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Report any news you see or here. Mods go ahead and update with any links you think are helpful. Any uppityites who are nearby any demonstrations, and especially in New York City, please let us know what you see, if you can brave it.  Be careful!

AFL-CIO has joined them.

Cleanup has been postponed.

8:20 Police are moving in with barricades.

Livestream Denver- not sure why it is coming out of OccupyErie – which is in PA- it is not pretty there- police in riot gear


Brookfield reversed its decision to clear the park because it was intimidated by elected officials who are siding with the protestors, an angry Mayor Bloomberg said today.

“My understanding is Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials, threatening them and saying if you don’t stop this we’ll make your life more difficult,” the mayor said on his weekly radio show.

“If those elected officials had spent half as much time trying to promote the city to get jobs to come here we would a lot more ways towards answering the concerns of the protestorsRead more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/protest_park_cleanup_could_still_NgRHA6mcsXUEsfhH7KKqOO#ixzz1alJpMGoK
OH LOOK! More on the DC scandals! Open thread over at my blog- use for Solyndra, Fast n Furious etc. Thank God we can multi-task LOL!
oh now isn’t this a coincidence! That hearing on Solynda is RIGHT NOW on C-Span. How much of a coincidence is that? The cops all over the country are “cracking-down” on OWS- focusing the news on OWS. This hearing was scheduled when? I smell a big fat plague infested rat!

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  1. Denver police moved in – no arrests reported

    DENVER (AP) — Dozens of police in riot gear have moved into a park near the Colorado State Capitol and evicted hundreds of Occupy Denver protesters.

    Protesters moved to sidewalks and streets across from the state Capitol, and dozens locked arms around a makeshift kitchen after police threatened to remove it.

    Authorities took down dozens of tents, but there were no clashes since the action began around 3:30 a.m. Friday. And police say there have been no arrests.

  2. Interesting- wonder why Brookfield “withdrew” their request for help. Postponed the cleaning eh? Is this going to be a sneaky weekend thing? Wait til all the big name anchors AND the Wall St employees are safely gone for the weekend?

  3. Did they withdraw their request? I guess they got a little scared. I hope these people don’t let this go to their heads. The place is swarming with cops, they need to not get to porky about the postponment. I don’t imagine Bloomers is in a good mood, having backed down.

    I just heard an interviewee say they are brining in barricades.

  4. is anyone else not able to run that live feed? it crashed my lap top

  5. I’m running it right now. Working fine.

  6. Confirmed. They are setting up barricades. This is the point at which things can get bad quickly with the wrong moves.

  7. I suspect that things will go down later during the Friday afternoon news dump.

  8. Tea Party must be feeling kind of small right now. Watch em show up.

    Hatfields and McCoys. The rest of the country will be like WTF?

  9. mcnorman, there are asswipes in every crowd. The environmental movement of the 70s was one of the most powerful and long lasting “good” things that boomers made happen. But one of the founding organizers was that guy who killed his girl friend and stuffed her in a trunk then escaped to Europe. I still plant trees on earth day, despite Ira what his face. Too bad his girl friend didn’t grab a knife and kill him instead.

  10. Showdown averted. Shot of OWS people cleaning up zucchini park. Smart move!

  11. Justin Idiot:

    Via human mic, everybody being asked to tweet that park entrance at cedar and trinity remains open. Others apparently closed by NYPD

  12. teresainpa, I understand about the creeps that dwell in the crevices. That is what worries me. It’s those few that screw everyone as always.

  13. I will try again but just in case I hope you all will let us know what is happening. Riverdaughter has been very much behind this whole protest and so there is another blog to check for information. I think she spent a day there and may go back.

  14. I figure that a lot of them will leave for a while to run and get themselves an Iphone with their Daddy’s credit card.

    oopsie! That’s just the long line waiting for the new Apple iphone 4S…

    Down with corporations!!! (after I get my new iphone..)

  16. live stream is from Avaaz.
    “Avaaz mobilizes instant campaigns to address crises happening anywhere on earth”

  17. make it 15 now

  18. what works best is when people police their own and refuse to allow the creeps to be the face of the protest.

  19. Many protesters said the only way they would leave is by force

    Looks like Bloomers has a problem now that they have become empowered.

  20. I think weeding out the creeps would be difficult. Then there are always the nuts that want to use the situation to further their agendas without being overly obvious. The situation is ripe for someone like that.

  21. Added a live feed from Denver- police in riot gear

  22. Arrests ongoing in Denver- police are filming the arrests.

  23. mcnorman, you are right. It is always messy when freedom breaks out. Sometimes not-freedom breaks out at the same time. Mob behavior is also human nature. I always think of “Lord of the Flies” when ever large groups gather and break the rules governing our every day lives. There is a thin line separating good and evil and it is sometimes very hard to tell which is which, IMO.

  24. From what I am able to discern- the Denver police are cleaning out the “kitchen” cops picking up bags or trash as well – can’t get a handle on how many arrested yet




  26. You cannot weed out the agenda people. these are the ones who will create a problem. you can also bet the fbi is in that crowd right now.

  27. NY OWS one of the 4 problem children arrested.

  28. No surprise about FBI infiltration.

  29. Also reported today: Economists record a ten year decline in income with another ten year decline expected. In other words, the standard of living will have had a twenty year decline.

  30. Don’t worry about Bloomberg. He’s a planner.

    One bad wind and he will call in the guard. He’s definitely capable of it.

  31. Add the debt that these kids will have to pay for ObamaCare. Not good.

  32. UW, the question is what length will his gf let him go to? I understand that she is on the Zoo board.

  33. Bah. Guys like him just go and get another girlfriend.

  34. Uppity- we can put the Solyndra stuff on one of the mods blogs? That way we do not lose it. If you give me a link I can pop it up over at my place? Or mcnorman? You are right- we can not let this OWS distract us from the Solyndra AND Fast and Furious scandals.

  35. Good idea MOM.

  36. Brookfield reversed its decision to clear the park because it was intimidated by elected officials who are siding with the protestors, an angry Mayor Bloomberg said today.

    “My understanding is Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials, threatening them and saying if you don’t stop this we’ll make your life more difficult,” the mayor said on his weekly radio show.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/protest_park_cleanup_could_still_NgRHA6mcsXUEsfhH7KKqOO#ixzz1alJEe7C9

  37. Cost of OWS to NY City taxpayers in police overtime as of now:
    3.2 million.

  38. MOM, tons of solyndra links on the interwebs. Here’s NES’ beloved USA Today.

  39. Ok Uppity- shoot me a link and I will pop it up over at my place- just so we don’t lose track.
    I get the feeling that some news worthy items are being neglected in favor of the latest distraction/sensation of the occupiers.
    How convenient.

  40. Solyndra. There was also a Navy deal cooking. The USA should be seizing their assets right now instead of paying the Obama friend investors. Anything short of that is a clear In Your Face to the taxpayers by Obama. Also, our government restructured their loan unbeknowns to us.

  41. Mom, once you have a post, put it in bold letters in this post with a link. We must not let this Friday story be buried in OWS.

  42. Got it Uppity- link to the USA story- I will try to find a link to the hearing that is supposed to happen today- I will check C-Span- if I find one will give a heads up.

  43. Austin report: 4 stinkers arrested


    Blake Scott, a 28-year-old University of Texas graduate student studying history, said there are many factions coming together at the plaza, and some “have a lot of time on their hands that represent a fringe element.” At the same time, he said, the movement continues to pick up steam, shown in part by its Facebook following of more than 11,000.

  44. Thanks MOM. And keep posting the link when there’s an update. Post it continuously here in comments. Let’s keep this horrid story of robbery up front.

    I have to run folks. See you later. Gotta get some work done.

  45. JEEBUS! The hearing is RIGHT NOW! Waxman is on the committee – so we know how far that is going to go!

  46. Waxman and the D lady from Colorado are seriously trying to obstruct this hearing. Trying to shut it down- so far the R’s are not allowing them to shut it down. So far.

  47. It all hinges on the chair. Waxman is not the chair.

  48. ok the hearing is in recess for now- back to OWS

  49. Oh God! John Smart has a new Shelby Fluffy!

  50. I think Mom has a crush on Shelby Fluffy.

  51. NES- lol- nope- but I AM addicted to the giggles I get watching John’s vids! Shelby has early onset alroker disease in the latest one.
    Nope- did you forget I like the Aragon type? Shelby is just WAAAAYYY too mushy and modern. He probably gets pedicures and has his eyebrows shaped.

  52. AYFKM? Did this asshat just suggest that OWS needs a Kent State moment? WTF?

  53. The press loooooves a war, Mom. As the foreign wars are starting to wind down, they’re looking to the home-front. May they be disappointed!

  54. Cost of OWS to NY City taxpayers in police overtime as of now:
    3.2 million.
    just the way you love to spend your money. 👿

  55. NES- from your lips!

  56. Kent State! WTF! Somebody ought to kick the shit out of him right on camera. Asshole.

  57. Did anybody notice that OWS is terribly white?

  58. No need for another Kent State. What an idiot! It’s A Holes like him that make people take to the streets.

  59. Wasn’t sure if I should put that vid up in the post Uppity. The guy does say he is not calling for any deaths- but he does call for a Kent State type moment- something that will arrest the attention and sympathy of the country.
    And yes- I have noticed how white it is.

  60. Bambam in Detroit with Korean pres today.
    Introducing Detroit to their new boss?

  61. Mom, it was a subliminal cut. The guy knew exactly what he was doing mentioning Kent State.

  62. UW is right. Anyone who lived through the Kent State chapter, remembers only too well. What a jerk.

  63. One can only hope that the ignorant children of today skipped that History lesson. Kent State was ugly. Very very ugly.

  64. Ok- the Solyndra hearing has adjourned. The lady from Colorado did her best to try and obfuscate and stall. What i got out of it is that Treasury was very nervous about Solyndra’s stability but were pressured to hurry up and sign off.

  65. Name: Deutsch
    Species: Homo semi-erectus
    Genus – Bag
    Classsification: Parasite

    The D (“Donny”) Deutsch-bag is a parasitic shill organism, and is usually hosted by the highest bidder of any number of noisy groups.

    This curious species, often recognized by its similarities to other less ignorant lower life-forms, is usually found groveling under the inseams of Presidential trousers or obnoxious progressive spokesmen.

    Like all parasites, he will eventually consume his host rendering him just another dead bitch walking.

    However, it has been noted that even after consuming the host, the Deutsch(bag) can live for years, feeding on its own dung.

  66. Anthony! ROFLMAO! Very good!
    You are in NY? Any insights or news we are not getting from the two “sides”


    “One of the California firm’s chief investors, after all, was billionaire George Kaiser, one of Obama’s top 2008 campaign fund-raising bundlers, who’s visited the White House 16 times.

    In the months before Solyndra’s approval, ABC News reports, he had meetings with key adviser Valerie Jarrett, then-chief White House economist Austan Goolsbee and former chief of staff Pete Rouse.

    All of which may help explain why Team Obama rushed through loan guarantees for Solyndra that had already been shelved by the Bush administration.”

    So, he can blame this one on Jarrett, not Bush. You know he’ll never take the blame himself.

    Source: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/solyndra_cont_NISd2Y7FbeMrs6uC0KjV7N

  68. K I am going cross eyed- watched that Solyndra hearing and have had enough of listening to those damn drums in zucchini park. That incessant drumming alone would drive me over the edge if I lived anywhere that could be heard. Gotta go run a few errands and get some air!

  69. PMM-

    Yes, I’m in New York.

    From what I’ve managed to overhear downtown, when the TeeVee cameras aren’t around, the chatter turns to anything other than the “cause”

    I’m convinced that this “movement” is orchestrated to:

    A) advance Barky McSparky’s agenda
    B) support his re-election
    C) collect $$$ to hold up signs in front of cameras
    D) incite anger to fuel class warfare

    But hey – what do I know? I was just a fly on the wall……

  70. Anthony, you deserve an award for reporting on the zoo.

    Donny Dumbell has always been a jerk. How the heck anyone uses his company is beyond me?

  71. Yay Anthony! I knew I could count on you!

  72. Anthony keep the information coming!!!

    Oh and if you find these little pricks can you please slap them around for me??? Pretty please???


  73. Did anybody notice that OWS is terribly white?

    Exactly. It’s precisely because youth unemployment (always high in the AA community) has now hit the white kids, big time (at 25%). It’s analogous to the Vietnam War. Once white, middle-class kids were drafted, they took to the streets and their parents pressured Congress.

  74. OMG Somebody. ROFL.

    Reminds me of in 2008 when a commenter from some pissant implored us all to calm down, that it was his generation’s turn and they were going to take care of everything by electing guess who.

  75. From a friend named Mockazine.

  76. Yawn.


  77. Somebody –

    No need to slap them around (although I LOVE the idea!) until I go down there without credentials. (And with a pointed stick…)

    I did make two of them cry just by hammering away at their vague answers, trying to get something substantial out of them. I let them ride and ride and ride, until I pulled the emergency brake, so to speak.

    In the end, I just asked asked “Now, don’t you feel really stupid?”

    They bowed their little heads and slunk away, the glimmer of a single tear catching the afternoon sun. I howled.

  78. LOL McNorman! Timmeh’s afraid they are going to call for his head on a stick.

  79. UW-

    I have a stick

  80. Yeah well let’s call it like it is. He IS Goldman Sachs. Him AND Bernanke.

  81. And so is Obama, else he wouldn’t have picked them AND renewed his pick besides.

  82. mcnorman- the guy with the shower sign? EEEWWWW. Somebdoy tell him to hold his sign at waist level. 15 days without a shower? NASTY!

  83. Name: Deutsch
    Species: Homo semi-erectus
    Genus – Bag
    Classsification: Parasite


  84. Darned right Timmeh is scared. Wish we could get a comment from that fleabag Bernanke.

  85. Bloomberg’s girl friend on the park’s owners board…I suggest this is no accident. Cops will moved in if OWS slips from the headlines
    to give it a boost .

    OSW so Obot , and yet so many refuse to see it…what will it take?
    Joe Biden leading a march? I expect that shortly

  86. oops, I mean OWS. My dyslexia is showing .

  87. This ties OWS to Solargate, it is short and to the point, logical, and most of all it calls out the hypocrisy and ignorance. Speak up or shut up and go home, indeed. Call out the current corrupt administration, the war machine, the dealings with Goldman, the pay to play or just freaking stfu.


  88. Mom, thanks for keeping up with JWS and Shelby Fluffy. Obamalamadingdong barackbamboozle tara-a-boomsea-a — whatever he is called it adds up to crooked fraud.

  89. Yup. Thought I caught a few whiffs myself, Upps…

    Wag The Rat.

  90. Love this saying- and bet you do too!

    There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo.
    Please use in that order.

  91. now for something completely different…it is pouring here in north east PA. I just finished a Hydrangea garden, leveled the land, built a retaining wall, dug up loam from the woods planted three hydrangea….. and now a river runs through it. I got other people to do the lifting and digging because of my back. Even with help it was a long project. Now the rain has dug a river through it. Water is an amazing force. Obama astro turf, no so much.

  92. Raining buckets here too teresa- thunderstorms last night and off and on torrential rains today

  93. theresa, NEPA has had an incredible amt of rain. It pretty much rained every day for two months, most of the days were downpours, several of them broke records and caused devastation.

    I have seat sized mushrooms. When I pass one I am tempted to sit down. They’d make good lawn chairs. My deck was power washed and stained in the spring. It is green with algae and slippery. I am just grateful I am on a mountainside and not below the creek. Just a tiny bit of water in the basement and a dehumidifier going all summer.

    Just north of me was where they had the super floods that wiped out whole towns.

    Put a few boards around the garden and raise the beds.

  94. Rev Vet, I just knew you would see it.

  95. And now- more sneaky weekend news
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Regulators on Friday closed small banks in Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey and Illinois, boosting to 80 the number of U.S. bank failures this year.

    The article goes on to say the number of closures has “slowed” this year.
    Well DUH- they are running out of banks.

  96. I can’t believe how much rain you guys back east have gotten the past couple of months. Is that normal?

  97. The guy holding the sign saying he hasn’t had a bath in x days is a real dunce. Who cares Dude? Way to try to make the protest about yourself.

  98. Socal- in a word. NO! This has been the absolute dog gone rainiest year ever. All of March, April, May, June up til the week after father’s day. And now it has started up again. Last week was nice- but the week before that- all rain.
    We have not had a frost yet (not that I want one) normally light frosts starting mid September.
    And we usually get our first snow for Halloween.
    And all this on top of the 120 inches of snow we got last winter.

  99. That’s terrible. I feel bad for all of you. Seems like that would be hard on the garden. Wish I could share our weather with you.

  100. Anyone getting loads of rain, please send my way. Would be grateful.

  101. Rain. Rain. More Rain. And then……Rain. It’s been a terrible spring, summer and fall. The only consolation is it isn’t cold, else we would have to constantly shovel it.

  102. It’s raining here too. Just the last couple of days, lovely Indian Summer before that. Leaves are hardly changing color and no frost yet. OWS seems to have quieted down for the moment. I’m glad you are keeping Solyndra in your sights. There are just so many goodies that are being ignored-Fast and Furious, another solar company and of course the wonderful Light Squared that Obama had stock in. Keep after the corruption.

  103. OH PLEASE SEND THE RAIN HERE – we got hardly any measurable rain out of the monsoon season this year; we’re hurting, too.


    Barky’s campaign is aimed at the ‘kids’ again… I’m on Youtube tonight and there’s the ad –

    Barack Obama’s 2012 Campaign

    Oh, so instead of hopey-changey, our future is just a poker game now?

    What a moron. So many important things going on in the world, and all his little committee of turds can come up with is “ARE YOU IN?”

    Oh, and it’s not Obama for President paying for the ad… it’s Obama for America. Riiiiight, like he’s for America. If he is, he’s doing a piss poor job of it.

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