Occupy Atlanta to levitate the Georgia Pacific building

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

Now who says the Occupy movement lacks leadership! Occupy Atlanta has a VERY special leader. And he’s an expert in Leisure too!

Video from here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. Gosh, I hope they go live.

  2. He’s hilarious.

    I just want to bitch-slap his little red cap right off is empty head

  3. Levitation. Who knew?

    Hey NES. i know Occupy is going to be a success now! You don’t mess with Alchemists or Leisure Experts. Or Community Organizers either!

  4. Anthony, stop! You’re killing me!

  5. Somebody go find his youtube videos.

  6. A little UFO video from his channel. He has such diverse interests!

  7. I wonder if the Rapture folks know about this guy? He might be able to help.

  8. ROFLMAO! Thanks! I needed some levity today!

  9. Hey who emptied spam? I wanted lorac to see that creepy comment from he illiterate.

  10. Was it a good one UW?

  11. I did not touch spam today- maybe Lorac already saw it and flushed?

  12. I only go to spam when someone is saying their comment was eaten.

  13. Yeah McN it was really moronic. And filthy of course.

    I probably have a copy in my emails. I get notices of spam with copies. I usually just flush them but I didn’t look yet. If I find it, I’ll post it.

  14. Got it. Must have attended one of those New and Improved colleges.

    Let me know if you can translate. Spelled pussy right, though.

    ARABICA commented on We demand free stuff NOW!!!

    In the great words of “ARE YOU BEING SERVICE”.Time for you to go
    AND brush your pussy talk about a hair ball mentally.

  15. Surely, that parent must be quite proud of what their Arabica does. Gosh, that was how many thousands of dollars flushed down the toilet?

  16. Ah he probably already ate his parents.

  17. I’m sure. He sounds like another schizo cut loose on society.

  18. In the great words of “ARE YOU BEING SERVICE”.Time for you to go
    AND brush your pussy talk about a hair ball mentally.

    Syntax suggests that this person failed ESL. I wish I had the time to put it through a translator & find the original language

  19. IP was Virginia, though, Anthony.

  20. Must be one of those diplomat’s children at school. Perhaps, it has not graduated yet?

  21. Or just another OWS protester showing off why we need to pay for their tuition?

  22. Let’s try this to get rid of the bold


  23. Are we all speaking bold now?

  24. people think they are anonymous on the internet. 😆

  25. You nailed that gobbling turkey. Who does he think he is, Obama? I’m certainly glad he has a pair of hand cuffs–how many officers will he get into one set of cuffs. Enquiring minds want to know.

  26. Dumb turd is auditioning for a special bed at the local loon farm.

  27. Weird, must be another glitch in WP. No one is posting in Bold.

  28. Not sure what’s up with the bolding- it is not happening on Lorac’s post.
    That guy in the vid is going to arrest the police huh? Declaration of war? And the FBI will be knocking on his door in 5, 4, 3….

  29. Could this be someone we all know in whiteface visiting OWS on hubby’s behalf?

  30. I heard she was furious because Paula Dean spilled the fact that she never stopped rummaging through the fried foods.

  31. Made me laugh. There was another article posted about how the family loved fried shrimp.

  32. I just can’t visualize an arugula satiated first family.

  33. Laugh away UW and Uppity’ites. But, hey, put your mouth where your money is, or something like that. Seriously though, you all should also (like Vivien and me) agree to eat crow on this blog if OWS ultimately amounts to something productive. Any takers? Don’t be shy.

  34. I think that they will be used and abused far sooner than not NES. When I see OWS at 1600 Penn, I’ll begin to eat the crow. lol

  35. Somehow, I think that the OWS Zooers are going to be in for an unpleasant surprise.


  36. OK mcnorman’s IN. How about the rest of you big-talkers?!?

  37. But only if they are going to levitate the WH NES. snicker


  39. test: are we still in bold

  40. Yes, we are all still in Bold confinement.

  41. Alas NES, thou hast not a lesson learned with the Perry – Mittens thing.

  42. Queen of “Mortville” LOLOL.

  43. What bold. I don’t see any bold.

  44. Hey NES, you don’t know your Millennials. Soon as their ipods freeze up in the cold, they’re outta that place. I kind of feel sorry for their parents, because they will all go back home where the bills are paid for them. But still, at least Mom and Dat got to fumigate the basement and clean up the cheeto crumbs and other sticky things.

  45. John, nobody puts out like lorac.

  46. You can only see it in the actual post comment section. Weird.

  47. Ah I see it now. Whatever would we do without WordPress’ cute little glitches. When you compare them to blogspot, bold is Good.

  48. Yes, it’s a minor problem.

  49. NES-

    Still reserving consent. My gut tells me this is just another OFA related scam

  50. All these dudes at that are showing up at these “I don’t have a life rallies” are in the running for the “Wussifaction Nation” poster boy! Geez, they all have pencil necks, and little birdie arms. I guess not working, sucking off of your parents, living in your parent’s basement, and thinking that tugging on cyclops while looking at cartoon chicks is equal to having a relationship with a woman, gives these guys their appearance!

  51. Please spare me. I really did not realize the USA had quite this # of ding bats. We are so so screwed.

  52. Looks like al of us gun toting, bunker dwelling, beer guzzling, tooth swinging, Bible thumping hillbillies might have some new neighbors coming over to our side! And I say WELCOME!

  53. Re: Il Duce’s newest Executive Order, circumventing congress

    He lied. He says this doesn’t cost the taxpayer a thing. This is a baldfaced lie. For starters, defaulted loans are stuck up the asses of the taxpayers instead of the banks. Just like with Fannie Mae. For another, “Forgiveness” of loan remainders means the taxpayers are stuck with the remainder of the loan. He is changing the rate of paycheck payout from 15% to 10%. This means the amount “forgiven” will be larger and the taxpayers will absorb that. He has also changed the forgiveness time from 25 years to 20 years, which means ALL loan balances will be the responsibility of the taxpayers after the student has paid for 20 years insead of 25..

    The good part is they will be the taxpayers, so it’s their own asses will be paying for it. Works for me. I’ll be long retired or dead.

  54. If he wants to do right by everybody, taxpayers and students, he should change the 6 month law to a year, giving them longer to find a job before their first payments are due. But that would be too fair and too smart for him. And cheaper.

  55. Those sweaters for pengys are so cute! See….pengys don’t need ice, it’s the opposite! They need sweaters! Why is everyone so embolden lately???

  56. I just read McNorman’s link about the convicts. There was a wonderful image of an official conspiracy to send the cons to the park to disirupt the occupation. Hopefully those “piggy” police won’t notice the convicts hanging around for drugs, sex, food and twinkle up twinkle down. Hate to disrupt the occupation.

  57. I imagine you have all heard about Beneforte…super broccoli that is said to prevent heart disease and some cancers. It is adamantly declared that it is NOT a genetically modified broccoli. They claim it is a cross match with what they call a “Southern Italian wild broccoli”. It’s not magic, and what a bunch of crap. Why don’t they just say Broccoli Rabe, bucause that’s the Italian wild broccoli, but god forbid the people should know that, since they could just eat Broccoli Rabe.

    Anyways, ……………………………………………..

    Well looky here. Look who’s pimping super broccoli.
    Monsanto seeds. Nuff said.

  58. Lizzy, there is a reason for everything.

  59. I wonder if Il Duce can do this without Congress acting. It’s a clever play for the young-uns’ vote, that I’ll say about Il Duce. (He’s such a douche.)

  60. I coulda sworn I saw utah at an OWS rally.

  61. Aw c’mon, Anthony. You gotta commit — it’s just a little crow (unless, of course, Mom bakes one of those four-and-twenty-blackbirds pies).

  62. Birds and PIE do not belong in the same sentence!

  63. Uh oh, it’s the PIE Police!

  64. Hey, I want to post in bold too, so here is a enlightening article about the putz, Rick Perry, and why his campaign is not doing well:

    Perry says it was a ‘mistake’ for him to participate in 2012 debates.

  65. Perry is really turning out to be a major fool. Does he really think he can win against Obama by running away from debates. He’ll look like yella-livered weenie.

  66. It helped Bo’s campaign when he stopped doing debates. Hillary did wipe the floor with him. I wanted to wish her a happy birthday, I forgot it was today.

    NES, I’m gonna say this now, if I gotta eat crow, I want mine in a pie. Kind of like a homemade chicken pot pie, only a different kind of yardbird. It’s got to be cooked just right, or I’ll chicken out. Hahaha!! I really don’t think I’ll be the one eating it though. I’m just sayin.

  67. I think Perry’s new people are trying to get him out of the three ring circus. Unfortunately, Perry would be a fool to think that no practice would enable him to take on the master liar in chief.

  68. What happens if you try to make the copy bold?

    Copy bold

  69. Nothing. Just still bold.

  70. mcnorman, I think what hurt Perry was, he opened his mouth. He should have stayed out of it.

  71. Perry is really turning out to be a major fool


  72. IP was Virginia, though, Anthony.

    There are crazy people in Virginia.

  73. So did they ever levitate the building???

  74. Perry is not a factor. No sense of even wasting our time on the dipwad. I knew he was an idiot the first time he opened his mouth. All that bullshit swagger. All hat. We were already in that movie once, for 8 damned years. He thought he could do a remake? That alone shows what a tool he is. He needs to go ride a horse or something. He’s just not very bright and it’s NOT hard at all to see how he got D’s in college. I could beat him in a debate myself. The only “mistake” he made was his silly assumption that he could be president. The only reason he ‘surged’ is because of his stance on abortion and other meddling crap that just makes that far right go all orgasmic, since they all live their lives vicariously through other people’s sex lives. Then of course, he forgot he wasn’t running for Texas Guvnir and slipped up on that little matter of letting illegal aliens run wild–something he needs to do in order to be governor of Texas.

    Bye bye Rick. Loved your hair. Next time, run your wife. I hear tell her brain is WAY bigger than yours.

  75. Hmmmmmm. I think the bold thing is Anthony’s fault. He did some bold in is comment and next thing you know, it spread. Yes, that’s it. Let’s blame Anthony. Tread lightly though. For some odd reason Bill loves Anthony. I think it’s because he has a cat and Bill loves seeing guys with cats.

  76. So did they ever levitate the building???


  77. I coulda sworn I saw utah at an OWS rally.

    You got a better chance of seeing God at an OWS rally.

  78. No chit. Me hang around with a bunch of Lindsey Lohans ? No responsibility and no damn brains or ideas much less I think they are a bunch of Peter Pans that never want to grow up and live in Never Never land.

  79. Hey! What does this mean?

    Uppity Woman, on October 26, 2011 at 4:06 PM said: Edit Comment
    John, nobody puts out like lorac.

    Are you writing that inside of all the bathrooms you encounter? lol

  80. Ok, vivien, ya got it. I’ll have mine in a pie too, ingredients tbd.

  81. On the ‘puts out’ comment, lorac — Upps was riding on my comment. I lit the match.

  82. Ooops forgotten I was on the old thread!

    I have a question. I saw a couple of videos of Occupy Oakland when they were smoking them out. So, I didn’t see everyone who was there. But all I saw were white people. My understanding is that Oakland is primarily black. Did I miss all the black people – or did white people from S.F. hop over the water to occupy Oakland….? Any thoughts? Was Occupy Oakland a colonization??!! lol

  83. NES – does that mean you’ve chosen to forgive me, rather than to sue me? 🙂

  84. OWS is mainly a white movement, even in Oaktown. Oakland is also full of lezs too…and they were there in droves.

  85. You get a pass this time, lorac. Just this once, OK?

  86. NES how could there be that many lez’s in Oakland. They are all here on this forum.

  87. lorac, trust me. You do not want to be sued by NES.

  88. But but but… who says I wanted the pass? I wanted to do the butt kissing thing!

  89. Oh, well – it’s a cute video in the comments at 44. It won’t appear here!

  90. Chelsea Clinton Mulls Congressional Run from New York State, 18th District in Westchester County Considered Likely Choice

    Talk of the Sound has learned that Chelsea Clinton may run for Congress next year.

    Clinton has been approached by “the right people” in the New York Democratic Party, according to one source in Albany. While no decision has been made, Clinton is said to be “actively considering” a Congressional run from New York State in 2012.

    Chelsea Clinton, 31, is the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    The discussions of running Chelsea Clinton for a house seat grew out of the redistricting plans currently underway in the New York State legislature in Albany.

    The plan is to identify an open seat for Clinton in or around New York City where she currently resides with her husband, Marc Mezvinsky. While no specific district has been determined, New York City and Westchester are said to be the focus with New York’s 18th District considered a strong possibility. The 18th encompasses much of Westchester County, just south of where her parents have maintained a home for the past 12 years.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have owned a home in New York’s 19th Congressional District since 1999. The 19th is a swing district that went for Republican Nan Hayworth in 2010. The 18th District on the other hand is solidly Democratic. Barack Obama won the district in 2008 by 62% to 38%, John Kerry won in 2004 by 58% to 42%. Al Gore won the district 58% to 39%.

    One senior Democrat, a former elected official in New York, told Talk of the Sound that Democrats involved in the discussions are excited, seeing Chelsea Clinton as an “automatic win” for the Democrats in 2012.


  91. NES – the lesbians still hang out in Oakland, even though Olivia Records left there decades ago?

  92. Not surpised. So unlike Caroline, that dud. Teddy must be rolling over in his grave or having a tantrum down there where he’s been assigned the task of spending eternity with Bob Novak just for spite. I wonder if he still has that boot mark on his face from when Mary Jo got to kick him downstairs in his final moment.

  93. Well, where’s all the complaints about needing diversity, like they did to the Tea Party? Oy, all this political hypocrisy just blows me away.

    Like how Code Pink was all you ever heard about, and every night on the news they said how many people had died – during the Bush admin. Now that dems are in charge of the (increased wars) – crickets…..

  94. Yeah and the Sierra people never said boo during the BP oil spill either. Funny, that.

  95. Stop the presses!! Literally! Stop them, please!
    Michelle Obama writes a cook book!

  96. Oh for Chrissakes! As IF she cooks.

  97. Does she include a recipe for the toxic lead they found in her garden?

  98. OMG! This is priceless! Do these “reporters” write this stuff with a straight face??

    It’s a garden she’s toiled over since 2009. So have daughters Sasha and Malia, who help with the weeding “like it or not”. Despite being a gardening novice, Obama’s laid the groundwork for over 55 varietals of veggies. Stalks of black kale, bright yellow peppers, and beams of eggplant have grown from the most expansive garden the White House lawn has ever seen.


  99. “she’s TOILED OVER”!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha [imustbreathe] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  100. Oh yeah. Toil. That’s michelle. Remember when Mario Battali and some other chefs from food channel did a meal with her veggies only to find out they weren’t her veggies?

    Really, this is like the Truman Show.

  101. Yup. Here’s the Iron Chef Obama photo op, bullshit.

  102. All items produced by the White House Garden brim with nutrients and magic and sprout up in rich color combos that inspire hope, change, and Michelle Obama’s outfits.

    It’s enough to make you hurl.

  103. ‘I did a show with Michelle and I just loved being with her.

    ‘She probably ate more than any other guest I’ve ever had on the show.

    ‘She kept eating even during commercials.’


  104. It is like the Truman Show. They’re trying to make Michelle into some 50s housewife throwback. It’s just so weird/surreal. And yet, I assume people are buying it, hook, line and sinker.

  105. Here is a sample of what she has eaten in DC:

    Soft-shell crab cooked tempura style with a ratatouille sauce; an “ethereal lobster burger” with scallop mousse and housemade chips
    Rack of lamb
    Fried green tomatoes, avocado and corn salsa and tomato relish; fried oysters; a hanger steak with fried onion rings and succotash
    Butter poached lobster on butternut squash with a brown butter emulsion; venison au poivre and corn cake
    Watermelon salad with feta; fried oyster po’ boy; followed by samples of other items on the table: seafood crepe, shrimp and grits and buttermilk biscuits
    She sometimes has a dirty martini and then follows it with wine.
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2047901/Paula-Deen-Michelle-Obama-ate-guest-Ive-show.html#ixzz1byNnoC00

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