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From the inimitable Smoking Gun, here are three members of America’s “Leadership Material” category. If you have the time, it’s really worth it to read the comment sections associated with these stories:

This creature will be available for a middle management position interview just as soon as he gets out of prison. He’s been accused of murder. Sounds like Presidential material.

I imagine his horns will be fully sprouted by the time he is released and moves next door to you.

Here’s a special person. The kind of guy you want your daughter to bring home to meet you. He isn’t really all that dangerous. All he did was try to run down his landlord. I mean he didn’t succeed, right? So I say let’s give him another chance!

Here’ s a great comment from the forum that pretty much sums things up:

LADIES…This Guy is single! You have a winner here!

I wonder if I should take a shot in the dark and say these guys know each other. Nevermind. This hunk  is from Colorado. He will be available to date your daughter soon, though. He only got arrested for failure to appear in court on some vehicular charges.


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  1. YIKES!

  2. What in hell is wrong with these people? Aside from the fact that they are lowlife criminals.
    Seriously- which came first? The brain damage or the implants?

  3. I objected to my son’s tatoos – the raven (by Poe) and the highwayman (by Noyes) seeing this, I have nothing to which I can object.

  4. Oh yeah, I can just see myself at the next family Thanksgiving table with one of the hawt things…in a nightmare.

    How do you explain to these people? that when they age (if they ever make it), the skin sags and those head horns becomes multiple nipples? That nose horn will slip out during a meal which means that they will end up eating it. Then it becomes infected and eventually kills them?

  5. Can you say Permanently Unemployed?

  6. I remember reading about a few of them. They are the classic kitchen plastic surgeons. For a few bucks, they wil create some kool body art on anyone. I remember that there was a case where someone did this to a dog.

  7. Upps, yup and I don’t like to think that my ability to assess people is based on their appearance, but after 35 years – I would not hire them. One wonders why they do this? Eventually they will be incarcerated for some felony, or they will have to spend mega money to get rid of their youthful indiscrection.

  8. HT, how many people would gladly walk through a doctor’s door if this was their receptionist? I can just see one of these guys working as a Walmart greeter.

  9. Mcnorman individuals looking like that do so for a reason, and I suspect it is not society friendly. I used to look at tattoos with extreme distaste – but today both the youngsters have them – and despite my feeling of revulsion (an 80 years old with flappy skin and faded artwork) I have come to accept that I cannot dictate how the two can live. Wish I could, cause they really fail at taking care of themselves, however I cannot.
    One thing I can get behind, there are a whole bunch of people of different beliefs everywhere – and boy can they cook! I love diversity – hmmm, yum, love it.

  10. Permanently unemployed for sure! No way would I hire any of them.
    Hey! maybe they are angling for a reality tv show! There is one about tattoo parlors on some channel or other. (blame Kozmoe for me even knowing that- he stepped on the remote one night lol)
    What would they call the show though?
    “Shaming Mom”?
    “Idiot Crack Heads From Hell”?

  11. OT- If the Occupy Wall Street people want some work- there are jobs available in Alabama

  12. now that is scary. :scared:

  13. WTF was that??? I feel like I was in a drive-bye. I didn’t see that coming.

  14. Who would do that to a dog?

  15. Oh boy- get ready- teh one is holding a press conference- any minute now they say! So that means I have plenty of time right?

  16. Not off topic- as it is the thug in chief talking
    Jobs Act, blah blah blah, tax credits for hiring, tax credit for hiring vets, blah blah blah. Any Sen who votes against needs to answer why. blah blah blah. Anecdote about unemployed teacher. Unemployed construction workers. Anecdote about a bridge in Maine. Rebuild America. Why would you vote against that? Compete against other countries. Support business. Fully paid for. Wealthy pay fair share.

    (Did this thing pass the House? I don’t think so- but hey I could be wrong)

  17. Jesus tapdancing Criminy on a cracker, what the hell?

    I got into it with a cousin about tats. I made the comment of “oh you want to be unique like everyone else?” and she went off like a rocket. It’s art, it’s uuuunnnnneeeeeeeek, it has meaning… but it looks like a sixth grader did it. The often invoked Nana would NOT have approved.

    These guys? Psycho.

    (btw, there’s a pic of my boy up…)

  18. did he not at one time say something to the effect of
    “words, just words”. It appears that Obama has become a realty show participant. BTW I hate reality shows.

  19. Who didn’t see this coming. The Dems are trying to take over.

    “That’s very detrimental to the movement,” a leading organizer of the Thursday rally, Margaret Flowers, said in response to the statements from prominent liberals. “We don’t want anyone from the top driving this movement.”

    She said she wasn’t surprised. “That’s what Democrats do. They pretend to be populists,” Flowers said.

    Apparently OWSers have no use for the Dems either.

  20. He is now trying to justify throwing our money down the Solyndra pit.

  21. Press conference? He’s actually taking questions? I wish I was near a tv.

  22. Still trying to justify throwing away our money on green tech companies owned by his donors. Oh sorry- he is leveling the playing field for clean energy- so American technology can compete against China subsidizing Chinese companies.

  23. Dept of Energy made the decisions based on their best judgment. The program was designed to do that- take bets on American companies.
    Oops- is Chu gonna go under the bus?
    CBS reporter says Obama is going around touting the jobs bill but it looks like campaigning.

    I want pie for watching this thing. And I want a reporter to bring up fast and furious.
    sigh- my mom always said I can’t have everything I want.

  24. vivien- you are really not missing much- it is more like a campaign speech than a presser. Every single question he takes right back to an attack on the obstructionists.

  25. vivien2u I will look for the link. I didn’t write about it because I can’t stand animal abuse. That is exactly what it is. BTW, it is no different than getting plastic surgery by a vet imo.
    This is insanity.

    HT, people want to define themselves all the time. I would not hire someone who defines themselves by body art? that makes them appear frightening. Sagged out skin doesn’t bother me. Growing old is just another chapter in a life. I’m sure that your two will reflect back in 30 years, and their thoughts will probably be different.

  26. OH GAWD!!! Fake testicles? No way, not my dog. He’ll just have to run around with the empty sack they came in.

    “It’s typically men that want them for their dogs,” said Becker. It is also men that typically ask about up-sizing the testicles for their dogs, making them a bit bigger than they were before the neutering. Becker said you can always tell when a dog has the fake testicles because they clank on the examining table when the dogs sit down. This must mean they clank against a hard floor at home too, one would imagine.

    A guy thing. Go figure.

  27. Goodness gracious vivien, although I bore a male child it’s articles like that which make me sorry I didn’t strangle him at birth. Are most men really that venal and stupid? (sorry I don’t have much experience, so my questions are just that – honest questions)

  28. Wow mcnorman, this is some crazy chit.

    HT, I’ve know men that wouldn’t neuter their males because they thought it unmanly. Not all men are that stupid. Don’t ever think that.

  29. Yes Vivien, the world is messed up.

  30. PMM, I don’t think CBS likes Bo. That’s the network that Sharyl Attkisson works for. Is she the one asking the questions?

  31. no Vivien it was a male reporter. Looking for transcripts as I apparently missed the part about fast and furious- where in I understand he defended Holder.
    Sorry I did not take better notes- but he is SO DAMN BORING! He takes a question and gives a ten minute lecture- at the end of which we are stupefied but still have no answer.

  32. This is all I could find so far on the Fast and Furious part- at the very end of an AP article

    Defended his administration over two brewing controversies. One concerns a multimillion-dollar federal loan guarantee to a California solar company, Solyndra, that has declared bankruptcy and that Obama’s administration supported despite warnings over its solvency. The other involves a Justice Department program aimed at building cases against major weapons traffickers in Mexico that lost track of numerous guns.

    On Solyndra, Obama said the loan guarantee program carried inherent risk, and the administration knew not every company would succeed. And he said continuing the program was crucial in order to counter China’s aggressive investments and subsidies to boost its own clean energy industry.

    On the gun program, called Operation Fast and Furious, Obama said he has confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder, who’s come under criticism from Republicans. The president said both he and Holder would be “very unhappy” if guns were allowed to pass through to Mexico in a way that could have been prevented.

  33. PMM, you did good.

    Someone give that woman a pie.

  34. @PMM

    Ignorance or indifference is bliss for these assclowns.

  35. Geeze Louise! Are you telling me that babbler was on TV AGAIN?

  36. Yes Uppity- he was on. Waiting for vid or transcript- I have been told he flat out denied any knowledge of the Fast and Furious op- and also said Holder had no knowledge either. I will keep an eye out for that video. It is sure to turn up sooner or later

  37. Yes, Uppity, he was on again. At the time, I was sitting in the waiting area of a local car dealership along with 4 or 5 others, some of whom were watching the TV there. Soon as I realized his potuscy was about to speak, I stood up as casually as possible although in a hurry to get the eff out of there, I headed for the lounge area associated with new car showroom. I was there quite awhile before the service manager hunted me out to say my car was ready.

    As I walked back through the area I previously occupied, all who had been seated were gone. I followed that manager out to the checkout counter leaving his Potuscy speaking to an empty room. So appropriate, I thought Even though the others likely had left because their vehicles were done, I felt very satisfied in leaving him there to speak to no one.

  38. This guy flaps his yapper so often that after he’s booted out he won’t be able to get public cable access to work with him.

  39. Well goodness, I’m SO sorry I missed him! I mean we SEE him on TV so seldom!!!

  40. Uh oh… looks like Biden’s done it again by comparing the WS protesters with the Tea Party. Sh*tstorm in 5…4…3…

  41. You turn Biden loose, you’re asking for it.

  42. Biden’s still around? We never hear from him anymore.

  43. That’s because on smart days they hide him in a room with a rag stuffed in his mouth.

  44. Actually he had another gaffe earlier this week – caught it briefly at my dad’s house, can’t remember what it was. Think he forgot something this time.

  45. Allie- the earlier gaffe was over Van Jones- he forgot Jones had been a member of the czar corps.
    Here is the bit Allie was talking about- there is a vid in there- I preferred just to read – I saw and heard teh one today- I can not stomach them both in the same day lol.

  46. Some fool who was following orders will take the rap for fast and furious, have his career and life ruined. Or they will make him a promise of a good payout job to eat the dirt. Just like corporate America.

  47. Mom if TOTUS wasn’t there, then you probably counted up more Ahhhhs and Uhhhhhhhhs than anything else.

  48. Comments at the link of these two:

    “geez-just shoot him and get it over with.”
    “No. Kill it with fire. That’s the only thing that will work on this alien.”
    “Pull out, nuke it from orbit. Only way to be sure.”
    “i don’t think Fire would touch’im… perhaps we need a stake thru the heart.. wow – but i like Grant’s idea”
    “Quite literally… a knucklehead.”
    “Fairly easy to pick out of a line up, huh? lol”
    (And, a last one just for Uppity’s tender-hearted side for all God’s creatures… lol.)

    “People who permanently distort their body’s appearance in such a way are deserving of our love. Their self-loathing behavior is really a desperate way of screaming out for attention and understanding that is probably missing in their life. They deserve our love…. ”

  49. lol why not. methinks what’s missing in their lives is a normally functioning brain.

  50. But would you foster or adopt one of them?

  51. Uhms and Ahs- Listening to him is like taking a massive dose of some downer. Knocks your brains right out.

  52. But would you foster or adopt one of them?

    About as fast as I would buy a pitbull and put it in a house full of toddlers.

  53. But would you foster or adopt one of them?

    Well, of course I would!

    (If, upon arrival, I had a dungeon to tuck them into, and 4 lifers to kiss them goodnight and 12 pit vipers for them to play with.)

  54. I had a brush in my life with one of these kinds of demented, Satan Worshipers. He murdered and dismembered my niece’s younger half brother and sister. They executed him – finally.

  55. Why Not, that kind of freak is what execution was made for.

  56. No Uppity, they have it too easy when “justice” gives them their just due.

    My sister-in-law thought he should “be skinned, then burned at the stake, one match at a time.” It’s easy to understand why because he tortured the girl after he killed the boy in front of her. He was evil, personified, but it took years to wade through his “Human Rights” before they finally ended the family’s nightmare – by injection.

    Revenge is no answer, but granting more rights to guilty scum than the victims ever had is… insanity.

  57. Any doctor performing the horn,bumps implants need to lose the right to practice. Then again, maybe they are becoming human goats, and are part of the 72 virgin surprise for the goat pounder’s when they hit that big corral in the muslim sky!

  58. Why not- my sympathy to you and your family.
    Agreed- this business of convicted maniacs having more rights than the victims IS insanity.

  59. I should have said:

    Personal revenge is no answer, but protecting the rights of admitted, guilty scum is… insanity.”

  60. Thanks PMM. It’s been quite a few years now, but every time I see one of these characters, it reminds me of what a freak the other one looked like – and in the same age range too.

    I honestly believe that once they have crossed over into such an extreme and dark world, they are a danger to society. And, usually their family is aware on some level how sordid their thinking is by how they are behaving, speaking and, oftentimes, stumble across evidence of the death and murder fantasies they are contemplating. At least that’s what we learned in this case and heard many stories of others.

    The “Freedom to…” go to what extremes and to what end is the question. Satan Worship is about “Death.” Duh?

  61. They executed him – finally.

    That’s what’s wrong with the death penalty. You know they did it, why does it take years? Virginia does give them the choice of lethal injection or the electric chair. Can you tell I’m pro death penalty? I’m all for public hangings.

  62. I’ll bet he ruined your sister in law for life too. Shitbag.

  63. viven2u- I completely agree with you. But the victims family should have the right to release the trap door, or fire the rifle, or insert the dart, or swing theaxe….ect.

  64. 20 minutes with the freak in a sound proof room. Bring anything you want.

  65. In this day and age, I am sure we can create a reality show.

  66. @The Conservative Hill Billy

    No physician is going to mutilate a body like this. These cretins do their own work or find someone willing to play surgeon.

  67. A show like that would get good ratings. I’d watch

  68. Acorn squash stuffed with sausage, onions and apples. Barest hint of maple.

  69. mcnorman, some surgeons will do that kind of sheite – money buys compliance. Sick, but they do. Liposuction anyone? Botulism in a needle?

  70. it’s thanksgiving weekend for us up here in the hinterland and I need a proven recipe for butternut squash pie. Anyone have one? I looked in the poverty recipes and could not find one, so am appealing to the community at large.

  71. HT- use the same recipe you would for a pumpkin pie. Or a squash pie. All the same family.

  72. @mcnorman
    I don’t know, I know there are docs that will split a man’s hand rester and give him two pee flaps. HT is right, some one will do anything for the right price

  73. Acorn squash stuffed with sausage, onions and apples. Barest hint of maple.


  74. I know my dog would enjoy removing some of his dangling objects. She gets to eat what she rips off.

  75. Uppity, could I get your dog to give lessons to Milly. She eats anything but has a particular preference for smelly shoes and slippers.

  76. HT- forgot to say- if you are doing the squash pie from scratch- do NOT boil the squash- it will take up too much liquid. You can bake it whole and cut it in half when it is done. Poke a few holes in the skin before you pop it in the oven. After it is baked, slice in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds (save those and roast them- yummy!) then scoop the squash out with a large spoon. Continue on from there with any pumpkin or squash pie recipe.

  77. Sometimes I bake eggplant cut in half like that. I scoop it out and mix it with rice and ground beef and spices and things. I never do it the same way twice but it sure is good. I’ve done squash a few times too, but like I said, it’s never the same way twice. I do that a lot and hate myself when I get a BINGO! This is great! Make this again! And then I forget what I did and can’t repeat it lol.

  78. LOL Uppity- I have a lot of those same moments. Sometimes I am just throwing things together that I have on hand. Today is a prime example- I had some sausage, onions, the squash, grabbed a couple of apples when I walked the dog and goat- and worked it all from there.
    I stuff the giant zucchinis too- usually with a meatloaf type mix. On the grill gives it a good flavor.
    Sometimes when I get a great result I think- damn I should either write this down as I go or set the webcam up while I am working. The the next time comes and I do the same thing.
    Keeps the menu interesting that’s for sure!

  79. Mom, you are too precious. Tomorrow I shall put the squash in the over – seeds and all.
    Uppity, your dog – Milly. I really do need assistance. I’ve trained dogs for my entire life yet Milly – well I would like to think she’s untrainable but she’s not. I just haven’t found the right button.

  80. Millie’s a hound HT. You have to give it up. lol. They are not like other dog groups. Too busy sniffing the ground.

    Hell, herding dogs are practically born trained.

  81. Mom those damned giant zucchinis are like fruitcakes. Somebody leaves one behind your door and you groan and pass it on. Then it comes back to you.

  82. OT (or not? Do the goracle and olbermann fit in with the above misfits?)
    The goracle on olberman- talking about the need for an American Tahrir Sq- this video was uploaded back on August 3rd. But it’s all grassroots right?

  83. @HT & The Hillybilly Conservative

    There is no board certified plastic/reconstruction surgeon that would do this in the states. They would get their asses kicked out of their very exclusive club.

    Now, an ob gyn or dentist might. I’ve seen them advertise facelifts, hooch lifts, and all sorts of other things.
    To be fair, the US has no law in effect that regulates the use of plastic surgeon. Anyone with a DO or MD can call themselves whatever they want. It’s only til you look up the credentials and find out who trained and who is a weekend liposucking warrior. Geraldo Rivera usually does these exposes.

  84. Those ‘horns’….they just scream out to be popped.


  85. I,

    Those ‘horns’….they just scream out to be popped.

    Kind of like bubble wrap. Big ones.

  86. Yes tc, large bubbles in bubble wrap.

  87. Sorry I did not take better notes- but he is SO DAMN BORING! He takes a question and gives a ten minute lecture- at the end of which we are stupefied but still have no answer.

    You know what they say, If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullsh*t. Or in Obama’s case….. yada yada yada.

  88. Yahoo Headline: Obama to GOP: Act Now or Be Run Out of Town

    The first one to be run out of town here shortly is you, pallie.

  89. Double darn – this is absolutly the last time I adopt a hound. Sigh, just as I thought – no hope – but she is so darned cute and loveable when she pays attention.

  90. I KNEW IT! I knew Ayers was there!

  91. I hate to say this, but I actually agree with Ayers on half his statement. A lot of this is TRUE. The problem is, it’s TRUE of our ELECTED OFFICIALS who have been taking fistsful of money to look the other way. The other problem is, when Ayers shows up, there is reason to be suspicious of how long things will be peaceful, and there is reason to believe it won’t be long before demands become suspiciously Marxist. These little wannabes will meet up with the National Guard if they follow him.

    Perhaps now, America understands what a Community Organizer really is and how stupid they were to think such a ‘profession’ would make a loyal, honest and peaceloving president. Turd Stirrer In Chief gets you……..well…….what we’ve got. Expect more chaos, fear and downright mean-ness.

    Also see 1972 election, where the followers generated so much fear as to make their beloved lose the election. The electorate just couldn’t wait to shut them all up and were willing to vote for anybody just to put a stop to their chaos and over the top stupidity. This thing has Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

  92. Mom, next Code Pink will show up. And every other stupid, radical and bizarro bunch and then the destruction of a re-election will be underway. Apparently, these people do not learn from history. As for Gore, oh go soak it, Al. Everybody knows you are a hypocrite.

  93. Bank of America will rue that $5 fee. Who says there is no such thing as the straw that broke the camel’s back?

    Friends, I mentioned quite awhile back and will mention it again. Find yourself a local bank. Pull out of the Big Banks. I bank at a bank that’s been around for many decades. They have one branch. Just one. They have one of the lowest overhead rates of USA banks. They are solid and conservative, and they pay the best interest in the area besides. They know you. I mean they know you.

    So what do I do when I need to cash a check for myself and am not near my bank? I use one of the big bank drive-in windows. I have an account with $200 in it to cover the check I am writing myself from my real bank. And there’s not a thing they can do about it.

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