Poll Dancing and Do That To Me One More Time.

Obama’s Approval Rating:

Gallup:: 39%

 McClatchy-Marist :  Independents: 32%;  Democrats: 71%; Republicans: Don’t ask.

Long list of McClatchy-Marist charts, where Obama goes bust in every one of them can be found here.

And now, for Rasmussen:

….And finally, there is only one demographic left for Obama to insult. So he’s working on that right now– while “focusing” on jobs for the 7th time in less than three years.

His “Plan” is more shovel ready bullcrap. Talk about deja vu all over again, with more trillions. What happened to putting people to work with the LAST plan that sucked down billions of dollars? Oh that’s right “There is no such thing as shovel ready”. So here he is again pushing the same plan for his friends to take advantage of. What? We didn’t put people to work building roads and blah blah blah last time? Well, hey, let’s just do it again. And while you’re at it, Obama says STFU, will you?

Obama to Congressional Black Caucus:

“I expect all of you to march with me and press on,” Obama said. “Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying.”

Isn’t he just the most empathetic, comforting and thoughtful man?

Oh and let us not forget his call for marching. People should be marching all right. They should be marching in front of the White House, not Wall Street. Wall Street wouldn’t be doing so well on everyone’s backs without his and Congress’ help. And how he wants to do it to you one more time.

Why does this song keep running through my head again?


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  1. Hmm, that’s got to sting – am I reading the chart right – below 25% approval?

  2. Obama’s comin’ to California to pan for gold! Eureka! That’s the only time he comes here…..when he wants $$. We’re nothing but an ATM for him.

  3. I keep looking for the video clip you want Uppity, but I can’t find it on you tube yet. PMM may find it! But I’ll keep trying!

  4. Eureka again!!!

  5. Women get right to vote in SA, doesn’t go far enough but a beginning maybe toward real changes???


  6. You forgot to tailor the delivery cadence to his audience like Obama did when he delivered this:

    “I expect all of you to march with me and press on,” Obama said. “Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marchin’ shoes. Shake it off. Stop complainin’, stop grumblin’, stop cryin’.”

  7. I see imust found the clip! I have one here – it is not breitbart- is breitbart on the Sh*t list? Feel free to delete

  8. I read in the local rag that passes for a paper that O-bust is a-courting the Blacks again. Really? The demographic he’s ignored this whole time?

    The only good thing Zero has done is muzzle the likes of Jesse Jackson – he’s been silent since he was exposed about the nut-cutting comment. But that’s about the only thing.

  9. It’s up. Thanks imust and mom! ONLy youtube could be posted. I saw all the other ones. I could NOT vodpod them.

  10. Bend over baby, here it comes again.


    btw, there is a very interesting ban on asthma inhalers as of the end of the year. Those poor people, the ones who suffer most from breathing ailments, are going to have to visit a doctor and get a prescription if they want to breathe.

    I saw it at NQ first but googled a bunch of articles about it. They all seem to link back to MSNBO and I will not link to them. I still hate them with a passion for their tingles.

  11. can’t believe they cheered after that insult. cannot believe it. it’s like they are hypnotized. I would have walked out. And the marching needs to be under HIS window.

    If you ask me, he’s deliberately keeping people hungry so there will be street fighting. Despicable.

  12. Yeah Allie, that nut cutting comment sure did silence him. I liked Jesse years ago and had a tender spot for him for decades. His son on the other hand is a POS. That remark about Hillary never crying for Katrina victims infuriated me.

    OF COURSE SHE DID. They all knew that. They pretended Clinton was an evil word. Bastards all lied for him. Garbage, the whole lot.

  13. Uppity, so there WILL be blood?

  14. That’s why god made the national guard, karen. And the national guard is ruled by governors not presidents.

  15. Obama IS Recreate 68. The forgotten part is the military push back.

  16. That fraud! IMO it is a DISGRACE every time he quotes MLK. Makes me sick. To think of all that MLK went through- and how he (MLK) actually DID bring people of all colors together for a cause, how he fought for what he believed in, how he actually- you know- DID things for OTHERS! MLK must be rolling over in his grave.

  17. Jesse Junior got really quiet after that Blago thing too, what with his brother trying to buy the senate seat for him. Never hear a peep out of him anymore.

  18. Tell you this. If anybody else said to that convention what obama said to them, there would be riots and charges of racism. What an insulting man. And to the very people who helped elect his ass.

  19. UW, I didn’t pay much attention to national politics back in 68. Not certain what you are saying there at 2:08 pm. My reason for coming here at this moment is to mention that his FEC files from 2007-2008 are full of donors pleading for jobs. They asked for help in the employer/profession areas of the donor info: laid off since mm/yy, will be laid off next week, need job, wish I could give more,etc. I’m just adding support to the idea that he should have known how bad it was then, and must have known. But he purposely kicked the can down the road.

    We all remember Hillary saying “They are just words.” Each day we see even more clearly how accurate her statement was.

    I’m thinking his CBC audience knew what was expected of them, and would not dare make the boss look bad at that venue.

  20. There was a movement in 2008 called “Recreate 68”. I covered it. It was an obvious threat and the old if obama isn’t the candidate, look out.

  21. Pamela (if Uppity doesn’t mind) during the 08- there was a “movement” called ‘Recreate 68’ – supposed to be a bunch of protests at the convention in Denver. At the D convention of 68 (in Chicago)things got way way out of hand and the protests turned violent. There was also a persistent rumor in 08- and I believe it was only rumor- that if teh fraud did not “win” the nomination, there would be riots all over the country.

    I agree with Uppity- things are going to come to a boiling if something is not done soon to get people back to work.

  22. There we go again typing at the same time Uppity- am I in your head or are you in mine today? I lost track of whose turn it is lol!

  23. If you ask me, he’s deliberately keeping people hungry so there will be street fighting. Despicable.

    He’s doing exactly what someone like Vick did with this dogs so that they would fight.

  24. I know one thing for sure. Hillary would have never spoken to that convention the way he did. What an insulting arrogant and horrid man.

  25. Thanks to both for filling me in.
    Neither Hillary nor Bill would speak to anyone like that. They practice their Christianity better than any other public figure I can think of … and better than most private figures too. Including yours truly.

  26. i probably should have replaced the term Christian with the phrase the golden rule. In my mind they are equivalent even though I no longer regard myself to be a Christian. Hope I’ve offended no one too much.

  27. There’s a new golden rule, Pamela.

    Those who have the gold make the rules.

  28. lol.

  29. He was very insulting, indeed. And, I don’t think the CBC was happy about it. They had to cheer because it was the end of the speech. He stuck in the shut-up-and-support-me comments right at the end so that they’d have no option but to applaud. The effin’ jerk.

  30. Speaking of deja vu….here’s a pop quiz for Uppityites.

    Which excerpt from an Obama speech was read from a teleprompter in 2009 and which was read just a couple of weeks ago? Or you could say:

    Which came first? The Chicken coming home to roost?:

    “This is inexcusable. Building a world-class transportation system is part of what made us an economic superpower. And now we’re going to sit back and watch China build newer airports and faster railroads? At a time when millions of unemployed construction workers could build them right here in America? 

There are private construction companies all across America just waiting to get to work.

    …….It will put people to work right now fixing roofs and windows, installing science labs and high-speed Internet in classrooms all across this country. It will rehabilitate homes and businesses in communities hit hardest by foreclosures. It will jump-start thousands of transportation projects across the country. ~snip~

    ….thousands of teachers in every state will go back to work. These are the men and women charged with preparing our children for a world where the competition has never been tougher. But while they’re adding teachers in places like South Korea, we’re laying them off in droves……”

    Or the egg?

    And this plan begins with — this plan must begin today, a plan I am confident will save or create at least 3 million jobs…….. ~snip~
    It is not just another public-works program; it’s a plan that recognizes both the paradox and the promise of this moment — the fact that there are millions of Americans trying to find work even as, all around the country, there’s so much work to be done. And that’s why we’ll invest in priorities like energy and education; health care and a new infrastructure that are necessary to keep us strong and competitive in the 21st century. That’s why the overwhelming majority of the jobs created will be in the private sector, while our plan will save the public sector jobs of teachers, police officers, firefighters and others who provide vital services.
    To finally spark the creation of a clean-energy economy, we will double the production of alternative energy in the next three years. We will modernize more than 75 percent of federal buildings and improve the energy efficiency of 2 million American homes, saving consumers and taxpayers billions on our energy bills. In the process, we will put Americans to work in new jobs that pay well and can’t be outsourced — jobs building solar panels and wind turbines, constructing fuel-efficient cars and buildings, and developing the new energy technologies that will lead to even more jobs, more savings, and a cleaner, safer planet in the bargain.

    Remember this is a test! And since we have a new golden rule in the “Golden Age of Obama”….here’s another: “Cheaters Do Prosper”. So go ahead! Cheat!

  31. Aw God. This man is so pathetic.

  32. imust, Good game! Think it’s the egg.

  33. 1968 DNC Convention. Chicago, where else.

  34. USA RIots of 1968, Part 1. 2 and 3 are next if you want them.

  35. Dan Rather punched in stomach at DNC convention.

  36. imust- good game. Let’s see- I think the answer is Deval Patrick and Axelrove.

  37. Come on gang. We need a high score on imust’s test. Nice catch, imust!

  38. Is this a trick question? I think they are both the same speech- read first in 09 and recycled now in 2011.

  39. Hold my feet to the fire has now been morphed into stop complainin, stop cryin????

    Oh geesh!

  40. You’re all doing so well! Here’s a clue:

    One speech was on: 1/08/09 and the other on 09/08/11….

  41. use google people.

  42. Hey Uppity- Somebody got Vick again
    “Michael Vick(notes) sat on the bench as his Eagles were locked in a competitive game with the New York Giants. According Fox’s Moose Johnston, Vick’s right (non-throwing) hand is broken.”

    Too bad it was only his hand.

  43. I have the answer- shall I give it away? Or send it to Uppity in an e-mail?
    Seriously though- it seems he keeps saying the same thing over and over- is TOTUS on strike? Or on a loop?

  44. Oh good, Mom. I’m starting to love those guys who are taking a piece of Vick at every game. Today his hand, tomorrow his back. It’s all good and well deserved. Broken. Ouch! I bet that hurt almost as much as being a dog chained up while somebody beats him. I suspect that when they are done with him, he will be in the football junkyard, parted out.

  45. I just kissed the needle nose on the snout for all dogs who can’t wait to see Vick Feel The Love.

  46. Knew that would give you a boost Uppity!
    may every and any team that signs that animal abusing pos lose every game as long as he is on the roster!

  47. Ok- I am giving the answer to the imustquiz! Is there a pieprize?
    The top quote is the Sept 2011 speech. Not that one can tell- he is repeating himself.
    Is that on the theory that if you say it often enough it becomes true?
    Somebody unplug Potus and TOTUS and do a re-boot. It seems hung up.

  48. “Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying.”

    He really ought to heed his own advice. Gee!

    Because you KNOW, this is him every time he doesn't get his way.

  49. He really has a lot of nerve chastising his most supportive flock.

    Maybe they will turn around and march away from him now.

  50. Ding! Ding! Test time is over.
    Pamela was correct when she identified “The Egg” speech as read first from TOTUS on January 8, 2009 at George Mason University. PMM was correct when she said that “The Chicken Coming Home To Roost” quote was from the TOTUS speech on September 9, 2011 given to a Joint Session of Congress.

    Congrats! Your prize will be: A complete list of TOTUS’ speeches, available soon, (I’m sure) on a boxed set of gold plated DVDs!

  51. imust – such a wicked sense of humor you possess; you’ve been hanging around here much too long. Or perhaps you were born with the same genetic makeup as …. (time for another contest?) I was going to accept this prize with words to the effect of being speechless. But that’s not going to work, is it?

  52. PS: Thanks, imust.

    Now here’s a paragraph from the link NES just cited:

    Operation Vote will function as a large, centralized department in the Chicago campaign office for reaching ethnic, religious and other voter groups. It will coordinate recruitment of an ethnic volunteer base and push out targeted messages online and through the media to groups such as blacks, Hispanics, Jews, women, seniors, young people, gays and Asian Americans.

    Did he leave anyone out?

  53. Wow, he’s going to make this a minorities vs. whites election:

    This surprises you, NES?
    And he will do it while screwing minorities at the same time, like he’s beeing doing right along. This guy IS “Recreate 68”

  54. Your prize will be: A complete list of TOTUS’ speeches

    Ah God. I’m glad I didn’t enter.

  55. Nope. THIS is Barack when he doesn’t get his way.

  56. NES- disgusting isn’t it? So much for post-racial, post-partisan.
    Politics has always been somewhat of an “us vs them” type of thing, but the Obummer machine seems intent on dividing us- in as ugly a manner as possible. And they said Hillary was THE MOST DIVISIVE EVAH! (Make sure you pronounce it duh- vih- sih-ve)

  57. Spot on, UW!

    He really thrives on the audience, doesn’t he?

  58. imust, on the boxed dvd set of complete list of totus speeches.

    Will the queen get a set too? Barry wouldn’t dream of excluding her from the much more numerous set now.

  59. PMM, Barry is apparently so pleased with himself and his accomodations, wagyu steak, lobster, etc., of the last 2 years, that he feels entitled to steamroll over any obstacles in order to keep it for another four.

  60. I recognize that kitty situation very well, myiq. That’s post-anesthesia. You gotta watch them because they try to jump!

  61. I’d signed off this machine for the day, had Norton doing a full scan, turned on ABC to watch America’s Funniest Videos like I usually do on Sunday nights, only to discover that that home makeover show on ABC, began an hour early and continues into the 8 pm hour I think. Hold your nose, Michelle is featured in this one. The cast came to the WH to meet her and she said “Welcome to my house.” They chatted a bit and indicated that Michelle will be joining them later. The house they are doing is in the Carolinas. No surprise there. It’s all about in your face 24/7 coverage.

    Now imust get watching those speeches – get ready for another test. Not certain which Obama I’d rather avoid.

  62. Why does this song keep running through my head again? Nauseating. Dick Cheney, please shoot me.

  63. Newsflash! Obama golfing with notorious racist!!

    Methinks Barry needs some heelllllp!!!!! Help Mr. Wizard!!!

  64. towne – I wonder if the teenager in your video is now having any problems getting dates lol

  65. So, the CBC and black people are starting to complain about Obama – so he gives them a speech to stop complaining, to WORK WITH HIM, to march, etc. He’s with them, it’s all not his fault, it’s partly their fault for having been sitting around with their bedroom slippers on, he can’t do it alone, you know? He’s in trouble, tries to take the attention off of himself by putting it on lazy, comfortable blacks and terrible whites who are holding them back.

    It so much reminds me of when he started getting in trouble for Jeremiah Wright. He gives another speech. It’s not his fault. It’s OUR fault, WE’RE the racists. He’s in trouble for being racist, tries to take the attention off of himself by putting it on us for being racists.

    I wonder if the CBC and blacks will fall for it like the whites did a couple of years ago….

  66. “It’s not his fault..”


  67. lorac, the problem is, if the republicans put some far right crackpot up, Obama is actually a better bet for minorities in general. They might be in the fying pan with him but they aren’t going to jump into the fire.

  68. I don’t know imust. But I get the funny feeling Big Dawg is enjoying this creep’s demise. If he isn’t, he should be.

  69. Aw man, I missed the pop quiz. I think I slept through that class. No, really, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to any of his speeches. I want to know how you fire up your base like that? I think someone is giving him some pretty crappy advice. How low can the polls go?

    Upps, you had to know this was coming. He’s not a pole dancer, he’s a contemporary Chinese pole artist. This is Evgeny Greshilov. In 2010 he was crowned the fittest man in Russia. His official profile gives his age as 65. He’s good.

  70. Oh, wow, vivien, I like that guy, he IS good.

    UW – even before the question of for whom to vote – the CBC and blacks were starting to “hold his feet to the fire”, starting to complain – will they let him twist it all around, let him play the shell game with them, switch the focus of who is at fault? If they let him trick them, they’ll be moving towards racial strife. If they see through him, they’ll keep complaining to him for HIM to do something!

  71. I wonder what kind of advice Bill is giving him on the golf course. I’m sure it has everything to do with golf. Hahahahahahahh.

  72. lorac you’re funny. They won’t do squat. It’s all talk. Has anyone from the CBC spoken out about last night?

  73. That he’s going to do it doesn’t surprise me, Upps. What surprises me is that they are so open about the strategy.

  74. lorac, I don’t think the CBC is going to take the crap he said lying down. They might be underground but he’s getting the riot act right now. And already a few of them have been pretty public about their discontent with him. So I think he made a grave mistake. He’s pushing them and thinking he can do that because he’s black. He thinks he can abuse them and I think he’s wrong. This group knows when bullshit is in the room, they’ve been fighting a fight for decades and they aren’t going to take shit like that regardless of which color he pretends to be on any given day. I say this is going to be very bad for him. And once more, I would like to say that if the Republicans had any sense, they would run a moderate, because Barack Obama has pissed off just about every demographic that was once solid democrat. If the Republicans want those of us who have had it with this guy, they are going to have to stop acting like controlling assholes They can’t afford to have us staying home on election day and they had best realize it..

  75. As for Bill and Hillary. I would pay bucks to be a fly on the wall when those two talk about this jerk. They must laugh so hard they cry.

  76. for fun:

  77. NES they can be open about their strategy because the truth is, they have got NOTHING else.

    Personally, I think it’s lunacy, but then they are a bunch of lunatics anyways.

  78. At best, Bill is Barry’s frenemy. We know Bill is one of us. Like me, he lives for the day of Barry’s humiliating defeat.
    Revenge — a dish best served cold.

  79. I can’t believe the CBC is happy about being told they’re wearing “bedroom slippers.” That’s a racist hit on blacks. If a non-AA had said that, there’d be hell to pay. He might as well have called them the N word.

  80. No effin’ way is that man 65. The Russkies must think we’re a bunch of gullible fools.

  81. lorac’ers, they do see through him. But, AAs will never, never ever, not protect their own against the white world. So, they’ll fall in line, and largely quietly.

  82. Hey NES, those russians have a real vodka problem, so maybe the guy is preserved if you get my drift.

  83. NES, the odd thing is, he’s treated them worse than most white presidents. They are REALLY hurting now. So exactly who do they need to protect themselves from again?

  84. ha! what you just said, UW, at 9:56, reminded me of something. Once MO said that blacks weren’t leaning towards Obama (before primaries), because of slavery, they had a plantation mentality.

    Well, perhaps that’s not it. Perhaps they are more like battered women who stick around because the really, really love (the color of his skin) so they just take the abuse, the verbal insults, the “you think you got something to complain about to ME? I’LL show you how you’ve got something to complain about! I’ll sic those nasty republicans on your a**!!!!” They’re afraid to go to the police (the public) because it would be so humiliated, they’d be “raped” twice. So they stick with their guy, and hope h ope hope that one day he’ll love them as much as they love him…. battered woman syndrome!

  85. Very sad, because he has ruined it for black presidential candidates for a long time to come. it’s almost as if the TPTB did it on purpose like they do in corporate america. Put someone inept in a big slot, wait for them to fuck up, and then say, See!!! Black people can’t do these jobs! Or See! Women can’t do these jobs! That’s the program the white boys have been using for decades.

  86. водка!

  87. Who drinks that sheet anyways. Vodka. Bleck.

  88. Only thing it’s good for is on a hot day, you cut a watermelon cross wise, dig out the watermelon, dump some vodka in the shell and put the melon back in.

  89. And bring a spoon.

  90. I drink vodka. I’ve never tried it in watermelon. It does mix well with every fruit juice under the sun. I like mine with 7-up.

  91. Hey everybody. Tell all your unemployed friends that target has job openings if they are willing to move.

    Moving for a job at target. Thats the ticket. Woot!

  92. I had a delicious martini last night. Here’s the recipe.

    The Burning Mandarin Martini
    inspired by Katsuya Restaurant

    Prep time: 5 minutes
    Total time: 5 minutes
    Yield: 1 martini


    2 slices of serrano chile
    1 1/2 ounces Absolute Mandarin
    3/4 ounce lemon juice
    1/2 ounce simple syrup
    1/2 ounce orange juice
    1/2 ounce cranberry juice


    1. Muddle one slice of chile in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, orange juice, and cranberry juice, along with one large handful of ice.

    2. Shake vigorously until well-chilled. Strain into a sugar-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with remaining chile slice.

    Woman does not live, on PIE alone!

  93. My Dad & sisters & I were at our favorite Greek restaurant back in the 80’s, and as we were finishing up, a bunch of Russians came flooding in. They had reserved the whole restaurant for a birthday party for a 1 year old baby! Anyway, they invited us to stay, so we did to see what it would be like. A wild party! Wild Russian dancing, lots of toasts, shrieking in Russian and never ending vodka. Fortunately, my Dad rarely drank and didn’t drink the vodka the sis’s & I were toasted. I can’t drink hard liquor any more for some reason, which is weird, becuz I was never a drinker either. Now I can drink wine and gin (not straight, with tonic or juice). Vodka, Rum & Tequila give me a raging stomach ache.

  94. that sounds good imust!

  95. That recipe is enough to make a scotch drinker gag with watering eyes.

  96. Oooo, it does sound good. I’ve never seen serrano peppers around here. I wonder if I could use a habanero instead.

  97. Oh my vivien, the habanero would be muy caliente!! I even found the original a little warm, (I’m a wimp) so I went halvers on the chili on the 2nd martini! Of course if I’d had a 3rd…..probably could have thrown in those habaneros!!

  98. Maybe I’ll go the other way and try it with a jalapeno.

  99. When I first read the title I thought of loracs recent post the odds turn in womens studies and this is what came to mind:


    On topic:
    Has anyone else seen those commercials to rally voters to support Obama Fudds “Jobs Bill” ? Only had the tv on for a hour or so the past couple days but saw the ads every break. He looks as if they put gold glitter in his hair (sort of clown like) ad he is droning on and on and on.

  100. Oh, I forgot to add this to my Russian story. They were all dressed to the nines…in really old clothes. Their stuff looked like it was from the 30’s or 40’s. What people would have worn to nightclubs back then. It added color to the event.

  101. Glitter in barks hair? Haven’t seen that, but hope I do.

  102. Mt. Laurel, is this the commercial? They’re not running everywhere. I read that they may violate House Ethics rules (an oxymoron)

  103. They’re not supposed to use recordings from House proceedings for political purposes….LOL!

  104. I wonder why they’re only offering that class to women. There’s a big campaign going on right now trying to make it an olympic sport.

    They think they’re going to sell that crappy bill on tv?

  105. I haven’t had a political argument since ’08 with anyone. Today at work somebody was starting in with the “give the guy another 4 years” and some delusional crap about how he is creating jobs and I lost it. I raised my voice and my pitch and spewed at the guy as we went back and forth. He kept asking him questions and he’d say “I don’t know” then I’d tell him the answer. Finally I said go learn and then we can talk about it again. He said he knows better than to discuss politics with people and shouldn’t have brought it up. I wanted to say he shouldn’t discuss things he doesn’t know beans about but didn’t.

    grrrrrrrr. I better learn to control myself or it is going to be a volatile election cycle. I was pretty angry in ’08 but if he gets elected again I am going to be a LUNATIC! I am afraid to ask my sister if she is voting for that fraud again. And we are still a year away. I gotta stay calm…

  106. I just got here and wanted to say that when I saw BHO slap the side of the lectern after using that phony dialect to wow the CBC, I nearly threw something at the monitor. I tell you, I simply cannot listen to him! I have even less tolerance for him than I did in 08.

    And speaking of the 68 riots in Chicago – yes, I was *there* but not at the riots. I was at Grant Park (and Michigan Avenue) earlier in the day hours before it became violent. (and although there were police that reacted badly, I can say that they were (nearly) all manipulated – cops, hippies, alike.)

    You know who else was there? Valerie Jarrett. and Bill Ayers (iirc). I’ll look for the links to Jarrett. I read about her and the ’68 riots. She of the millionaire family and Ayers as well. We haven’t heard much about them because we had Jerry Rubin, Abby Hoffman, and David Dellinger, etc to focus our attention on. But Valerie Jarrett was definitely there. So if they are trying to recreate 68 it’s because they have veterans of how to mastermind a violent upheaval without getting dirty themselves.

  107. Imust

    Yes, that is the one.I am working on an old computer that does not like you tube so I could not post a link. I am in the DC metro area so it must be one of the targeted areas (they get all the lobbyists, fed workers and contractors to call/write/email). It did raise my ethics radar but when has that stopped anyone. It seems to have been put out by the DNC or at least that was the impression I got upon viewing and of course the first thing that came to mind was “campaign ad”.

  108. karen and leslie…..sounds like you two need to go out for a drink together! Wait a minute….I’ll join you!!! Let’s invite vivien, she likes vodka….and okay Uppity can come had have her scotch…..NES is a scotch drinker too…Okay, everybody…let’s drink!

  109. Drinking is a good place to start but I think I need something stronger. Morphine drip wouldn’t take away the pain of watching this debacle happen AGAIN.

  110. Cheers imust!

  111. On Yahoo:

    Obama says GOP would ‘cripple’ America
    President Barack Obama charged Sunday that the GOP vision of government would “fundamentally cripple America,” as he tried out his newly combative message on the liberal West Coast.

    At this rate, pallie, any candidate can’t possibly do worse than you… except maybe a zombie. Even then….

  112. Oh blessed Fixit…. yikes

  113. Did I fix it right, Allie?

  114. Leslie, that’s really scary that Jarrett was a part of 1968 and she’s his right hand person (some say she’s actually in charge….).

  115. B0 says the GOP would cripple the country, well, he can dream, can’t he?

  116. Am I crazy or did Obama just tell the CBC they were a bunch of lazy Negroes sitting around in their slippers being defeatist?
    Wow, imagine any white politician saying such a thing. If a republican said it, they would be denounced as racist all over the corporate news world. People with orange stained fingers would be screaming “off with his/her head”.

  117. He puts the country on broken crutches and suddenly worries that it might be crippled. This guy’s parallel universe is becoming more dangerous by the day.

  118. Yes leslie, he brought everybody who helped turn chicago into a crime riddled political cesspool with him to the white house.

  119. And let’s not forget what he did “for” AAs in chicago with his buddy tony rezko. Rats, no water, no heat. This is what he brings to all the poor, black or white in the entire USA. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t like the poor one bit. And he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what color they are either. This is all way beneath him. And to even slightly believe he cares is to be a fool. His history is there. His history has always been there. He uses the poor as useful fools. All you have to do is read the history. And his leglislative records during his tenure at State senator didn’t get “lost” for nothing.

    He was owned by large donors long ago. Just check Exelon and the law he promised to make about warning neighbors if there was a radioactive nuclear leak. He screwed his constituents and I can do a trail to show you how he gained by it. He doesn’t care.

  120. Frank Clark, corporate officer, Exelon, Hand picked CEO Commonwealth Edison successor to Thomas Ayers.
    And bundler for Obama.

    Obama weakens nuclear bill to nothing after consulting with Exelon. removes “mandatory” radioactive leak reporting wording and changes it to “voluntary”. Screws the people.

  121. I have a busy day today folks. Have fun.

  122. Lady Gaga attends Obama fundraiser with shoes and hairdo that made her about 8 feet tall. There’s an irony in there somewhere.

  123. Valerie Jarrett was only 12 years old in 1968. Are you getting her mixed up with someone else?

  124. I could see Val being a nasty piece of work at 12. lol

    She was born in Iran. You would think she would be a bit more concerned about Sharia.

  125. Ayers’ wife, Bernadine Dohrn, was in some way involved in the 1968 riots. She’s a bit older than Jarrett.

  126. Dohrn was the engineer of the Days Of Rage and its Declaration of war on the government. It was directly linked in influence by the 1968 riots. More about it here:

    Here is her Declaration of A State of War. Brace yourself.

  127. Uppity, yep. I was very young and traveled all over to rallies with my older siblings. When I was 12 I was a full fledged volunteer for a totally peaceful non-violent national group with a large NYC base. We all hated what the Chicago faction was doing, and I still see right through them today. They were scum then and still are.

  128. Off Topic: Get out your kleenex time. Since Yahoo is hosting CGI and has tons of Clinton info, I have been linking there more lately. Sorry, but this is a great video. Following the Chelsea obesity vid there are the requisite ads and stick around there is another vid with Clinton, Bush and Boehner about Shanksville memorial. Bill, in his sly fox mode, gets in a great dig at BO.


  129. And yet, incredulously, though believably at the same instant, enter one Herman Cain, the so-called ‘outsider’ coming to save the day.

    Oh yeah, sure. We’ve heard that one before. Uh huh. Riiiiiiight…

    Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

  130. teresainpa, you heard correctly. I heard some radio interviews that are very unhappy with that call to march from Barack. Idiot just insulted his base in so many more ways than the community organizer will ever know.

  131. Just ran across this at John Smart’s- any thoughts?

  132. lorac, it works for me. Thanks for the fix. Typed too fast and it was too late at night. 🙂

  133. Maxine Waters ripped him for his insulting words.

  134. They should have Jesse make his “nuts” comment again.

  135. Maxine’s not the type to take crap from anyone. I had a feeling she’d be the first to speak out. I just wish John Lewis had the guts to do that.

  136. For the moment, I am liking Maxine. It’s temporary I’m sure, but there you have it. At least she has the guts to tell him what a POS he is.

  137. run_dmc was at the CBC dinner. Interesting comment by her on JWS site today about the reaction at her table to the jerk’s insulting comments.

  138. I’m glad she told him off, but I don’t really remember him showing any love to Gays & Jews.

  139. Maxine was a Hillary supporter as you all know. I loved the Hillary rally where she said about Obama, “We don’t need hope….we need HELP!”

  140. I never remember him showing any love to ANYBODY, save for himself.

  141. socal: I was just gonna say! Obama would never tell Jews or gays to stop complaining because he doesn’t talk to Jews or gays.

  142. You know what just knocks my socks off? That any Jew in his right mind voted for him in 2008, primary OR general election. He was SO obviously pro palestine, he couldn’t even fake it. He was right in their face playing love games with the goatfuckers.

  143. I know what you mean Upps, I was astonished at the Jewish vote he got. A lot of wealthy & powerful, too. Staggeringly stupid.

  144. That “Great Schlep” crap really pissed me off. Talk about people voting against their own interests.

  145. FCS he had a cold call center in Gaza city! How obvious was that?

    And then there were those Hamas brothers from Rafah Georgia, which was not the State of Georgia, donating to his freaking campaign! How dumb can you be?


    And here’s his good buddy Edward Said, throwing rocks at the wall. Doh! Fortunately, this POS is burning in hell. Boo Freaking Hoo.

    The last time I spoke to Obama was in the winter of 2004 at a gathering in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. He was in the midst of a primary campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat he now occupies. But at that time polls showed him trailing.

    As he came in from the cold and took off his coat, I went up to greet him. He responded warmly, and volunteered, “Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race. I’m hoping when things calm down I can be more up front.” He referred to my activism, including columns I was contributing to the The Chicago Tribune critical of Israeli and US policy, “Keep up the good work!”

    And how about his VERY good friend Rashid Khalidi, hey? The guy who watched his kids? His neighbor over on Farrakhan and Ayers Street?. Former PLO spokesman? Here’s the swine dodging questions from the press, something he did throughout 2008, until obama got elected. THEN he had no problem shooting off his anti-semitic mouth.


    If you recall, it was a party for Khalidi from which a member of the press, I forget which, was able to uncover a video of Obama speaking at this party, but he refused to release it. I don’t suppose Obama was saying nice things about jews, do you? Of course, that lameassed McCain just let it slide.

    But the truth is, any Jew who voted for this Islamofascist sympathizer was a complete fool.

    As a side note, I just noticed that the video in my post “Cowardly old radical runs from the press” has been “terminated” on Obama’s youtube.

  146. Was that the video of Ayers when he called the police to protect him from the mean-old reporter? What a jerk!

  147. The same police that he called “pigs”…….

  148. Hell socal, I’m not even a Jew and I saw it all loud and clear.

  149. No that was yet another one, imust. This one they were walking along side of him and he wouldn’t say boo. Then some woman saw his distress and gave him a ride. He had this shitty creepy look on his face, you know the Days Of Rage snotty look the whole time. Didn’t even GRUNT a word. After the election he wouldn’t shut his g’damned mouth, and took alittle trip to Cuba besides.

  150. Oh. Yeah I remember that one too. Didn’t want to ruin Obama’s chance at the White House so he kept quiet. Scum that’s what he is.

  151. Wanna see what Bill Ayers’, champion of ‘education” office door looked like in Chicago?

    (and yet another video removed by ObamaTube)

  152. Woot! I found another copy of the removed video in my post.

  153. Yes, he certainly has scummy associates. I can say that the Jewish women who are prominent in our homeschool community weren’t taken in, they were and are alarmed for Israel. Normally liberal leaning people, but not obots.

  154. And just for the halibut, I updated that old post, removed the dead link and added the new one.

  155. And they called US “low information”! ROFL. Morons.

  156. Watching that video makes me so angry all over again.

  157. She took a lot of heat for endorsing Hillary.

  158. I just love these memory refresher trips down memory lane. Handy dandy posts laying it all out. Have to get my ofraudma 101 refresher course all finished and have everything right to hand when the kitchen gets heated up!

    just caught this OT link- but it seems that obamanotcare is FINALLy going to SCOTUS.
    The Obama administration chose not to ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to re-hear a pivotal health reform case Monday, signaling that it’s going to ask the Supreme Court to decide whether President Barack Obama’s health reform law is constitutional.

    The move puts the Supreme Court in the difficult position of having to decide whether to take the highly politically charged case in the middle of the presidential election.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/64475.html#ixzz1Z6sLXCoG
    Seems to me they must be pretty damn confident if they are going to ask SCOTUS to hear it in an election year. Or did obummer and co just screw up?
    Hey- maybe the plan is for SCOTUS to overturn it and then barky has somebody new on which to blame his failure?

  159. Hey Uppity- what ever happened to RBO? When I click on links to them- a “protected blog” page comes up. Can’t get in without a password. Too bad- they were a veritable treasure trove of facts on that scumbag in the White House.

  160. You know what just knocks my socks off? That any Jew in his right mind voted for him in 2008, primary OR general election. He was SO obviously pro palestine, he couldn’t even fake it. He was right in their face playing love games with the goatfuckers.

    I thought the same thing. I hated Obama for so many reasons that Israel was way down on my list, but I realized Middle Eastern policy was not one of his strong points rather early on.

    You have to understand that a lot of liberal Jews were very involved in the Civil Rights movement. They, too, were blinded by Obama’s skin color. Plus, most Jews vote Democratic as a rule, so there was that factor as well.

  161. Lady Gaga attended Obama’s $35,000 a couple fundraiser…..this is why, sadly, we’re probably in for another 4 years….stupidity

    “Mother Monster” Lady Gaga attended a $35,800-per-couple fundraiser for President Barack Obama in northern California over the weekend. The 25-year-old Grammy winner didn’t sing, but she reportedly asked Obama a question during the Q&A, thanked him for all he’s done for the country, and read a letter about her late fan Jamey Rodemeyer.
    “[Lady Gaga] thanked Obama for hosting his anti-bullying conference with Michelle Obama, and then made a general plea to everyone in the room, including the president, to do what they can to prevent bullying,” a source told ABC.

  162. I don’t get it though, madamab. I wouldn’t vote for any shithead that supported wiping Italy off the face of the earth. We are talking about homeland here. How could any Jewish person not see the similarities to holoucaust intentions? And do they really think that these islamofascists will stop with Israel? Just read any youtube comments and the spew and hatred for Jews in this country is downright disconcerting and definitely frightening. I am talking baldfaced bigotry and hatred here. Positively rancid remarks.

  163. Mom I think Rbo is working on another book. It’s possible that the blog has some of the content. She did inform via email that she was locking it up awhile back.

  164. Obama hosting an “anti-bullying” conference. “Get in their faces”, “If they bring a knife we’ll bring a gun” Obama! Finger-giving face scratcher, shoulder duster Obama!

  165. Methinks maybe Maxine smelled the Obama rat in 2008 then. She wasn’t the only one. I could pull up videos of dinners where the black leadership of this country were supporting her and making speeches about it. And on by one they were pressured and tortured to switch. You could see what was happening. They were being thugged. A few held out, mostly women.

  166. New Post up. Gold.

  167. I just got back from work. I read above that Valerie Jarrett was only 12 during the 1968 Chicago riots. I must have been hallucinating. This afternoon I got an email invitation from Marilyn Katz she was part of the SDS “security” at the I don’t know why, but I get the 2 of them Katz and Jarrett, confused and have for some time. Here is a link to the photo of Katz at Grant Park in 1968 http://tinyurl.com/3omr5k2
    Even in this photo I am reminded of Jarrett. Katz – the SDS security lady – hosted a kickoff campaign party for obama in 2002. She has a definite connection to Ayers and to obama.
    My apologies to all for the error.

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