John W Smart captures a conversation between a Paul supporter and Obama supporter; And Perry talks to himself.

John W. Smart is on an Extra Normal roll again, with videos about our Extra Abnormal presidential candidates.

See John W. Smart here.

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  1. You know, I’ve been thinking of all these solar energy companies we are giving billions to. The truth is, the average homeowner can NOT afford solar panels. They are cost prohibitive. Special “write offs” are a joke. These panels are unaffordable. Period. Why are we putting money into something that cannot sell? I predict we will see more of these companies tank. Please do not tell me that the price will go down. No company is going to do anything other than maximize profits. So basically this solar idea is great for rich people, so why are the rest of us financing them?

    Toss in the fact that these panels only work if you have sun. Try finding THAT in the NE daily in winter. Just saying.

  2. Perry wants to send troops to Mexico. Works for me! Except why do Mexico’s president’s job for him. Send our troops to the border and tell him that, instead of sticking his nose in USA state business, get his own house in order and states won’t HAVE to make any laws. People can’t wait to get out of his country for a reason. They wouldn’t accept our help anyways. Our border people have been KILLED because they can’t carry guns there. Madness, it is. I say, protect our borders, period. then if they want our help, they can ask and pay for our services. Please do not tell me Mexico is poor. The people of mexico, many of them are poor because nothing ever flows down to them and they are paid a pittance if they can find work. having them come here just to earn a wage is lowering the standard of living here in the USA, for obvious reasons, also known as Exploitation.

  3. John Smart is extra talented! I love these videos- and I do log in and like them on his you tube channel. And then I perform the clean google out of my computer rituals.
    But John is worth it!

  4. Re the solar panel thing Uppity- I have a bunch of linky dinks saved in drafts at my place- I was reading yesterday off and on and came across one link- that lead to another- and another- and…… One of the links is ABC- a story that came out in May- and was updated recently. Looked to me like they tried to cover it – but then just let it slide. Or were told to back off. You are welcome to the links if you are working on a post.

  5. Mom, I have my browser set up to accept or reject cookies. Some cookies I reject permanently so I only have to do it once. Most of them are google trying to get into my life. I also have the firefox addon that blocks their adware crap.

  6. I don’t see a serious post coming in the immediate future Mom. Just too swamped. Best I can do is break for comments.

  7. Ok I will keep adding to it then- if it heats up I will post it.

  8. Sure, Mom. Go for it! I know you just can’t wait to go into debt for life so you can have solar panels in PA, where there are something like 100 sun days a year.

  9. ROFLMAO! I made a very similar comment on a blog post yesterday- we average 160 sunny days a year here. Solar is gonna go over big right?
    Now a wind turbine I could use. But I can’t afford the legal fees to get a permit. The hoops they make us jump through are, imo, designed to PREVENT homeowners getting off the grid.

  10. OT – UW now I know why my email notication came with only the headline to your blog with no synops or link. World press gave it a do-over, very attractive with a few pics of Bill looking his usual humble, gorgeous self.

  11. PMM: I saw yesterday that you said you like Northern Spy apples for your pies. That’s what I use! I like Gravensteins, but they’re gone by Thanksgiving. I just got some Pippins to try out and was wondering if you ever used them.

    Also, I want to correct something I said yesterday. I misinterpreted something I read. Jensen Farms (the Colorado cantaloupe farm) is not certified organic. They are merely pesticide-free. Sorry for the misinformation.

  12. with a few pics of Bill looking his usual humble, gorgeous self

    Well one out of two ain’t bad!

    What did they have in it? The header?.

  13. Aw Gawd, myiq. YOu just KNOW I have to do something with the link.

  14. YUP -right where the X is. Fancy spelling for John ta boot.

    X Jown W Smart captures a conversation between a Paul supporter and Obama supporter; And Perry talks to himself.
    by Uppity Woman

  15. Between working overtime, bird migration, fall home fix up, leaf removal, and company coming, my computer is going to be off way more than on for the next few weeks.

    Y’all watch your pantries, I’m gonna be hungry as a hog. Fair warning.

  16. myiq – wtf is up with people these days? And I use the term “people” very loosely in these cases.

    There is no surprise that those creatures ended up in mug shots. Our tax dollars are now supporting them. Doesn’t that just make you want to scream?

  17. Sophie- LOVE Gravensteins! You know you can make your apple pie filling and freeze it right? You can freeze just the apples or the apples and spices. I have done that in years past- a friend and I used to get together every fall and prep apple pie filling. We made a day of it. Hot apple cider with rum if it was cold out- a bottle of wine if the weather was nice. We would peel and slice and make a few pies to eat right away- then mix up the rest and freeze them in zip lock bags.
    One of the categories at our fair in canning is Apples and apple pie filling. I do need to learn how to use a pressure cooker as some things absolutely must be canned with that method.
    Uppity has a great pressure cooker story.

  18. Sophie- lol- I got so excited over the gravensteins I forgot to answer about the Pippins! Not sure if I have ever used them- we have a dozen apple trees out there in the back yard- I wish I could find someone to come out and ID them. They are all antiques for sure. This year was a bumper year with all the rain- and we are losing branches off the trees left and right. 😦
    Be sure to let me know how it turns out!

  19. PMM….you used to have PIE making parties?? That would be fun! Pie & alcohol….what a combo!


    Because….[hic]….We Can!

  20. Oh yes imust! Pie making parties, Christmas cookie swaps, HUGE Thanksgiving dinners with friends- Thirty pounds was my record turkey!
    The hot apple cider- spiced with cinnamon and cloves- and a good shot of Myer’s- topped with whipped cream!

  21. PIE20121 PIE2012
    Yes, I am running for president. I wanted to announce before Christie eats me….I mean beats me to it.

  22. twandx, that spelling was repaired this morning except for the permalink which i don’t care about.

    Next time I’m busy I just won’t post at all. Which is often, really. I did the damned thing in the middle of the night worrying about entertaining you all on the 1 cent an hour I earn on this blog.

    There is just no more extra time in my life and if it weren’t for Mom right now, this blog would go dead. And that’s a fact.

  23. (((((Uppity ))))))))hugs a bunch. 🙂

  24. Awww- where would I be without Uppity and the great room? Sitting around feeling sorry for myself! It is a privilege to read and post here. The company here keeps me from losing my mind!

    Imustsupportimust! Pie 2012!

  25. Mom, how much spice do you put in your hot apple cider?

  26. socal- for a half gallon I use a couple of cinnamon sticks, a half dozen cloves or so, a pinch of allspice. You can adjust to your taste. Some people put in an orange or lemon- I find our local cider does not need the additional tartness. You can leave out the cloves or allspice if you don’t care for it and sub nutmeg. Fresh ginger is nice too. LOL- it is entirely up to how you like it and which spices you like.

  27. Thanks PMM!

  28. Imustfollowpie2012 on Twitter!

  29. Mom, I love your posts – so pithy, but I love your comments even more if that is possible. Uppity has an incredible community, which she has built through a lot of hard slogging work and all of her regulars recognize that.

    Uppity, please do not close out this place where we can all congregate and share. You are very important to a whole lot of people of various backgrounds and you have brought us all together. What can we do to make your internet life less stressful?

  30. Oh Upps, we know you’re busy. Don’t worry about entertaining us, I love an open thread. I can never seem to stay on topic anyway. I don’t know why I comment, I really don’t have anything to add to the conversation. If you don’t mind me stopping by and leaving silly sh*t in the thread, I will continue to do so. That being said, I want you to know I feel privileged when I see my comments show up, and that they don’t end up in Bill’s litter box.

    PMM is great. You are lucky to have friends like her.


    Who needs milk?

  31. PMM! youmust!

  32. HT- Thanks xoxoxoxo
    vivien- don’t sell yourself short- your comments DO add to the conversation. No worries about OT either- lol- you should see what happens around here at night sometimes. ROFL!

  33. I was out apple picking and missed the love fest.

    I like this community a lot. I also was fond of another one that used to be (many of the same people). But people move on and have different needs. I’m sure glad all of these inter-related previously-called-PUMA communities popped up or I would have totally lost it over the past 3+ years. I hope this one goes on and one and on…

  34. Mom, it’s only what you deserve – besides I have visions of that lunge whip so I want to keep on your bestest side!

    vivien, I am the queen of off topic, so much so that Uppity took me to the woodshed. Don’t worry, just don’t get too personal (my huge mistake).

  35. Hey Sophie- try this with the apples too!

  36. And HT you have done VERY well after that whooping. Mom promises not to let me use her whip anymore. Gee, I wonder why.

  37. You Pie people DO realize that Bill is running for president on his twitter, right?

    I mean if you want to tick him off, I can’t help you.

  38. Oops! imustreportPIEtoMKBsAttackWatch!

  39. I didn’t know Bill was still in. imust, are you trying to get me in trouble? I’ll eat pie, but I’m voting for Bill.

  40. Does this mean that the next election will be Bill/Pie? Inquiring minds wish to know – is Bill really in the mix? of course, if he is he will be a shoo in – after all, humans haven’t done too well, why not a tuxie?

  41. Hey! PIE is the flavor of the month! There’s always room for PIE and Jello!

  42. No vivien, I’m not trying to get you in trouble… can vote for anyone you’d like!


  43. Hmmm, the guillotine for those earning more than 100 million as an election platform. It might just work.

  44. Big Dawg is on C-SPAN and is rockin’ Little Rock!

  45. He sounds like he’s kicking off a campaign!!

  46. Why is Bill C. in Little Rock?

  47. teresa, it’s the 20th anniversary celebration of the Clinton campaign.

    He ended up stumping for The Big Zero, but for awhile, it sure looked like HE was going to announce. it’s over now…the closing music was “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” by Fleetwood Mac. That sure brought back memories.

  48. 20th anniversary of his campaign announcement. Hillary’s there too.

  49. Roseanne deciding that those ‘earning’ over 100 million are the bad guys but those under are AOK, strikes me as odd. She is one of the ‘rich’ ones, she can not deny it by creating a ridiculous 100 million cutoff. When she contributes her money to the US Treasury, then she can lecture others.

  50. Sophie thanks for the heads up. He sounds good. I was hoping it was a kick off for a new campaign as well.

  51. OMG!! honora, you don’t take that woman serious, do ya? She’s a comedian.

  52. Roeseann doesn’t have enough meds. Sorry but she’s off her rocker.

  53. Yes Upps, that too.

  54. I thought it was funny. I posted it so y’all could get a laugh too.

  55. This thing is, you can’t just take somebody’s money who earned it and give it to somebody else who didn’t earn it. If that’s the deal, everybody has a long wait. Be careful what you ask for. When they start cutting out deductions for the uber rich, remember you lose the same deductions. Example: mortgage interest. Charities. The list is endless. This will hurt the middle class a whole lot more than it will hurt some guy with a hundred million. There are consequences to these ideas. Shit rolls downhill and most of America is either at the middle or the bottom of that hill. So the punishments we give the rich are going to be our own karma. Granted some really rich people inherited their money and don’t we all wish it was us that happened to? but for the most part, rich people are rich because they were smart, clever, good investors, had ideas and ran with them. They took RISKS. We would have nothing in the way of technology without people like that. Or medicine. Or science.. And plenty of the rich worked for their mone. The assumption that they should just give it all up for some bum who cant get off his ass is just plain stupid. There will always be the rich and the poor. The poor’s job is to scare the crap out of the middle class and keep them going to those mundane jobs every day till they die. If anybody actually thinks that people who work hard should level the field for people who don’t, well exactly what incentive would anybody have to do ANYTHING anymore? Without incentive, practically nobody would work. Then we will understand the true meaning of Marxism.

    Look at how congress “fixed” things with credit cards. The banks can’t charge what they used to charge for debit card transactions, so now they are going to charge a fee for the card to make up the loss. They fix one thing and break something bigger.

  56. Hey! Roseanne might be better than the current idiot! She looks terrible in that vid.

    Uppity- you’ve got mail!

  57. Uppity- I had the same thought. Look what happened in the old USSR. Everybody was “equal”- only some were more “equal” than others. And look where that got them. Why the hell should anybody work hard if they are going to get exactly the same as the schmuck that is lazy and cuts corners? That is a recipe for disaster.
    Are “Animal Farm” and “1984” no longer read in school? Oh wait, never mind- it would have to be a video game.

  58. UW: No one’s asking them to give more than their share. They’re being asked to pay the same percentage. The middle class has been squeezed to the max while the rich get richer. And sadly, not because they worked harder. If you could cheating the taxpayers out of their money so they could still get their contractual bonuses and other market manipulations as clever, then fine, they’re more clever. I’m not looking for them to support me. I’m looking for them to stop feeding off of me like the parasites that they are. Seriously, do hedge funds really provide value to society?

  59. Forgot to add: I’m am really for repealing charitable deductions. I think people should give to causes they believe in because they believe in them, not because of the kickbacks.

  60. Sophie, their rate IS higher than everyone else’s. It’s the deductions that lower their payout. Do you really want to give up the same deductions?

  61. Charities will go belly up. SOme of them are charities you love.
    Home mortgages will go belly up. The rich aren’t the only ones who get that deduction.

    You can’t take these deductions away from one without taking them away from everyone.

    What our government gains will never come close to what the people lose. And they get to squander what they gain.

  62. When you raise the capital gains tax, you also raise it on seniors with investments they live off of. You raise it on people saving money for a home, retirement, you name it. Nobody gets squat for capital losses though. So why take a risk?

  63. Sophie- I saw something on the news this morning about Herman Cain’s 999 proposal. On it’s face it seems great- 9% flat business tax, 9% flat income tax, 9% national sales tax. Everybody pays the same right?
    Not really. In PA our sales tax is already 6%- better than some states, worse than others. If we add 9% to that- it puts us at 15% sales tax.
    The lower your income, the more punitive that sales tax.
    To punish those who broke the law and make them pay restitution is one thing- a good thing. Bankers and brokers should be made to pay if they break the law- Madoff comes to mind.
    For Roseanne (or anybody) to put a cap on what can be earned is, imo, madness. Yes, I think some people have more money than sense, but a cap would just encourage those people with gazillions, like Gates and Buffet- to go to another country. Then we don’t get even the minimal amount they pay in taxes.
    It is a Gordian Knot!

  64. Sophie your idea about charitable deductions is a recipe for bankrupted charities.

    What you are talking about is called Doing Well By Doing Good. Without the people who do this, animal shelters would be dead, homeless shelters would be dead, food pantries would be dead, you name it, charities DEPEND on these large donations to survive. They don’t do it on somebody’s ten dollars now and then.

  65. The government would just have to own all “charity”. And they will dole it out to those who suit them. Beware, I tell you.

    And we will be paying the government more of OUR money to do it.

  66. Consequences. All kinds of residual consequences. NONE of them good.

  67. We get screwed on the charitable deductions now! We get to take a percentage of the 10%. I gave up long ago trying to figure out how that works.
    It has gotten so that we take the standard deduction most years.Our mortgage interest is no longer high enough to get us over the standard deduction amount and we no longer have dependents.
    We got screwed when Bush redid the payroll withholding- cost us a bundle in April that first year. Seriously- that thing cost us a ton of money and stupid me- I was working 70 to 80 hours a week and did not pay attention. I should have known something horrible was coming when they went from taking almost 200 a week to less than 100. Cost us 1500 come April- and I had to make a FAST deposit in an IRA to keep from paying a penalty for not having enough withheld.
    Yes, they wanted to penalize US! Because the govt changed the withholding tables.

  68. Wow! I was going to post something I saw that was funny. I think I’ll save it.

  69. UW: On the other side of those charities going belly up are numerous religious folks living off the largesse of the working folks. All anyone has to do is get some inter-denominational reverendship, have a meeting a week at their home, and now it’s tax free as a religious meeting house!

    Tell me why the gap between the middle class and the rich is growing at an unprecedented rate. Tell me there isn’t a huge barrier to entry for working class schmucks to approach the next level. Tell me the playing field isn’t tilted towards those who already have money. And because that wasn’t enough, they put their thumbs on the scale as well.

    I am no Marxist/socialist. I am a capitalist through and through, but what we have today is not capitalism at all.

  70. A naive question here, because I know in my country the answer is no, however is there anyone in the governing bodies that actually work for the benefit of the people? I know we need an overseer scenario, but it appears that our governments have become the playground of the rich, or an opportunity of the almost rich to get richer. The actual idea of governance is not at fault, it’s the vampires that have clustered to suck the blood out of the country in order to enrich their own lives. Sadly, in their lust, they have left an electorate that thinks all governance is bad at the federal level. I don’t blame Obama totally – he’s been the catalyst for it being exposed. It has been going on since Bedtime for Bonzo’s president.

  71. no no no Sophie I won’t tell you that these things aren’t so! They are! But it’s not because of income tax rates! It’s because of free trade agreements that have lowered the bar to places America was never meant to go! The correlation in timing is astounding!

  72. And imagine! If the ONLY charities LEFT were churches!!!

  73. HT- we have a few good local people in my area. Our Rep to Harrisburg is always available to us- and if you have an issue with a govt agency she will get right to the bottom of it. A county commissioner here is very very involved in the community- has been a member of the fair board for years before he became a commissioner. Right now he is working on getting the landowners together to make sure they have all the facts on the natural gas leases. There are some predatory types out there writing leases that are not in the best interests of the landowners or the land.
    On the federal level. The answer, sadly, is none that I know of. We need term limits- but it has to be done on a state by state basis as the asshats will never limit themselves.
    I asked our rep to Harrisburg if she had ever considered running for a spot in DC. She told me no, as she felt closer to the people and better able to help from where she is now.

  74. When that creepy Obama says we are “soft” and “not competitiive” what is he saying exactly? That Americans are to compete with 12 year olds sleeping above a factory in China?

  75. UW: I know it’s not because of the tax rates. It’s from an enormous number of things, woven together over time, much while regular people were busy working their asses off so weren’t paying attention.

    I work in a business that serves traders and bankers all over the world. These folks are very nice when you have lunch with them, but they are cut-throat bastards when it comes to money. I’m for sticking it to them and undoing all the sticking it to us they have done. If we don’t do something now to reclaim some of the ground we lost, they will just plow forward. This is the fight for SS, et al. So, without any other weapons at my disposal, I’d like to tax the crap out of them. I believe Warren Buffet and Elizabeth Warren are telling the truth.

  76. The problem is, when you tank wall street, you tank every middle class person who ever invested in a retirement fund. The problem is, banks should be banks and investment firms should be investment firms. The two should never mix. The banks should have been broken up, forced not to be conglamerates. But now, it is all merged. Obama is a failure. He should have broken up the banks and made them just banks again.

  77. Well, that’s certainly true (when you tank wall street, you tank every middle class person who ever invested in a retirement fund). Throughout American history, every time the government has tried to assert itself against the banks, the banks have won. It’s like Lucy, Charlie Brown, and the football.

  78. Agree on the banks not being investment firms. I remember Mom taking us to the bank to open our first savings accounts. With a dollar. We were taught to divvy up our (50 cent) allowance. 10 cents to the saving acct, 10 cents to the church, ten for short term saving (to save up for a special thing we wanted or for Christmas presents etc) that left us 20 cents to spend or save as we liked.
    Try opening a savings account for a child now. Forget it. They want minimum deposits- and the interest rate is laughable. Part of the lesson of having a savings acct was taking the money to the bank every month with the passbook and seeing the interest added in.
    Now they don’t want your miserable fifty cents or a dollar. Hell they want to charge US for loaning them OUR money. They pay diddly squat to us – but they are damn sure using our money.
    Put it in a coffee can and bury it in the back yard- you’ll make just as much.

  79. Gotta call it an early night- I will catch you all up in the morning!

    I have to get some rest and mull it over- how to get MKBill and Pie on the same ticket……..

  80. Sophie the banks win because they are worldwide. They control the world, it’s true.

    As per the golden rule: Whomever has the gold makes the rules.

  81. UW: Several years back, I read a book called The Money Men. I think it’s time for a re-read.

  82. the best indicator of being rich and earning millions and billions is having been born to that class already. Here are a lot of links about class mobility.
    I worked for years for Dun and Bradstreet. About four times a year we did a business or industry expectations survey. Never once did any of the CEO’s or CFO’s I talked to say that taxes or regulations stopped them from expanding and hiring workers. It is all about demand. Period.
    We have to tax the rich more than we are now because we need the revenue and they can afford it. It’s for the best interests of the whole nation including the people paying higher taxes. How they gonna keep money on their goods and services to people who have no job and no money?
    I am with Sophie.
    ps… people who make tens of millions a year don’t buy houses on credit.

  83. Great comment teresa. I have no problem with taxing the filthy rich. They’re not going to change their lifestyles and spend less, like we have to. They’ll just have a little less dough to stash away in the Caymans or Switzerland. Boo hoo.

  84. Obama has been prez for almost three years now and he still hasn’t broken up the banks & investment banks. Despicable.

  85. I am not at all smart about Wall Street, but I do know that our pensions are hurting and the people on Wall St that run these things are richer than ever believed possible. So I believe the opposite of Ron Paul, I think the govt should clamp down on Wall St like there’s no tomorrow. Otherwise, there may be no tomorrow.

  86. ps… people who make tens of millions a year don’t buy houses on credit.

    Wrong. They love them their mortgages. They get to write off the interest and keep their principle for investing. The very rich NEVER pay cash for houses. It’s not a smart thing to do. Liquidity is much smarter.

  87. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

    Karl Marx.

  88. The rich don’t buy any houses…or cars….or planes…….their CORPORATION buys everything. And everything is of course, “for business” so it’s written off as a “business expense”.

  89. College presidents often get homes too.

  90. I don’t think you can write off an entire home as a business expense. IRS laws make that really hard. It’s tough enough writing off one room for business. A corporation CAN write off, say, an apartment, that is used by visitors or by traveling executives. Many corporations have apts or town houses in key city locations.

  91. UW: That’s our corporate welfare system! The able are the middle class, we’re the FROM. The TO are the needy guys who were born into their entitlements. Funny who the least able and the neediest turned out to be. And they are taking what they want because they can. Most of those guys provide nothing of value–they’ve just figured out how to take really well. You can recognize them because they’re the ones screaming “class warfare.” The very wealthy who got there by their own hard work, ingenuity and so forth are not against raising taxes on the rich (themselves).

  92. I’d have to see stats on that, Sophie. I know a number of wealthy people who got there through their own hard work who are really sick of paying paying paying. So I am just not sure that all wealthy people get off scott free. Just the ones who game the system. I’m not so sure they are the majority though. Usually they are the Inherited Money types.

  93. Uppity, I thought we were talking about the 1%…

    Anyway, I’m tired of being treated like I’m asking for a handout. I work 55-65 hours a week (and I’m not paid by the hour). The price of everything I buy went up and the value of everything I own went down. Everything that got cut by government or corporations is now being funded by us (the infamous 99%). And I don’t get bonuses. I don’t have more to give and I don’t think those guys are paying their fair share.

  94. I’m was also talking about the super wealthy, the thieves, not the upper middle class, or the moderately wealthy. People that are brilliant and work hard should be richer, I have no problem with that. Its the thieves who get super rich from scamming everyone and the govt just lets them. For example, this horrible mortgage debacle. Why aren’t the head of the corps that sold these bad loans, AND the Wall St. thieves that “bundled” them up and sold them as “investments” all in jail?

  95. “Anyway, I’m tired of being treated like I’m asking for a handout.”

    Yes, how dare you Sophie?!? And don’t think you deserve that “entitlement” social security either! The republicans and ayn randians and ron paulians are sick and tired of paying for social security for all us slackers out of their hard earned riches! Instead, it should be coming from Wall St., where it will be appropriately bundled and the criminals at the top can skim off even more!

    Wow, I am really in a bitchy mood tonite! Where’s my pie?

  96. Did someone mention PIE?

  97. I missed a very thought provoking discussion tonight!

  98. lorac, laker was talking about your lasts weeks post again today. He’s starting to use the phrase 3rd wavers, etc. I’m so glad my son won’t grow up to be a misogynist jerk! Thanks to all of you!

  99. Just remember. Each and every time someone tries to get more out of the top 1 percent, you end up paying for it.

    Case in point. Bank of America’s new debit card fee. They will always recoup. From you. They didn’t get that rich being stupid. It rolls downhill. That’s all I’m saying. Thus my Beware. How do you think social security suddenly is now called an entitlement? It’s magic!

    20 years from now, the country will be riddled with poor people because they don’t have that social security. Someone who is 40 is doomed. SImply doomed. They will have to work till they die. Don’t blame the rich, blame where blame is due. Your Congress stole your money and routed it to the people who contribute the most to them. Now they don’t want to pay it back so they are going to punish their victims.So, now, what was yours is now called an “entitlement”. One word cleared the slate for their theft. If you went into people’s bank accounts and stole their money, you would be in jail not in congress.

  100. socal – I hope a phenomenal 4th wave starts up, so he can find a woman who is equal to his sensibilities and his understanding of the equality of the genders! Ack, I’d hate to see him stuck with a 3rd waver – but I’m guessing they’re all older than he is, so he’s probably safe. Just have to find out what the future holds for the women of HIS age!

  101. lorac the younger ones are busy doing haul videos on youtube. That would be your 4th wave.

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