The Old Days. It was a happier time. And here’s why.

The old days. I mean the really old days. It was a happier time. They didn’t have much.  But they were still happy. Here’s why.

Toothaches. Nobody minded having one. In fact, it was easy to fake one too.

If you had a toothache, you could get you some of those nifty Cocaine Toothache Drops. You still had a toothache, but you just didn’t care. No wonder nobody went to a dentist!

Coca Wine, AKA Cocaine! Yum! Said to keep you Happy. Good for Mind and Body. Also for Medicinal Purposes.

A glass with every meal was recommended. Except for children. For them, half a glass. So good it was awarded ten gold medals! Why does this not surprise me?

And here’s His Holiness Himself,  Pope Leo XIII, personally blessing Coca Wine. He carried a bottle of it with him wherever he went. Heavenly!

His was Italian wine, so you KNOW it was good wine.

Good for the Body and the Brain! And the Soul! Obviously. That’s why he gave Leo Mariani the Vatican Gold Medal.

It seems that someone at this point figured out that Morphine was addictive. Killjoy!

Bayer to the rescue! Here’s a bottle of Bayer’s Heroin, a “Non Addictive Substitute For Morphine”. Thanks Bayer! You were the best back then too!

For REALLY good customers, here’s a complimentary paperweight.

Nobody is exactly sure how much cocaine “Tonic” one would have to ingest or sell to get one of these babies, but I sure wish I had one listed on Ebay…

Asthma getting you down? try Vapor-Ol Treatment Number 6 (Not to be confused with Numbers 1 thru 5). 

Vapor-Ol was Opium. And not dangerous at all!

Guaranteed not to contain more than 40% of alcohol mixed in with 3 grams of opion per fluid ounce. This was important, because alcohol was dangerous.


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  1. What! No Lydia Pinkham?

  2. Some people think drugs were invented in the 60’s

  3. Recreational drugs were invented in the 60’s, MIQ. Prior to that, the same drugs were “medicinal.”

  4. lol cute . I was thinking some of this the other day and how they had the opium dens in China towns in the 1800’s and sold Laudinum.
    Drugs have and always will be around. Some will go to great lengths to get them and use them others will never do it. Hell half of the world is high. This is why the drug companies can set such ridiculous prices on their crap. How many folks do you personally know who have to be on pain killers ?
    It cracks me up how many self righteous folks out there preaching against drugs while they just took some Valium or codeine. It is insane and the hypocrisy abounds.

  5. So THAT’S what’s in that danm kool-aid! Splains a lot!

  6. Dr. Grumpy:


    Like most residents, I moonlighted in various ER’s and urgent cares around town.

    One night I saw a guy in SERIOUS pain.

    He was at Local Grocery, buying a can of soup.

    When the pretty teenage girl cashier asked “Anything else you need?” He said “How about this, sweetie?” whipped his winkie out, and laid it on the checkout counter.

    The cashier grabbed the soup can and smashed him flat.

    The urologist I paged was laughing so hard that he had to hang up and call me back when he’d stopped.

  7. A little Sunday humor

    Man looks at his wife & says, “Your butt is big, I bet you butt is bigger than the barbecue grill”

    He got the measuring tape, measured the grill, measured the bottom. ” I was right your butt is 2 inches wider than the grill. The women ignored him.

    Later that night the man felt frisky. He makes some advances toward his wife who completly brushes him off.

    “What’s wrong he asks ? She says “Do you think I’m going to fire up this big ass grill for one little weenie???

  8. Sure am glad that we have safe and effective drugs furnished by benevolent pharmaceutical companies these days. Gone are the days when you would see those advertisements claiming that addictive or toxic chemicals would be the cure for anything that ails you.

  9. recreational drugs were invented in the 60s unless you were a musician, in which case they were invented in the 20s. Musicians have always had the best drugs which is why so many of them are in heaven.
    It would be nice though if the government would get out of the relationship between Doctor and Patient.

  10. It would be doubly nice if the government told insurance companies to get out of the doctor and patient relationship–and made it illegal to…you know…kill people for their stockholders.

    You’re right about musicians dying by the barrel-load. Lately it’s almost one a month we read about. The drugs all these famous people can afford and take must be very endearing to them because they seem to be willing to drop like a fly decades before their they would without them.

  11. jay, if I put the thought of major campaign donations aside, I wouldn’t for the life of me be able to understand why prescription pharmaceutical advertisements on TV aren’t illegal. This is just too obvious. The money has to be astronomical to get our lawmakers to pretend there is nothing sinister about convincing people they need a pill they never heard of before they saw the ads — and it’s just amazing how so many of the symptoms described in the ads are common ones. And how about that guy who talks good and fast at the very end about how many ways this drug can kill you. Not to mention all the new acronyms we have heard in the past decade. Everything’s an acronym now. Doc, my dog bit me! You have MDBM!

  12. What is the relationship between law firms and drug companies and your law makers ? It is a huge circle and you are the victim.
    Law makers aka congress are what and there to make what ?
    Drug companies push the latest and greatest to make what ?
    Law firms sue said companies to make what ?
    In the mean time you are just a piss ant that dies so what .

  13. They just don’t make them like they used to.

    Nowadays they think everyone should be on something. I had some dental work done last month, and her assistant was surprised when I said I didn’t take any medications. At the end of the visit she wrote me a prescription for pain. She was nice enough to ask if I wanted “sleepy” or “loopy.”

  14. I remember coke syrup as a child and being given a spoonful of the stuff for an upset stomach. To this day, I want only Coca Cola if I have an upset stomach – it’s got to be a psychological thing since there in nothing in the cola any longer!

  15. I am not a believer of caps on law suits because people’s lives can be destroyed, disabilities can be expensive for life, and in some cases, people die. Capping law suits would make certain corporations and professions become careless. However, I AM becoming fond of the idea of LOSER pays in order to put a plug in some of these lawsuits that are designed to just make money. There are far too many people out there who will sue for ANYTHING and I think the system is being abused that way. I could do hours on it and you, me, we ALL know people who do these things. It is costing us.

    I mean seriously, if you fall in a parking lot on a sunny day and crack your head on your own car, try paying attention to what the hell you are doing for a change. If you go get plastic surgery on your face, try checking online about who this doctor is and whether the AMA has chastised him for being drunk in surgery before. I just think people are often contributing to their own problems through laziness and stupidity. Do you need a masters’ degree to know that often, sidewalks are uneven? Or that in winter, there is snow and ice and even if somebody dumps a 200 pounds of rock salt on it, there might be that teeny weeny patch you might want to look out for? You do not eat dog shit because it is good common sense not to. Then how come a bottle a bleach has to be labeled for your dumb ass? I mean some of the warnings you see on products are clearly for the brain dead. If you walk in that area with the sign the size of a Buick that says, “Caution, Wet Floor” and your stupid moronic body slips because you’re too damned lazy to turn around and go up the next aisle, how exactly is this someone else’s fault? Do you REALLY have to be told to keep your cleaning products away from your children? Do you actually have to be told that coffee is hot and it’s probably not a good idea to stick the paper cup between your legs while you are driving? If you decide to go shopping on someone else’s property and their dog maims you, do you really think suing the person you were trying to rob is at fault? Are you F***ing brain dead? Or are you just a greedy bastard who wants quick money from someone else’s pocket. If you are, then LOSER pays is for YOU, loser.

  16. I’m laughing here because I know somebody who sold a home to some people of a certain ethnicity that likes to install the entire family, all the way down to the grandchildren into their home. Then almost a year later they tried to sue the previous owner for not disclosing plumbing problems. When the home was sold, there were three people living in it. A year later, speaking of failure to disclose, there were 11. Seriously. And of course, there was all that suffering. And emotional stress. In any event, the home got foreclosed before any lawsuit came to fruition, count up the number of flushes for three people daily and then multiply it for 11, visitors not included, and there you have it. This to me was a clear case of an attempt to abuse the system for some mortgage money and some extra besides.

    One problem we have is there are just too many lawyers in the USA. Not all of them are worthy of being partners in law firms. Some of them are very hungry. It used to be there was a gas station on every corner. Now there’s a lawyer’s office. So many of them started to get very creative as to where the money is. I have seen some really off the wall creative cases in which the third party respondant had no way of proving it was all BS even though it was all BS.

    I think this is also one major reason people don’t want to bother helping others any longer as well. You see someone injured. You stop. You help. You get sued. So now everybody has figured out it’s best for your own security and life to just step over the body. You can’t be a good samaritan any longer. It’s just not worth the risk.

  17. Okay one more rant. I remember when my parents used to make a skating rink on their land in winter. They had an area that was just perfect for the neighborhood kids. They would all come and skate and play hockey and my mother often made hot chocolate for them. It was just a nice thing to do. Anyone could come and skate so long as they had a permission note from their parents. One time, a kid got hit with a stick and he was bleeding all ovoer my car as I ended up bringing him to the emergency room. Did we get sued? Nope! The parents were very grateful for this rink and they didn’t even think of such a thing. Imagine trying that today, hey?

    I was in my early 20s when my parents were in Florida and the rink was still rolling. Then one day I figured out that the boys had appropriated the rink for their hockey games and were telling the girls they couldn’t skate. So I closed the rink. To hell with that shit.

  18. Regarding Uppity’s pharma rant, RA (ha ha) i.e. Rheumatoid Arthritis has a great treatment. Well I think it is RA. Maybe it is another of those new drugs which, if you listen closely enough, will caution that even death may occur with usage of it. That’s because it is methotrexate, a chemo drug which in the early 1990’s was THE treatment for breast cancer – along with two other drugs. Hailed as new … yet really old drugs having been ‘issued’ between the late 1940’s and sometime in the 1970’s. Remember we were at the time in the early 1990’s.

    Anyway, I came to choose chemotherapy and a daughter’s friend who was a nurse at the VA hospital nearby offered to copy info she knew of at the hospital for the 3 drugs. Every damned one of them listed cancer as a possible side effect.

    Related: There has been some talk on this blog in the past about whether money raised for cancer goes for the good, or is a ripoff. Think of it. When your good friend is diagnosed with cancer, you sign up for Susan G. Koman walks and earn money for her fund. When your good friend dies of that cancer, you honor the family’s wish of giving to the American Cancer Society. It’s a win-win for cancer. Another way to gauge the money cancer makes is to note all the Cancer Institutes associated with hospitals these days. One around here has just redone their cancer center – it was no longer big enough to comfortably support the traffic of the disease in this area.

    Alas I cannot stay here, but will check back later. Thanks for your time and space.

  19. Way off topic, but is anyone here keeping up with the Wall street occupation?

  20. I couldn’t have raised my kids without them tranquilizers.we shared. 😆

  21. Pamela look what happened with HRT (LOL ANOTHER ACRONYM). They gave these hormones to menopausal women and collected data off of dead bodies. It’s as simple as that. I refused HRT without thinking about it for longer than 10 seconds. Why? Well HRT was going to help prevent heart attacks but the side effects could be breast cancer. I waded through my address book and counted up all my dead friends. Then I thought about how many of them died of heart attacks. None. Breast cancer? A fair number were either gone or were survivors. So plenty of people were encouraged to take a HUGE breast cancer risk to avoid a heart attack. Since there was no heart problems in my family ever, all the way back to grandparents, I thought why the hell would I do this? There was no breast cancer in my genes either, but why invite it in? Plenty of women got breast cancer thanks to that little experiment. I wonder if they would do that to men’s balls for a little experiment. Do I even need an answer?

  22. My mom used to rub a little whisky on our gums when we were teething. My teeth turned out fine. No harm-no foul. …….[hic]
    I was a happy baby too!

  23. Oh yeah the whiskey on the gums was a given. And yeah, it made me happy too. Today, you go to jail for that.

    You know how well I took my nap? Here’s how well. My grandfather sat me on his knee and peeled a peach. Then he dropped the slices in his home made wine and fed them to me. Today, you do a whole prison term for that and get charged with child abuse.

  24. Sophie, do tell!

  25. foxy had a very calm family. Hahahaha.

  26. Remember the days when, if you had some anxiety over something, you got one of those loaded punching bags and just beat the crap out of it till you felt better?

    When you think about it, our grandparents had so much more to do! Especially the women. They didn’t have the modern conveniences we have. Most things had to be made from scratch too. No dishwashers. They got it all done and dropped into bed. That generation for the most pert are long-lived. Many are in their 90s, some hitting 100 and on. You know, the ones Obama’s followers think should just die already. Now we have so many time savers. Yet we have no time. And everybody is anxious. I see more and more of my generation dying before their parents. Everybody is all wound up all the time. So what’s up with that?

  27. When I was a kid I had one of these:

    shhh….don’t tell Myiq…..

  28. I can’t find any American papers talking about what Sophie mentioned. Many underground papers and the orange place have been talking about it, even overseas newspapers. It looks like the young unemployed have found something to do.

    My mom gave us hot toddy’s for everything that ailed us. She knew we wouldn’t tell. Normal kids got to go to the doctor. We had to be on our death beds, or bleeding profusely to get that trip. I guess we all turned out ok.

  29. You can stop and help an injured person[s] in Vermont, Uppity – we, and some other States have a “Good Samaritan Law” that allows one to give help to someone at an accident without being sued.

  30. twandx, that law looks good on paper, but I have personally seen cases where the “good samaritan” had to spend a great deal of money on an attorney to have a judge say the law applies. Lawyers name the whole world in law suits and then the respondant has to defend him or herself. It’s just too emotionally and financially expensive and people know it.

  31. If they can only draw 1000 for a protest at Wall Street, they will be squashed like ants by the people who work there. Wall Street is one place people are still working and it is congested. Such a small turn out makes the protesters look ineffectual.

  32. UW: I really have nothing to tell. I’m looking to find out information. There’s a (sometimes) live feed going here. Corrente has a thread up.

    Basically, I want to know how I can call in a pizza for the occupiers.

  33. If this is being organized by union bosses, i pass. They are just as bad as wall street now, with the added attraction of thuggery. Who’s going to picket them?

    I’ve been union and I’ve been management. There comes some times when both sides are wrong, stifling and over the line. That time has come.

  34. UW: Doesn’t appear to be union bosses, just people (actual people, not corporations who are also legally people). Doesn’t appear to be centrally organized either. So far, peaceful and lots of process (they have general assembly meetings trying to discern their demands).

  35. Case in point. And in THIS economy. You want to guess where Boeing is going to build their planes now? Try another country.
    These are great paying jobs, folks.

    In 2009 Boeing announced plans to build a new plant to meet demand for its new 787 Dreamliner.

    Though its union contract didn’t require it, Boeing executives negotiated with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to build the plane at its existing plant in Washington state. The talks broke down because the union wanted, among other things, a seat on Boeing’s board and a promise that Boeing would build all future airplanes in Puget Sound.
    So Boeing management did what it judged to be best for its shareholders and customers and looked elsewhere. In October 2009, the company settled on South Carolina, which, like the 21 other right-to-work states, has friendlier labor laws than Washington. As Boeing chief Jim McNerney noted on a conference call at the time, the company couldn’t have “strikes happening every three to four years.” The union has shut down Boeing’s commercial aircraft production line four times since 1989, and a 58-day strike in 2008 cost the company $1.8 billion.
    This reasonable business decision created more than 1,000 jobs and has brought around $2 billion of investment to South Carolina. The aerospace workers in Puget Sound remain among the best paid in America, but the union nonetheless asked the NLRB to stop Boeing’s plans before the company starts to assemble planes in North Charleston this July.
    The NLRB obliged with its complaint yesterday asking an administrative law judge to stop Boeing’s South Carolina production because its executives had cited the risk of strikes as a reason for the move. Boeing acted out of “anti-union animus,” says the complaint by acting general counsel Lafe Solomon, and its decision to move had the effect of “discouraging membership in a labor organization” and thus violates federal law.

  36. Sophie thanks for clarifying. Frankly, I don’t know whether they have rights to ANY demands. Wall Street consists predominantly of private and publicly owned businesses (meaning stockholders), none of whom owe anybody else a thing. Which makes it doubly unfortunate that we gave them all hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money. The banks needed to be broken up and weren’t. They should be banks not brokers and charge card companies. Look at Bank of America. After taking billions they are laying off 30 thousand people. There is Nothing and I mean Nothing to stop them. No business is required to open jobs. We attached NOTHING to that money we gave them. They could use it any way they want. If people want to picket, they should picket in front of the capitol, not wall street, for squandering our money on companies that hold no interest in the USA. If rhe banks and lenders broke any laws with mortgages then why isn’t anyone in jail? Truth is, they were following Fannie Mae’s threatening orders to lend to simply anything that breathes. They were forced to take a risk and therefore they found ways to hedge against that with balooning. I have posted that law here a number of times. Pretty much any deadbeat could get a mortgage or the bank would be threatened if they were working with Fannie Mae. In essence, Fannie Mae, left unchecked and covered up by Barney Frank and Dodd and friends, insured deadbeats. So the banks bundled all those deadbeats up and did the legal thing, gave them all back to Fannie Mae.

    The truth is, people go into business to make money. They don’t go into business to give their products away or feel sorry for the world. They don’t go into business to become employers. They become employers when they are doing well and need help. They, in turn, pay the help. that’s how it works. The person who starts up a business takes all the risk. They aren’t going to take risk and not put profit first. If the profit isn’t worth it, they have no reason to stay in business or employ a single soul. It’s just common sense.

  37. Here’s the latest update on that Boeing fiasco. I’m sure the Narcisistic One will veto it if it even survives the Senate and reaches his desk.

  38. Well it’s the right thing to do in this case, Tony. Boeing wasn’t even OBLIGATED to negotiate and this is what they GET. If I were Boeing I would NEVER give that union another chance. These are excellent paying jobs in large numbers in an economy where most companies wouldn’t have even bothered. Boeing is no union buster. They showed that with the good faith of negotiating when they didn’t have to. As for having seats on boards. Sorry, but when you own a business do you allow the workers to make huge expenditure and growth decisions with no risk, or do YOU do it because it’s YOUR risk.

    Chalk this up as the reason GM will NEVER survive without more bailouts.

  39. Thanks for that dose of common sense on businesses, UW.

    Looked at some of that live feed from Wall St. The protestors seem to be the same demographic that voted for Obama in droves. To put it mildly, not the productive class. This resentment at the “rich” is quite pointless. No one was ever employed by a poor person. Moreover, Wall Street now holds the assets of Main Street, so such protests may well be self-defeating.

  40. UW: I don’t think corporations owe anyone a job, but I can’t abide by this sucking off a society ( tapping American education, ingenuity, minerals and raw materials, favorable finance laws) until you’re huge and weathy, and then being pigs and taking all of that elsewhere to “maximize shareholder value” while getting tax breaks AND subsidies on top!

    Initially, the government granted corporate charters becsue the corporation as going to do something useful for society. This snippet is from wikipedia, talking about corps in the 19th century:

    Corporate law at the time was focused on protection of the public interest, and not on the interests of corporate shareholders. Corporate charters were closely regulated by the states. Forming a corporation usually required an act of legislature. Investors generally had to be given an equal say in corporate governance, and corporations were required to comply with the purposes expressed in their charters. Many private firms in the 19th century avoided the corporate model for these reasons.

    The pendulum has swung to far, IMHO, where maximizing shareholder value is at the exclusion of everything else (like polluting land, rivers, the economy, or society). And these days, maximizing shareholder value is a euphemism for rewarding the bonus class at the exclusion of everyone else, including the shareholders.

  41. There have been instances in the last few years when there were paid protestors at demonstrations. Axelrod was doing some such organizing as part of his business. ala ACORN type orgs.

    How about Absinthe? If we didn’t have cocaine and morphine then surgery would be a true horror show. I woke up from back surgery many years ago with one of those self dosing squeeze bottles in my hand hooked up to a morphine drip. The recovery was definitely loopy time. I talked to helium balloons thinking they were my family…

    BTW – Damn you, UW. I am walking around today with Ding fries are done, would you like some apple pie with that, in my head. Make it stop. Ear WORM.

    The Chicago Tribune piece on Hillary that imust linked was just like all those other links speculating on Him to drop out and Her to step in. She would have had an easier time cleaning up after that Bush than cleaning up after the fraud. He really has screwed the pooch and we are all headed for the cliff because of him. And YES, let Brazile and Dean clean up after him. Her mama too! Da roolz are da roolz.

  42. yep, some unions today cut off their noses to spite their faces.

    Greedy bastards. My union isn’t like that, thankfully. We are very sensible and just ask for normal and rather typical benefits. We are mainly interested in stability and do not rock the boat. I’d hate being in one of the aggressive pay to play type unions.

    My union backed Hillary all the way.

    The air traffic controllers under Raygun got what they deserved. They had a “no strike” contract and went out on strike. They were getting enormous amounts of money and asked for even more. They were basically holding the industry and the country for ransom. Some unions are way the hell out there. The worst are the ones that supported obama from the get-go, such as ACIU.

  43. ack. SCIU not ACIU.

  44. K for C: Unions are yet another example of a pendulum swinging too far. Without them, companies could not be trusted to treat their people decently. Let’s not forget the horrific working conditions, low wages, and child labor that prompted the labor movement to begin with.

    Over the years, unions gained power, and their bosses gained more. Power being what it is, the rights and needs of the working people are once again neglected. Union contract negotiation is really a pissing contest between the corporate power dude and the union power dude at the expense of the employees as well as the customers.

    I hope Boeing isn’t opening it’s facility in China. Thanks to TSA, I don’t fly, but for those who do, do you want to get in a plane made in a country that can’t make pet food or children’s toys properly?

  45. The truth is, people go into business to make money. They don’t go into business to give their products away or feel sorry for the world. They don’t go into business to become employers. They become employers when they are doing well and need help. They, in turn, pay the help. that’s how it works. The person who starts up a business takes all the risk. They aren’t going to take risk and not put profit first. If the profit isn’t worth it, they have no reason to stay in business or employ a single soul. It’s just common sense.

    I agree except they don’t go into business anymore to make a product, hence, they don’t care how horrible their product is as long as their bottom line makes money for the shareholders. We as consumers have a role to play here but we don’t exercise it. We still buy their crappy products. Companies used to pride themselves on having a well made product. Now they make things to fall apart so people have to buy more. We should be boycotting these products but we’ve grown to accept less.

  46. The U. N. is opening this week so all the dislomats will be beseiging NYC. A whole list of demonstrations seems to be slated around their arrival. Will the crew at Wall Street disappear with the end of that publicity? Checking their feeds is like watching grass grow-very enlightening.

  47. There’s too many commercials on those feeds. A Del Taco ad keeps popping up at the beginning. Corporate sponsors for an anti-corporate protest group?

  48. “Well it’s the right thing to do in this case, Tony.”

    I fully agree.

  49. imust @ 4:34 PM: Indeed! They are not in business to make a product or provide a service. They are simply there to make money, which without a decent product or service is that they are simply there to take money.

  50. Well of COURSe they have to have a “decent product or service” or they won’t be in business long. There’s a saying that when you displease 1 customer, you displease 300. That’s because the unhappy customer talks about the experience and word spreads. In any event, that product or service is WHY they hire people, who in turn make the product or aid the service. In exchange, the employer pays them a wage or salary. That wage or salary has to be competitive in order to stay in business. If I make a widget for $5 and everybody else is selling their widget for $3, I am out of business.

    Imust, most people start a business because they have an idea or a product they want to promote and profit from. They want ot make a product people want to buy. Unless you are a monopoly like utitiliy and health insurance companies are in states. Large companies are making shit in garages in China, so you are right there.

  51. The U. N. is opening this week

    Another waste of USA money so we can be insulted bya bunch of goatf*ckers.

  52. By the way, a lot of the Chinese crap we are ripped off by are knockoffs. We do nothing about china and their stealing of our specifications for knockoffs. They are costing the USA trillions. We do nothing because they OWN us.

  53. I am walking around today with Ding fries are done, would you like some apple pie with that, in my head. Make it stop


    By the way, absinthe is making a come-back.

  54. Apparently Hillary has announced that she will not serve another term as SOS. She wouldn’t be anyways, because Barack Obama is not going to get a second term.

  55. Okay I’m looking at a photo of the wall street demonstrations, and a sign that says, “A Job is a Right. Capitialism doesn’t work”.
    Sorry but a job is NOT a right. And the second part of the sign tells me what i need to know about the demonstrator, who would prefer to live under a different kind of world and should move there right away.

  56. No post tomorrow. As Bill would say, Deal with it. xo.

  57. Uppity I agree that companies start out with a product or service, but then they begin to focus on their stockholders rather than their product. The mergers and then downsizing…..buying up companies to tear them apart limb from limb and sell them off for a profit. Sears became a bank instead of a department store. They made money off the interest on their revolving credit. Gone was the “Craftsman” and “Kenmore” quality products in favor of $10 down and $10 month at 20% interest.

  58. Yes imust, can’t say I don’t agree about the stockholder thing. I was at the time thinking of small businesses. You know, proprietorships. The danger with stockholders is they are infiltrating life or death products, such as health care. I know if my TV is a POS I won’t die, but heatlh insurance scares me more and more. Anybody who didn’t draw the line with Obama when he created that insurer giveaway is brain dead.

  59. imust, worst thing that ever happened to landsend is when sears bought it. Once a high quality place now turns out crap.

  60. I agree Uppity. Remember when Sears was also Coldwell Banker Realty? They forgot what got them famous. Catalog shopping, demin jeans to farmers and Craftsman tools. My dad had all Craftsman tools, he loved them.

  61. Yup I remember that. And craftsman tools were like a staple. I have plenty of the old ones. Made to last forever.

  62. Actually Kenmore was always made by Whirlpool, I think.

  63. Craftsman had a lifetime warranty. But they never broke so we never had to use it. I remember buying my first washing machine, a Kenmore. They sales guy tried to sell me an “extended warranty”. I was on a budget and could barely afford the machine. They kept calling me trying to get me to sign up. Finally telemarketer said, “why don’t you want to buy this?” I said, “I believe in your product.” They never called back!

  64. Gone was the “Craftsman” and “Kenmore” quality products

    For real! A number of years back, I bought a Craftsman tool and the guy asked me if I wanted to buy the warranty. I asked, “What for? This is a Craftsman!” Well, let’s just say, I go an education about the old Craftsman vs. the new Craftsman that day.

  65. Hillary finally made the announcement. She had said she was only in it for the first term. I know she’s a work-a-bee, but all that traveling can’t be good for her. I just hope they’re not forcing her out so she can campaign for his sorry ass. She’s paid her dues, in full I might add.

    Yes craftsman has gone to crap, but whirlpool still makes a good kenmore. The sad thing about sears is, it’s just kmart called sears. Nowadays you have to make an huge investment to buy good quality things. They sure don’t make them like they used to.

  66. I was working at Sears when the Rodney King riots took place. A Sears in South-Central LA was looted. Jay Leno said “Now the looters have Sears salesman calling them, trying to sell them extended warranties.”

  67. Whirlpool always made good products. Wonder what their secret is.

    LOL myiq!

  68. Anyone watching the Emmy’s? The jokes are falling flat.

  69. What network?

  70. FOX. It’s been on about an hour.

  71. Saw enough. Off it goes. No football. That prick Vick is playing.

  72. “By the way, absinthe is making a come-back.”

    I never understood why it went out of style at all. I love its flavor.

  73. The cable box isn’t working. The cox guy is coming tomorrow. When I was a kid my folks always unplugged everything during an electrical storm. I wish I had taken their advice with that. Even you Upps, I’ve seen you write you had a storm coming you were getting offline for awhile. Well Thursday night a storm rolled through. It fried my modem, wireless router, the hard drive and mother board on my new tower. Thank god I got the extended warranty on that. It took out the cable box, and my blue ray. I went and got a new cable box, I can’t get it to work. I hope the tv is okay. The volume isn’t working, right now I have it hooked up to the surround sound. I’m kind of Flintstoning it here. All of my neighbors have horror stories as well. You live and learn.

  74. The CBC would be marching against the White House if Bill Clinton was in office and the black unemployment rate was this high. But they won’t do it against Bobo. The comments are right on.

    Can they not see how that comes across to the rest of the country? He screwed us over but his skin tone is right? Oh lawd.

  75. Some of those comment were pushing the limit. But on the other hand, I can’t believe some of the crap that the CBC’s says. This is why we had to have an AA president before a woman president??? We have been moving backwards ever since Bo decided to run.

  76. Kind of quiet.

  77. Oh wow, I found something on topic. The happier times are gone for good.

  78. Not new really, I remember quite a few years ago the pharmas were caught sending doctors on cruises.

    There’s always been a problem with Hill’s and Veterinarians too. I guess it must still be happening in a lot of places because why else would they push that overpriced bag of corn known as Science Diet?

  79. Tony, I confess, I never tasted absinthe.

  80. That prick Vick is playing.

    Would be nice if somebody turned a couple of dozen battle scarred pitties on him right there on the field. I’d pay to watch THAT.

  81. Oh bummer. Philly lost. It was a good lose, they were playing his old team Atlanta.

  82. They not only beat him, they knocked him out with a concussion. I’d say they beat him real good.

  83. Vivien, your equipment problem is just one more excellent argument for a GOOD and FRESH surge protector. The real kind.

  84. Happy campers of yesteryear.

    What would the FDa say today?!?

  85. vivien, problem is, he woke up.

  86. Upps I’m looking into it. Just like the kind we use at work. High dollar. I know what I need. I just wish I had it before Thursday.

  87. Does anyone remember if yttk ever posts here? I see her around all the time, but just can’t remember if this is one of the places. I want to ask her a question….

  88. UW, I have a draft post up. If you have a chance, check it out, see if it’s okay.

  89. lorac, I think she posts here occasionally. Also, she posts at NQ.

  90. thanks, socal. I can’t post at NQ. After the umpteenth comment-section change, I didn’t bother jumping through the new hoops to be able to comment again.

    I’m heading off to sleep now – but nice to see you, socal!

  91. xxoo 🙂

  92. lorac, the post is terrific.

  93. Ahh, those were the days.

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