Can’t we all just get along?

This is a nice break for a Saturday morning.

BTW, the film is from 2007 and has been viewed millions of times.

I wanted to share this video of a homeless man named Greg Pike in Santa Barbara with his pets family.  They work State Street every week for donations.  The animals are very well cared for.  They are a mellow bunch.  He rigged a harness for his cat so that she would not have to walk so much.  At some juncture, the rat came along.  No one wants to eat the other so the rat began riding with on the cat.    The dog will stand all day long and let you talk to him.  He will even let you admire him for a few chin scratches.

The Mayor of Santa Barbara filmed this clip and sent it out as a holiday card.  I can’t imagine a more genuine message of peace.  I hope your day is a peaceful one.


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  1. AWWW How cute!

  2. Good morning early morning people. My grandfather used to wake us up around 7 when we were teenagers by walking around and saying “you’re missing the best part of the day. I thought he was crazy then. Now I say to those of you not yet up, “you are missing the best part of the day”.

    That dog is a rottweiler mix. I have a rottie/black lab mix and he is the best dog, so loving and smart. He follows me around and guards me no matter where I am. He also has the worst dog breath evah!!

  3. ps… when Grandpa would walk around waking us at 7 am, it was because he had already been up for 2 hours and was frustrated at us lazy late sleeping teens.

  4. I relate so well to grandpa
    There is a great beauty in living beings who work in concert. Which brings me to the pure bliss of musical groups. Nothing more thrilling to me than perfoming with a group of any kind when all in that group concentrate on achieving the same goal.
    Now I’ll take some license with this open thread. Topic is the post office. A local clerk here is very helpful, so recently I found an opportunity (I thought) to be helpful back. I’d come to pick up a package and he was working in the back when I got to the counter. I waved the notification card hoping to signal to him to stay back there and pick up my package. But, he came all the way out to the counter, so I started a banter about trying to save him a few steps.
    That’s when he informed me of how regulated those workers now are. He was required to come to his register, press a key which started a timer which recorded how long it took him to walk back to the package storage area, get the package, bring it to the counter and scan the tracking code.
    I just think everyone should know how mechanized the place has become.

  5. What a joy to see. I hope that people give generously to Mr Pike and his family.

  6. BTW I am also an early morning person and I used to drag my kids out of bed with the same phrase as grandpa.

  7. This A Hole needs to have the IRS knock on his door. And Jesus wouldn’t be caught standing next to him. And somebody needs to explain to him that nobody gives a shit what his or anybody else’s religion is. If you are sick of churches making laws based on their own personal doctrine and trying to run the country and control everybody, raise your hands.

    The pastor who introduced Texas Gov. Rick Perry at a conservative gathering Friday said rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney is not a Christian and is in a cult because he is a Mormon.

    YOU are a cult. All anybody has to do is read this piece to know that.

    Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, made similar remarks about Romney when he ran in the 2008 campaign. Event organizers at the Values Voters Summit selected Jeffress to introduce Perry, but the Perry campaign was consulted about the choice and approved Jeffress to introduce the Texas governor.

    Jeffress endorsed Perry at the event and introduced him as “a proven leader, a true conservative, and a committed follower of Christ.”

    After his remarks, Jeffress told reporters that Perry’s religion is different from Romney’s.

    “Rick Perry’s a Christian. He’s an evangelical Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ,” Jeffress said. “Mitt Romney’s a good moral person, but he’s not a Christian. Mormonism is not Christianity. It has always been considered a cult by the mainstream of Christianity.”

    Well, you sickeningly poor excuse for a Christian, you can always vote for Obama. Or stay home. Either way you get Obama and the Muslims will be running over your back, idiot.

  8. Too bad the fundegelicals disregard all those OTHER parts of Jesus’ message. You know- those inconvenient parts Jesus carried over from the Old Testament- like taking care of the poor and widows and orphans. And the inconvenient New Testament ideas too- you know the ones-
    HE who is without sin- let him cast the first stone.
    Love thy neighbor
    Why pick on the splinter in your neighbor’s eye- you are blind from the Sequoia in your own.
    Physician- heal thy self
    Be not like the Pharisees who put a yoke on the shoulders of the people and carry no burden themselves.

    I learned a LOT of Bible passages in order to better refute the fundie assholes.

  9. Just picked this up in the comments at Crawdad’s- remember the other day when the occupy people put up the vid showing the cops wielding batons? Here is the alternate truth- a count down and then they rush the police line- unclear to me who was doing the counting- but it sounds like too many people to be the police

  10. Bloomberg will be calling for the National Guard in soon. I read where they have already cost NY City taxpayers $2,000,000. That doesn’t include cleanup, just police. If they want to play Pretend-1968, they will find out the part about the National Guard. Just saying.

  11. Let me tell you people like that pastor make me sick. One of the main reasons I chose to live in Utah other then the states unbelievable beauty and ideas is because of the great Mormons. I am sick of hearing what crack pots they are. Until you live among them you really do not know. I find them to be some of the best folks in the world. They really follow treating others with respect and goodness. They believe in family values. I would trust a Mormon 100% before any other religious person. Most all religions are a bunch of hypocritical folks. They say one thing like follow the lord yet have their gnarled fingers pointing at how bad others are. I think folks like to persecute the Mormons today because they are ignorant. Yes at one time they practiced having multiple wives but have long since given that up except for the nut wing non Mormons that call themselves Mormons like that Warren Jeffs thing.
    Living here you will never meet more true, caring and better neighbors.
    I am not a big fan of Romney for several reasons but his faith is not one of them in fact it would lead me to trust him more.
    I left organized religion many many years back and will never get into any of them again for the fact religions start 99% of all shit.
    Oh I am a baptized Roman Catholic but not at all by my choice and I do not believe that the unbaptized go to Limbo or hell.

  12. Part of being a fundie is getting to pick and choose what parts you like.

    So much for a peaceful day…gotta go help with a plumbing problem at the sister’s home. I hope it’s an easy one because I don’t feel like renting a jackhammer todya.

    To all uppityites: don’t let the crud get ya down today.

  13. If the good lord created us and loves us he cares not what religion you are or gender, race or sexual persuasion he cares about what you do, meaning if you are good or bad that is it.
    I do not subscribe that being not baptized means you burn in hell or that you are not of the right religion or have a mortal sin or venial sin on your soul. What is that crap ?
    I do not think God would have us women not able to choose to not get knocked up and that we are here to get laid and make babies. Not one person or leader of a church has the right to tell me I must have kids and taking BC is a sin. Bah religion in it’s organized form is BUNK !

  14. BTW I just loved that video. Quite something else.

  15. Yeah I just love those customizable bibles, don’t you? You can put the whole thing in a loose-leaf notebook and just rip out the parts you don’t like. And you get to pick which one or two Deadly Sins don’t apply. The ones you partake in don’t apply and then you get to chastise everybody else’s deadly sins. And it doesn’t really matter what you do or who you do it to, just so long as you remember to say “I’m sorry” to God. Clean slate! Every day!

  16. Yeah I was “born” a catholic too, Utah. But I got out years before the rush.

  17. The sleeping giant — the general public — awakens: These are the people who won’t look kindly at Obama, who recently expressed solidarity with the protesters.

  18. LOL Broken sinks that fell off restroom walls, flooded bathrooms and the vendors are calling them pests and locking up their bathrooms.
    One woman had to shield her toddler’s eyes from the naked dancer.

    New York City wants their city back. And if you don’t know these people, just know they will take it if this gets much worse.

    Ms. Tzortzatos’s tolerance for the newcomers finally vanished when the sink was broken and fell to the floor. She installed a $200 lock on the bathroom to thwart nonpaying customers, angering the protesters.

    “I’m looked at as the enemy of the people,” she said.


    Steve Zamfotis, manager of another nearby store, Steve’s Pizza, said: “They are pests. They go to the bathroom and don’t even buy a cup of coffee.”

    Mr. Zamfotis closed his bathroom after it repeatedly flooded from protesters’ bathing there.


    Kira Annika, a spokeswoman for the protesters, wrote in an e-mail that she had not heard such complaints: “We were under the impression that the local business community appreciated our patronage.”

    Patronage isn’t you go flood their toilets and leave without buying something.
    This is about to be a public health issue.

  19. This OWS thing is going to be interesting to watch unfold. There was a time when I would have been excited about people rising up against the banks and wall street manipulators…..but now {sigh} I have become jaded I guess. I stand back and just see more manipulation. If the protesters were going after wall st. AND the Wall st/Bank/Insurance/Pharma owned OBAMA administration….I’d believe in it more. But this is just a too perfect way to DIVERT the blame FROM Obama somewhere else. OWS = OFA. Target = Soros. Michelle Obama = Valerie Jarrett = Target = Yahoo = ABC NEWS = Google = OFA = Bill Ayers = OWS.

  20. Oh, and the park owner wants the city to restore it, but won’t tell the city to remove the demonstrators. If I were the mayor, I’d be sending them a certified letter that the city can’t be respoinsible for damages caused by occupants the owner doesn’t want removed.

  21. Uppity Woman, on October 8, 2011 at 10:58 AM said:

    Yeah I was “born” a catholic too, Utah. But I got out years before the rush.

    ROFLMAOOOOOOOOO yes me too I was 17 and would have years before that if I had the chance. Had a father who really believed that stuff.

  22. Hmm Upps,…I go straight to the article in the NY/Region section. Clearly, the NYT hates you!

  23. Owner of zuccotti park got $135,000,000 in government money for a wind Farm.

    NES, your link calls up “page wanted = all”. That’s why I got the front page. I cut it short and now the article comes up. What can I say. All is All. It’s probably because I was not logged in. I don’t stay logged in to that shitty NY Times all day so they can follow me.

  24. Hilarious imust…that’s a lot of algebra!
    I think Obama’s ersatz loud and constant calls for class warfare sparked this protest. And, OFA is certainly using it to divert attention from BO’s mounting woes, but I doubt OFA is in control (as yet). They may have a tiger by the tail.

    OFA = Obama F*cks America. Now that’s an acronym I agree with.

  25. I’m feeling nostalgic – has anyone heard from Joey?

  26. OWA = Obama Wants Arugula!

  27. I agree NES, OFA is not in control of OWS. They can’t control anything except the media. Like everything else Obama “accomplished”, he’s just gonna grab on and go for the ride. If he likes where it goes….he claims credit….if it doesn’t turn out….well, it’s not HIS fault!


    How can they be so right (he’s a snobbish, unempathetic loner) and wrong (he’s a policy wonk and strategist). The truth is the MSM is trying to create narratives of how Obama killed his own re-election chances by being too professorial. That way they don’t have to explain why they pushed to elect a vapid man who sought office only to log miles on AF1, to party, and have all sorts of “cool stuff.”

  29. I explained awhile back about joey and I’m not going to bother her again, she had been ill. She says she will stop by when she can. I don’t think we should be badgering members about their personal lives. When she’s up to it, she will be here, I’m sure.

    Submitted on 2011/09/11 at 8:31 PM |
    Hey gang, I emailed Joey to make sure she is all right. She emailed me back and let me know she had bronchial pneumonia and is still too weak for much activity. She says she will stop by when she feels up to it.

  30. Just saw an Obama pop-up ad. It read:

    Barack Obama needs your help.
    Be with us.

    It creeps me out. Really. It’s the victim card and the Us vs Them card all rolled into one.

  31. Barack a Policy Wonk? ROFL!
    He’s a vacation, golf and basketball wonk.

  32. NES that article reeked of “Obama is too smart for us”….gross. I WISH he was that smart. I WISH he was a policy “wonk”. The only things he’s “wonky” about are the College Basketball rankings and perhaps his current golf handicap.

  33. Uppity! 🙂

  34. “He’s playing chess in a town full of checkers players,” a senior adviser and campaign veteran told me in the first months of the administration

    Oh yeah. We’ll see, you useful idiot.

  35. “He’s not a guy that leans on others too much,” David Axelrod, his senior adviser at the time, told me in January 2010. “He processes things in his own mind.”

    That explains why the country is in the crapper.

  36. The only thing he “processes in his own mind” are his own sense of self-importance.

  37. Utah, catholics, for the most part, mind their own business, except for the zealots. It’s the vatican that is the oppressor. As for the regular people, give me a bunch of catholics over a bunch of evangelicals any day of the week. And definitely over a bunch of Muslims. But don’t want any of them telling others what to do or hijacking the constitution and replacing it with their dogma.

  38. oh.yeah!!!“Obama is too smart for us”
    we shall see after the election. 🙂

  39. Foxy, that’ll be the MSM meme when he loses…he was too smart for us dumbos.

    Btw, he’s playing 11-dimensional chess on the golf course today.

  40. Hey Occupy forces…why not occupy the golf courses!

  41. NES! Brilliant!! OGC!!! We should start a movement. It makes sense. No point marching on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave….he’s never there! Go to the Golf Courses!!

  42. Btw, he’s playing 11-dimensional chess on the golf course today


    And he’s so bad at it, he won’t even let the press get a shot of him swinging like a little girl.

  43. Occupy Lobster Restaurants!
    Occupy Martha’s Vineyard!
    Occupy Jimmy Choos Stores!

  44. Hey Uppity! I’ve seen little girls swing the clubs better than Barry! (I used to be a golfer in my previous life)

  45. Eat your heart out Barry……….

  46. OMG! We’re ALIVE!

  47. Barky looks like skin & bones in that golf vid. Isn’t the camera supposed to add weight?

  48. Hey FF! Long time no see!

  49. Yeah socal and that video is from ’09 I think….he’s even thinner now.

  50. Imust – DE and I have been swinging in the 30 mph wind at 40′ all morning = but we are FINISHED!


  51. Wow FF! True artists!

  52. FF! Welcome back. Your trenchant insights have been missed.

  53. And his hands?

  54. NES – His hands are great but his ability to put up with a bat-crazy gay woman like myself are even better! AND WE LIVED!


    I’ll be back in a while. It’s good to be back on terra firma – even though it’s still swaying….

  55. FF: Welcome back to Earth! 🙂

  56. So he didn’t throw a vase in front of you. What a waste.

  57. Gosh darnit, if they want to make a stink, NES is correct in stating that they should pile on the golf courses. Rank them up and feel the returned love.

  58. Ron Paul wins “Values Voters” straw poll. This is a weird election.

  59. Rev Jeffress is not even close enough to see the mainstream of Christianity. He is more like the dripping faucet of Christianity.

  60. If Obummer is a policy wonk, Hillary is a policy genius/goddess.

  61. I think they said Obama was a wonk, but they meant he’s a wanker.

  62. FF, good to see you back – we’ve missed you and DE.

  63. imust, anytime a strawpoll is done, all the Paulies march in to vote. It’s weird.

  64. theresainpa: Hillary is a policy genius/goddess! 🙂

  65. Yes, McNorman is correct. The Paulie zombies are the equivalent to the Obama caucus bus crowd. Somehow, this makes them feel Paul is “winning”. You will find them stuffing online polls and then bragging on how he wins every poll. It’s really kind of eerie because they actually think people are stupid enough to buy it all. They also have this convoluted idea that nobody understands “liberty” and “freedom” or pretty much anything else. It’s good that the Ron Paul crowd has a community to hang out in because so many of them would be in mental institutions otherwise.

  66. OMG! You’ve gotta see this video that John Smart has up! I could only watch a couple of minutes of it!

  67. OMG that is SOME SICK SH*T. Lewis HAS to be embarrased. If not, well I don’t know what to tell you. These people are nuts. This is Jim Jones shit.

  68. I’m going to edit your post and embed, imust. Hope it’s okay.

  69. Signs, Signs, everywhere Signs. Do you see the signs?

  70. No problem Uppity. I say a PIE to anyone who can get through the whole video!!

  71. I watched the whole thing with DE’s editorial in the background. OMG – that IS some sick shit. Good little brownshirts they have there.

  72. Well if DE is right there…..HE can make you a PIE!! 🙂

  73. imust, that is sick. The man looks really freaked.

    What is this sh*t? Guyana people?

  74. I would have appreciated it more if it weren’t that right wing crackpot Mark Steyn. Only thing left of him that isn’t hanging off the right cliff is his feet and he’s hanging on barely. It’s kind of a pot-kettle thing with him. He’s canadian besides.

  75. Imustadmit I did NOT get through that entire Guyana-laced video.

  76. Mcnorman thanks for reminding me about Jim Jones. Where the F is the koolaid pot? I cannot believe they are making Lewis stand and watch this shit. What Assholes. Disrespectful little bastages. Somebody ought to pull that rude swine with the bullhorn off with a hook.

  77. Gang, you have GOT to watch that entire video and SEE how they DISGRACED John Lewis. They TALK about him like he’s SHIT for Ten freaking MINUTES and then decide they don’t give a shit to hear from him. Yelling, DEMOCRACY WON. And they DUMP him. This is DISGUSTING. Absolutely DISGUSTING.

  78. I watched it, Upps. Very annoying. Direct democracy is an ugly thing to watch. Still, I doubt Lewis felt at all disgraced by it — amused, maybe. Since he was part of the 60s movement, it couldn’t have been new to him.
    Also, isn’t it a sign that this movement hasn’t been co-opted by the Dem party yet? Silly kids, but un-co-opted ones.

  79. That video speaks volumes about these kooks. UW, Guyana is the only thing that was close to how freaky these people are. It’s almost like watching a spoiled rotten brat get air time on karaoke night. There just isn’t a long enough hook to drag the brat off the stage.

  80. The only thing missing in the video is the laced KoolAid pot.

  81. What did FF & DE do that was 40′ high? Did they paint a billboard? I hope they post a pic.

  82. I don’t know who John Lewis is, but those people in that vid are insane, and unbearably obnoxious. I can’t imagine sitting there thru that. God, this country is going straight to hell. Uppity Island sounds really good.

  83. DE semd me a photo of them on some kind of death trap life, at FF’s request. I answered his email but he didn’t respond, so I just figured they were both pulverized.

  84. In other words, these arrogant little bastards shoved john lewis to the back of their psycho bus.

  85. What The Fuck?!

    Sorry, but after viewing the belittling of John Lewis in that video, no polite acronym (like WTF) can possibly capture just how disturbing that cultish assembly truly was to nearly all my senses.

    In jaw-dropping disbelief, I ask again, in full words….

    What The Fuck!?

  86. Beats me, Rev Vet. I was embarrassed for Lewis just WATCHING it. They ought to haul away that bastard with the bullhorn up his pie hole. He was clearly on a megalo trip.

  87. These freaks are the National Guard Waiting To Happen.

  88. I am still stunned by that, Upps.

    I haven’t really been following this whole Occupy “movement” very closely, since my sixth sense smells a rat (or several) lurking behind the scenes, but that spectacle in Atlanta leaves me speechless. I can only imagine what John Lewis was thinking as he walked away – For this, I marched with MLK? For this, I had my head cracked open?

    Occupy? Pfft. I think we are all being occupied by some alien life forms; sadly, lesser ones.


  89. Thanks Uppity. I remember about him now. I think I’m getting young Alzheimers or something. Well, now that I know who he is, it makes those ignorant little farts look even worse.

  90. Upps, JWS linked a site that had some funny comments about these freaks. Here’s a comment about the bullhorn guy:

    “…And I LOOOOOVE (well, HATE, actually) that douchebag in the red shirt talking about how the movement is too big for “one person” while practically salivating at the attention he was getting, clearly power-hungry. Get it together jackoffs. John Lewis could have lent an incredible amount of credibility to the Atlanta movement. MORE COVERAGE. Do. you. get. it? (sigh)”

  91. nope, couldn’t get through the whole video. John Lewis can’t speak because that would make him inherently more valuable? Then no one should speak including the “block” and no one’s voice should be heard. duh

  92. What makes the guy with the bullhorn valuable enough to speak? Was it the fact that he owned the bullhorn? Or is the bullhorn collectively owned, which would I imagine surprise the guy who actually paid money for the bullhorn.
    I stick by my approval of people being willing to hit the streets and I guess the commie wannabes are inevitable, however, I am ashamed for those middle aged people sitting there and acting like they appreciate being talked to like a kindergarten class. Those folks are the ones who never got over the 60s.

  93. “These freaks are the National Guard Waiting To Happen.”

    yeah, well I hope the National Guard is better trained these days and don’t shoot innocent bystanders on their way to Starbucks.

  94. teresa

    What makes the guy with the bullhorn valuable enough to speak?

    Kind of reminds me of “Animal Farm”- some animals are more equal than others.

  95. Check THIS out. Maybe he can help them out with how to treat women. Again the audience repeats everything. this is absoutely insane.

  96. Note how he says “I am an ARAB citizen from Egypt” He does not say he is an Egyptian citizen.
    These people are creepy as hell. I saw a post somewhere on one of the OWS sites that explained this ridiculous “human microphone” BS. It also explained the hand signs and so forth. I wish I had bookmarked it- because I remember it came from overseas- from one of the “protesting” groups over there. I will try and track it down.

  97. Ok I went back and found it- first I went to the OWS web page and clicked on “About”
    On that page there is this

    To learn more about how you can start a people’s assembly to organize your local community to fight back against social injustice, please read this quick guide on group dynamics in people’s assemblies.

    Click on it and it takes you to
    Where you find this

    This text has been prepared by the Commission for Group Dynamics in Assemblies of the Puerta del Sol Protest Camp (Madrid). It is based on different texts and summaries which reached consensus in the internal Assemblies of this Commission (and which will be made available on the official webs of the 15th May Movement) and from the experiences gained in the General Assemblies held in this Protest Camp up until 31st May 2011.

    Take a look at that page- and look at the right hand sidebar. And do read the little paragraph about

    Open Reflection on Collective Thinking

    Collective thinking. Lovely- like the Borg?
    That page could be a whole damn post on it’s own.

  98. They marched out of zuccotti because they filthied it up and expect the city to clean it up for them,so they can return and filthy it up again. Just like they do at home.

  99. PMM, Animal Farm is exactly what I was thinking of when I saw that video. Animals with bullhorns are obviously more equal. I would like to see some one else object to the fact that the guy in the wheel chair got a chance to speak without them all voting on it first.

  100. COLLECTIVE THINKING? Everyone here knows I am not in to collective thinking. My brain is mine alone, thank you very much.
    Oy, it doesn’t take long for the loonies to take over the nuthouse.

  101. teresa- that’s what I thought- if we go to “collective thinking” I am doomed. Sure to be run out of town or burned at the stake. Since childhood I have always been one to think- on my own. It did not take me long to learn to keep some of my thoughts and questions to myself. lol. Ever see what happens when a 7 yr old asks “If God created everything- where did God come from?” So not fair of my Mom- I asked her and she told me to ask the nuns at CCD. I will never ever forget the look on the poor nun’s face.

  102. Collecting thinking is a euphemism for mind control. Later it’s called Pretend Out of Fear.

    Anybody see any Chairman Mao posters yet?

  103. I’m reading feeds to their livestream page and it seems like there have to be a Paulie presence there. Alex Jones mentioned. And we know how they love Alex Jones.

  104. LOLOL. They expect the rest of the country to provide for them. I guess they think they are employed now.

    List of winter items you can send to OWS: gloves, headbands/earmuffs/knit hats, hand and foot warmers, Long Johns all sizes.

    Maybe they will do the boshevik and take some homes when it gets too cold. Soros would like that.

  105. I watched the whole thing, and I didn’t know pie was involved. What a creepy bunch. John Lewis stood right there and took it. He’s a pretty strong guy, I’m sure he didn’t have a problem with it. Someone who’s had his head bashed open as many times as he has, and what the obots did to him in 08, this was nothing in comparison. That human mic thing is freaky. These f*ckers are multiplying. We can only hope the national guard gets involved.

  106. Damn Upps, leave it to you to checking out their live stream. Keep your friends close, but you enemy’s closer. More power to ya. Bring it on, we need a good laugh.

  107. maybe when it gets cold they can occupy Soros’s house.

  108. hahahahahaha teresainpa what a fabulous idea!

  109. Given that my views are generally right-of-center (and to the right of most here), I’m surprised to see that I disagree with the prevalent view here on the OWS movement. (Shite, I hope I’m not turning hippy-dippy…Haaaaaalp.)

    Good piece.
    I agree with a lot of it, especially:

    1. The point of the protest is protest.
    2. The thesis of the left breaking away from the now-complete corporatism of the Dem Pty.
    On a related point, it seems that a lot of disdain for this movement comes from Boomers comparing it unfavorably to their movement. I question the notion that, unlike these protesters, the Boomers were fighting, in the main, for principles. The Boomers won the day and, like all victors, wrote the history, casting themselves in a heroic, principled light. At the time, tho’, things were somewhat different: a lot of them tuned-out, did drugs, had a lot of sex, engaged in general self-indulgence, all in revolt against the strictures of their parents’ bourgeois lifestyle and expectations. Fighting the Vietnam War had more to do with saving themselves from the draft than anything else. Of course there was the civil rights agenda, but was it prevalent from the get-go? It may be that this movement, too, will develop a more specific agenda beyond we’re mad-as-hell-and-aren’t-going-to-take-it-anymore…it’s still early days.

  110. NES, it’s not that I don’t appreciate your keen eye. I do. It’s just that I Was There and this is a cheap imitation. The worst part of a cheap imitation of a ‘revolution” is the danger it invites to the ‘revolutionaries”. They are nothing but Obama pucks already, since he is loving the diversion. It keeps Solyndra and Fast and Furious out of the spotlight. Like the original and real revolt, it’s usually dominated by the least productive members of society besides.

    But to me there is an upside, which I will enjoy as it escalates. In 1972, the freakies scared the REAL majority so much that they were willing to vote for Richard Nixon’s re-election. While their major beef was the war, the majority found McGovern’s followers more frightening than the war. And the rest is history. I believe that is the effect Obama will face and i am thrilled. Bring more on!

  111. Agreed Vivien, I don’t think it knocked a feather out of Lewis.
    Also, he was invited to speak after the silly general assembly meeting was over; he had to rush off for another engagement. The vid was edited by a right-winger to exclude that part.

    I have to say (flack jacket on) that I don’t get the outrage at not letting Lewis speak right away. This is NOT a civil rights movement. Yes, Lewis is an icon, but it’s not like he (or any other icons in Congress) has done anything to ameliorate the situation that sparked this movement. Also, this movement seems to be rejecting the lefty stars and icons and cutting themselves an independent path (however confused it may be).

  112. Fair enough, Upps.
    Two points though:
    1. I don’t think this movement’s meant to be an imitation of the Boomer revolution.
    2. I’m all for it resulting in Obama being turfed out of office by the Silent Majority’s backlash.

  113. Interesting points NES. I agree. This movement is not meant to be a Boomer redux. This generation mocks the Boomers. But I do think that the Boomers were fighting more for social justice and a better world for everyone. Yes, they fought the draft in their own self interest, but they also wanted a better world and environment for everyone. Today’s movement seems to be more ECONOMICALLY driven rather than ecologically. They’re mad about losing their jobs, their homes, their things. They have a lot of things…..and they want more! There’s almost a Libertarian feel, mixed with Socialism. They want the government to help THEM…not grandma. To them, grandma & grandpa had their day and now it’s their time. They don’t support traditional safety net programs for the elderly or disabled…they almost resent those people for trying to take their stuff!

  114. NES, the egomaniac with the bullhorn knowingly degraded and humiliated Lewis and his Jonestown followed hiim in the process. This was not only rude and mean, but so typical of that Obot generation to begin with. They have no respect for anyone, not even themselves. No it’s not a civil rights movement, but I haven’t seen any other congress critters show up to lend them a talk. I’m sure after this, they won’t. And if that’s okay with them, then they shouldn’t be surprised when the entire congress ignores them till their asses stick to the freezing concrete in a month. The Democrats already know that, should they even bother getting off their asses on any given election day, they will vote Democratic regardless.

    And after watching these morons repeat every word each one of them says, who would even WANT to be associated with such embarrassingly Jonestown -like behavior? Have any of them watched themselves on video to see how stupid they look?

  115. That repetitious shit drives me nuts! I just can not force myself to watch one of those videos through to the end. I keep waiting for someone to say “MOM! MOM! He’s copying me! Make him STOP!”
    I think it is called “parroting” when toddlers do it.

  116. Like Mohammed, the “arab from egypt,” said, “FREEDOM!”. I guess he means HIS, not yours.

  117. […] the help of NoEmptySuits, I’ve decided to start a new protest group.  Forget Wall St.  Forget DC.  Let’s get […]

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