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Tuned in the TV- expecting to do my share of sacrificing by watching Barky’s Kabuki monologue on the “Jobs Bill.”

Imagine how surprised I was to see Holder on the screen. (Wonder if wonder boy is mad that Holder upstaged him?) Holder was announcing that an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador on American soil has been foiled! Ties to the Mexican drug cartels too! (Damn right you are detecting a cynical tone lol. My first thought was “Here comes the Holder rehab.)

Here is the BBC link

The US says it has broken up a major terror plot in which agents linked to Iran sought to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington.


Mr Holder described the $1.5m (£960,000) assassination plot as being “conceived, sponsored and directed by Iran”, and said Tehran would be held accountable for its alleged involvement.

snipOn 24 May 2011 Mr Arbabsiar made contact with an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency, under the impression that he was an operative of a Mexican drugs cartel.

Over a series of meetings, details emerged of a conspiracy that involved members of the Iranian government to pay $1.5m for the assassination of Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir on US soil.

I was holding off posting this as Hillary is supposed to give a statement shortly. I will update if she speaks.

Secretary of State Clinton just gave a very brief statement and took no questions.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. is preparing new penalties against Iranians following the disruption of an alleged plot to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in the U.S.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Clinton said the Treasury Department soon would put more people under sanctions. She also predicted the plot would further isolate Iran.

Madmen- they seem to be breeding like roaches.


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  1. Barack’s gonna fix unemployment with the draft.

  2. He’s probably pleased that his OFA useful idiots are becoming accustomed to living in tents and not bathing over in the NY City park. It skips a whole level of basic training. Only he won’t tell them nobody sends pizzas to you when you are in the desert hoping some goatf*cker doesn’t spot you.

  3. They knew about the plot in June and have been holding this freak for weeks. But funny how they decided to announce this now.

  4. This is just creeping me out. Are we ramping up for yet ANOTHER war? Or is this just BS to deflect from the Justice Depts problems? This has been going on since May and they arrested him late “late last month.”
    Note that one reporter did ask Holder about Fast and Furious- and that was the end of the presser. Waiting on video to become available.

  5. Will you look at this illiterate caption from huffpo under a pick of Michelle dandily eating a piece of broccoli at a school with kids, and tell me what the F the Mexican first lady has to do with that picture? HuffPo truly is part of AOL now.

    First lady Michelle Obama eats a piece of broccoli as she sits down to eat with students during their visit to New Hampshire Elementary School, Mexican First Lady Margarita Zavala, not shown, Wednesday, May 19, 2010, in Silver Spring, Md. The school, which was awarded the USDA’s Healthier US School Challenge Silver Award in 2009, serves more than 400 Pre-K, Head Start, first and second grade students, many who come from Central America, South America, and other countries.

  6. Jeez Uppity! We are thinking and typing at the same time- again.
    Also note this guy is a “naturalized” citizen- and I read he holds both Iranian and US passports.
    Head/desk head/desk. Are they THAT dumb? Hello? Pick ONE country you want to belong to damnit! Makes no sense. I am sure achminimind and the ayatollahs did NOT look kindly on an Iranian becoming a citizen of the US. What is it they call us- the Great Satan?
    Cheese and Rice! We just let them in.

  7. Mom, war is the only answer DC knows to a bad economy and unemployment. Watch for it.

    That’s why they call it the industrial-military complex.

  8. All those little obots are going to get the surprise of their lives.

    Might make adults out of them instead of whiny little entitled brats.

  9. Christie endorsed Mittens.

  10. Saw the Christie thing Uppity. Pretty sure somebody here predicted that one lol.

  11. I really don’t care abt the goatf’ers, but scary news. I would think that maintaining our borders and not letting terrorists waltz in and out would be a lot cheaper than “fighting them over there instead of here” as was the bush/cheney mantra a few short years ago.

  12. Socal said

    maintaining our borders and not letting terrorists waltz in and out would be a lot cheaper

    Sure would be- but no money for the big guys in that. Ask Halliburton.

  13. no money for aerospace. no jobs added without a war, when they ramp up the industries.

    Repairs and returns from the field. cha ching.

  14. And look who running defense for all the federal money to solar companies – gee whiz poor Barky thought they worked – so it’s not his fault all the money was for naught!|main5|dl23|sec1_lnk3|103537

  15. Hold on to your hats. The closer we get to the election, and the more desperate Barry becomes, anything is possible. Martial law maybe?

  16. Even if solar panels world they are too freaking expensive for regular people. A waste of time. Nobody is going to buy those things unless they are rich. And the writeoff means nothing to most people since they can’t afford the damned things to begin with. this is just another waste of government money.

  17. From The Onion.

    CUPERTINO, CA—Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple Computers and the only American in the country who had any clue what the fuck he was doing, died Wednesday at the age of 56. “We haven’t just lost a great innovator, leader, and businessman, we’ve literally lost the only person in this country who actually had his shit together and knew what the hell was going on,” a statement from President Barack Obama read in part, adding that Jobs will be remembered both for the life-changing products he created and for the fact that he was able to sit down, think clearly, and execute his ideas—attributes he shared with no other U.S. citizen. “This is a dark time for our country, because the reality is none of the 300 million or so Americans who remain can actually get anything done or make things happen. Those days are over.” Obama added that if anyone could fill the void left by Jobs it would probably be himself, but said that at this point he honestly doesn’t have the slightest notion what he’s doing anymore.

  18. Not to mention, as Mom has pointed out, even if they worked reasonably well and were affordable, their viability is still limited by Mother Nature. No to mention all the toxic chemicals used to make the darn things. As the old saying goes, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the basic facts. But when did the DC crowd ever let actual facts get in the way of their making a few bucks on the back end.

  19. Rep King (NY?) was just on CNN- and he used the words “Act of War” in every other sentence he uttered.

  20. And I see the “jobs bill” died in the Senate while I was looking over there —->

  21. The closer we get to the election, and the more desperate Barry becomes, anything is possible. Martial law maybe?

    Only if it happens before 4 pm, Hill Billy:–41-want-second-term.html

  22. I would NOT put martial law past Obama. he wants to be a dictator anyways.

  23. 4PM. Just like a government employee.

  24. He may think a new war through the election will make people less inclined to change horses. Dream on, Mr. Obama.

  25. Yeah the jobs bill died but did they pass the trade agreement bill? Talk about shoving the knife in.

  26. Mom, the “Jobs Bill” dying was more than anticipated. But, that’s what Bammy wants…so he can run around the country (before his dining time of 4 pm) claiming victim-hood. If the American voting public re-elects him, they deserve to be disenfranchised.

  27. NES- I have been telling everybody I know (and convinced quite a few) that that whole “jobs bill” thing was nothing but BS. Spending bills belong in the House. The Senate can vote all they want- the House holds the purse strings. Where is the bill in the House? Til the House does something- have they even introduced his bill?- nothing can happen. It’s BS – just junk to further his agenda.
    Good question on the trade bill Uppity- look! Over there!


    These OWS-ers definitely have a good sense of humor. The Wall St. Bull postured as the OT’s golden calf. (The historical analogy is upside-down of course, in that the greedy Canaanites worshipped the golden calf, and Moses destroyed it and forced them to drink the grounds… but, what the hell, it works visually.)

  29. WAKE UP EVERYBODY! WAKE UP! The Reeps are having their 101st debate! Open thread much?

  30. NES- You can put up a thread lol I am watching it online as it is not on tv here. Trying not to let my eyes glaze over every time Mitt speaks

  31. Eh. Who cares.

    I’ll put up a thread if you want though. But this one isn’t so long that it can’t hold it.

  32. Yes Obie planned the jobs bill thing so he can say things aren’t better because they wouldn’t let him bankrupt us some more.

  33. Please oh please let it be Feb 2013 SOON!

  34. Loved the Onion piece and the article about the OWS golden calf. Hysterical! I’m starting to enjoy the OWS. Obviously, was revolted by that ridiculous scene in Atlanta, but the others seem interesting, and who knows? Maybe they’ll pull together a more focused message. They need to protect themselves from the parties though. What happened to the tea party should be enough of a warning to them.

  35. NES, I can’t watch those weirdo debates. They make me pissed off. I’ll wait & hear your take on it. Besides, I have to help hubbie do his daily reports (1/2 hour each) and some reports for the people that have been laid off. bbl

  36. One last thing…in case I didn’t mention it before:

    FF, Looove the new header! Perfect!

  37. Smells too much like a few decades ago to suit me.

  38. Uppity here is a little blurb about the trade bills

    The trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama are also intended to remove the disadvantages faced by U.S. exporters by eliminating or reducing the tariffs they must pay in those countries. Goods from the three countries already enter the United States with little or no tariff. Administration economists say the three deals could boost U.S. exports by $13 billion annually.

    The House begins debate Tuesday on the bills and legislation to help workers displaced by foreign trade that the administration and Democrats insisted must be part of the trade agenda. The Senate Finance Committee considers the trade bills Tuesday and both chambers plan to vote on them on Wednesday.

  39. Got some fresh muffins here. To hell with the debate. lol.

  40. Oh Mom, that is the same bullcrap they pulled with NAFTA and all the other trade agreements that sucked our jobs away. Meanwhile, we end up with a trade deficit, which is no surprise, since we don’t make anything any longer, thanks to the trade agreements. We have a trade deficit with South Korea for chirssakes. We have a trade deficit with EVEryBODY.

  41. Muffins? What kind of muffins? With butter or jam?

  42. Yeah, you’re right, Upps. Screw those borrrrrring debates.
    Hey GOP, tell us when you finally pick your nominee.

  43. Yup- looks just like NAFTA to me Uppity. Wasn’t there a displace worker provision in NAFTA too?
    Now we have Mexican trucks that could not pass inspection in any state driven by people that could not pass a CDL exam working for half what American drivers make bringing in produce (and drugs and illegal aliens……)

  44. NES- now you just KNOW OFA is going to encourage us to go be R for a day and vote in the R primary. They will even tell us who to vote for!

  45. lemon and poppy seeds. Butter.

  46. Lemon and poppy seed? Homemade?

  47. Busy news day. I missed alot. Mitten’s been anointed. It’s time for the Repubs to get in line. There’s really no need for anymore debates. Damn Upps, you sure were right about Perry. Did you and NES have money on that. I would never bet against you, you’re always right. It seems like it anyway.

    It’s time to start a pool. How long before Perry drops out? Does anyone here think he’ll make it to Iowa?

  48. Yup home made. Wonder boy made them. They are nice and moist and crumbly too.

  49. Yeah vivien, you study politics long enough and you can see what’s happening before it’s happening. NES made a bet with me. Can’t wait to collect.

  50. Yum!! I didn’t know you had a wonder boy. And he cooks, lucky you.

  51. He makes a great spinach and three cheese quiche too!

  52. We had pork roast with Peach Salsa.

  53. NPR did a story on the listeria outbreak and why more people didn’t get sick, it was pretty interesting. I’m sharing.

  54. Sorry, I didn’t mean to put listeria in the middle of the meal.

  55. Is Wonder Boy s*xy?

  56. Yeah vivien, you study politics long enough and you can see what’s happening before it’s happening. NES made a bet with me. Can’t wait to collect.

    It’s like taking candy from a baby….

  57. vivien- lol- it is always on our minds around here- and all the other nasty things they allow in our food.
    I am off for the night- will catch up in the morning and hope nobody bombs any Iranian nuke facilities overnight. I have to get a few more things in my stockpile yet- salt, vinegar, bleach and matches. lol

  58. Yes, NES, I do believe he is.

  59. NES I might give you a discount on that bet for your innocence.

  60. UW you have mail!

    Hey, Californians – don’t eat any ground beef, especially that shipped to restaurants. Salmonella is back.

  61. What is with those happy Californian cows.

    lorac, you vegan or just vegetarian?

  62. Viv, California cows are happy because all the crackpot vegans live there. Reminds me of that cartoon of the chicken holding up a sign that says, Eat Pork.

  63. I could never be a vegan. I like my yard bird too much. And my ribs, my steak, and anything from the ocean.

  64. No, no, Upps…I should pay — in full — for my naiviety. Still, you’re not getting the payment until it’s a done deal. After all, Romney may be struck by a lightening bolt from the True Christian God.

  65. Vivien — Pies too?

  66. Vegans don’t eat pie?

  67. I’m very adventures when it comes to food. I’ll try anything once, twice if I’m not sure about it the first time.

  68. Looks like Mittens won the debate again, and wasn’t seriously challenged (again).

  69. Here’s a great clip — a Marine vet who’s joined OWS tells Hannity to EFF OFF!!

  70. vivien – you’re going to eat your yard bird???? 😦

    vegan here, best I can (sometimes I eat something with a little milk protein in it, like fake chickburgers). But I see billboards around that say that 97% of California’s dairy cows are on family farms. I’m assuming that’s why they’re happy*. Course, a billboard could lie….

    On my vacation, I saw three antiObama billboards, they were HUGE billboards lol

    (*until the hormones they’ve been given no longer allow them to produce an “acceptable” amount of milk and they’re slaughtered for meat)


  71. Oh, and Vivien…don’t go to dinner at lorac’s house.

  72. Yes Yes this IS true, NES. The True God could very easily smite Mittens for not being a Real Christian like the crazies over in the Church of What’s Happenin’ Now. Like for example Reverend Wright. The thing is, I think God might be out of the smiting business for now, else Pawlenty would have surely smoldered and gone up in smoke right there in front of god and everybody when he picked on the One True Christian up there, Michele Bachmann. Of course, God might just be exercising a sense of humor and expose Mittens’ Magic Underwear. But hey, what do I know?

  73. Oh no, no, vegans eat pie (vegan pies). I just said that to see if imustprotest would sudden appear.

  74. Vivien, the problem with vegans is they ignore the screams of broccoli.

  75. Hell, everyone wants hannity to Eff Off. He’s really a whiny-assed idiot.

  76. Poor Perry. I’m startin’ to feel sorry for ‘im.
    Maybe if (or, as UW would say, when) he loses, he can move to SF and take up with a leather-chapped gayboy. A bottom, bien sur.

  77. What color is Mittens’ Magic Underwear? Does it have a fly-front? Is it pressed?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  78. Hey, just thought of sumthin’….if Mittens becomes our president (Joseph Smith willing!), we’ll be thinking about Presidential Panties again…just like with Bill Clinton! That’s a good sign!

  79. I don’t know what color they are FCS. The only mormon I ever had to deal with was a boss I had who hated women and gave them the menial jobs even though they had more education than he did. He ran his wife ragged, making her bake for the office and make home made chocolate for Christmas. She looked like ten miles of bad road. Always, polite, he was a truly sneaky bastard. One of my greatest joys came when, several years later, he was forced to work for me. I of course reciprocated by giving him all the tasks just short of shoveling shit. Of course, they wanted to get rid of him anyways, so I had the added bonus of kudos when he finally left, which didn’t take too long.

  80. if Mittens becomes our president (Joseph Smith willing!)


    Should we ask him if they are magic boxers or magic jockeys?

  81. lorac, I knew you weren’t a meat eater. With the hormones and everything, you make eating meat sound disgusting. I like tofu. Not as much as I like chicken chili. I don’t know, southern California is a long way to go for dinner.

    Lets not talk about the magic under drawers. I’m still trying to come to terms with voting for him. Unless Hillary factors in. Then all bets are off. She knows how to find me. I gave Allison my current address. I’m just waiting for word.

  82. I don”t feel sorry for Rick, NES. he’s brash and crap just falls out of his mouth. His brain is not connected to his mouth, just like GW Bush. Except for the good hair, presidential elections are way out of his league.

  83. I don’t eat hormone meat. I get my meat and poultry locally, small farmers. I pay more but it’s worth it.

    As for tofu, it tastes like sh!t. They say it takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking, but i say that’s bullcrap. It tastes like sh!t and I see no reason to pretend it doesn’t.

  84. Yeah lorac! Wassup with ignoring those screams of broccoli. And the moans of rabe. And the groans of cabbage.

  85. That’s right NES. Iceberg lettuce has feelings too.

  86. Hope he got a pair of gold spectacles as a retirement prez, Upps.

  87. I could’ve set my watch by Upps’ predictable take-down of tofu.
    Hey Upps, I want to hire you to be a spokesperson for my client, The Tofu Industry.

  88. You must be one fantastical lawyer, NES, to be able to successfully represent Tofu.

  89. Now lorac is going to demand part of the dwelling time on Hills’ undies. Else she’ll be so J.

  90. Hey, it’s my JOB.

  91. Just goes to show you about lawyers.

  92. Before we know it Utah will appear, defending Mormon bosses in Magic Underwear.
    Hey Utss, do magic undies have Y-fronts?

  93. Whatever happened to our FF?!! I know she’s busy, but WTF. I mean, we’re family and all, right?

    FF, please drop in and assure us we’re loved.

  94. If it doesn’t have a central nervous system (able to feel pain), I don’t care.

    BUT in keeping with the fun, I’ll have you guys know that:

    I do NOT ignore the screams of mushrooms (ickkky)
    I do NOT ignore the screams of eggplant (eckkkkk)
    I do NOT ignore the screams of sweet potatoes (retching here!)
    I do NOT ignore the screams of chili peppers (fire!)
    I do NOT ignore the screams of kiwi (it looks like a painting, not

    So, you see, I don’t ignore ALL screams! lol

    But – vivien – I need to know – are you going to eat the little bird in your yard that brings beauty and song to your life each day? 😦

  95. Do you think DE has run off with FF. I mean those hands…even a lez could be waylaid (on a pottery wheel).

  96. Yeah, NES, where IS she? I have two emails waiting in her inbox. Guess the honeymoon is over!!!! lol

    She’ll have some excuse about not being able to access the internet at 400 feet in the air on a rickety plank! Pfffttt!

  97. lorac, my dear, whatever do you eat then?!? Shit, you may have a classifiable eating disorder. No mushrooms??!! Really?

  98. Like the commercial says, So many things your hands can do!

  99. I’ve never before heard DE referred to as “a rickety plank.”

  100. Try owning one of those faucets with a cat and check out your water bill later.

  101. lorac, FF is ignoring you because she loves mushroom-chili peppers-eggplant-sweet potato pie more than anything in the world.

  102. Yeah who wants to date a sweet potato hater?

  103. Try owning one of those faucets with a cat and check out your water bill later.

    That would be a riot!

  104. She’d be run out of an Italian family just one the eggplant and mushrooms alone.

  105. NES, the cat I lost in March turned on the faucets all the time. He knew which one was the cold water too.

  106. Wow lorac, that’s some good stuff you don’t eat. Eggplant parmesan is one of my all time favorite. Mushrooms? Sweet potato PIE?

    That beautiful little song bird will live to sing another day. The yard bird I’m talking about is a chicken. No, I don’t have any in my yard. I’ve a friend out in Smithfield that does. I love her for her eggs. There’s nothing like fresh eggs. I forgot you’re one of those city girls.

  107. NES, will I have to pass a urinalysis test to get that clearance? I might have to study for that.

  108. D’accordo, paisano.

  109. Awww…cute.

  110. NES, will I have to pass a urinalysis test to get that clearance?

    For starters….

  111. Upps, I just wanted you to know, my penguin is doing fine.

  112. vivien, thanks for good links tonite! Perry sounded like a dolt. How could Texas have 2 GWB’s? Terrifying.

    lorac lives on delicious vegan fruit pies, which is why she’s so sweet!

  113. Did FF & DE do a billboard?

  114. Oh gosh, loved the vid with the marine vets telling sean scamity to fuck off. Laker and I are rolling.

  115. UW, I just saw this on WND. Podesta, his daughter in law, Mayor Bloomberg and girlfriend. I know other administration have been dirty, but the amount of stuff going on right now is disgusting!

  116. Trying to find some objective sources on that one, John. SO far, just freeper sites. Wondering why no news outlets covering it. Will withhold opinion till I see it someplace else other than freerepublic.

  117. UW, You might want to check into Michael Savage’s webpage. He has been on top of this president, and his administration for quite sometime. A lot of links to follow. I know he is not your mug of beer, but he does a good job on this.

  118. More on Brookfield Asset Mgt and Zucotti Park

    Somebody had a very detailed blog post on it- did you want me to try and backtrack to find it?

  119. I appreciate that John. It’s just that, I see it as the other side of going to DKos or Moveon for news.

    I’ve been burned by these people John. So I do not trust them as sole sources.

  120. I understand UW. Mike’s site is where I first heard about Pelosi flying her family around on the taxpayer’s dime.

  121. Yeah sometimes they get it right, John. And sometimes it’s just not so. You know me, I hate getting it wrong, so I am extra careful due to previous experience. Not that any of this isn’t TOTALLY possible and probably DID happen. I just want a less extreme source. You know how that is.

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