This week’s Cockroach Award goes to…

These two savages are Amanda Joliff and her boyfriend, Richard Smith. Amanda should  be the poster child for the argument that some creatures should not be allowed to spawn.

Frankly, I don’t know why we waste so much time before we have trials for cockroaches like these two. They should be removed from the gene pool as soon as is humanly possible. The world is not a better place with Amandas and Richards in it. Why do we put up with these freaks?

Amanda’s 14 year-old son was found hiding under a neighbor’s porch. She, the boy’s screwed up sister and the freak she lived with kept him locked in a room for three years. Yes, that’s right. Three years.

The boy, described by his mother as “developmentally delayed,” was found hiding under a neighbor’s porch Sept. 27 in the northern Colorado town of Erie after his mother and her boyfriend left on a trip to New York.

According to an arrest affidavit, the boy told police that his mother, Amanda Joliff, her boyfriend, Richard Smith, and the boy’s sister had kept him locked in the room under Joliff’s orders since early 2008. He said he was allowed out to take care of the family’s ducks, to clean and to eat, but said he usually only ate about four times a week.

So how did he get under the neighbor’s porch? Well, Mother Of The Year Amanda wasn’t there and the boyfriend, who is not his father, took off with his sister. Boy I’ll be his sister isn’t also a psycho-in-training or anything, right?

The boy told police that his father and sister decided to move out of the trailer Sept. 27 but told him he would have to wait another day to leave.

The boy said they gave him $5 to find a place to stay and he crawled underneath a neighbor’s porch to sleep, too afraid to ask for help.

At this very moment, Uppityites, your tax dollars are feeding and housing these two cockroaches in jail. I do hope they are only eating  raw pasta four times a week, preferably laced with rodent droppings, so they too can enjoy the good life they gave her son.


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  1. You are correct Uppity- some people have no business remaining here sucking up oxygen.
    Seems as if the longer I live, the more of these cockroaches come to light. Society seems to be breaking down.

  2. You have to wonder how many of these things don’t come to light. If they hadn’t left him, would he have lived the rest of his childhood like that? Some people make me sick. Maybe we should have an open season on cockroaches. It could save alot of tax dollars.

    Pmm, I missed out on your frosty post yesterday. It was a little chilly here. I wonder how cold it got in Zuccotti Park.

  3. I’m sure there will be new Zuccotti “wish lists” coming out. You know, LL Bean Parkas, properly insulated Thinsulate gloves and hats. Foot warmers. You know, the regular stuff the People’s Revolution requires.

  4. vivien- it is back to early fall here again- 52 this morning. Fifty two! The third week if October? That is more like a daytime high not an overnight temp.
    I see the Libyan cockroach has not been buried yet- his body is still on display- rotting before the very eyes of those who come to look.
    What happened to those Islamic rules about immediate burial?

  5. Stories like this just make me cry. The only good part of this is that maybe he’ll be adopted by a nice family who will take care of him the way that he should be taken care of…and I agree, I have no mercy for the “parents”.

  6. The Vatican needs to butt out- one world economic order. Hmph. Trying to drag us back to the days when THEY controlled all the wealth. And lived high on the hog while the serfs starved.
    I feel a rant coming on.

  7. I think there were times when these things happened even more. People got away with murder literally, more often. It was easier to cover up crime and hide evidence. News didn’t travel the way it does now because it couldn’t. People couldn’t investigate a missing child if they never knew the child existed to begin with.
    When people talk about the good old days I think “the good old days for who?” Not for women. Not for black people. Not for poor people or old people or sick people. Maybe we just think it is worse lately because the 24/7 new channels are so banal and focus on the ugly stories since they seem incapable of talking about national and international news in an intelligent manner.
    But speaking of news that doesn’t have any effect on us except to make us sick and depressed…. did you all hear about the rotting garbage who keep the mentally challenged adults chained up in a room, lying in their own feces, so that they could steel their SSI checks?

  8. I propose moving Casey Anthony alongside with these cretins to an abandoned BP platform out in the Gulf. Let them eat oil soaked dead fish forever.

  9. Let them eat oil soaked dead fish forever.

    But only 4 times a week.

  10. Mom, don’t get upset about the Vatican. They are so removed from every Catholic I know, it’s beyond belief. They need to clean up their own act before they stick their noses in anybody else’s business. Besides,it’s kind of hard to take the advice of a corporation (and that’s what they are, wish I could buy stock!) that still performs exorcisms and only changed their policy on whether or not the earth was flat and it’s relationship to the sun sometime in the 1960s. The Vatican has a hard time admitting certain archaic ideas weren’t such good ideas, like calling Galileo a heretic.

  11. PMM, I am such a cynic! I read that Vatican article and thought the only reason they give a cr@p is because they’re not in on the profiteering like they were in the old days.

  12. That’s about the best he’s going to do this time; get himself little morons who don’t pay any bills, so that ten years from now they will all be screaming WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!.

    He can forget the seniors, he can forget the boomers, he can forget the Jews, and, by my calculation, if Rubio is the VP nomination, he can forget the hispanics too. All that’s left is the ignorant and entitled, and all the cartoon characters and dead people he can register to vote. Obama is a Boob (™ H44).

  13. I know you’re going to get a massive kick out of this, Upps:

  14. We can only hope, NES. lol.

    Poor Rick. He’s so gay he can barely contain himself any longer. As in protesteth too loudly, methinks. Maybe he can be like his Pastor friend Haggard and just declare himself “Heterosexual with issues”.

    These people are just out of their minds. The entire economy is collapsing and all they can think about is women’s vaginas, the joy of giving birth to a psycho rapist’s baby, watching women die in childbirth, and who people sleep with and love. These are truly sick sons a bitches.

  15. Maybe Rick might want to stop over to see one of the clerics over in Iran and get some tips on how to kill homosexuals. Not that this will fix his need. Seriously, what exactly IS the difference between these crackpots and the Sharia people, other than they can’t legally bury women up to their necks and stone them to death or execute homosexuals? Yet.

  16. Those videos of people gawking at qaddafy’s dead body are beyond weird.

  17. I couldn’t even look at the pictures

  18. Poor Rick. He’s so gay he can barely contain himself any longer. As in protesteth too loudly, methinks.

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! (‘Cept I don’t think our community wants him. Just sayin’.)

  19. Hello ((((UPPITY’S))))

    Had a Terrorism awareness training this week-end and the right wing
    nuts are very much on their radar—as much as the middle easterns

    Now that Gadaffi is dead, we were worried that the people taking over
    were going to be wors—we are so SMART—I cannot see these people
    allowing this shit over there–lets hope those coming into power are only temporary

  20. Like Harry Potter who received his invitation from Hogwarts to “Under the Stairs” where the Dursleys made him sleep, the boy who figured out to make a break for himself will – likewise, have his OWN opinion about just who is “developmentally delayed.” His survival instincts, already (obviously) pretty good, will afford him instantaneous-upon-eye-contact recognition of others of the same species crawling the earth.

  21. I know NES. I caught a whole set of videos of them wooping Gadafi. H44 had a whole boatload of them. Apparently, they got off using their cell cameras quite a bit. SOme of them were REALLY frightening. I mean I don’t really give a hoot that they killed him, what scared me is how much they enjoyed it. I mean they were actually FIGHTING over who could take credit. Then they slammed his ass in a freezer so people could come and see him and take MORE photos. These people are really savages.

  22. SWP, the problem is he’s 14 and he’s probably REALLY screwed up thanks to Mother Of The Year. And society will have to deal with him eventually. Like when a young woman gets raped, she never gets over the scars. You lock a kid up from 11 to 14 and he’s gotta be affected in Not Good ways.

  23. Sophie, I just don’t see any other explanation for people like Santorum. Why else would they be so lazer focused on one thing to the detriment of a whole country’s REAL problems — other than a personal thing.

  24. I cannot see these people
    allowing this shit over there–lets hope those coming into power are only temporary

    Michelina, women are dog crap in the ME. Goats are higher than they are. The only thing that’s temporary for them is their lives. They do not have the ability to fight back in ways that can be helpful, unless they want to die in the process.

    None of this is a surprise to us because we know these guys are animals. Like NES says, it’s hopeless over there. These freaks do not live in the same century as everyone else. The scary part is they come here and bring that stench with them and try this crap over here. If they are called on it, they claim victimhood. And since that facist Scalia has declared that women have no constitutional protections, they are getting away with it in some quarters.

  25. UW, women are dog crap everywhere, even here (except when we can be manipulated into buying things or used for selling things).

  26. Well yeah sophie, there’s that too. But we can buy guns. and use them.

  27. Dammit, why did they have to live in a trailer? Something tells me there is much more to this story. UW, speaking of having guns, did you see the 66 year old who blasted a tweeker who was breaking into her abode?
    full article here

  28. Santorum is an idiot! We kicked him out of office here. Why the hell would he think he can win the country if he can not win one swing state?

  29. Good for her John! She’s 66. That’s not the first senior who has killed one of these swine. I think there was one earlier this year who blew a rapist away. The sooner this pigs get the point that more and more of us women are armed, the better.

  30. How about the woman who bit off this cockroach’s tongue?

    Or how about this useless cockroach who dropped dead while he was raping a woman. I love karma, don’t you?

  31. There is a vidoe somewhere of her telling the story, with the 9-11 dispatcher. I wish more women were as prepared as she is.

  32. Well you can’t say that NY City’s new sex education course for middle school leaves anything out….,0,4227018.story

  33. The reaction on this video is simply priceless.

  34. 84 year-old woman sends cockroach with soiled pants running from her .38 special.–2
    71 year-old woman cleans intruder’s clock with frying pan.

    Woman kills intruder during 911 call.

    84 year-old former Miss America stops her thieves by balancing herself on her walker and shooting out their tires.

    89-year-old woman decides It’s Me Or You.

    Woman shop owner decides she’s had enough.

    Woman comes to aid of officer in distress to take down some vermin.

    Woman puts a bullet in home invader’s head.

    Company designs Palm Pistol, intended for the handicapped and seniors.

  35. ..and more recently. Woman has 22 in her shirt and empties it in guy who put a knife to her throat and then started to tie her up.

  36. Praise the Lord all my children are grown- cuz I would NOT allow them to take those classes and I haven’t the education to home school. I would be begging the church for tuition money.
    That school counselor? GOOD FOR HER!
    I have an idea! How about we get the counselors to teach fire-arm safety and self defense instead of oral and anal sex?

  37. Designed for disabled, seniors or others with limited strength or manual dexterity, it is also suited for home defense, concealed carry or as a backup gun. Using the thumb instead of the index finger for firing, it significantly reduces muzzle drift, one of the principle causes of inaccurate targeting. Point and shoot couldn’t be easier.


  38. UW…forget about it…not for sale in NY

  39. Priceless. Woman beats crap out of home robbers. With pics!

  40. Of COURSE not sophie. NY loves criminals and hates victims.

  41. UW, these people redefine savages.

    You are right UW…sheer enjoyment for those that took part. Really frightening.

  42. “We are now united. We have become brothers in love,” Abdul-Jalil said during the celebration in Benghazi, as a crowd waved red, black and green flags. “This revolution was looked after by God to achieve victory.”

    Now go forth and kick the crap out of your women.

  43. McNorman they are saying he died in crossfile but I do recall one video with a guy saying he was shot with a 9mm pistol. I bet they shot him with his own pistol. Remember that one video of the guy brandishing his gold 9mm?

  44. Talk about an egomaniac. He had a gold pistol. Yeesh.

  45. Yes, I saw the guy with the 007 gold plated gun. A real yahoo type. I think the article and pic were from the UK Guardian.

  46. It’s on the pic. I think this is an al jazeera pic.

  47. That is so sad.

  48. and they call us the weaker sex. 😆 😆

  49. Ok McNorman, your punishment is to scroll up and go through every single video. They got posted after our personal blog redneck posted a link to that same story. I’ll think of something else as an additional punishment. Perhaps you have to cook Mexican for me for a week.

  50. love the 1944 Mis America’s story myself. She had to balance herself on her walker to steady herself and shoot the SOB’s tires out.

    Let’s face it Foxy. We’re on our own. Nobody comes to our defense unless it’s too late. Not the law. Not the courts, not anybody. It’s time to arm ourselves, because we are truly on our own. The more of them we kill first, the fewer of us will be harmed. You just have to conclude that if someone is coming up your stairs without your permission, they must go back down backwards.

  51. MK Bill starred in this one.

  52. We DON’T want Santorum. The straights can have him; we’ll throw in a dishwasher.

  53. LOL, NES!!! And a toaster oven!

  54. The Libyans are shaming themselves before the world. This barbarity is not excusable, however bad Gaddafy was (and he was atrocious).

  55. NES they don’t care. They think they’re cool and macho and virile and feared and hawt hawt hawt. They don’t even have a clue that the rest of us think they are flaming caveman assholes.

  56. Ya know Uppity….. The barbarism against one’s own child is something I personally could never understand! Never mind what we as humans do to each other but….For a mother to allow this to happen to a child she brought into the world is inexcusable!

    As for that sorry excuse for a man…I’m sure he has probably met some fine upstanding citizens of the penal colony just itching to make an example out of him!!!!

    And ya know what…………???

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the guards turn a deaf ear to his cries for help! Just as he did when that poor child cried out for someone to help him!

  57. Got that right dragon. Personally, I’d like to give him to you for about ten minutes in a soundproof room

  58. OK – a promise. I WILL do a Brand New Header this week. Original and uncut!



    oh – and then there is this:

    Send us your original pie recipe, a photo of the finished product.Tell us the size and type of pie plate you use, and any story you may have about the pie and why it’s so special (up to 200 words in length).

  59. Cripes ABCnews is so off of the news, they are now asking for pie recipes. lol.

  60. Hey, there’s political wisdom in PIES. I understand there’s even a pie running for prez in ’12.

  61. Well you know I won’t vote for it unless it’s caramel apple walnut.

  62. Hey NES, I’m on google maps peeking in your window.

  63. Think I’ll check lorac out now.

  64. Is that her nekked outside again?

  65. Did someone mention PIES?

  66. Gee whiz. Pull your shades down everybody. I mean these maps zoom right in. Cripes. A stalker’s dream.

  67. Uppity- just took a look at my house on that google maps thing- I can tell that the photo is at least a year old. I remember when the stupid truck went by taking the pics- everybody in town was calling the cops lol.

  68. ROFLMAO! I just took a closer look at that map- ssshhhh don’t tell them but they got the address on every place on my street wrong.
    The satellite map view is very very old. I can tell because my girlfriend’s horse trailer is parked on the property line. That was way back in 05 or 06.

  69. Yeah they got mine wrong too. lol.

  70. Hey Imust, you ready yet?

  71. When they get it right it’s fun though. I love goofing on people who live 500 miles away, telling them I like the flowers this year. lolol

  72. Oh geez….now you got me looking at my house on google maps! It is an old picture though… lawn looks dead. That was the year they had odd/even watering days and were sending out the water police patrolling the neighborhoods looking for people watering on the wrong day. Probably used google maps and looked for the lush green lawns.

  73. Well at least it’s not on trash night.

  74. Can’t believe how everybody’s house looks like crap.

  75. I got too many trees.

  76. I tried to find a house on google map. It wasn’t there. I looked up and down the street I know a half a dozen times. I had to drive over there to find it.

  77. I see ya, Upps.

  78. Mom, I see your purple whip.

  79. I knew it — Mom had a “girlfriend.” Still waters run deeeeeeep….

  80. Yeah they got mine wrong too. lol.

    Really? Looks just like I recall it.

  81. I hope it looks the same. Weren’t you just there returning needle nose? I want to know what she cooked for y’all.

  82. Yeah but it was dark when you were there.

  83. Stop peeking in the window NES.

  84. NES is that an old volkswagen in your yard you’re using as a planter?

  85. Nice tree in front. Needs some landscaping in entrance area. Looks like chit.

  86. Hey Vivian is that you out there in your bathing suit dumping the trash?

  87. Yeesh, get the pink flamingo off the front lawn will ya?

  88. Its 56 degrees here. No, I don’t have on my bikini tonight.To damn cold. I’m not in Florida. lsn’t that the only place that has Pink flamingos?

  89. No in Philadelphia, every Italian has a flamingo on his front lawn.

  90. The plastic ones?

  91. I’m still trying to picture a vw planter. NES, who’d a thunk. That must be some imagination.

  92. That NES, she’s such a “peace-nick”

  93. vivien….this obsession of yours with flamingos has gone too far! I mean the lawn is one thing……..

  94. Can you really see in my window?

  95. Yeah Viv. Put some clothes on. Yeesh.

  96. In upstate NY every well heeled flamingo has an Italian on his front lawn.

  97. LOL imust!

    When you gonna grace your subjects with a UW post hey?

  98. I’ve got you registered as an editor using your other email address. Should I use the one you’re using now?

  99. Never had a VW for any use, vivien. Now had UW said a Merc planter, why that’d be an emtirely different matter.

  100. I nominate imust for Pie Posting Tuesdays!

  101. Perhaps you have to cook Mexican for me for a week.

    No problema.

    This is what happens when I’m at work trying to speak to a vile integrated voice recognition at an insurer. LOL

  102. Imust — totally hilarious on the VW and the flamingo!

  103. I had a 280SE 4.5 for a lonnnnnnnnnnng time. Sold it for more than I paid for it. Honest. Dark Green. Damned thing wanted to be on the autoban though and i always had the feeling it was not happy with me. It was a time in my life when I thought it was worth it to be more money for a car than I would ever be dumb enough to pay again.

  104. That link demands an email address and other stuff that’s none of twitter’s beezwax, NES. You’re mobile again, eh?

  105. Phew. I just got home from the airport. Flew home non-stop from New York. UW has a nice house! And her blinds must be old, because they don’t seem to close all the way….

    She must have just watered near the windows, though. My sneakers are really muddy!

  106. Ah so that was you. You left just before I emptied the glock into the peeping tom I thought was out there.

    Lorac is the reason god invented shutters.
    At least stand in the snow if you’re gonna look! NES stands in the snow…

  107. LOL Cain. Somebody needs to mansplain to him that abortion is not against the law. I was listening to his psychobabble about how it’s all the family’s choice to decide whether they “break the law” and have an abortion or not. I was like, WTF, Herm? Go have one of those poor excuses for a pizza or something. Just because you and those crackpots, who move toward and away from candidates like rats because there is only ONE thing they can think about day and night, don’t approve doesn’t make it illegal. As a matter of fact, I don’t approve of perpetual vagina watchers running for President either, but you creatures do it anyways, don’t you? You know, I kind of hope Mittens IS the candidate just so I can enjoy seeing all those Mini Sharia crotch watchers’ heads explode.

  108. And what’s with the guy taking a drag off a cigarette. WTF!!!

  109. OMG!!!! That ad! I really was….ROFL!!!!! Was that real? It seemed like a spoof….except it was too weird for a spoof!! hahahahaha!

  110. Uppity I got your editor reg. on my new email address. I still want to practice with WordPress at my little toy blog!…..I don’t want to be bothering you with a lot of “How do I…??” questions. 🙂

  111. imust, don’t be afraid to ask. and I know Mom hangs out at your pie shop and she’s pretty smart about wordpress, so you can ask either of us. But use email, not this blog, because we end up dominating the space. But there’s no reason why you can’t ask questions!!! If you need me, use the email address I sent you.

  112. imust- fire away with any questions- glad to help if I can! I still putz around with it- and then use the preview post button to see if it did what I wanted.

  113. Apparently the ad is real, imust. That is Cain’s campaign manager.

  114. The ciggy puff at the end was a very odd touch…really in your face. I have to wonder how this will fly?

  115. mcnorman, they say it’s so bad that it’s good. I dunno…I think it’s just weird.

  116. I have a headache, a tight chest and a hoarse voice. Be glad you can’t catch crap over the internet.

  117. Will you check out THIS cockroach? 30 year old woman asked to baby sit for her best friend’s 15 year old son (?) and has sex with him. Tell me SHE should ever be allowed to walk the streets again. Bleck! And………he committed suicide. This little bastard should be hung in public.

  118. Hey Upps, get well soon.

    Btw, what do you — and others here — think of credit unions? What’re the upsides and downsides? On average, how often do they fail? Do you know of any good research internet sites that would have this information?
    I need to do some research on this because i’m seriously thinking of responding to OWS’s call to transfer bank accounts from big banks (where I am currently) to credit unions or regional banks on Nov. 5th (dubbed Bank Transfer Day). Mind you, I’m not crazy enough to do it if it’d put my funds at risk, but it it doesn’t then why not?

  119. NES, I have some money in a credit union. I think they are pretty stable. Not that they CANT fail but they are not for profit, really. I find they are far more stable than big banks, and they give better interest rates too. I have most of my accounts with a local community bank that’s been around forever. What I would do, NES is go to and check out the credit union you are considering. They will show you it’s stability quotient, rate its assets and predict future success or failure of any bank or credit union.

    Hey I’ve been yelling to move your money to smaller banks for two years now. So OWS gets you to do it. Sheesh.

  120. Thanks for the info., Upps! Will look at the link you mention.
    Hey, it’s not that I haven’t been listening to you…it’s just that I haven’t been motivated before. It’ll have an impact if boatloads of people do it on the same day and that’s a good thing.

  121. Thanks again, Upps.

  122. I think it’s just weird.

    NES, it’s VERY odd.

  123. Please stop insulting us. At least we can’t help what we are and what we do.


    The Cockroaches

  124. Another kind of cockroach. Source is current news from my ISP home page.
    Hasan defense seeks expert reinforcements
    United Press International
    A military judge is considering whether the government will pay for defense consultants in the trial of a U.S. Army officer accused of killing 13 people.

    A pre-trial hearing at Fort Hood, Texas, was convened Thursday to debate whether or not Maj. Nidal Hasan can receive various types of expert defense assistance at government expense before his trial in March.

    The Austin American-Statesman reported attorneys asked the judge, Col. Gregory Gross, for permission to hire two consultants on pre-trial publicity and jury selection. There was no immediate ruling.

    KXXV-TV, Waco, said the hearing was the first court appearance for Hasan since his arraignment in July. He has yet to enter a plea.

    Hasan, who was shot and paralyzed in the incident, was captured after he allegedly opened fire on soldiers and civilians at the base during the run-up to his deployment to Iraq. He faces 32 counts of attempted murder as well.

    A service of YellowBrix, Inc.

  125. Pamela thank you for your donation to Bill’s disgusting habit. You always think of us and you don’t even crap on us in the process! Bless your little postcard writing heart.

    Hasan should have had an accidental bullet in his head long ago.

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