CGI 2011 Closing Plenary with Summationon CGI Live – live streaming video powered by Livestream

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  1. No clue how to add text up there in the post- but hey- I got the video posted! Uppity will be so proud! lol
    Look Ma! I did it all by myself!
    It is a long video- but well worth the listen!
    Thanks to Karen for getting the link up so quick!

  2. at the beginning I spotted Gena Davis and Barbra Streisand. I wonder who else can be picked out in that crowd.

  3. Gena Davis is in one of the seminars on tape. It is one of the ones that Chelsea led. One of the topics was safe cook stoves, a cause Hillary has championed with Julia Roberts, iirc, but the main subject was about proving the life of women. There were three men on the panel and their companies were very involved and more to say than Davis.javascript:void(0)

  4. oops, i hit the follow button and dragged it as i was hitting the button to post the prior message and it came up with that javascript message at the end as a consequence of my goof.

  5. I am watching the vid o Hillary now. She is so awesome. No teleprompter and not a single second of hesitation on any fact or figure or intelligent statement that is insightful and instructive.

    It just ended. Thank you mom that you are my mom and my secty of state. 🙂 Then Bill comes on perfect gentleman that he is, grateful and proud of both of them.

  6. Isn’t she wonderful? Like you said Karen-facts and figures at her fingertips- no hesitation, no teleprompter. Lifting people up- always. Never talking down or lecturing or condescending.

  7. It’s been a long day for me- time to sign off for tonight- I hope the video prompts some great discussion- and I will “see” you all tomorrow!
    Karen- thanks again for grabbing those links so fast! There is a lot of video I have yet to watch- great find!

  8. I went from vid of Hill and Bill to the debate on Fox. I forgot it was on so missed the start of it. I don’t think I missed much but now have to go back. Some of them are starting to get on my nerves and they haven’t even started yet.

  9. Gary Johnson (the one candidate that has stood out to me since I first heard him a few months ago) had the line of the night with the shovel ready jobs his neighbors dogs created.

  10. Wow karen, they left Gary Johnson in on the debate? That has to be a first.

  11. No live blogging from the GOP debate, eh? I guess it has become boring. It’s time they reduced the field. Having that many on stage doesn’t work.


    Here’s a brief assessment of the GOP debate with a vid clip of Perry, Romney and Santorum engaging on the issue of illegal immigrants and state education. Fact is Perry, like virtually all Texans, has a genuine affection for Mexicans and can’t be too harsh on them. It’s kind of endearing, I have to say. Of course, it won’t win him any love from the GOP primary voter.

  13. The problem is that our Jr Colleges are really overcrowded with illegals. They’ve all had their budgets cut, our local jc has 10% of classes cut, but lots more kids, and a lot of illegals trying to sign up every year. I hate to be a meanie, but is this fair to those of us whose families’ taxes have paid for these schools for decades? When you’re trying to educate your kid, you have to deal with the stark reality of this situation. I’ve always been a liberal minded person, and I don’t have an answer for this problem…but there it is.

  14. Nope, it’s not fair, socal. I was simply making an observation about Perry and what’ll prove to be ano’ achilles heel for him (he now has two). I also find it fascinating that he has a Dream Act type program in TX, which flies in the face of his otherwise hardnosed conservatism. W was the same way — hardnosed right on everything other than the issue of illegal immigration. I do think it comes from the affectionate ties between Mexicans and Texans. It doesn’t traslate to Calif. — it’s a TX thang.

  15. Whoa! Vandalism at Obama’s “Westside office”. That’s prime Obama territory here in California….wow!

  16. Weird.
    I suspect the CBC.

  17. Well, it was BB’s, not bullets. Now the taxpayers will have to foot the cost for a massive investigation becuz some irritated yahoo shot bb pellets thru one of the prez’ office windows. Brilliant move. I notice bark is coming here again to shake more moolah out of the Hollyweird types. Another traffic mess. Why can’t they just send in their dough and save everyone the trouble and expense?

  18. Not sure if naming a hurricane after her is an insult or a compliment but since I’m sure men give them their names, it’s probably malicious. Perhaps they can name the next one Wimpie, after Barack.

  19. PMM: could’t watch the vid, is there somthing wrong with it

  20. It’s portentous, Upps. FF may know how the names are picked — it may be random. There are male huricanes too, aren’t there? I recall a hurricane called Andrew.

  21. Yes NES, back at a time when NOW was actually a woman’s organization and Gloria wasn’t busy stroking a president who hates women, women’s organizatons complained that hurricanes were always named after women and this was an insult. So they began to alternate male-female names.

  22. She is so awesome.they all three are.. 🙂

  23. NES re: Perry and having a heart. How ironic that anyone would be so concerned with their heart over people who are here illegally and not give a rat’s ass about the people who were born here and in all kinds of need. And how ironic that he would talk about having a heart when he wouldn’t blink an eye about forcing a 12 year old who was raped by her daddy or a woman raped by a psychopath to have that baby. Just saying.

  24. Perry is a flawed human being, UW. No question. I just find paradoxes amusing. And, I do like the relationship between Mexicans and Texans; it’s LATIN!

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