You have been warned: Cuteness Overload.


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  1. AAWWW! That is sooo cute! I don’t think I ever heard a dog make a noise like that- sort of sounds like a bird. EOFL!
    OT- the weather guy just said “wet flakes” are in the forecast. He did not say the s word though.
    Ah well, not like we were not expecting it- the kids usually have their s*&w suits on under their costumes.

  2. Very cute as puppies. Remember the Shiba Inu puppy cam I had up a few years ago? the thing is, as dogs, I would not want one. They are a spitz dog and they look like foxes, which I guess is kinda cute, but the few I’ve known did not have very pleasant personalities. I think they are sly like their fox looks. Kind of mean, actually. And I would thank the stars they aren’t the size of an Akita because this is a lot of dog for a small one. I pass. Just my two cents. People say they are “catlike” but that’s bull. I don’t know where people get that comparison about any dog. I have yet to know a dog that was catlike. I think they use the term if the dog is clean. Anyways, A Shiba is about as far removed from a herder as you can get, which is probably why I find them unsuitable for myself.

    Remember that nutcase who taped the dog to the refrigerator, that psycho? It was a Shiba Inu. I was kind of surprised because this is not a meek dog. It should have bitten the crap out of her.

  3. I really don’t know much about the various breeds- my Mom bred and raised Collies when we were kids- and took them to the shows. Before that we had a couple of German Shepherds. I have had pound puppies all my life. lol I find the mixed breed dogs are the bestest for us.

  4. Australian Shepherds-best dog ever

  5. That was way too sweet. What a way to start the day.

    PMM, what in the world are wet flakes? Is that what we call sleet? We don’t get much of the s word here. It’s sleet, or it’s frozen rain. Nothing you could make an s ball with. It’s going to be in the 70’s today. Where did fall go?

  6. vivien- lol wet flakes is a euphemism for the “s” word. Nobody wants to hear that word quite yet. So the weather guy says wet flakes- in the mountain areas- east of us. Probably not here- but one never knows.
    I am annoyed as the northern lights were visible from here last night- and of course I was sleeping. GRRR. Beautiful pics on the weather and news this morning. One of these days I will get to see them. The news said they were visible as far south as Kentucky.

  7. PMM, Once again are you me?? Maybe we had this discussion before and my fabled memory has just gone bye bye again, but we raised and showed collies and shelties when I was a kid. I loved it. I took several classes in obedience training and showing dogs and spent some time in the show ring.
    But my favorite dog ever is my dog Trouble (actually my son’s dog but he has lived with me almost three years now and so he is mine) who is half black lab and half Rottweiler. He was found on the streets of Miami, abused and terrified, consequently mean. but with in a few months the sweetest dog ever. Snidely Whiplash could be won over by this dog.

    Now, what year were you born, in what month and please tell me it was not in TX and that you did not grow up in NY.

  8. you know what, I will go first, then you can just say, “I was born in a different year and month”..

    I was born in december 1956

  9. oh nooooooooooooooooooooo, not the s word. Now the semi significant other will have an excuse to complain until spring. Not that he doesn’t complain every day about something. But now he will complain about one more thing every day….sigh. And he wants to sell this property. It is hard to take care of. We have almost a mile of drive way to plow and we live on a dirt road which means the car is always muddy, so what? We have the most gorgeous view and no close neighbors except the deer, turkeys, coyote, bob cats, fox, rabbits…you get the drift. I don’t want to move. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. I prefer rough collies myself Judy, but wouldn’t turn my back on an ASD.

  11. Adorable video. All puppies are adorable, so it doesn’t matter what breed they are, until they grow up. Then, it matters. I had a toy poodle that I always said was catlike and I had alot of cats. Also had a German Shepherd and lots of mixed breed dogs. Gave up dogs when it got hard for me to walk them. So only cats now. Teresainpa – your place sounds perfect. I wouldn’t want to move either.

  12. I knew you’d weigh in with me on this one, Utah. Face it. Herding people look at dogs the same way. You already know I’d have an ACD myself if I thought I was skilled enough, but alas, you know that Needlenose was just too easy for me to train. You, on the other paw, can handle a bunch of them.

  13. Eh I never get upset about snow unless I can’t open the door. It’s snow. It is what it is. I do like the way it insulates sound, it’s a kind of fairytale feeling to me. Besides, my dog loves her snow. And I just trek around with her in my UGGs and LLBean parka and the right gloves and hardly feel a thing. I should probaby join OWS. I could use some new winter duds, thinsulate gloves, etc, and I’m sure that at the first dusting, these things will be on their “Wish list”. Life is rough. So I could go camping in Zucchini park and get my LLBeans and then just pack up and leave. Sounds like a plan.

  14. teresa- lol 1956- Fourth of July- Yankee born and bred! Yup- took the obedience training classes too. And helped Mom with the shows.

    On Dogs- note my current dog is a border collie mixed with god knows what. Possibly some kind of spaniel. Even the vets could not figure it out. Sort of curly coat- kind of wiry feel to it. I will try to dig up a pic and put it up and we can all play guess Aladdin’s breed(s) lol
    The best dog I ever had was a mix as well. Gorgeous brindle coloring. Retriever.Afghan mix. Do not talk to me about the coat. Best dog ever. He would retrieve – and retrieve- and…. Even things from under water. Funniest thing ever to watch him go after the rocks the kids threw in the pond. We put some nail polish on one to prove he really was retrieving underwater.

  15. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Albany is all upset a’cause all the special people are there and demonstrations offend their sensibilities! They complained to Andrew!!!Poor dysfunctional babies!!!!! If any legislative body deserves to be ramrodded by a bunch of yahoos, it’s the NY Senate and Assembly.

    Seriously though, troopers are paramilatary. Refusing to follow a governor’s orders is not very bright.

  16. I’m not sure why they are complaining though. NY is second only to California as a big fat entitlement state for anybody who wants to do nothing and stick their hands in your tax pocket. Really. I mean, if the taxpayers had anymore burden for these slugs, the whole place would be a welfare state. Every year, thousands more flee the place. Just hopping to another state gives you an instant disposible income hike.

  17. Uppity you know needlenose wants an ACD puppy and I heard she was shopping and had your credit card yet again. She wants a Blue brother. Be darned what you say about it she said.
    Snow ? Ugh I really am getting used to it but could live without it. Sure is hard keeping my truck clean. I have 10 times more sidewalk to shovel this time around. Most likely will be paying the neighbors kid.
    Last time I shoveled the crap a car came by and deliberately hit a slush pile and nailed me. I darn near put the snow shovel through his rear window !
    We are having a tad bit of a storm today but thankfully not cold enough for snow. Already had a blast of it.
    Going to take the wrecking crew out today for some fall pics so catch you all later. Take care and have a nice day.

    How to Turn Up the Heat on Democrats
    Occupy Obama
    President Barack Obama is no longer running unchallenged in all the major primary states, thanks to activists in Iowa who are focusing their Occupy Wall Street activism onto the headquarters of the Obama for President campaign office this Saturday, October 22,  in Des Moines.

    The “Occupy Obama” event is being organized in part  by veteran rabble rouser Hugh Espey and his highly effective Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, a grassroots force that has been fighting for economic and social justice since the 1970s.  CCI members are already participating in Occupy Wall Street actions in nine Iowa towns.  Occupy Obama seems a logical next step to escalate the movement further into national view and create the potential for debate and organizing within the Iowa presidential caucuses in January.

    Espey criticized Obama by name in a Des Moines Register guest editorial of October 6, 2011 announcing CCI’s support for Occupy Wall Street actions in Iowa.  “Our political leaders are too busy asking big banks and Wall Street corporations for campaign contributions to push the ‘put people first’ policies that this nation needs,” he wrote.  CCI will march on Obama’s campaign headquarters in Des Moines on Saturday.  This Occupy Obama action could catch fire nationally, especially given the frustration widely voiced that not one prominent Democrat is willing to oppose Obama in the Democratic Party’s primary races.  Occupy Obama could partly fill that void.  “We’ll deliver a simple, powerful message to Obama staffers, and do a speak-out as well.  We want regular folks telling the Obama staffers what they think.  We want Obama to understand that the 99% demand action from him to put communities before corporations and people before profits,” says CCI.

    Obama’s social and economic justice rhetoric, and his opposition to the war in Iraq, won him the 2008 Democratic nomination and the presidency.  Millions of independents, young and ethnically diverse voters found him a compelling agent for the “Change” and “Hope” he extolled as a mantra.  But the failure of Obama’s policies to adhere to his campaign rhetoric should not really be surprising.   Candidate Obama in 2008 beat every other Democrat in collecting the most campaign contributions from the wealthiest funders of the Democratic Party, the 1% as opposed to the 99%, aka Wall Street.  He has announced his goal for 2012 of raising one billion dollars which again will require the firm support of the very wealthiest Democratic Party interests.

    President Obama has been a huge disappointment on issues across the board, yet he was running unchallenged in the primaries until CCI announced its Occupy Obama action.  Don’t be surprised if this Des Moines event is the start of a successful nation-wide Occupy Obama movement.  In Iowa an Occupy Obama movement has real potential because it could choose to become a player in the Iowa caucuses in a way that is much more than symbolic.  Occupy Obama activists could show up at the caucus meetings in January, for instance, and organize support for an Uncommitted slate of  Occupy Obama convention activists.  These Uncommitted delegates could provide a critical voice on the floor of the Obama convention in the summer of 2012.

    Some Obama supporters and interest groups have advocated using the Occupy Wall Street cause to help elect Obama and other Democrats, coopting the movement.  However, an Occupy Obama movement could turn that scenario on its head.  A growing Occupy Obama movement could directly confront the failures of the Democratic Party to represent most people.

    If Occupy Obama takes off, 2012 might feel a bit like 1968.  Back then the Guns And Butter policies of Lyndon Johnson were destroying not just Vietnam, where millions eventually died, but also killing Johnson’s own domestic social programs, his Great Society reforms.  The rapidly growing anti-war movement in 1968 rallied behind two Democratic Party primary challengers, Senators Gene McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy.  It forced the resignation of Johnson, but the bosses of the Democratic Party handed the nomination to Johnson’s Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who lost to Richard Nixon.

    While an Occupy Obama movement would be very unlikely to prevent his renomination, it could make him and his Party’s shortcomings a front and center issue.  It could ignite a  Democratic Party reform movement, as 1968 did, leading to some take back of the corporate Democratic Party by grassroots activists.  It could also lead to the support and emergence of other parties more representative of the people, as opposed to helping Wall Street and giant corporations.

    2012′s interwoven crises of failing empire, economic desperation, corporate corruption, corporate control of government and bought elections, might have created a political turning point if the Occupy movement can keep upping the ante and building its numbers.  Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement could well be firing a shot heard round the nation, if an Occupy Obama movement emerges to pressure the Democrats, utilizing the 2012 election to pursue this goal.  Occupy Obama 2012 may be coming soon to an Obama Campaign or Democratic Party office near you!

    JOHN STAUBER is the co-author of six books including Iraq: Weapons of Mass Deception and The Best War Ever. His anti-war activism began in high school in the 1960s opposing the war in Vietnam. The opinions in this article are his alone. His email address is:

  19. Sorry for pasting the entire piece. The only link I could find gave a lot more than just this one blog piece. It’s from Counterpunch.

  20. Oh goodie. A challenge from somebody falling off the left cliff. That should work. Not. But hey at least the guy said the O word, which is woefully missing from this Occupy party. I admire his courage, and already know he wants to ruckus for his cause, which is basically, spend more trillions and give it to people for doing nothing other than inhaling and exhaling. The fun part is watching Barack react. I’ll bet this will be the scene of the first police brutality. The Prince will not be pleased.

  21. Utah, I am more partial to the red ACDs though.

    LOL on the slush hit. Reminds me of…….

    The Diary of a Snow Shoveler

    December 8
    6:00 PM. It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses Print. So romantic we felt like newlyweds again. I love snow!

    December 9
    We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lovely place in the Whole World? Moving here was the best idea I’ve ever had. Shoveled for the first time in years and felt like a boy again. I did both our driveway and the sidewalks. This afternoon the snowplow came along and covered up the sidewalks and closed in the driveway, so I got to shovel again. What a perfect life.

    December 12
    The sun has melted all our lovely snow. Such a disappointment. My neighbor tells me not to worry, we’ll definitely have a white Christmas. No snow on Christmas would be awful! Bob says we’ll have so much snow by the end of winter, that I’ll never want to see snow again. I don’t think that’s possible. Bob is such a nice man, I’m glad he’s our neighbor.

    December 14
    Snow lovely snow! 8″ last night. The temperature dropped to -20. The cold makes everything sparkle so. The wind took my breath away, but I warmed up by shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. This is the life!

    The snowplow came back this afternoon and buried everything again. I didn’t realize I would have to do quite this much shoveling, but I’ll certainly get back in shape this way.

    December 15
    20 inches forecast. Sold my van and bought a 4×4 Blazer. Bought snow tires for the wife’s car and 2 extra shovels. Stocked the freezer.

    The wife wants a wood stove in case the electricity goes out. I think that’s silly. We aren’t in Alaska, after all.

    December 16
    Ice storm this morning. Fell on my butt on the ice in the driveway putting down salt. Hurt like heck. The wife laughed for one hour, which I think was very cruel.

    December 17
    Still way below freezing. Roads are too icy to go anywhere.

    Electricity was off for 5 hours. I had to pile the blankets on to stay warm. Nothing to do but stare at the wife and try not to irritate her. Guess I should’ve bought a wood stove, but won’t admit it to her. God I hate it when she’s right. I can’t believe I’m freezing to death in my own living room.

    December 20
    Electricity’s back on, but had another 14″ of the damn stuff last night. More shoveling. Took all day. Darn snowplow came by twice.

    Tried to find a neighbor kid to shovel, but they said they’re too busy playing hockey. I think they’re lying. Called the only hardware store around to see about buying a snow blower and they’re out. Might have another shipment in March. I think they’re lying. Bob says I have to shovel or the city will have it done and bill me. I think he’s lying.

    December 22
    Bob was right about a white Christmas because 13 more inches of the white crap fell today, and it’s so cold it probably won’t melt till August. Took me 45 minutes to get all dressed up to go out to shovel and then I had to poop. By the time I got undressed, pooped and dressed again, I was too tired to shovel. Tried to hire Bob who has a plow on his truck for the rest of the winter; but he says he’s too busy. I think the jerk is lying.

    December 23
    Only 2″ of snow today. And it warmed up to 0. The wife wanted me to decorate the front of the house this morning. What is she nuts!!! Why didn’t she tell me to do that a month ago? She says she did but I think she’s lying.

    December 24
    6″. Snow packed so hard by snowplow, I broke the shovel. Thought I was having a heart attack. If I ever catch the man who drives that snowplow I’ll drag him through the snow by his nose and beat him to death with my broken shovel. I know he hides around the corner and waits for me to finish shoveling and then he comes down the street at 100 miles an hour and throws snow all over where I’ve just been!

    Tonight the wife wanted me to sing Christmas carols with her and open our presents, but I was too busy watching for the snowplow.

    December 25
    Merry -bleeping- Christmas! 20 more inches of the slop tonight. Snowed in. The idea of shoveling makes my blood boil. I hate the snow! Then the snowplow driver came by asking for a donation and I hit him over the head with my shovel. The wife says I have a bad attitude. I think she’s a fricking idiot. If I have to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” one more time, I’m going to stuff her into the microwave.

    December 26
    Still snowed in. Why the heck did I ever move here? It was all HER idea. She’s really getting on my nerves.

    December 27
    Temperature dropped to -30 and the pipes froze, plumber came after 14 hours of waiting for him, he only charged me $1400 to replace all my pipes.

    December 28
    Warmed up to above -20. Still snowed in. THE WITCH is driving me crazy!!!

    December 29
    10 more inches. Bob says I have to shovel the roof or it could cave in. That’s the silliest thing I ever heard. How dumb does he think I am?

    December 30
    Roof caved in. I beat up the snow plow driver he is now suing me for a million dollars not only the beating I gave him but also for trying to shove the broken snow shovel up where the sun don’t shine. The wife went home to her mother. 9″ predicted.

    December 31
    I set fire to what’s left of the house. No more shoveling.

    January 8
    Feel so good. I just love those little white pills they keep giving me. Why am I tied to the bed?

  22. hellooo (((UPPITY”S))))

    UW: a definite ROFLMA—never read that before

  23. Those who are the praying kind- we could use a few- my brother in law has been admitted to ICU at a hospital in Jacksonville- high sugar, low blood pressure- possible septic shock (any docs who can explain that?) He fell and broke his hip last month- at a nursing home. Not looking good right now.

  24. I’d like to see OWS take an alternative meaning: “Obama is Wall Street.”
    (Of course, I also support OWS for what it promises to be — a primal scream to separate gov’t from corporations and Big Finance.)

  25. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, Mom. Sending healing/get well wishes to him. Courage wishes and a boatload of love to you.

  26. Whoa, Mom. I’m sorry to hear that. How the heck did he get sepsis. Where’s our blog doctors!

  27. Cental Cali weather: Clear with a high around 75-80 degrees!
    UW, you know I am a sucker for the animals. Someday, I want to ask God what dogs and cats dream about. No matter what kind of foul, evil crap is going on in this world, I can always count on my 4 dogs, and my stray cat Amos, to remind me that there is pure good in this world.

  28. Not sure Uppity- it has been a long slog- he has not been in good health- he is only two years older than my husband and in very poor health- and of course- no health insurance. Diabetic, dementia (not alzheimers so they say) he fell and broke his hip last month. My guess is that the septic shock is somehow related. The FL family is at the hospital- the docs there were going to do a spinal tap? Will keep you updated.

  29. MOM has he got that FTD? Frontotemporal dementia. AKA Pick’s disease? That’s really rough on the body as well as the mind.

    He must have gotten an infection?

  30. FTD Mom.

    I know someone who got it. He only lived a few years with it. It was a real shocker. He was early 50s. It’s a bizarro disease too.

  31. Uppity- what we were told is that his dementia is caused by disease of the arteries. Not sure how that works- we found out about it shortly after my MIL’s funeral.

  32. PMM: sending well wishes to you—- & your family

    hope everything will be OK

  33. There is such a thing as vasculal dementia. Caused by the lack of blood flow to the brain. PMM, I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  34. NES, you really think this ows promises to be something? I, myself, don’t see it going anywhere. I think all of the left wingnuts have taken over. Is the media even paying attention anymore. All I’m hearing about are the bad things happening in the park. I see Bill’s back there. I do hope you packed his long underwear, Upps. Tell him to keep an eye on his chit, or it will end up being someone elses chit.

  35. vivien! That’s the one- vascular dementia! Too many years of smoking, drinking and time spent boxing as a young man.

  36. That dementia’s some bad stuff. I’ve a friend whose dad has that one. Very hard on the family as well.

  37. PMM, so sorry to hear about your BIL. Septic shock means that a person has a significant infection that is affecting the body’s ability to control normal functions, like blood pressure. The blood vessels may start to “leak” and then medications and fluid support are needed to support the circulatory system. The infection needs to be identified and treated as well. It can be tough and go. I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers.

  38. Occupy Obama….eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww

  39. PMM… well I was only born in TX cause Dad was there working on his Masters in Music. Other wise I have always considered myself a Yankee. I grew up in NYS near Schenectady.
    So we can’t be brothers from another mother but we could be sisters from different misters. lol

  40. teresa- i had cousins on my Da’s side in Schenectady ……..

  41. vivien, I do think OWS is promising. It’s early days yet, and these things take time to develop and evolve. The media lens necessarily focus on the wingnuts and the bad actors — sensationalism is profitable — but I don’t believe those elements define the movement. You may want to check out Beata’s video postings of some OWS movements in the Midwest on JWSmart’s site. They’re heartening, and you’ll see that a lot of regular folks, from all demographics, make up the movement.
    At bottom, I think that even if OWS fizzles out eventually it’ll have conferred a net benefit on us by changing the national conversation from the GOP-Dem fight about deficits to the real problem in the polity — the unholy alliance between corporations, big finance, and big government. We’ve all grumbled about that particular alliance and its product in the blogosphere, including on this blog, but these protesters actually DID something about it. For that alone, they have my respect.

  42. Bless your optimistic heart NES. I just don’t see that this is the message people are reading from OWS. What is sticking in everyone’s mind is “Free college” and a paycheck whether you work or not. It could be that’s just the case with my cranky friends, but I just don’t see the coverage on this relaying that unholy alliance message. It would be great if that’s what is taken home from this.

  43. I don’t see it that way either NES. Good for you. On the outside it apears to be going nowhere, there’s got to be more to it.

    I’ve been by JWSmart’s. WTF is with that zal guy? You need to just go ahead and kick his ass. John doesn’t mind him running people off? What a jerk. I like picking at you, but it’s all in good fun. I’m not trying to be an a-hole. I don’t talk to people I don’t like.

  44. I LOVE our back and forth, vivien. You make me think. (And, you make sure I grovel before MKB when I go too far…he hasn’t killed me in my sleep yet.)
    (The guy you’re referring to gives me hives.)

    I know I’m being silly-ly optimistic about OWS. Upps is always teasing me about it. And, heck, it’s so unlike me to be so unjaded about this. But, there you have it…. I’ve told Upps that when and if I’m proved wrong about OWS, I will eat crow right here on this site. I’m hoping that, given all the fine cooks here, the crow will be made into a fine dish. is there such a thing as a crow pie?

  45. Sorry to hear PMM. Your brother-in-law as well as your family are in my prayers.

  46. Did someone mention PIE?

  47. NES, you ol’ softie you! I knew you were a peacenik! Uppity is right, you do have that VW planter in your front yard don’t you?!

    Hey the OWS people should’ve been here in CA if they’re looking for Obama! He’s here visiting his ATM…I mean supporters and yackin’ with Jay Leno. I’m sure there were many unhappy motorists on the LA freeways today!

  48. What is this crow you speak of eating all the time? I take it you haven’t had any yet? I’m sure if it’s prepared correctly it would taste like quail, or pheasant, maybe a little gamier. I’m sure it would work in a PIE.

    NES, you go on and be silly-ly optimistic, you have that right. I’m just not buying it. Things do need to change, it’s not gonna happen the way they’re going about it. I hate to say this, because this is a leaderless group, but this thing needs a brain child. It lacks direction. I see it going nowhere. If it does, maybe I’ll eat some crow. We’ll see.

    MKBill loves you. He and I got off on the wrong foot. I’ve been trying to make up for it ever since. I am soooo J.

  49. PMM, I am the praying kind and I am praying for your brother-in-law. Septic shock ( sepsis ) is an infection that enters the bloodstream. It can lead to major organ failure and death if not treated correctly and quickly. I have had sepsis twice. Both times I was treated with one of the super antibiotics ( in my case, it was vancomycin ) administered through a PICC IV for 10 days. Also received IV fluids. It’s a tough thing to go through but it is survivable. Hey, I’m still here. XXXOO to your family.

  50. New candidates for cockroach of the week award- WTF is WRONG with people?

    An officer soon found two boys, ages 3 and 5, in a 30-by-42-inch wire dog kennel.

    “They had a small child’s mattress in there, and that’s where both kids were sleeping,” Hoaglund said. “The gate on that door was wired shut.”

    The children’s mother, 22-year-old Ashly Clark, told officers she put her boys in the kennel at night to keep them from climbing out of the trailer through a window, Hoaglund said.

    Is it just me or are these people in need of retroactive sterilization? Locked the kids in a dog kennel to keep them from climbing out the trailer window at night?
    Sorry- but you WAKE UP when your kid’s toe hits the floor at night. Cheese and Rice! I always woke up when my kids woke in the night- even if they were just making a potty run- I was awake and waiting for them to climb back in to bed. These people locked up two little boys? 3 and 5?

  51. Beata- thanks- that helps a lot- as everything we have been reading about septic shock has been very alarming. We just got word he also has c difficile.
    Also he fell AGAIN in the nursing home trying to get out of bed after just having had pins put in to repair a broken hip sustained at the same nursing home.
    Sucks to not have good insurance. He has medicare from his Social Security Disability.
    I hope the hell FL has mandatory reporting on C Diff. That is one nasty, contagious bug. It can run rampant through hospitals and nursing homes.

  52. PMM, my mother had C Diff in the nursing home after hip surgery. VERY nasty stuff. What a horrible ordeal that was. But it was almost ten years ago and she is still alive. Keep us posted about your brother-in-law, okay?

  53. Upitty, it seems like 9 percent unemployment might become the new normal. We are so automated now that it no longer takes hundreds of people to make one widget. It now takes 10 people to make one widget and ABC All American Widget company Inc (proudly serving the American consumer since 1858)not only employs a tenth of the people, it employs them in Mexico since they can not find American workers with the right qualifications (the ability to work for 10 dollars a day).
    So what do we do? We can not blame people for not working in a nation where 10 percent unemployment is the norm. Maybe free college is not it, but much much cheaper college has to be. Even the most nominal job needs a degree now thanks to colleges which love to create degrees for every job short of nose picking.
    Pay check for doing nothing. If not that then we are going to have to put people to work in the government and we are going to have to tax the hell out of corporations and rich people to pay for it. We have had 30 years of wealth transfer from the poor and middle class to the rich. We have to reverse that quick or we are Greece in about a month. I pray that OWS is some sort of answer because the alternative is way worse.

  54. teresa, creating artificial jobs is not a path to recovery; it’s merely a path to a re-election and a false sense of security. Creating government jobs for the sake of ‘putting people to work” is a path to destruction, because, ultimately the jobs are either very temporary or the funding dries up and the burden is left upon overtaxed property owners to carry on the sham. I won’t even get into the way in which this habit has snowballed the retirement systems even further. The rich will NOT be paying for this in the end. It is the middle class who will bear the burden and they are ready to break without adding this fake jobs idea onto their cart.

  55. Mom you know what? That freak mother should not have been reported. Instead, someone should have freed her kids and shoved her ass into that crate and left her there.

  56. Don’t believe Upps’ google spy stories, imust!

    Listen, there were plenty of unhappy motorists here in SF too. He was here visiting his ATM in a local hotel.

  57. Ha! Now vivien has agreed to eat crow if OWS goes somewhere productive! Others should join in on the crow-eating offers too!! In any event, since we know that at least vivien or I will be eating crow here, the good cooks (pie-makers included, bien sur!) need to find some good recipes. imust, you know what we want from you, right?

  58. So sorry Mom. Sending along good healing vibes and wish BIL the best.
    Upp really you prefer Red ???

  59. Crow, hmmm recipes, hmmm,
    Is that like four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie?

  60. PMM – your BIL is in my thoughts.

    All I know is some basics – sepsis is a kind of blood infection, and I think septic shock is more advanced. C diff is one of the infections that are pretty prevalent in SNFs (skilled nursing facilities) and hospitals. I have no idea, though, if c diff is related to blood infections.

  61. Oops people already answered you better!

  62. theresa – I kind of worry about them giving out more college degrees, given that so many kids nowadays need remedial classes once they GET to college. What’s more, there is a large, shocking percentage of kids that drop out of high school two years in, get their GED (taught to the test in a GED program), and then for some reason go on to college. Horrors! I don’t think their degrees really mean anything, because this “wave” is causing high schools and colleges to dumb down their curriculum.

    I think they need to bring manufacturing jobs back into the country, and start some more vocational schools. They could do it – it’s not just that they can pay workers less over there, they also get discounts from the government (maybe they’re loopholes, I don’t know, but they’re intentional!). If the government got rid of those benefits, that would help….

  63. lorac is so ON POINT here. College has become worthless. So many schools have been totally dumbed down to match up with the dumbed down high schools. It’s pathetic, really. There are just too many people graduating with some useless degree who never should have been in college to begin with. I hate to do the old “I walked to school uphill, both ways” routine, but the truth is, I remember when you had to meet the challenge and have the grades before you could get into a college. I remember when even community colleges wouldn’t take you if you didn’t make the grade. Nobody dumbed down high school for you. You either cut it or you didn’t. The truth is, nobody needs all these ‘college educated” people. Most of them have no marketable skills or degrees anyhow. Yet they imagine they are going to burn the world, while employers are thinking WTF? You can’t even write a letter and remember to capitalize! Worse, they all think they are worth big bucks because they graduated from the College Of What’s Happenin’ Now. Our schools need to go back to the time when they offered skilled courses. Who the hell can even FIND an electrician or a plumber these days? These are respectable professions and most of them make a bundle besides. This concept that everybody is a potential brain surgeon or Big Shot lawyer is not only silly, but all it has gotten us is a country full of bad doctors and ambulance chasers. This has to stop. I TOTALLY disagree with Obama on this “notion” that EVERBODY should get a college degree. It’s not only stupid, but it has broken down the value of college and dumbed higher learning down to the point of laughable. You almost have to be a dimwit to flunk out of college these days.

  64. Lorac, I beg to differ on the value of a GED. I dropped out of high school at 16, with my mother’s consent, because of constant sexual harassment at my school ( by two teachers – one of whom was the assistant principal ). The harassment went on for quite a long time. It included stalking, among other things. I reported it and my mother reported it, but the school refused to do anything about it. Finally, I left. There was only one high school in my town so I could not transfer to another school. Kids drop out of high school for many different reasons. Not all drop-outs are bad kids or bad students. I certainly wasn’t. I got my GED when I was 18. I went on to graduate from a four-year university with highest honors and a near-perfect GPA. My BA degree was not dumbed down nor was it from a second-rate institution. Quite the contrary. My classes were rigorous. Later, I got an advanced degree. The GED program was my gateway to higher education. I think it is a fantastic way for high school drop-outs to move forward in their lives. It meant the world to me.

  65. The other thing that seems to escape people today is, there IS a way to get free college. There always was. It’s called academic scholarship. Be the best and they will give you a scholarship. Everyone else is either lucky to have parents who can pay for school…or……..they take out loans. It was ALWAYS this way. I knew plenty of people who WORKED and went to college part time and got their degrees. What the hell is wrong with that, exactly? I knew others who worked part time while they were in college full time, to defray some of their costs. All of this seems to be lost on people now. The other thing that is lost is, if you are going to take out a college loan, you might want to consider whether that basketweaving you are majoring in is going to get you a job anywhere, or whether that BA in philosophy is a ticket to ANYTHING. Or whether that BS you are getting is going to require a masters and then a phd if it’s going to be parlayed into anything of value in the marketplace. A little thinking ahead might go a long with with respect to some COMMON SENSE.

  66. Beata, I wasn’t talking about someone like you. (Plus, I was speaking generally of course, talking about the trending…)

    I would hazard a guess that your experience wasn’t recent….? I think it has changed a lot since you went through that process – at both the GED and the college end. I observed a GED class awhile back, and I was shocked, thoroughly shocked, at how they taught to the test. Of course, since then, even in grade school they now seem to teach to the test, with No Child Left Behind. Tests are supposed to sample our knowledge, not be the sum of it. The kids I saw getting GEDs gained a very limited range of knowledge.

  67. Beata your sexual harassment at school story by so-called professionals just plain pissed me off. That shit just makes me sick. I got groped by a teacher in high school. My parents pulled me out of school for a trip to Florida when I was 15. I was gone most of the winter. When I got back, i was able to catch up on work, except for Geometry. So my parents hired a teacher to tutor me. So there we were sitting alone at the dining room table when he reached under and decided to check things out. I stood up and said DON”T TOUCH ME. After which, my father sprung into the room almost out of nowhere, lifted him up from his chair. By his neck…and threw him unceremoniously onto the driveway pavement.

    I also had a teacher who enjoyed hitting on us girls too. years later I taught in the same school with him and El Horror, he ended up being the superintendent of schools. I was horrified and still am. Fortunately, his own drunken stupors did him in, but can you imagine this creature becoming a superintendent of the public schools of a fairly large district?

    this shit has been going on forever and I honestly think our school systems are just as negligent as the vatican was, but nobody says a thing. They let it happen. And happen. And happen.

  68. Re: everyone should get a college degree…

    Zero says that so the colleges/universities make $$$$$. Period.

    What also has brought the prestige of degrees down is the rise of degree mills such as the University of Phoenix. Now, anyone with half a brain knows you can’t possibly learn the major points of nursing/business/etc in six weeks, but think of the old saying, ‘there’s a sucker born every minute.’ And yes, there’s good reason UoPhx is in trouble with the Dept of Ed all the time. I used to work in their FinAid department. The horror stories I could tell you. ..

    Corporate mentality/tactics and education just don’t mix, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the college, high school or grade school. Just look at the sorry state of education these days.

  69. Uppity, after I dropped out of high school, my mother hired a tutor to help me with math, which was always my weakest subject. The tutor wanted to get into my pants, too. Kept trying to lure me into “taking a ride in his car”. Uh huh, just a little ride. My mother fired him. I didn’t have a father around to throw him out. I think that may have been one reason these jerks thought they could hit on me and get away with it. God, they were slime.

    I wonder how many kids have suffered this sort of crap from teachers? I bet the numbers are astounding. We hear about the abuse in Catholic schools but it happens in public schools, too. My high school was public. I was lucky that I could talk to my mother about it and she supported me. Some kids just keep quiet.

  70. Allie, there are plenty of brick and mortar colleges that are just as bad as these online schools. Dumbed down to the nines, and then graded on a curve to finish off the dumbing down. Only difference is they make students attend longer. Most colleges have become a joke and nothing more than a money machine. When a kid goes to college and has to take remedial math and English before he even starts his core courses, something is SERIOUSLY wrong. If you put 20 dumbells in a classroom and grade them on a curve, guess what? Somebody gets an A.

  71. Speaking of University of Phoenix, I know for a FACT that people on welfare are getting large quarterly checks to take courses at these useless online schools. You are paying for it all. They will be ‘expected’ to pay back the loan in four years. Well guess what? These are people who own nothing. Good luck with collecting on that one. They know how to work the system and we are paying for this. One more thing….they are required to have a high school education to qualify for these loans, and guess what? They fill out the form and say they graduated or have a GED and many of them didn’t and don’t. And nobody checks. They get a quarterly check for several courses and only take one. This frees up the rest of the money for Whatever. Your tax money. Down the toilet.

  72. Occupy Oakland:

  73. This is a big mistake, methinks.

  74. If interested, here is a live blog of what came down in Oakland. Also appears to be updated still.

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