We demand free stuff NOW!!!

Oh, those cute little occupy people.  When I first saw photos and videos of them, the first thing that came to my mind was, “kids playing house”.  Now, don’t get me wrong – they have some good ideas (although it seems to me they should be camped in front of the White House) – but they also have a lot of naive and ignorant demands.


How can they actually demand with a straight face all kinds of “free stuff”?  Do they honestly not know that the government has no money of its own?  Do they think that the “free Obama money” that some were so excited about during the election was really REAL and really FREE?  

And besides this basic ignorance about the way the world works, where the h*ll did they get this sense of entitlement?  Huh?  You were BORN, so you’re entitled to get whatever you want for FREE?  I doubt it worked that way in their lives up to this point – but now somehow it’s supposed to magically happen?  I guess the Puritan work ethic that most of us heard about growing up just isn’t discussed around the dinner table anymore!

And then, there’s the whole “reinventing the wheel” issue (have they never worked in groups before???):

Nieves volunteers on Occupy Wall Street’s security team, but says many new arrivals do not pull their weight.

“We have compassion toward everyone. However, we have certain rules and guidelines,” said Lauren Digioia, 26, a member of the sanitation committee.

“If you’re going to come here and get our food, bedding and clothing, have books and medical supplies for no charge, they need to give back,” Digioia said. “There’s a lot of takers here and they feel entitled.”

Oh!  So the food, bedding, clothing, books, and medical supplies aren’t FREE???  They have to pay with some work around the camp?   Gee, one more step forward in evolution, and they might actually invent some currency!  And then… ye gods!  A system to save money with interest, while it’s being loaned to someone else temporarily!  And then…..  and then….  then they might start redistributing your wealth!  But wait, that’s a good thing, right?  Or, maybe it’s only a good thing when you have less than someone else…..?  I’m getting confused!

Smith is a member of the Comfort Working Group — one of about 30 small collectives that have sprung up within OWS. The Comfort group is charged with finding out what basic necessities campers need, like thermal underwear, and then raising money by soliciting donations on the street.

 “The other day, I took in $2,000. I kept $650 for my group, and gave the rest to Finance. Then I went to them with a request — so many people need things, and they should not be going without basic comfort items — and I was told to fill out paperwork. Paperwork! Are they the government now?” Smith fumed, even as he cajoled the passing crowd for more cash.

 The Finance Committee dives on whatever dollars are raised by all the OWS working groups, said Smith, and doesn’t give it back. 

The Comfort group has an allowance of $150 a day, while larger working groups, like the Kitchen group, get up to $2,000. 

“What can I do with $150?” said Smith. “We have three tons of wet laundry here from the rainstorm — how do I get that done? We need winter gear, shoes, socks. I could spend $10,000 alone for backpacks people need. We raise all this money. Where is it?”

And back to the subject of ignorance….  a photo can speak a thousand words, as they say…..

And then there are the people who took more out in student loans than their tuition necessitated, or who picked an interesting major which only hires two graduates a year, or who chose to go to a more expensive school than necessary.  Let’s hope that this one isn’t an English major (or maybe spelling is a 2nd semester senior course!):

So, as I said – certainly we need a lot of reforms, and enforcement of those reforms.  But these protesters really strike me as primarily a bunch of people getting swept up in the moment – naive, ignorant, and unrealistic – having fun being the center of attention.  Having valid grievances about some things, but holding other people responsible for choices they themselves made.  But I’m sure next week they’ll get it together and get their attention focused on that elusive 1% – after all, they know where one of them lives!


UPDATE:  Happy Birthday, Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Oh boy, lorac. Now you’re gonna get it.

    But just for fun:

    “there are no jobs in my feild”.

    …because my feild requires good speeling skills.

    But God forbid she has to work outside her field till a job in her field becomes available. I knew somebody who went to work in a department store stock room after graduation because there were no jobs available in her field when she graduated. Oh wait, that was me!

    Anyways, lorac, you are going to get the crap kicked out of you with this post.

    See ya!

    Attention, those armed with spears:

    Lorac wrote this post.
    Lorac wrote this post.
    Lorac wrote this post.
    Lorac wrote this post.

    Don’t worry, Lorac, honey. I’m behind you 100% 75% 60%!

  2. Great post Lorac !

  3. Ah Lorac Wednesday! Love it!
    It’s a mystery what happens to all that money they beg for in the streets isn’t it? Here they are panhandling their fingers to the bone and along comes some (not) leader and POOF! GONE! Just like the government.
    But, but, but- there ARE NO leaders! It’s all communal right?
    And Oakland blew up last night and protesters were cleared out of Atlanta as well. Things re heating up.

  4. If I could place bets on what Utah would say on a subject, I’d be rich!

    Utah, to answer your red vs. blue question in the other thread. Yes, I prefer red ACDs. Hard to explain but they look softer and warmer to me.

    Mom, I do agree about leaders. Leaderless is Rudderless. It’s not a high school group dynamics class, it’s life. And then there’s the question of Bad Leader vs. Good Leader. Or the alternative, mob rule, which is worse than anything.

  5. I do hope somebody makes a sponsor a protestor video like this one. Then we’ll have a set of two extremes taking everything from us they can.

  6. lorac, I like this post.

    I had a helper once, she was going to college, majoring in philosophy. I’m thinking, what’s she gonna do with that? I tried to teach her my job, which if she caught on, and was good at it, she could make some decent money one day. She turned out to be quite the airhead, never really caught on. It got to where I had to go over everything she did. She wasn’t worth my time. Turns out, if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself. She’s back home with daddy paying for everything. I’m not sure if she even finished her degree.

    If you want it, work for it. When things got tight, I worked a second job. Hell, at one time, I had three part time jobs, plus my full time job. My folks raised survivors. We were told at a young age, if you want it, work for it.

    PMM, I read somewhere, that most of the money is going in the bank. Now tell me once more, who are they protesting against?

  7. Great Post Lorac!

    Now, I have to go into the feild and hope there is a handout paycheck so I can pay for my smartphone student loan.

  8. ROFLMAO at the ad Uppity!
    Sponsor a protester? Sponsor and executive?
    I have enough to do trying to sponsor myself! Though it sounds like the OWS want the little I have. Next thing you know I will have squatters here on the farm and I will be camping in the chicken shed. They will expect to eat the asparagus (that I pick) and the Berries (that I pick) and the apples (that I pick) and suck up the heat and electricity while they sit on their lazy asses waiting for the executive offer so they can be sponsored by bailouts.
    PFFFFTTTT. I will share with anybody who is hungry. I seem to recall I sent out word that apples were free for the picking here. One family and about a hundred deer, possums, raccoons and woodchucks took me up on the offer.
    So for that young woman of my acquaintance who likes to whine and complain about her fiscal situation, who supports OWS and Obama- but never did come out to get herself and her children some free food (who are old enough – teen and pre-teen to help) I say- STFU! Get up off your ass. She has a teaching degree and can not find a job. So get another job while you are waiting damnit. And take what is offered to you. Don’t expect me to pick the apples and deliver them to your house FCS!

  9. she was going to college, majoring in philosophy. I’m thinking, what’s she gonna do with that?


  10. Happy Birthday to Hillary! May she have many more!

  11. Hey lorac! Check spam for a shrivel dick’s remark to you. That is, if you can understand what he wrote, considering it’s illiterate. Must be attending one of those New and Improved colleges and wondering why no CEO will hire him to be Lord of the Company.

  12. I think it all started with this woman. Gimme FREE stuff!

  13. No irony here, is there?

    Newly sprung ex-cons and vagrants rousted from other parks are crashing the Occupy Wall Street protest, where gourmet meals are free and boozy, drug­fueled parties are on tap, the movement’s leaders griped yesterday.

    “They’re telling people who leave prison to go to Zuccotti Park,” lamented Daniel Zetah, a leader of the OWS community-relations group.

    Volunteer Lauren Digioia, 26, said, “We have drug dealing going on here, gang activity, public intoxication. There are a lot of instigators. There are a lot of vultures.

    Gee, ya think?

    Kinda like demanding somebody pay your college tuition for you.

  14. On the lowlifes going for free food etc and the protesters complaining?
    Pot meet kettle?

  15. I demand free PIE!

  16. I don’t blame Peggy, the woman in that video. Barack made her think he was going to take care of things. He lied. He lied for her vote.

  17. I think what happened with Oakland is a number of things. They have impacted businesses. Some are closed. They are harming the livelihood of others who DO have jobs. Ditto for City hall. Employees are staying home out of fear. These are the very taxpayers that pay for the services and the democracy they so covet. These are the people whose taxes will have to clean up the shit stains they are leaving in their wake. To be sure, there were MANY complaints. The thing here is, they care about what they want and everybody else be damned. Peaceful they are, and rude they are as well. They are screwing the real 99 percent with their childish and unsanitary behavior. People are most likely NOT going to go near that area, so they will very likely close down some proprietors. How exactly is THIS beneficial to the economy and the existence of Jobs? And how exactly does this even remotely impact corporations, wall street or their thieving white house, congress critters and senate critters who are taking contributions from these behemoths hand over fist? Anybody?

  18. Peggy may indeed have been duped- as were millions of others. However, the same resources we used to find out the truth about the fraud were available to anybody, anywhere. Even if she did not have the internet in her home- surely it is available at the local library. Willful ignorance imo. Voting for a guy because she thought she would get free stuff? Why do we no longer teach our kids there is no such thing as a free lunch?
    Something is terribly terribly wrong in our society. People voting in elections like it is Dancing with the Stars – not doing their due diligence.

  19. I have been reading about the Oakland thing. Of course there are conflicting reports- some saying the protesters threw things including bottles and rocks at the cops. It looks really ugly. Why am I not surprised that it came to this? Though I thought it would be Chicago that erupted first.
    No way would I want to have to walk by that to get to work or conduct business. And the reports that are filtering out from various encampments about assaults, rapes, theft etc? No thanks.


  21. Scanned the posts, will have to read more in depth later, as schedule allows. Just so we don’t forget:

    Happy 64th Birthday to Sec. of State Hillary Rodham Clinton! (The S.O.S. who should be President…)

    May she have a great day, and many more birthdays.

  22. Very funny, lorac.
    Your punishment is to scour the intertubes for pics and vids of OWS that show everyday regular people, from all demographic groups and professions, at OWS gatherings, carrying signs with slogans that are true to many postings on this blog. If you need help, Beata can guide you to them.

  23. HAPPY B’ DAY Madam President.
    Wow, Hill’s a Scorpio — should’ve guessed.

  24. That’s funny, mcnorman.

    But remember: He who laughs last, laughs longest!

  25. Mom I posted a link to a live blog on Oakland somewhere. They did their share.

  26. I’m working on a post about that myself, NES. Tomorrow.

  27. Oakland was a no win situation. The OWS were prepared with paint and other such things. I have a friend in Oakland and she says it doesn’t take much to get everyone riled and ready to rumble.

  28. SF’s rich protest Bam’s spinelessness: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/10/26/MN3J1LM0N6.DTL&ao=all

    When they say Susie Buell Thompkins hosts presidents, they’re not kidding. Bill and Hill are frequent visitors, including for overnight visits.

  29. NES – but the regular people who are protesting – are they asking for all kinds of “free stuff” and being ignorant of nothing being “free”? I’m guessing you would say “no”, so then they’re not whom I’m ridiculing! 🙂

  30. Happy birthday, Hillary!!!

  31. NES – you mentioned that many OWS people have signs similar to posts on this blog – I would go even further, and say there’s an overlap with what the Tea Party wants GASP! lol

    But…. that’s not what I’m addressing 🙂

  32. No they’re not, lorac, but the MSM doesn’t give the regular people much coverage, creating the impression that OWS is made up of nothing but zany freeloaders.

  33. There’s definitely an overlap with the TP, but not one either side’s mainstream would care to acknowledge. They’ll see it eventually, I predict.

  34. About what, Upps? (Referring to tomorrow’s post….)

  35. Let me get this straight, when we T.E.A. Party folks get together, and ask for smaller government, and to be left alone to care for ourselves and families, we are cranks, and nut jobs who continue to cling to our guns, and Bibles.
    The counter ” movement” wants the government to pay their bills, and take money from many folks who worked for it, and give it to those that have not. Cry babies who say that there are no jobs in the fields they studied for in college, and if Uncle Bammy does not pay them, they will have to sell drugs, or themselves to survive?
    So the message is: ” Give us free stuff or we will become criminals.” CRAPTASTIC! What has led to this type of thinking? Even worse, these fools really believe in their message, and I doubt they will never be convinced that they are wrong.

    Some may have their gripes against the T.E.A. Party people, but at least they have not crapped on any police cars, had sex on the sidewalks, thrown plates, or told law enforcement to “F” off. I am all for the right to voice your message in public, but do it like law abiding humans.

  36. Happy Birthday, Hillary!all our love always. 🙂

  37. Aha, I see it Upps.
    Hey, I’ll send you some Uggs. Send address.

  38. Hellooo (((UPPITY”S)))))

    Our Local news is doing nice coverage on the OWS—-today they are marching down to the Bank of America and they’re message is
    “corporate greed” or “greedy banks” quote, unqoute,

    These are regular, peaceful. law abiding citizens and I support them, completely, and they’re message is Perfectly clear.

    I have no idea where you guys are getting your news from, but we are seeing a whole lot different from my neck of the woods and I am in NYS.

  39. How many of you believe the big financial institutions got free handouts from TARP? All of you, right? So maybe that’s what the demand for “free” goods is…if the bigwigs got free money (which they used to buy bonds and make even more moolah), then why can’t the people get theirs. I think it comes from the basic gripe of ‘Banks got bailed out, we got sold out.’. Not apologizing for it, just trying to understand it’s provenance; it’s possible the demand for freebies is just a big snark.
    (Ducking and running now….)

  40. Happy Birthday to the most loved, admired woman of the USA
    Sec of state Hillary Rodham Clinton


  41. Right on, Michelina!…on both OWS and never forgiving O and his devotees.

  42. Amen Michelina! Twice!

  43. Yes i see what you are saying, Dear NES! SInce Wall Street robbed my 401k, which I SACRIFICED and SAVED from WORKING and NOT LIVING ABOVE MY MEANS in order to have, then well, Golly, why shouldn’t OWS people rob me too! It’s only fair!

    Just not to me!

  44. Oh please John, honey. The Tea Partiers are just as big a bunch of extremist assholes as OWS. Two crackpot extremes with NO sense at all except for what’s suits THEM. All these two extremes have been doing for decades is taking chances apiece fucking up my country with their stupid agendas while the horses run out of the barn.
    Yes the tea party is clean. But they are still assholes. Holding people’s feet to the fire over issues that aren’t their business. MOB RULE.

  45. I have been following the Occupy group in Erie. At the beginning there were voices of reason. Calling out against bank bailouts and corporate greed. So far they have gotten along well with the Erie mayor, police, city council But more and more I see calls for communism and anarchy creeping in on their facebook page. The local news is not giving them a whole lot of coverage- and what coverage they do get is neither pro nor con.
    If the OWS goes down that slippery slope to calling for anarchism and communism and socialism- they will lose what support they MAY have from the average citizen.
    And I say “may have” as we all know how reliable polls are- depends on who is being polled.

  46. “SInce Wall Street robbed my 401k, which I SACRIFICED and SAVED from WORKING and NOT LIVING ABOVE MY MEANS in order to have, then well, Golly, why shouldn’t OWS people rob me too! It’s only fair!
    Just not to me!”


    I have no problem working my butt off to live comfortably; often at the expense of sacrificing the time I would spend doing things I enjoy (like The Sibyl, who btw is out of limbo, but I still don’t have time to write).

    I’d like a free handout too, but there’s something inside of me that bristles at not working to my potential and whining about what I don’t have just because I don’t want to work.

    I smell a big rat in the OWS movement, and if The Sibyls were still among us, I bet they would say that in a short time (just the right time in the campaign season), they’re going to stridently oppose Obama, meet with him, get resolution from him so he can emerge as some half-assed “Populist Hero”.

    Just my gut feeling. You may think I’m crazy but I promise not to say “I told you so” when it happens

  47. UW, I have to disagree with you. You are painting with a wide, and unfair brush. I have been to several rallies here, and nothing but nice people, just wanting to be left alone. The one issue that most all of us agree on, is lowering taxes. I know that we disagree on some social issues, I get it, and I respect the fact that we disagree.
    I believe that if the federal government did not have its hands in our personal lives, these difference of opinions would not create the hostility we see by some.
    I know you know your beloved Hillbilly dreams of the day when the only thing the federal government does is protects our borders, and cares for our military personnel. I guess when it comes to everything but beer, slabs of cooking meat on the grill, and county fairs, I am a hands off type of guy! 🙂 Ya still luv me UW?

  48. UW, gotta love you Hillbilly! This one is for you and you inner “Hillbilly”

  49. You may be right about the federal government sticking their hands in our personal lives. And this is what the Tea party demands, John. I cannot abide them. They drop candidates like yesterday’s newspaper over social issues that are NONE OF THEIR DAMNED BUSINESS and NOT the business of government either. When that stops, we’ll talk again about it, but don’t hold your breath!

  50. NES: I’m on your side, if I didn’t have to work everyday I would be out there. I love your optimism, of which I can relate to–and you have a good point, about the big guys getting thr “freebies” and then the HUGE BONUSES to boot—-you all forget too easily.

    sure some out there are not in the best interest of the movement, but
    I believe that this is going to get bigger and bigger—–HOWEVER, THEY should be in WASHINGTON also, protesting the CONGRESS/SENATE/PRESIDENT not just the greedy bankers and SLIMY WALLl STREET

  51. Just an example- one of the anarchists on the Occupy Erie facebook page just posted a vid of the Oakland events of last night- and a commenter immediately followed that with “Kill the piggies, kill the pigs”

    What Uppity said- they need to get to protesting IN WASHINGTON! The Wall Street crowd is NOT going to change out of the goodness of their hearts and they will continue right on doing what they have been doing until the President, Congress, Senate- pass laws to stop them.
    Protesting at Wall St about Wall St greed is like telling a lion not to eat meat.

  52. Maybe they’re not trying to rob you, UW. Maybe they’re just trying to get Big Money out of gov’t.

  53. Naive, ignorant, unrealistic woman who just wants free stuff:

  54. NES, if that’s the only goal, you coulda fooled me.

    Then why are they standing there instead of in front of the white house?

  55. This man obviously made bad choices in life. He needs to stop looking for attention and get a frickin’ job. Hell, he should get 2 or 3 jobs.

  56. @The Conservative Hillbilly

    I, like you have met very few extremists within the local Tea Party. When those few got a hold of the mike, a lot people walked away. They refuse to be a part of that extreme. I noticed that the turn off was pretty severe as the most recent rally attracted under 200 people. The first attracted over 5000 people.

  57. Beata the majority of people who pay capital gains are the people who already had their 401ks robbed. They are NOT the 1%. They are Me and other people who saved throughout their work lives. Most of us lost most of it and what LITTLE dividends we get being taxed MORE is a DISASTER, especially for old people. Think of the lousy one percent insterest banks are giving people who saved all their lives in CDs. These people depended on that money for supplements to social security. All of us to “planned” and did it right are the ones getting roundly fucked. Imagine taxing what little capital gains left even more and maybe you see what i am saying. Increasing capital gains for the richest 1% won’t kill them. It will KILL THE REST OF US. Capital Gains taxes fuck the middle class more than ANYBODY. They FEEL it. People who think otherwise are people who NEVER saved for their retirements. Also known as responsible people who thought ahead. When did these people become shitbums?

  58. Oh God, John posted another video! My ears! It burns!!!!

  59. Michelina you are right. Wall street and corporations coudn’t own the USA if the elected officials didn’t take the bribes. THEY are at fault. FULLY.

  60. I and every friend I have pay capital gains on our retirement savings. Anybody who never did it knows squat about capital gains. I made some pretty good money in my life, I confess. I’ve had bad times and good times too. The truth is, I watched colleagues lliving above their means, spending everything they got on fancy homes and cars. Some of them are in bad shape now. SO I guess they don’t have to worry about capital gains like I do, since I looked out for my future and they didn’t. I didn’t live above my means and buy that which cut into my planning for my old age. Therefore I must be punished. Half has been accomplished by wall street. The other half of the screwing is what that woman in that video is talking about. Because she doesn’t KNOW what she’s talking about. If she did, she would know it’s not the 1% who will give a shit.

  61. We wouldn’t be complete without a Texas OWS.

  62. He’s right. He needs our government to listen to him. So why is he camping out in a park away from his government?

  63. The kitteh videos are really cute, Upp. That kitten massge therapy one was priceless. Keep them coming.

  64. This sweet little thing needs help. Write a check now. I’ll wager 100 he doesn’t pay any taxes, buy any food, or pay the heat bill.

  65. Michelina you are right. Wall street and corporations coudn’t own the USA if the elected officials didn’t take the bribes. THEY are at fault. FULLY.

    Why is their so much refusal to acknowledge this?

  66. Yeah Beata I was saving that video for here but I figured everybody at JWS needed it, So I made the sacrifice.

  67. I’ll go on record here and now. On the day ALL of the OWS people from EVERY city (and park!) shows up at the white house and CLEARLY states their purpose is to keep corporations out of government, I will be WITH THEM 100%.

  68. Upp, the elderly man ( Ivan Benning ) is in a wheelchair. He clearly has mobility problems. I would not be surprised to find out that he is a veteran. I doubt that he is “camping out”. He was at a daytime rally.

  69. Seriously, McN, let’s face it. Texas is its own country. lol.

  70. Yes, but not a chanting bullhorn group because I just can’t get into the Jonestown thingy.

  71. UW, you have been “Billyfied” once again! Who luvs ya baby?! You could always post some of those wig wearin, ivory ticklers vidoes at my barn. Like that guy they naamed the dog movie after: Beethoven. 🙂

  72. “The kids are alright…” Yeah, they’re doing what kids that age do – hell, I did (Help in the takeover of the office of Brooklyn College’s president back in, what, ’69, or ’70. Didn’t know what I was doing then, but had a great time.

    At OWS, the kids are just having a latter-day “be-in.” Good for them! Mindless, but harmless. NOT SO HARMLESS, tho’, are the union THUGS (at least here in NYC, anyway) who are trying to coopt the “movement” but ONLY FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH ENDS!!! Yeah, extra taxes on the rich, so they can have more money to fund their OBSCENELY AND EXTRAVAGANTLY GREEDY PENSIONS AND OTHER BENEFITS!!! And just where do you think those leftist ideas are coming from? Hmmm?


  73. @ Beata; maybe the guy was there for the free early bird dinner? He had a big bingo game to get to later that night; around 5pm! LOL!

  74. Seriously, McN, let’s face it. Texas is its own country.

    Yes, it is UW. I guess that’s why Rick doesn’t seem to have a problem with secession. hahaha

  75. ‘Go for it lads. Any poor soul out there must be absolutely frozen’

  76. He’s blathering on the teevee again….

    It’s like Chinese water torture. I’m going out

  77. Gosh I’m so sorry I’m missing it.

  78. Heck, I think I’m going to get on the phone with one of those integrated voice response systems now. Thanks for the heads up Anthony.

  79. Here’s a goody from Atlanta OWS.

    “We’ve been having a team of alchemists and faith healers and doctors of physics working together to develop a mathematical formula to levitate the building,” Franzen said.



  81. Atlanta OWS does make Texas OWS seem fairly tame by comparison.

  82. I simply have GOT to put that video up.

  83. I’m loving it.

  84. It’s up. I hope lorac doesn’t mind. She started it. lol.

  85. That’s right, lorac started it. lol

  86. Yeah. 90 comments and it’s not even 1:30. lol.

  87. I am SOOOO J! What’s a girl gotta do to get 90 comments before the afternoon coffee break? lol

  88. Yeah mom, lorac is making me look bad. Let’s kill her.

  89. NAH! We can occupy her posts until she redistributes her wealth!

  90. What does a Hillbilly need to do to get 90 comments? I post all the best country, and NASCAR videos!

  91. I am just looking for the UW-beer garden!

  92. Hill Bily, “to get 90 comments” ya gotta put out like lorac. (And don’t go taking my words out of context in that Hilly Billy way!)


  94. Aw now that’s cute, Sophie.

  95. Sweaters for pengys in the oil spil. That’s sweet. Imust would just have them get good and drunk.

  96. hey look! They have one for Barack too!

  97. I heard that!
    Hey Sophie B Hawkins fans! She was on the morning radio show here in LA today!

  98. Gosh, thanks, Hill Billy.

  99. Hilarious on the Nowhere Man, Upps!!

  100. Oh, beata, beata, beata – I believe I’ve offended you twice in two days! Not my intent!

    Beata, of course there are normal people there as well. But they’re all being run by the councils, which have some pretty funny people in them!

    I guess it’s like there are a bunch of green trees on one side, and a bunch of psychedelic trees on the other side. I poke fun at the psychedelic trees. Then you want to know why am I making fun, look at all the green trees! Well, it wouldn’t be any FUN to make fun of the green trees! lol This blog seems to respond well to snarky material. The problem with snarky, is that there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t think it’s funny, or doesn’t feel it’s a snarkiworthy topic. So what’s a gal to do? lol

  101. Let me tell you all a TRUE STORY from today. I am really beat, so will do the edited version.

    I have been meeting with a 20YO woman – white, middle class, with nice hair except for the one giant ugly-assed dred lock, who wants my assistance in creating a community mural project. We have met now twice and talked a little.

    Today she came to the job site where I am working with another fellow – me designing and painting stuff and he is doing tile work and other renovation stuff. I invited her to come by so that she could see what was involved and to see her ‘portfolio.’ She is a ‘graduate’ of New College, Sarasota (look it up) and her major was Environmental Studies. As we were talking, I invited her to come and help us (me and Nate) to get the feel of the work. Standing there in her jeans that were painted in magic marker with peace signs and “equality” and stuff – she looked at me, in REAL painted jeans, and at Nate, dirty and hauling broken tile and said “Oh no. You are doing the work of Mexicans. AH! I have to tell you, I TRIED PHYSICAL LABOR ONCE – and no thank you!”

    I looked at her and said “What?!?! You have to be kidding me.” I THOUGHT she was. As it turned out, she was not kidding at all. I asked what she meant, and she went on to explain that she was in an environmental club in college and they went to California where they had to get up at 5am, walk 3 miles into the woods and dug horse and biking trails for 8 weeks.

    She said she would never do physical labor again. She was “done with that.” Nate wryly said if she wanted to give it another shot, he had a huge pile of broken tiles she could help him move. She said “Noooooo thanks”

    I asked her seriously what she THOUGHT she was going to do with a ‘degree’ in “Environmental Studies” – watch grass grow? And further, what did she, and her peers, expect to make in the private sector right out of college at 20 years old. With a straight face, she said, 70 to 100K. I asked “doing what?!!!” and she didn’t have an answer. Then I used Uppity’s line and asked if she and her friends thought they would be made Lord of the Company with no effort on their part. The look on her face in effect, said yes. SHE REALLY EXPECTED THIS IS THE WAY IT SHOULD WORK!!!!!

    She mentioned something about White Guilt, which was laughable as she had been both arrogant AND racist in her comments about the work Nate and I were doing. I asked her where THAT comes from and asked what she meant by it, she couldn’t answer either question.

    She showed me a drawing of a graphic of the word “Equality” her sister had her do for a tattoo and I asked her what “equality’ meant to her. She really struggled for an answer and came up with some lame thing about respect.

    When I spoke to her about how MY high school diploma was probably harder to earn than her college one, and that a Liberal Arts Degree now was printed on spit. She looked confused – then asked (are you sitting down?) “A liberal arts degree – is that like a degree in art?”

    When my head exploded right in front of her I asked what she had been taught all these years, and didn’t she or her peers have any drive or ambition – but I caught myself, and realized the answer – that if this is what she knew after 15 years or so in the US education system, it was hopeless. She said “It’s not our fault” and I had to agree. It IS however the fault of the Federal Government’s involvement in education with people like Barack Obama being HANDED every thing they have by people like Bill Ayers. And it goes SO MUCH DEEPER. I just couldn’t take it, and she had to leave anyway, but I asked before she left WHO did she think would be running the country in another 20 years.

    I swear I have never been left so speechless in all my born days.

    I have to go to bed now. I have been doing physical labor all day. I wouldn’t want any upper middle class white college “educated” kids to feel any guilt about me being up late while they sleep til 3PM….


    The Mexican

  102. Oh my God, FF. That’s the funniest shit I’ve read in a long time!

  103. Uppity – that story is no lie. And OMG – I just WISH you (and others) could have been there. It was INSANE.

    I really was just mind-blown.

    OK, I really AM beat now….
    I have to work all these jobs right now, because in another few months I will go to the bottom of this cycle and….

  104. So what’s a gal to do? lol

    Kissing butt is a time-honored option, lorac. (And, I’m offended too…so get to it.)

  105. Hey “The Mexican,” that’s the edited version?!!!!!? What an overachiever you are!

  106. FF, you’re so selfish…soaking up all the jobs the OWS’ers could be doing.

  107. Not so, NES. Ya gotta get up at 6 – be there by 7:30 and work til you come home and cook for an old lady. Not a moment in the day for an iPad or building levitation.

    OWS’ers don’t qualify. Physical Labor is not in their feild.

  108. Incidentally, I have received a reliable report that, starting at 9 or 9:30 tonight, the SF police department is going to clear out the SF Occupy site at the bottom of the Financial District. Let’s hope the protesters aren’t as lively as they were in Oakland last night. I have to wonder about what’s up with these Bay Area cities — this is not a wise move.

  109. Well, NES, I’d need an address to get to that butt kissing….. 🙂

  110. I yield to Beata.

  111. Texting and tweeting exercise the thumbs.

  112. FF is our HERO!

    lol You should have told her, “Just watch ME! I’ll SHOW you what the puritan work ethic is!”

    But FF, if she was graduating at 20 years old, then she just had an associates degree, is that right? Of course, the first two years of a 4 year college track is that Martian-sounding “liberal arts” lol But some of the two year schools now are so specialized, they aren’t liberal arts anymore.

  113. However NES, I am meeting next week with the Sisters of Charity and St. Joseph’s hospital for a job they want me to do (I hope).

    I’ll ask for a referral to the Sisters of Entitlement and pass it on to the OWSers.


  114. cheeeekin!

  115. FF – XX OO !!

  116. I don’t know what she has ‘graduated’ from Lorac. I don’t even know if SHE knows.

  117. Nite, FF. May your dreams be of OWSly leisure and levitation.

  118. I have a question. I saw a couple of videos of Occupy Oakland when they were smoking them out. So, I didn’t see everyone who was there. But all I saw were white people. My understanding is that Oakland is primarily black. Did I miss all the black people – or did white people from S.F. hop over the water to occupy Oakland….? Any thoughts? Was Occupy Oakland a colonization??!! lol

  119. ““Just watch ME! I’ll SHOW you what the puritan work ethic is!””

    Here is your test:

    Choose three words in this statement that the 2o year old would have to look up….



  120. Hey FF, maybe she will want to become a nun. Sister Constant Desire.

  121. OWS is mainly a white movement, even in Oaktown. Oakland is also full of lezs too…and they were there in droves.

  122. No she could graduate at 20. I did a BA in three years so maybe….oh, nevermind.

  123. NES maybe the security of Oakland knows something we don’t know. Do not for a moment think that the FBI hasn’t infiltrated every one of these occupations.

  124. Gotcha beat. I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow.

  125. ““Just watch ME! I’ll SHOW you what the puritan work ethic is!””

    Here is your test:

    Choose three words in this statement that the 2o year old would have to look up….

    Puritan, Work and Ethic.

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