Happy Saturday and if you own a cat, I know you will recognize this

Simon’s Cat hits the mark again.


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  1. A perfect way to start a Saturday!

  2. OMG! THAT IS my new kitteh!


    In other news – sorry I haven’t been here at all but life has gotten crazy – and painful! After two days of really tough scaffold work on the installation of these signs AND helping an 80 year old friend of Charlotte’s with early dementia pack up to move to assisted living – I came in late yesterday afternoon – exhausted. I opened the heavy glass storm door, got the front door unlocked, started in and before I knew what happened, the storm door’s shock absorber failed and the thing SLAMMED closed – the bottom corner of it catching the inside portion of my left heel. It put a 1.5″ gash and puncture wound with two vertical tears in my foot RIGHT next to my Achilles Tendon.

    I cussed a blue streak and hightailed it into the kitchen where I leaned on the sink seeing stars and continuing the “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Goddam” diatribe. I then hobbled off to my bathroom, got my foot in the sink and flushed it with cold water. It was then I saw this tremendous hole in my heel with all sorts of creepy looking skin exposed. I applied lots of pressure with a towel and called my neighbor to come take a look. Off I went then to the corner “walk-in” (HA!) Clinic to have it cleaned and evaluated. When they told me “sutures START at $287.00” on top of the $75.00 doctor’s fee. I opted for butterfly bandages and glue with antibiotics on the side. (I can buy a really nice new screen door for $287.00!)

    I had just taken Angel to the surgeon for an evaluation and spent a bunch of bucks there. Now I have to have chest x-rays dome for her before we decide on surgery. Spleen tumors can cause lung tumors. If there are any in her lungs – surgery will not matter. (BIG SNIFF)

    Today I am hobbling around but have tons of stuff to do. Sigh. Been meaning to do a new header soon – I’ll see what I can do.

    Hope everyone has a great day! LOL! XO – FF

  3. OH ROFL! Myiq! LOLOL

  4. I love those Engineer guys. They rescue kittehs and do the Engineer act sooooooooooooooooooo well! Cracks me up, I know dozens of guys like them. Glad they have a new one. If you’ve never seen the Engineer’s Guide to Cats, gang, click on their youtubes.

  5. Dear FF…Ouch Ouch and OUCH!!!

    287. that cracks me up. No round numbers for these guys!

  6. Ouch FF! You HAVE had a tetanus in the last decade right?
    Hugs to you and Angel!

  7. Oh- and Happy Constitution Day! Read it before it gets scrubbed!

  8. My cats are Simon’s cat!

  9. FF – how great that it missed the tendon. It will be painfull for awhile but a torn or cut tendon would have benched you for ages and cost roughly the price of Obamanite’s daily throw away money gifts to his rich pals.

  10. Oh geeze FF that hurts like Hell. Closest I ever came to that was some Jack wagon running a shopping cart into my heel. Hurt like all get out. Take care and sending tons of best wishes to your precious Angel.
    Just thinking as I see you hobbling to kitchen sink I bet you were holding your head right ? lol. I sure do every time my foot is involved. Never figured out why most folks when getting their foot hurt grab their heads lol.

    Uppity I was thinking of you this morning when I was sitting here looking over the mountains and watching a glorious thunderstorm. Don’t know why but I thought of this song and was giggling like crazy then went scouting a video.

  11. Utah you wouldn’t be calling me a squirrel wouldja. I mean, just because I am?

    Listen, I think thunderstorms are glorious too. They lose their beauty when they carry on four four days with enough water so that you can’t see 5 feet in front of you or out your windshield,

  12. FF your new cat probably made that injury happen so you would be forced to lie down for long periods of time and she can hang out with you.

  13. MOI ??? Call you a squirrel ? NEVER ! Just like messing with you sometimes lmao.
    Understand about the storm thing. We can get hammered here for a month straight. I get tired of it too but this one was most glorious really. Clouds over the mountains with bright neon blue flashes on a back ground of pinks and oranges as the sun came up. Truly beautiful. What a great mood setter. Then a damn fricking kid had to go and destroy my great mood with petty BS.
    More and more I think I screwed up not buying in a senior only gated community. Kids for the most part piss me the hell off. There are on occasion the ones I actually like but that is rare.

  14. A perfect way to start a Saturday! or any day!!!! 🙂

  15. Did you guys see this post at Crawdad? Hillary speaking about women’s equality in the workplace. Ironically, right after that book comes out about how the Obama WH is a hostile work environment for women! Go Hill!

  16. imust, I just put up a link to that same thing and other links… too many so Bill the Kitteh put me in the trash bin awaiting moderation.

    I do not comprehend moderation.

  17. FF – heed Mom’s advice re the tetanus shot – every 10 years (although being an independent artiste and contractor, you probably keep up to date). Take care of yourself. Best wishes for a good outcome with Angel.

    Simon’s cat must be related to Zeke!
    That video on cat flatulence is priceless – we have a lot of that around my place.

  18. Yikes FF!!!!! Poor you. Hang in there.

  19. Fished you outta spam, karen.

  20. ff, you’re always getting into trouble. you’re like me. lawd, keep it elevated and put ice or heat on it as needed.

    thanks NES.

    i am off this weekend for a change and i am pretty sure i need to relax and put my own feet up and elevated and read and sip coffee and tea.

    I love me my Hillary and Bill. They give me faith that someday we can once again feel as if the world isn’t all doom and gloom.

  21. Those wacky obama gate crasher friends are setting good examples for all of us to follow. Follow the money, people.


  22. Busy busy- it is not raining so burned some of the dead fall today and have a big pot of apples on the stove (apple butter) Anyway-
    OT but has anybody seen Dick Morris lately?

  23. Morris is on a toe-sucking vacay probably.

  24. LOL karen! Moderation is the key doncha know!

  25. PMM, that toe article was gross! Still washing the mental pictures from my mind! What’s wrong with people?? I’m beginning to feel that these days in the Golden Age of Obama are like one big reality show.

  26. See this is what I’m talking about. From your link karen:

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Celebrity White House gate crasher Tareq Salahi filed for divorce Friday, claiming his wife was flaunting her affair with the lead guitarist for the rock band Journey.

    “Celebrity White House gate crasher…..” When did crashing a party at the White House make you a “celebrity”?? I can remember a time when it would have put you in jail!

  27. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/04/16/AR2010041603420.html

    Obama doesn’t hold his investments in a blind trust. Ano’ historical first.

  28. Ohhh, ff~ I hurt just thinking of your injury. The storm door hit me (on the way out) yesterday, and It stung. I cannot imagine the pain you’re in!

    Obama prolly has the bulk of his investments held in someone else’s name. I don’t trust anything he says.

  29. I’m with you leslie. If it’s transparent with Obama, it’s what he wants you to see. The real money is probably off shore.

  30. imust, they were celebrity white house gate crashers BECAUSE it’s a celebrity white house – all empty narcississtic suits inside, people who just want to be seen to be seen – this is kindergarten white house – no one knows how to do anything, they fight with each other about what to do – but they’re all CELEBRITIES! (not!)

  31. I posted this comment on another website…and wondered if I’d ever posted it here. (Apologies if I’m repeating myself.) Know you’ll find it interesting.

    The President of the Harv. Law Review (HLR) is a title conferred by the third year editors of the HLR. Reportedly, Obama convinced the conservative outgoing president and a majority of the outgoing editors (Republican boys) to make him the new president based on two factors: (1) he’d be the first black president of the HLR and, thus, would make history, ensuring great press coverage for the HLR; and (2) he’d continue their sexist policy of quashing feminist-scholarship-based law review editorial pieces. In other words, he got the position by playing the race and sexist cards. Sound familiar??
    (I have all this on very good authority — a friend who was then on the HLR.)

  32. NES, the info re the HLR is dynamite – too bad not one of the people who have this kind of info is willing to come forward – but then, the corporate owned press wouldn’t pursue it anyway and the journolisters would seek out the dirt on anyone who dared to topple their emperor into the no clothes zone.

  33. OMG NES! You know someone who knew the fraud! Do tell!

  34. Good point HT. NES, perhaps you should scrub your comment, you may find yourself on the receiving end of being Obamatized.

  35. Barack Obama is a major Sexist Pig who uses the Race Card to get what he wants? Nahhhhhhhhh. That can’t be!

  36. Excellent suggestion imust, particularly with that AttackWatch site.

  37. NES is a harvard graduate. I’m sure she didn’t pull this out of her butt and I’m also sure she’s not afraid about it particularly since it can straight from a HLR board member. I’d be more inclined to think Obam would want to pick off all the HLR people on that board when he got his appointment. Besides, is there another HLR president who never published a g’damned thing besides Barack Obama? He was President of the HLR like he’s president of the USA. In name only, by pulling sexisit shit on his Better opponent, creating a “fairy tale” about himself and who he is, and by pulling the race card. Looks like Barack Obama has very early training. Nice No-Work if you can get it!

  38. Attack Watch is a little busy hiding HT. They are doomed. That site has been abandoned and left to the people who just plain were not going to put up with this threatening shit. Again.

  39. I hope you’re right Uppity – smelled a little too much like Goebbels way of doing things.

  40. I hope NES gets more tidbits like that one. Not surprised at all. That egomaniac will do anything for his own aggrandizement. He’s pretty good at it, look how far he’s come.

    FF, hope your wound heals well. Try to take it easy, foot issues are hard to heal unless you’re off the foot. Laker & hubbie have both had surgeries on their feet/achilles. For all that feet are tough, taking all our weight day in & day out, they need to be weight free to heal.

    That story with the famewhores & Neal Schon was hilarious. Hubbie knows him (Schon) & was pissed that he did this to his poor wife, although I am not surprised he is a notorious cheater on all of his women, so she is better off, I think. btw, he looks like he is about 65 in person, fast living…

    I had mild surgery myself on Monday & still in a lot of pain myself, so if I sound dingy, its the pain meds.

  41. I should have said, “if I sound dingier than usual”, ha!

  42. HT, spot on!

  43. NES disappeared. Musta got a knock at her door. lol. Hmmmmm. Since she’s going to be tied up at Camp X-Ray I wonder if I can have her stuff.

  44. I’ll send Laker up there to guard her.

  45. socal, take care of yourself -mild surgery is an oxymoron. And please don’t risk Laker, NES can handle herself.

  46. Imust, I know 3 people who knew the fraud really well. Two are total ‘bots tho’. The one who gave me the information at issue was a diehard Hill supporter.

  47. I’ll send you mail on that later, imust.

  48. Thanks HT, I’ve taken it easy all week & going back to doing things slowly. Am so bored though. I always thought I would like to have some days of just rest & reading, & the boys taking care of me, but I have cabin fever & realize I prefer my own way of doing stuff.

    btw, I did watch 2 of the Suchet Poirots this week. He’s a great actor, but they change the stories a bit in that series, don’t they?

  49. That’s correct, HT. Remember how the Obama media (aka, the MSM) investigated Joe The Plumber within an inch of his life and tried to destroy him — and all because he dared to ask The One an inconvenient question.

  50. Its sad that we’ve come to this, that people who knew our prez can’t speak out without fear of retribution. Back in the olden days of my youth, the big papers & Time & Newsweek would’ve long ago sought them out for their stories. HT is right…1930’s…

  51. Laker and I will tear up the town.

    Get well soon, HT.

  52. NES, laker has talked a lot about going up there after grad & “finding” you & surprising you. I think he plans to talk Uppity talk or something til you figure out who he is! Tearing up the town with you is one of his future plans! Its funny that he wants to do SF so badly. I did too when I was his age.

    btw, why does JWS want someone to report him to attackwatch?

  53. NES– Ask your source if Obama had an second in command, who was a woman, who did all his work, who wrote scores of intellectually stimulating law review articles, who mentored the younger law review members and who was overlooked because people claimed she had never been called a ni##er, she had thick ankles, she cackled and she was a lesbian murderer? For some reason, I think that Obama has been using women that were more qualified and deserving than him, for his whole life.

  54. Excellent, social. I’ll recognize him from his “Uppity Talk”!

    I think JWS said that because he thinks being reported on that Gestapo site is an honor — sort of like being on an honor role.

  55. ROFL, Honora.
    I’ll bet you’re correct about O and women. Let’s not forget that, adding insult to injury, Hillary was his mentor in the Senate.

  56. I’m going to be livid if the O administration decides to bailout the Eurozone. Here’s the text of a letter by GOP Senators to Timmeh:

    June 27, 2011

    The Honorable Timothy Geithner
    Secretary of the Treasury
    Department of the Treasury
    Washington, DC 20220
    Dear Mr. Secretary,

    Greece and other of our allies in the Eurozone face difficult fiscal consolidations.   With the real and growing likelihood that Greece will default on sovereign debt, responsibilities of the United States are unclear.  Our concern is that innocent American taxpayers will pay for yet another bailout—this time to one or several Eurozone countries whose spending and debt choices led them to financial calamity.

    Recall that upon signing the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law last year, President Obama clearly stated that “There will be no more tax-funded bailouts—period.”  That was a clever sound bite, and those were strong words.  But the words will only truly be powerful with action to prevent exposure of U.S. taxpayers to bailouts of any form.  Bailouts of highly indebted foreign countries are actions that make the President’s statement untrue. 

    Moreover, the Dodd-Frank Act makes clear, in Section 1501, that the law places restrictions and responsibilities on you, the Secretary of the Treasury, to oppose loans by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that are unlikely to be repaid in full.  American taxpayers deserve assurances that you will abide by the conditions set forth in the Dodd-Frank Act.

    We, our constituents, and all American taxpayers wish that tax-funded bailouts have truly ended.  Yet we have recently increased funding for the IMF, prompted by the administration’s advocacy, which can now be used to bail out foreign countries on the verge of default.

    Under the administration’s advocacy, the federal government committed in May of 2009 to increase its line of credit for the IMF by up to $100 billion and increased the U.S. quota for participation in the IMF by around $ 8 billion.  Given the amounts we are providing to the IMF, the United States could end up providing tens of billions of dollars or more in bailouts to Greece and, perhaps, other Eurozone countries in the future. 

    Some argue that the transactions with the IMF are mere exchanges of assets of equal value, with the U.S. swapping dollars for claims on the IMF denominated in “special drawing rights.”   According to that argument, there is no risk to the taxpayer when the U.S. increases IMF funding. 

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) disagrees.  CBO noted, in May 2009, the real risk that the IMF will experience significant losses in the future.  Given such a risk, CBO estimated that the present-value, risk-adjusted cost of what was then a proposed increase of around $108 billion in U.S. resource commitments to the IMF was $5 billion—a cost that would be incurred by American taxpayers.  Financial risks surrounding Greek debt and sovereign debt of other Eurozone countries have grown since 2009, so the expected cost to American taxpayers today is likely to be higher.

    Action by the United States is critical for the IMF’s use of its enhanced funding, including the roughly $108 billion of additional funds provided in 2009.  For several funding measures undertaken by the IMF, an 85% majority of total voting power is needed; the United States has 16.77% voting power.  Included in those measures is funding through the IMF’s New Arrangements to Borrow (NAB) through which the IMF raises money from governments when it feels it needs more resources to supplement its quota resources. 

    To activate NAB funding, the IMF’s Managing Director proposes an activation period which can become effective if it is accepted by participants representing 85% of total credit arrangements of participants eligible to vote and if it is then approved by the IMF Executive Board.  The NAB has been activated twice: once in December 1998 to channel funds to Brazil; and once in April 2011 to give the IMF more funding authority following the financial crisis for actions like bailing out Greece.  The next review of the NAB is to take place by November 2011, according to the IMF.

    Today is a good time to review and adjust our commitment to IMF bailouts.  Today is not a time to tap American taxpayers for more bailouts.  American families continue to struggle in the face of high unemployment, elevated energy costs, and elevated uncertainty about the future.  

    Mr. Secretary, we ask for clarification of the administration’s intentions regarding the debt crisis in Greece.  In that regard, the President recently pledged, during a visit to the U.S. by German Chancellor Merkel, that the U.S. will “cooperate fully in working through these issues both on a bilateral basis but also through international and financial institutions like the IMF.”  

    Will additional funding be proposed for international organizations such as the IMF for use in bailing out highly indebted foreign countries?  Given reports that the sizes of proposed bailouts for Eurozone countries could grow, will you instruct the U.S. Executive Director at the IMF to cast a vote of opposition for any proposed loans that are not likely to be repaid in full?  Will you direct the U.S. Executive Director at the IMF to vote against approving and accepting any further proposals by the IMF’s Managing Director of activation periods intended to bail out over-indebted foreign countries?  What steps will you take to protect American taxpayers from the real risk of loss on their IMF “investments?” 

    If it is truly the case that taxpayer-funded bailouts have ended, as the President has stated, then American taxpayers deserve assurance that they are not being forced to assume risks and losses from foreign issuers of sovereign debt.



  57. “He was President of the HLR like he’s president of the USA. In name only,……”
    IIRC, the next President of the Law Review, (the first woman President), said that Obama would show up at the office, shoot the shit for a few minutes and then leave. Never wrote anything or did any work.

    The story of his life; a genius at self promotion and making people feel good about helping him but otherwise lazy and dumb as a box of rocks….just IMHO.

  58. SHV, yep mostly rightly remembered. She wasn’t the next president though she was the editor.

    found this out of curiosity. Love the “benediction” quote.

    Posted: 9/1/2011 7:01 AM
    Harvard Law Review colleague reveals Obama character flaws
    Oops, sorry. Too late to save 300 million of us from the Great Mistake of ’08
    ================================================== ===============================
    March 11, 2009
    “You would think this is the time he’d really knuckle down and get to work ”

    Carol Platt Liebau was first female managing editor of the Harvard Law Review;

    It reminds me a little bit of my experience with him when he was president of the Harvard Law Review. You know, I hesitated to say a lot about this during the campaign because I really thought maybe it wasn’t fair. That maybe, finally, when he got to be President, this would be a job big enough to engage and hold Barack Obama’s sustained interest, because really, is there a bigger job out here?


    [W]hen he was at the HLR you did get a very distinct sense that he was the kind of guy who much more interested in being the president of the Review, than he was in doing anything as president of the Review.

    A lot of the time he quote/unquote “worked from home”, which was sort of a shorthand – and people would say it sort of wryly – shorthand for not really doing much. He just wasn’t around. Most of the day to day work was carried out by the managing editor of the Review, my predecessor, a great guy called Tom Pirelli whose actually going to be one of the assistant attorney generals now.

    He’s the one who did most of the day to day work. Barack Obama was nowhere to be seen.

    Occasionally he would drop in he would talk to people, and then he’d leave again as though his very arrival had been a benediction in and of itself, but not very much got done.

    So, you know, you see that and you think, gosh, maybe that’s the way the guy operates, hut then you figure ok, obviously he always had his eye on bigger and better things.

    But now he’s President…there really isn’t a bigger or better thing.

    The full audio is here.

    btw- there is a bigger/better thing. He has omnipotent being in his future, clearly. He already tried the messiah thing and well, there’s only one place to go from there. God or the Devil. I am guessing the latter.

  59. Too funny. Thanks Karen.

  60. NES, agree with you about bailouts. Whose going to bail out the US?

  61. Helllooo? Is this thing on??? Anyone there? hmmmm…..lorac? NES? karen? FF? socal?…… Upppity?????
    Maybe MKBill has turned off the power.

  62. hiya sister! I just checked in and here you are! Hey it’s Saturday Night! Anyways, we went to dinner at some friends’ place. And now I am wide awake because I ate too much. What’s up with you.

  63. Biill’s on his way to SF to pretend he’s Lakerwade and harass NES.

  64. Bill’s welcome too.

    Hiya girls, what’s cookin’?

    Just saw this amazing (and harrowingly suspenseful) new Helen Mirren film, Debt. Highly recommended, but only with a hot bath after (to unclench one’s muscles).

  65. That does seem like an intense movie NES. Not one that I would see at this hour of the night for the reasons you mentioned.

  66. OT and BTW, I personally LOVE San Francisco. Like Lakerwade, I was rather obsessed with it in my youth and had planned on going to graduate school there and got side tracked by life. But I do still love the city by the bay!

  67. I plan to see that movie also.

  68. Hey socal! I just realized it did not do a shout out to another, very important West Coaster….lorac! Where’s lorac??

  69. Well then, let’s have an Uppityville reunion in SF!

  70. That would be fun! Pier 39, the embarcadero, sour dough bread a wine! Count me in.

  71. NES Bill doesn’t require much. His own room and entrance. Three meals a day. A stocked cooler in his room, big screen TV, and a screened in porch for sun. He says he can only stay a ffew months.

  72. I really should hit the sack. See you all later.

  73. ‘night Uppity! I wonder if Bill is up? Watching his big screen TV perhaps?

  74. So NOW they want Hillary. Sure, so she can come in a clean up the mess left after the “New Democratic Party” vacates. Let Donna & Dean come clean things up! Nah…what am I thinking, they’re part of the problem.

  75. [yawn]…..okay, I surrender…..

  76. Ewww I must…that pic of Barry with the tux and bow tie looks like Louis Farrakhan

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