Are They SURE That’s What They Want?

The “unofficial” list of demands posted by LloydJHart on the Occupy Wall Street forum page got me to thinking and researching. For some things on the list of demands struck me as familiar. For example:

Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system.

Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

Demand four: Free college education.

Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

Demand thirteen: Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.

Tap, tap, tap. Thinking, thinking, thinking. Where oh where have I seen or heard all these things lumped together? Think, think, think.  Some of those things (especially gender equality!) seem like wonderful things! Universal healthcare- oh yes!  But where oh where have I heard them before? So off I went searching.

And landed here

The right to work is ensured by the socialist organization of the national economy, the steady growth of the productive forces of Soviet society, the elimination of the possibility of economic crises, and the abolition of unemployment.ARTICLE 119. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to rest and leisure. The right to rest and leisure is ensured by the reduction of the working day to seven hours for the overwhelming majority of the workers, the institution of annual vacations with full pay for workers and employees and the provision of a wide network of sanatoria, rest homes and clubs for the accommodation of the working people.

ARTICLE 120. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to maintenance in old age and also in case of sickness or loss of capacity to work. This right is ensured by the extensive development of social insurance of workers and employees at state expense, free medical service for the working people and the provision of a wide network of health resorts for the use of the working people.

ARTICLE 121. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to education. This right is ensured by universal, compulsory elementary education; by education, including higher education, being free of charge; by the system of state stipends for the overwhelming majority of students in the universities and colleges; by instruction in schools being conducted in the native Ianguage, and by the organization in the factories, state farms, machine and tractor stations and collective farms of free vocational, technical and agronomic training for the working people.

ARTICLE 122. Women in the U.S.S.R. are accorded equal rights with men in all spheres of economic, state, cultural, social and political life. The possibility of exercising these rights is ensured to women by granting them an equal right with men to work, payment for work, rest and leisure, social insurance and education, and by state protection of the interests of mother and child, prematernity and maternity leave with full pay, and the provision of a wide network of maternity homes, nurseries and kindergartens.

ARTICLE 123. Equality of rights of citizens of the U.S.S.R., irrespective of their nationality or race, in all spheres of economic, state, cultural, social and political life, is an indefeasible law. Any direct or indirect restriction of the rights of, or, conversely, any establishment of direct or indirect privileges for, citizens on account of their race or nationality, as well as any advocacy of racial or national exclusiveness or hatred and contempt, is punishable by law.

Hmm. The 1936 Constitution of the USSR.  Well it isn’t that bad right? Those are some lofty goals no? Equal rights for women, the right to work and rest and education and health care. All good things right?

Except those my age and older know how that worked out in the U.S.S.R. Definitely not a worker’s paradise- at all. Long lines for basic things like- oh let’s see- bread, potatoes and clothing. Everybody had housing- in state built projects. Lovely. Agriculture- the State took over all the land and formed collectives. Which promptly killed production. One of the best and biggest “bread basket” agricultural areas in the world- but they could not adequately feed their people.  Factories that could not meet the government quotas. As for the healthcare- I seem to remember their “more equal than others” top party officials often used Western doctors. They also had Special stores and access to better goods for the political class. (Better goods often smuggled in from the West.) Nope- did not work out for the working class at all.

Now ask yourself- where in America can we find those same “rights” set out? Where are these protesters getting these ideas? There is an answer- and it may not be where you think.


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  1. The USSR? whoever issued that statement of beliefs must be joking. The USSR – the country held together by bloodshed and enforced dogma – the amalgamation of countries that died a bloody death. Ayers – do I get a prize or at least some fresh eggs?.

  2. Dammme, just checked the previous thread and disovered that Uppity won before I awoke. I still want those fresh eggs – I deserve them (stamps her feet in frustration while putting the lead on Milly for her morning walk)

  3. Good morning! It is going to be another sunny, warn day here- and for what it is worth we have not had even a light frost yet. Though there are lots of pine cones on the pine trees which normally foretells a wicked winter.

    As for Ayers- well he was bound to jump in on it. But my understanding is that Ayers only reprinted the protesters demands. Never let a good crisis go to waste and all.

  4. Just dropped by to say hello. Lol mom lucky you. It snowed like the dickens here last few days. Yup got that nasty white stuff all over the place. I was out shooting fall scenes and well looks like I am into winter ones now. Actually sold several of my photos so am really having a great time with this combining a hobby with making $$. Love when you can turn something you actually have fun doing into $$.

  5. Utah! That is WONDERFUL! (about the hobby making money- not the early snow lol) My younger sis takes beautiful photos – and I have been trying for years to get her to turn them into cards and postcards and calendars etc. No luck- she is super super paranoid someone will steal her work and use it to make money for themselves. sigh. I don’t know what to tell her- and her photos are outstanding- especially her Cape Cod seascapes.
    Now if I could figure out how to make the garden pay- but then I have all the lame ass govt regulations to deal with- so no go. sigh

  6. You’ve been busy. I’ve not had a chance to read the whole thing yet, I’ll do that once I get to work. I saw this in my paper this morning and thought it could add some humor.

    Be sure to scroll down and read the first comment to the story. Funny.

  7. HT, what’s your take on the fact that there are so many canadians in that crowd on Wall Street?

  8. Utah, I might have known you’d make bucks from those nekkid pics through windows!

  9. utah, interesting about your early snowfall. I was out early this morning and honest to goodness, it smelled like snow. Most people think I’m nuts, however there is a particular smell that is related to snow. The ridiculous part is that we don’t usually get snow until early December – but it smelled like snow. Time to get my outdoor furniture covered.

  10. single payer health care is crucial to American jobs and will free up entrepreneurship in this country like nothing else. It’s not free, corporations and individuals will pay taxes for it and those taxes will be, no doubt in my mind, less than what corporations and people are paying towards heath care now. Being able to work for yourself without having to worry about how to insure yourself much less your employees, will create all kinds of new small business ventures that will create jobs like crazy.
    Free college.. no, college should be hard to get to and hard to get out of. However it should be cheaper. No one should leave college with tens of thousands in student loans they can not ever pay back, much less if they can not find a decent job.
    The rest is nonsense, we already have equal rights we just don’t use them. We already have the right to unionize, we are afraid to do so and have been convinced that unions are evil. In truth many unions are run by corrupt and greedy union “bosses” but many are not and your union is only as good as your will to make sure it stays focused on workers rights and not the political power of it’s leaders.

    I am a moderate to liberal democrat. I am a capitalist. But I will say that class warfare is the way the world works and has worked since the beginning of time. It is healthy and maintains a balance between the rich poor and middle class. However, in the last 40 years, the right has been able to convince everyone that demanding decent treatment and human living conditions for the poor is all about the poor leaching off the sad sad tragic put upon rich and middle class. But the truth is that the rich always and continuously wage class warfare and lately they are winning big time. It is time for the rest of us to get in the game and that includes the middle class who are finally starting to see that they too can be part of the permanent underclass when corporations are allowed to do anything and everything exactly the way they want with no regard for the good of the people and the nation.
    In the early years of this nation, corporate charters were hard to come by. You had to prove that your business was going to be a benefit to the people. We should get back to thinking that way. It is all very well to be smart, work hard and get rich. I think that this is a bedrock ideal of America. However, the truth is that this is not an attainable goal for the vast majority of Americans right now. You only have to look at the numbers to know that.
    So, yeah, some of those protesters are socialist wannabes and some are college students with an overblown sense of entitlement. But the need for governmental, corporate and political reform is real and I am glad, no matter what happens,that there are still people in this country willing to hit the streets in protest. I only wish more of us would have done that in response to the joke of an election in 2000 and the joke of a democratic primary season in 2008.

  11. Vivien- Not surprised they had such a low turnout- Norfolk and the military presence- I doubt many Military types or their families would get involved lol. I LOVED this comment

    Democrats are controlled by corporations. Republicans are controlled by corporations. Obama is and GWB was.

    Much of what happened to our economy over the last few years was because of two things. Greed and a total lack of morals. And no it was not just the “fat cats”. There was plenty of blame to go around.

    We have become a fat, lazy and whining people with an entitlement mentality. There are rapidly becoming more members of society that are non productive than there are productive.

    Assume there is success eliminating the evil ” 1% “. What then? The evil ” 10% “? Then the evil ” 20%” ?. At some point we run out of scape goats.

    What then ?

    Remember the golden rule of the parasite.

    Never kill the host.

  12. teresa – well written. I do have one question – do people in the U.S., even know what socialism is? it’s not marxism or communism or any other ism, but the U.S. people see, terrified of the term without truly understanding what it represents. Some folks even equate it to the third reich because the party of Hitler has the word in it’s nomenclature. Hitler was a fascist and what you have in the U.S. today is an oligarchy – sadly but true.

  13. I disagree on your college thoughts, Teresa. I think college should be hard to get into AND hard to get out of. I don’t mean financially. I mean, our colleges are dumbed down, period. I remember when you couldn’t even get into a community college without at least an 85 average. That was WITHOUT a curve. If you didn’t have the grades, you had to prove yourself in night classes before being accepted. I think college has become a worthless thing equivalent to what used to be a high school diploma, because ANYBODY can get in now. And that’s just plain stupid and a path to destruction of the intent of college. To make it worse, kids are graduating thinking they deserve big bucks because they hung out in some group dynamics classes for four years. When you dumb something down, you have to dumb down expecatations later. And that is what has happened in the USA.

    Why is is so difficult to find a plumber, an electrician, etc? The truth is, most of them are making more bucks than the majority of college graduates now, but somehow, the trades have been swept under the rug. We need to go back to including the trades in high school. We already have too many starving lawyers and kids hanging out on their parents’ couches waiting for some CEO to tap them as lord of the company.

  14. The summer was so wet here that our 30 odd acres of trees are not so much turning pretty colors as they are rotting, turning black, and hurling themselves on to the muddy ground in despair.
    But the sky is blue and the air is dry and breezy. Have to thank the universe for small blessings.
    Have a great and beautiful day everyone… even snow is beautiful, right Utah?

  15. Uppity so true – when I went to uni, they had a separate program for apprentiship in the trades. Those folks were there to learn their trade – because they wanted to be there. I’m sure most of them own their own business today (it was 40 years ago) but I often wonder why schools do not offer the same curriculum.

  16. teresa- single payer – yes- and agree it would free up money for small business. Our health insurance premiums are skyrocketing along with our deductibles and out of pocket expenses.
    Agree on college too- it should be hard to get into and out of- our education system has been dumbed down to the point of absurdity.
    Equal rights I would disagree on- until it is codified in law- women run the risk of once again being chattel. As long as there are people out there trying to put their laws on our bodies- we are not equal.
    As for being rich- I believe you are correct when you say not everyone can be rich- but I sure wish that wages would keep up with the cost of living.
    As for the poor “leaching”- imo- social programming has created a HUGE underclass in this country- a class without the skills- OR desire- to care for themselves. Someday I will do a post about how easy it is to get ON the dole- and how incredibly hard it is to get OFF.

  17. teresa- we had the same horrible wet summer- and so many trees down- sigh. Though it did create a bumper crop of apples. I can not harvest them all and have offered them free to any who want to come get them. ONE family came out. ONE. And there are plenty of people in this area hurting. One young women who rails against “the system” and advocates for socialism told me “My girls only eat Macintosh apples.” EXCUSE ME? This young women is very bright and looking for work as a teacher- (what else lol) and is supported by OUR tax dollars. Complains all the time about the cost of everything. And when offered free food for the cost of getting her ass out here with her girls (in the pre-teen age range) turns it down?
    Another family was offered as well- hard workers- ok jobs- but could use a little extra. Have not seen them get their butts out here either. And it is not like it is a 50 mile jaunt- we are about ten miles from where both families live- and both have the money to put gas in their vehicles to cart the kids hither and yon to sports. Oh- and the money to pay the fees for sports.

  18. G’mar Hatimah Tovah too all our Jewish uppityites.

  19. Utah, I might have known you’d make bucks from those nekkid pics through windows!

    Ha that one of you is top dollar ! Rofffffff.
    On another note just took all my $$ out of BOA. Walked in and demanded to see the manager. He made quite a spiel about doing right by me if I would reconsider yadda yadda. Yea right get me into another account that earned higher interest while on the backside cost me more to keep open. Anyway told him nothing doing. I was forced to bail your asses out and I got nothing in return for keeping you working but the shaft. Wish more folks would dump your sorry asses and we see what you think about your right to earn a profit when we as tax payers saw no gains.
    Anyway the small bank was delighted to see my money and I got some great perks.
    Remember the day when banks paid you to get you to open an account or gave you free gas, toasters etc ? Check out your little guys they still do and pay good interest as well as not charging you for debit cards and checking.
    Most of my holding had already been moved but I had to wait on this one until now. I also keep telling folks to invest in gold or silver as well as invest in a very good fire proof safe.

  20. My greatest wish is to see Citi, Wells, and BOA fail.

  21. G’mar Hatimah Tovah too all our Jewish uppityites.

    Thank you UW…

  22. My biggest wish it to see them broken up so that they aren’t “too big to fail”. Let em manage themselves like the small standalone banks do. Sink or swim.

  23. That fireproof safe had better be the size of the wall. A friend of mine had a break-in and they just carried the floor safe right out the door along with everything else.

  24. I agree with pretty much everything teresa said. I think many of the occupy wall st. protesters have good intentions, but are being co-oped without their knowledge or consent, by both sides. The OFA people are using this protest to pump up the base for Obama, not to help this country. The right is using the protest to illustrate how crazy the left is…or like teresa said, to convince us that all unions are evil and anyone speaking out against the corporate welfare or even regulation of corporate abuses is a socialist-pinko-commie…take your pick. And like she said, to convince us to vote against our own best interests. Not all the wealthy are “job creators” or “small business” “mom and pop stores”. The middle class is being destroyed as the very rich take their money and create not jobs, but sweat shops, in other countries as middle class and poor trample all over each other in Wal-Marts trying to buy/finance all the crappy stuff they make in those overseas sweatshops.

  25. utah, don’t forget Capital One!

  26. You’re welcome Barbara.

  27. Teresa if you say snow is beautiful …………mmmmmm okay. Me I have never liked it and I mean NEVER !. Upps knows I despise the nasty stuff. I do however love where I live so me guesses it is but a minor inconvenience. I tend to do a lot of running around down in AZ when it snows.
    In response to the Wall streeters lmao. These folks are nuts. They have no common goal and can not get their shit together on what they are protesting. Sheesh in the day lol.
    Anyway when a reporter picks a few to interview it is comedy at it’s best. No two say they are there for the same reason and none of them have a damn clue. Protesting is great but you need to get organized and know what you are protesting about. These are college educated kids ? Guess I am glad I was not allowed to go after all lol.

  28. Oh and most defiantly Capital One. Piece of shit that one.
    I mean a damn safe not one of the portable ones lol. Never made sense to lock all your good in a small box the thief can pick up and carry out. I am talking huge and bolted into the concrete floor and walls of your basement. Something you will need a tow truck to remove and dynamite to open. Gun shops carry them.

  29. Uppity, my apologies on not answering your question before now. My take on so many Canadians – we have laws here that regulate many things and these boyos don’t like regulation, so where do you go? These are boys and some girls who want to make millions on the backs of taxpayers. They cannot do it here – at least they couldn’t before the last election – so they go to a place where it’s a free for all Wild West economic heaven. Hope that answers your question. Oh, another thing, the truly gifted genii stay home and enrich their country.

    It’s the wannabes (like Frum – axis of evel fame) and Steyn) that move to the US because there is truly a fertile ground for their nonsense.

  30. Shhesh wish I was near you Mom. You would not have apple one left. I would be canning. I have already canned a bunch of applesauce and apple butter but you can always stand having more. Now I am doing Pumpkin.

  31. Apple pie recipe please. I’ve been doing the same old thing for years, so time to change. I’ve heard that sour cream is a good ingredient. Do I sound desperate? Yup, I am.

  32. We’re surrounded with apple orchards up here. Too bad apples are probably my least favorite raw fruit. I like them in pies and cobblers, home made apple sauce and things, but I find them boring raw and not a fruit I wish for. I just wish I lived somewhere where I could get great peaches all the time. now that’s my fruit.

  33. ROFL HT- there are no “wrong” ingredients in apple pie. If it tastes good to you- go for it. The crust is science- and a formula so be careful there- though you can sub things like cider or vinegar for the liquid- the filling is art- what tastes good to you.

    Utah- I have done two batches of apple butter and two of applesauce and a pear butter as well. More to come this weekend.
    The families that have been invited to pick and don’t show? You can bet if I picked them and delivered them to their door they would take them. And the young woman would be all over it if they were giving away apples at the food pantry or govt food give-away.

  34. Ah Upps another commonality. Peaches are # 1 for me too. Fresh and hot off the tree ! They grow well here. I planted a tree first thing when I bought this joint. Apples are only good to me when they are in something else. I really do not care for them and hate apple pie. Well do not like pies as a rule period.
    I make very good ones so others tell me but have yet to sample one because I just do not care much for them or sweets in general.
    Not a desert fan. Rather have more of the main course . lol.
    Hey got to run. Things to get done today and it is freaking snowing again !

  35. Peaches! Fresh off the tree- dripping juice down my arms! Standing over the sink eating them! Joy!

  36. Peaches, mmmmmm.

    PMM, you are right about the military. That’s why I like it here.

    What a beautiful day it’s turned out to be. I caught this coming into work this morning. Three women. It looks as though the Nobel Committee is trying to gain back some credibility.

  37. Peaches! Fresh off the tree- dripping juice down my arms! Standing over the sink eating them! Joy!

    Trade you for some burnt and dried tumbleweeds PMM.

  38. I told you Scott Brown is a shitbag. And he’s golfing with barack, the phony. Say goodbye scottie. Try taking it off for Cosmo now and ask them to make the centerfold longer to capture your low- hanging balls.

  39. vivien- Norfolk is an interesting town. Sometimes full, sometimes empty- it certainly has its own rhythm.

    mcnorman- I always wondered about tumbleweeds. What the hell are they really? A plant that grows and then dies off and tumbles around? When I visited up in Idaho- the ranchers were going along the fence rows and setting them ablaze. With flame throwers, Looked really dangerous to me.

  40. Well Uppity- we knew Scotty was a one term wonder. He and Barack should form a club.

  41. Wish there was a way I could blast this little news item to anybody who thinks socialism or communism is better than what we have. Hugo is seizing yet MORE private property!

  42. HT, no I do not think that most Americans really understand the isms. But no matter what democrats do they get labeled socialist because in terms of politics, it works for the right to do that.

  43. They are a nasty weed that dries up and wreaks havoc. They grow to be about 5′ if left unchecked. Vile things. I did get this crazed idea one year. I cut down a few in the church parking lot and hung them upside down to dry. Sprayed them gold and silver, decorated them with shiny ribbon and had a great Christmas display.

    Or you can bunch them up. They are free.

    Burning them is best.

  44. mcnorman- thanks! That pile shaped like a Christmas tree is crazy! Do they light it on fire for New Years Eve?

  45. Myiq- that is the same punk that was giving that Jewish man all that crap! Just butted right in.
    Hope none of them get food poisoning from the communal food table.

  46. If you want to torch it, it’s spectacular.

  47. Obama will soon rue the day he made elizabeth warren do all the work and then dumped her for one of his buddies. I hope he enjoys the scorn, the sexist pig

    As for Brown, he’s running in a dead heat with someone who’s only been in the race a few weeks. Shows you are useful he’s been.

  48. Those Tumbling Tumbleweeds sent me in search of this little ditty:

    The Muppet Show presents:

  49. That’s funny Upps. She’s running neck n neck with him, and quite a few people in Mass don’t ever know who Elizabeth Warren is.

    Norfolk is a mixed bag of nuts. I like how you described it PMM.

    mcnorman, when you said burnt tumble weeds, I thought maybe you were in the part of Texas that was burning. That fire is still burning, right? You don’t hear anything on the news. Even when it was burning full force, you didn’t hear much. Our fourth estate leave so much to be desired.

  50. My family is in the Bastrop area which is outside of Austin. I’m on the other side of Texas. It’s a monster of a state.

  51. The fires have been everywhere, but the Bastrop fire keeps re igniting.

  52. Love them Muppets Mt Laurel.

  53. Yet more great news

    The average unemployed American has now been out of work for a longer period than at any time since records began being kept more than 60 years ago — more evidence, as if any were needed, that the jobs crisis is in reality a crisis of long-term unemployment.

    And the Senate is doing Kabuki theatre- R’s trying to force a VOTE! RIGHT NOW! Like barky asked- and Reid shuts the Senate down so there is no public embarrassment for teh one when people find out the D’s do not have the votes.
    On that same note- did the House pass a bill for the Senate to vote on? I thought spending bills originated in the House? Or do I have it backwards?

  54. PMM it’s assclownery at its finest. OWS really should be targeted at these clowns.

  55. mcnorman- it is getting to the point that i want to just scream at the top of my lungs- K Street and Wall Street and PA Ave ARE ALL THE SAME COMPANY!

  56. just stopped by to say HI !!!! 🙂

  57. That “I am more educated than he is” child, the same one who beat up on the Jewish senior in the other video is making sure he gets his face time isn’t he? Now about that 200 bucks a week he ‘used to make” as a “plumber’s helper” and how it is he made so little. He was learning the art of plumbing, which means he was lucky a plumber was willing to teach him for free. The fact that he got paid at all was a stroke of luck for him. Tthat’s because he isn’t worth a plumber’s salary since he is a student of plumbing who gets to pick up the wrench for the real plumber. What exactly did he expect, that someone would give him a whopping salary for the pleasure of teaching him to be a plumber? If he ever does actually become a bona fide plumber, it would be fun to see how Capitalistic he becomes when he starts charging 100 just to show up at a home.

  58. Okay mcnorman, I had to go look. I’m not real familiar with that part of the country. I’ve been through the Dallas Fort Worth airport on many occasions. The time difference always screws me up.

    Upps, that more educated guy sure gets around. What is it with these people. No ones ever heard of “paying their dues”? I have a friend that’s a plumber. He says there’s only five thing you need to know to be a plumber. 1) hot’s left, 2) cold’s right, 3) sh*t doesn’t run up hill, 4) the boss is an assh*le, and the most important one, 5) don’t bite your fingernails. His educated dumbass doesn’t realize that plumbers make good money. Too bad he couldn’t stick it out. I went to work right out of high school. I was very lucky to get with a company that was willing to teach me a trade. I payed my dues. I had to work twice as hard as the fellas, just to prove myself. The fellas are long gone now. And yes, I made them look bad. My supervisor thinks women pay closer attention to detail, so there haven’t been any new fellas hired. She won’t say that out loud though. I have no sympathy for these people.

  59. Yes vivien, two time zones makes everyone crazy in one state.

  60. Okay mcnorman, the first thing I saw when I went there was the donate button. I didn’t need to see anymore. They’re looking for a free ride. What a joke.

  61. Yes, it is a joke.

  62. Alabama law has now opened up some job slots.

  63. I expect the OWS babies to last a few more weeks. When the temperture gets down to forty degrees at night and the wind whistles down those steel and glass canyons, occupation won’t be a party any longer. I saw that their “campground” is one whole acre. How deep do you stack people to get thousands into a suburban yard? Great job on the source of their demands.

  64. Texas evangelical leader Robert Jeffress, the Baptist megachurch pastor who introduced Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit, said Friday afternoon he does not believe Mitt Romney is a Christian.

    Well then, there IS a God. If he’s not an evangelical christian and he’s not a muslim, I’ll take him, because I am sick of both of them sticking their noses where they don’t belong. And the IRS should be at this pastor’s door right now. Talk about a cult.

    It would be about time a president paid attention to what he or she is supposed to pay attention to instead of who everybody sleeps with and what they do with their own bodies. It would be nice to see a president who doesn’t have time to tell women what to do and think of ways to oppress them further.

    Read more:

  65. Hahaha lizzy, wait till their cell phones get wet, the free pizzas stop being delivered, and that concrete ground starts sticking to their skin. They’ll be back on Mom and Dad’s couch in no time flat.

  66. My my my- look what turned up in my peregrinations about the web- project gunrunner mentioned in this- long long LONG time ago

  67. I found the whole C-Span item from above- it was apparently a White House presser as best I can tell. From 3/24/09 yes- oh nine
    Both Janet “the borders are safe” and Gibbs were at this presser. This is getting crazy interesting.

  68. I’d like for Janet and co to spend a nice weekend on the border. No cops, no security, nada just to see what would happen.

  69. Thank you for the video PMM.

  70. mcnorman- you are most welcome- I actually found it over at Rev Amy’s in the comments. Make sure you take a look at the C-Span longer version.
    Too bad it’s Friday- I would have this up as a new post in a heartbeat- but most people would miss it over the weekend. Wonder what’s coming out in the Friday document dumps today?

  71. Notice that is a White House presser- you can see the White House logo thingy in back of the guy. And Gibbs is standing off the his left. Along with Janet. But nobody knew nuttin!

  72. I could see them splainin’ away that video. It doesn’t say that they were personally going to sell guns to these swine. However, it does make holder aware of the program. But of course, not of the selling of the guns by the government. It’s the old corporate America thang. Unless you have photos of the person actually handing a gun over personally, he weasels out of it.

    Nice find though!

  73. (Slaps head) How silly of me Uppity- I had quite forgotten that rule. He is not guilty unless and until there is a photo. Oops- not even then- they would splain that away as photoshopping.
    I about fell over when I saw it was a White House press conference- or a press conference held at the White House. The guy clearly says “The President has directed us” and “Attorney General Holder and I are taking”…. “as part of the ADMINISTRATION’S plan.”
    Now that to me is pretty damn clear. But what do I know- I am just a bitter clinger out here in nowhereville PA.

    Wonder how much more we would have had on Tricky Dick if we had the net back then.

  74. Plus this is talking about “Project Gunrunner”- silly me- the scandal is about “Operation Fast and Furious” I am SURE they are not related at all. My bad/

  75. Let’s put it this way Mom, you won’t be seeing that video on MSNBC or NPR. lol.

  76. Somebody should run that video over to H44. Tell Admin uppity says Hi. Looks like something H44 would LOVE to see.

  77. I’d like for Janet and co to spend a nice weekend on the border. No cops, no security, nada just to see what would happen.

    Hahahaha! Like she said, it’s safe.

  78. Let us not forget this.

  79. I demand to be left alone to provide for myself only, unless I choose to help others. I will pay the feds for military protection, provided they will actually do it, i.e. secure the borders. I just want my camper, beer, dogs, bbq, guns, Bible. And some internet access to read UW’s blog and type out my mani-hillbilly-festo!

  80. Good Idea Uppity- I will run it over now and tell them you said Hi!

  81. Yeah, Mom way to go, girl.

  82. LOL. That’s our blog redneck! What would we do without him?

  83. Hey conservabilly, what about soap, shaving cream, running water and food other than dogs and bbq. I could list many other items, but I haven’t slept for the last two days and I think I could tonight, so will refrain and wish all a good night. P.S. I do enjoy your comments. Night all

  84. Gee, they really inspire “respect” doing stuff like this.

    “Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR”

  85. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  86. hey McN. Can I change that title to Can’t We All Get Along?

  87. Nice to see Keith Dobermann at the OWS…..I wonder if he was anywhere near the defecating demonstrator??

  88. I think I’d rather see the pic of the guy dumping than see Keith.

  89. How would you know the difference?
    On second thought….that’s an insult to people who defecate in public!

  90. I do hope that defecation shot is a photoshop.

  91. Grocery store worker pleads guilty to tainting yogurt samples with his semen. They should cut this little prick’s balls off and he won’t be dumping his semen in ANYTHING any longer.

  92. Hilarious imust!

  93. I’m starting to think that this OWS protest in NYC may well end in bloodshed. Tensions have to be rising, exponentially every day.

  94. Chelsea looks wonderful. Thanks for that refreshing little piece NES!

  95. omg, way to embarrass California, Occupiers! Geesh.

  96. Don’t kid yourself. They’re getting ready to skewer Chelsea just in case.

  97. I think they will have a difficult time skewering Chelsea. She is really popular and I don’t think her fans will allow the assassination of her character.

  98. Don’t count on it, HT. One should never underestimate CDS — now it’s on both the right and the left of the political spectrum. Chelsea’s a Clinton and therefore not immunized against CDS.

  99. WJC’s sensible centrist views:
    Unlike with Obama, one gets the sense that Bill really knows what he’s talking about. No one has to convince us that he’s super-intelligent.

  100. Bill finally had to put a plan down in writing. He needs to write it on the back of a golf score card to get Obama to read it. Or better yet….Occupy TOTUS….Obama will read anything written on TOTUS.

  101. I would like to link this post at No Quarter. It shows the most insight and truth that I have read since this all began.

  102. NES- thanks for the link to the Big Dawg- it may sound silly- but it helps me to read and listen to him. Some days I get so sad looking and reading and hearing what that amateur at 1600 is doing. Knowing that there are great Americans with great minds and a grasp of the situation lends hope- the real kind- not the campaign slogan BS.
    Now if we could just get the ptb to LISTEN and ACT!

  103. Helen- thanks so much- glad you enjoyed. If it’s ok by Uppity, it’s ok by me.

  104. Welcome, Mom. Doesn’t sound at all silly — made me feel better too.

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