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  1. ROFL!
    FF! Great header!

  2. Stolen from myiq. I just know they are talking about all of you, you just worked your way from near the top to the top.

  3. Obama a middle class kid? OMG! Cheese and rice! I want to lock them all in a room until they can pass a test on Obama’s family. Including his stepfather who was very high on the food chain in his country. And his Grandma the bank executive.
    Head/Desk Head/Desk

  4. LOL check, please.

  5. The one with the bright pink hair, I can’t understand why she doesn’t have a job, can you?

  6. I remember when we had to rewrite the employee handbooks because of these ridiculous neon hair colors. The rule was no extreme hair styles or colors. Not good enough. We had to rewrite and reprint the books (major chain restaurant- big bucks) to get the idea across that if God did not put it on a human being on the planet somewhere- you are NOT allowed to have it at work. Course we could not say that either- and saying colors found in nature would not work either (look at tropical fish lol) That was a major flaming pain in the tush.

  7. Obviously that one woman is a racist.

  8. The thing is, as you listen to and look at them, you know you would not want one of them working for you. The left one is trouble and seriously unkempt. The middle one has flaming pink hair and the other one is spastic. She strikes me as a person who would think she should be interviewing the boss to find out what the company is going to do for her. That always works well if you want your paperwork in the circular file. The fourth one on the right was the only one that didn’t look like she was going to smash your windows one day. I would say she was the only one with good employment odds in that quartet. I’ll bet if they tracked her down, she already has a job.

    The truth is, when you interview for a job, the first impression is all you have going for you. It’s not going to change.

  9. She looked embarrassed, myiq.

  10. I’m thinking of that snotty little shit in the earlier videos. You know, the one who called the guy an old jew, the one who muscled in on somebody else’s interview to tell the interviewer that he’s more educated so he should talk to him. He can’t figure out why he’s unemployed? Does he comprende that he’s now on youtube besides and that a well placed email to a potential boss is all it takes for him to get a No Thanks, Job Already Filled?

  11. I remember awhile back that over at American Girl In Italy’s blog, a pissant showed up to demand she remove the 2008 comments he made over his own name, because he was trying to get a job. Everybody there was laughing their asses off. He ended up a lot less snotty and begging. Most of these people just don’t get that when you act like a threatening asshole on the web, it follows you forever. Go to facebook and understand why so many of them don’t have jobs after they post photos of them groping some girls and sticking beer bottles up their noses. There’s all that myspace stuff that’s embedded for life too. There are too many ways to pull up deleted material these days. Companies are not stupid. And let us not forget all those partayyyyy videos. Nobody wants a drunk or a druggie on the new hire list. Or an arrogant ass with a chip on the shoulder. Bosses generally don’t feel great about seeing body parts that should be covered up either. Social Neworkers are ruining their own lives, nobody is doing it for them.

  12. Idunno…I think that video is not titled accurately. They don’t sound very enthusiastic about Obama.They sound like liberals backed into a corner doing the lesser-of-two-evils thing. Would I like them to be as pure as I am: Never vote for the Big Zero under any circumstances (AND don’t vote for right-wing a$$wipes either)? Sure! From what’s in that video, I would hardly call them supporters.

  13. You might not call them supporters but it’s clear they are going to vote for him. So we can call them Obama voters.

  14. Okay, fair enough. But I submit that if they had a viable option, they would take it.

  15. Yeah I agree there. But then, Obama will make sure there isn’t a viable alternative. He doesn’t want them to be happy with him, he only wants their votes. So to that end, he wins with this bunch.

  16. Viable alternatives? Anyone besides me seeing a new ‘silent majority’ emerging?

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people in my (liberal) neighborhood are just not engaging in any more political back-and-forth.

    When they are sure they’re not talking to an Obot, they pretty much say that they plan on voting for the alternative. Most of them think it will be Romney, and its amazing that the Upper West SIde residents have all pretty much made their minds up.

  17. On the Sunday newsbuzz today they said that the Obama camp will hammer the GOP candidate as the one of the people who gave us this bad economy in the first place. I noticed Herman Cain, when asked why him and not Romney said….Romney has business experience from Wall St….mine is from Main St….
    But Cain needs to flush out his 9-9-9 plan. It’s been attacked as not economically sound.
    Oh, no Obama’s on the TEEVEE again! [click]

  18. Anthony, I just clicked off Obama speaking. That SOB is preempting MLK and talking about himself. You can just hear what he is doing. He is comparing MLK to himself without saying I or Me. You can just smell his smarm. Isn’t it a great coinkydink that OWS is so well timed for this?
    MLK has to be rolling in his grave.What a sick SOB, taking advantage of people he has forsaken time and again.

    As for Romney, he is “acceptable” to moderates and indys because he isn’t a batshit theocrat with his nose in everybody’s pants. He’s the only one of this disgraceful crew who can beat Obama because he is the only one who is “acceptable”. What part of the Republican party has trouble understanding this? Until they stop this meddling into everyone else’s life and religion, or lack of it, they will NEVER succeed. People are sick of the theocratic bullshit. They don’t want their brand of control any more than they want Sharia. History already tells us what these batshit religious nutcases are capable of and it’s not pretty.

  19. imust, Cain isn’t going anywhere. Once the primaries move away from batshit evangelical country, he’s gone. The majority of the Republican party is not their brand. They are generally normal people who mind their own damned business and want a sensible president with a brain. Cain is an evangelicals’ flash in the pan, Santorum would be in his place if he weren’t there. It’s all the same bullcrap. He will crumble like paper mache. The Republican party has the same problem the democrats have. A loud and disgusting extremist group yelling and screaming and carrying on and the rest of America thinks they are all extremist assholes. None of them is anywhere near the “99%”. Not now and not ever.

  20. FF! Great header!you just keep getting better all the time. 🙂

  21. I am going to start my life as an adult in debt and that’s not fair,” student Nathaniel Brown told Reuters Television

    . Oh boo hoo. Just about everybody I graduated from college with started out their adult lives with college loans to pay. And jobs weren’t all that prolific either. I worked in a department store stock room because I couldn’t get a “real” job right away–and got layed off after Christmas. Took me a whole year to get a job in my field–at the bottom of the pile. Get moving.

  22. I agree with you Uppity on the extremism on both sides. I’m worried that if Romney is the nominee, we’ll have 2008 all over again with the base staying home rather than voting for what the see as a “RINO”.

  23. imust, If the choice is between obama and a mincemeat pie the republicans will be out to vote against bo on election day. I’m not worried about them staying home, this time.

    Dems on the other hand will stay home. They just cannot muster the thrill they had of the tingle up their leg (aka sitting on the computer in their basements too long) and the rah-rah kool aid rush.

    I bet this election we’ll see dems sitting it out and reps running to the polls. jmho.

  24. If he didn’t want to start his life in debt, why did he take a student loan?

  25. ROFL- here’s how NW PA feels about OWS. The Occupy Erie crowd got about a hundred yesterday. A handful stayed overnight. Here in our area- the town next over has the courthouse and a quaint park- sort of like a New England Town Green only much much smaller.
    A friend just sent me a message there is a group doing an Occupy down at the park- they are staying til the Steelers game comes on. Which is in 5 minutes. My bet is it is not real locals- college kids from the local- very very expensive- liberal arts college.
    ROFLMAO! Priorities you know.

  26. There IS a way to get free college. Be the smartest kid in your class and colleges will offer you a scholarship.

  27. imust, by then, i hope the far right crackpots hae learned a lesson about staying home, after four years of this turkey. They need to stuff a rag in it and stop trying to dominate the rest of the country with their dogma. Nobody is interested.

  28. Hey FF! You’re absent but tickling our fancy with headers!

  29. You all need to go back and listen to that video, these people are not looking for the same “viable” alternative you are looking for.

    They specifically called out blue dog democrats and said they are republicans; so they’re not looking for a moderate alternative to Obama. They are looking for somebody perhaps a skosh to the right of Karl Marx.

    I could be all washed up here, but I don’t think that’s the type of candidate everyone here at UW sees as viable. I’ve been hanging out here for several years and I think you all prefer blue dogs or a moderate republican that isn’t into social issues.

    Uppity your assessment of the quartet was SPOT ON!! I had the exact same thoughts while I was viewing it.

    As for the kid that has to start his life off in debt….boooo efffing hoooooo. Welcome to the real world dip shit. Who raised these kids???

    FYI the screaming, crying guy begging for help I posted a link to the other day. He’s been outed as a trust fund baby. I guess we should keep an eye on him lest he end up like some other famous trust fund babies. Ooops, sorry, hey he’s probably just some guy in the neighborhood too. What am I thinking???

  30. Poor MKB he needs to get his peeps together and demand free nip for life. You know it just isn’t fair for him to have to beg a human. Why do all the humans have all the catnip???? WHY????

    FF love the header!!!

  31. somebody, all the humans have the catnip because cats are catnip pigs and it would be extinct in a year’s time if they were in charge.Case in point: I planted several lovely catnip plants in the perfect spot out back. I used the best soil, watered it with love and, as I backed away to admire my work, a neigbhorhood stray strolled right up and ate one right in front of me.

  32. Oh yea Somebody. The far right batshits and the far left batshits are all for putting up a bashit candidate nobody wants to vote for but then, thereby screwing their own party and themselves.

  33. UPP-

    I don’t think the base will stay home again in 2008. They remember what happened (at least the Republicans I spoke to).

    And even if they do, who cares? At this point, Romney rings well with moderates and Independents. In my estimation, this election will be decided by Independents, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

    Aside: That nitwit can blather all day long, but in the end, he’ll find out he’s down -22 today.

    You think he knows he’s just spouting to no one? or do you think he believes his “speeches” are registering?


  34. I wish I could be as optimistic about Romney as everyone here is….I just have a sick feeling that he is the one Obama wants to run against and that they have their machine all geared up to trash him. They’re going after the latino vote and trying to make up for the indys that they have lost. I hope I’m wrong.

  35. imust- I am not voting for Oblamer OR Romney. Wolves from different packs they are. Nope- not doing it- it is my vote- (not like it counts anyway) and I WILL NOT be persuaded by the “the other side is worse” argument. Romney- big money whore- same as Obama. Romenycare- THANKS for setting the example Mitt. Absolutely Screwed the health care system in MA. Prices- UP. Payments to doctors and other providers- Down. Money made by insurance companies- UP. And strapping his dog to the roof of the car is the kicker. People who mistreat animals? They WILL do the same to people given the chance.
    Nope- not doing it. The only way I would vote for Romeny is if somebody put a gun to my head and told me if I didn’t I – nope scratch that- might as well just shoot me. Romney and Obama are clones, I might as well just commit suicide as vote for either one.

  36. I share your fears, imust. It’s not so much that BO has his guns loaded against Romney, but, rather, that his support among GOP voters is so tepid. Amazingly enough, he has been polling at about 25% throughout the primary season. Even when support for others wanes, it doesn’t go to him. Eg, when Bachmann waned, her support went to Perry; and when Perry waned, his support went to Cain.

    But, with Perry on life-support, Romney really is the only viable candidate left. So, all we have is a hope and a prayer that he can beat Bam.

    One thing Romney can do to counter Bam’s Latino strategy is put one of the Latino stars on his ticket — Rubio, Susan M. (guv of NM), or Sandoval (NV). That’ll draw enough Latinos to him and put Bam in a hole.

  37. Not a huge fan of Lady Gaga- but check this out- she played at Bill’s concert last night- and she changed some of the words. Just watch

  38. Mom, I respect your views and understand why you won’t be voting for Mitt. But, I hope other PA voters disaffected with Bam don’t feel the same. Given the electoral college map, and the probability that he’ll lose FL, Bam almost has to win PA. At some level, it doesn’t matter how imust, Upps, or I vote on the prez ticket since we’re all in states that Obama has a lock on; it does, however, matter how Pennsylvanians vote, and I’m hoping sufficient numbers of PA Dems vote for Mitt.

  39. I agree that a Latino on the ticket would be the way to go NES but with the exception of Susan Martinez, the rest are too green. And sadly, I doubt very much that if Romney gets the nom, he will choose a woman. The country is obviously, not ready to let a woman get close to the White House, unless she’s there to clean it.

  40. I saw that video of Gaga last night PMM and I have to say, I was more than a little uncomfortable. Typical for the Clintons though…they were gracious and seemed to be enjoying the whole thing! I’m not saying Gaga was trying to dis Big Dawg….but I sure wish she had chosen a different song.

  41. NES- I get what you are saying- but as it stands right now- our county will go red- as will ALL the counties except Philly and Pittsburgh. And due to population- our electoral votes will go to that friggin POS at 1600. If you look at the map of the election results by county in PA- you will see that we get screwed. Crawford county, R Mercer R Butler R Elk R and so forth.- the whole entire center and western edge of the state went solid for Hillary and then McCain. But O got every one of the PA electoral votes.
    The system is f^%ed up.How bad? Well let’s see. If three people come out to vote for O in each of the districts in Philly and one for the R. And a hundred come out for the R in the rural counties and 0 for O- Obama still wins. Because of the Congressional district lines. Because of the way the D’s gerrymandered the districts for eons. Four or five rural counties make up a district. And Erie- tiny little city- over rides the rest of Erie county.
    It sickens me. To death.

  42. Bam almost has to win PA. At some level, it doesnt matter how imust, Upps, or I vote on the prez ticket since we’re all in states that Obama has a lock on; it does, however, matter how Pennsylvanians vote, and I’m hoping sufficient numbers of PA Dems vote for Mitt.

    I know what you mean. I’ve never missed an election, but in 08 I felt my vote meant more than it ever had, only because they were calling my red state a swing state. I waited in line three hours to give McCain my vote. To this day I still wonder how Bo made Virginia blue.

  43. imust- I just saw it- and loved the part where she encouraged Hillary to get back to the Oval Office. How she said the Clintons made us feel safe. It was a little sexy- but I didn’t see anything or hear anything really trashy. Did I miss something?

  44. Gaga is tacky. She knew what she was doing.

  45. Anthony I think he lives in a narcissist’s parallel universe. He also is as smarmy as they come. He will preach to his choir because he’s too thinned skinned to do anything else, while his team of chicago thugs figure out a way to cheat for 2012..

  46. I agree, PMM. I thought she was being pro-Clintons. There may have been other parts of her performance that were too outré (I suspect so from what I’ve read), but this bit seemed fine.

  47. I hate Lady Gaga, but I thought the song was kind of cute. I loved seeing the smile on Hillary’s face. There’s just something about that woman’s smile. I don’t know about y’all, but it makes me fell safe.

  48. My apologies PMM. I thought it was the video where she sang “Bill Romance”…..she was very pro-Clinton in that clip. Just the whole Marilyn Monroe thing made me squirm.

  49. That’s really disheartening, PMM. Perhaps OH will diss Bam — that’s ano’ state he probably has to win.
    The Repubs really have to win over more Latinos and other non-whites or risk being marginalized as a party. The changing demographics of this country currently favors the Dems. Eg, Obama starts out with a lock on appx. 200 electoral votes — that’s a strong headwind.

  50. Ok I watched Ga’s vid and I thought it was really kind of loving. I guess she did another one that was tacky though, right? I don’t pay much attention to her. I find her rather repulsive, so bear with me.

  51. Here’s the one I thought you posted PMM

  52. NES is right. My state is so blue the rest of us are bleeding from our wallets. Well, NY CIty is blue blue blue. Further up, not so much.

  53. Oh Gawd, now that’s more like Gaga. Tacky. Very tacky. Bleck.

  54. imust! YIKES! That was awful. What the hell is wrong with singers? Do they have to make a porn flick to sell a song?

  55. LOL Hillary was getting it on there toward the end. lolol.

  56. Thanks imust for bringing us back to reality. Tacky. What is she wearing?

  57. NES- the problem is the same in Ohio. All the rural counties go red- and Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus go blue. So all electoral votes go blue.
    Our votes do not count. 😦

  58. I am looking for a map of the election results by Congressional District in PA- but this wiki page shows the results by county- and you can see how overwhelmingly PA was red by county. It matters not- it is by Congressional district- and the districts are made up to include as many D as possible. So even if there is a district that goes R- the D’s take the most districts and get ALL the votes.

  59. It is quite squirm-inducing, imust…particularly since she’s channeling Marilyn Munroe’s performance for JFK.
    Still, I’ll note that Hillary seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself. In fact, she’s grooving at some points.

  60. What’s also interesting is that Gaga seems to have very little rhythm. I would’ve thought she’d be a better dancer.

  61. Yes, NES, terrible dancer. Looking kind of out of shape or something too. She’s a goner anyways. lol.

  62. The country is obviously, not ready to let a woman get close to the White House, unless she’s there to clean it.

    I disagree on this point, imust. Thanks to Hillary’s run in ’08, it’s no longer unthinkable to have a woman in the Oval. In fact, given a choice now, the country would switch Obama out with her in jiffy.

  63. MOM, I do remember he carried all those limo liberal areas. Hope they all enjoy his sticking it in their butts, since he plans to make them pay pay pay.

  64. PA is a classic example of how the Democrats diddled for delegates to turn out as they wish. Hillary whooped Obama and he got almost as many delegates as she did.

  65. But PMM, GWB beat Kerry in OH, so apparently there’s a way to do it. And, OH has a Repub guv now.

  66. 175 chicago OWS protesters arrested. Figures.

  67. Once again NES, I wish I could share your optimism….I hope you are right.

  68. NES- we can continue to hope- PA lost an electoral vote- and we are in the process of redistricting- by R’s who have control here. Also there is a bill up to change us from winner take all electoral. Which would be good imo- as Philly would no longer dictate my vote.
    Just read there is a similar bill in I think- Wisconsin.
    Some are worried that dividing up the electoral votes would make us less relevant- I think the opposite. No longer would candidates visit only the big cities-
    Though Hillary did come to Erie twice- once alone and once with Bill- most D candidates come through Erie during the primaries anyway.Bill came to the small city near us as well.
    Once the primaries were over- no candidates. And Obama never showed his face outside a city. I do not recall any R candidates coming through. If we go to a split on the electoral- some of those smaller cities and towns might get some of the big money spent by the media and campaigns on lodging and food.
    The R’s better get their asses here in a big way. The rural counties are going to stay as red as always- but if they can turn Pittsburgh and Erie- ……Forget Philly- never going to be anything but blue. Acorn and Black Panthers and all.

  69. I’m not ready to concede Pa and Oh to Bo. He’s gonna have to work his ass off to get them this time around. His hopenchange got alot of them to the polls. What motivates them this time?

  70. vivien- perhaps the little envelopes again? The ones with Obama written on the back?
    And as I said- if he gets out the vote in Philly, Pittsburgh and Erie- the R’s lose. Make no mistake the race card swill be played in Philly- the mean old R’s trying to unseat the first black president- barf barf – but they WILL do it. Pittsburgh is heavy union still- and look for the class warfare card there.

  71. 80+ arrested in NYCity/

  72. So much of his base are sick of his BS. I’m hopping that keeps them home. The lesser of two evils ain’t gonna cut it.

  73. Ah Ha Uppity- they waited until people are doing their Sunday afternoon fall sports watching to start arresting! Or the OWS felt people’s attention was not focused on them so they started acting up?

  74. I see China is purchasing the Eurozone. Soon they will own the entire Western World.

  75. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/2012_elections_electoral_college_map.html

    Actually, the GOP isn’t doing that badly on this EC map.

  76. Mom, their parents are probably seeing this ongoing OWS as a vacation for them. They can get the basement and the couch cleaned. Food costs less. It’s a win-win. And if they get arrested, it’s no big deal because it’s not like they have to be at work tomorrow. And colleges probably are giving credits for participating. The real lucky ones are also getting paid by Workiing Families and other organizations. Anti Capitalistic. lol.

  77. Interesting that this averaged number fell by 3 points in two weeks. Having said that, no prez has been re-elected with this low of a ‘right direction’ number. On the other hand, BO has defied a number of conventions — like Vivien, I still can’t believe he won VA.

  78. Vivien, I hear you. I however can probably hold my nose a d vote for Romney. Hell, I did it for McCain. But I draw the line after that. I cannot vote for Perry or Cain. The horrid R field is what it is. And Obama is what he is, so Nuff said. I will either be staying home or voting R.

  79. They can get the basement and the couch cleaned. Food costs less. It’s a win-win


    I wonder if OWS can –assuming it isn’t a front for OFA — inspire a primary challenge to BO. Or is it too late on the primary calendar? Anyone know whether state filing deadlines have passed? Of course that challenger wouldn’t be able to win, but a primary challenge would weaken Bam.

  80. Well not sure if it means anything- but daughter just finished mid-terms and now it is fall break. Will this mean more OWS in the occupied areas?

  81. NES I think this chicago gangster has the DNC afraid to dare come up with a challenger. These people are thugs, we must always remember that. And the OFA people would pick some left wing complete whack-ass, card carrying socialist. At best it would hurt Obama, which is okay. But romney the robot being a Mormon doesn’t bother me. What would bother me is an evangelical candidate. Two steps above a Sharia Muslim as far as I’m concerned. Without the burqa and the honor killing. But only so far.

  82. There they go calling Va a toss up. Romney I can stomach. I’m with you Upps. Batshit will keep me home. Cain’s 999 is a little scary to me. It kind of sounds like the flat tax Jesse Ventura was pushing a few years back.

  83. What’s not to believe about Obama winning anywhere NES? He cheated. Do you not remember when the mayor of Gary decided not to release the primary vote tally until he “counted” up the absentees? It was well past midnight and he was refusing to release the fact that Hillary kicked his lame ass. It wasn’t until other surrounding mayors blew the whistle on that cheat that the numbers were released the next day.

    The obama campaign is Gangsta. He comes from Chicago politics. Nothing honest about him or his methods. His history with running bears this out. He’s a thug and he will do what he has to do to win, voters be damned. I hope the republicans are ready for this. They sure were good teachers in 2000. They know how to cheat, so they should be ahead of this game. If not, they are screwed. Oh and let us not forget that the black panthers can’t go anywhere near a polling place till 2012. Of course that’s coincidental.

    YOu can bet they will also do ANYTHING to detour attention from Fast and Furious and Solyndra. Wasn’t so long ago Nixon was forced to resign for less.

  84. Any man who would deliberately keep his name off the ballot in a state he knew he couldn’t win, and then steal delegates from the people on the ballot, and any man who would pretend he lost florida because he didn’t campaign and then cut their votes in half, any man who would carve delegates from a candidate who won them when he didn’t, can do anything disgusting.

  85. Uppity – here’s what works for me with catnip plants. Just put an old bird cage or similar wired item over the plants. The catnip grows up and through the wires and is available to all the strays or for picking while the plant stay OK and keeps on growing.

  86. MKBill has it too easy. You need to get him off the nip, maybe into rehab. Tell him to stop dying his hair pink, and no more tattoos, and maybe, just maybe he could find a job.

  87. I’m quite sure he’ll try to cheat, Upps. He certainly did against Hillary, but the Dems gave him carte blanche to do that…he won’t get the same courtesy from the GOP. Also, cheating usually makes a difference at the margins, right? While I’d like to believe he stole the GE, it’s not credible since he beat McCain by large margins in most of the states he carried and got 365 electoral votes. So, I give the devil his due.

  88. Groooooooovy header, FF! You’re the best.
    Also, hurry back. I want to get your take on OWS. Do you smell an OFA rat in it?

  89. (I’ll be back to play tomorrow – FOR REAL – I am giving myself a day off! I MISS my friends but the gods have been good. All those capatilists must be feeling guilty right now. I am busy as hell – but NOT NOT NOT tomorrow! I INSIST!!!!)

    Beautiful job on the new header.

  90. Obama’s Pennsylvania Problem

    “Let’s go Obama!” he shouted, clapping loudly.

    No response.

    It was a reaction you’d expect at a Republican rally — not from Pittsburgh unionists, elected Democrats and other party faithful gathered to support Barack Obama’s jobs bill.


  91. OMG Mike, that is so fracking funny! And so WELL deserved!

  92. NES I smelled OFA all over the room the day it started. Ye of little faith in moi.

  93. Oh no NES, I never believed he stole the GE. McCain ran the shittiest campaign I have ever seen anywhere, even at a local level. He deserved to lose. Nope. Obama stole his candidacy knowing fully well it was going to be a D win. he has won every single one of his elections doing the dirty in some form or another.

  94. Hey twandx, that’s a good idea. The little snots won’t even give a plant a chance. lol.

  95. Uppity- you’ve got mail.
    NYSmike- yup- captures the feeling perfectly. If we can prevent Pittsburgh from going back to teh fraud- we have a shot at denying him PA. It is a tough call- as most of our Congressional districts are clustered around Philly. I am not on that side of the state so really have no clue what the feel is in Philly and the surrounding area.

  96. From NYSmike’s link,

    Ted Manning owns The Pita Pit, three blocks from where Obama spoke in Pittsburgh. How ironic, he thought, that Obama talked about small-business jobs when his visit caused Manning to lose revenue.

    “I’m probably off at least 50 percent today,” he said amid streets blocked off for Obama’s visit.

    Manning doesn’t blame Obama for the bad economy, “but he hasn’t earned my vote, either. He hasn’t shown me he can get the job done.”

    Pa will not be a cakewalk for him.

  97. It makes you wonder about all these Democratic politicians that come out in support of the OWSers. Do they have a clue what they’re supporting?


  98. Ha! Hardly of little faith, Upps. I have you in the smell-a-rat column. Just wondering where FF is on the issue.
    I see hints of OFA, but dont have an evidentiary basis for certainty (I don’t think any of us do). Need to see how it plays out. Or, need to see the evidence ( so that I can go back to being a reactionary cynic).

  99. Well NES, if you’re looking for fingerprints, fergetttabowtit. Gangsters never leave fingerprints.

  100. Well NES, if you’re looking for fingerprints, fergetttabowtit. Gangers never leave fingerprints.

    Then that’s a problem, Upps. I’m not inclined to puppet-master theories. But, it’s possible the fingerprints will show. The first cry of “Yes, we can!,” or the equivalent, from OWS and I’m out of there. That none of them are yet criticizing Obama, or acknowledging his prominent role in this mess, is a big tell, but it’s not controlling at this early stage. As JWS posits, it may be just a result of “ego delusion” (Obama’s former foot-soldiers find it difficult to admit they were wrong about the man); certainly, if that continues, it’ll make the movement less credible to ineffectual.

  101. Well Vivien, they need to inform themselves and stand up and denounce the anti-Semitic strain of the OWS movement because it clearly exists. Obama better come out and denounce it too if he wants to hold on to the 10 Jewish voters he still has in his camp. Obama really tossed his hat in the OWS ring today at the King Memorial — he literally declared that MLK would’ve stood with OWS and this after he implied that he was like MLK.

  102. This kinda thing makes me sick to my stomach. 4 mentally disabled adults found in basement chained up. They were being held hostage for their SSI checks. They were malnourished and surrounded by their own feces. 3 people were arrested.

  103. NES, didn’t Obama put his inaugural speech in a time capsule at the monument? Shades of giving the Queen and ipod with all of his speeches. [blech]

  104. Here it is. Sounds like he also turned the event into a campaign event (color me surprised!)

    The opening of the China-designed and Chinese-built monument to King had been scheduled for August, but weather forced a delay until today. Before his speech, Obama also put signed copies of his 2009 inauguration speech and his 2004 speech to the Democratic National Convention into a time-capsule to be buried at the site.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/16/obama-seeks-mlk-aura-at-monument-dedication/#ixzz1b03QCjAa

  105. They should remove those three people who did that to the disabled from the gene pool immediately. The world will be a better place once these vermin and vermin like them are removed from it.

  106. Yuck imust,…I hadn’t heard that. The guy reduces himself to tears over his own greatness and historical significance.
    It’s so classless. Here are three attributes only OTHERS may confer on one (and that one may NOT appropriate for oneself!): good judgment, good sense of humor, and historical greatness. Three guesses as to who breaks this rule several times a month.

  107. The anti semitism at OWS does not surprise me at all. I have seen it everywhere on the net, expecially filthy remarks on youtube. These vermin are Obama people to the nines. He hates Jews and teh ONLY reason he is backtracking right now is because he has been exposed. There is no other reason he even bothered doing that lying speech of his about how strongly he is with Israel. This also should come as no surprise, since he kicked them in the face in 2008. Jews are not safe with this president. He is a bigger anti semite than even Jimmy Carter and that’s saying a lot. Any Jew who voted for this anti semite should hang his head in horror and shame for what he has wrought upon his own people, not only in Israel, but right here in the USA. The Jewish vote for Obama in 2012 should be zero. If it’s not then there are some very stupid jews with a very bad wish for themselves and they are fools if they think they are exempt.

  108. Barack Obama epitomizes the meaning of Ozymandias.

  109. I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
    And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    `My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
    Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
    The lone and level sands stretch far away”.

    Like Ozymandias, all his droppings of himself will move to dust and he will be forgotten. All small men with large egos usually either are forgotten or remembered in horror.

  110. Like Ozymandias, all his droppings of himself will move to dust and he will be forgotten. All small men with large egos usually either are forgotten or remembered in horror.

    Truer words were never spake.

  111. And their names both start with an “O”!

  112. This guy, Charlie Cook, agrees with you that Romney can beat Obama if he gets the nomination. He says that the far right would prefer a candidate like Perry, but if Perry can’t get his act together that they would go with Romney.

  113. Very interesting: http://hotair.com/archives/2011/10/16/obama-fundraising-overhype/
    Now that hope-n-change has collapsed, all the MSM has left is the “Obama has more money” theme, and even that appears inaccurate. How great the fall.

  114. If I can hold my nose and vote for Romney, so can they. Damnit. They better not stay home.

  115. Yeah, I’ve been reading about all the money Obama is supposed to be rakin’ in…..it does seem like a lot of hype. But hype is all they’ve ever had. When Hillary would beat the pants off him in a large primary state, then they’d report on some other “great” event Obama did that day….(large crowd or some super delegate endorsement). It’s so weird watching the same play….but in a different theater.

  116. Oooooh a THOUSAND (or so the paper said) blithering idiots showed up in Margaret Hance Park in Phoenix. On a Saturday. And according to my SIL, they were writing crap on the sidewalk in chalk, badly spelled crap at that.

    My SIL was more pissed that the helicopter went around and around the area her condo was in, shining its light in her windows, than the so called protesters; “I didn’t hear a thing from them.” Then again, she’s on the third floor and screened by trees… might be a selective statement.

    Then again, my SIL thinks that downtown Phoenix is a great place to live. As a kid born and raised there, I wouldn’t live there if you paid me. It’s all subjective.

  117. Indeed on the different theater, imust. This time, though, it’s not so personal, so it’ll be less gut-wrenching if he wins.

  118. I agree NES, I don’t have an emotional dog in this hunt…..other than a desire to see this country get on a better track and to hopefully, get my old party back.

  119. Yup, I’m with both of you. I just want to see him get the hell out of the way so my party and my country can heal under the leadership of someone sane and sensible instead of this petulant manchild.

  120. I don’t know why, but lately I continually think back to the D convention, 2004, where I first saw barack obama. I blush to tell you this but he had me. I was very moved by his speech and I thought he was just so damned cute and wirey besides. I thought, Wow, where did HE come from? I was hooked. I know you find that hard to believe, but there you have it. Who knew at the time that this speech was all he had? That his rhetoric could and would never go deeper than the hook? In 2008, after he spoke twice, I Knew what a fraud he was. I tell you this, because initially, I could SEE how people would fall for him, but I expected them to see through him after they watched and listened a few times. I was amazed that so many people actually didn’t notice that he was an empty vessel.

  121. I felt the same way when I heard him speak at the ’04 Convention, Upps. True confession.

  122. It was tripe of course, but imagine him coming from nowhere and hearing this.

  123. We all felt that way, I’m sure. We were full of hope, we just knew Kerry was going to beat Bush. WTF happened?

  124. Okay, I was able to get through the first forty seconds, then he spoke. I can’t do this.

  125. Glad to see you as brave admitting it as I was. I choked up. Who knew what he really was underneath?

  126. What happened Viv is, everytime Kerry opened his mouth, nobody knew what the Frack he was saying. The guy sounded like an ellitest zillionaire snob and couldn’t connect to real people if they tied him to them with a rope.

  127. Interesting, Upps. Thanks for putting it up. Even then, it was “I, me, mine.”
    But, here’s a come-to-Jesus question: Would we have disliked him if he hadn’t run against Hillary?
    I’ll answer first: honestly, I can’t be certain.

  128. Heck, I remember where I was (in the car) when I heard the live address. I choked up too.

    Later, I saw him in a very small gathering in early ’07, when he’d just announced. The flyer was a black-and-white simple photostat. He hugged me in a photo op. I thought he was nice enough because he didn’t seem to pose any threat to Hillary’s chances…little did I know.

  129. I liked him until I saw him on CSPAN early in the primaries. He was at a small town hall type event. He left me cold. Then a woman with special challenges stood up to ask a question. She struggled to get the words out. It had to do with Special Education, I think. Anyway, the way Obama reacted to her and dealt with her told me all I needed to know about him. I still thought he had the potential to be a possible VP pick for Hillary….as time wore on I realized that he would NEVER be ready….he wasn’t just green…he didn’t have the chops for the job and he seemed really untrustworthy and slimy.

  130. That was a great speech. Pity he couldn’t have stayed where he was.

  131. I would have liked him a little longer, but I still would have seen through his rhetoric. He had NO substance. None. Zero. Zilch.

  132. What’s fascinating is how he test-drove all his themes: his story wouldn’t be possible in any other country; the skinny kid with the strange name; the audacity of hope; fierce urgency; and the like. Slightly creepy in the re-hearing…HE KNEW way back then. It was the first bamboozle.

  133. No, clearly no substance beyond that one speech. The speech in NH was also good, as in diabolical…the coded message (Yes we can) to AAs that he could still make it notwithstanding his defeat at Hillary’s hands and that they should stick with him. He wouldn’t have had his primary wins without the monolithic support of AA voters.

  134. Yes, you would have seen through him, Upps. But, my question was a little different: would you have disliked him? I think a lot of my dislike of him is due to his having kept Hillary from the Oval Office. Even now, I hunger to see her as prez.

  135. It was the first bamboozle. I read somewhere Michelle recounting what she told him just before he went on stage that night….”Don’t blow it.” She told it like it was some kind of amusing story that made him seem more human….like the “he doesn’t pick the socks off the floor” comment….but now it sends chills up my spine. This thing was rigged way back in ’04.

  136. I think a lot of my dislike of him is due to his having kept Hillary from the Oval Office.

    That’s what infuriates me when Obots still defend him by talking about what a difficult hand he was dealt….how bad Bush left things…..how the Republicans are fighting him…..And here we had Hillary literally, “Ready on Day One.” Her Celestial Choirs” speech said it all

  137. I had the crappiest day. Woke up with a migraine, then my demonized old fridge, which has been making weird noises the last couple of days, started shaking and then smelled like burnt wire! I ran to turn off the circuit breaker. I looked it up online & several people said theirs had smoke coming out at the end. I’m not even risking turning it on again. We gave away all our perishables to the neighbors, expensive meat & chicken from Gelsons & Whole Foods.

  138. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/06/obama-biography-im-lebron-baby/
    Nope, no lack of confidence in ’04. He knew the speech would make him.

  139. When I was growing up, appliances lasted at least a decade or even two. I can’t believe the strange crap we’re getting from China.

  140. He wouldn’t have had his primary wins without the monolithic support of AA voters

    I attribute it far more to the caucus cheating and intmidation. This is how he got most of his delegates. Seriously. You need only look at Texas. Hillary wins the primary and he ends up with more delegates than she got, due to the caucus criminals.

  141. No I wouldn’t have liked him it just would have taken me longer to say so. I don’t particularly like people of no substance who speak in platitudes and repeat themselves over and over again. I don’t have much tolerance for fluff and buzz phrases. By speech Number Three, he was saying the exact same things. And nothing he said ever contained a whit of detail. I also didn’t like the way he sniffed the air with his nose toward the sky, eyes at half mast, soaking in the adoration. it gave me the creeps. I found him creepy early on.

  142. Funny we’re discussing this…John W Smart’s latest post is looking back at the primaries and what John thought about Obama then too.

  143. Yeah, the nose in the air thing…really strange. There are so many pix of him doing that.

  144. Socal- I see you have many migraines. My daughter started then when she was 5. Too young for meds (I try to avoid meds as much as possible anyway) We found a fix that works every single time. You want I should e-mail you on it?

  145. Mom, yes please!

  146. Ok socal- it will be coming your way momentarily

  147. Whoa! Don’t give socal the lunge whip, MOM!!!! And if you do give her one of the whips, don’t make it the PURPLE one.

  148. ROFL NES! Socal is too sweet to even think about using a whip! Don’t worry- the purple one shall be yours alone!

  149. I love deep purple. I look good in it. I’m Italian.

    But not if it’s a welt.

  150. Moldy Oldy. Can’t help it. It reminded me.

  151. LOL I love deep purple and wear it a lot. And I am not Italian.

  152. When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple

    with a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.

    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves

    and satin candles, and say we’ve no money for butter.

    I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired

    and gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells

    and run my stick along the public railings

    and make up for the sobriety of my youth.

    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain

    and pick the flowers in other people’s gardens

    and learn to spit.

    You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat

    and eat three pounds of sausages at a go

    or only bread and pickles for a week

    and hoard pens and pencils and beer nuts and things in boxes.

    But now we must have clothes that keep us dry

    and pay our rent and not swear in the street

    and set a good example for the children.

    We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

    But maybe I ought to practice a little now?

    So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised

    When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

    -Jenny Joseph

  153. Oh my word! I haven’t seen that poem in years! I remember when my Aunts joined the Red Hat club! They were so excited!

  154. Most excellent poem, Upps. Something to look forward to in old age.

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