It’s All About The Message

Very interesting discussion last night on the Occupy Wall Street protests. Mcnorman provided a link to their “Proposed Demands” (WARNING! WARNING! Norton has it blocked as a malicious site now- click at your own risk.)

The demands, ‘proposed’ by a LloydJHart of Vineyard Haven, Ma, ramble all over the damn place. Living wage, with no mention of actually having to do a job. Minimum wage of $20 an hour. Instant eradication of all debt worldwide. Racial and gender equal rights (Lloyd missed the Civil Rights Act?) Free college! Universal Healthcare!  Open Borders!Bring American elections back to paper ballots.

Some I can agree with- passage of the Equal Rights amendment of course, election accountability and UHC. Their is a problem with the ‘demands” and Madamab sums it up nicely.

Is it really that hard? PICK A MESSAGE AND STICK WITH IT! How else are you going to get non-lefties’ attention? Fact is, everyone in America knows that we need to get money out of politics. That’s THE message to get everyone together. Who cares if you are left or right of your voice is being drowned out by billionaires who can buy themselves a pet politician anytime they want?

Yes yes yes- pick a message and stick with it. Whittle that list down to the two or three most important things. They are protesting on Wall Street- do they even know WHY they are there? Take a look.

And of course Uppity gets right to the meat of the matter

I sense that the majority of people there aren’t paying any bills. They are demonstrating while their parents are working to still support them. They have an entitlement mentality and want everything now, especially bright shiny objects. They are accustomed to communicating across the room with their friends using texting. They have attended schools that have indoctrinated them that America sucks, Che Guevera and Karl Marx were heroes and they all want to live in Sweden on the USA shores. A dose of the Real World would focus them like a laser on what’s important, but for now what’s important is what makes life as easy as possible for them. Thus, I saw interviews with them and they sounded like blundering fools who just showed up for the riot. As soon as one of their cell phones broke, they would go home. YOu don’t protest first and then figure out waht you’re protesting about, so whomever set this up should be shot at dawn. Had anyone thought about a focused purpose or any purpose at all, they would have quickly realized that they are standing in the wrong place.

Uppity’s next comment

And if any of them had a working brain, they would realize that Barack and congress are f*cking them for life. They will either retire in poverty or never be able to retire at all. And the very people who did this to them will be long gone and they will have no one to blame but themselves for not thinking, for they have no foresight and imagine they will always be young. They fail to realize that government is not going to take care of them for life because once their own desires were met, nobody would be earning much of anything and poverty, mediocrity, lack of imagination,, and incentive to work will be gone.

They are truly helping barack screw them. I am glad I won’t be around to see it.

I looked at that video and saw a bunch of young people ( a few middle aged but not many.) Young people who have been fed a nostalgic romantic view of Karl Marx and Che Guevera. Young people with absolutely no memory of the old Soviet Union. Young people with no coherent message.The I hear Van Jones and Michael Moore are supporting them. It could get ugly if these young people let that bunch take over their “movement.”

I protested in my day- and we had goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely goals. One was “End The War” the other “Pass the Equal Rights Amendment.”

I used to make my children stop and think before they just went off on a tirade. WHAT are you trying to say?

Think children.

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  1. This smacks of an “Organizing for America” stunt, if you ask me

    Let’s see: Protesters in designer clothes, fresh out of college with no jobs, all of them using their smart-phones and iPads…. Hmmmmmmm……..

    They should get a message and protest on both sides of Pennsylvania Ave; both the White House and Congress are the culprits.

    They need to remember who bailed out Wall Street, and then direct their attention to the source.

    Ass clowns. The lot of them.

  2. The fist on the site is all I need to know. Can you say fring USA communist and socialist parties? All you have to do is look a the “damands”. eg give me a great salary even if I don’t work. Give me free education. Give Me Give Me Give Me.

  3. Layered Technology Plano Texas IP
    Go screw yourself.

  4. America has ADD. Government can work, if you have the right people in charge. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, these are people who know how to get things done, within the system. They SElected a president with no experience…no plan beyond “hope” and “change” and now things are worse…much worse. So instead of losing faith in Obama, they’ve lost faith in the whole system. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…” is a messy way to govern and nothing will be accomplished beyond most likely, getting Obama re-elected….which was probably the goal all along. Community organizing, Chicago style to the nth degree.

  5. I have to say after watching the video that the contrast between the protesters on YouTube and the protesters downtown are like night and day.

    The vid shows them in t-shirts, jeans, and for the most part, appears to be a Renaissance Festival gone wrong.

    The reality is a bunch of college grads walking in circles wearing about $2000 worth of trendy clothing and chanting only when they’re not texting……

  6. The vid shows them in t-shirts, jeans, and for the most part, appears to be a Renaissance Festival gone wrong.

    The reality is a bunch of college grads walking in circles wearing about $2000 worth of trendy clothing and chanting only when they’re not texting……


  7. Hey Anthony, can you tell me what they chant when they chant?

  8. How about
    “Whatta we want!!!!!?”
    “When do we want it????”

  9. Free House!
    Free Education!
    Free Health Care!
    Free heat!
    Free food!
    Free Money!
    Free Free Free!!!

  10. Anthony- my gut tells me somebody is behind this. And how oh so convenient that it just so happens to start getting coverage as the scandals – Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Pelosi’s BIL and his green energy connections etc- are heating up. Coinkydink right?

    Uppity- the fist is a BIG GIGANTIC “red” flag. (Sorry had to!) Too badd the chidlren’s probably don’t know it.

    imust- prime example of today’s kids. They were never, ever taught about consequences for their actions. They were played in 08 – and now they are disappointed?

  11. Oh the children know it, Mom. Like I said, they’ve had years of school indoctrination. Bill Ayers is a hero in many educational circles. He gets awards. They’re taught all kinds of marxist things when young and tender. And they see Free! Free! Free food! Free Rides! Free! Free! And many of them learned to deny things like the holocaust besides. I’d love to see what the current text books say about it. Maybe I’d rather not. Imagine how the new text books blow Barack too.

  12. This bunch is organized by the far left version of Dick Armey and some of the tea party.

  13. Hey Anthony- can you grab me a video of what is really happening down there?

  14. Young people on Wall St- see this example of a leader leading a protest. It’s all about the message children!

  15. ROFL Uppity- I think they are chanting

  16. If I can manage to get downtown again in the next few days, I’ll bring my camcorder and get you a great bit of footage

  17. “Hey Anthony, can you tell me what they chant when they chant?”

    Some gibberish like “Whatever it is, we want it NOW!!

    For the most part, it was pretty unintelligible because none of them were saying the same thing.

    Could it be that I was shocked by the sight of all those Jimmy Choo shoes and $500 jeans, wondering how they could afforded them without a job?

  18. I shall disagree (and I am sure that I will hear about it in a few minutes.) My husband, sister, BIL and I will be joining Occupy Tucson on the 15th and we’re all over 65 (couldn’t get our old asses up to NYC).

    And as far as we’re concerned the message is quite clear: Occupy WALL STREET. Why is it necessary to break Wall Street down into small sound bites – just to give people a chance to pick it apart?

    This is reminiscent of the ’80’s Pro Choice marches – when there were lots of agendas (women’s health; women’s right’s, etc.) but one loud voice saying “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”.

    Personally I have been longing for a loud voice since 2008 – and I will be there adding my voice to the others that show up.

    A waste of time? Maybe. Probably. But I don’t care. In fact, I expect to feel really good about it.

    OK, have at me…….

  19. Oh hell Marsha, I ain’t gonna slap you around! I like you too much. that’s what’s great about democracy. We all get to say whatever the heck we want and feel good about it.

  20. Indeed PMM, I’ll bet if you ask most of them if they had seen The Motorcycle Diaries they will tell you yes because it was a documentary.

  21. Marsha, I completely understand what you’re saying, but until you bite the hand that feeds Wall Street, the inequity is never going to go away.

    I suggest you take your protest to Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. and let the real culprits feel and hear your outrage.

    You’ll probably get much better press coverage as well as delivering the message to the appropriate villain(s)

  22. They don’t use Robert’s Rules of Order at their meetings:

    Their “consensus method” sounds like a group therapy session.

  23. Message to protesters: NYC Buses do NOT want to transport them.

    A union representing New York City bus drivers has filed a lawsuit to stop the police department from making drivers leave their routes to transport Wall Street protesters arrested in their anti-corporate greed campaign to holding facilities.

    The lawsuit was filed Monday in federal court in Manhattan by the Transport Workers Union of Greater New York. The lawsuit said police officers on Saturday ordered bus drivers in Brooklyn to drive to the Brooklyn Bridge where police made more than 700 arrests in the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

  24. Myiq! i was just coming over to post that link! ROFL!

    Marsha- The message is “Occupy Wall Street” If that is so, then perhaps my question should be “To what end?”
    What is the goal?

    Glad to hear you are going – and hope you can report in to us on what is happening on the ground.

  25. (Considering how you all feel about this effort, I doubt you’ll be getting a report from me.)

    To what end? To demonstrate the level of anger that stretches across this country.

    For the past three years everyone has been blogging about their individual anger – at the system, at the banks, at Wall Street, at DC. But I have yet to have found any group that has actually gone out and generated action. I am tired of sitting at my computer typing my anger out for others to get bored with. This is my first – and hopefully not last – action outlet.

    Go to Pennsylvania Avenue has been suggested – God, I hope it comes to that.

  26. Pennsylvania avenue is where it should have been to begin with. And instead of backing into every single demand under the sun, some of them ludicrous, define the purposed in one succint sentence. Such as “We are fed up with the federal government”.

    But the real people who have the greatest complaint are the middle class, talk about taxation with NO represientation. Alas, they are all busy working while their kids hang out on wall street chanting, you know? Their level of anger is a level of anger of people who are not paying the bills.

  27. “Pennsylvania avenue is where it should have been to begin with. “

    But O for A would never allow that to happen. This is astroturf, not grass roots. Just another ploy to facilitate re-election

  28. Then these children need to check where barack obama REALLY got his contribution money. Wall Street wouldn’t be doing so well without him because of it. The problem isn’t wall street. the problem is our owned and paid for government. All the rest is a waste of time. And the majority of America does not identify with socialist goals. All this is, is the opposite of the tea party, only they will all walk once and then go home because they are ‘organized’ by a party that only knows how to rabble rouse and make demands without participating in solutions. This is a bad imitation of the 60s. I’ll just bet Bill Ayers is in NY along with his SDS buddies.

    You don’ show up in the wrong place with a laundry list of anti-republic wishes and expect anybody to pay much attention. Especially not your government, whose attention is what you should REALLY be looking for.

  29. Rasmussen, 51 percent of likely voters say they would not buy a car from GM or Chrysler because of the bailout. They would buy from Ford. What does that tell you about what people are really thinking? They aren’t thinking Free Lunch. They are thinking Fairness for their own sweat equity.

  30. Just another ploy to facilitate re-election

    Well it’s a dumb idea with no expected result. I guess they will just have to go back to the flash mob thang.

    Gotta get off the break. See you guys later.

  31. Upps, maybe it’ll be an effective way to mobilize the young Obots to work for and vote for The One again. Before Occupy they were apathetic and depressed. The generational war that Obama started in ’07 continues and grows in leaps and bounds. Hopefully, it’ll alienate the “silent majority” and motivate them to turf out the ShitSirrer-in-Chief.

  32. Occupy Wall Street’s finest.

  33. Wow, an O’Reilly vid posted by Upps. It must be the end of the world!

  34. Here’s some cheerful news:

  35. GRRRR- I just lost a whole comment! Hate it when that happens!

    Billionaire investor George Soros says he can sympathise with the ongoing protests on Wall Street, which have spread to other US cities.

    He said he understood the anger at the use of taxpayers’ cash to prop up stricken banks, allowing them to earn huge profits.
    Interesting considering this is what he had to say about the European banks just last week.

    The immediate task is to erect the necessary safeguards against contagion from a possible Greek default. Two vulnerable groups – the banks and the government bonds of countries like Italy and Spain – need to be protected.

    What is he up to now and what is in it for him?

  36. Mom, re soros. He thrives at his tasks when there is unrest. It’s how people like him extract the wealth while everyone is shouting. And if he “sympathizes” with them so much, why doesn’t he just make 100 of them millionaires today? It wouldn’t put a chink in his dirty money total.

  37. Marsha- if and when it gets to DC- I will be there. With bells on. With supplies and food and water.
    I too am angry. I too look for action. However, the list of demands published yesterday, imo, are incoherent. No focus at all.
    They are occupying Wall St when the problem – imo- is Wall St has occupied DC.

  38. Ok- I found that they have a Declaration. A bit long- but much more coherent than that list of demands
    From their Declaration

    As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.

    Now that makes sense!
    There is one planned for Pittsburgh on the 15th. Perhaps I shall try if my back is up to the drive.

  39. Mom I wish I could understand what half that mission means. lol.

    They speak of a Democratic Government and their demands are of a socialist government, complete with the fist. They are being used by that fringe bunch of socialist crackpots.

    Why aren’t they demonstrating against GM and Chrysler? They extracted just as much from the ‘people” and the “earth”.

  40. Scenes from the front:

  41. Myiq- am I following you or vice versa? Just left a link your way lol

  42. From Myiq’s link- t-shirts- all set- $20 bucks. You can’t read what they say- but clearly one is printed in Arabic. In case Al-Jazeera is covering it right?

  43. Lol Uppity- that’s why I copied the one paragraph that made sense.
    If they can boil it down and focus on the corporate buying of govt and stay focused on it…….

  44. NES- well nothing else is working for teh one. His poll numbers are down down down, his fundraising is pitiful- (sending begging e-mails every day- sometimes twice a day- from everybody and their wife- asking for three dollars?) He (well not “he”- axelrove et al) has to gin up something- but they don’t want to peak too soon.
    I am very distrustful of all news media. Working on a post as to why- but that is for another day. Why all of a sudden is this getting air time? This is going on the third week?
    Let’s see- scandal is erupting all over DC- Solyndra, Pelosi’s BIL involved with a green company that got last minute approval – Fast and Furious- and that is getting OH SO CLOSE to Holder.
    Yet yesterday was all about Amanda Knox and Occupy Wall Street. Very very little about the Holder ATF e-mails.
    Useful idiots?

  45. Very cute.

  46. Rasmussen, post Awlaki, Obama’s approval rating got worse. -24, with only 19% strongly approving of the mistake in the white house. 43% strongly disapproving.
    He’s going to have to pull something pretty big out of his ass this time. Not even killing awlaki worked. Eye rolling at the race card time!

  47. This Hillbilly wants a redo! Lets just re-start the constitution pre 1913, except everybody who is a legal resident 18 and over votes. Or maybe only people who are 18 and over, with jobs can vote!

  48. Yeah John, 1913 was a great time for wimminz too. I know we all want to go back to a time when we could be anything we wanted as long as we stayed home, dropped a boatload of kids, scrubbed clothing by hand, and obeyed our husbands in between smackings.

  49. Now now now – I am well over 18- but disabled. I want my vote dammit! Oh wait- pre-1913? You would seriously not want to take away our (women’s) right to vote would you?
    Might want to rethink that date.

  50. PMM, you’re sharp as a tack – well done. kids these days aren’t all these pampered youngsters. Some are having next to nil luck in getting a job – I should know having two living with me who are working minimum wage both with college/uni education – and they have no time to spend on anything other than going to work, looking for jobs, improving their qualifications and sometime in there, sleeping and eating. It’s a tough world out there right now for middle class or should I type “formerly middle class” people, working/nonworking poor (disabilities and no jobs), youngsters and seniors of a certain class – those of the 85% who do not make over $250K/year. The only ones who don’t seem to have a problem are those in finance and peripheral industries, speculators, CEO types and politicians – not one of those industries produces anything other than hot air and mayhem. Makes one wonder why all the incredible productivity of all the underutilized people is not being harnessed. The caste system and the idea of a peerage is not dead – it’s alive and thriving in North America.

  51. What on earth can they pull out that will bring his approval rating up? Race card doesn’t work anymore – at least not on the national level of guilt – they overworked it the first time. Bin laden is dead – Awlaki is dead – what’s left? Solyndra and Fast and Furious are alive, but being buried by a compliant media which suddenly finds the wall street protests interesting (in order to lead away from the scandals? Geez I’m getting cynical) What else can Plouffe and Axelrod throw out?

  52. PMM, if you noticed, I said all folks, who are citizens, can vote. I was just thinking out loud! As for working? I am referring to those people who have never worked, and are healthy. The ones who mooch off of those of us who do work. And if somebody is truly disabled, yes, they may vote too. :)

  53. What can they come up with? How about martial law when Barry’s thugs incite riots!

  54. My kids would be protesting but one is working at a job 500% below her educational level and the other one is scrambling around in Afghanistan. Me? Too sick, sorry. Yeah, the entitled ones out but so what? They are right to protest these vampires, no matter how expensive their clothes are.

  55. churl, I can relate. Unfortunately, the media only covers what they want to cover to give expression to their point of view. And the media is owned by? Of course in any protest,. silly people turn up and hot the limelight – it happened during the Vietnam protests, yet we forget the manipulation then and accept it now.

  56. I’ll wait for Anthony’s video for a true picture. And he’s not very impressed. Our little “community organizer” dispatched his socialist party friends to get his OFA kiddies out on the street for a week of distractions and blame refocusing, methinks. Most of them aren’t smart enough or worldly enough to know that Obama not only helped wall street but will always help wall street. Do they really think their $10 donations are going to compare?

  57. One thing about New York, it gets cold. If the Occupy Wall Street crowd hangs around long enough, they can feel our global warming. If they are so upset with the banks why aren’t they occupying their offices. Camping out in vest pocket park doesn’t do much. I think if they try to block traffic the driver’s will go balistic, they will rish life and limbs.

  58. Hahaha on camping out in the offices, Lizzy. Now that would at least be fun to watch.

  59. my tin foil hat is twitching.and I agree that .
    This smacks of an “Organizing for America” stunt, if you ask me

  60. UW, you know I don’t want that. I would be happy to just do away with the Federal Reserve. Women should have had the right to vote from day one. My point is that we have strayed a long ways from the constitution. And it only seems to be getting worse.

  61. churl- thanks to your child for his/her service! My daughter in law is over in Afghanistan now as well. It is a daily worry.
    Uppity- it sure will be interesting to see what axelrove, poofy and Jarret cook up. Something has got to give soon. Glad you posted the link- I can not see the polls anymore since they went to the paid membership- only the headlines.

  62. Hmmm- the clown has a nice piece –

  63. Mom that crawdad piece WAS interesting. I see legal insurrection blew that one guy’s cover.

  64. Occupying offices is SOOOO 1960’s. Nowadays they occupy twitter and facebook.

  65. Poor poor baby.
    As soon as I started finding links saying Jones and Soros and Moore support them- I got suspicious.
    It perhaps may have started out as a “grassroots” movement- but if those America hating bastages take over- well.
    Van Jones is super connected to oblamer. Not a great leap to see OFO (which it is- organizing for oblamer) getting involved on the sly.
    Just toooo tooo convenient that the media coverage got ramped up right behind the Fast and Furious and Solyndra scandals breaking.
    Come to think of it- they knew these scandals were going to blow open more than a month ago- how hard is it to find “unemployed” dissatisfied Obots to mount this campaign?

  66. I do hope that reporter who broke the Fast and Furious thing is careful. She’s got guts and the WH wasn’t able to shut her up. I read somewhere where she knows even more about other Fast and Furious programs. I hope she stays safe really.

  67. I just sent the link to that video to mcnorman and posted it at DE’s. Hopefully it does not get scrubbed.
    Amen on her staying safe- these people play dirty. Hope she gets bodyguards right quick.

  68. That’s some pretty good CSI work you guy’s have been doing. It’s starting to make sense now. I know you’re right, that’s the way they work. Look over here, look over here. Don’t look over there, there’s nothing to see over there. I bet you’re right.

    I’m sure they were thinking with *hopin for change* in the White House, life would be good. They wouldn’t have to worry about anything. The mortgage, putting gas in there car. The free ride that didnt happen is over. I heard Mcdonald is hiring. In fact, I think I heard it here.

  69. Here’s the call for a Special Prosecutor in the Fast and Furious case- we knew it was coming. CNN? ABC? ANYBODY but Fox? Crickets

    Bet this goes as far as the requests for a special prosecutor for the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

    Oh wait- look- over there—->

  70. I knew that was coming. Perjury charges. You watch.

  71. He lied to congress. Time for him to go hang out with Scooter.

  72. The scary crap begins- WMCB posted this at Crawdad’s. Nasty nasty ill mannered anti-semitic hooligan

  73. God what a little shit in that video. His parents must be horrified at what they spawned. If they aren’t, they should be.

  74. He’s got a job my ass. Maybe if he was working, he could help daddy pay the mortgage. What an ass. He’s just there to stir the pot.

    Man, it’s a treasure trove over at crawdad’s. Look what I found. I’m no fan of Laura Ingraham, but you gotta hear this.

  75. Which one of many lied to congress? Seems to be an occupational requirement these days.
    PMM, don’t hold your breath waiting for indictments or even investigation into the Black Panther intimidation case – it is not going to happen. It might make them rather testy and we wouldn’t want that – or at least some people wouldn’t want that.

  76. HT- lol- not holding my breath- though I do have to do some deep breathing exercises to keep the blood pressure normal when i realize nothing is going to happen to these thugs.

  77. Holder is expendable. If obama even slightly thinks this issue will hurt HIM, Holder will be yesterday’s newspaper.

  78. PMM, I’ve found the yoga position – the plough – very good to get rid of frustrations. Mind you, as I age, it’s getting more difficult to get those legs over my head and the knees beside my ears, but perhaps that is because I dont practice enough, or as I like to think it’s because exercise stinks.

  79. HT- ROFLMAO! With MY back? Are you kidding me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  80. Uppity- the question is- will Holder be going under that brand spanking new Canadian built bus? Cuz he is NOT welcome under our bus. In three years I have become quite used to it- I like how we;ve fixed it up and the company is great!

  81. PMM, glad I gave you a chuckle – it was intended (the chuckle) I know about your back and I would never upset you (looking furtively around checking for the lunge whip)

  82. That kid needed discipline when he was a toddler. Too late now. I would put money on him being a liar as well.
    He said he has a job- as a union plumber- then mentions a $7 hr wage?
    What union in this country pays that wage?
    And what is minimum wage in NY?
    I bet it’s more than $7 and hour.
    What was it we were told when we were kids? If you lie your tongue turns black? His is rotting off at the stump.

    Sadly- he learned that anti-semitism somewhere. From his parents or form his chums?

  83. The last time the socialist minded gathered street momentum, it got so ugly, they gave us richard nixon for a second term. because they scared normal Americans even more than richard nixon did.

    The CBC chairs caring about the middle class. Touching. And definitely New.

  84. HT- need all the chuckles can get. and it stopped raining today! Yay! And it got all the way up to 62! Woo hoo!
    In other news- I hear there is a special election in W Virginia. One has to pay close attention though- all the news seems to be focused on Amanda Knox flying in to Seattle. Momentous nation changing news that!

  85. Old thread news- remember the “90 cases” of lettuce that was recalled? Oopsy. They have updated that. More like 2500 – yes- twenty five hundred- cases! Shipped to 19 states.
    hey but not to worry- they say that what they are now picking from that farm is safe!

  86. what they are now picking from that farm is safe!

    So I guess somebody washed his hands after flushing then.

  87. Amanda Knox, isn’t she the one convicted of killing her roommate? Is she white and blonde? If so, that would explain why all the other news is ignored while she gets front page treatment if indeed that is what happened. If not, then it must have been a really slow celebrity news day – after all, most of what is reported these days is about celebrities.

  88. White, dark hair. Boing.

    I do think it was a rather important story. But hey, that”s just me.

  89. Uppity- it’s not that I don’t think it is important- it’s just that the news seems to be ignoring other things and obsessing about this young woman and Michael Jacksons’ doctor.
    The investigation in Italy in that case was shoddy. I don’t think we will ever know what really happened to the poor girl that was murdered.
    The media is just feeding the frenzied masses I guess. All day long there were “updates” on when her plane would touchdown in Seattle. And then a rehash of the video from yesterday.
    Hey for all I know the news is like that everyday lol. I normally don’t have it on all day- but my back has been killing me so have been spending the last few days on the sofa dividing my time between a book I have read three times, the computer and the news. lol Maybe I should learn to like soap operas? ROFL!

  90. I will catch up in the morning. Looks like it might actually not be raining tomorrow- imagine that. I might actually get to see that bright yellow ball in the sky again!

  91. My question is this: is it a movement, or a “mad as hell” moment?

    Seems like a “mad as hell” moment to me. Those are good. They can even spark movements. But they are not movements in themselves.

    Movements are not about how you feel. They are about goals, like, oh, I dunno, “Get Money Out of Politics.”

    When you don’t have a focus or a goal, it’s very easy to have the best intentions in the world, but be overtaken by people like Van Jones, who is in fact in Obama’s pocket.

    My reality test for any populist movement these days:

    1) Does it have a concrete policy goal?
    2) Does it back a politician or a political party?

    The answers have to be “yes” and “no” before I’ll join up. I’ve been burned way too many times in the past.

  92. Wise words, madamab.
    It may even be an “Obama is mad” movement — I doubt that more than 10% of the protesters know that his biggest funders, by miles, were Goldys, Solys/Citi, JPM, and the like. Honestly, such ignorance should be punishable.

  93. The men behind the Green Curtain emerge. And, who knew…… they’re Obama supporters. Shocking, shocking, I tell ya!
    The campaign of the Community Organizer begins.

  94. Oops I just noticed that it’s after 5 am on that other side of the country! If anyone is looking for lorac Wednesday, it’s almost done!

    (I sorta fell asleep at the computer for four hours, hate when that happens!)

  95. PMM – I guess we stole your rain from you – they say it’s going to be raining in socal for the next couple of days. Just had a little today. Guess more to come! (which in socal speak, means we might get 10 raindrops a day! lol)

  96. LORAC! WAKE UP! Hit the publish button! Rofl!

  97. screeetch….. now I have to grab a couple of hours of sleep! (to add to the four hours of sleep I spent at the computer earlier last night!)

  98. Maybe these snotty-nosed young people don’t “know” what their demands are –

    – from a system that has been made so complex –

    – right under the noses of a vast population of adults, climbing up the ladder of the upper middle class saying “Wow! These economic boon times are great! Look at us achieving the American Dream!”

    Maybe they want the same guaranteed NEW DEAL that the rest of us stuck our heads in the sand while it was in the making for the last 20 years:

    A guarantee to win the game
    A guaranteed do-over if they fail
    A guaranteed even bigger win by having the cards stacked in their favor to create investment strategies – “bet against” a successful economic recovery
    A guaranteed ratio of success – unprecedented financial gains – during the crisis that they created – that puts them in even greater power and position to fight the very hand (government) against reforms that would prevent the robber barons from continuing their practices at everyone else’ expense.

    Who are we calling the spoiled, worthless brats? The one’s whose college degrees will be worthless against because of “THE NEW WALL STREET BANKER’S DEAL.”

    We, “involved, informed voter, hard-working adults” served up their futures to wolves, quite frankly – climbing the ladder for what was in it for us – instead of “protesting” when it was all actually happening right under our noses.

    What a smart generation we, before them, were. Huh? Where were we when the the robber baron complex was being built?

    They are protesting the ones that outsmarted us all – including “our” government – in the final analysis. THE NEAL DEAL has been a Wall Street Deal in the making for decades.

    Now, theses “kids” have hit the mark that “we informed, savvy adults” were too afraid – for years – to take aim at. SHAME ON US.


  99. Why Not, you may be projecting on to these young protestors what you wish they were instead of what they actually are. If you’ve seen some footage that makes them look articulate and knowledgeable, please post it — I’d be more than a little interested in seeing it having seen nothing but the contrary.

  100. Seen at Chicago Board of Trade.

  101. Wow, Crier. Snots, meet the other snots.

  102. NES,

    I remember, all too well, how my generation was viewed.

    Yet, we were right about War, Equal Rights, the Environment and the soon-to-follow Reagan-Corporate Presidency for a Non-regulating Government – of the Corporation, by the Corporation, for the Corporation.

    Savings and Loan collapse of the 1980s – from deregulation to bailout to recession to job losses – for the general population.

    It’s the Money, not the Government, that’s in control. Except for the top 2 percent, we’re all Sheeple and/or Shills on some level.

    The messengers don’t scare me nearly as much as those who think that we can change the way Wall Street does business at the government level.

  103. Re Deregulation. This was the worst thing that ever happened to the American consumer. Deregulation proved one real thing: When left to their honor, corporations have no honor.

  104. Uppity’s comments — spot on here me thinks. They were promised HOPE and it didn’t arrive, now they are mad. I think though, that this movement is a wake up call against corporate greed, period. Haven’t seen this since the 60’s protests anti-war when we were kids? But Uppity as usual so funny in the way she puts it. Yeah what future for them? So sad. God. No jobs, or jobs where they are worked like slaves. I think they are waking up to the Wagyu (sp?) in the mo. We saw it coming. Hugs Upp great banner.

  105. It’s not just about jobs either. It’s about the ruination and I DO MEAN THE RUINATION of the middle class and the ruination of everyone’s savings. Everybody who did it “right” is f*cked and our president is busy stepping over the f*ckees and handing OUR money to the F*ckers, because that is where HE GETS HIS MONEY and he’s a BALDFACE liar when he says differently. And it’s simply GOBSMACKING that there is even ONE person left in this country who believes a THING this sh*t stirrer says. Stand on wall street? Oh no! There should be torches and pitchforks in front of the white house right now. Instead, the cowards are afraid to go to the SOURCE of this problem. Our Government.

  106. Re Deregulation. This was the worst thing that ever happened to the American consumer. Deregulation proved one real thing: When left to their honor, corporations have no honor.

    Yup. Now they (corporations) own the government that we pay for as nothing more than indentured servants of both.

    Interesting, that my future as an aged adult looks no more bleak than that of ‘the future of our country.’

    Yes they did! – it to us all. At least they are seemingly, somewhat awake now. “Mad as hell” is some movement from stuck on stupid.

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