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Oct 11, 2011 letter from Richard B. Clark, CEO of  Zuccotti Park, to Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, NY City Police Department.  

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We fully support the right of free speech and assembly, but the manner in which the protesters are occupying the Park violates the law, violates the rules of the Park, deprives the community of its rights of quiet enjoyment to the Park, and creates health and public safety issues that need to be addressed immediately.


Additionally, we have received hundreds of phone calls and emails from concerned citizens and office workers in the neighborhood.  Complaints range from outrage over numerous laws being broken including but not limited to lewdness, groping, drinking and drug use, to the lack of safe accesss to and usage of the Park, to ongoing noise at all hours, to unsanitary conditions and to offensive odors.  We have received complaints of harassment, one woman stating that she was  verbally abused in front of her 5-year-old child and complaining that she had a package stolen from her as she tried to cross the Park.

We are also concerned with the constant deliveries of materials to the Park.  Delivery vehicles have now been appearing on a daily basis with packages of all shapes and sizes for the Park’s occupants.  None of these deliveries are being screening by our security team or the police for suspicious or harmful materials.  The Park’s location in the financial district makes this activity particularly concerning.

For all of these reasons, we cannot currently ensure that the Park is safe nor can we perform the necessary cleaning, inspection, damage assessment and repairs.  In light of this and the ongoing trespassing of the protesters, we are again requesting the assistance of the NYC Police Department to help clear the Park so that we can undertake this work at the earliest possible time.  (bolding mine)







So the park owners are asking (they write “again”) for the help of the police in clearing the park.  What’s going to happen here?  Will the city refuse?  (have they already, hence the “again”?)  Will police move in, and violence erupt between them and protesters?  What are your predictions?


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  1. h/t to Karen for Clinton from last thread

    The fact is that Obama is less a socialist than a corporatist. His objective is not government ownership, but government management. To control the economy — and all of our lives — he needs to get rid of small banks and small business and consolidate it all in a few big banks and big corporations; hence his friendliness to Goldman-Sachs and General Motors. When wealthy tycoons go to dinners and give Obama $35,000 donations, they know what they are doing. It is not liberal Democratic masochism at work, it is a conscious investment in central planning where big labor, big government, big business and big banks meet and divvy up the pie, just as they do in Germany and France. That is Obama’s game.

    His former supporters have taken to the streets to protest his corporatist alliances. Sure, they oppose the Republicans and the conservatives, but they have more in common with the Tea Party than they realize. Both are acting out against big business. Wall Street is as much the enemy of Main Street as it is of college campuses.

    The unions and the professional left are scrambling, along with Obama and the Democrats, to head off the stampede among their followers in the Occupy Wall Street movement. They are trying to make up for their pro-Wall Street policies by seeming to take on rich people in their tax program. But the young demonstrators will not be fooled. They invested their dreams for Obama in 2008 and, since then, have gotten only compromises, half-measures, incompetence and a ruined economy in return.

    The conservatives and Republicans no longer own the anti-Obama movement. They have to share ownership with disenchanted liberals, those who recognize incompetence when they see it, and the many who are turned off by the growing perception of corruption in the wake of Solyndra. The bad economy has led to an impression of presidential weakness and inability akin to that which took over the image of Jimmy Carter in the late ’70s. More and more, the opposition to Obama is based on the outcomes of his policies, not on their ideological bias or their liberal intent.

    Will the Republicans drive these new converts to the anti-Obama cause back into the arms of the Democrats? The likes of Mitt Romney won’t. Rick Perry might, particularly as he explains his designs on the Social Security system. But even if they are worried by the possibility of a Republican victory in 2012, their more likely reaction is to vote with their feet and stay home. Obama cannot muster the same enthusiasm he did in 2008. It’s out there, but it is now opposed to him, not for him. That’s what Occupy Wall Street is all about.

  2. I was hoping for a ows post. I can’t stomach Dick Morris, his opinion matters not to me.

    You’re going to think I’m stuttering, but, where do they go after you throw them out of the park? This is going to get interesting. I think I’ll just kick back and watch.

  3. Good morning all. Saw somewhere that Bloomberg visited the site and told the protesters the park is going to be cleaned. Haven’t had my coffee yet so I can not recall the whole thing or where I read it.
    Maybe it will come to me lol.
    My question is- will the protesters go willingly when the cleaning crews show up- and if they do- will they be back to do it all over again once the cleaning is complete?
    If the city and the company that owns and manages the park (Brookfield Asset Magt I think) decide together that the occupation is over- then same ? as Vivien asked. Where do they go?

  4. PMM – can they go home? lol

    Or, maybe they can go to the White House!

  5. Here you go Lorac- it was over at Crawdad’s–occupy-wall-street–site-on-friday

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited the site of the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration in Lower Manhattan Monday and informed protesters that the private park where they are staying will be cleaned on Friday.
    This was announced hours after hundreds demonstrated in front of the Downtown Manhattan headquarters of JPMorgan Chase on Wednesday


  6. Lorac- lol- go to the White House? Occupy the scene of the crime? Won’t occur to them. Or if it does- somebody is smart enough to realize that there are Marines in DC.

  7. Thanks, ProudMilitaryFerret ProudMilitaryMom!

    From your link:

    “They tried pretty hard to get us before realizing that legally they can’t. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re resorting to other ways to get us to leave,” said another protest.

    But… it sounds like the park is private…? Is that right? If so, how could someone have a legal right to be on private property?

    Sounds like the mayor is saying he wants to clean it, but the protesters can stay. Of course, that only addresses the cleanliness part of the complaints. I guess the police answer to the mayor….? So if the mayor says “leave them alone”, then the police can’t agree to the request of the park owner…

  8. Lorac- it is all very convoluted (coffee is kicking in now) Who does Bloomberg answer to? Bloomberg needs the unions- but he also needs the big money donors. Caught between a rock and a hard place he is.

  9. This is what happens when parents finally kick their adult children out of the house.

  10. Well they can do what they do at home. When the basement finally becomes a borderline Board Of Heatlh issue, Mom calls Service Master and she tells the Occupant to get the hell out of the basement for the day. So the Occupant haltingly climbs the stairs, remembering to take plenty of cheetos and weed with him, ascends into daylight, blinking rapidly, unable to adjust to the natural light. He spends the day upstairs, crashed on the couch and, since he’s wireless, he is still able to visit kossack sites, pull up his jerkoff porn, and play bigfishgames. His girlfriend, who works, can’t come over and keep him Occupied, and that p*sses him off too. But, of course, the refrigerator is there. The basement is fumigated by 5 PM, and he descends again, starting the process of contaminating the basement all over again. Mom tells him to stop being such a pig and maybe get a job and plan to kick in for his heatlh insurance, since he’s pushing 27 now. He rolls his eyes and tells her to shut up. The place smells differently now to him, but the animal instinct to mark his territory kicks in immediately.

    They can handle the Zuccotti cleanup. They’re experienced.

  11. They’re not going anywhere until OFA and Move On tell them to. Most telling was their assembly on the Upper East SIde, which proved absolutely nothing.

    They’ve already been hipped to change their appearance – no more $500 jeans – now they’re all clad in retro-1969 fashion.

    What’s missing though, is the political awareness and sense of purpose of the 1960’s. These OFA shills are just bitching that they deserve a handout, and dammit – they’re not leaving their post until the wealthy hand it over!

    My opinion: If they spend half as much time looking for work as they do carrying OFA signs for $50 a pop, they’d be too busy working to occupy anything.

    New slogan:

    “We’re jealous as hell and we’r not going to take it anymore!”

  12. Do you not love the way they protested a congress critter over the free trade agreement, when the entire bill was presented to congress by none other than Barack Obama, who was pushing and pushing hard for its passage. It was passed and Obama finally created some jobs. Somewhere else. Do you hear about them protesting in front of Obama’s house, or maybe on the golf course? Nope.

  13. The NYPD is going to make them leave under the pretext of cleaning the park, then they will station a bunch of cops there 24/7 to prevent the protesters from bringing in tents and sleeping bags again.

    They can show up every day to protest but they’ll have to go home (or somewhere else) every night.

  14. Just read a headline from another blog:

    “I Can Smell Alinsky From My House!”

  15. Well maybe they can all crash at their friend’s parents penthouse like the Ayers people used to do. So long as they don’t make bombs that go off on their own asses like their mentors did, everything will be fine. Watch what happens when they don’t have a place to crash. That’s when they will TAKE places. It’s all too familiar and predicable, right down to the bongos. I suppose they could sleep in their prius, though, until the psycedelic vans arrive.

    This is costing NY City taxpayers millions. It’s costing Wall Street…nothing.

  16. the animal instinct to mark his territory kicks in immediately.


    The temps need to drop in Zoo Park. All delivery vehicles should be forced to unload at the pier, and the stinkies need to pick up there. I heard Bloomies gf is on the board with the owners of Zoo Park. Why didn’t they picket Bloomie’s place? He is a billionaire afterall.

  17. I though craigslist didn’t take prostitution ads anymore?

  18. I thought so too myiq2xu.

  19. Will these numbers be added to the employment numbers?

    * Compensation: $350-$650 A Week Depending On Responsibility & Length Of Time On Staff

    In my neck of the woods, that is a lot of money.

  20. Occupy Wall Street Protester Wants College Paid For Because “That’s What He Wants”

    The vacant stare and vapid explication for the OWS movement blathered by this putz astounds me……

  21. Aw Geeze, his parents must be wincing.

    He looks like a good kid though, just…stupid and clueless, and living the Gimmee mentality he was taught in his psuedo-school.

  22. I think it was that scuzz Dennis Miller, but still funny nonetheless. He said if you want to break up that occupation, hold a job fair there and offer entry level positions where you are expected to show up and work for your money.

  23. Working Families Party was created by labor unions and acorn back in the 90s.


    But you won’t learn to Spell!

  24. Spellcheck anyone?

  25. Punctuation check?
    Complete sentence check?

  26. I forgot that those silly classes have been deleted from the curriculum (alongside cursive writing) in favor of self esteem classes.

  27. I read that the city of Atlanta has given the OWS crowd there until Monday to leave.

    These kids protesting are so clueless and have such a give me mentality, it’s simply astounding!! I am glad that my two 20 somethings are disgusted by them. However, my grandchild’s baby mama not so much……trust me I’m not surprised.

  28. November 5th, 2011

    “Bank Transfer Day”

    • Open an account with a credit union (or local Independent Bank).

    • Transfer your funds to the account (online or in person) by Nov. 5.

    • Follow your bank’s procedures to close your account.

  29. Somebody, you aren’t alone. Every family has one of those deep thinkers.

  30. Excellent idea, Why Not!

  31. Miller’s joke IS very funny.

  32. Interesting that they’d be cool to the Hollywood types:,0,7112422.story
    Not as bad as Obots then.

  33. “Bank Transfer Day” – I saw you recommend it, also, Uppity.

    “They” (whoever started it) has a Facebook page – but I don’t DO Facebook, so I didn’t post the link.

    But, here is some buzz on it:

    Wall Street Protests Get Specific: Could ‘Bank Transfer Day’ Pit Americans Against Their Big Banks?

    “The growing anger directed at U.S. banks (especially the big ones that took federal bailout funds) over recent fee increases coalesced this weekend into a Facebook-driven campaign urging Americans to close their accounts at large banks and move their money to credit unions by Nov. 5.

    Though not initiated by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York and other cities around the country, the effort has been embraced by the protesters, and their “We are the 99%” mantra is all over the “Bank Transfer Day” Facebook page — making this the first specific action by a political movement that has been criticized as unfocused and incoherent.

    Bank Transfer Day was started by a 27-year-old Los Angeles art-gallery owner, Kristen Christian. She says she’s not affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street protesters but that many organizers of those demonstrations had reached out to her to express support.

    Read more:

    Read more:

    Read more here:

  34. Uh Oh – 3 links to the same page? Don;t know why that happened?

    Fix-it-Fairy — Help?!

  35. Fished you out, WhyNot.

  36. Good piece on how Obama’s brand of class warfare is a bunch of baloney.

  37. Why Not?,

    My son opened up an account at credit union and got 2% for his money while at B of A, he was getta nada. Plus, they are planning on charging a service fee for debit cards. Much more effective than Occupying Wall Street–vote with your feet. That is a message they will get.

    Has anyone read the “Psycopath Test” by Jon Ronson–also wrote “The Men Who Stare at Goats?” Read that, and you will start to see them everywhere–particularly in DC and Corporate America.

    The problem with the O man is that he is just as much of a corporatist as his idiot predecessor. He is trying to rally the masses against acessible targets–“the rich,” who are primarily upper middle class professionals instead of the corporate robber barons. We need to focus our desire to reform on corporations that do not pay taxes, instead of the surgeon or the accountant. Has anyone found it ironic that the jobs czar, Imelt, heads a company that has 50% jobs overseas and did not pay a penny in taxes last year?

  38. Thanks NES – but, it posted its own link (twice) after I cited the link.

    I guess it cites itself when one copies and pastes an excerpt.

    AnnE – Check out how much “He” has received in donations from BofA – more than anyone else.

    I am not anti-business – I am anti “guaranteed to succeed.”

  39. morning all. 🙂

  40. Whynot- some publications insert a link when you copy and paste their work. It can be annoying when I take a snip from the beginning then another from the middle or end. The I have to clean up all the multiple links lol.

  41. Keep trying NES. lol.

    This is recreate 68, done by the not very creative self-described creative class. They ARE obots, or they would have been screaming at the white house about that free trade agreement instead of in front of congress critter Maloney’s place. This was HIS bill. He created jobs though. In South Korea.

  42. Morning Foxy! Lunchtime for me, though

    Having mediterranean tuna salad. Tuna, calamata olives, artichoke hearts, garlic, fresh parsley, red onion, spices,,olive oil and lemon, between some nice crusty bread.

  43. NES: Re: “Class Warfare”

    It is all too convenient to label all Americans as covetous of the success of the rich or successful – especially when the uber-powerful have the wealth to create whatever political platform to legislate themselves guarantees to control America’s Entire Economy – and regardless of how it dominoes into job losses, government dependence programs and soaring poverty rates that are unconscionable in this country.

    From banking to healthcare to food safety – our human being welfare is virtually insignificant – relative to corporate welfare.

    And, jobs from taxpayer bailouts resulting in mega, unprecedented corporate profits?

    My “lower-class” ass. Pure propaganda to keep the sheeple all hopey for changey.

  44. Uppity- sounds yummy- but hold the olives on my plate please. Never did acquire a taste for calamata olives.

  45. Before I run, I do wish to point out that the next End Of The World is scheduled by evangelical crackpots for October 21. Don’t be caught by surprise! Pack and make sure you ladies don’t wear a dress because the people left behind will see your panties.

  46. Well I suppose you could use black olives, Mom, but to me, the calamatas are a burst of flavor. I only use a few. The trick is to put the tuna salad inside a small loaf of bread, wrap it up in saran wrap for an hour before eating, so all the flavors meld into the bread. It’s really quite delicious.

  47. WhyNot- Food Safety + Govt + Bi Ag = oxymoron.
    Notice how the more big ag gives and the more regulations that the govt creates to benefit big ag and screw the little family farmer- the more cases we have of Food Borne Illnesses. Salmonella, Listeria and E-Coli in produce? No family farm would plant vegetables in feces. But Big Ag does and govt allows it. Food safety laws in this country are becoming a joke.
    Sorry – food not safety is a pet peeve of mine.
    Rant over

  48. Ok, Auntie. If the Occupy Crowd are either Obots or stupid enough to let him jump on the band-wagon – may their diapers implode.

    and, may the Pitchfork Crowd emerge.

  49. Uppity- I just never could get over the salt in the Calamata olives. Or maybe I have just never had the opportunity to sample good ones. Not in my price range lol. I will keep an open mind though and keep trying them when chance allows.

  50. PMM – I’m so repulsed by the food recalls, I’ve lost 14 pounds, consuming lots of organic tea and avoiding chain markets like the plague.

  51. Yeah they can be salty. You can rinse them. But yeah they are expensive. I use them in my greek salads though. Naked without them, ya know?

  52. Damn! They could have schedule the End of the World on my birthday. I can’t think of a better present than the Rapture of the predictors of the End of the World.

  53. Why Not- local local local as much as I possibly can. In a normal year we grow a LOT of produce- starting with asparagus in the spring and going right through monster zucchini from hell to the winter squashes. And scavenging the wild berries ringing the fields here. We buy what we don’t grow from local farms and get meat from local farms as well. Recently found out there is a closed herd dairy here that sells raw milk and cheese they make themselves. Am going to check that out very soon.

  54. PMM – Wonderful!

    I’ve been researching everything I can on 4 Square Gardening – and hope to become “Certified” in it before the end of the year – before next spring.

    I’m done with Big-Agra and hope that more than we know are hoarding “our” unaltered seeds.

    Local, Local Local!!! I agree – and may they not sell out to Walmart!

  55. Dennis Miller has always been a funny and intelligent man. I don’t always agree with him, and he sometimes rubs me the wrong way, but overall he makes sense most of the time.

    A job fair would have them scattering like rats leaving the sinking ship.

    What a bunch of hooey. That Bill Ayers is involved and being made relevant by this group of yahoos, after decades of hidden obscurity, is due to barky being his good ol’ palsy back in the neighborhood. Ayers has the balls that obama lacks. These freakazoids scare me.

    I keep hearing Brazilnuts warning in my mind. “There will be blood.”

    A whole new generation gets to learn the joy of mace, pepper spray, handcuffs, paddy wagons, and batons on skulls. Oh fun…

  56. Must (get to) go to work, now. Later everyone.

  57. Gee, Hillary is the winner. No kidding? It only took them a few years to figure out what was plain as day in front of their noses.

  58. Philadelphia OWS

    More gimme.

  59. It gets weirder and weirder by the day.

  60. mcnorman- where in heaven’s name are they getting these people? A giant swimming pool laced with hallucinogenics?

  61. PMM I am stumped. In the old days, you would visit the local mental health institution. That is no longer PC, so OWS brings them out of the woodwork via social media. snark

  62. This sh*t’s still going on? What are they trying to do, turn it into Woodstock? These people are too damn dumb for that. These aren’t people in trouble; these are the same people who hold big banners that say “SHAME ON _____” and harass passers-by. Shame on THEM.

    I read over that website/blog that was posted a few days ago where they post pictures of idiots with their stories on a placard. One thing I noticed – a lot of “I”m a sophomore in college and have $100,000 of debt” and “I’m a starving artist/interpretive dancer/sidewalk sketcher and I have X health problems and $Y debt.” You’re not seeing the folks who grew up and work hard and have families and all that. And they’re almost all anonymous – hiding their faces with the placard, mostly. Chickens. Internet Tough Guys. Hmmm.

    (That’s not to say there isn’t a problem – oh hell no – but they’re not going to win smart people over with dumb stuff like this).

    I know there’s talk of moving the movement (ha) out to the major cities here… not happening.

    Soros’ fingers are in this? That’s no surprise. First, buying a buttload of Target stock (and he gets ME-chelle to insultingly parade there), now this? What is he really up to? How to get rid of that vermin?

  63. WTF was that. Please don’t tell me that guy is on drugs. If he is, I’m on my way to rehab. This sh!t gets funnier by the day. They really want people to take them seriously? I still think it’s a distraction.

  64. And you have to love this (direct link to public photo – I saved it but don’t know how to link a image directly – or I could send it to lorac if you’d like):

  65. Better Allie?

  66. Thank you, mcn! I know there are many folks here who don’t like clicking onto facebook… so thank you very much.

    I don’t know if it’s a real person who made a real placard. but the point is exceptionally valid.

  67. The point is very valid Allie. My kid has sucked it up in order to continue school. There are no extras. She walks to school everyday because there was never an extra car to be had. She doesn’t go out. There is no cable in her tiny 425 sq ft studio that runs $1200 per mo. She will have a large loan to pay in the end (law school), but it would have been twice that much if she hadn’t received 1/2 of the amount in scholarship.

  68. Nothing in life is free. I honestly don’t understand how these people got the notion that “free” exists?

  69. Oh mcnorman- we know how they got that idea. Guilty parents. Parents who got played by the toddlers for every damn new shiny thing they saw when their parents parked them in front of the tv and caved when the kid pitched a fit in the store. Parents who made sure their kids got trophies and ribbons for showing up. Parents who wanted to be their kids friend instead of the PARENT!

    I wish every college student could be like the one who made that sign!

  70. Yes, I agree PMM. Being the kid’s bestest buddy didn’t work out very well.

  71. Seriously though, people have been going to college on loans for decades upon decades. They worked and paid them off. I don’t understand when it suddenly became unfair to work your own way through college.

  72. PMM – the term you’re looking for is Precious Snowflakes – the guilt-driven, passive, I’m-your-friend-not-your-parent parenting phenomenon is coming home to roost.

    I saw a Snowflake in Progress this past weekend… my own nephew. It’s not pretty.

  73. This is the generation that always got something from their best friends without ever having put forth any effort to do anything. They resent being forced into paying for anything. I’ve been listening to some of their rants which leave me speechless.

  74. Uppity- I think it started around the same time some PC idiot decided there would be no winners or losers in children”s games. And no failing grades- bad for self-esteem. The same people who have never had to WORK for a trophy see no reason why they should WORK for anything else.
    I remember my brother and a bunch of his friends broke a neighbors window playing ball to close to the house. The parents made the children involved pay for the window. Extra chores, raking leaves, mowing lawns- all kinds of jobs for those boys to pay off that window. Nobody sued anybody either. Imagine that! The parents made the children take responsibility for their actions. Not one parent bailed those kids out and paid their share,
    Unheard of now.

  75. NILIF. Nothing in Life is Free. FCS we train our dogs that way. My dog wants an extra biscuit? SHe knows she has to work for it. Dogs understand this and children don’t. So how dumb are children? Dumb like foxes, that’s how dumb. Parents. Not so much. They are just Dumb Like Dumb. Anybody who can’t say No to their child is creating a monster. Kind of like an untrained dog.

  76. Tomorrow will be interesting. The parent, Bloomberg, wants to clean up that park. The children say No.

    I wonder how this will go down, considering one side has guns and billy clubs and the other side has defiance as their weapon. You would think, though, that cleanliness and public health would matter to a bunch of “earth friendly” global warming sycophants, hey?

  77. They will be let back into the park sans tents, sleeping bags, etc. Oh the humanity, how will they live? hahahahahaha

  78. Yes, I am sure they can tap some homeless law. The park is for public use not for camping.

  79. We won’t allow Bloomberg and the NYPD to foreclose our occupation. This is an occupation, not a permitted picnic.”

    Fighten words from Reuters. Hope Bloomers is prepared.

  80. Occupation…?! What do they think they are, the Nazis? Criminy.

  81. Well Bloomberg will either have to sacrifice his ego and back down or there will be trouble. Man, you don’t want to frack with the NY City police. There are people in that crowd as we speak who WANT a problem ot erupt. But they won’t be the ones cracked over the head, to be sure.That will be left to the useful fools.

    We shall see. The truth is, the OWNER of the park has complained and that is not good news. That park owner could demand that park be secured and that letter they wrote had a lot between the lines.

  82. Tomorrow is going to be very very interesting. If a riot breaks out I think the real 99%- those who are struggling to keep their jobs and homes and don’t have time for an extended campover will NOT sympathize.

  83. Off to a candidates forum for our County Commissioner slots. One I know- incumbent and very involved in the community. Have to pick two- and have not made up my mind. Local local local. lol

  84. There are quite a few older people there. If I lived in NYC, I would be there. So there are kids protesting. So what? Don’t they have the same right to complain? Both of my kids are working 80+ hours week and getting very little in return. Both are well-educated. They are suffering because of the greed of the 1%ers, so if their peers who can protest do, then good for them.

  85. Well I don’t know that their goals are very promising when they are protesting that they want everyone to give them things. The kids are incidental here. The organizations that organize for them are more important. I guess I’m old enough to recognize this all. Kids are very easy to use. Especially if you tell them they can get free this and free that just by revolting. It never works that way in the real world is all. Most of them don’t even know exactly why they are there. The concept of Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country is lost on them. Youth has always been wasted on the young. I remember protesting like that and not even really knowing why the hell I was there. Because in the original version of this occupation, I was too young to catch somebody doing something RIGHT for a change. I’d venture to say that the older people are throwbacks from that time as well.

  86. There is this thing called Ownership. Ownership is something also lost on these people. That’s because My House, My Rules got lost somewhere in the past few decades.

    Brookfield Office Properties representatives, escorted by police, handed out notices to the protesters on Thursday to tell them that the park would be cleaned in three stages and would reopen for public use consistent with park regulations.

    But the rules ban camping, tents or other structures, lying down on the ground, placing tarps or sleeping bags on the ground and the storage personal property — everything the protesters have been doing since they set up on Sept. 17.

    If they resist, they will be arrested. They will resist arrest. There will be cracked heads. What part of this is everybody having a hard time getting?

    Churl, your kids don’t have time to protest. They are working to support themselves. There are people working day and night to support their entire families. It’s always been this way. There is no such thing as Everybody Is Equal financially and there never will be. When there is, it’s called Marxism and we know how well that works out. This is nothing new under the sun.

  87. These OWS punks would not know a good idea if it came up and bit them in their flat lazy asses. They will not do any good but quite the opposite I am afraid. If I owned the park they would have their asses carted off and served a summons to appear in court to pay for clean up and RENT !!!!
    I highly doubt there is a one of these pampered little pussies that could keep up with me on one of my bad days.
    I just moved two cords of firewood from one end of my property yo the other by myself with my little red wagon. I am tired and sore but it is a good tired and sore. Have two more cords coming in tomorrow I have to move by myself and stack.
    Guess I had better get hurrying since the rapture is coming.
    Piss on that I aint a-going. I just spent all that time and money on firewood and if you think I am leaving my food behind for some ill mannered goat fucker think again. God will just have to understand this is a bad time for me to be going and leave me behind until I am finished . lol.

  88. Guess I had better get hurrying since the rapture is coming.
    Piss on that I aint a-going. I just spent all that time and money on firewood


  89. Give me my T.E.A. Party friends anytime. You may not agree with some of our views, but we are friendly, clean, and employed! You are way cool Utah Woman. And you too UW. 🙂

  90. John, honestly, I have about as much respect for the tea party as I have for these people. If I had my choice, I would like to throw that demon Dick Armey into the OSW crowd naked and let them have at him. The son of a bitch. He’s the quintessential example of a greedy, mean and self-indulgent pig who would just as soon all those little people just go off and die. And I won’t even get into what a poster boy he is for sexism. i have seen him insult women who had twice his brains. If I were married to him i would kill him in his sleep. He doesn’t need social security because he’s been in government long enough to rob plenty for himself and wheel and deal his power at the expense of everybody else.

  91. Just look at this thieving, condescending fucking asshole. And the day he appropriated the tea party was the day they lost half their credibility. Die your natural death now, you pig. Get that heart attack now. Nobody deserves it more. And you will be quickly forgotten because you are a small man in every way that counts.

  92. Will you listen to this petulant snot?

  93. He really has lost control. It’s another “sweetie” condescending moment for the snot.

  94. Here’s Obama’s plan….no, no….not for JOBS for the American people, silly……for HIS job. Target states with rising Hispanic populations. Heavy registration drives & GOTV in states like Nevada to make up for all of the traditional Democratic votes and Indy’s he’s been losing lately. NV Dems are asking for CA Dems to come across the border to help register Hispanics for the Dem party….no lie.

  95. I guess his job is the only one worth saving.

  96. From another redneck conservative hillbilly lol I like you too Jon. Give me the tea party too. Just because a few ass heads jumped on the train to further themselves does not mean our ideas are not good ones or the fact we want to stop ignorant spending and take back our country from the left.
    So does this rapture thingy mean we uns is a floating upwards ? Hah got me some logging chains in the garage and I am chaining myself up that day.
    I like it let it happen there will be more room for me here.

  97. imustmustuseherblogaddress! Seriously imust- if you put your blog http in there you will get a FREE undeline on your name! Ans we can all click and go read pie2012!

  98. I honestly don’t know what America is going to do. We have HORRIBLE people in charge of our lives from both parties. Just HORRIBLE people.

  99. yeah imust let’s see that pie place link. I only charge a buck for every click of traffic you get from here.

  100. There imust- i fixed it- now everybody can find you! No holding back on the pie!

  101. The forum tonight for our county commissioners was good. They have done four or five already- and it gets broadcast on our local cable channel. But I like to meet them in person and watch their faces and body language. The woman who is running is a teacher with deep roots in the community. Very down to earth. Experience in lots of local things and a great understanding of how the county functions, the budget, ideas for trimming excess and for solving some of the issues we have. She will be a great addition to the board. A – dare I say it? Old fashioned common sense capital D Democrat!

  102. Hey Billy, your tea party friends cheered someone dying for lack of insurance. If they can’t even understand how the health care industry is making it impossible for millions to get to a doctor then how smart can they be?
    You know folks, it is not 1965 anymore. We were young in a time where you could go to the doctor for 6 bucks and there were many jobs, all with healthcare and other benefits.
    Lots of people work hard for decades only to get laid off, move to a job with no insurance, take on the second job and get ill. They lose everything and they don’t deserve to. They worked hard, played by the rules and were destroyed by a serious illness and a company which had to lay off thousands in a bad economy.
    Sure some of these kids are kooks. But there really is a crisis in this country concerning the rich being able to buy the government out from under us.

  103. I honestly don’t know what America is going to do. We have HORRIBLE people in charge of our lives from both parties. Just HORRIBLE people.

    We hope like hell that more people like this woman decide to get into politics.

  104. Y’all want to know what Big Dawg thinks? Sorry, Letterman was there too.

  105. I’m with teresa.

  106. Then they need to occupy the homes and offices of the people who ALLOW themselves to be bought. Then I will know they are serious.

  107. Oh no!!! Jesse Jackson Jr has some ideas on how to get America back to work. Lawd help up.

  108. Jesse Jackson has made a hefty living off of keeping people out of work.

  109. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  110. Upps, I’m sympathetic to the cause, but not necessarily to their way of going about it. I don’t understand how the campouts are going to force congress to reinstate the regulations that brought about all the inequality. Maybe they should take over the Mall? I don’t know. Maybe the publicity will capture peoples attention anyway, and some real leaders to pop up with worthwhile suggestions. I admit its beyond my feeble mind.

  111. This guy is a real slug. He can’t even come up with his own words. I hope Elizabeth Warren kicks his ass.

  112. oops. Said that badly. Meant to say “…reinstate the regulations, that when ended, brought about the inequality.”

  113. Junior must be coming out from under his rock, since he has been in hiding ever since he got caught in the Let’s Buy The Senate Seat For My Brother incident. His creds are dead.

  114. Ahh, Nude Truck Guy is back in the news.

  115. I saw a sign that said I paid for your bailout. where’s my refund. That might be a very effective sign if the child holding it didn’t look like he is anything but a taxpayer. That’s what’s missing here. The real 99 percent is at work while their kids, who are accustomed to paying for nothing, want their parents’ refund.

  116. Boy Bill Ayers and his friends Michelle and Barack sure did a great job fixing Chicago’s schools.

  117. Viv, scottie is a dumb shit who got by on his good looks, which are wearing away.

  118. I know.

    I saw a sign that said I paid for your bailout. where’s my refund. That might be a very effective sign if the child holding it didn’t look like he is anything but a taxpayer.

    That’s what make it a joke.

  119. LOL Uppity! You know I’m not trying to get traffic on that blog! It’s only a little place for me to play…it’s fun! NES and PMM are being good blog friends….(bliends??) giving me some comments so I feel like a real blog!

  120. LOL imust. Not for anything, but you’ve got some pretty good stuff over there.

  121. And they’re keeping it in the bank.

    What’s the money for?

  122. Hey Utah. I see where Utah is number 2 in the highest percentage of people with mental illness. Second only to Rhode Island. Even new york is only #25 on the list and there are a LOT of crazies there. Utah is at 24.1%. One in four! So, what’s up with that?

  123. where is the link for imusts’ place? I can’t find it.

  124. Well, it did say they were keeping it in a credit union. Maybe they’ll use it for porta potties!

  125. lmao you believe everything you read ? Especially from that rag ?? roflmao.

  126. Let’s see here hmm liberal piece of crap rag going after a conservative state ? Yea makes sense to me.

  127. Did anyone hear? Did they get evicted today? The only thing I saw was where they picked up some mops and were cleaning the park themselves. Mom must have called and told them to clean their rooms.

    Porta potties huh? I was wondering where they were going. The only picture I saw about that was a guy crapping on a cop car. I did hear about them getting banned from some of the restaurants in the neighborhood. They never learned the lesson of respecting other peoples property.

  128. Huffblow didn’t do the survey, they just reported it.
    U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency (SAMHSA) did the survey.
    So what’s up with the mental thing?

  129. I’m with utah on that one. Huffypoop does a good job of sensationalizing their story’s.

  130. Read the article Viv. All they have is photos of the states and their ranking.

  131. Rush Blow says Mittens is not a conservative.

    No, Druggie. He’s a Republican. You social conservatives hijacked the party but you don’t own it. I suggest you all go back and join the fringe conservative party. That way, you can put up all your whackos as third party candidates and come in last, just like the old days. Just a tossup of which of you gets fewer votes. You or the American Socialist Party.

  132. Okay, it wasn’t a huffblow article. Did you see Virginia? Blue. You won’t see that often. I’m surprised we weren’t up there with utah.

  133. I saw that. All I could wonder was, why does that get to be news?

  134. Hell I’m surprised NY wasn’t number one.

    I think they did the release to point out that only a third of people who need help actually get help. Or some such shit. It’s a government agency. They have to do SOMETHING once in awhile to show we need them even though we don’t need them.

  135. I saw a blind item recently (gossip site): “what conservative radio talk show host goes to Europe so he can frequent whore houses that specialize in very young girls?”

    The website said the answer was Rush. Gross thought, isn’t it?

  136. Rush with a perv secret. Why would this not surprise me.

  137. Die bitches. But don’t forget to vote!

    WASHINGTON — After an emotional floor debate, the House of Representatives on Thursday passed the so-called Protect Life Act, which prohibits women from buying health insurance plans that cover abortion under the Affordable Care Act and makes it legal for hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women with life-threatening conditions.

  138. Check out Bill Clinton’s piece on OWS. Sometimes (not often) he’s just plain wrong, like here. It’s a combo of Dem-hackish thinking and the general Boomer disdain for any movement that doesn’t follow their protests-playbook. And, I hate that he’s shilling BO’s phoney-baloney travesty of a “jobs bill.” He knows that dog won’t hunt. No way is it going to appeal to the OWsers. They’re beyond Dem Pty talking-points, god bless them.

  139. NES is doing a schitzy turn here. Somebody do an intervention!

    Actually, what scares me is they ARE following the boomer playbook. The bad one. They’ve only just begun though. The rads are in there, gaining their confidence. That IS how it’s done.

  140. Hahahahaha, Upps. Funny you say that…I just told mia donna and a close friend that I was concerned I was starting to “sound too hippy-ish.”
    Haaaaalp, send me a cure! (Also, can I blame Obama for this?)

  141. Bahahaha! To HELL with the cure. It’s just too much fun to watch you make a fool of yourself!!! I got some old head bands and fringe belts in the attic. I’ll mail them to you. They’re paisley too!

    Care to double down on the wager you are already losing? Double or nothing?

  142. I might have known you were going bad when I found out you read USA Today.

  143. Here’s the WJC article that just earned my ire over two glasses of vino rosso.

  144. Naaah, Wall street took all my moolah.

    But hey, Im lovin’ me my paisley now. Peace. Love. Baby.

  145. Hey, not the whole news rag…just the editorials. In any case, USA Today is too socially conservative to like OWS.

  146. Socal and I are toking and grooooving on OWS at JWS’s these days. In paisley and beads, both. She’s digging it as much as I. (Laker has probably disowned her for that.)

  147. That’s because laker has more sense than both of you combined.

  148. OMG. She’s reading Rolling Stone!!!

    I actually agree with Big Dawg. Except that they can’t get specific. You know why? Because they are underground being turd stirred by too many different groups of freaks. Starting with teh sociallist party, the aclu, labor unions, Working Families also known as ACORN, and probably the old SDS guys who are still hanging on, they sure were visible during Obama’s presidential race. Put em all together and they can’t be specific because they all have a whole list of alinsky-driven demands. Soon some of those SDS freaks will break out of the crowd and start something that will end with some pain. Next thing you know, why all hell breaks loose and a whole boatload of ipods get broken. But hey, what do I know?

  149. Next thing you know, why all hell breaks loose and a whole boatload of ipods get broken.


  150. Upps @ 3:25am. “..they are underground being turd stirred by too many different groups of freaks”

    Sadly, you are probably right, although I hope they can accomplish something. I know its very unlikely & they will probably be co-opted by the most annoying part of the Dem party, which will be ridiculous. Can you imagine, the OWSers & the Tea Partiers duking it out next year, each with their own army of extremists? Gadzooks.

    NES is right, we’ve been having fun at the neighbors house, although I did lose it today and posted a screeching invective at that houses current knowitall. btw, NES, loved your morning response “what a load of rubbish.” I would so love to be able to write like you and Uppity. Also, agree with you about the Taibbi ideas being better than the Dawgs.

  151. Ah is that guy over at the neighbor’s place still hallucinating?

  152. As for laker, he wants to go see the OWS in downtown L.A. this weekend. And he loves hippie stuff! He laughed with me at a couple of the hilarious comebacks over there, but he did advise me to not respond to knowitall & I shoulda listened to him.

  153. I don’t think its the one you’re thinking of, its the other one. All the women there tangle with him eventually.

  154. Well bless their little counterfeit hippy hearts, they will have to move. They are occupying private property and the owner has clearly come up only barely short of pressing charges.

    Bloomberg will have no choice but to press on. I’m taking my old bong away from you, NES. You’re a lawyer, you know I’m right.

  155. No I am thinking of the right one. The other one does not hallucinate, he’s just mean.

  156. Yep, he’s still Master of the Universe and Gordon Gekko, pressed together to form a wooden nickel.

  157. Hey, anytime socal!

  158. You are right, Upps. Legally, he da man.
    (Now can I have my/your old bong back?)


    “I actually agree with Big Dawg. Except that they can’t get specific. You know why? Because they are underground being turd stirred by too many different groups of freaks. Starting with teh sociallist party, the aclu, labor unions, Working Families also known as ACORN, and probably the old SDS guys who are still hanging on, they sure were visible during Obama’s presidential race. Put em all together and they can’t be specific because they all have a whole list of alinsky-driven demands. Soon some of those SDS freaks will break out of the crowd and start something that will end with some pain. Next thing you know, why all hell breaks loose and a whole boatload of ipods get broken. But hey, what do I know?”

    The above is brilliant. It should be put into a banner by FF. Been there done that and have the t-shirts.

    Which reminds me: *tosses tie dye regalia, my folk guitar, and a roll of toilet paper to NES* You will need those. Especially the last item.

  160. Hilarious! I’ll take the regalia and guitar, karen, but, hey, my lux hotel will have toilet paper.

    You guys are just a bunch of ol’ hippies turned socially conservative…. Feel your inner Joan Baez!

  161. Hahahaha. Thx Mom.

  162. NES- not you- ME! Old and in the Way! Old hippie (SSSHHHH don’t tell anybody)
    Yes I have gotten more conservative in my old age- more fiscally conservative. A lot of the govt social programs have made things worse- imo anyway. As in- The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Once on the dole the system makes it very very hard to escape.

  163. NES being a hippie was easy when your parents were paying the bills. When YOU start paying the bills, it all unravels.

  164. I agree with the bills point, Upps.

  165. PMM; you being an old hippie, and me being a hillbilly, and getting along, shows that there is hope for this nation! Do hippies like to go noodlin? In case you don;t know, that is catching catfish by hand.:)

  166. On my way home a few hours ago, I saw this creature holding up a sign that said “Take back our country!”. He was the scheeviest thing I had seen in years with the longest flaxen hair I had ever seen in my life, on man or woman. I am not kidding here. The wind was whipping it up from behind him into his face and people were deliberately crossing the street rather than walk by him. I was moving too fast for a pic, but suffice it to say all I could think of was…

  167. Try that again see if it embeds

  168. Hillbilly- ah no- I prefer to use my fishing rods- and wroms from the compost pile. And I absolutely WILL NOT eat catfish. Or sunfish (there’s a reason they call them crappie) lol
    I can catch em and cook em- but gives me roots and berries before I eat those things. If it comes out of “fresh” water I am not eating it. Give me nice, clean North Atlantic fish. Haddock or Cod is good. Or Alaska wild caught Halibut.

  169. I like catsfish. With fries. And lots of ketchup.

    I hate halibut. Too bland. Prefer haddock.

    Looks like John and I are a match.

  170. Haddock is my all time favorite fish. YUMMY! I like halibut steaks too- yes bland- but stays firm on the grill if they cut them thick enough.
    Flounder I like too- and yes I know they are bottom feeders lol.

  171. Mahi Mahi is absolutely the best tasting fish ever. Too bad all you can think of is Flipper.

  172. Mahi mahi is the best tasting fish I’ve ever eaten. It looks nothing like a flipper. See.

    You can put ketchup on it, but it taste better without it. They make a kick ass fish taco. You’re making me hungry.

  173. Roots and berries? Is that anything like hops and barley? And I won’t even begin to tell ya what is in this bill’s “compost” pile. 🙂
    I usually just catch and release fish, and very rarely eat em. This past summer I caught an 8llb striped bass on my 2nd cast, then proceeded to not catch anything for the next 300 plus cast. Before I released him, I named him Lincoln!

  174. Oh John. Stripped bass? You released it? I would have eaten Lincoln. Battered and fried. That’s good eatin.

  175. The only reason I did not, was because he was the only one. I felt bad. Not to worry, I had some wild bore suasage at home!

  176. Your an old softy.

    My dad is a country boy, all of his children fish and hunt. He’s an avid hunter. Bow, black powder, and firearm. He’s out there every weekend during hunting season. My oldest sister smokes a mean summer sausage.

  177. Softy? Stop, you are ruin’n my Hilbillycred-a-bility.

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