Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Hat Tip to Why Not!

Uppity has been encouraging us to move our money to small, hometown banks and credit unions for a few years. She has a handy link around someplace where you can look up your bank and compare its soundness to other banks in your area.

Occupy Wall Street is – well- occupying a park. But the theme seems to be the banks and Wall Street and rich people are evil. Up to this point they have no official “demands” or at least none I could find. Though everybody and anybody can post their own suggestions on the OWS forums.

Then Why Not posted a quote in the comments on Lorac Thursday that got me intrigued.

Why Not?, on October 13, 2011 at 10:02 AM said: Edit CommentNovember 5th, 2011

“Bank Transfer Day”

• Open an account with a credit union (or local Independent Bank).

• Transfer your funds to the account (online or in person) by Nov. 5.

• Follow your bank’s procedures to close your account.

So naturally I went hunting. (What’s a ferret to do?)

TADA! Found a story about it.

Bank Transfer Day: A Protest With Your Money

Now comes an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street that takes aim at banks where it hurts them most — in their vaults.The social uprising — called “Bank Transfer Day” — encourages bank customers to take their cash out of big banks and put it in smaller banks and credit unions instead.


“Together we can ensure that these banking institutions will always remember the 5th of November!! If the 99% removes our funds from the major banking institutions on or by this date, we will send a clear message and give the 1% a taste of the fear that we experience every day when we aren’t able to pay for our rent, food, medication, utilities, student loans, etc.”

So Uppityites- what say you? Initially I thought OUTSTANDING! An actual actionable item from OWS. One that has the potential to – if it grows large enough and enough people take part- to actually make a difference! I can DO that! Then evil old capitalist second thoughts jumped in. What happens to 401k’s and pension plans with investments in those banks? I am sure one of the Uppity commenters can shed light on that for us.

Then another thought struck me. Somebody thought this action up- OWS or not. Somebody who knows that little ditty

Remember, remember, the fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason, why gunpowder, treason,

Should ever be forgot.

Guy Fawkes. Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Failed attempt to blow up the House of Lords.

Clever little somebody who thought up this 5th of November attempt to assassinate the Big Banking Houses.

Or am I reading too much into a clever idea?


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  1. If you know ahead of time that something is going to happen that will cause a drop in stock prices, you can make a fortune.

    Of course you have to already be rich, like George Soros.

    Invest a million, make a billion.

  2. good point myiq, but still worth doing. George Soros is gonna get richer no matter what.
    PMM, as far as people’s 401ks…that’s a tough one. But I don’t think we are obligated to continue to prop up banksters in order to save the 401ks that are already down and dropping further. Pain will continue. Do we want it to be worthwhile pain, pain associated with recovery, or or the steady agony of middle america failing?

    BTW, if you are retired or with in five years of retirement, you should have taken your money out of the market and put it in to a safe five year annuity. You wouldn’t have made much, but you wouldn’t have lost anything.

  3. teresa- what little I had left in retirement is in a local bank. I have been after hubby for three years ot get his 401k the hell out and in to an IRA or as you suggest- an annuity. His company has them locked in until age 60- which was two years ago. If I can get him to sit at the computer for five minutes to read this- maybe this will be the final straw that gets him to move it. His 401k just recently recovered the loss we suffered a couple of years ago. He is 61 and I don’t think we have time to wait it out and hope it recovers.

  4. BTW, I predicted this protest movement 30 years ago. I didn’t think it would take so long. I have no idea if it will really change anything or if people will give up too easily. I have no idea if the movement will be co-opted by Obama bots interested only in helping his corporate greed loving butt get reelected.

  5. I see Bloomberg and Brookfield backed down and the cleaning of the park has been “postponed.”

  6. “I have no idea if the movement will be co-opted by Obama bots interested only in helping his corporate greed loving butt get reelected.”

    Already happened……

  7. Anthony- IMO there are a LOT of union, ACORN (by whatever name they are going nowadays) professional troublemakers of all stripes mixed in these crowds. I am afraid it is going to get ugly.
    I am NOT a fan of winter- but a blast of cold barreling down the concrete canyons of NY might clear them out in a hurry.

  8. PMM-

    Covering this movement was assigned to me when the story first broke. There were ties to OFA that were all too apparent. Shortly afterward, Soros jumped on board, but funding was through another venture that is tied to Soros (but not Move On) which cast doubt on the Reuters story that has since been in question because it (stupidly) linked it to MoveOn

    You are right about ACORN (under its new name) and the Unions.

    It is in the hopes of some supporters for it to get ugly, as evidenced by Donny Deutsch(bag)’s comment suggesting that the only way it could get traction would be for another incident like the Kent State tragedy to be part of it.

    It astounds me how some otherwise reasonable people are buying into this crap

  9. Anthony- I got lost in the maze of the Soros link. Was trying to track down the connections from Soros to Adbusters- it’s there- (here is where I say imo) I just don’t have the “proof” Soros gives money to so many organizations- such as moveon, the Tides foundation, his “Open Society” (which I read as one man wanting to take over the world)
    Sorry- lost track of my train of thought there. Anyway- Soros has his bloody fingers in so many pies he has deniability. He gives the money and the recipients pass it on- and he never ever directs the distribution of those resources- right/

  10. PMM – You are being paranoid.

    It is a complete coincidence that George Soros’ money ends up making money for George Soros.

  11. Just because there’s a brass band doesn’t mean it’s a parade worth following.

    Time will tell. I remain very skeptical because they are not planted where they belong. In front of the recipient of the biggest wall street contributions of all. If you want to stop corporations from owning America, you complain about the takers. If the takers didn’t take, wall street couldn’t give. It’s as simple as that. If you want reform, go to the real culprits, your elected officials. Until this bunch takes to the white house and Capitol steps (including SENATE, not just R controlled House), I will continue to believe that Obama is behind this thing. He is being held harmless when in fact, he is TOTALLY to blame, as is EVERY MEMBER of Congress.

    As for looking for free college, free houses, free salaries, etc etc, Oh Bullshit. We send anything to college now. my dog is smarter than some of these graduates with dubious degrees in Whatever. We don’t need anymore snotty college graduates thinking they should start out at salaries people who work for 20 years are getting.

  12. Myiq- lol- next thing I will be subscribing to glenn beck- rofl!

  13. This is so obviously Obot nation part 2 the sequel…The left held hostage part 2. Repackaged to hit the usual targets, while protecting Barry from any blame. It’s Obot heaven, and a reelection scam for Obama , straight up. Many who saw though Obama, can’t /won’t see it currently, but many are more desperate for something like this to happen than they were three years ago.

    It’s intolerable one has to humbly wait for every scrap of info about who and what they are from on high and behind a curtain while being told : dare you want to know! Their arrogance knows no bounds…another sign of who they are. But the fact that Obama is never mentioned , as many Establishment Dems and operatives join everyday, is the biggest tell.

  14. I also think this is an Obama re-election strategy, for all the reasons mentioned above. This whole 4 year, Obama phemomenon has been like a creepy cult.

  15. One thing I do like about this Bank Transfer idea is that it does use the power of the consumer. I’m just to cynical to put any hope into the idea though, because like you PMM, I don’t trust the people organizing it.

  16. Always power in numbers. The people united cannot be defeated. If one person moves their moderate life savings out it means nothing to the bank and the bank goes on charging exorbitant fees. If hundreds or thousands of people act as a “collective bargaining unit” as in a union, the bank must back down or eventually close down.

    I remember as a young woman, decades ago, Chase-Manhattan pulled some stunts in my small NYC neighborhood and the local people who had their blue collar dollars there all withdrew and moved their accounts elsewhere. No internet or cell phones, just word of mouth, and there was a line at the bank when my mother got there to tell them in 1950s jargon to F*** off, politely.

    The bank looked worn and tattered after that. The lot was like a ghost town. A few years later that branch closed. It had been there for decades. Greed killed the beast.

  17. OT- but this stuff pisses me off- more lettuce recalled-

    A California producer of bagged salad mix is voluntarily recalling 2,100 cases distributed under store brands in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Iowa because of the potential that some packages may be contaminated with listeria.

    The lettuce was sold under the store brand names Hy-Vee salads and Giant Eagle’s “Farmers Market.” The lettuce has a “best if sold by” date of Oct. 14.

    River Ranch Fresh Foods of Salinas issued the recall after random tests indicated the presence of the listeria organism in bagged lettuce sold for the Giant Eagle chain. The company recalled all lettuce bagged on Sept. 27.

    So let’s see. The date of the story is Oct 14th. The lettuce was recalled Sept 27. The best buy date- oh coinkydink- SAME DATE AS THE STORY!
    No insult to our left coaster friends- but I am done buying any food that gets trucked across the country. There is something seriously wrong with food production in this country.
    Makes me wonder if the GMO Monsanto seeds have anything to do with this? They make the seeds so they can resist insects and Round-up. Perhaps that makes them more susceptible to Listeria, salmonella and e-coli?
    Oh well- I can buy local, in season. Not going to kill me not to eat salad in the winter- it’s just safer.

  18. What to do, what to do?
    I have some Giant Eagle Farmers Market lettuce with a best buy date of 10/4. It’s not in the recall, so do I eat it or not?

  19. I almost bought bagged greens yesterday when I shopped but picked up a head of lettuce instead. We should gather recipes for cooked greens and fruits since it is becoming unsafe to eat them raw.

  20. There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear, there’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I’ve got to beware, it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down… Arab spring. Euro fall. Can a US winter be far behind?

  21. History repeats itself:

  22. BCL- I would NOT eat it. Take it back to the store and demand a refund. Pitch a fit and do not let them tell you it is not in the recall- most stores will not want the assache and aggravation and will give you a refund no problem.

  23. karen- scary stuff over in Rome.Let us know if you find anything else.

  24. this is going global. 😮

  25. God hates vegans

  26. This solyndra-gate seems to get more interesting by the day:

  27. Just KNEW this was coming!
    Bush did it first!

    My reply is the same as what my Mom said to us
    “If x jumped off the top of the Empire State Building would you do it too?”

    Cheese and Rice- so Bush did it first. This makes it ok somehow?
    If he was actually going to “Change” anything- walking/running guns to drug lords would have been as good a place as any to start.

  28. There are several solar companies besides Solyndra that are involved in this “gate”, so we may need to use the words energy-gate or something like that. He is in it up to his neck, that bastard.

    The other biggie is gun-gate.

    Then there is the ows protestors that will soon be figuring out where the perfect place to demonstrate nationally is and voila, we’re back to woodstock era.

    Hang onto your bongs. 🙂

  29. I have to leave for work soon. Can I just get paid to stay home and carry signs now and then? Free medical, free cars, free food. Power to the people. Uh, I have to go to work. It was drummed into me to be responsible and be a good citizen and a proud American worker. I sure as hell hope the price of heating fuel stays under control this winter. I cannot stand doing overtime so I do not freeze to death.

    Maybe obama will pay my mortgage? That is the least he can do for screwing up the country even worse than it was when he stole the elections. He should pay restitution to the 18 million who had their votes stolen.

  30. I have been noticing attempts to smear Hillary as a mastermind behind a scheme to destroy the NRA by smuggling guns into Mexico and getting innocent people killed so that guns would lose favor with American citizens. *SCRATCHING HEAD* WTF is wrong with the people on the sites that used to not buy into every ridiculous theory about Hillary or Bill? I cannot believe some of the comments I’ve read at a site that was previously staunchly pro-Hill. They have lost their minds. They are now in Glenn Beck land and cannot think clearly anymore. Hillary. Clinton. Wants people dead to stop guns. You cannot make this shit up. Well, actually, you can. They did.

    CDS is alive and well.

  31. No karen, you are not the 1%.

  32. Rather specific for an inarticulate movement, eh?:
    Does anyone know if this is genuine? If it is, the man behind the green curtain is about to emerge….and, it looks a lot like Obama, Mr. Community Organizer. How convenient that they’re going to give whoever’s elected to the WH a year to fix things. So, I’m hoping the piece is a fakery. Anyone know?

  33. NES, did you go to the website that was linked in the article? This is who they SAY they are…..what do you think?

  34. mcnorman! LOVE that pic! (Well the writing on it)
    Shared it around- Thanks!

  35. Well here we go! Found this linked over at Crawdad’s
    Obama plans to turn anti-Wall Street anger on Mitt Romney, Republicans

    Complete with quotes from Poofy

  36. this was interesting;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVLED that IF the PETITION OF GRIEVANCES approved by the 870 Delegates of the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY in consultation with the PEOPLE, are not acted upon and implemented to the satisfaction of the Delegates of the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY within ONE YEAR of presentment of the PETITION OF GRIEVANCES to the government, said Delegates shall begin to organize a THIRD INDEPENDENT POLITICAL PARTY to run candidates in the mid-term election of 2014


  37. oopsie, I didn’t close the quote right. Oh well. Anyway, as NES said, notice the timing? Run candidates in the mid-term election of 2014. Mid term of who?? Obama?

  38. Another tie-in to Obama?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of Americans led by the Rev. Al Sharpton and other civic leaders rallied for easier access to jobs on Saturday as they gathered against the backdrop of the Washington Monument and marched to the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.
    The rally was intended to drum up support for President Barack Obama's jobs plan, but speakers used the platform for causes as varied as condemning voter identification laws and last month's execution of Troy Davis in Georgia.

  39. Fixit Fairy visited imust. Twice.

  40. Beck has been bashing Hillary as far back as I can remember. I found him the MOST offensive of all the bashers long before 2008. Beck has a problem with wimminz to begin with, much less wimminz who have the brains he doesn’t have, what with “The psychosis that is chickdom”. It wouldn’t be a regular day in Beck’s rubber room if he didn’t bash Hillary.Beck is clearly a crazy man anyways, so who cares what he says about anybody. He throws a bunch of shit on the wall and whatever sticks he declares he was nostradamus. He’s perfect for radio because nobody can see his jerking and spazing crazy ass now.

  41. Thank you Fixit Fairy! 🙂

  42. I don’t know about the rest of you but I resent any extreme bunch declaring they represent 99 percent of the people. They do not represent me, as I don’t agree with the zillion free things they think they are entitled to on my money. They don’t represent me and neither does Dick Armey and the tea party. I have been trying to point out all along that these two groups are fringe parties that hijacked the Democratic and Republican parties and, after you scratch their mean and miserable surface, you realize you are the puck. By all means, I think they should both put up candidates because their candidates are always extreme crackpots in one direction or the other. I say let them go back to their fringe parties and get their usual five percent of the vote just like the old days. I’m sure there are plenty to pick from in the socialist and repressive theocratic facist parties.

  43. Uppity- can we form a “SANE” party?
    Sanity and nothing else.

  44. Fixit Fairy loves her her pie woman.

  45. Mom, Sensible is more like it.

  46. OOH- that is better- Sensible it is then!

  47. Please let it be sensible, because I’m not as sane as y’all.

  48. I would like a party that actually represented US- the people who vote for them. And if they governed that would be nice too.
    It is non stop electioneering, all year, every year. Fund raising is their highest priority. Stocking up the war chest for the next cycle.
    Uppity is right- let the crackpot fringes go off and form their own crackpot parties. Let them rant and rave and run third party crackpots. Maybe we could get the REAL D party back.

  49. OT- Uppity – remember me telling about the hardwood floors that the previous owners ruined? We started sanding the front room today- and guess what?
    Husband says it is Red Oak.

  50. In a perfect world…… How did things get sooooo screwed up??

    You’re right PMM, it’s one big election running nonstop. We don’t matter, that’s why Hillary appealed to me. She made me think that I mattered to her. We are so screwed.

  51. I see some of the protesters marched to Citibank then withdrew their money and closed their accounts. That’s a good thing.

  52. LIve Stream of Occupy Los Angeles:

  53. A community organizer who’s grandmother was the Vice President of the Bank Of Hawaii, who visited Pakistan on a Non-US Passport after turning 21 when he SHOULD have reclaimed his US Citizenship, who traveled to Kenya to hook up with his revolutionary relatives, whose first political campaign was launched by BIll Ayers and whose mentor “Frank,” commie community organizer “sent” him to Chicago to master the “ins and outs” of corruption, married his boss whose dad was a party machine boss and whose “training” to be President consisted of serving on the board, along with Ayers, deciding how to spend the $49.2 million Annenberg grant matched 2 to 1 by more “other peoples” money..nahhh; he’s not involved in any way… the “magic negro” has a busy year ahead. In his typical approach to winning, he has opponnents to eliminate and needs the sympathy of the entire left to take umbrage at any representative of the Co-Equal branches of government who won’t just give him his way. Too bad he never did any telemarketing or sales work. He’d know how to pitch his Mob Job to Congress with any hopes of getting it passed.

  54. AnnA, you’re damned right!

  55. Yes Mike, that IS a good thing. This is how you protest banks. You don’t use them.

  56. Wow, Mom, original floors. How old is the house? The new floors are nothing next to the real thing in older homes, so long as they are salvagable.

  57. We really do not know how old the house is- the plot plans go back to the early 1900s and show the capital improvements- some structures no longer here- like a granary. The plot plan says the house is brick sided- which it is not. lol Yes we looked under the siding. Not sure if it was brick sided at one point- if there was a brick home here we sure don’t know what happened to it lol.
    The floors are definitely salvageable. The only floor that may not be salvageable is the kitchen. We took up the linoleum- which was horrible and ugly (PLAID! RED AND BLACK!) They used some horrible black tarry substance to hold the linoleum down- and it is a flaming pain in the ass to get off. Just doing it a bit at a time. I have an area rug in there for now as ideally we want to take a wall down and enlarge the kitchen. That is a ten year plan project lol.
    I did a small section of the floor in the front room – sanded it and wiped it down with a tack rag- and then wiped it with linseed oil. OMG! That room is going to be beautiful when we get done!

  58. “I will continue to believe that Obama is behind this thing. He is being held harmless when in fact, he is TOTALLY to blame, as is EVERY MEMBER of Congress.”


    “God hates vegans”

    Amen again

  59. The people who are saying that about Hillary are not Beck. I said they sound like they are in “glen beck land” – a place where CDS lives.

    The people saying it are quoting from anti-clinton sites such as t”he Examiner” and some of the sites where I have seen rampant psychosis when it comes to Hillary are sites we all went to in 2008.

    Had supper break. Back to make the donuts. Imustpaythebills.

  60. Anthony – how did vegans get into the mix? lol

    And god HATES vegans? Maybe god is just jealous that tofu’s existence can be proven….??!!

    Bata ba ba

  61. God didn’t invent tofu. Some plastics company did that.

  62. Sorry karen, but beck has been the worst hillary offender of all time. The MOST offensive. The WINNER. So I reacted just seeing his despicable name.

    Research, “It Cries”.

  63. Methinks you had better get to NY City NES and offer your paycheck to the OWS people. I pass.

  64. Tofu was invented by Bordens, Elmer’s Glue division.

  65. Hey you wanna have some fun? Let’s hold the Klown down and force feed him some Tofu.

  66. You missed my joke! It didn’t have anything to do with whom invented what! Oh my the TDS! lol

  67. Seems the OWS have invaded Times Square. Lovely. So if you saved up for a long time to finally in your life brave the madness that is NY City to go and see a show on Broadway – your long planned and hard earned vacation has in all probability been ruined.
    (I highly recommend going to see the shows in Boston- same show, same cast, half the price lol)

  68. Face it, lorac. When presented with that familiar question, “If you were stranded on an island and were allowed only three food items, what would they be,” NOBODY would pick tofu.

  69. Thanks for that link, imust. They seem to have some lawyers involved, which explains the text and tone. Don’t know how much, if any, support this particular part of OWS has. Difficult to know where OWS begins and ends. Oh well.

  70. Methinks you had better get to NY City NES and offer your paycheck to the OWS people. I pass.

    Upps, Upps, Upps… If I were inclined to relocate to the situs of matters that interest me, I would long ago have ‘occupied’ your house.

  71. Mom, I just know you have several “I heart NY” tees….

  72. “Face it, lorac. When presented with that familiar question, “If you were stranded on an island and were allowed only three food items, what would they be,” NOBODY would pick tofu.”

    Hummm. Yes, well. NES, at least, would understand there are only two OTHER food items – after the main one.

    (I’ll be back to play tomorrow – FOR REAL – I am giving myself a day off! I MISS my friends but the gods have been good. All those capatilists must be feeling guilty right now. I am busy as hell – but NOT NOT NOT tomorrow! I INSIST!!!!)

  73. NES @ 9:32PM ROFL!

  74. I’ve lost it. Two friends live next door to a complete remodel of a vacant home. Suddenly, a rat (a large rat) apparently relocated and somehow got into my friends’ home.

    Poison was not an option (pets) so we set a big trap (the old-fashion kind) with steamed carrots as the bate (my idea as its last meal).

    We caught it – but, it wasn’t dead so my friends (former) somehow got it in a bag and put it on the patio to die (what was to be a slow and painful death).

    I went back over and (of course) having heard that it wasn’t dead, went out to check its condition and (as you might guess, it was moving about in the bag.)

    I got a shovel, scooped the bag up with the rat and took it to the back fence to put it out of its misery (decapitation – so I thought).

    I eased it out of the bag and out onto the ground and realized that it was caught at the waste, as it lifted its upper body and turned its face toward me and looked me straight in the eye and made a sound like a kitten (I swear).

    A) I finished it off with the shovel?

    B) It died before I could put it out of its misery?

    C) That’s one damned lucky rat?

  75. I used to think tofu was just Play-doh without the coloring. But then I realized Play-doh tastes better.

  76. When I first saw the 5th of November, for some reason I assumed they picked election day. However, the 5th falls on Saturday this year. Saturdays – not exactly the big days for transactions.

    Then I saw that that rhyme and immediately thought of Guy Fawkes. Can you say Bill and Bernadine that Patron Saints of O’s Explosion Team.

  77. Oooh! Another great & hilarious header! Hugs & kisses to you FF!

  78. I hear you can buy tofu, all individually wrapped, from dispensers in women’s bathrooms.

  79. A) I finished it off with the shovel?

    Am I right?

  80. MKBill has REALLY occupied Wall St!

  81. I just noticed the new header. Kinda cool. What’s Bill been smoking? Don’t tell me tofu.

  82. vivien….theremustbe some “nip” dealers hanging out with Bill in Zucchini Park!

  83. I didn’t win tickets to the Decade of Difference concert honoring Bill Clinton….but i just saw the video of Lady Gaga’s performance….she channeled Marilyn Monroe and sang to Bill…”Bad Romance” but changed the words to “Bill Romance”…..okay, am I the only one uncomfortable with that?

  84. good find myiq, this video will certainly help the cause. In europe the protesters are very openly anti-capitalist. Is that what this really is? Is this the world wide socialist loonies? Is it Obama’s clueless fauxgressive bass trying to give him cover to move left?
    If I really thought it was a movement to get corporate money out of politics and give power back to the people, I would be there, but socialism has nothing to do with more power to the people.

  85. It never takes long for them to show up, especially since they are involved from day one. But they just can’t hang back too long, ya know?

    Remember who brings us the live stream. Avaaz

    Avaaz mobilizes instant campaigns to address crises happening anywhere on earth, and to close the gap between the world we have the world most people everywhere want. Join the movement now…

  86. The F USA video. In addition to appearing completely unemployable by any normal company, they have no musical talent.

  87. A future Company Star gets ready to attend Occupy Portland.

  88. Vivien2u:

    C) “That’s one damned lucky rat”

  89. […] finally, what do you think about the Fifth of November “Bank Transfer Day” being promoted by OWS? Intriguing . . […]

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