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I was going to title the post- “Indian Summer Sunday Open Thread” But that would be SOOOO politically incorrect of me. Sure to start trouble. Even though it has been lovely here for the last four days and today promises yet more exquisite weather. Nope- can’t say Indian Summer. There has not been a killing frost yet. So it’s just plain old Autumn. It doesn’t even smell like fall outside. Very strange year for weather- too much rain here- not enough in the South and West. We had that cold snap that had me rushing around closing storm windows and turning on the furnace- then back up to the 70’s. I actually opened two of the storms again to enjoy this burst of “not” Indian Summer.

The daughter came by yesterday and the soil is now loaded in the first of  (please god) many raised beds. So next year I can get early crops even if it rains like it did this year!

We have a spaghetti dinner at church so I will be AWOL for a bit later on.  Enjoy your open thread and your Sunday! Here is an Autumn oldie but goodie- I love his voice and the pics are just beautiful!


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  1. I have a cat that’s about 100 in cat years. He likes the summer because the heat makes his old bones not hurt. During the warm months he comes in to eat and that’s about it. I don’t know how he stands it wearing a fur coat.

    The weather changed about a week ago and he’s not happy about it. He goes around the house looking for the door into summer. I’ll open one, he’ll look out then walk to the next door.

    We go through this routine all day long. I can’t afford to turn up the heat high enough to satisfy him.

  2. Myiq- poor kitty. Our Kozmoe is no fan of winter either. But he is strictly a house cat so never goes out. When it gets cold here he just heads for the water bed and comes out only to eat and use the facilities. lol

  3. myiq – Have had the same situation with my cats in the past with my two that went off to the Rainbow Bridge last fall at the people age of 23. They were brother and sister – here is my inexpensive solution – you cat will thank you as mine did.

    It works with goose neck or any extension type study lamp. Use a small wattage bulb and point it at cat’s bed or any fav spot. Check with your hand so you can move it away further or nearer to get the best warmth, It can run all day for pennies.

  4. twandex, thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one who aims a lamp at my kitteh’s bed. It has to be a regular incandescent bulb – not one of those CFLs, which I detest. My 18 year old has a really bad case of arthritis, and she needs the heat.

  5. @ myiq2xu What to do for your 100 year old cat.

    This is a very decent solution for any cat that is outside. Get a large styrofoam cooler. Cut out a door for your cat. I fill my cooler with a 2″ foam cutout, layered with a heating pad and surround the inside wall with an old piece of wool blanket. When we dropped to 20 below for several nights, my two feral cats did very well. I checked and the inside temp was 45 during that weather. I used a thick piece of clear plastic for the door so that my cats can keep some of the heat in their box. The heating pad was really worked extraordinarily well.

  6. As for Ron Paul…he got caught busing in folks to vote on that straw poll.

  7. myiq, bless your little kitteh at his age, you must have done something right. Like people, cats get colder when they are older and more frail. I say set up some nice warm blankies, or even a kind of fort right near the most convenient heating vent in your home. he will be fine if you give him some extra warmth tools, including some nice sherling or sheepskin.

  8. MCNorman, Paul always buses with the old box lunch.

  9. They also sell electric sleeping pads for pets, myiq. And body warmth is just one more reason why two cats are better than one.

  10. love our little four legged children. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably have to get two heating pads because the other cat hogs everything and she hates sharing.

  12. Yes myiq2xu UW is so spot on…2 cats are better than 1.

  13. Ah the things we do for our kittehs- and dogs- and chickens- and goat- and horses ROFL! The old mare would not drink cold water in the winter- we had to bring hot water from the house to mix in her bucket in the winter.
    We have old radiators (no longer steam- just hot water) Love them as these old cast iron suckers radiate heat for a long long time after the thermostat tells the furnace to shut down. The cats would not sleep on them- very uncomfortable as you can imagine- til hubby left one of his thick winter coats on one to dry. He did not get that back for a month lol. Sabrina appropriated it- or should I say she “redistributed” his wealth?
    Kozmoe is currently curled up under my elbow- thinks he is an arm rest or something.

  14. Goodness. Uppityites are all cat fanciers – who knew?

  15. For times when you don’t wish/can’t use electricity,a hot water bottle with a cozy cover (I have one with a teddy bear cover and another with a plaid fleece cover and they a cozy and washable) is a good addition to a kitty or pups beds.

  16. Oh I did forget to mention that part of the reason I go to the annual spaghetti dinner (ok the REAL and MAIN reason) is the cannoli. They are extra on top of the cost of dinner (which includes spaghetti and meatballs, salad, bread, regular dessert like cake or pie, wine and coffee tea or punch)
    The older women of the parish get together and make the cannoli (how the hell do you really spell that anyway?) They teach the younger women (and not a few men too) This year they made 1200- last year they made 1000 and sold out long before the dinner was over. One of the women has 100 metal tubes they use to make the things. Her husband was a tool and die guy- machinist type and he made them for her.
    Last year they sold out before I got mine. This year the choir was rehearsing the night they were making them so we went over and serenaded them. Hah! I got mine this year- the little old lady was so sweet- she had some set aside for me!

  17. Cannoli is spelled Cannoli. I have a recipe somewhere. I never make them because we can get them here any day of the week. Yummy little thangs. Might as well tape them right to the thigh!

  18. Mt Laurel you’re absolutely right. I have an old tin foot warmer that I can pour hot water into (gas stove) for those chilly nights when they do the rolling blackouts.

  19. Lol Uppity- around here the only way to get them is this yearly dinner at church. Biggest fundraiser for the church all year lol! You should see the people lining up to buy them! A buck a piece- I don’t know if that is a good price or not. Choice of Ricotta or Cream filling. The parking lot of the church is full all day. The grocery store across the street is closed on Sunday and they let us use their lot for overflow- also full. The street – cars parked on both sides for four blocks. This is one popular event in this town!
    Of course you could drive all the way up to Erie or down to Pittsburgh. Not happening.

  20. Mom, the traditional cannoli is made with ricotta impasata. this is NOT the ricotta you buy in a supermarket. it is much drier and smoother. Because it is not easily found, this is where marscapone started being used as a substitute. However, if you try it with regular wet, grainy ricotta, plan on a huge disappointment.

    Ricotta impasata

  21. I’ve made cannoli once. The cheese was very difficult to find. When I finally bought it, I might as well have shipped next day air from NYC. Same with marscapone, but not as expensive.

  22. Cannoli is spelled Cannoli. I have a recipe somewhere. I never make them because we can get them here any day of the week. Yummy little thangs. Might as well tape them right to the thigh!

    What’s the name of the store, Upps?

  23. “Thighs Are US” NES

  24. Thanks for the info about the ricotta impastata. The Italian Deli we frequent sells it.

  25. The other thing Italians use that’s not the same as what you see in the cheese area is “FRESH” mozzarella. This is what is used for caprisi salad. The salad with fresh tomatoes, fresh torn basil, red onion and mozzarella. Fresh mozzarella is not packaged like the dry stuff you buy. It’s more often found floating in liquid.

  26. Well I’ll tell you Uppity- this American mongrel of Northern European ancestry knows not which cheese they use- but the little old lady in charge sure does! Straight off the boat she is! These cannoli are to die for- as good as any I ever had in the North End of Boston.
    Our old pastor paid to have her come down and teach his new parish how to make the things. And sauce. And meatballs. And the cookies. ROFL! She is one popular lady I tell you!
    I think she sends someone to Pittsburgh or Youngstown for the ingredients. Maybe it counts as a missionary expedition or something.

  27. Or she might be using marscapone. It’s all good.

  28. I know the mozzarella you are talking about Uppity! I used to have to hunt high and low for the stuff. Now our local grocery carries it- so many people were demanding it. You would not believe how fast it flies out of the case!
    My absolute favorite salad!

  29. Yes Mom, the other mozzarella just doesn’t cut it. We have a pizza place that only uses fresh on the pizzas too. There is really no comparison.

    Mom, I think you can find cannoli tubes in the freezer section of a good supermarket.

  30. My sister the chef ALWAYS puts her Ricotta in a cheesecloth and lets it drain overnight. Then if she is making a dessert she whips it before she uses it. Guess she must have gotten some good out of all that time in culinary school.

  31. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”.

    ………who said that?

  32. Mom drained regular ricotta just doesn’t work for cannoli though.

    You can make greek yogurt by draining yogurt too.

  33. Sis does it for Lasagna, manicotti etc. And a thing called Ricotta Pie- that I gave her the recipe for a long time ago. I used to make it at Easter. Hers is better than mine. And some cream puff type thing she makes. When she was in the AIr Force she did a few tours in Europe and used her off time and leave time to travel around. She says American ricotta is too runny- so she drains it. I tell her just keep doing whatever it is she does- cuz it is all yummy!
    I have done that with yogurt too. Still does not taste as good as the real thing. One of these days I am going to learn how to make my own yogurt- someone told me it is not that hard to do.

  34. Hilarious, mcn.

  35. I buy the fresh mozzarella (in the brine or whatever that liquid is) at either Whole Foods or Gelsons. Its so yummy. I eat a lot of Caprese salad.

  36. PMM: making your own yogurt is really quite easy (easier than pie, if you ask me). You just need something with a stable low temperature (around 110). Like, if you have a gas oven with a pilot or an electric oven with a light. The light in my electric oven is “intermittent” so I bought a dehydrator.

    By the way, marscapone is spelled (and pronounced) mascarpone. I use it to make tiramisu, but it’s delicious right out of the container!

  37. Thanks for pointing out the spelling in as humiliating a way as possible.

  38. socal I’m not sure what that stuff is it’s floating in, but it sure is slimy.

  39. Yup Mom, my mother would strain the ricotta for the ricotta pie.

  40. Actually, UW: I would have liked to have posted a picture of the label but you can’t do that from a comment! 😉

    Didn’t mean for it to be humiliating. It is one of the most common misspellings. Now, when it comes to pronouncing bruschetta or Ghirardelli, I am absolutely merciless! (By the way, Ghirardelli’s new commercials mispronounce it!)

  41. AAARRRGGGHHHH! The dog was just losing his mind so I went to check. Some ASS let their pitbulls loose- and they were in MY yard. Fortunately Aladdin has a very aggressive manner and the dogs did not get any of my chickens.
    They show up again and I WILL turn Alladin loose. The whip is not enough for those kinds of dogs.

  42. Lol- how do you say Ghirardelli?

  43. In Italian, gh is a hard g (like in spaghetti). If you want a soft g (like a j, which they don’t use), you need an e or i, as in Giovanni. Similar rules for a c. ch makes a k sound where ci or ci is the American ch sound.

    Let’s do sfogliatelle next!!

  44. My favorite Italian pastry is Sfogliatella. Bottom left. Those layers of pastry are crunchy and they separate and…oh…

  45. LOL!!!

  46. Whoa MOM!! That’s OUR whip you’re talking about!

  47. Mom, when a pittie walks anywhere NEAR my house, my dog goes wild. She hates them now. Wants a piece of every one of them. After the attack last year, I am not giving any second chances. If I see one on my land, I am shooting. Sorry, but I am not going to trust these dogs.

  48. OK round two. The damn things were trying to get up on the front (enclosed) porch to get my barn kitty. I came within a hair of the eye of the lead dog. No I did not strike it- this time. But I can and I WILL if they come back.
    I brought Aladdin in the house with me- he will go to the chicken shed when the birds roost for the night.
    Still waiting for the local cops to call me back. If those things are still around tomorrow all bets are off. I am not going to lock up all my animals behind some assholes. Hubby is usually pretty cranky after third shift. Let those things be out there tonight when he goes to work or tomorrow when he gets home.

  49. They are animal aggressive. And they work naturally as a team when they strike. Watch that barn kitten.

  50. Barn kitteh goes to the basement tonight- not taking any chances. I don’t know where those dogs are. The houses on both sides are currently empty- and one of them has a few old sheds those dogs could easily hole up in.
    All my animals are secured for the night.

  51. I am afraid of pits. I think owners should have to register them, or something, and sign some kind of agreement that they will keep them under control, and they should have to have some kind of insurance to pay for any damages. Same for any other animals that can potentially kill, like that huge thing that killed that poor S.F. woman a few years ago.

    Mom, can’t you call a shelter or something to come and pick them up? Anyone else know Pit owners that always say how sweet they are & there’s nothing to fear from them? They all say that. Several people have been killed from Pit attacks here in Calif over the past 20 years or so.

  52. socal, I believe a dog is the sum of his training and his breed characteristics. Some dogs are animal aggressive. This is where their owners go wrong. They don’t understand the importance of keeping their dog under control at all times. And they don’t get it about training either. I deliberately chose a breed that is not known to be animal aggressive because I have cats. If you choose a dominant breed, then you had better take responsibility for what it does because you are too stupid to understand the breed characteristics, much less properly become the dog’s leader. This is why Mom is hiding a kitten in the basement tonight, because some owner is an asshole and have literally released a weapon of death upon Mom’s cat. ANY dog can kill, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that some breeds are wired for it more than others. The rest depends on what you do with ANY dog you own. NO dog should EVER be out loose, but animal aggressive breeds are a greater danger. Seriously, if my dog got loose, and she never has, she would have come home with kitten scratches because she tried to make friends with the cat. Conversely, when those two POS pit bulls attacked us, I saw a part of her I knew was in there, but I never knew just how good she would be at it, as she did way more damage to them than they could have ever done to her. I was amazed. I also learned that my dog can kill. People do not understand this when they get a dog, for some odd reason. I think people should be forced to take an IQ test before getting a dog OR a cat. Seriously.

  53. The best Italian Bakery ever (Utica, NY)

  54. Jane, have you seen Upps shopping there?

  55. NES…you are a sly one!

  56. Well said Upps. If you can’t control them, you shouldn’t have them. They have to know whose boss. Both of my dogs are of the dominant breed, but they don’t know that. They think they’re a couple of pussy cats. They are very protective though. That’s why I have them. There’s no doubt in my mind they could kill if they thought they were protecting me. And vice versa. PMM should let a shotgun take care of wild dogs. If it was coyotes killing pets and livestock, you’d shoot them right. PMM, the only thing you ought to be worried about is your aim.

  57. Since moving to CT, I’ve missed the fabulous Italian bakeries of NY.

  58. I need a good rental movie suggestion…any ideas?

  59. Those “pusties” seem a little like……dare I say it……PIES!

  60. Yeah they do look like pies. I have had that kind of pastry. I am not a fan. They are kind of heavy.

    Ok Jane, can we assume you will be overnighting cannolis for everybody?

  61. A pie without a crust. That coconut one looks real good.

  62. They’re incased in a thick crust, vivien. Like weapons. lol.

  63. I had to look again, I guess it does have a crust.

  64. What the hell was I looking at???

  65. Weapons huh? PMM could use a couple of those to get rid of her pit problem. Haha

  66. Good points Uppity. I miss having a protective dog, we had shepherds and dobermans most of my life. Our dobies especially were really well trained and loved our whole family. They would have taken a bullet for any of us. Also, they never attacked or went after other animals. I cherish the memory of every dog we ever had, but my favorite (& most of the families favorite also) was a doberman named…are you ready for it? Barack!!! Also, at one time, my brother did have a Pit that he trained to be a sweet loving family dog. She was almost white. I was afraid of her for a long time though before I would cuddle & play with her. I will admit I never saw her ever act aggressive, and I know there are others like her, but…I have read of a lot of attacks, so I am very cautious about them. Thank God your beautiful dog saved you Uppity. Shes a champion.

  67. The pusties look yummy!

  68. vivien… pies need crust otherwise they are not worth eating. I used to make really flaky pie crust and then I lost the touch. I have no idea why.

    Uwoman, I have a very well trained lab/rottie mix. He is is the sweetist dog ever and I have trained him to be submissive to the cat. The cat of course takes advantage of Trouble’s good nature.
    But when the dog is outside all bets are off. He will chase stray cats and I am afraid he might hurt one. Though he did once bring a rabbit back to the house completely unharmed.
    We live on 31 acres in the country. So I do let him run free but he never leaves the property or gets very far from me. He guards me.
    Pit bulls are by nature aggressive and bred to attack and kill. Everyone says they are so gentle loving etc.. until one eats the baby’s face off. They are not being “bad”, just doing what they were bred for.

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