I wonder if the CBC remembers this…a time before the Chicago thugs got to them.

Anybody having second thoughts now that AA’s have been told to STFU?


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  1. run_dmc over at John Smart’s was there at the CBC thing and his comment was:

    So, was at the congressional black caucus annual gala dinner on Sat. evening. Obama graced us with his presence and then proceeded to tell the assembled black audience that we needed to stop complaining so much, take off our bedroom slippers, get off our butts and help him with all the hard work he’s doing. Thanks, dear leader. As the black community struggles with record high unemployment, 50% black young male unemployment, rising crime rates, a dramatic slide back in real wealth, etc and as Obama has Wed night cocktail parties, golf and pick up basketball with lebron james, endless and endlessly expensive vacations, jewelry for his wife that would pay for the expenses of a family of 4 for a year, glad that he feels and understands OUR pain. Guess I need to heed his words, get off my fat ass and help him stay in gravy for 4 more years.

    and further down:

    NES asked him if people were appalled at the O’s attacks and he said:

    My table certainly was. He also told all of us – repeated it a number of times – that we needed to have more “faith” in him. A couple of people said – “yeah, well – faith isn’t a plan.” And – yes, it was monumentally insulting to tell a group of african-americans, many of whom actually did march during the civil rights era and faced violence and jail so his sorry butt could become president one day, that they needed to “stop complaining.” The narcissim of the man is off the charts. My thought was – keep it up – blacks won’t come out against you publicly in large #s, but i’ll bet they also won’t come out to vote in such large #s in 2012 either.

  2. Nice call, Uppity. Funny how those guys were saying the exact same things we were about Hillary’s experience and being ready on Day 1….but we were “racist” for saying it.

    Also very interesting were the comments about Hillary doing well in South Carolina. I remember that shortly after those polls came out, it was all aboard the “Bill Clinton is a racist!” train. Quelle coincidence, Obama won big in South Carolina after that.

    I remember also my poli-sci professor friend shaking his head and saying that was a key victory for Obama. I looked at him and wondered what he was smoking. Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc. THOSE are key victories. I doubt Obama will carry one of those states in 2012, the way he’s going.

  3. He’s officially thrown all African-Americans “under the bus”…..who’s left?

  4. Not to be a real downer….but I also remember how Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a Hillary supporter, died 5 days before the Democratic Convention. I’m not saying that thugs got to her….I’m just sayin’

  5. And of course 5 days before Stephanie Tubbs Jones died, on August 14th….another Hillary Super Delegate died….

  6. FF, great header!

    But – first Bill Clinton goes golfing with Mr. Boring Narcissist, and now MKBill is going golfing with him? Why would MKBill do that, he’s not in politics, he doesn’t need the grief! Hmmm… maybe he spent the golfing afternoon saying “meow” pronounced such that it sounded an awful like the name “Hillary”!! lol

  7. I think MK Bill just has his “ear to the ground” literally and figuratively….trying to get some intel what Bill Clinton “really” told Obama on that round of golf!

  8. I hope Bill Clinton said “Bite me.”

  9. Anyone seen the crazy Zogby poll? Cain leads Romney and Perry by double digits, with Romney in third place. It’s nuts!

  10. Remember when Michelle said “Black America will wake up…”?

  11. NES check your mail on my comments about Zogby.

  12. The Republican field is in such disarray. They really must just want Obama to win.

  13. Bill told BO to resign in late December due to lung ailments related to smoking. /fantasy.

  14. It’s a very unimpressive, uninspiring field.

  15. MK Bill is supposed to be sprawled out on the grass lounging around and wasting time. The other guy has more important things that need to be done and should put that damn putter down already.

    I hope it rains every time he hits the green for the rest of his life.

  16. Like this karen:

  17. Cute header! Switching topics for all the Uppity cooks here. I bought a purple bell pepper, cuz it was really pretty to look at & I thought it would be mild/sweet like the red/orange/yellow kind. Not. It was green on the inside and was even more powerful than the green kind. I only put a few small pieces in my vege saute & it dominated the whole dish. Ick. Not worth it.

  18. Its hard to trust the polls now, like the msm.

  19. So who is barky going to lean on next? I think the only supporters he hasn’t thrown under the bus are his hollyweird elite millionaires. Wonder what he will say to them?

  20. I just watched Ron Paul on The Daily Show. He is completely mooniefracking insane. He says his crackpot slogans without the slightest bit of backup or reasoning. He kept insisting that the market would regulate itself harsher than the govt could becuz “they couldn’t get away with fraud”. wtf??? And “we’ve chased our jobs overseas”! Really? Stewart made him look like a monkey on a couple of points, but overall was too polite.

  21. btw, Uppity, great video & title! I clicked on the youtube and saw it was posted on Aug 2, 2007. Do you suppose they’ve come full circle yet?

  22. LOVE the new header! Maybe MKBill is golfing with Big Dawg- strategizing!
    For the life of me I can not understand the D plan. Women- under the bus. Jews- under the bus. Gays- under the bus. Unions- ditto. Seniors- double ditto.
    Seems as if they believe the fix is in and therefore none of it matters.

    OT- MORE RAIN here. On the news last night they admitted it has been a record year for rain. Oh joy.

  23. Excuse me, but you are wrong about the header. MKBill is playing mini-golf with Hillary. Real golf is such a waste of time. After the game they went out for margaritas. Obama didn’t even come up in the conversation. They talked about interesting things.

  24. Mom, considering he’s a chicago thug, it’s conceivable that nobody could vote for him and he’ll still win.

  25. Yeah honora. And they bought rounds of drinks for everybody in the room and told dog jokes! Later they did shots and got REAL silly. They knew they could because all the press was following Bill and Barry around with their cameras and As Seen On TV listening devices.

  26. So many people voted against their interest when they voted for him. I guess they see it NOW. This is a great find Upps. I know Charlie’s a crook, and the reason we need term limits, but his support for Hillary gets him some respect from me. Trenton’s mayor Douglas Palmer said it best when he said, we need her to as president, more than she needs to be president.

    PMM, it’s been raining here for days. They say there’s more to come. There’s a front sitting off the coast, not going anywhere. Just about every yard has mushrooms growing. The paper even went so far as to do a story about them yesterday.


    FF, another great header. Where do you find the time? Golf isn’t such a bad game, Bo makes it a bad game.

  27. socal re: Crazy Ron Paul. Did you ever read the comments under JWS’ videos on talking with a Ron Paul supporter? His followers are completely delusional. They say things like he’s winning in every “online” poll! Rofl. They are crazier than a rat in a coffee can.

  28. imust,

    ratfarts would be a good nickname for barky, perhaps?


  29. great video Upps.and FF, great header! 🙂

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