The spirit of America that no creepy politician or crazy enemy can ever knock out of us.

I want to thank Karen For Clinton for calling my attention to this video of true bravery and humanity in the face of danger and need.

This is what I mean about our country. We are America. We Endure. It’s what we Do. We will never lose our spirit no matter what horror anybody tries to throw in our wake, no matter what corrupt politician or corporation or group of thugs tries to use to break us. In the end, we always Endure and we Win.  We are Americans. We  all have a “little hero” in us.  It’s what We Do.

Let others Take Note of our history. Nobody has the power We have. I’m not talking about some arrogant liars, thieves and hypocrites in DC. I’m talking about Us. Americans. We have more power than they do. When necessary, we have always reminded them  when we reached the limit of our endurance. It’s what we Do. It’s what we’ve always done. We will Endure. America will outlive all these politicians and all of our enemies of our existence. We will have it no other way. It’s who we Are. It’s what we Do. It’s why so many have risked their very lives to escape  from where they were to come here where we are.

The Great Boat Lift of 911, not mentioned much, is it?

“I’ve never seen so many boats come together that fast”

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  1. @iowahawkblog
    David Burge #AttackWatch have you cried “uncle” yet? Because we can keep this up all f***in’ day.

  2. Thanks for making me cry with my second cup of coffee. Wow – what a great video. I knew there were boats. I never knew the whole story.

    Off to the vet w/Angel soon to have her spleen tumor evaluated. Then to work. BBL


  3. BTW – anyone interested in a kitten who prefers to sleep on your face?

  4. No thanks. Got one. If I need a spare I’ll let you know.

    Admit it. You love the attention.

  5. Truly- when the S*%t hits the fan- Americans get it done. Too bad there are still those in the world who just do not get it.

  6. This is the Spirit of America. That’s why Obama always misses the boat (excuse the pun) every 9/11 anniversary. He doesn’t need to call for a “Day of Service”, Americans already do that. It would be better for him to highlight Americans like this every 9/11. Call attention to the best in us instead of lecturing from his ivory tower.

  7. I love Iowahawk UW.

  8. I have seen this several places before. Very uplifting. I would much rather see things like this then all the other crap we are exposed to these days. I have to believe even though we all have our different beliefs we will stand strong and America will come through these dark days as she always has.

  9. In many ways, watching this video gives Americans real hope that we are NOT what the MSM says that we are. That we still hold certain values and will never be ashamed to stand for them.

  10. Wonderful – I simply had no idea that this took place and am very grateful that this video was made, even though I still can’t stop crying.

  11. Found this- put it up- took it down- and after consult with Uppity- am putting it back up. Too bad the makers could not just leave it at humor- there is a bit at the end that shows how the makers of this vid are as bad as the one they mock.

  12. The thing most people don’t realize about NY is that most people there, the people you see rushing around when you visit the city, are working stiffs. From the ferry riders to the squashed into the subway people, to the ones running for cabs or navigating busy sidewalks to grab a quick lunch – are all working their asses off at fast paces – more than 8 hrs a day to make a living and afford the roof over their heads and the extra expenses that come with this city.

    I hear people knock NY all the time. They have no clue. They think it is right out of some TV drama BS cop show. They don’t know that NYC neighborhoods are small town America and the kids have many of the same experiences as country kids do, only they also have the benefit of lots of other things going on.

    Crime is everywhere, drugs, etc. are rampant all over and always were – alcohol abuse is an epidemic problem in North East PA – way more than I ever saw in any neighborhood in NYC all my life.

    They didn’t just pull together for 911. They pull together for everything that happens anywhere in the town. Blackouts, fires, storms, people help people.

    I LOVE NY.

  13. PMM – That is a riot. How fitting that it is cartoon looney tunes sing songy.? Perfect.

  14. karen- I hear what you are saying- but- I would not go into NY City ever again. Have been half a dozen times in my life and have been terrified every single time. And all those trips were BEFORE 9/11. Too big, too crowded. The first panic attack I ever had was in NY City.
    I went to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty- and that is about all I want to see there. Plus it is way way way too expensive. I did eat at Windows on the World and toured the Wine Cellar in the Sky.
    I navigate Boston no problem, Charleston, Atlanta, DC and of course Pittsburgh (which is one big flaming pain in the ass to get around- ugh) NY? Too big.
    Living near Boston was always good- Theatre, museums, restaurants etc- all priced well below NY.

  15. I never had one single crime committed against me or any of my close friends or family in almost 50 years there so I was never afraid. Street smart – yes. When you grow up there you know when to be wary.

    I felt the same way when I was in New Orleans and 4 friends were robbed in our group on separate occasions. I felt so safe getting back to JFK and finally letting a death grip go of my purse since I was back in Good Old Safer Queens! Seriously. It was also more expensive in NOLA – $7.00 for a hot dog and coke at a stand. And that was Pre-Katrina. NY is cheaper than some cities.

    Boston has its problems too. My good friend lives there and I have heard her complaints for decades.

    As for price – yep. That is why I left. My daughter has the degree to make the big bucks so she lives well there. I do not. I was one of the working stiffs running around like lunatic trying to put a roof over my head in a very expensive city.

  16. I am sorry but I think imposing Obama’s face in an Osama photo is way over the top. It’s not only over the top but it’s disgusting. You see, the Right is scum too. I refuse to choose between two sets of scum.

  17. I just did a google “news” search for Attack Watch and the headlines are delicious. What a difference a few years makes. Here’s some headlines:

    Obama Campaign’s ‘Attack Watch’ Becomes Victim of Conservative Mockery

    Seriously, Attack Watch?

    Attack Watch’: ‘It’s real pansy-boy stuff’

    Attack Watch: An Unintended “Talking Point”?

    Obama Launches Attack, an Orwellian Esque Ego Response.

    Obama Administration Launches Online Thought Police: “Attack Watch”

    Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of conservatives

    Obama Launches ‘Misinformation’ Website

    The Problem with the Obama Campaign’s ‘AttackWatch’ Website

  18. Karen- guess it goes to show we are most comfortable in our own comfort zones lol. I have never been good in crowds- got lost in a crowd when I was little (well I thought I was lost- it was in the line for polio shots- Mom could see me- I could not see her) I visited friends in New Orleans and was not frightened at all. Boston- well I grew up near it- and I know/knew the unsafe areas.
    Uppity- I took the vid down- sorry.

  19. lecturing from his ivory tower.
    butt that’s all he knows 😆

  20. K for C — I LOVE NY, too! There is this unparalleled buzz about the City one doesn’t find anywhere else.

  21. Put the vid back up Mom. I want everyone to see that the right is not some bunch of innocents. They are no better than the obama camp.

  22. Working long hours everyday, but reading when I can.

    Karen: I LOVE New York also – where smart Women in suits wear tennis shoes and/or rarely, if ever, bleach, highlight or dye their coifs – gotta love it! lol

    This story touched every part of me – and also made me cry over both the lives they helped and their well deserved humble pride.

    The last three posts are par excellence – as usual here. The Headers have been so purrrrrrfect – also as usual – a message and delight all their own.

    Perry on the cover of Time? Oh, Pleeeze! I am so sick of another overrated MAN marketing his way into the highest something or other so he can screw us with more “unilateral” authority.

    When? “Maybe next time” and “Women are just not qualified, tough enough or too….!” for over 100 years is way past “It’s getting too late to straighten out the mess that all-male leadership has caused now!”


  23. Ok- I will rescue it from the trash- brb

  24. I love New Yorkers–they have such smart mouths and such big hearts.

  25. I love NY K for C.

    Apparently we should not be too worried about some of Bam’s promises to keep us safe from another 9/11, yet this worries me.

    US GAO: U.S. Agencies Have Limited Ability to Account for, Monitor, and Evaluate the Security of U.S. Nuclear Material Overseas

    the U.S. can’t track or fully account for 5,900 pounds of “weapons usable” nuclear material that it once shipped overseas. Instead, U.S. officials have to rely on foreign governments’ assurances that the potentially cataclysmic stuff is safe.

  26. Well the next time one of you goes to NY City- please get me some GOOD pastrami and corned beef. Cuz we have NONE here in the boonies- and it is not something I would go there to get myself. But if you are there……….

    Seriously – I think you all are incredibly brave. I won’t even drive near the place. I have a recurring nightmare about getting lost driving over some neighborhood in NY- I wake up screaming every time- it is worse than the clown nightmare. When I book flights there are two cities I WILL NOT change flights in- NY and Chicago.

  27. Ok here’s a story that reeks of Who Is Lying, since you can’t trust Obama any longer. According to the Huffblo report, Geithner ignored an obama order on banks. Now either Obama is throwing him under the bus or he’s even more inept as a leader than we first thought. You be the judge.

  28. The book states Geithner and the Treasury Department ignored a March 2009 order to consider dissolving banking giant Citigroup while continuing stress tests on banks, which were burdened with toxic mortgage assets.

    In the book, Obama does not deny Suskind’s account, but does not reveal what he told Geithner when he found out. “Agitated may be too strong a word,” Suskind quotes Obama as saying. Obama says later in the book that he was trying to be decisive but “the speed with which the bureaucracy could exercise my decision was slower than I wanted.”

    It’s called thumbing your nose at authority barack. Because you are a paper tiger on your best day so you have no authority. If this story is true, Geithner trumps Obama in power. Not a very comforting thought.

  29. Saw that Uppity. Could be that bawaaack is trying to push the blame on the Timmeh – timmeh being not the most popular guy in America. Cuz we all know that nothing is EVAH the fraud’s fault.
    Either way it looks bad- on the one hand cabinet members are defying orders and barky is powerless. On the other- barky can never take responsibility and ownership of any decisions he makes.
    Is it Jan 2013 yet?

  30. Right, mcnorman. Also, reportedly, over a thousand Russian shoulder-mountable stinger missiles are missing from a weapons storage site in Libya; it’s thought there are many more such sites which have been emptied of stinger missiles. These can be used by terrorists to shoot down airplanes. Hope and change.

  31. Please let it be Jan. 2013 already!

  32. You know what, MOM? I’m beginning to believe that no matter WHAT CREATURE runs against him, it’s better than this. Maybe a batshit righty president will wake up the third wave and they can go ahead and start over. Serves them right. Screw em.

  33. Yes, Upps.
    Besides, there’s no other hope for the economy. Obama doesn’t know WTF he’s doing on that. We can’t afford another 4 years of recession…just can’t. That’s why the GOP nominee is going to win, batshit crazy on ‘social issues,’ or not. Especially in economically distressed times, people vote their pocket books.

  34. Feel the same Uppity- I am so sick of this administration- 8 yrs of Bush II – then this. SSDD (same sh%t, different dick)

  35. Me I wish we could get good leadership but seriously doubt that will happen again in my lifetime so I have decided no matter what I will vote for anyone who is not an incumbent. Even if that incumbent was fairly good I refuse to support keeping these bastages in office until they die.

  36. Might be fun to watch these cavalier third wavers march in the streets and break some fingernails. They didn’t appreciate what was handed to them for free. Now let em go pay for it again. Screw em. None of this is going to affect me. I’m not going to be having an abortion. I’m not going to be the one fetching coffee at work with my master’s degree and watching the boys get promoted over me. To hell with the whole lot of them. If it were up to them us second wavers would all be dead anyways. So why should I care?

    I’ve just cut down my stress level. Let them eat my stress.

  37. If Hillary runs and they ditch this loser, I might get excited again. Otherwise, I just don’t give a rat’s ass, so long as Obama and his pissants are gone.

  38. Today’s laugh- Shelby Fluffy returns this time in “Fight the S’Mores”
    John Smart is super talented!

  39. That’s all we need NES…we arm the terrorists that come to our country to destroy.

  40. In case you all didn’t see the FORD Ad our Hillbilly John posted in the other thread, feast your eyes on this and imagine obama freaking out.

  41. You should read the comments on youtube to this video.Atttaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk Waaaaaaaaaaatchhhhhh!

  42. Holy Chit! Look at this guy’s Xray with 72 cocaine capsules swallowed. They stopped him because he was acting “nervous”. Wait till you see why:

  43. Oh, hey! Yahoo’s saying that Jimmy Carter’s endors… uh, wanting Romney to win the primaries. There’s a death knell if I’ve ever heard one.

  44. PMM, you are too much. SSDD indeed!!!

    Oh, and I Love NY too!!

  45. Uppity, that video is amazing. Thank you.

    When 9/11 happened, I had a lot of trouble contacting a friend of mine. His wife was working down by the Trade Center, less than a mile away. She took one of those ferries that miraculously showed up across to Staten Island, and she stayed there with a co-worker overnight. it was horribly scary until I heard from him that he had found her and she was all right. (Cell phones were not an option for quite some time.) He drove to Staten Island the next day and picked her up.

    There was no question of abandoning anyone on the island. Everyone, EVERYONE pulled together. It was absolutely incredible.

    I keep thinking everyone knows everything about that day because I am a New Yorker. It’s great to find these less-known stories that show how awesome our city and its people really are. And yes, this is how Americans are. This is the real US.

    Here’s another one…there was a big East Coast blackout a couple of years after 9/11. I was coming into the city to go see a friend perform, and had no idea anything was going on. But I noticed the traffic lights were off on my way down to the city.

    I put on the radio and there was nothing on the news. Suddenly there was a notice that there was a big blackout across the East Coast. I realized the opera was obviously canceled, but then I thought, OMIGOD! Hubby is working – how is he going to get home? Cell phones weren’t working that day either, so I had no way of knowing what he was planning to do, or if he even knew what was going on. So I decided I would pick him up. In a moment of total lunacy, I drove across Manhattan…with NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS. Somehow, we all took our turns and didn’t hit any of the thousands of pedestrians who were swarming into the streets trying to catch the last trains and buses home.

    I got close to my husband’s building and I realized didn’t know what to do with the car. The streets were chaos. I saw a man on the sidewalk with a sign saying, “Going to Chappaqua Station, Westchester County,” so I pulled over in front of him and asked him to watch the car while I went to get my husband. I told him I’d take him there if he’d do it. He agreed, I put him in the car so he could sit down, and walked over to hubby’s place.

    I got to the building, and he was right there out in front because the building had no power and had been evacuated. I basically informed his boss that I was taking him home with me, and then we picked up yet another passenger: his co-worker who lives several train stops north of Chappaqua. We went back to the car and made our long, slow way to that train station, where our new friend picked up his car and drove hubby’s co-worker home. It took us about 2 and a half hours to go about 45 miles. (We all had pizza and hot soda at the train station to celebrate our arrival. The refrigerator was broken)

    On our way up north, we saw many cars stopping and picking up strangers who were walking uptown on the West Side Highway, trying to get out somehow. It was inspiring, and yet…everyone knew this was just what you did. It was not even a question that we would all take care of each other on that day. We had been through it before, you see.

    Later, there were some snooty comments from New York Haterz about how little looting happened during the blackout.

    They were the only ones surprised.

  46. Everybody knows Carter and Obama are the French Kissers of the inside set. These two creeps are practically one, they are so similar. This is clearly an attempt to water Romney.

    Romney says Obama = Carter.
    June 2011

  47. Madamab, thank you for that very up-close and personal testimony. Like I said, this is the stuff New Yorkers and people all across America are made of. They push our citizens collectively at their own peril in the end.

  48. My scary 911 day had to do with DC.

  49. You’re welcome Upps! I posted and then realized it was super-long. Sorry to be a hog. :-p I just get emotional about my city and its people…and I hate when people say Americans are stupid and selfish. It burns me up.

  50. madamab: I remember that blackout too. I was in Pleasantville, not far from Chappaqua. By the way, was your pizza from Pizza Station in Chappaqua? If it was and if you ever get there again, I highly recommend their Chicken Scarpatta. Divine!

    On 9/11, NY convenient stores did not jack up the prices of bottled water–they gave them away for free. People who got cabs going uptown invited total strangers to share their cab rides.

  51. Sophie – I know Pleasantville! It’s right across from the Rockefeller State Park, one of my favorite places to walk. And yes, that’s where it was, I think.

    You are right about the convenience stores. And for a few days afterwards, everyone was extremely polite and solicitous towards each other. I remembered thinking I had never seen the air so clear – because of the ban on air traffic.

  52. P.S. Uppity, are you really not going to share? Or would it uncover your identity too much?

  53. No sorry Madamab. I won’t be sharing. Please forgive.

  54. Nothing to forgive, Upps. Your stories are your own.

  55. Madamab. You were not a “hog”. It was a very touching account.

  56. Sounds like if I ever have an attack of the braves there are lots of Uppityites to see me around NY. Not gonna happen in this lifetime though. I will settle for getting up enough courage to take my grandsons to DC- I took the boys years ago before the world went insane.
    Nah- I’ll stick to going to gigantic calderas- it’s safer lol.

  57. Some things stay with you forever, don’t they?

  58. Ok here’s a story that reeks of Who Is Lying, since you can’t trust Obama any longer.

    What? He was trustworthy once? lol

  59. PMM: same sh%t, different dick


    That is SO good!

  60. And the hits just keep coming!

    Obama observes that he and fellow Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter “all have sort of the disease of being policy wonks.”


  61. I’m waiting for laker to watch the vid, but I’ve never seen it or heard about it. NYer’s have always been nice to me, I like to visit there. Great story, Madamab!

    If we get a new prez, and it ain’t Hillary, I’m hoping for one of the Mormon twins. I really don’t like Perry at this point. I watched a clip of one of the debates & I saw Perry make a doofus answer with the exact same dumb grin as Bush. It gave me total deja vu. I usually don’t go with my gut about things, except emergencies, but I have a really bad feeling about this guy, and not just becuz of social issues either. Ok, her is laker to watch the vid. bbl

  62. That was really heartwarming. Thanks for posting that Uppity. I’d never even heard about the boat lift before. We were really moved. It was very well done, and you’re so right, that’s the true spirit of America.

  63. Just finding the time to watch Karen’s great pick of a video. Thanks. Now I’m spreading it further.

    Somewhere recently Obama spoke of the American spirit and somehow that led me to surmise that our wonderful spirit is sustained by the Constitution which he is hellbent on destroying.

  64. Upps said:

    My scary 911 day had to do with DC.

    Upps worked for the Pentagon??????

  65. Wonderful video, Uppity!! That’s the America I love.

    FF, good luck on Angel — hope everything turns out OK.


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