Another Islamofascist dirtbag is removed from the gene pool.

K Thx, Bai! 

Too bad we can’t throw Nidal Hasan in with you right now. Ah well, maybe under a real president, we will. I’m sure Barack Obama will embellish how he did this all by his brave self. That will work as well for him as the Osama Bin Laden thing. Faux progressives everywhere will gasp as their morphed hero reads from his teleprompter about how he made it happen, followed by 9 holes.  His cardboard-cutout humping speech writer is working on what Barack should think right now.

His “base” will think, “He killed an American citizen!” but they won’t say it. At least not for longer than five minutes. I mean, it’s what they would have said if George Bush put a target on the guy’s head. But since it’s Barack, they will say how they love them their Barack and it’s probably somebody else’s fault that he thinks killing a great guy like al-Awlaki is a good thing . But– increasingly, they need alcohol in their systems before they can blurt that out.

This isn’t timely or anything, is it? Kind of reminds me of how W would always get an audio tape from Osama whenever W was in trouble. But nevermind.

In other good news, Chavez is circling the drain as we speak. Congratulations to all the good people who had to flee their country and come to the USA to get away from him. I promise to post his photo the moment he enters hell.

Anwar al-Awlaki waves goodbye.


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  1. I am confused! This has not hit the networks here in bitter clinger country at all. First thing in the morning I turn on the news and make coffee. Then I read Uppity while I listen to the news. Why is this not on the news?
    Oh excuse me- it’s not news anymore- it’s infotainment. Thanks be for the intertubz!
    OT- but sideways related- the History Channel has some program on last night about the Bin Laden extermination- complete with interviews with govt types including Teleprompter Reader.
    Co-inky dink right?
    He is going to use these killings every chance he gets.

  2. I have a serious problem with ANY president having the power of life or death over US citizens. There was no trial, no due process, not even a warrant issued for his arrest.

    This is not a defense of Anwar al-Awlaki, it is a defense of the rule of law.

  3. I hear ya, myiq. I just don’t care. I’m for killing them all on the spot. When we arrest them, we treat them like misunderstood sweetie pies and have to pay for the pleasure of reading about it too. I feel the same way about the creatures who kill their wives and daughters here for “honor”. In UK right now, a horrible terrorist is free and walking the streets now and all those yahoos are trying to figure out what to do about it before he blows a few thousand people up. They are serving as a terrible example of what happens when you treat the enemy better than you treat You Own. And it seems to me, that is the direction the USA is trolling toward. You can’t be civil to freaks who cut off people’s heads on video and mail the video to you. To me, this is a military war issue and not a USA court issue. War is War. And they have declared War upon us.

  4. I can’t wait to watch the kossacks decide this is okay but if bush did it, it wouldn’t be okay. You will see that issue die because it’s Barack and it would be racist to pick on him about this.

    His ‘base” just cracks me up. There is no end to how they will humiliate themselves and compromise their dignity for Barack Obama.

  5. I agree that this is war. If we don’t realize that we’ll be sitting ducks like a line of Red Coats marching toward a forest filled with guerilla soldiers.

  6. CNN has a list posted of the dead and captured over the last 10 years.

  7. Agree on your war comment, imust. In war, you don’t stop and read people their rights. It’s war, not Night Court.

    This swine is guilty of treason. And the punishment for treason is….

  8. Really, if you people would only inflate your tires properly, everything would be fine.

    What a bimbo.

  9. Did anyone else see the interview by Anderson Cooper with one of Obama’s supporters Cornell somebody calling Herman Cain racist and bigoted because he said black people who are bamboozled by the Democrat party are being used. Anderson was between a rock and a hard place trying to get the guy to back off a little bit without calling his argument bullshit. But he wouldn’t stop and kept it up for a long time. The reelect Obama camp is getting desperate calling everybody a racist. It was on one of Anderson Cooper’s shows yesterday, but he’s on 3 times a day so it’s hard to remember which show it was on.

  10. War indeed. This country has gone down a PC road to ruin. That dirtbag, treasonous, murdering bastard that killed our troops at Ft Hood is an example. WHY is he still sitting in jail at our expense. Wheel him up to the wall and let one of the survivors of that massacre send him to see Allah.

  11. As far as the latest terrorist killing goes, dead men don’t talk.

  12. OT – Notification of new article on UW coming through to my mailbox OK, however, the usual preview message is not – for the past few days. Has Bill coughed up a hairball on the electronics?

  13. BCL, that kind of tack just bounces off of everybody now. The only reaction it gets is eye-rolls. Like everything else that’s overused as an excuse, it’s old and stale.

  14. Got no idea, twandx. It comes from WordPress. Of course, Bill iS ornery these days, but it’s hard to tell the difference from when he’s not ornery.

  15. I do hope those strikes were laden with bacon grease.

  16. I can’t wait to watch the kossacks decide this is okay but if bush did it, it wouldn’t be okay. You will see that issue die because it’s Barack and it would be racist to pick on him about this.

    Dead-on. The only Obama “base” people who will complain about it are people like Glenn Greenwald. But I don’t think he’ll be voting for Obie in 2012 at this point.

  17. You were right Uppity- the orange place has a hooray our hero killed a bad guy thread up. I won’t link it- it’s in a link at crawdad’s ( I hate sending dailykooks any traffic)
    See! Uppity was right again! As far as Cheeto world is concerned it’s only bad if the other party does it. When teh one does it- it’s all skittles and beer!

  18. This is an asymmetrical war. This is the best way to conduct it, special ops. It’s way better than having hundreds of thousands of “boots on the ground” in a godforsaken desert with giant targets on their backs. I’d much rather see the likes of Anwar coming “home” in a body bag than hundreds of our soldiers.

  19. imust- THANK YOU! From a military mom. And I will once again ask for prayers for all our troops over there- especially my daughter in law- things tend to go real hairy when one of the madmen gets killed.

  20. Oh GAWD- teh one’s speech is supposed to be all loaded on the TOTUS for 11 am est delivery. (checks calendar- uhm uhm- I have to clean the radiators and put down the storm windows.)

  21. Thanks for the warning Mom. You saved innocent people from having to witness yet another speech by barky that ends up being all about himself and his re-election campaign. It is so freaking obvious the way he drools and spits and hits his lectern that he is not ready to give up the perks of the job even though he sucks at the actual job.

    And as uppity says “the cardboard cutout humping” kid wrote it and it is bound to be another snooze fest full of pure utter bullshit.

  22. Upps, the Chavez line about posting a photo the moment he enters hell is hysterical. I love when I read something and the last line makes me sit and reflect on the article and grin like a lunatic. The whole thing is spot on but I love the clincher!

  23. Well if you are going to post Hugo’s photo- you must not discriminate! You must post photo of Fidel and family too!

  24. That convenient story about mee-shoe shopping at Target incognito with the AP nearby, made me wretch. She was forced to do it by her handlers after appearing at that fund raiser with the big buck bling on her wrists with the Cleopatra attitude. It was her penance. Right now she’s picking out some Tiffany for her chore of pushing a cart among the commoners.

  25. karen! DING DING DING! you are SOOO on “target” I bet you are right!

  26. Does she really think people are going to buy that crap about her having a regular day buying cheap stuff at Target?

    Although she does dress like she does.

  27. Enquiring minds want to know: Did al Awlaki dye his beard? The devil’s using it to drag him over the hottest coals in hell.

  28. I get better looking stuff at goodwill ::lol;

  29. and for the heads up Thanks Mom. 🙂

  30. AACCCKKK He’s on! Save me! Can’t. reach. remote. HEEELLLLppppppppppppppppppppppp

  31. I thought you said 11, he’s late again.

  32. Upps, I was thinking the same thing when I heard Mo was shopping at Target. Some of that crap she wears look’s just like the crap at Target. I wonder if she shops at Walmart too.

  33. Darn! I missed his speech!!! Is he still on! I mean, if he’s still on, I will rush right over to the TV and turn it on. Right after I pick all the lint off my dog’s blanket. I didn’t want to miss this! Can you tell?

    I see where some congressional Fake Democrats are investigating that POS clarence thomas of pubic hair fame. Personally, I would love his ass kicked, but the amusing part here is that it won’t be racist to go after him because he’s not a Democrat. Can they toss in that pig Scalia ‘women are not protected by the constitution” as a white token? That would be nice. I mean he really should be spending his time working with family in Italy with the Mussolini Shrine in his father’s Party’s honor.

  34. Yeah, UW, much as I am happy that the scumbag is in some circle of hell, the American citizen thing bothers me. Once one boundary is crossed, it is easier to cross others, and you know we have a bunch of sociopaths in DC who wouldn’t know a boundary if it bit them in the bum while announcing itself. Then our democracy is circling the drain.

    And what is that about Chavez? Is he on death’s door? My God, he is one ugly man–on many different levels. He looks like he is wearing an ugly man mask.

    That being said, I am glad the crazy guy is gone. I could never figure out why people believe that religion is an excuse to kill people–sacred texts say the opposite.

  35. vivien- yup-late again. I think we should all just add an hour to whatever time they announce. Nice of him to use Admiral Mullen’s retirement ceremony to high five himself.

    Uppity- they cut off his remarks right after he got done talking about the latest dead terrorist. So it’s safe to turn on the tv if you are done lint picking ROFL!

  36. Worth sharing! Very very brave young woman!

    The young person’s evidence makes very clear that she has expressed to her parents that she does not want to go to Lebanon and does not want to marry the person proposed,” he said.

    “She has indicated also in her evidence that she is fearful for her personal safety, that she has concerns as to what will occur in relation to her mother’s reaction once she becomes aware of these proceedings.”

    Kudos to the judge! And I hope this young woman is protected from her parents. Very very brave of her!

  37. Meechelle probably bought all the staff’s Christmas gifts in the Clearance aisle.

  38. Haha!! Add an hour, that’s what my family does if they want me there on time. I didn’t know it was a ceremony for Mullen. I thought he wanted to tell everyone we got the guy he put the hit on. I’m glad they got him, it’s almost like killing Osama again. I don’t see the boost lasting the news cycle though.

  39. Many around the blogosphere are saying this is the death of our constitution…. That we have lost the “rule of law”…..I guess my Dad violated the constitution back in the 40’s when he was fighting in Europe. No, he never mentioned reading their rights to the Germans while they were hurling grenades at them

  40. Uncle Crazy calls it an assassination. This should get him some new numbers in the polls.

  41. Maybe she was a target’s buying another present for The Queen.

    Re: alwaki………..they have already replaced him with one just like him.

  42. mcnorman– Michele doesn’t need to get the staff any presents, they still have copies of Dreams of My Father in storage. Of course, they are saving one to give to the Queen next time they travel to England.

  43. imust- your Dad has my grateful thanks for his service.
    The world has gone batshit crazy. We have the ACLU defending the “right” of muslim students to pray in school- the same ACLU that has fought so many times to remove any Christian prayer in ANY school setting. We have a murdering scum sitting in jail at taxpayer expense after he opened fire on our troops at Ft Hood screaming Allah Akbar. Mosques opening practically on top of Ground Zero.
    What the hell? The asshat committed treason. Aiding and abetting the enemy. Uppity got it right.
    K Thx Bai

  44. ROFL UW and honora. The headline should be Michelle Shops For The Queen.

  45. We did get a twofer. Samir ?, the creep that published his rag, Inspire got it as well.

  46. Speaking of fascist dirtbags, Jon Stewart destroys the pepper spraying NYPD cop. Make sure you watch til the end for the new series promo—wall-street-pepper-spray-incident

  47. Was there anything left of the constitution after Bush got done with it? Rule of law??? Come on. Bush finished that off too. Bo didn’t fix what W broke, not that I could see anyway.

    No honora, the queen is getting one of those books too. The Target crap is for her and the kids.

  48. What imust and UW said on Awlaki. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  49. LMAO at Jon Stewart – thanks honora. Tony Baloney spumoni tortoni.

    Also loved the 6ft tall chia pet Perry.

    If we don’t laugh at this crazy ol’ world we’d all be crying.

  50. Much as I hate to say it, one must give Obie his due on killing these AQ/Taliban guys without boots on the ground. Bush wasn’t nearly as successful.
    Yech! I can’t believe I typed out something favorable to BO; now I must go scrub my hands.

  51. What was I reading???? Work is getting in the way.

  52. NES- check out the link imust left near the beginning of the thread. By my count of that list- Bush got more- he just didn’t get all in our face about it. Admittedly- the big one came during teh one’s reign- but I still say he was dragged kicking and screaming into that room. The TROOPS got them all. The desk sitters just get the credit.

  53. If we don’t laugh at this crazy ol’ world we’d all be crying.

    Yes Karen, we MUST laugh whenever we get opportunity.

  54. It’s Friday. So much for work.

    I’m curious, why was the press there? Do they want us to shop at Target???

  55. Yeah NES , what PMM said! I find it funny with all his talk about reaching out to those who hate us….it really is just words.

  56. NES, Bo praise? Is that allowed here?

  57. Imelda wandering around Target in the hopes that someone will make a fuss over her (with AP in tow – did he/she have to hide in the bathroom). How truly pathetic. And furthermore, does she not realize that her photos have been photo shopped to such a point that even her faithful fans would not recognize her in person?

    This reminds me of a movie that came out a while back about the infighting on a soap opera. As I recall, Whoppie G was the star’s agent (or BFF or something) and when the star was depressed they would journey to area shopping malls just so said star could bask in the adoration of her fans (although she was smart enough to go dressed and made up so people would indeed recognize the “character”).

  58. I didn’t know they sold “Jimmy Choos” at Target!

  59. I know Vivien, I’m waiting for a meteor to hit me.

  60. Maybe she was looking for the hideous Missoni collection. Perhaps she has not heard it’s turned into a retail nightmare and ebay might be her best best since $$$ are no barrier for Imelda.

    And does she really think that people are dumb enough to buy that she arrived by herself and was just shopping (with the AP in tow natch). There had to be a whole fleet of cars in the parking lot and they close any store/eatery the O’s enter to the public. Not to mention that most of the people in the store were most likely hired or just other target workers (so they could be pre screened).

    Can you tell I recently got stuck in one of the traffic nightmare created by the O’s and their infamous fast food runs. Peas are for peons.

  61. Fair enuf, PMM and imust, Bush is ahead in the tally, albeit by a hair. I guess Obie uses more drones so the hits seem more efficient, in that troops are put at less risk. For some reason, Bush used drones only sparingly. Absolutely true that Bush wasn’t always in our faces about it! I had no idea he’d killed that many.
    No doubt Obie is out to get Zawahiri a year from now. It won’t save him tho’.

  62. ROFL to all of you re: the funny Michelda @ Target comments!

  63. Mt. Laurel – that movie was Soap Dish and it was hilarious. When I read about Michelle heading to Target, it did remind me of that scene with Sally Field going to the mall to be recognized! Isn’t she supposed to have Secret Service with her when she’s out and about?

  64. OT- but I find it deelish!
    The top senate Dem says they don’t have the votes. Well they don’t have a bill yet either but that is beside the point. The “Top Senate Dem” he is quoting?
    It ain’t Reid.

  65. Looks like it’s Durbin PMM.

  66. Yup imust- It’s Durbin. I just loved the thought of harry seeing the title of the article and clicking on it- only to find out the article is NOT about him.
    I’m evil that way.

  67. PMM, I checked out your link and found this as well. This yard-bird looks like it has great potential. I don’t see anything wrong, but that’s just me.

  68. vivien- you didn’t see anything wrong- because there really isn’t anything wrong- at least in my opinion. PETA has absolutely no room to complain- they exploit the female body all the time in ads that are borderline porn. This ad just pissed them off – I think because it kind of pokes fun at their ads.
    I want one of those T-Shirts that says
    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals

  69. I know. I just thought it was cute. I think I’ll make chicken tonight.

  70. I’m gonna really piss them off- I have ground pork, ground beef (all local no worries) some plum tomatoes and a bunch of herbs that are on my drying rack. I feel meatballs and sauce coming on. I can make a huge batch and freeze the leftovers.

  71. He opens his mouth and s&%t just falls out.

    President Barack Obama says that some new state voter ID laws make it harder for groups like seniors to vote, and he says that’s a big mistake.

    Every senior I know has ID and a valid Social Security card.
    He needs to STOP trying to scare seniors.
    I have faith that at least that generation won’t fall for this BS. This is all about ACORN being denied the right to register Mickey Mouse and bus people all over the country to vote for him. How is he supposed to win without stuffing the ballot boxes?

  72. Who doesn’t have an id? We’ve had a voter id law here for some time. I never leave the house without mine. What if you get hit by a bus?

  73. Vivien, how can we get hit by a bus when we are UNDER it??

  74. PETA revolts me. They have a 95% euthanization rate. They would rather see animals dead than in homes with those terrible humans. And their ads ARE porn. They should be forced to clean up their act.

    If your pet gets lost and lands in their hands, you will never see it again.

  75. Haha!! I forgot.

  76. Not the PETA thing. The bus thing. Sorry Upps, I won’t bring anymore PETA crap here.

  77. vivien don’t apologize. Just because I hate them is no reason for you to hate them. I just don’t like their tack is all, and I’m a person who believes in saving some animals when you can. PETA = better dead than fed. Put em to sleep hungry, onto the next bunch.

  78. Barry wants to take a walk. So GO THEN! Take a walk- a long one. Off a short pier!

  79. There is no love lost there. I thought it was funny. They do some good. If you have an animal that needs vet care and no money, you can call them. Or if you need to get a pet spayed or neutered they’ll help you out there too. I’m not defending them, really. I know more about them than I should. I think of them as one of my crazy neighbors.

  80. I too think that sexy chicken pic was poking fun at PETA and their over the top porn style. If the picture ran In the NYT, then that is what most likely really hit home. Even the lefties are making fun of them.

  81. I should have specified rabid koolaid lefties.

  82. Free spay and neutering is not unique to PETA though, Vivien. We have a program and it has nothing to do with them. I respect sancutaries a whole lot more than I respect PETA.

  83. There are lots of places that do that here too. My mom went through the humane society to have one of her dogs neutered. I’m sure she had the money, she’s a tightwad.

  84. WRT to seniors and ID, being one, I never leave home without mine – and I’m an early senior – my older friends are more militant about that than I am. The only seniors that would scare would be those women who married at unbelievably just past puberty age, were dominated by their husbands for their lifespan and now find themselves widowed without direction. In my experience, there aren’t too many of them left.
    again, I base this on my experience, however most of the women of my generation were not the 50’s June Cleavers – although we were born before the 50’s. We were the bra burning, anti war protesting, hairy underarm and legs, feminisist equal rights demanding pushy broads. My experience could be limited, however, I don’t think so. There are more of us than some folks think, and we live longer these days.

  85. Oops, forgot about the male seniors – they are another kettle of fish – who knows what they would do – I don’t think they know, but most of the ones I know are not politically involved and few vote unless they were once enlisted, were once part of a political party or their wife is alive and takes him to the polling station.

  86. HT! how the hell ya been!
    Most seniors I know- and I know many- carry ID all the time.
    Seems the ID thing is a problem for the younger generation- seriously. You have no idea how many times I have seen young people asked for ID for liquor or cigarettes- and they don’t even carry a purse or wallet- just the damn cell phones. And these are twenty and thirty somethings- not 15 yr olds trying to get away with something. How the hell do you leave your house, get in your car and drive away without your license?

  87. PMM, I’m here every day, but as a non American I hesitate to comment – even though I’m starting to see the signs of a similar takeover here. Otherwise I’ve been fine. Got the bowls that DE and Angi made for my daughter and they were exquisite. They are some fine artisans.
    RE ID, I don’t go out of the door without mine – even walking the dog I carry ID – because if I dropped dead they would need to know where to take the dog. I went to vote in the early polling for our province last week and was surprised there was a lineup – chock full of seniors. Funny think, there is a senior building right next to the community centre where the advance polling was held. Last election (which wasn’t long ago), the lineup was huge. Most seniors vote (unless they are incapacitated) because they know how valuable the right is.

  88. vivien- I really do not know- I think it is just a publicity stunt- trying to make it look like she/they are just- you know- regular ‘folks’ – like us. Sadly some people will fall for it.

  89. Chelsea Clinton has the most beautiful essay about her Dad up on the Daily Beast (a place I would not normally link- but this is SOO beautiful!)
    Get your tissues ready first!

  90. because if I dropped dead they would need to know where to take the dog

    You are killing me! ROFLMAO!

    Same here on seniors voting- they come out in huge numbers- in every place I have ever lived. ALWAYS seniors in line to vote- in the morning, afternoon, evening. In the sun, the snow, the rain and cold. NOTHING stops seniors from voting.
    They (and we) were raised to understand that voting is a privilege and a civic duty. One that not everybody on this planet is fortunate enough to have.

  91. WRT MO at that store, I cannot remember another incidence of a first lady of either your or my country (we don’t call them first ladies) doing that for a photo op. It’s demeaning to the position IMHO. Most of our and your heads of state wives were actively involved in worthy causes and headed fund raisers, established and oversaw foundations, and quietly visited with the affected people, unless they wanted to bring attention to a problem, in which case the press was brought along to highlight the issues. But pushing around a shopping cart? Was she wearing her $600 trainers and designer clothes?

  92. We have a spay neuter clinic once a month too. And trap and release. And anybody can get a voucher, and yes, some people do take cheapskate advantage of it. I don’t with my own animals because I do not want their ear clipped or have them exposed to anything. But I use it for the rescues. It’s a huge help. SOme people may not have a lot of money but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their pets or wouldn’t have one if they had a little help. Spaying costs some bucks around here. And yeah, some people could afford it but are just cheap. Still, it’s worth it to reduce the population. Here, over 10,000 cats in the past few years have been fixed and that makes a HUGE difference. I even know some satellite groups that tend to feeding of feral communities after they are trapped and released. They even construct little insulated places for them to sleep in winter. We also do cull the diseaased, it has to be done to avoid further suffering of others. I admit I am very into this, because I am just a sucker for animals. People not so much. lol.

  93. Vivien, I would be surprised if it were an issue after the MLK civil right’s initiative, and that was much more than twenty years ago. I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem for some, but for the majority? It would be interesting to see some social scientist doing a study, because a lot of what is stated by political parties has no bearing on the reality on the ground. They make up stuff to fire up their supporters and enhance their standing in the polls. Curse those bleeping entrepreneurs that decided that polling citizens would be a money maker. We have an election next week and for the last month I’ve received at least two calls per day with those wondrous robotic voices asking which party I would vote for and second question being which leader would I vote for. Idiots, in our parliamentary system, if I vote for my local member of one party it has a perpheral bearing on whether the leader will head the government, but I do not vote for the party leader. Waste of time, so to drive them nuts, every time the robotic voice whispered nothing in my ear, I chose the second candidate in my ward, and the third party leader. I hope the robot machine imploded.
    (Disclaimer I used to work for the telecom that developed the application – hated it then, hate it now)

  94. ThAt was a great article PMM, too bad I started reading the comments….CDS abounds.

  95. The vet up the street has a rabies clinic twice a year- spring and fall. Seven bucks (used to be five) and they never, ever turn anyone away for lack of funds. And they are not the only ones. Most of the vet practices around here do a clinic twice a year. The local feed and grain stores also each sponsor one.
    A friend goes out with a group that does on the spot neutering of ferals. They have a van they take out to different areas.The area vets all help out- they take turns kind of- if one is out with the ferals- somebody else is on call for their practice that day kind of thing.
    I will not donate to the (not) humane society. But I do take towels and blankets that have outlived their usefulness here to the local shelter.

  96. Uppity, your approach vis a vis strays/rescues is sensible and your involvement admirable.

  97. imust- ooh nooo- well- it was a lovely article was it not? What is wrong with people? Peace and prosperity were bad?

  98. imustmakelemonmeringuepie – tomorrow morning.

  99. I must agree with HT, very admirable. Upps, I picture you as some kind of super hero. Not the kind with navy seal training, you know what I mean. You kick ass in my book.

  100. Upps DOES kick ass!

  101. It’s Bill who kicks ass. I just do what he tells me. I almost have to or he will get me when I’m sleeping.

  102. Why the EFF is he still pulling in so much moolah?!! He should be doing less well in the money sweeps as his poll numbers plummet.

  103. I see now that Christie is playing with everybody. Shit or get off the pot, Christie. You’re starting to wear.

  104. NES- here this should cheer you up- it’s all about context!

    President Obama’s campaign team is blaming the high-profile stand-off over the nation’s debt with Republicans this summer for what it says may be a lackluster fundraising number for the president in the past three months.

    Campaign Manager Jim Messina lowered the goal for the third quarter, which ends today, to $55 million, down from last quarter’s goal of $60 million.
    What the official did not mention was that if Mr. Obama fails to raise as much money in the third quarter as he did in the second quarter, it would he unusual for a sitting president seeking re-election. The existence of a third quarter slump seems to be a reality for candidates running from outside the White House, as then-Senator Obama was, but not for incumbents running from the seat of power.

    It goes on to show that both Pres Clinton and Bush saw increases.

    See? Context. Never, ever believe them. They spin so fast they are tilting the Earth off her axis.

  105. ROFLMAO! There is a new twitter feed –!/search/%23ObamaCampaignEmailSubjectLines

    I am dying here!
    You can help feed a hungry community organizer for as little as one dollar a day. #ObamaCampaignEmailSubjectLines
    #ObamaCampaignEmailSubjectLines Exclusive GROUPON offer: 4 years of DC economics for only $18 trillion! (limit 308 million customers)
    iowahawkblog David Burge
    #ObamaCampaignEmailSubjectLines This email reprinted on 100% recycled 2008 fantasy

  106. I just got a good reminder of why I left verizon in all ways. That company just sucks a hose. They are now sending out yellow pages only directories. People pay for these ads and listings and you can barely read them. Frankly, I don’t know why they mail ANYTHING to me, as they aren’t even my phone carrier any longer. But the best part, typical of Verizon, is they are no longer sending out whitpage listings. If you want to look somebody up you have to go online to their website. So I go to their white page site and here is how you get to be “more efficient”:

    You have to click on your state.
    Then you have to click on your city.
    Then you have to type in the name you want to look up.
    A listing comes up with the number, but if you want to see the address, you have to click on the link. When you click on the link, you get an error message that says,” Ooops, we stepped on our cape” No shit. That’s what it says. Then they tell you to sign up and login and oh boy, Verizon, you are simply the WORST telecommunications company that ever existed. Too bad for you, you are not the only game in town. Not to mention your customer service consists of people who are still trying to learn English, and they are getting D’s in class. And that’s on a curve.

  107. Wow. One dollar. Next thing you know, the Obama people will be asking you to donate blankets and towels.

  108. Phew…glad to hear that, Mom.

  109. How about this one:

    “Yes we can! …this time….Probably”

  110. Jake Tapper is exasperated by Carney’s unpolished performance on the Awlaki kiling:

    Really, the WH needs to produce the evidence of Awlaki’s involvement in various plots. The ‘fig leaf’ of legality needs to be maintained in rule-of-law societies. I’m surprised these jokers can’t make the case…it’s not that hard when Awlaki provided much of the ammo over the years.

  111. putz. another limp one bites the dust… let’s shove him under the carpet, like tomorrow. bad bye.

    ~~ i feel like singing a song for Auntie Upps.

    oh, and Happy Friday ~ and ~ End of 3rd Quarter FY11
    to one and all.

    I heard this song today — thought of you and searched for a hit.

    Love, Patti xo…

  112. Papoose, hello!! Good to see you!

  113. OMG that twitter is so funny!

    “How many terrorists do I have to kill for you to like me again?”

  114. As far as I’m concerned, avowed traitors like al-Awlaki have effectively forfeited their citizenship and deserve nothing less than death. Too bad public hangings are no longer allowed in the US.

  115. Well glad to help NES!
    That new twitter feed is hysterical. I lost count of all the e-mails I have gotten the past few days- even got one from uncle drunk today. Either they are hoping I come down with amnesia overnight or they are masochists- cuz I light them up with a reply every time!

    Here are a couple more of those tweets- and I am out for the night- catch you up tomorrow

    Congratulations! You’ve been selected to fund a fraudulent green energy company! #ObamaCampaignEmailSubjectLines

    #ObamaCampaignEmailSubjectLines Block those who believe in freedom and a strong economy. $3 will help me buy more propaganda. #Obama2012

  116. Oh gawd- just one more- my sides are hurting here! ROFLMAO!

    sunian314 James☼
    RT @ObamasAutopen: Enter now for your chance to win a certified pre-owned Nobel Prize! #ObamaCampaignEmailSubjectLines

  117. It’s a good point, Tony. But, I still think the life of an American citizen should not be taken by an American president without at least some show of evidence (post-mortem is OK). As I said, the evidence is not hard to come by, but they must be put to the task of offering it up. It’s humbling to have to explain things to the people one governs, and the Executive must be kept humbled by We-The-People.

  118. Thanks for the hilarious tweets, Mom. G’nite ta ya.

  119. Send $3 and get a free Chevy Volt!

  120. NES, what’s interesting is, he wants to parade all the NON American citizen Terrorists in US courts. The attempt at trial in NY CIty comes to mind.

    This guy is out of his mind.

    And you’re right NES. Nobody in the right mind is sorry that this shitbag got killed, but at least EXPLAIN a little, big shot. All he has to say is the word TREASON! THe guy deserved to die. But he just doesn’t think he serves the people. THey serve him. Screw that crap.

  121. Hey there Papoose!

    Merchant fan here. Wherever she is.

  122. Jake Tapper is exasperated by Carney’s unpolished performance on the Awlak Watchmacallit killing:

    NES ~ if it weren’t for you, I would be stupid. I’ll never forget your primer on About when we were Daffodils, Euripides and wtf? …

    and joey, who always brought night into day.

    i would love to see the World Atlas today. hmmmm.

    a song for you ~

    Love, Patti

  123. I do find it amusing that the obamazoids aren’t up in arms. But not surprising. lol.

    Anyways, good bye to bad rubbish and thank you CIA, although Obama will pretend he did it all by his perfect self if the public polls are happy about it. If the polls aren’t happy, then he will blame the CIA.

  124. And you’re right NES. Nobody in the right mind is sorry that this shitbag got killed, but at least EXPLAIN a little, big shot. All he has to say is the word TREASON! THe guy deserved to die.

    That’s what is so horrible to me. If the guy really is guilty, would it be that difficult to produce SOME evidence? Hell, with OBL we didn’t even get a body! Win The Future was that?

  125. I just LOVE the way the OFA is getting mashed on twitter every time they try to pull something off. It’s a riot. They have lost control of the interwebs. Hahahahahah.

  126. What a lazy schmuck Obie is, he doesn’t eve bother to attempt to manufacture evidence. Sheesh!

  127. Thanks Papoose!! The “About” days were grrrrrrrreeeaaaat. Come visit here more often — miss you.

  128. madamab, I see the guy as an enemy combatant, which means you don’t read him his rights, you kill him in the field. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is Obama’s snotty attitude. He could have said anything today, but he didn’t say what should have been said. There’s enough crap on this swine, he could have just come out and said so.

    The actual thing that bothers me, is Obama is starting to act like bush. He trots out convenient kills when he’s in trouble. Otherwise, he wouldn’t care how many Americans were killed between his publicity stunts.

  129. The actual thing that bothers me, is Obama is starting to act like bush.


    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Well, I have to disagree, Uppity. I think Obama is starting to think he can just kill anyone he wants. Sure, this was a horrible guy and deserved to die. But soon, Obama might not just kill horrible guys.

  130. I hear you, madamab. It certainly is not out of the scope of his capabilities.

    Obama can’t be trusted. (tm, H44).

  131. Damn right Uppity!

    If there’s one thing that Ron Suskind book shows, it’s how easily Obama makes people think he agrees with them. There’s one scene in particular when Krugman and other reality-based economists are at a White House dinner, and Obama seems enraptured by what Krugman has to say.

    Of course, then he goes off and does what Turbo Tax Timmy and Dumbass Summers tells him to do – the exact opposite of what Krugman recommended.

  132. Well madamab, there is no question that his word is worthless. It was worthless in 2008, so it should come as no surprise except to useful idiots.

  133. I could see why in 2008 some people were taken in, but now?! Even my worshiping parental units figured it out. Although stepmom still backslides sometimes. 😉

  134. Really, if you people would only inflate your tires properly, everything would be fine.

    I thought about him saying this, when he came out later blaming ATMs for the high unemployment rate lol

    Yes, Obama, everything is just so simple, and you’re not to blame for any of it! I guess there’s time for another 18 holes!

  135. Upps DOES kick ass!

    Yes, and my butt STILL hurts! lol

  136. I love this commercial that’s on – the little boy dressed head to toe in a Star Wars kind of outfit, and he thinks he made the car’s lights go on!

  137. My mom was obot-ish, and now has swung around. Same thing with older sis.

    Loved the Natalie vid. She looks so pretty.

  138. Oh yeah, great commercial lorac!

  139. If he can order a kill on a citizen without proof of wrong doing (regardless of that citizen’s beliefs and stated antipathy to the American way of life) – then where does it stop? That’s a concern that should be foremost in every person’s mind. We have already watched as his machine attacked Joe the Plumber and even that lady that supported the boob, then was villified because she raised valid issues. His machine has annihilated the credibility of many people, and now they are killing without due process

  140. Socal, my whole family was Obot-ish except for my future sis-in-law – she wanted Hillary. Smart woman!

    I love that commercial too. Especially when the baby doll just sits on his bed and stares at him.

  141. Why does that thing in front of him look like an inverted penis with balls?

  142. It makes me kind of uncomfortable, too, that they’re not giving up the evidence. Perhaps they should even have it for non-citizens, as well. Even the drones makes me kind of nervous. It’s true that it’s wonderful that it minimizes the deaths on our side.

    But it reminds me of my worry when we started going into other countries and just taking people out and the country doesn’t agree with us about the guilt of the person, or at least not with what we’re planning to do – that worry being, how’s it going to be when other countries start doing that to us?

    I remember thinking, what if someone – say, Mexico – decides that one of our citizens currently in Los Angeles is guilty of having killed a bunch of their people. Our country disagrees on his guilt, or wants to handle it a different way – but Mexico sends in a drone or in some other way bombs the building he’s living in (and potential collateral damage is another issue).

    I think a lot of the problem is caused by the different kind o ack I can’t see what I’m typ[oing

  143. Well I’m glad there are balls SOMEWHERE near him.

  144. lorac, I’m Italian. If I don’t kick your ass at least once, I probably don’t care about you.

  145. Hey FF, how you doing, girlfriend? Busy as hell hey? But you always think of us as is confirmed in our headers.

  146. I think a lot of the problem is caused by the different kind of war we wage now with this terrorist problem. Instead of one country against another, it’s individual or groups of terrorists against a country. Seems like some countries (Pakistan?) may be supporting their terrorists, but maybe not other countries. It makes it somewhat different than regular war, in terms of criminal vs war enemy, due process or not, trouble between the countries if one feels it is at war, and the other doesn’t, but rather feels it is now being attacked by the other country (which was attacked by the terrorists….)

    Anyway, seems much more complicated. I don’t have the answers, of course. But I don’t have any confidence that Obama does, either lol

  147. HT, it’s not that we didn’t already know what this swine has been up to, it’s not even that we are sorry he’s dead. It’s just that Obama doesn’t think he has to answer to anybody. The fear of him killing an American stems from the fact that NOBODY can trust him, because the truth is, the guy relinquished his rights the day he became a model for treason. The thing is, Obama scares people as much as he did.

  148. FF is here! For a quick moment, I know! lol

    But FF – how do you know what that thing looks like…..? lol

  149. lol UW – well you didn’t kick my butt, I was just running with the joke, but I’ll take that as proof of your love haha

  150. I just looked at the link for the chicken PETA doesn’t like. My views on them are a little different than that of others here on PETA, but I don’t like everything they do, either – especially not the way they use women.

    The article says PETA is linking now to a porn type site or some such thing – well, doesn’t give them much room to talk, so they can defend themselves! But personally, I don’t like that chicken myself. There is an author named Carol Adams, a wonderful researcher and writer, very prolific. One of her books, though, is all about how women and meat are conceived of and marketed in a similar manner – both objectified as – well, objects – of consumption, of use, as not valuable in their own right, etc.

    Her book (and her slide show tour) displayed lots of examples of meat and women being marketed similarly. She draws such a strong connection to women being meat, and meat being sexualized, through marketing. I wish I could explain it as well and succinctly as she did, but it was an eye opening book and slide show. I connected to it on two levels as you all know I don’t eat meat for my own personal moral reasons, but I think you guys would really appreciate the woman side of it, anyway.

    Anyway, that’s what that chicken made me think of – women and meat both being objectified, both for consumption by others. But I’m representing my own views on it – I’m not going to defend PETA’s views on it. I can’t believe how far they’ve gone on the woman thing – and my guess is it’s predominately comprised of female members…

  151. Oh, geez, they’ve all gone to a GROUP skype! lol

  152. LORAC’ers!!!!!

  153. Wow, missed some great conversation tonight.

  154. NES, that Tapper link is very interesting. The bit at the end about the ACLU especially so. Does this mean they will not be gaga for the goon from now on? Tapper was one of the few who called out bo’s bull back in ’08.

    On mom’s twitter link, a few of the comments are from Ezra Klein. When did he start insulting bo? Am I missing something? I do not text, twitter, facebook or even use a cell phone, so am clueless about all that new fangled communication.

  155. I think someone mentioned Glen Greenwald earlier in thread….? I haven’t read this yet, and I’m not sure I know who Glen Greenwald is lol, but here’s a link from His44 comments

    Interview with Glenn Greenwald and transcript.

  156. Uppity predicted things such as this quite some time ago.

    The information source is a USPS mailing to my home received yesterday:
    Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) through MetLife will experience significant changes. Requests have been made to increase the premium by 45% on an ‘inforce’ basis meaning it will affect both current and new participants. Additionally the sale of LTCI plans has been discontinued, and no new entrants to MetLife’s group plans will be accepted after December 31, 2011.

    Then this morning, a TV ad for insurance (something dot gov) for kids through Medicaid and another entity was aired. Families making up to $89,000 are eligible.

    You see where this puts senior citizens.
    Not that UW did not warn us.

  157. You ain’t seen nothing yet as shit rolls downhill from this senior-hating president and his little pissant staff who bloodsuck their parents. Have you seen the AARP supplement insurance ads? Do you notice what they say at the end about how you can use your own doctor “who accepts medicare” and the hospital “that accepts medicare”? When did you EVER hear that line in America. One thing is for sure, seniors know this man wants to kill them all. And baby boomers know it too. I do not know a single senior or BB who voted for him who still wants his ass in the oval office. I am telling you, this guy is NEVER going to carry those demographics, save for the hippies who never left 1968.

    Single Payers already know this man is the kiss of death. Their premiums already rose more than 50%.

    Wait till they all get their 45% increase. He can kiss more of them goodbye but not in the way he wants. He can’t kill them before 2012.

    It’s not just Met Life either. Here’s John Hancock.

    A country that murders its seniors is a country that has lost its soul. Even the poorest countries on earth revere their seniors. This man is despicable. And may his senior years bring him what he deserves.

  158. ………and believe me, nobody in their right mind wants their kids on medicaid……..and expect the states to push back. The SOB is not only bankrupting the federal government, he’s bankrupting the states. The medicaid idea is so his BEST FRIENDS, the Insurance Industry and big corporations, won’t have to worry about adding deadbeat kids till they are pushing 30.

    His fix is in or he wouldn’t be pushing for SCOTUS review in 2011. He is one corrupt SOB.

  159. Rasmussen’s book

    In a book released last year, Scott observed that “the gap between Americans who want to govern themselves and politicians who want to rule over them may be as big today as the gap between the colonies and England during the 18th century.” He added that “the American people don’t want to be governed from the left, the right, or the center. They want to govern themselves.”

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