Autumn Equinox Open Thread

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has sonnets that go with them! Who knew? Well, probably many of you really smart people. I had no idea until I went hunting for the material for this thread. Here is the sonnet

Autumn – Concerto in F MajorAllegro
The peasant celebrates with song and dance the harvest safely gathered in.
The cup of Bacchus flows freely, and many find their relief in deep slumber.

Adagio molto
The singing and the dancing die away
as cooling breezes fan the pleasant air,
inviting all to sleep
without a care.

The hunters emerge at dawn,
ready for the chase,
with horns and dogs and cries.
Their quarry flees while they give chase.
Terrified and wounded, the prey struggles on,
but, harried, dies.

And of course the glorious music!

This has been a bumper year for apples and pears- yours for the picking! Happy Autumn to all!

This is your open thread!


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  1. Good morning all! Happy Autumn! Though to be fair, I have to say autumn is not my favorite season- definitely a summer fan- then spring, then fall- winter doesn’t even make it to the top 100! LOL

    Love ALL the Vivaldi Four Seasons though!

  2. Autumn? It’s going to be in the mid-90s here today! I love all the seasons! When you live in CA you have to be very observant to notice the subtle changes in seasons!

  3. PMM: can you check on the video of Hillary, it’s not coming thru

  4. I will give it a check Michelina- and will transport Karen’s link just in case

  5. Michelina- I left the link to the Hillary vid in the thread below for you- here is the link Karen left last night to all the vids from the conference

  6. Watching the Solyndra hearings on C-Span 3- Reminds me of some ancient hearings from another administration- they are ALL taking the 5th!

  7. WAAAAHHHH I killed the blog! Where is everybody?

  8. PMM, you wouldn’t say “I love summer” if you lived in the Devil’s Armpit like I do. 😉

    Ma Nature needs to take heed – the first day of FALL, not Summer Extended – and she needs to knock off the 100+ degree days. Enough already – uncle, mercy, etc.

    I noticed in the pics from the Republican debate earlier this week that Mittens and Perry might have been separated at birth or could pass as siblings – I don’t know, the dark hair, the fake tans, they look like dark-haired Ken dolls… no, by God, I have it! They’re both plastic, insincere politicians!

  9. Allie- ROFL! I am beginning to think they are all clones. From Neanderthal DNA

  10. pmm, we can only hope that solargate brings the fraud down. Any other thing will do as well, just as long as he is out in time for some eligible, ready on day one, proven democratic candidate and popular world figure in a pantsuit can step in as the candidate.

  11. I was looking at a company called “american eagle outfitters” just now to see what they had for sale since I have the choice of getting a $50 gift card to their store or other stores, from my credit card points.

    They seem to only have teenage faded ripped slouchy stained hippie-wanna-be ultra wrinkled casual clothes. Even their mens boots come pre-stained with water damage to the leather. WTF?

    We had to wear our new clothes for years to get them to look that trashy! I guess it is a fad. Faux-poor. Down with the upper class. Daddy can I use the Benz tonight I have a function to attend…

  12. Mom, it might be me that scared them all off. I posted towards the end of the last few threads because I actually got one day off work yesterday. Back to work for the next week without a break.

    I earn my vacation days. Am just glad to have a job in this crazy time.

  13. Love the headline Karen!
    As for the clothing- I seriously wish I had all my late 60’s clothes- they would sell for enough to keep me for years! “distressed” jeans- ROFLMAO! Come to think of it- I have a couple of pairs of jeans that I wear for yardwork- all stained, torn, and, as far as i am concerned, good for nothing BUT yard work. Berry picking in the brambles comes to mind.
    Maybe I should put them up on E-Bay!

  14. Barky was out speechifying again today? Trying to distract from the Solyndra hearings and the palestinian UN stage?

  15. Hey Mom, I sold some serious bell bottoms, jeans jackets, CPO jackets, paisley fringe belts on Ebay and did REALLY well. Also sold a pair of aigner boots. They were in my mother’s attic for decades. Sold a paisley camera strap too and a guitar strap.

  16. PMM: sorry, got busy–thank you, I guess my eqipment is to old,

    will have to try it at home

  17. Karen, let me introduce you to Tiny Url. You type the long link in and it makes a small one for you to post. Like this.

  18. “All incompetent leaders who have no clue what you’re doing, raise your hand”

    ROFL! We should do a Caption contest on that photo.

  19. LOL Uppity- I have a pair of Frye Boots- got them as a birthday present in 1976. REAL shitkickers- knee high. That was back in the day- made in the US of A- The leather is still beautiful- the only thing I ever had to do was resole, reheel and replace the laces. (I wore them all the time) And of course apply saddle soap and mink oil. Gorgeous boots. Wonder what they would bring these days?

  20. Oh Gawd! CPO jackets! I had a few of those lol! Still have half a dozen jean jackets between us- and of course my hubby has his old “colors” stashed. He wants to be buried in them- rofl- the priest would have a heart attack. i have tried to convince him that clothes he wore when he was 20 will not fit now that he is 60+. AH well- maybe we can split the back when the time comes.

  21. HAHAH Mom, your story reminds me of an elderly lady I know who is 89. She takes care of her sister who is 93. lol. Anyways, this is one very funny lady and she told me that her sister asked her to bring her to buy a dress “in case she dies”. So her sister tried on this dress and asks her, “Does it look all right in the back”? To which she said, “What’s the difference, nobody’s going to see the back”.

  22. Mom those Fryes would sell well on Ebay. They would be killing each other to bid.

  23. Uppity W.,

    I started for all the PUMAs and anti-Drug War types. Especially have a look at the Hebrew Etymology post.

    I’m a close watcher of the C4P and other Palin sites. My guess is that she is in. It is just a matter of time.

    BTW you get a H/T for the Vivaldi when I post it at Classical Values.

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  25. I know how to use Tiny, uppity, look above the long link at what I wrote:

    karen for Clinton, on September 23, 2011 at 11:43 AM said:

    This is a very long link from yahoo news. I didn’t shorten it with “tiny url” because the purpose is to see the title which comically says “obama “moronically” waving”.

  26. Doh, Uppity. Doh.

  27. Hey M. Simon, haven’t seen you in a long time!

    Palin won’t get any help from me She’s the republican Barack Obama IMO. But that doesn’t mean I’m not glad to see you!

  28. Hey M. What do you think of how Barack is now pretending he is supporting Israel, since he got his ass whipped in that NY election? It’s not like we didn’t know he was against Israel in 2008. He gave himself away plenty of times and I covered it. I just can’t believe any Jew in his or her right mind would vote for this guy.

  29. It’s also good to know God approves of mary jane. I myself approved of it often in college.

  30. Hey Uppity- I would love to post those boots on E-Bay but I got burned BAD by them. Somehow somebody hacked my E-Bay account and was able to hack into my bank account from there. Thanks be my bank has REALLY good security! It would have been more of a pain in the ass if I had been out of town when the bank shut down all access to my accounts. I had to go to the bank and reset EVERYTHING! They helped me open brand new accounts, new checks etc- all at no charge thank goodness! Thanks to the great security I lost not one penny. I also notified all the credit card companies and had new numbers issued for those as well. So have never used E-bay again. (I have my husband locked out of the computer now as I think he did something on my E-Bay acct that started all the trouble) Took 18 months for E-Bay to actually close the damn account.
    I got the boots as a birthday present- the cost back then was just over $100 bucks lol!

  31. I was glad to see Johnson at the debate last night. He polls equal to Santorum and Huntsman so it was wrong to exclude him. As just about every candidate said last night, they’d all be a welcome improvement to the current occupant.

    There is serious talk all over the place about Hillary running. If it happens we will be there in an instant. We still have her back and we are so ready to roll.

    I have lots of vacation time coming and I would use the unscheduled days to travel for her and work my ass off and I know lots of the 18 million would be right beside me in a heartbeat.

  32. WOW! Fire-sale on OFA! They are now down to begging for $3!
    How many times does 3 go into a billion?

  33. Ouch! Pouring down rain! thunder! Lightning! BBL!

  34. Hahaha Three bucks for Obama!

    Must be all the pissants’ parents aren’t giving any longer now that Obama screwed them all.

  35. Oh wow on the ebay thing Mom. Never heard that one before. They are pretty secure. We should pistol whip your husband. lol.

  36. That was a VERY fast moving thunder storm!
    Yeah- the E-Bay thing was pretty scary- convoluted. Fortunately my nephew works cyber crime and was able to walk me through all the steps I needed to take. Could have been worse- I lost nothing beyond the time and aggravation. From E-Bay to my bank and e-mail accounts.
    Damn husband and his searching for parts for his antique Bolen’s garden tractor. Hah! No more computer for him! I password protected the computer!

  37. The 2 seasons of central California: Sunny and cool Oct-March, sunny and warm, April-September! I know it is wintewr when I have to turn on my outdoor heater at 9pm when I am drinking beer on the patio. I know it is summer when I can sit in the sprinkler til 11pm at night drinking beer on the patio.

  38. Listening to Netanyahu- he is a moving speaker. But then- I always remember- had my great grandfather not fled Prussia just before 1900- I might not be here.

  39. PMM! Antique tractor you say? Yes, I love old farm equipment.

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  41. Hillbilly- it’s an old Bolen’s Garden tractor- has a rototilling attachement- otherwise I would have sold the damn thing myself LONG ago! Rofl!

  42. NOOOOOO! It is a classic. You know how many beer-hours are involved in working on a jewel like that? Sell that tractor, and you selling hubby’s bologna pony. Say it ain’t so.

  43. Hilbilly- He gets to keep it so long as the garden gets tilled every spring and fall. Shall I put you first on the list if I ever get mad?

  44. Tex Williams sings a little winter song. Enjoy UW, enjoy!

  45. Yes PMM. I live here in Cali, so how far would I have to drive it to get here? It could be my very own Tractor& Beer Tour. Man, I just get fuzzy all over when I put these to words together. Kinda like guns and beer, bbq and beer, midget wrasslin and…….you get the pic!

  46. ROFLMAO! From California to Bitter Hick Clingertown PA? ROFL!

  47. PMM my great grandfather and great grandmother on my father’s side also fled Prussia. But they left earlier, probably during the 1850s.

  48. Teresa- yet more we have in common! Wish I had known my great grandfather- and had the opportunity to get those stories down. Why did they leave? When exactly? How? Those things are lost now.

  49. yes, unfortunately my father is also gone and died before I was able to ask him those questions. What I know mainly is that my Dad grew up in MO. on a farm, that both of his parents were musical. I know some more stories but not enough.
    My mother’s family you can trace back to England in the 1500s. But Dad’s family, well I guess they were too poor to make much of a mark.

  50. PMM, I wanted to add that if you research the history of Prussia at about the time you think they left you can guess as to why. Before that try looking at the census records until you find the earliest record of them so you have an idea of the time frame.
    One day I am going to spend the money to be a paid member of You get access to all kinds of information that way.+

  51. Same here Teresa! I know when my grandfather came here with his brothers from England- but have not found anything before that- YET!

  52. My Grandfather survived Smyrna, was a refugee in Greece for awhile, then came here.

    Great music Mom! Am listening to it and doing dishes.

  53. Go ahead and tell me that execution wasn’t too good for this POS.

    Byrd, 49, was chained to the back of a pickup truck and pulled whip-like to his death along a bumpy asphalt road in one of the most grisly hate crime murders in recent Texas history.


    Six hours later and some 10 miles away on Huff Creek Road, the bloody mess found after daybreak was thought at first to be animal road kill. Rowles, a former Texas state trooper who had taken office as sheriff the previous year, believed it was a hit-and-run fatality but evidence didn’t match up with someone caught beneath a vehicle. Body parts were scattered and the blood trail began with footprints at what appeared to be the scene of a scuffle.

    And his corpse was headless besides.

  54. That sob should have been quartered and fed to the wild hogs that we have out here.

  55. God, that was so awful.

  56. Wow. I guess this one was REALLY pissed off.

    <A California woman has pleaded not guilty to cutting off her estranged husband's penis and running it through a garbage disposal.

    Catherine Kieu entered the plea in Orange County Superior Court Friday to charges of torture and aggravated mayhem with sentencing enhancements for great bodily injury and use of a knife.

    Wow. They said she faces a Life Sentence. Now if she had one of those penis things and molested and raped a child, or ruined a woman emotionally forever by brutally raping her, or cut off a woman’s breasts, she would only get a few years and be out on parole to do it again. But she did much worse, she made it so a guy has to pee sitting down for the rest of his life.

  57. Boy you can sure tell Huffpo is owned by AOL. lol. Gruesome and wierd, all day, every time.

  58. But she did much worse, she made it so a guy has to pee sitting down for the rest of his life.

    A daily reminder.

  59. Hi Uppityites. Happy Fall.

  60. Tap. Tap Tap. Is this thing on?

  61. Hi Sophie!

    McN, she should get Life for sure! After all,he will never be able to write his name in the snow again. And he probably will make less money at his job now.

  62. Geeze DE never comes here anymore. I think I’ll remove his mod privileges and see if he notices. Heh.

  63. Geeze DE never comes here anymore.

    Yeah, what’s up with that?

  64. I was the successful bidder for that batch o’ goods, UW!

  65. k for c, do you really want Hill to run in this climate? With the mess he’s created, she’d lose. It’s a GOP year for the WH — she’s not going to be able to change that.

  66. Whaaaaat!!!!!!! Hillbilly lives in Cali! NFW. What kinda place is that for a Hillbilly. I’m crushed…..

  67. Whoa! Mom’s got Prussian roots? I’d thought it was Scots-Irish all the way.

  68. Execution was TOO GOOD for that jerk.

  69. scratching my head over which batch o goods.

    Lord, senility is setting in.

  70. Execution was TOO GOOD for that jerk.

    Personally I think they should have chained him to a truck and took him for a ride. On gravel. And broken glass. Lots of broken glass.

  71. NES- Scots/Irish on Mom’s side, Irish and Prussian/Jew on Dad’s side! Or German- or whatever- who knows the way they divided all those areas up over there for so long. Dad’s last name is Germanic- that we know for sure lol.
    Typical American hybrid!

  72. Geeze all you guys have all these interesting roots. I’m just a dago. But NES is sooooooooooooo J.

  73. The 60s stuff, Upps…bells, etc.

  74. Now the bells ring and you buy a nice gift and a year later they are divorced. I have a friend who paid for two weddings and both her kids are back home again.

  75. lakerwade loves 60’s stuff. He wears a peace sign necklace and loves going to this old record store that sells hippie stuff.

  76. Chit socal, wish I knew lakerdude when I was clearing out the attic.

  77. My Grandfather was originally from Greece, but moved to Smyrna as a young man. A lot of Greeks lived there in the olden days, also, Jews, English people, Armenians, etc. It was supposed to be the most cosmopolitan city in that area for its day.

  78. Geeze Mom, with your heritage, your family picnics must have all kinds of great food.

    Except for the Welsh and the Scots. They got no culinary contributions except for scones, shortbread and spotted dick. Oh and Haggis.

  79. Yeah lakerdude, I had those 12 inch bells, my boy.

  80. Now Greek food is my kinda food. my favorite food of all times. I could eat Greek every damned day and never complain.

  81. I’m hungry now. I hate you people.

  82. Italian is my first favorite!

  83. Uppity, Uppity, Uppity- we Scots and Irish have no need of culinary delights- we invented the “Water of Life”
    Jameson’s, The Glenlivet, Bushmill’s, AND
    For which we can hire cooks. And buy food. lol

  84. My favorite food, the food I could eat every day is….Italian. My German grandmother taught her Scots/English daughter in law to cook, but it was the Italian Mom learned to cook later on that I really loved. Yes I realized after going to my friend Maria’s house that only real Italians cook Italian food the way it was meant to be/planned by God. But I don’t care. Even red sauce from a jar on boxed pasta is better than most other food.

  85. NES – I think the hillbilly is descended from the Beverly Hillbillies, who as you know, migrated to California in the sixties. Perhaps hillbilly’s side of the family continued to migrate, over to central CA….?

    and PMM and hillbilly – what in the world is “Bologna pony”? Is that “farm talk”? lol (does it come from Bolen….?)

  86. Italian is always non-Italians’ favorite food.

    Mom, the thing with the Glenlivet, Chivas, etc is that, if you drink enough of it, you don’t even notice that the food sucks.

  87. John is our own personal blog redneck. Everybody should have one. But they can’t have John. He’s ours. I almost gave him one of our penguins once, but then I realized, he would probably roast it. Or put it under the porch with the dawgs. And the beer cans.

  88. Mom, I won’t pick on the Irish. At least they gave us corned beef. I mean when those briskets are on sale, I dedicate a freezer shelf. I love me my corned beef.

  89. Ah yes- and we sing- and we remember. We came here in droves to be America- but we never forget. (And Irish women had the vote back when there were bards) Did you know the first person through Ellis Island was a young Irish woman?

  90. Corned Beef! Yummy! Now I am getting hungry! Corned Beef- slow cooked. Potatoes, carrots, turnip. And Corned beef sandwiches the next day. Keep the cabbage- it hates me.

  91. Yeah and I bet she married an Italian.

  92. Way past my bedtime lol- Will catch you all tomorrow!

  93. Nite Mom. And thanks for all you do.

  94. Beautiful post, PMM! Sorry I’m late to the party.

    Speaking of classical music, I was watching a Placido Domingo retrospective on PBS earlier. They showed a lot of videos of his great performances. What an amazing talent!

  95. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Placido.

  96. Glad I caught ya, madamab. I was just heading for bed.

  97. Me too Uppity! Here’s a little bedtime Placido for ya. Sweet dreams! (wink wink)

  98. Ah, I’d give Placido my virginity, if I still had it.

  99. Drive by FreedomFairy Sighting!

    LOOK! Socal, Laker, Lorac (dear)


    An old NASA satellite fiery death plunge back to Earth tonight (Sept. 23) may be visible to some lucky skywatchers in Southern California, weather permitting, according to the latest prediction from a nonprofit space industry firm.

    I AM SO J~!!!!

    Will report in tomorrow

    Life is consumed the last week by an 80-y-o with early dementia/Alzheimer’s. Getting her moved into assisted living. Her family could give a flip.

    Oh, and I have worked all week too!

    More tomorrow


  100. We didn’t see anything. Hubbie said he heard it would be visible in San Diego.

  101. laker, I love ya, but I’m not staying awake, outside, all night in San Diego to film it for you guys! Well, if it hits MY house, I might be able to provide some footage lol

  102. Darned, I missed laker again – my reflexes are getting as old as my car (I’m being kind to myself – the car is much younger).
    Re roots, does a Spanish great-great-great-great count as interesting? Mind you, she looks more Arabic than Spanish, but I suppose at that time the Moors were still very prevalent in the coastal regions. BTW, I have a picture of her – one of those photos that were posed and developed on quarter inch whatever. .

  103. Cheers on the “American hybrid,” Mom. It’s what makes this country great!

  104. Totally soooooooo J, UW.

  105. Upps, I met Placido — at the Met in NYC. He signed the opera program in gold ink (using an old-fashioned fountain pen).

  106. Hey, for anyone interested in genealogical reasearch, RootsWeb is a great free site. Lots of detailed info. I found the name of my Mayflower ancestor there a few years ago. He was best known for having spent considerable time in the Plymouth Colony court system. I was so proud.

  107. Hi HT! Sorry I missed you. BTW the last comment was my mom. She always forgets to change the name. NES, mom says very cool about the opera guy, she likes opera.

    I’m watching Leno and there was a funny video just on. It had Jay & a cat that looks like MKB fighting crime! It was called Cop and Kitty. I’ll try to find it on youtube.

  108. Ok, this is episode 1 of Cop and Kitty. I don’t know what episode I saw tonight, but its not on yet. Here is 1:

  109. Kitty looks just like Bill. Bills probably on too much catnip to pull off those stunts! Bill would probably go to the same clubs though.

  110. Here’s the one I saw last night. Its not good quality, looks like someone filmed it with his phone or something.

  111. NES I think we talked about that once. I met him too and I have his gold ink on a photo.

  112. Waiting for NES to ask her usual question. What was that name on the photo again?

  113. OMG. That was HILARIOUS. Give Lakerdude a penguin!

  114. HT, exactly how old ARE you? I recall you said you were 60ish FCS.

  115. ! Bill would probably go to the same clubs though.


  116. beata, my mayflower ancestors were law abiding. However an ancestor who landed about 30 years later in what is now CT, got locked up twice by the Puritans who were the law at the time. Then he became a soldier, got granted land along the Mystic river (for being a really good soldier) and gave money and land to the first Baptist congregation in Ct. That was his revenge.

  117. Oh yeah, I’ve got ancestry that dates all the way back to the Boston Tea Party. My great great great great great great aunt was the last bag to be thrown overboard.

  118. So, what was the name? He just signed his name on mine.

  119. Nope. Mine was personalized. and mailed to me. Personally. Well, probably his assistant. neener. Seriously though, I got to him through a mutual friend.

  120. Ha! Which address did he use?

  121. Hey NES, whatchu thinking about the revelation that Pak is activelly supporting the Taleeeeban?

  122. I can send you a digital copy of the photo with my name blacked out just for spite.


  123. Great idea. Do it.

  124. Hey NES, whatchu thinking about the revelation that Pak is activelly supporting the Taleeeeban?

    Is the Pope Catholic?

  125. I hear ya, NES. I mean let’s face it, Osama was right there hanging out next to their own version of West Point.

  126. Hahaha on the address, NES. Actually it was sent to a DC address and brought to me. No more details for you!

  127. I’m frying up some Italian peppers as we speak. Having ribs tonight. The literal kind.

  128. Re the above UW message.

    There IS a God!

  129. Karen, I assume you mean the ribs.

  130. *licking fingers and nodding yes*

  131. Okayyyyyyyy Karen, this time you won’t have to sneak the leftovers. You can have dinner with us. But remember, we have to get some too. The ribs are baby back. Can you control yourself?

  132. Not sure what to do with the rice. Maybe with some garlic, mushrooms and broccoli?

  133. drool

  134. Bologna Pony is reference to a man’s weenis! UW, I would never roast a penguin. I would train him to lay in the ice chest and protect my beers! He would be my very own Beer Greater, and a very well dressed at at that!

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