill making it’s way through – oh no wait- it is right here in the USA- the personhood bill- myiq wrote about it yesterday-

    Mississippi voters will be allowed to decide on a ballot measure that defines “personhood” from the moment of fertilization, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled last week. The measure could potentially outlaw abortions, birth control, in vitro fertilization and stem cell research across the state.

    Outlaw birth control huh? Does that include condoms and vasectomies?

    Where the hell is the outrage?
    Young women better get a clue AND FAST! They need a crash course in the effects of yearly pregnancy on their health and careers.

  10. LORAC: OT—back to last night’s thread regarding Hillis 44 or otherwise known as the Big Pink

    He is a washington insider, used to work for Hillary when they were in
    and he is a HE–Iremeber reading about him, I believe his first name is

    Nice post Lorac like usual—I cannot for the life of me imagine this damn ERA still not ratified—it totally baffles me—–

  11. It’s probably not a great idea to blow the dust off H44’s potential identity.

  12. UW: he told us once a long time ago, I’ve probably been with them since day one

    I didn’t realize it mattered that much, you think it’s such a big secret??

  13. Michelina, I just think a lot of people don’t know it is all and that’s probably good. I guess if it doesn’t matter to him, then it doesn’t matter.

  14. Your right I guess,—— but if they followed him all that much–being a Hillary lover, I doubt it, ———it wouldn’t be hard to figure it out

    He doesn’t hide much to his regulars

    and honestly the way he writes about OBama, I don’t think he much cares

  15. O/T sorry, I could not resist posting this one:

    Andi Silver
    andilinks Andi Silver
    People are calling our President the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, that’s not allowed is it? #Attackwatch @AttackWatch
    4 hours ago

  16. WOW lorac!! Always posting what’s on everyone’s mind. I wish Virginia would get on board and ratify.

    You can see by the way 44 writes he’s a Hillary insider. I never thought he’d be a *HE* though.

  17. Hmm now I know where the jobs are that the new jobs bill is creating…….

  18. UTAH: it took me a few minutes to figure out why in God’s name you would post that site,

    as I said I’m a little slow—–ROFLMA——-

  19. Hey looks like they finally took attackwatch down? Anybody? It hangs for me. Do they think there won’t be screen shots?

  20. It’s interesting that states which hosted the Olympic Games have yet to ratify: Georgia, Utah and how does the Feminist Pres not use his bully pulpit to push this through for his Daughters? Instead of an Equal Rights Amendment, why can’t we just amend the Constitution to include WOMEN AS CITIZENS and be done with it?

  21. Women as citizens. Nah. Can’t do that.

  22. Ed Koch is on Hannity telling the world that because of Obama’s demeanor toward Israel, he endorsed the Republican in NY-9. He also said Wasserman-Shultz is just dumb to suggest that a district that hasn’t elected a Republican since the 20’s is a “tough” district for Democrats. She is just not to be trusted to find her behind with both hands. When Ballot Box Poison becomes evident to Democrats, the Dump O movement will be on. Get on the bus, Gus. I’m waiting for them to say it was the bad taste Weiner left in everybody’s mouth.

    I’d go to Nevada to work a re-call petition to dump Reed.

  23. Twitter is hanging up on me altogether right now Uppity. I keep getting a connection timed out or server taking too long to respond message. Hopefully somebody got screen shots- and maybe it is just that people on the east coast just got out of work and are checking it out.

  24. I got it OK just now. First it appears to be getting addies to support BO, then goes to pics etc of Perry and rest of goppers.

  25. Twitter is back up- just grabbed this one-
    RoseDanna Rose-Anna Danna
    RT @RFDAmerica: Dear #AttackWatch, I’m reporting #sarahpalin for having more balls than #barackobama.
    45 seconds ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  26. No it is up and now you know where he has created jobs lmao.

    Have any of you watched the video going viral of MOO shoe telling Barry ” all this for a damn flag “? at the 911 ceremonies in NY ?

  27. Turn in 15 neighbors get a free waffle at IHOP! #attackwatch

    Hey #attackwatch, I saw 6 ATM’s in an alley, killing a Job. It looked like a hate crime!

  28. Scottie Brown, you know, that “dynamo” as in Scott Brown For President? The guy who kind of disappeared due to all those parties with Barack and such? Well he’d better come up with something better than nekked pictures because Elizabeth Warren is challenging his ass,

  29. Women’s rights? What a unique idea. Who is that Alice Paul that you mention?
    Jeebus, this is so tiresome – how many years ladies, how many years. And remember, ladies are the majority – outside of China of course where they routinly kill their female children and are now facing a crisis because they were so short sited,

  30. darn, that should read “short sighted” I’m, having a senility session.

  31. Uppity sez: I am pushing that everyone tell any DNC etc caller this: “When Hillary 2012 is announced, give me a call then. Otherwise, I am so done with you”.

    Perfect, Uppity! I wish one of those bastids would call me, but I forgot to re-register after I moved. Gotta do that ASAP.

    Lorac, awesome post! ERA NOW! And I have to say, I wish I was in MA just so I could vote for Elizabeth Warren. You Go Girl!

  32. Jaysus I just killed a spider the size of a buick. I mean it had 1.5 inch legs and the body was so gross it squished when I hit it. If that thing bit me I’d be in the emergency room. Good grief. Biggest spider I ever saw. It was coming right at me. I hate this time of year because they always try to move in. I guess I should be grateful I don’t get the field mice, but then no self respecting field mouse would come into my home unless it wanted to be named Dinner. But then again I’m not alergic to them.

  33. Excellent post, Lorac!! Happy Wednesday!

    The involvement of Steinem and others in the Obama 2012 effort could help get more Clinton supporters actively involved.

    HA HA HA
    Ha Ha Ha

  34. Lucky you Uppity- we have spiders AND rodents. The barn kitty has been leaving a fresh gift at the end of the walkway every morning. This week alone we have had a chipmunk, a shrew and a mouse. NOT a field mouse either dammit! The people on either side have moved out and it seems the mice are moving out as well. Not moving into my house! Not happening! I have to get some D-Con tomorrow. An ounce of prevention and all that.

  35. Mississippi voters will be allowed to decide on a ballot measure that defines “personhood”

    It’s getting annoyingly easy to figure out what constitutes a person: any animal, vegetable, mineral, corporation, or cell that is not a female human being, particularly, not a female human being over the age of 40.

  36. Uppity… if you had SC the mouser you would not have to worry…. 😆 😆 😆 🙄 😯 🙂 😉 😆 😆 😆 😆 glad you are ok!!!! 🙂

  37. It’s getting annoyingly easy to figure out what constitutes a person: any animal, vegetable, mineral, corporation, or cell that is not a female human being, particularly, not a female human being over the age of 40.

    Word, Sophie!

    Uppity, if I saw a spider that big I would have a freaking meltdown. Good Gawd Almighty. I do not DO spiders. I guess I’m lucky I’ve been a city-ish mouse for so long!

  38. Mom, i recommend Contrac Blox for mice. I use them on other properties. Mice love the stuff and it really does control them. The blox come in a container, you buy them by the pound and you drop them into these protecta containers.
    You can buy a kit with the whole setup. The thing i like about Contrax and the locked up containers is they aren’t actually poison, so if an animal ingests a bit of it, it won’t kill him. The chemical thins the mice’s blood. And since the blox are locked with a little key, kids and pets can’t get into them. Here

  39. Awww FF! LMAO!

    If you luvvvvvv MEEEEEEEEEE……!

  40. Aw geeze, NYSmike, EVERYBODY love them their Mikey!

  41. OMG! FF! The header! You have truly done it this time! I promise I won’t report you to attackwatch! LOL

    Uppity- rofl on the Blox! I have lock boxes for the stuff- cuz chickens eat anything. I just call it d-con cuz I can never remember the name of the stuff. I don’t think have ever seen that brand- but I get the same idea kind of stuff. It’s a box- locks with an allen wrench- little blocks go on spindles inside- the mice get in a hole in the side but the pets and chickens can not get to the bait.

  42. “Jaysus I just killed a spider the size of a buick. I mean it had 1.5 inch legs ”

    OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

    Went into the garage a while ago and that spider was HERE! I SWEAR it was 4″ across – legs all spread out like a throwing star and a big body with a big black dot in it. I screamed – then tried to kill it and it RAN SO FAST! Now I won’t go out and get my laundry til the morning!


    Now _ I am sorry I cannot play – but I have to be out the door at 6am – but I wanted to tell you all I was adopted yesterday by a kitteh – about 3-4 months old and the SWEETEST thing on earth – although VERY annoying!!!! She is a black and grey tiger and she MUST have been someone’s baby – as we just don’t get LOST cats where I live. I have asked everyone and I will foster her til I find her owner and if not – just keep her. She is used to the house, knows litter boxes and food and all that and she likes to help me type and do EVERYTHING ELSE. She gets in the fridge when I open the door and last night decided that playing with my face at 3:30 was a great idea. So much so that I had to shut my bedroom door (with her on the other side) to get some sleep! She is clean and sweet and funny as hell and WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE~

    She spits and hisses at Angel and Tippy but I think she will come around. She likes to sit on my shoulder and loves to climb my leg and is adorable – until she farts. I’ll keep you posted!

    At the moment – she is making biscuits on my arm – and I am sleeveless!

    I WISH I could stay and play here – but the peddle will be to the metal for a few weeks starting tomorrow. Will stop in as I can.

    Lorac! Great job. And remember – if you love Obama – you will give him an early retirement.

  43. Oh silly everybody. A “person” is any humanoid who has a penis. Or a corporation run by a person. Corporations are people too.

  44. Casper, even though my neighbors have them I never have mice. They just know better than to hang out here. My big boy is an excelent mouser if need be.

  45. Uppity, Madamab and I- all in the hate hate hate spiders club. I swell up like a balloon when bitten by the nasty things.
    Spiders and (don’t report me) clowns. Stephen King was reading my nightmares when he wrote “IT”.
    Naaaassssttttyyy! There was even an evil spider in Lord of the Rings. Damn things are universally reviled it seems.

  46. LOL my mother used to get field mice in fall and I would bring my cat Judy over there for a week and that would settle it. She was the best mouser EVAH. My mother’s cats would see one and say, like, WTF? They had it easy.

  47. Debbie Wasserman is the Baghdad Bob of the Obamacrat party.

  48. Great post, lorac’ers. Way to go!

  49. Debbie Wasserman is the Baghdad Bob of the Obamacrat party.


  50. FF is in the club too! Don’t be sending any tropical alligator size arachnids up here! We PROMISE we LOVE MKBill and YOU!

  51. You would think Debbie would revile barack for winking and nodding at those would would eliminate her own people. What a dipwad. Does she think she would be exempt?

  52. FF — SCORE! on the new header.

  53. I just can not help myself- I keep going back to check that attackwatch

    uzislippers Fuzzy Slippers
    Dear #attackwatch I heard JFK believed in American exceptionalism & hated communism. Please hold a seance to find out if he’s smearing BO.

  54. Wow FF that sounds like a super kitteh. Definitely pre-owned if she’s that into you. Starving for attention. Face it, FF. SHe’s yours now. She hath spoken. And stop mailing those G’damned spiders to me. I’m allergic.

  55. Uppity….. 😯 really, nothing to do with mice… 🙄 🙄 it all has to do with SC cat and mouse… 😯 😆 😆 😆 😆 take a look…. 🙂

  56. Yup mom. that’s like Contrac.

  57. FF – that header rocks!

    I just cannot stomach the way Obama wants us all to do his work for him. He is the laziest Preznit evah.

    PMM: Stephen King was reading my nightmares when he wrote “IT”.

    I am not afraid of clowns, but that was the scariest book I’ve EVER read. The way they would all be meeting somewhere and suddenly heads would start rolling out of the refrigerator. WTF!!! Oh, and there was a spider in that one too!

  58. Hey Madamab, right here at UW is where you will always find the Living Header, brought to you by The Freedom Fairy!

  59. Well Looky Here. I see we have a McNorman Rant scheduled for the AM.

  60. MadamaB- oh yes indeed- scariest thing I ever read- the clown WAS some kind of prehistoric spider. ((shudder)) Nasty. The clown with the damn balloons – sucking kids down into the sewer- where it changed into a spider and and (GD*&IT! Now I have the heebie jeebies all over again)

    FF- congrats on your new kitteh! You know it is yours- forever. Name? And maybe it will catch the bugs for you? I have had cats that caught bugs- flies, spiders, ladybugs, moths, wasps. Not Kozmoe though- he does not “Do” catching things.

  61. We haven’t had a McNorman rant for a LONG time! Can’t wait! bet it’s a doozy!

  62. OMG, the new header – Bill looks exactly like Zeke – Run Uppity, run!

  63. Yes, PMM – that clown was an ALIEN spider! Creepalicious!

    The best thing about that book was how the adults connected with their inner children to defeat that horrible creature. It was so poignant and heartbreaking, yet inspiring. D*mn, I love Stephen King.

  64. Madamab, agreed – watching old series Dead Zone right now. This netflix isn’t half bad.

  65. Mere random thoughts that kept me awake PMM. lol

  66. Yay! Lorac Wednesday, followed by mcnorman Thursday! Then it’s the weekend! And there are no “major speeches” by The One on the horizon!

  67. Imust, it’s time to celebrate…NO speeches! Woot!

  68. Lorac, this post really brings home so much about why we are in the pile today.

  69. I just read something that made me laugh very loudly. Attack Watch is the equivalent of Frank Burns from MASH. I don’t think I will ever be able to look at Barack without thinking of sniveling Frank again.

  70. McNorman rant on Thursday? Tomorrow will be a good day! 🙂

  71. mcnorman – you’re doing it all wrong! You’re not supposed to have mere random thoughts that keep you up – you’re supposed to practice random acts of kindness. Maybe you’re staying up late thinking of kind acts – but then they really wouldn’t be random. So I think you should go to bed tonight imagining your favorite vacation spot, or a nice evening with a special someone, and get yourself into it, like you’re really living it in the moment. That should push out the other thoughts and help you fall to sleep.

    OR – I have a foolproof way to fall asleep – there’s a republican guy named Mark Levin, he has a “radio show” on the computer every night. When I can’t sleep, I turn that on – and guess what, I’m asleep in 3 minutes, no joke!

  72. Oh no, not Levin, please noooooo. I won’t be able to wake up. hahahaha

    To be honest, we are finally getting some rain. Not “real” rain, but some moisture. I’m not used to thunder or rain so this is a treat that I stay awake to watch.

  73. If you love me, you’ll love my bill! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW! You must pass this bill NOW!

  74. Oh you must be speaking of “The Artist formerly known as The One,” right? hahahahahha

  75. mcnorman, thank your lucky stars – rain rain go away, visit mcnorman today, We are so wet that I feel we should share and send some your way.

  76. Isn’t he just behaving a tad desperate now?

  77. HT, the desert cannot handle more than a cup of water or homes float down the arroyos. Anytime you feel like sharing, please send some down, but remember…only a cup.

  78. My daughter lives in Pennsylvania, so I understand where you are coming from HT. It’s been terrible there.

  79. haha wouldn’t it be funny if His44 admin is the same person as The Insider? (no, no, I’m not serious, it was just a funny thought!)

  80. Oh lorac that would be a hoot. Does anyone know who His44 is?

  81. Well Pa is just south of me mcnorman, so I appreciate your daughter’s predicament. If we can only send you a cup, we need another recepient and soon. Even my dog is sick of it – and she loves rain

  82. HT, I don’t think my dogs would understand. Even the labs around here don’t get rain. lol

  83. Well, perhaps lorac is the likely recipient – California after all is notoriously famous for brush fires.
    Insofar as your labs are concerned Mcnorman – funny thing about labs, they get used to anything – tis their nature.

  84. Yes, the lab is a special dog. I’ve always been surprised at the breeds that people will keep in the desert. Not labs, but Malamutes, St Bernards, and Huskies. Just seems wrong to have that breed in 100+ weather.

  85. Okay, lightning alert. Night to all. We don’t do well without a surge protector. 😦

  86. mcnorman – maybe it’s Mr. Uppity lol hers and his blogs! 🙂

  87. Dear #attackwatch my neighbor won’t give me all her money even though she makes more than me. Look into this please.

  88. utah, check out this one!

    #attackwatch My neighbor works hard, takes care of himself, and pays his bills on time. He’s definitely an enemy of the state.

  89. Dana Parino posted a tweet, hawking her show that took the place of Glenn Beck.

    A senator named Mike Lee also posted a tweet

    @Judgenap & I discussed the President’s #jobs bill last night on Freedom Watch. Does #attackwatch know?: http://bit.ly/q1WyxO

  90. RT @BradMarston: I found a website with lies about .@BarackObama It’s WhiteHouse.gov #attackwatch

  91. benpolitico Ben Smith
    Pretty good. RT @JonahNRO: So I have nearly 7 times more followers than #attackwatch. I think I deserve a nice gold attackwatch.

  92. Pedlar7 CW
    #attackwatch I’d like to report the US Senate for not passing a budget for 800+ days. #HarryReid

    CHOWSTL Craig Lueschow
    I suspect the obamabot who thought #attackwatch is a good idea in under his/her/its desk in a fetal position right about now.

    iowahawkblog David Burge
    2008: Bush is destroying our civil liberties! 2011: REPORT SUSPICIOUS OPINIONS TO THE STATE, CITIZEN #AttackWatch

    michellemalkin Michelle Malkin
    My column today: Obama’s Big Green Boondoggles http://is.gd/bDlu9a #attackwatch

  93. Here’s one for NES:

    Gunservatively Gunservatively
    Can an empty suit be sent out for dry cleaning? #attackwatch

  94. craptard Wayne Baisley
    RT @jamestaranto: Obama: He takes a shellacking and keeps on yakking. #attackwatch // And still only $9.95! (trillion) (so far)

  95. jeffm1911 Jeff MacInnis
    #Attackwatch “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” – Alinsky

    haha yes, especially when the subject is a narcissist lol

  96. 1964april2 Jose Mireles
    Dear #attackwatch, I am reporting myself in for re-education since I am both Hispanic and a conservative. When do I get my brown shirt?

  97. lorac, you get the rain – I’m concentrating on sending it to you right now so stop reading attackwatch and start sending out your receive thoughts.
    Just woke up and am cranky – too many nights falling asleep at the computer – must go to bed earlier (although I somehow manage to brush my teeth – hmmmm)

  98. Lorac,

    LMAO…. those are great… thanks for sharing… 😀

  99. This is SO funny!

  100. You’re welcome, goofsmom!

    HT, ok I’ll take the rain! But the tweets are fun lol

  101. Night lorac, sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite and enjoy the rain.

  102. Good one that, lorac.

  103. Sound analysis: http://dyn.politico.com/printstory.cfm?uuid=656DCEA8-278B-48B4-BF21-60F8CD8F743A

    The loss in NV is more telling than the one in NY-9.

  104. I hope people here remember that he was my first BFF in the Obama years. He’s good, eh?

    He’s the top of every Repub.’s VP list, but says he’s not interested. I think he may mean it. Thoughts?

  105. H44 is not the insider, the insider is full of warm crap and IMO the same person as the “interviewer”. Insider is really good at predicting shit everybody else already thought about, with a nice embellish of course. This is NO democrat. It’s my guess Insider never even drove by the white house. People will believe anything so long as it satisfies their need. That’s what the Dirty Tricks squad counts on and they are never let down!

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