Gadafhi Breaking news open thread

We can get back to the social contract at any time. Reports are coming out that Gadafhi has been killed or captured.

Gaddafi killed as Libya’s revolt claims hometown

An anti-Gaddafi fighter said Gaddafi had been found hiding in a hole in the ground and had said “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot” to the men who grabbed him.

As usual in these situations nothing is certain. But I did hear one CNN person say he was found in a sewer.

How appropriate.


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  1. Oh well sigh ( — I guess that puts the kabosh on my new reality show pitch “Keeping Up With The Kadafi’s”…

    (I’ve got twenty that says Manzilla is already sorting through the costumes)

  2. let the bloodbath begin

  3. one more dick tater gone. 🙂

  4. HRC called it

  5. GaDaffy is gone, and god knows what will take over. Sorry, but I never felt comfortable with this Brotherhood Arab Spring. This is how Iran turned into the psychopathic shithole it is today.

    But admit it. You’re gonna miss looking at this.

  6. Well at least we won’t have to hear anymore of his psycho rants at the UN, dressed like bozo the clown.

  7. “Sorry, but I never felt comfortable with this Brotherhood Arab Spring.”

    You’re not kidding, UW

    The undercurrent in the whispers of the punditry on MSNBC this morning is lauding “Teh One’s” balls and savvy re: foreign policy, reminding us that he killed Bin Laden, blah blah blah…

  8. Ah GAWD! My eyes! What a tragic use for the Royal Purple.
    And yes Uppity- we will never have to listen to or watch that madman again. Castro and Hugo are going- the long, hard, painful way. That leaves us with the Iranian madmen.
    Agree on the apprehension regarding what comes next. IMO not a good time to be a woman over there. Well let me rephrase- it has never been a good time to be a woman in the Islamic countries- and now it is going to get worse.

  9. Anthony, I know it’s just a coincidence that all the dictators who have been eliminated also kept the theocratic psychopaths at bay. Just saying
    Now they will be replaced with dictators who will implement sharia and they will all turn into crackpot Iran, go after Israel first and the USA next.

  10. Lovely little crescent flag I am seeing waved in real time. Ayup.

  11. I am reading where you should beware of clicking on photos of Gadafi dead, malware is out there. So make sure your source is a good one and you have your antivirus up to date.

  12. Thanks for the heads up Uppity. Though I think I saw more than enough of him when he was alive. Bleck. And blood and gore is not my cup of tea. I suppose the younger people who have grown up on violent video games would think nothing of it though.

  13. Here’s al Jeeze’s video. Whoa. GaDaffyDuck is not looking so good. Warning: graphic.

    These savages crack me up. They gut somebody and cheer while they do it, and then they put the body in a mosque. That’s where it’s reported Gadafi is now.

  14. 30 year old california man who lives as a baby and wears diapers, gets to keep his disability check. And we wonder why we have no money.

  15. UW, that’s exactly what happened in Iraq, and is now happening in Egypt. You know its only a short matter of time before it happens in Libya.

    That the Obama team is heralding this as proof that there are really balls in those tighty-whities is more than just a little appalling.

    If anyone wants to refer to European history, think of the French Revolution. After all the aristocracy was either beheaded or run outta town, the leaders said “Oh SHIT!! Now we have to figure out how to run this joint!!!”

    About 87 republics later (in the year 1958), they finally got it right.

    After the revolution, there were to many enemies and to much chaos for the democracy to succeed, and the Empire was hard to avoid. However, there were parliament, elections, and pluralism. So by conventional definition, the first French democracy was 1790, but it didn’t last.

    In 1870, France was not completly a democracy, because universal sufferage wasn’t there.

    1945 is also an important date, with a new republic (ie constiution), and universal suffrage. However, it was not an efficient democracy, because the government changes way to often, and it was impossible to do long term policies.

    The first efficient democracy really came only after De Gaulle’s new constitution in 1958. In this constitution, the president has more power than in the previous one, but it also was the first time he was directly elected by the whole people of France

  16. HEAD/DESK! Cheese and rice! he can design and build adult size baby furniture- but he can’t work? WTF? Somebody shoot me.
    Last I checked furniture maker is an occupation. Just ask the Amich who build the most well crafted furniture around here.

  17. … Oh! How they anguish at the ethical breach… Openly threatening to attack US citizens and visitors on US soil invites defensive action. The “Self Defense” defense overrides any moral quandry the left endeavors to concoct. As for Gadafhi, his own people extracted justice. As with Hussein, we had an interest in his demise. But where Obama is concerned, his is a HISTORY of eliminating his competition by any means, tactic or agent that affords his “Use ’em & Lose ’em” access.

  18. My mother’s response to the news about the COLA for Social Security in 2012 was “now that there is an election looming in his near future all of a sudden that whiny prima donna figured out he might need the old people to vote”.

  19. Oh yeah Mt. Laurel, my elderly neighbors said the same thing. He’s giving them their COLA for their vote and they said the people at the senior center are livid and hate his guts. They will take the COLA and give his opponent their votes. The general consensus is if this fake is re-elected, there will be no cola in 2013, 14, 15 and 16.

  20. I saw that COLA thing. WHOOPEE the average increase in $39 a month- one fourth of which is expected to be sucked right back in Medicare premiums. Gee- gas, food and utilities have gone up way beyond that amount in the last four years.
    But 30 yr old laze abouts can just keep sucking the teat.

  21. OT- desert tonight will be pumpkin roll, with cream cheese filling flavored with a hint of Frangelico.

  22. Pumpkin roll. Oh.
    Me want.

    My neighbor made pumpkin bread with nuts and chocolate chips, it was so good I almost cried.

  23. I forgot to mention that my neighbors, in addition to telling me what seniors think of this shithead, also told me they know a number of friends who got letters from specialists telling them they will no longer accept Medicare as of Januar 1, due to the severe cuts.

    Considering he removed $500 billion from the funding, how can we be surprised.

    One thing I KNOW about seniors. THEY ALL VOTE. They will do it from a stretcher if they have to. 50 million of them.

  24. I see that a former rabid hillary hater whose plug was pulled is now posting at another blog, taking care once again to skirt around the CDS. But that won’t last long. You can’t keep CDS under wraps forever. It would benefit the owner to read the poster’s blog comments and do a bit of a search for “Hillary”.

  25. By the By, you might want to email your congress critter and tell him or her to pass Obama’s next phony jobs bill, because Joe Biden says if they don’t, all us wimminz will probably be raped.

  26. LOL- I have a bit of pumpkin left- muffins maybe. With hazelnuts and chocolate chips maybe. Maybe use apple cider for the liquid.
    Can you all tell it is cold and raw here?
    Meatballs and pasta for dinner. I think there is some ricotta in the fridge. If I was not so lazy I would make pumpkin ravioli or something.

  27. We’re having lamb chops with tzatziki sauce and greek salad, pita bread and a nice wine.

  28. PFFFTTT on Joe the drunk. We need to make some American jobs. I have an idea. Do you remember a few years ago that vaginal insert with the teeth? I think it was a story out of Africa? Nasty looking thing- grabs on to the offending member and can only be removed at a hospital? Yup. Need to make those here. And instruct the hospitals not to remove them until the police are notified and the appropriate picture documentation is obtained for trial.

  29. Beware the lettuce Uppity. I am temporarily swearing off lettuce. And cantaloupes. And raw tomatoes- which really makes me mad.
    Trade you some pumpkin treats for some of the tzatziki sauce.

  30. Fox declares that college educated women are still getting married over the byline “Don’t believe the hype”. What a stupid story. Seriously, are these guys that insecure that they need to study this?

  31. Ah I bought romaine hearts. Fingers crossed. I’ll wash it well.

  32. Uppity- use lemon juice or vinegar when you wash the lettuce. Add a good splash to the water and make sure it covers all surfaces.

  33. Soon we will need to run all of our food thru the dishwasher. Despicable government on the take and looking the other way while people are killed by Big Agra.

  34. One more bastard leader down a few more to go.

    I have an early season cold/flu. Need to sleep it off for the next few days. Hot tea, honey. Toast. urrrrrggghhhhh. tissues.

  35. Hey everybody! Your food is safe! Karen’s got a cold and is on toast, tea and honey.

    We love ya karen. Rest and feel good.

  36. That purple pic is such an eyesore. *sneeze, cough, ouch*

  37. I suddenly have a craving for pita bread toast!

  38. I got it at a lebanese deli, Karen. Not that commercial crap. It was still warm. But I now you are way too sick to care.

  39. You’re gonna miss looking at this.

    Nah, Meechelle is a close enough second when it comes to fashion.


    Did Cain just put his foot in it? His social con base is not going to like this one bit! No siree.

  41. I think he did NES. Read that earlier. Now that he is sitting in the top tier, he seems to not understand how cautious he must be. Loose lips.

  42. NES- saw that Cain thing in my travels. Common sense broke out! Alas- the right wingnuts will stomp it out like plague.

  43. Obama kills himself rids the world of a few more psychopathic dictators and he’ll be the only one left…

  44. The problem with that part of the world is there is too many young men. Like the wild west.

    I think Bozo had better style than the Mad Hatter; you’d never catch Bozo in a brocade beanie.

  45. Cain just cooked himself. Because that’s pretty much ALL those people think about day and night.

  46. Mt Laurel at 1224, your mother is correct. SS COLA increases are indeed a nifty little feather to tuck in your cap if you are politician and make people believe ithanded with the stroke of your hand. We all know the sleight of hand though.

  47. That would be too bad if Cain plummets in the polls- which he will- a guy who wants to stay the hell out of vaginas and bedrooms? That is just common sense and courtesy imo.
    Wonder if he will pick up any independents from it? Which of course does not help him unless a whole lot run out and change registrations in time for the primaries.

  48. Helen- interesting link. Gasoline here jumped from $3.35 last week to $3.55 today.
    I see Hallivultures are right there ready to get in on the action.

  49. Shallow 4.2 in Oakland Berkeley. I’m sure NES felt that one unless she was on Skype with Uppity – then it could easily be mistaken for something else. Heh,


  50. Mom, every state has its own version of primary, caucus, or both as infamously happens during that Texas two-step. PA has dem or rep and only for people of those parties. Some states have open primaries, you can vote for anyone in any party. And then there is Chicago and localities the powers that be govern. In barkyland it doesn’t matter who you vote for or what the rules are – the exact amount of votes he needs to win goes directly to him.

    As an independent I can’t vote in PA primaries. I was a Dem till May 31st. ’08. Now, I will vote for the lesser evil they put against ofreak.

  51. mom, i got gas today for 10 cents less than last week. Last time it was 3.45 and today was 3.35.

    It is all arbitrary. They play around with numbers and set it at whatever sounds good to them while they sip their morning coffee.

  52. ff, uppity was eating ribs on SKYPE with NES?

    OMG. Lorac is going to be so J.

  53. Wow that was an EQ FF? I just thought NES and I reached a new level! Who knew?

  54. I don’t feel too badly for cain. He’s nuts in so many other ways.

    I guess those nutcases will all have to start voting for crazy man santorum now. He’s one of them. Besides, they are all getting raptured tomorrow anyways, thereby leaving all normal people the hell alone for eternity.

    Speaking of rapture, look for my Pre-rapture post tonight.

  55. I love how Obots are giving O the credit for Qu… Kha… Daffy’s death. He had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    I don’t feel that sunshine and rainbows are going to come out of this in the end, though. At this rate, a Rapture is preferable to the spread of misogynistic crazies.

    Cain has some issues if he wants to make it to the WH. One thing that can be said for him is that he has worked in his life. As a middling conservative, I have reservations and will wait and see.

    On the food front, I offered to make chocolate chip apple cake for Thanksgiving dinner. Dense, savory with burst of chocolatey goodness, oh so yummy.

  56. I like Cain. Not everything about him, but he is far more human than most of the other top runners. And of course, since barky is not human that puts Herman at a big advantage. He has feelings, a sense of humor, an excellent history of accomplishment, and he knows to stay out of private live decisions. I could vote for him. Romney too. Johnson easily.

    I’d have a hell of a time voting for Perry or Bachmann. I’d have to drink a couple shots of tequila to get up the courage.

    NO WAY IN HELL – Ricky Sanitarium or Newty. I’d need an airsickness bag in the voting booth.

  57. Was Gadafhi the first rapturee? If so it is a good sign we will be left here to mind our own business. aAll the extreme whackos should go- who needs them?

  58. mom
    Rev Amy posted this at No Quarter in reply to my link to the oil production.
    It does explain a lot

  59. Just. Can’t. Do. It. OBromney. BLECK. Same thing as we have now. Why bother?
    Santorum? He should just drop out and save some money.
    Gingrich? I haven’t forgotten what he did.
    Perry? So far not likee. He just can not seem to get it together. And I am not a fan of illegals getting tuition breaks.
    Bachman? TOO far right for me.

    If Cain could get a little more specific on that tax thing I might be able to do it.

  60. Thanks Helen- I will venture over and read!

  61. Karen- Yes- I am in crazy PA. On the opposite side of the state from you I believe. Remember Obama’s Dem for a day ads?

  62. Karen, lorac knows it’s a No Contest.

  63. “Wow that was an EQ FF? I just thought NES and I reached a new level”

    …enough to make Drudge.

    Only now it has been downgraded to a 3.9. HoHum…in that case, it’s just a regular afternoon on the SkypePhone…

  64. Gadaffi died a horrific death. But, then again, live by the sword, die by the sword. One can’t desire mercy for those who have shown none.

  65. While I am glad to see Gads go, they way it happend is troubling. Barry Hussein started the civil unrest, and then hid American involvement behind NATO. Then when Gads gives up, he is allowed to be murdered. We did not allow that to happen to Saddam Hussein. So why now? And not a peep from the international organizations that monitor human rights violations!

  66. Allie, please post the cake recipe!!! 🙂

  67. Aww c’mon, Hill Billy. If W had killed Gads, you’d be celebrating. I’m not happy to be giving Bam any props, but fair’s fair. He did well in the Libya engagement; ditto on getting the troops out of Iraq. Won’t save him in ’12 though.

  68. No I would not. W is, and was a joke in my book. If Gads had a rifle in hand and firing, sure, no issue. If we were there to make him pay for the plane bombing, no problem. But this is just another step to create unrest in the region. I have gave props to the Bamster for some of the regs he placed on the bankers.
    But this Araab spring stuff is evil.
    Geez NOS, I thought you knew I was a far righty? The Clan Bush is liberal in my book. 🙂

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