One Step Forward- Knocked Back Ten

Ran across this the other day and was reminded of it by HelenK while I was reading over at Rev. Amy’s. Prepare to be infuriated.

Cash-Strapped Topeka May Stop Prosecuting Domestic Violence

Funding spat has allowed offenders to walk

Cash-strapped Topeka, Kansas, has decided to stop prosecuting domestic violence casses in order to save money.

But the dispute is over who would pay for it, he said.

Shawnee County has already dropped 30 domestic violence cases since it stopped prosecuting the crime on Sept. 8. Some 16 people have been arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery charges and then released after charges were not filed.

If it was men being abused domestic abuse would be a Class A Federal offense. Hope nobody has any female relations living in Topeka.
Ah well it could be worse- not that that is any consolation- here is a story from the home of Achminimind-  Iran- where it is ALWAYS the woman’s fault. And ALWAYS the woman who is whipped, stoned, imprisoned (insert barbaric punishment here.)

Iran sentences film actress to 90 lashes

An Iranian court has sentenced an Iranian actress to 90 lashes for her role in a new Australian-made film portraying social alienation, drug use and political oppression in Iran.

According to the article she appeared in the film with a shaved head! And no head scarf! AND the film is critical of Iran!

Brave young woman!

One step forward- ten steps back.

Domestic abuse rises as economy heads south

Study finds victims staying longer in bad relationships

A 2011 study finds a correlation between the lagging economy and a rise in domestic violence.

Of the more than 700 domestic violence shelters studied nationwide, 77 percent said victims they served stayed longer in abusive relationships because of the economy, according to the study sponsored by Mary Kay Cosmetics.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

What is it that Uppity says about the government naming a day or a month for some cause? Yes- here it is- Words of Wisdom!

Basically, whenever our government assigns a day, or week, or month to something, they don’t really give a crap about it, they aren’t going to do anything about it, and they assign a day to it so they can pretend it matters to them, and so they don’t have to bother with it the rest of the year.


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  1. Good morning early birds.
    Yes this is infuriating. It is not 1850 after all. What in heaven’s name do women have too see happen in this world before they take the reins from men and start running the world, or at least the country? I think when we have had the white house for over two hundred years and the senate and congress and all state legislative bodies, every governorship for at least 150, then we can consider letting men back in. Seems fair to me.
    oops, cta on lpa, cna’t tyep.

  2. Okay, the little grey fuzzy one is gone. He just has to obstruct whatever I am doing a couple of times a day to remind me who is boss.

    I am starting to believe that what we need is for women to have an actual resurgent women’s movement. But even more so in the ME, I would like to see a good vigilante organization of women willing to fight to the death to pull women in to the 20th century at the least. They have the perfect cover. They can just don the bee keepers outfits.

  3. Good morning Teresa- Indeed women better band together and take some control soon,
    Notice how they lumped Domestic Violence Awareness month right in with Breast Cancer Month? Just stick them all together in the same month and get the pesky wimminz issues out of the way.

  4. It’s amazing that in this year, women are still considered as chattels to be brutalized at will. We’ve come a long way, baby – not.

  5. PMM I had the exact same reaction when I read October was Domestic Violence Awareness month………somebody, somewhere said just lump all the wimminz issues together. I suppose if there is ever a vaginitis awareness day it will be assigned a date in October!

    What a shame for the women living in Topeka, it seems their county just declared open season on them. I suppose it will be open season on children soon too.

    When economic times are bad, there is always an increase in domestic violence; which really says something about the Neanderthal mindset of many men in this country, beat the wimminz it’s got to be all their fault. One could imagine how something like Sharia law could appeal to many non-muslim men of such mindset. I know that’s a frightening thought…..but true.

  6. I heard a story from someone at work yesterday that kind of fits in with your post. She was at a family gathering over the weekend and saw a cousin that she thought was working in Dubai. She asked her brother “wtf? I thought she had a gravy job over there.” Turns out she ran a guy off the road. The guy wasn’t hurt, and had very little damage to the car. When she went before the judge she was given the option to leave the country right away, or spend five and a half years in jail.

    Women definitely need to take over. The world would be a better place.

    Bill has a job. What’s he doing on marching on Wall Street? I know times are tight, but maybe Upps ought to give him a raise.

  7. Nobody is more outraged that the DA is going to stop prosecuting DV cases than those who live here…but, like most other places, the government is doing what it wants and gives absolutely not one shit about the people. I swear; between Brownback and Phelps, I’m ready to grab Toto and get the hell out of here.

  8. Incredible!

    On the other hand, it could be a subversive movement by the wimminz themselves. Once DV is no longer prosecuted, the wimminz will start beating back.

  9. jay- you are there in Topeka? Do gives us the background please. All I could get was the little snippets. Appreciate any input you can contribute!

  10. And they continue to wonder why gun sales to women continues to be on a huge rise. A few bullets to the head and the prosecutors will be even more busy, won’t they now? Like I’ve said many times. Women are on their own, so they have best get the tools they will need to be the one who Lives.

  11. Obama heavilly pimping a free trade agreement for his donors in the Chamber. Woot! He’s adding jobs! Too bad they will be in Columbia, Panama and South Korea.

    If they are waiting for Obama do do anything for them other than use them as useful idiots, the OWS kiddies may find they have to LIVE in ‘Zucchini’ park for more reasons than one. Vote expected tomorrow. It’s expected to pass.

  12. jay, come to Pa, we are a little bit better. = )
    Seriously, go to VT. You will love it there.

  13. maybe they should just stick mother’s day and secretary’s day in october too, along with vaginitis awareness day.

  14. Uppity- I could not recall your exact quote about the govt and naming days or months for things. If you remember- please stick it in the post please and thank you.

  15. Yikes on that Free Trade agreement! What the hello is THIS?

    “Investor protection provisions” in the agreements actually give foreign companies the right to challenge U.S. labor and environmental laws if they deem them to be somehow costing them money. The United States then has the delightful option of changing its law or paying millions or billions in compensation to foreign companies… just for obeying our laws like American companies do.

    Where are the blog lawyers to explain all this? That seems downright insane to me. But then – barky allowed Mexico to challenge the AZ immigration law- so true to form I guess.

  16. Mom, basically, whenever our government assigns a day, or week, or month to something, they don’t really give a crap about it, they aren’t going to do anything about it, and they assign a day to it so they can pretend it matters to them, and so they don’t have to bother with it the rest of the year.

  17. I’m surprised they don’thave an ID theft awareness day yet. All they ever do is send out fliers that basically tell you that you are on your own and screwed if your identity gets stolen. They DO fine companies that have massive data bases stolen. Hefty fines too! But the victims see NONE of it.

  18. Thanks Uppity- I added your words of wisdom to the post.

  19. OT- BWAHAHAHAHA! Mitt and Barky are joined at the hip! I KNEW this was going to happen.

    Mitt Romney and Barack Obama never met to discuss the federal health care law, but Romney’s advisers did. New records reviewed by NBC News’s Michael Isikoff point out that “White House officials had a dozen meetings in 2009 with three health-care advisers and experts who helped shape the health care reform law signed by Romney in 2006.” One meeting, NBC News reports, “was in the Oval Office and presided over by Barack Obama.” Jon Gruber, one of the advisers who attended the Obama meeting, said that the White House “really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.”

    So what the two parties are offering is the same old same old. It is beginning to remind me of old Feudal Europe- all the monarchies were really one big interbred family. Constantly warring amongst themselves- but united in their oppression of the peasants.
    Then add this

  20. That’s a perry ad. Perry can’t beat Obama. Repeat after me, Perry can’t beat Obama.

    His stance on illegal immigration and his extrem evangelical affiliations will destroy him with independents and moderates. Whomever beats Obama will be wiping the Obamacare slate. Maybe this time they will at least do something useful in its place. Let’s face it, Obama gave the farm away to the health insurers. He’s the worst republican of all when it comes to health care.

  21. Oh I know Perry can not beat Obama- just put the ad in there as it goes to the point of the article. Obama=Romney=Obama.
    I have thought all along that everybody and their cousins will sooner or later start beating Mitt over the head with that BS crap helathnotcare plan. Very interesting, but not surprising, that Romney’s advisors were advising Barack on healthcare. It gets more damning by the day!

  22. I’d be happy just to cross state lines to buy health insurance. NY is worthless to regular people. Completely Owned and unaffordable. Very little choice and fully Price Fixed.

  23. Well Uppity- you could buy a small house here for less than 50,000K- yes that is fifty thousand. Property taxes are cheap. Then become a PA resident and voila! Cheaper health ins.

  24. This is what is available for single payers in NY and note the premium costs. I picked the first county, but they’re all pretty much the same.

  25. Mom, there is something wrong with a picture where people have to move from one state to another just to get health insurance. Ranks right up there with getting married so you can be on someone’s health plan. There is something terribly wrong in this country. When you can hop a state line and increase your disposible income just over health care, there is something REALLLY BIG wrong.

  26. I could not find anything similar for here in PA Uppity. But you are correct- there is something very very wrong.
    When we moved here from MA our car insurance went WAY down. We have more coverage here at less than half the cost. Part of it of course is that we are not near a city so the risk is mush less. But part of it is that MA sticks its nose in the rates ins companies can charge- which in theory is supposed to help consumers- but in reality works exactly the opposite. Companies are not allowed to do price fixing- but the govt can.

  27. Mom NY isn’t doing the price fixing. The insurance providers that own the leglislators are doing it. Health Insurers and Utility companies own new york state. It becomes more clear every day. the Public Service Commission is owned by them too. more often than not, they end up working for one of the utility companies when their stint on the commission is over. They are protecting the very gougers they are supposed to protect the people from, for their own gain.

    In NY, the welfare people get medicaid and anybody who makes less than something like $25k a year can get free or cheap insurance the same as the single pay insurance. But if you have an income more than $25k and have no insurance, you are forced to pay more than $254k for insurance for two. Or about $13k for one. Think about that one.

  28. Owned Uppity- just owned. How the hell did it happen?
    As you know I am sort of trapped here in PA- there is no way to get back to MA without going through some part of NY. If the weather is good I take the southern tier to avoid the ridiculous, excessive tolls on Rt 90. Over $15 each way. To drive in mile after mile after mile of cones and jersey barriers and insane maniacs driving at better than 75 miles an hour in the stretches that are not under construction. No thanks. So much of that road is under construction ( and it seems it always has been and always will be what the hell is up with that?) that even though the mileage is a bit more to go the other route- the time on the road is about the same due to the hundreds of miles of 40 mph construction zones on I-90.

  29. It’s easy to figure out how it happened. Political contributions. It’s all about getting elected now, mom, not about representing people.

    Hey did you hear about the runner who did a whole marathon pregnant, stopped and had a sandwich after the race and then went to the hospital to give birth?

    Miller says she felt contractions after finishing at 6 hours and 25 minutes. When the contractions became regular she stopped to get a sandwich and then went to the hospital. Her baby girl June was born at 10:29 p.m. weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces.

    Miller says she’s happy but calls Sunday “the longest day of my life.”

  30. sad Lincoln freed the slaves.yet here we are slaves again to the government this time.
    they are in our kitchens,bathrooms and even in our bedrooms. 👿

  31. LOL Mom they swore the NYS thruway would be free in ten years. That was about 5 decades ago.

  32. I saw that Uppity- amazing woman- runs a marathon- while pregnant! Damn I want her on our side!

  33. Also in NY, the copays for meds are more than the generic meds cost if you didn’t go through your insurance. MUCH more. No kidding. I caught one insurance company in that act. They would do a Buy Two Get One Free. Copay $20, totaling $40 for 90 pills. You can get 90 pravastatin for about $15 on your own.

  34. Foxy, they have massively increased the cost of everything with their rules. SOme dipshit burned himself on a hot water heater and they made all kind of rules. Now a hot water heater that cost $200 costs $600. Ditto for their home air conditioning ideas.

  35. How about those irons with the automatic shut offs? Go get a hanger and your iron is off. Anybody stupid enough not to shut off the iron when done could buy an automatic timer or a metal resting plate for two bucks for chrissakes.

  36. The list is endless. The low level toilet water causes all kinds of plumbing problems since there isn’t enough power to get things far enough down. Our congress fucks up EVERYTHING it touches — at our cost.

  37. CFL lightbulbs. Need I say more?

  38. CFL’s- Hubby is buying me 100 watt bulbs everywhere he can- the normal kind. The ones that give light. The ones that don’t come with Haz-mat instructions.

  39. “If it was men being abused domestic abuse would be a Class A Federal offense.”

    Now ain’t that the truth, Mom. Good post!

  40. In response to your question, MOM, generally Congress can make laws that give people the power to sue the government. I guess this is one of the reasons people hate the free trade agreements.

  41. If memories from all those years in Catholic school are still accurate, October and May were the months for special homage for Mary (you know the woman behind that whole Jesus story). Seems interesting they do try and stuff as much girl stuff as possible into the same time slots.

    As to the OWS/OWA/AWOLS, I was not sleeping well and caught a late night or very early morning newscast and they showed shots of those kids “protesting” in DC. Rows of expensive tents – not those old army surplus pup tents – but those fancy ones with hinged doors, interior lights and ventilation systems. All made by those nasty corporations (most likely in China).

    I guess their parents spent so much money on the new tents and all those shiny objects that there was no money for porta potties. There was very little protesting unless they are doing so via texting because they were all “connected” to at least one device, and many were multi-tasking on multiple shiny things, but no one seemed to actually be talking to her/his companions. Perhaps the holder of the bullhorn was taking a break to annoy local business owners.

  42. NES-Thank you for your answer- I was afraid of that. They can just run rampant over US Sovereignty and there is not one damn thing we can do about it. Except vote against the stinking traitors.

    Mt Laurel- you are correct- May and Oct are the Marian months. Alas- the Right to Lifers in the church have hijacked even the month of Our Lady of the Rosary. October is now “Respect Life” month. We hardly ever hear the old stories we used to hear in October.

  43. Did you all get the ‘Taylor “Traitor” Marsh’ email about her Hillary book? The Hillary Effect or some such rot. I am sure you’ll all be running out and buying it the minute it hits the book stores. NOT.

    Some of us didn’t turn our tails under and bow to TPTB. She ran like a cheap dye job.

  44. Karen- thanks for the warning- just in case she slips through my Norton and my spam filters.

    Heads up everybody- he is going to be on TV AGAIN!
    Cheese and rice- he is sucking up all the air on the planet.
    I just could not take it anymore and tweeted OFA to knock off the kabuki- spending bills come from the House not the Senate.

  45. AAAARRRGGGHHH It’s HOLDER on TV – announcing the arrest of some plotter.
    Convenient eh?

  46. Oh God- please help us. The administration- in the person of Eric Holder- are ramping it up with Iran.
    “FBI and DEA agents have disrupted a plot to commit a “significant terrorist act in the United States” tied to Iran, federal officials told ABC News today. ”
    More at link- have not ahd time to digest this yet.

  47. Yet another government pervert. Between the SEC and NSF, perverts everywhere on the payroll. Wasn’t the pentagon flagged too? I have to look up my posts.
    Child molestation AND bestiality. This piece of SHIT should be executed RIGHT NOW.

  48. Yeah, they had the White House lit up in pink for Breast Cancer . The same folks who tried to have their camp followers float the mamography is worthless for certain groups of women. Yeah, now they care…must be an election on the horizon….meow.

    I wonder if October isn’t the Siberia of months–nonthing going on and nobody notices–so let’s put all the awareness days that don’t matter here.

    Not suprising that local governments like Topeka would eliminate something that benefits women and children since we are not on the radar screen. CA tried to eliminate all funding for domestic violence under “Ahnald,” but two legislators were able to juggle the books and find the money. I know one of them has 3 daughters, hmmm significant correlation?

  49. UW, I just want to let you know that their are many of us guys that don’t like double standards: If you are qulaified, you should be paid the same as any one else. All domestic violence needs to be prosecuted, period. This hillbilly and his friends are on your side!

    p.s. Here is a blog you might like UW.

  50. From the BBC story

    Mr Holder described the plot as being “conceived, sponsored and directed by Iran”, and said Tehran would be held accountable for its alleged involvement.

    Top Iranian officials were responsible for the plans, Mr Holder said, adding that the White House would be announcing steps against Iran in the next few hours.
    They were arrested after approaching an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency – under the impression that he was an operative of a Mexican drugs cartel – in order to arrange the assassination of the Saudi ambassador to the US, Adel Al-Jubeir.

    Announcing steps against Iran? WTF does that mean? And tying it neatly to the Mexican drug cartels?
    This bears watching. Not good, not good at all.

  51. I wouldn’t put anything Taylor Marsh writes in a used litter box.

  52. Mt. Laurel, the media is giving people a very distorted view of the OWS protests. Surprise! (Not.) Seriously, though, it helps to trawl around looking for facts, photos, and vids different from the ones the MSM is putting out. I did, and was enlightened. All of us who lived through the fog created by the MSM during the ’08 primaries appreciate how much the media can distort reality.

  53. Wag the dog, MOM….

  54. The women of Topeka, Kansas–and the rest of us–have to make sure we exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. Conspicuously. In large groups. Abusive men seem to have an aversion to those ‘equalizers’. I know this from experience 😉

  55. Yes basically, Irlandese, I think the translation here is, nobody’s brave when he has a gun in his mouth.

  56. NES- that’s what I think.
    New post up.

  57. Darn tootin’, Upps! MKBill wouldn’t like it for one thing….

  58. Hey gang, check out the bumper sticker at Smart’s place today. Certain you’ll like it.

  59. It does seem to be a deterrent just to know that a woman owns one and knows how to use it. Of course, those are usually the ones who have been subjected to violence–domestic or otherwise–in the past. I cannot believe the city of Topeka chose DV cases–of all things–to not prosecute in order to ‘save money’. Way to send a message–to all of their female citizens. I don’t even live anywhere near Topeka and it’s giving me a message.

  60. Irlandese, said:
    “The women of Topeka, Kansas–and the rest of us–have to make sure we exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. Conspicuously. In large groups. Abusive men seem to have an aversion to those ‘equalizers’. I know this from experience ”
    You got it!
    I wish more of the women who are the victims of abuse would take full advantage of the 2nd admendment!

  61. I’ve never been subjected to any kind of violence and have owned a gun for a long time. I just aim to make sure the odds stay with me.

  62. Mom
    I did not realize that the co-opted a Marian month for “Respect Life”.

    Here in the eternal land of protests, the O’s group is, in reality, just another bunch in a continuous stream of interlopers and litterers. Just better equipped with shiny objects than most.

  63. Mom and Dad loathed guns, wouldn’t even store BB guns during Christmas for friends who were gifting them to their children. I had to learn all about them on my own later on as an adult (after 2 hold-ups and an attempted break-in). Man did I get FLAK for buying one–but it sure came in handy years later. I’ve made sure my own daughter is gun-safe and educated.

  64. Good girl Irlandese! It’s not about anything else other than self-defense. Women are surely on their own with this president and in these times. It’s sensible to think about You Or Me. Somebody tries to break into my home, what my dog doesn’t do, I will do. So far my dog is the best deterrent to tell you the truth. I had someoe trying to break into the garage last spring in the middle of the night and my dog alerted. all it took was opening the rear door to the deck and saying, you have 20 seconds to get off the property or I am going to give you to the dog. That was all it took, seriously. But if someone comes into this home up the stairs, they are going down backwards and that is that. And we will make sure he is not moving before 911 is called.

  65. Overall I was never impressed with the useful Dick Armey fools known as the tea party. However, the difference between them and the wall street gang is the wall street people are filthy pigs. At least the tea party people clean up after themselves.

  66. Thank you UW. I pride myself on being tidy. 🙂

  67. I don’t know about that, Mt. Laurel. Let’s wait and see.

  68. LOL John. Da Troot is Da Troot.

  69. UW you have mail!

    Hey, Californians – don’t eat any ground beef, especially that shipped to restaurants. Salmonella is back.

  70. Lorac, honey, you’re stuttering again.

  71. Vegans are trying to spread panic amongst us carnivores. Hang together now!!!!

  72. The pregnant marathoner reportedly ran the race in less time than her husband. Really want her on our team! Him, not so much…. BTW, today is Hillary and Bills 36th anniversary. I wish them the best and many more years together (preferably in the W.H)!

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