Perverts on the payroll. NSF. SEC. Pentagon. And now..A CDC researcher: for child molesting and bestiality

First there were the NSF perverts. They were downloading their porn on the government payroll  One of them was a senior official who spent 20% of his payroll time “viewing sexually explicit images and engaging in sexually explicit online ‘chats’ with various women.” This while the NSF requested $3 billion in stimulus money for their stimulating work. Did the taxpayers get the names of these thieving freaks–or even find out if they got fired? Nope.

Then came the SEC perverts, all of them making between $90,000 and $223,000 a year, all of them spending plenty of their time viewing pornography on government computers. One  staff accountant was so busy that she accessed pornography sites  1800 times and had 600 sexually explicit photos loaded on her government hard drive. Another one of them, a headquarters attorney,  was so busy downloading filth, he ran out of hard drive space, so he kept the rest of his porn on CDs and DVDs. In his office.  Did the taxpayers get the names of these  payroll-thieving freaks — or even find out if they were fired?  Nope.

Then there was the Pentagon. You know, the bunch who just can’t afford a budget cut. “Several dozen” of these employees were tied to child pornography. But our pervert-protecting government wouldn’t give us their names either. Instead they pointed out how they are such a “small percentage” of the number of Pentagon employees.

Well, now we can add the CDC to the list.

You see this disgusting pervert and her pig boyfriend, the Night Watchman?
This filthy, disgusting POS should be executed immediately. This is the kind of freak execution was meant for. They should not be allowed to remain in the gene pool. The world of innocents is not safe from their predatory perversions.

Her name is Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey. Isn’t that special?  I am just so impressed with  perverts with those special elitist three-part names who molest children and have sex with animals, aren’t you?

Yes, that’s right. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey and her pervert boyfriend are charged with molesting a 6-year old boy. A 6-year old boy! But Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey isn’t just your ordinary child molester either. No sir! She’s also charged with bestiality. How can we even believe we are HAVING this conversation over a high-level employee? I mean this is some sick POS, and she’s been ‘highly influential” at the CDC, of all places.

And you thought our government hired the very best to overpay, didn’t you?

A highly regarded scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has been arrested over allegations of bestiality and child molestation. The woman’s night watchman boyfriend is also facing charges, police said.

Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, 44, of Decatur, was arrested in DeKalb County Sunday after a six-week investigation into allegations she molested a young boy. Lindsey has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality, according to a DeKalb County criminal complaint.

“The bestiality charge is a result of evidence recovered during the investigation,” DeKalb County police Lt. Pamela Kunz told The Huffington Post.

Disgusting. A simply disgusting woman. Ah well, now all we need is all the other names of the perverts in the SEC, NSF and Pentagon. Don’t hold our breath. I’ll just bet Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey is protected by some government employee law and is out of work on paid leave, besides.

Try that bestiality stunt with MY dog and see how well it works out for you, scuzzball.  I mean, it wasn’t perverse enough for you to be a child molester, you and your special three names had to go for animals too?

How does a creature like this even get spawned?

Do the world a favor Kimberly, remove your creepy-crawly self from the gene pool and hang yourself in your cell, will you? The rest of us don’t have enough spit to shower upon you, you disgusting pile of crap.  Bleck!


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  1. ugh. I hope that young boy gets the counseling he needs not to grow up and become the next in a long line of people molesting children

  2. Where in hell do these perverts come from? And seriously- what the hell is up with all these govt computers having internet access? What purpose does that serve? I am sure there are govt positions that require perusing the net- but THIS MANY? It’s no wonder the Chinese, Russians and goons like Assange get our data. Dumbasses accessing the net and downloading viruses.
    I’m with you Uppity- this woman can just do us all a favor and delete herself from the gene pool.

  3. These weirdos seem all around us. It’s creepy.

    I just read the new book by Juan Williams called “Muzzled”. It’s very good. He starts out talking about how he was fired from NPR for saying that he has a flash of fear when he sees Muslims in Muslim gear on an airport. Then he goes on to talk about how we’re all muzzled, that both sides have extremes that are so loud and judgmental that most of us in the middle are afraid to have the conversations we need to have.

    But he’s still in love with Obama, and it seems to me that he’s muzzled himself in some ways. For instance, he talks about how anyone opposed to Bush’s rush to war was labeled “unpatriotic” – and you heard it all over the networks, everywhere. But he neglects to mention how the same thing happened to most everyone (Hillary supporters, then McCain supporters, then just plain old anyone who had anything but Messianic praise for Obama) with the constant accustations of “racist”. Same thing as the “unpatriotic” – it was all designed to shut us up.

    So, if anyone plans on reaading Muzzled, I hope you are able to do it in the next few weeks. I’ll lay out the main points of the book, and the omissions I felt are in it. I’m thinking the book can stir up some good discussion, whether someone has read it or not!

  4. What a sick woman. I imagine she will be going to prison for a long, long time, hopefully never to see freedom again in her life.

    PMM as for government computers it is illegal to access porn from a government computer plain and simple. I believe the control of such things is left up to the different agencies.

    I don’t know why computers are left with access to the internet. I can certainly understand law enforcement needing access to carry out investigations; there are probably other examples but the rest should have access blocked and I know they have that capability.

    I know through my husband that access to the internet from his work computers is limited to necessary governmental type sites having to do with his job. That’s a good thing!!!! I have no idea if the people in the offices upstairs have unfettered access to the internet.

    One thing I do know for a fact is that the chief of his facility knows what sites are accessed from the building. The union has several computers in the break room with internet access ostensibly for controllers on break to check their email or surf the net catching up on news. Someone accessed porn through one of those computers a few years ago. In response to that the chief told the union to remove all the computers. The computers were gone for a year or more and finally were negotiated back in with some changes. Now in order to use those computers you must log in with a password so that should something like that happen again they know who to fire……and yes I said fire.

    To the best of my knowledge doing something like that is a firing offense, at least it is where my husband works…….of course sleeping on the graveyard shift is a firing offense where my husband works too and he’s seen it happen.

    The whole idea of such lax management is a foreign concept to me. It is simply not that way where my husband works, honestly. Management here has sent people home without pay on multiple occasions over their choice of footwear…….is it a sandal or is it a flip flop…..sometimes it’s in the eye of the beholder. So seriously I just can’t comprehend stuff like what happened at the SEC and pentagon and I know it is not that way with all governmental agencies.

  5. Somebody- good to know your husband’s place of work seems to be on the ball! We all know that internet access CAN BE EASILY restricted on any computer. If a govt employee wants to check e-mail or surf on break- they should do it from their OWN computers- not ours.
    My nephew works cyber crime in Pittsburgh- yes he works catching predators. The stuff he sees makes him sick. God Bless him- I don’t know how he doesn’t just let loose a case of police brutality when he catches one.

  6. Well there were issues with using their own computers. The computers in the break room was a work around. The issues with laptops and other devices has been resolved so the need for the break room computers is moot for the most part now.

    Bless your nephew, I simply could not do a job like that. It would be one thing chasing Nigerian inheritance emails……but child porn, no way, no how…..I just couldn’t stomach that.

  7. It seems that we are desensitized to criminal behavior.

    It shows a mentally disabled woman being mocked, spit on, then punched in the face at a Sacramento strip mall on Mack Road.

    Regular customers and neighbors weren’t surprised by the video. They say this type of disrespect, and abuse, goes on all the time.

  8. mcnorman- something is seriously wrong in this world.

  9. well some people. seem to have lost their moral compass.:roll:

  10. Over at “the hill” there are some interesting articles. This one by toe sucker Dick Morris makes excellent points about OWS. (I can’t stand that slob but when the devil is right, he is right.) I don’t care what sends obama back to Chicago but if it is OWS that would be karmic.

  11. Toe sucker basically draws the same parallel to the 70s that I mentioned. Only what we have here is the challenger is in the place of the incumbent. In either event, the followers scared the real majority into going to vote for Nixon again. They found the protesters more disconcerting than the war. No question about it: McGovern’s sycophants got him defeated. America does not enjoy watching these things. It frightens them. It makes them uncomfortable. it doesn’t even matter if it’s right. It reminds them of socialism and Mao and bolsheviks all rolled into one. This will drive the middle away from Obama, and definitely drive the middle class away from him. They long for peace and they do not enjoy paying for everybody else’s everything while having little benefit themselves. They are frazzled and the last thing they want to see is a bunch of people doing a carnival in a park, with the possibility of violence looming large once the anti American anarchists do their job and start something. They don’t like seeing people like that snot who harassed the old Jewish man, the snot who muscled in on someone else’s interview, the snot, who was the same snot, telling the cameras how “educated” he thinks he is, and how he thinks he ought to get a salary regardless of whether he works or not. Middle class translates that into, I bust my ass so I can support him and I don’t like it. He is a symbol of everything they despise in youth, and he will be the symbol of Obama’s foiled campaign. He will loom large.

    The baldfaced irony here is watching idiots like Nancy talking about this thing like it’s so wonderful and real, after calling its mirror image “astroturf”.

  12. OT- and just FYI- went to the local Amish dry goods place to pick up a few things and saw something new. Prior to this trip they always had flour in 5 or 10 LB bags. Sugar 1, 5 or 10. Still have those- but
    Today they have 50 lb bags.
    Demand so the ladies told me.
    And jam and jelly season is about over.

  13. There is no privacy on the web. People are just stupid.

    I read about that cdc woman and her boyfriend yesterday. If all that is true, it’s just way f*cked up. I couldn’t believe the bail was set so low. wtf?

  14. Lorac, Juan is one of the main reasons my family fell in love with Obama. My sister did an about face on Obama whom she had previously found wanting.
    The whole crew of He man Hillary haterz club make me sick.

  15. poor Juan, it’s all about him and his muzzling. I think if we all mass mailed him and explained to him about our muzzling he would refuse to see it.

  16. Gawd I just caught FOX talking about the jobs council and Penny Pritzker is on it–of Hyatt fame. I am shocked at how LITTLE FOX knows about this woman who was the mother of subprime lenders and the first bank to fail because of it (Superior Bank, Chicago of course), how she was Obama’s national finance chair how she owes the FDIC billions. He was putting her on the Dept of Commerce. There is so much about her that was known in 2008 and this is all they know about this thieving woman? They have someone on talking about her and he doesn’t know PISS about her other than she raised a couple of million for him. How sickening and useless our news outlets are.
    How shamefully inadequate FOX is. Here is who Penny Pritzker is. Hold onto your hats.

  17. I remember Penny Pritzker- thieving bitch.
    Fox recently seems to have taken a more- shall we say- conciliatory turn. Soon all we will have is infotainment pablum.

  18. Mom, actually I thought FOX was in gotcha mode and not very accomodating to Barack. it’s just that the guy they had on was giving them nothing information on her compared to what she REALLY is. In other words, I hope they didn’t pay him much. I don’t even think he mentioned Hyatt, much less Superior Bank for her connections to subprime lending. She was the first subprimer to be seized for chrissakes. Seriously, you can get more useful news from bloggers than the media.

  19. Juan WAS done dirt by NPR though, and it was fun to watch them squirm. And it DID show their true colors.

  20. The fabulous Penny Pritzker of Barack’s old pal notoriety. Amazing, how stupid is FOX? Will FOX ever do an expose on his friends of the past? I find it absolutely astonishing that the ex Indiana gov is now looking over a document that he didn’t sign and owning it.,0,1203433.story?track=rss

    We’ve known about Barack’s Chicago style politics for a long time.

  21. LOL Uppity-

    Seriously, you can get more useful news from bloggers than the media.

    Which is why this blog is the first place I go in the morning and the last place at night. You have an amazing ability to cut through the BS and get right to it- and the commenters here always bring something to the table. Half the time I hear breaking news here before I hear it on the so called news.

  22. PMM, this is where the news comes to do their research. lol

  23. mcnorman- I have long suspected that the lazy children the “news” takes on as interns don’t know how to DO research. They Do know how to surf the net and plagiarize.
    So many many times in the past three years I have screamed at the TV- “We knew that THREE WEEKS AGO” sometimes it tkaes them longer- but more and more I am seeing a delay in what I find on the net and what gets published or aired. Scary in a way.

  24. PMM, I thought that was a class offered in most colleges now? snark

  25. Another upstanding pillar of the TSA community goes down for porn.

    a straight-laced federal worker who took pride in his position and the trust that comes with it.

    Yes, I know that it’s the few that screw up who taint the many others who actually are upstanding citizens.

  26. UW, how can we give Fox this information in a way that doesn’t expose you to trolls or worse? It would be great to see Obama’s Chicago style politics get a real expose`. There are still so many people who need to wise the hell up.

  27. teresa, those goons on TV get paid well and I’ll be damned if I am going to do their jobs for them. Lazy bastages. All any of them has to do is get a lacky to use google for chrissakes.

  28. TSA naturally attracts perverts by virtue of the job.There are a number of jobs that are like that. Pedos are attracted to jobs where they are exposed to kids in a control situtation. Peeping toms, porn people would love a TSA job. That’s why we keep seeing this happen. it’s the perfect job situation for gropers and perverts.

  29. LOL on coming here first. I think that’s why I am so careful about not getting burned by a biased source. I hate that. It degrades credibility. So sometimes I might not be the “first” but I would rather be late and get it right, you know? Now, how come they get paid and I don’t?

  30. McNorman, wasn’t there a reporter in 2008, Evelyn Pringle or something like that. She was digging and digging into Chicago and Pritzker and suddenly they pulled the plug on her? She literally disappeared for awhile there.

  31. I wonder what’s happened to Pringle?

  32. Hey Mom, I’d be nowhere without my ferret.

  33. McNorman, I can’t speak for the R party but I can tell you that forging signatures on petitions is a common D practice locally in the USA. They are too fracking lazy to go out and get the signatures so they forge them. I’ve seen dead nuns’ names on petitions. Every once in awhile somebody gets caught. But it doesn’t end it.

    Local D parties consist of some really lazy people who have titles like “committee man” that make them imagine they put you in office, but in reality they didn’t do shit. Then they want a job for themselves and their kids. I suppose it’s not like that everywhere, but it is everywhere I’ve seen. That’s NY for ya. The only safe way to get petitions if you are running is to get them yourself.

    It’s really the truth that when the weather is bad, it’s good for republicans because so many Democrats are too damned lazy to go out and vote if it’s too cold or rainy.

  34. This is just pathetic. We had a referendum that was voted down by the citizens. The city council decided to do what they wanted and not go be the vote. Now, the recall is having everyone’s voter ID checked. I guess it all depends on who’s asking and why. It became very clear to us that our elected officials no better than we do.

  35. Which is why this blog is the first place I go in the morning and the last place at night. You have an amazing ability to cut through the BS and get right to it-

    PMM, you’ve got that right!

  36. They’re still pushing this story….could they have gotten some positive polling from it? Or a focus group? Either that or Target, PetCo and Starbucks are sponsors of Team Obama.

  37. Huh???!!

    Former Green Party candidate Ralph Nader wants Mike Bloomberg to jump into this year’s Presidential race, because he believes New York City’s billionaire Mayor is the ideal person to take on “the establishment” and “the corporate state.”

  38. Bloomberg! That gasbag! Ralph is even more eccentric than I thought.

  39. Eccentric? Sounds like Ralph is suffering from dementia!

  40. That Morris article sounds right on.

    As far as Fox and Penny – I wonder if they DO know the whole truth, but only want to reveal enough to hurt her (or rather, Obama). Maybe more of the truth would hurt Fox or its higher level supporters….?

    It just makes me think of Hillary. During the primaries, they would say some good things about her, and some bad things about Obama, but there was so much more of both that they could have said. I think they wanted Obama to win, because they figured they could beat him more easily.

    In other words, I think sometimes Fox knows more than it says, but just wants to do “enough” damage to someone else, without it hurting themselves….?

  41. Listen, if Ralph Nader cared about the USA he would be doing what he was KNOWN for instead of these lameassed presidential runs that help put others in office. You would think Ralph would be interested in the tuna cans “Detroit” AKA GM is building and calling cars, not big enough for my dog to ride in. You would thinnk he would be interested in the safety of America’s food. But nope. Ralph is on some wierd eccentric ego trip running for an office he will NEVER hold and helping Republicans get elected. he’s a fruitball. Period.

    Nothing like living home forever and having your VERY old mother do your laundry and cook for you till she dies from waiting on you. Nuff said.

  42. Here’s something for you to read Ralph. Makes the Ford Pinto look like an armoured tank. Where ARE you Ralph?

  43. That post STILL makes me laugh–too funny!!

    “Urban Assault Wheelchair”. I crack myself up at times.

  44. Ditto what Sophie says @ 9:44: HUH?

  45. FF! Earthquake alert! 6.0 near Bali and just in the last hour….5.9 off the coast of Oregon….

  46. There was a little one 3 days ago near us. That map is really interesting, isn’t it? Really highlights the Ring of Fire. Hope there aren’t any tsunamis.

  47. Mac finally shows some political savvy:

    John McCain feels protesters’ pain

    The Occupy Wall Street movement is getting sympathy from an unlikely person: Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

    The 2008 GOP presidential nominee said he understands the growing protest movement’s concerns over Washington bailouts of major financial institutions.

    “Down in Arizona today, Maricopa County has the highest number of homes underwater of any place in this country,” he told reporters Wednesday. “And it’s disgraceful that we took care of the financial institutions, and we did nothing about the housing crisis. So I understand their frustration.”

    He later quipped that he may be the “only” Republican does.

  48. That was OccupyOregon.

  49. It looks like things will get ugly there.

  50. Yeah, where do they go once you throw them out of the park? Upps, you need to get your no trespassing signs up.

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