Freeloaders resent other Freeloaders who Freeload off of their Free Stuff

Preface: I would like to go on record right now and say that, on the day every OWS protest group in the USA shows up in front of the White House and the Capitol steps collectively, and  in doing so, they declare that their true and primary purpose is to remove Corporation Control  of Government and legislation to the detriment of the people, I will be behind them 100%. Till then…. 

You know, I was thinking that I need a new LL Bean or Eddie Bauer parka, some new Thinsulate gloves and another pair of UGGs. I have to be warm when I walk my dog in the upcoming cold winter because Global Warming completely bypassed where I live.  I can’t afford to buy these things new every single year, so I had this idea I could go down to OWS and pick them off the wish list of donations when it starts to get a little chilly. I mean, if special 5-people tents, special diets and sleeping bags are on the list, surely my UGGs should be there. I could just take them, grab a free bite of food, tap my bladder and leave. All I have to do is remember to make a sign that says something like, “Give me liberty and free stuff or give me death“.

I had this idea before I realized that these folks don’t want me there!

That would make me a freeloader who is freeloading off  of their free stuff!

OWS is more than a little pissed off that somebody encouraged Rikers Island parolees to stop by OWS and get some free food.  These same people who expect somebody else to pay off their college loans are feeling violated.

There’s no irony here, is there?:

Newly sprung ex-cons and vagrants rousted from other parks are crashing the Occupy Wall Street protest, where gourmet meals are free and boozy, drug­fueled parties are on tap, the movement’s leaders griped yesterday.

“They’re telling people who leave prison to go to Zuccotti Park,” lamented Daniel Zetah, a leader of the OWS community-relations group.

Volunteer Lauren Digioia, 26, said, “We have drug dealing going on here, gang activity, public intoxication. There are a lot of instigators. There are a lot of vultures.

“Everyone knows we give out free food and sleeping bags, and it’s a perfect opportunity for squatters.”

Not exactly. Someone ELSE gives you free food and you eat it and hand it out to whom you want to have it. That makes you a freeloader who is angry at other freeloaders who aren’t approved freeloaders. Oh wait………I’m dizzy…

Okay, I’m better now.

But seriously, isn’t it just awful when the wrong Freeloaders Freeload Free Stuff? It’s kind of like if I steal the money out of your wallet and then somebody steals it from me. Boy, would I be pissed if that happened!

These ex-cons are Freeloading somebody else’s Freeloaded stuff!  They have demands too, kind of like demanding that somebody else pay off your college debt, only cheaper. But that’s different, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Who can forget this sweet little guy who wants us all to pay his tuition because that’s what he wants. Honestly, I really liked this kid. I wanted to alternately hug him and slap him silly for being so out of touch with reality and refusing to grow up beyond the age of 15.

I tried and I have obviously failed. I just don’t see how demanding that, since Wall Street robbed working Americans, OWS should be able to do the same thing to working Americans.

I still just do not see how camping out on other people’s freebees, and ruining traffic to small businesses that EMPLOY people bothers Wall Street one bit. And OWS certainly doesn’t bother a President and a Congress that takes money from them hand over fist.

Sorry! They already gave it to your senator and president!

I was just wondering…..has anybody heard one single Congress Critter say that taking money from Corporations or Wall Street is a bad thing to do? Has anybody submitted legislation to put a stop to it? Has our President said one word about any of this between his fundraisers that result in shovels full of Corporate-related Agenda cash? I might have missed these events, so please let me know if I am wrong.

I should point out that none of this applies to Charlie Rangel. He “supports” OWS. Doesn’t he?

Four demonstrators headed uptown yesterday to harass Rep. Charles Rangel, who’d twice visited Zuccotti Park to support OWS but drew their wrath by voting for free-trade agreements with South Korea and Panama.

Four protestors. Wow.

I guess the others were busy texting  and checking out the buffet table — and they didn’t notice that Charlie gave them lip service and then stuck it in their noses. I guess it’s okay though, because Charlie is a Democrat. Only Democrats get to screw the little people without the benefit of torches and pitchforks. That’s why the area in front of the White House is nice and clean right now, and nobody is pissing on the sidewalk or using a bullhorn. I mean, the President wasn’t the one who was Front and Center, loudly pushing for that new free trade agreement or anything,  was he?  I mean, it’s not like he wasn’t perfectly…um…clear about his feelings on Free Trade Agreements in 2008, right? So whatever you do, don’t go bother HIM with protests, you hear?

And it’s not as if  Obama himself made that new free trade agreement happen through badgering or anything. That’s why it’s so important that nobody Occupy the White House and instead camp out on Wall Street or in front of some pissant City Hall. I mean it’s not as if  W Obama is pleased about that new free trade agreement!:

But remember, OWS, Barack supports you! Just like Charlie does! Keep up the good work over there in parks and in front of some little City Hall. That’s where it’s at! No sense of standing in front of the White House. He talks a big talk doesn’t he? His words are a bit different on the fundraiser trail though, where he takes the big bucks from lobbyists under the guise of “Bundlers”. Bundlers are the people who put the hammer on employees to donate to the cause. You don’t HAVE to donate, mind you, even though you can bet management knows you haven’t donated. Then the bundler hands Barack the big bucks and he declares that he got that money from the Little Guy. What part of this are people having a hard time understanding? Why don’t you ask Goldman Sachs how that’s done? Or Morgan Stanley. Or Frank Clark over at Commonwealth Edison, also on the board of Exelon. Or Microsoft. Or Citigroup. Or Time Warner.  Or GE. Or Open Secrets’ list of Top Contributors to Barack Obama. Just saying!

In any event, here’s your chance to sponsor a Protester.

When protests strike throughout the country and around the world, Save the Protesters is there, bringing support  in the form of nourishing vegan meals, fresh cardboard boxes and tarps, much-needed STD and drug testing, and quality condoms and sanitary wipes.

It’s a pretty biting satire, but I do wish someone would make a Sponsor A Protester video to go with the one below. Then you would all have a matched set and  be able choose which Freeloaders you wish to sponsor with the money you earn in order to keep yourselves legitimately alive without taking what you covet from somebody else.

Yes, please, someone make a Sponsor A Protester Video to go with this one. Because some of us don’t see much of a difference between being robbed by Wall Street or being Robbed by a bunch of Entitlement mentalities who expect us to give them our money, or what’s left of it, for no reason other than they inhale and exhale, and so that we may all live in Utopia just like the old Soviet Union we all so badly miss. First person who comes up with a Twin video to this one gets a penguin.


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  1. If this doesn’t get NES to write a pro OWS post I don’t know what will.

    We try!

    Gotta run, See you all later.

  2. Teehee.

  3. I want free beer. It’s my right, cuz drinking is my religion.

    I’m tired of being oppressed by liquor store owners.

  4. Love love love coming here and getting a laugh in the morning!
    Free stuff huh? Education and parenting have gone to hell in this country.

  5. If you want to continue to represent OWS as a bunch of freeloaders, Upp, go right ahead. The movement is going to continue to grow without your endorsement. Guard those capital gains.

    And be careful who you stand in line next to at the grocery store. It could be one of those dreaded Section 8 disabled people. They might give you cooties if you get too close.

    Take care. Love the kitteh vids.

  6. Wow Beata. “Guard those Capital Gains?” Really? I would venture to say that MOST of us here at UW don’t have any significant (or any at all) Capital Gains. Secondly, the one who WOULD “freeload” them if we do are the thieves in Congress and the White House – not the OWSers. And furthermore, the OWSers would NEVER SEE THEM if Congress DID take them away. They would put them in their own pockets for use later.

    As for your comment about those who live in section 8. It is really very offensive. I believe I know Uppity well enough to know she holds no disdain for people in need, but recognizes – as you should – that there are a LOT of people who Game the System and freeload IN Section 8 properties. In addition, it is the Smarmy Congress, and in particular, the Democrats who C O N T I N U E to offer policies to hold people down so they ARE dependent upon Government. Generation after generation, that eliminates initiative and creates a vicious cycle of welfare addicts.

    Remember “Welfare to Work”? Bill Clinton REQUIRED those on Welfare to better themselves in order to keep ‘collecting.’

    What was one of the first things Barack Obama’s Congress did? Overturn it.

    So perhaps your snarky comments towards Uppity would be better directed at Congress and the President, and as my experience with the 20 year old showed me yesterday – many of these OWSers DO have an entitlement mentality. They really believe they deserve Free Stuff. The question you have to ask is WHO GAVE THEM THAT THOUGHT PROCESS?

    I’m sorry, but after reading a fun post in which Uppity was making a valid point – that NONE of us want our STUFF usurped – your comments were IMO pretty darn rude.

  7. Beata- I wish I could get behind this OWS thing- but until they get out in front of the White House, The Capitol, Senate and House offices- what are they actually accomplishing? Protesting Wall Street is going to accomplish what? “Wall Street” and the banks are NOT going to reform themselves- not if every single average American went and camped out in Zuccotti park (or what ever the closest encampment might be)
    The problem is corporate money in government. Unless and until the protesters get that and get to protesting the rotten to the core political system it is all an exercise in futility.
    I keep an eye on the closest occupy to me- and am watching their facebook page degenerate into calls for communism and anarchy. And they wonder why fewer and fewer people are showing up? People around here are not going for that kind of stuff. The local news coverage is neither pro nor con- and they do not mention the facebook page at all. The local unions are supposedly supporting them (according to the Occupy Erie FB page) but I do not see boots on the ground.
    IMO – people here in NW PA recognize what the true problem is- and if a movement ever gets going to address the money/politician/corporation ties- the good old common sense bitter clingers will be all over it.

  8. Upps, for those of us who see it for what it is, this is funny, funny, funny. This place is on a roll. I’ve been having an eff’ed up week at work. This should keep a smile on my face all day. Thank you so much.

  9. FF, that story you told last night was hilarious. It feels good to laugh, some people should try it.

  10. Oh- and meant to say that our local Occupy (Erie PA) is quite proud of the fact that the Working Families Party is helping them – sending them all kinds of “organizing” hints.
    AYUP. Working Families Party. Hello Acorn, hello communists, hello undesirable, unAmerican “workers.”
    Can they please contain that stuff in NY and Chicago?

  11. FF, Upp was arguing with me yesterday about how an increase in the capital gains tax would hurt the middle class more than anyone because the middle class depends so heavily on capital gains. That was a surprise to me. I had posted a video of a young, articulate, middle-class, employed woman who showed up at an Occupy Indianapolis daytime rally with her child in a stroller ( she was not camping out or asking for anything free ). A chief concern of hers was the low capital gains tax that the wealthy take advantage of, which in turn hurts the middle class. Go back, watch the video, and read Upps’ response. I also posted a video of an elderly wheelchair-bound man ( perhaps a veteran ) who was speaking at Occupy Indianapolis. He was not camping out or asking for freebies. He was mocked here as well. I am quite shocked at these reactions.

    Upps has also made derogatory remarks about people in Section 8 in the past. Perhaps you weren’t around for those. It is very difficult for Section 8 people to find decent housing, especially handicapped accessible housing. Contrary to Upps’ beliefs, such housing is not readily available. The huge numbers of people in poverty who are “gaming the system” is a Reagan meme that has been regurgitated for decades now. It is a lie. The truth is most people in poverty get far less help than they need. Livin’ on “easy street” while getting Food Stamps and Section 8? You must be kidding.

    If you were offended by what I wrote, good. I have been offended by quite a few things I have read here about the needy. I’ve seen little compassion and a great deal of mocking. Mocking the needy is not my idea of a good laugh.

  12. PMM, I suspect many of the people supporting OWS can’t afford to go to Washington or even to their State House to rally. Others, like myself, can’t go because we have special medical needs. I would love to go.

  13. Beata- my point is that the focus is on the wrong place. There are people at OWS in NY from all over the country. While I am sure many can not get to DC or their own capitol (Harrisburg for me- way the hell across the state and who can afford the gas?) how is it that these people from points N,S,E and W can get to NY- but not to DC?
    To tell the truth it is starting to piss me off. All coverage of Solyndra and Fast and Furious has practically ceased- unless one chooses to go hunt it down. Seems mighty damn convenient for Barack. Mighty damn convenient.
    IF OWS gets serious and shows signs of going after DC and corrupt politicians- I will CRAWL to DC to join them if I have to. Until then- imo they are just useful idiots distracting attention from the real problems.

  14. I suspect many of the people supporting OWS can’t afford to go to Washington or even to their State House to rally.

    From what I’ve seen, most of the OWS protesters are young, healthy, and better off than I am. They certainly eat better. They have new iPhones and laptops and designer labels on their clothes.

    They are camping out because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to.

  15. @PMM “useful idiots”

    Why are we paying these idiots to do this?

    Representatives from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History are collecting signs and ephemera from Occupy Wall Street and Occupy D.C. for potential exhibitions about the movement.

    Perhaps the money to buy history would best be spent purchasing a few of those Fast & Furious guns instead?

    Oh, the post is at ArtPost about the signs.

  16. To tell the truth it is starting to piss me off. All coverage of Solyndra and Fast and Furious has practically ceased- unless one chooses to go hunt it down. Seems mighty damn convenient for Barack. Mighty damn convenient.

    What a coinkydink.
    No focus on actual Crony Capitalism and Executive Overreach that is actually going on and is the at the root of all the problems that are making the 99ers unhappy — because the 99ers are too busy providing a convenient spectacle for the MSM to cover instead.
    It’s like it was planned to do that.

  17. Helping the needy is a good thing but the sad thing is that there are far far too many who have made this a life style choice and rob our wallets. Section 8 is a rip off to the property owner. Once you agree to rent section 8 you are on the hook to spend high $ to put in stuff the government deems necessary.
    I am sorry but if I live in a home without the latest in windows and other stuff why the hell am I going to sink tons of $$ putting them into a house I rent ? I would never rent one of my homes section 8 NEVER ! I do not need the fed telling me what I can charge and what I have to fix up their way only to have the cops raid my home for drugs and condemn it for meth like a friend of mine had done.
    They had to gut the joint and paid high $$ and had to have it all reinspected to pass as being safe again. Where was the government when the government funded section 8er was tearing up her home and cooking crank in it ? Where did they come in and repair the damage ?
    At least on a free market I get to say who lives in one of my rentals not the Fed. Try getting a section 8er out because they are destroying your home lol.
    If these folks protesting were going after the con artists that are ripping us off with all their greed in DC and really banding together to make a difference as to how corporations are running the country I might get out there myself but as of now they are spoiled snots that want what is left in my wallet.
    When we get a group that demands no congress critter can make money on the side up there and they get the same health coverage as we have and make a salary comparable to any other public employee maybe I could get behind them but for now it seems I am holding on to my wallet while being attacked by DC on one side and the freeloaders of society on the other. Horse crap I am sick of it. I worked and still do for what I have and fail to see why I should have to give any up. No one helped me when I needed money to invest to secure my future and no one is helping me if I lose any either.
    To be poor is one thing but to be poor by choice is another.

  18. for now it seems I am holding on to my wallet while being attacked by DC on one side and the freeloaders of society on the other.

    Well said utah.

  19. Who do I believe? The Confluence and its commenters seem to have a totally different take on OWS.

  20. Believe your eyes and your common sense.

  21. We as citizens have the right to petition our government for the redress of our grievances. We have power to redress our grievances with corporations as consumers. The best idea I’ve heard out of this OWS movement was the “Bank Transfer Day”. Sitting in a park beating drums is a waste of time unless it is accompanied by marching in DC, in front of Wal Mart AND Wall St. and the Chinese embassy, and the ports as they unload huge shipments of junk made for 15 cents in sweatshops. JMHO.

  22. Hi everybody. I’m back and looks like I’m in trouble!

    Beata, yes, Capital Gains taxes hurt people, particularly retirees, who depend on the dividends as a supplement to social security. These are people who saved all their lives. I’m one of them. I saw my entire 401k cut by two thirds and then the dividends were cut by 70%. Imagine if I were retired. I would have had to change my entire life. I KNOW you don’t begrudge people who saved all their lives, Beata. It wasn’t always that easy. Like some others I know here, I have been saving part of my paychecks all of my life, regardless of whether I was making a lot or a little. I started saving with my communion money! (back when I iwas catholic). I am NOT one of the 1%, not by a longshot! Now I know that’s not what you want to hear but it’s the TRUTH. EVERY SINGLE friend I have got nailed with their savings, and most every senior I know lost income in the past two years. SOme of them went from surviving to barely surviving, and to see what little they did have in dividends left taxed even more is a huge burden.They are NOT the 1%. The 1% won’t feel that increase one bit. The truth is, the middle and lower middle class will be fucked once again. And that’s the truth. They aren’t “Guarding” their Big Bucks. They are guarding their lives! Is the idea here that everybody becomes poor and then we will all be happy? Because if you think the 1% will get poor with the rest of us who still have enough to live, then you don’t know the 1%.

    Now about the section 8. I believe I said, because this actually happened., I said I rented to section 8 once. Just once. That’s because the place was trashed in no time flat. It cost me thousands to get it into shape again. Now I know that many section 8 people have a problem finding a place, but to blame the owners of the properties is not to understand why. An apartment can turn into a loss every easily. Now, I want you to know, and I know Utah knows about this, I had a tenant who got cancer and lost his one remaining kidney. I let him and his wife and child live in that apartment for free for more than 6 months. He finally got his disabililty after all that time and they stayed on. He died this year. I never raised their rent in the three years they were there after he got sick. I only tell you this because I get the sense you think I am some evil person who stole chiristmas. I do give but I don’t like to be screwed in the process. I pay taxes and repairs and upkeep on my property and I am RIGHT THERE when something goes wrong. I am flexible with rents. I understand when it’s time to be charitable. I do NOT accept having an entire apartment trashed by pigs who don’t even get around to paying their full rent. So if good people who fall on hard times have problems getting apartments on section 8, I just want you to understand why. Nobody enjoys a bankruptcy. Sometimes you have to save yourself and that is why I would accept section 8 if an already good tenant fell on hard times, but I would never take a chance on a stranger. I lost money on that house that year and had to take money out of my pocket to make things right and I’m no millionaire. The heat was cut off. In winter, Beata. With blown water pipes. Can you see this picture? I cried that year, Beata, not for the people who did this, but for me. Let me tell you, it wasn’t “easy street” for me when they got through with that aparment. It was horrific. Therefore I hope you can see why I am NOT up to taking that chance again. I’m human too, you see? So when we say that section 8 has a hard time finding a place, please understand why and address the real problem, not evil old uppity who just didn’t appreciate and could barely afford to fix the disgusting mess my apartment was in. And that didn’t include the mortgage. One more thing. Section 8 wouldn’t let me evict them in enough time to save the place, even though they weren’t paying their share of the rent. oh yea, Beata, it was a real party for me complete with sleepless nights.

    I hate to see you go, because I adore you. But to assume that I am some wicked woman who is rolling in the dough with no sympathy, empathy or cares is simply wrong. Like you, I am a product of my experiences.

    What I see of OWS is what I see. And honestly, it was clear to me that the woman in that video had NO CLUE how many people with retirement savings would be devastated in place of the 1%.

  23. Isn’t democracy great? You can have another opinion and still live!

    Like i said at the top of the post, I will support them when they state a true and useful purpose. Till then, it just looks like camping out for free to me.

  24. LOL Confused. Use your own judgment. I know you have it. I’ve read your work!

  25. It’s like it was planned to do that.

    Give this woman a penguin!
    This thing has OFA’s fingerprints all over it. There are sincere people showing up. Like the guy in the wheelchair. He’s being used. That’s why he was interviewed. And therein lies the face of Barack Obama.

  26. The plague of OWS postings on my FB has dwindled considerably, and I there are some hardcore supporters amongst my pals. I think public patience is wearing very thin. Whoever (or the bunch of whoevers) is financing this is overestimating the collective stupidity of the general public. I myself am tired of this staged b.s.

    myiq2xu, seeing lotsa labels is my impression, too. I suspect there are what are called “professional homeless” there, too – the ones by the freeway, holding ‘feed me’ signs but wearing fashionably patched jeans and label-ridden hoodies, and expensive Nikes or whatnot.

    As a side note, why in the hell is Dumb-O still getting credit for the Daffy kill, even in the op-ed cartoons? He had nothing to do with it. Sigh.

  27. Once we all agree on everything, we will all definitely be in trouble as individuals.

  28. “I suspect there are what are called “professional homeless” there, too”

    “The reincarnation of the defunct New York ACORN chapter — a group called New York Communities for Change — is a big supporter of the protesters in Zuccotti Park.

    NYCC has been paying “dozens” of homeless people $10 an hour to sit in Zuccotti Park. The report also said NYCC canvassers go door-to-door asking for money for other causes like PCB relief in schools — with the money funneled back to OWS.

    Read more:

  29. Brisk conversation this morning. I support all people who take to the streets for NONVIOLENT protests. This doesn’t include trashing property or stealing other people’s stuff. The problem with OWS IMO is the news coverage of it, everyone has an agenda anymore and everyone pushes their agenda. Things like the signs in the photos above I do not believe are for real, I think they are from the conservative political movement trying to discredit the protests (which the protesters make way too easy to do). Everyone should practice a little common sense over things like this.

  30. Give this woman a penguin!

    I love penguins! Specially with hot sauce.

  31. Specially with hot sauce


  32. BCL, I’m almost positive at least one of those signs isn’t real. Mainly because I just don’t think anyone could be that dumb. But then it was used for the purposes of satire. And yes, they do make it VERY easy.

  33. Brisk conversation this morning.

    And that was the idea!

  34. Helloooo ((((UPPITY’S)))))

    Confused: I go back and forth between RD and UW:

    both have their points, and we agree more than you know
    especially the part of going to the direct source,
    our shitty congress/senate and president and camp out there and chant and complain. In the meantime for the sincere at heart that are there, and I would be one of those: Kudos to them for doing something. As soon as this gig heads to WASHINTON DC, you will be surprised how many of us will be there, even if we cannot afford it

  35. Once we all agree on everything, we will all definitely be in trouble as individuals.

    I agree with that. And, also agree that one is the product of one’s experiences. Beata, Michelina, BCL and I (maybe others here…not sure) see the positive side of OWS and are hopeful it’ll succeed; others see the many shortcomings of the movement and doubt it’ll succeed because of its location, lack of organization, the zaniness of some (I think they’re a minority) of it’s participants, its potential for being co-opted, and the like. That’s all.

    But, this I do know, humor is the universal palliative, and one can never get enough of it.

  36. Michelina, love your dog.

  37. …..Gulp.

    I keed, I keed. 😀

    My dd is addicted to penguins – she’s got all sort of penguin stuff.

  38. There are few rules here as you all know. The only thing not up for argument are Hillary and Barack, both for different reasons. As for all other subjects, fight all you want, just NEVER, and I mean NEVER get directly personal toward another member.

    So have at it on this subject of OWS (compliments of OFA……..ducking and running).

  39. votermom – dd?

  40. Bye, Uppity, we won’t trash the place while you’re gone (well not too much).

  41. dd = dear daughter (or sometimes darned daughter)

  42. And, speaking of the virtues of humor, historically, Beata has been one of the funniest commenters here. So, she definitely belongs here. So, Beata, stay…you, Michelina, BCL, and I will thrust and parry against these cynical naysayers, and, when all’s said and done, we’ll watch them eat crow.

  43. votermon – thanks for the clarification.

  44. Tasty, tasty crow.

  45. The problem with OWS IMO is the news coverage of it, everyone has an agenda anymore and everyone pushes their agenda.

    Give this woman a Pengy!! Go BCL!

  46. Thanks, NES.

  47. NES Beata has known her share of illness, so anybody with a heart would cut her slack for her reaction. I merely didn’t want to be portrayed as the rich old grinch. I wish.

  48. NES, I am looking forward to making you eat that crow. Again. Heh.

  49. I had a section 8 years ago. And was fortunate to have a landlord like you. I made huge efforts to keep the place up – even installing a fence (with the landlord’s permission) around the back yard to make sure my daughter (2 at the time) and the dog did not go traipsing off around the neighborhood. I planted flowers, kept the place clean and the yard in good condition.
    I volunteered in the community. I worked my ass off to get off the system.
    When I finally left, the landlord was able to sell the house in move in condition right away.
    Other people made fun of me. Told me I was an idiot for trying so hard. Why not just sit back and enjoy the benefits. Some in the professional “helper” class- social workers and women’s advocacy group administrators- told me I was making it harder for others coming after me because I was held up as an example of how the system is meant to work- a hand up not a lifetime of support. I supposedly made it harder for them because I was setting the bar so high by TRYING to become self sufficient. Poor poor people could never live up to the example I was setting so why not just cool it.
    It was disgusting and infuriating. Every soul that gets away from the system puts the professional ‘helpers’ one step closer to the unemployment line.
    Should I have just given up and pumped out another baby year after year to keep getting “FREE” rent, a check, food, utilities?
    Well my parents taught me NOTHING IS FREE! The money to pay for all that comes from some hard working person- from a lot of hard working people. We seem to have forgotten that.
    Jobs are hard to come by- but gdamnit! You have to be out looking- which is kind of hard to do when you are on an extended camping trip.
    I protested when they tried to make sense out of cutting day care subsidies to mothers attending school to get OFF they system. Direct to the state capitol we went. We did our homework and had facts and figures to present. In a respectful but insistent manner. And we won.
    Thank you Uppity for being who you are and helping those who truly need a hand. I have tried to give back as I can over the years- and to keep setting the example that it is possible to get OUT of the system and to make corrections when the system goes awry.

  50. Yep Upps, as your ( and your furry friends’) lawyer, I’ve looked at your finances. I can attest that you’re among the 99%’ers. So don’t give up your day job.

  51. BCL, so long as lorac isn’t here, I know the floor won’t get all sticky in my absence.

  52. My only demand is that it be cooked in a gourmet style (with veggies from Michelle’s garden).

  53. Actually, Upps, it’s that Beata’s seen the face of OWS in the Midwest. And, it’s a whole lot different from that on the coasts — it’s serious, substantive, and peopled by regular folks from every demographic. Perhaps because the MSM hasn’t focused on them yet, their image has not been near as distorted. You should all take a look at images and articles about OWS from “flyover” country. (And, no, I don’t think the levitation incident in GA was representative.)

  54. Hey Lurker! Need a place?

  55. Perhaps because the MSM hasn’t focused on them yet, their image has not been near as distorted.

    If they are expressing discontent with Obama, then I think it is no surprise that the MSM is ignoring them.

    I hope the serious, anti-Obama contingent of the OWS in flyover country goes rogue and starts doing some actual political things to shake up the status quo.

  56. Hell let the MSM focus on whatever they want. Nobody watches them any longer anyhow.

    I love me those live feeds though.

    Votermom, you’re right. Those flyover people are already rogue. Believe me, the organizers sure as hell didn’t tap them to join in. I guess one bunch is protesting in front of Obama’s campaign headquarters?

  57. Post some pic links NES.

  58. Yep Upps, as your ( and your furry friends’) lawyer, I’ve looked at your finances. I can attest that you’re 99% short of being the 1%, so don’t give up your day job

    I’ve seen your house. I’m doing better.

  59. I hear that Occupy Chicago went and protested Rahmbo. That made me LOL.

  60. Do some lanscaping will ya?

  61. G’damned lazy lawyers…

  62. I can tell you what OWS locally is…”gimme more of whatever I want.” I have always been first to extend the hand, even when I should have been on the receiving end. I am furious at some of the OWS people who are former OFA people protesting what they have been told to protest, just like they were told who to vote for. I am certain that not all protesters are of this ilk, but I won’t stand with this group or any group that refuses to acknowledge the source of the problem.

  63. “I am furious at some of the OWS people who are former OFA people protesting what they have been told to protest”


    Perhaps because I have only seen the NYC OWS, its hard for me to believe that this is a legit operation.

    I continue to go downtown a couple of times a week with the hope that somehow, this has morphed into an organized movement to protest what it purports to protest. (Attention: NES) If I see evidence of that, I would support it in whatever way I am able to. But so far, there’s been nothing to indicate it is nothing more than a poorly (if at all) disguised arm of OFA. Kind of like a Renaissance Fair in hell.

    One accomplishment it can claim, however, is that it has split the PUMAs down the middle, which is doing the current squatter in the WH a lot of good.

    I do have to say that the drive-by taunts seem to be coming from those who blindly support OWS, and not those who remain suspicious.

  64. I would stand with OSW if their demands were for congress, senate and el presidente were to give all the money they stole from us back !

  65. From the Erie Occupy page


    Ok just got off the phone with the white house. I started with telling all we do attempting to insure Obama has a fillibuster proof majority in 2012 then I went on to say that we feel that, as we have been behind him, he needs to get behind us and make sure that “We the people” are not beaten in the streets by the corporate watchdogs in some cities (paraphrasing) 202-456-1111 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              202-456-1111      end_of_the_skype_highlighting get on the phone my friends, if enough people call and e-mail the president will respond.

    Now let me see if I can go catch those crows out in the orchard.

  66. OUCH, Upps!
    Chit, I was trying to help you.

  67. Yep, takes too much work. Maybe I’ll hire some OWSers to do it for me.

  68. Also if you are going to feed me crow NES make sure it did not come from Tyson or monsanto please.

  69. Well you could have at least said I was 95% away from being the top 1 percent!! However, if some donations roll in to the blog and I begin to make more than a penny an hour, you will be exonerated! This IS my day job!**

    Okay. Only kinda.

  70. In between I work the other side of the street.

  71. The LAST thing I want that maniac to have is a fillibuster proof majority.

    Not that I would worry. He couldn’t get anything useful done with he had any majority at all. except bail out auto companies and wall street. That he was good at.

  72. That poor sucker thinking the president will respond. Right. As soon as he ponies up a quarter million or so.

  73. NES, you heard FF. Owsers are allergic to manual labor. They think Manual Labor is a Mexican guy.

    However,if you need someone to manage your practice for you, well give them a call.

  74. (OWS) One accomplishment it can claim, however, is that it has split the PUMAs down the middle, which is doing the current squatter in the WH a lot of good
    Pumas will never change their common distaste for Obama and his White House administration – no matter what else they disagree about.

  75. I say former OFA Anthony because many take positions temporarily and change them like most change their knickers. A permanent position might endanger the entitlements that they have become accustomed to. Check your email.

  76. Anthony, it might split PUMAs down the middle over OWS, but it will never split them about HIM. None of us will ever vote for him no matter what we fight over.

  77. HAHAH BCL. We were in each other’s heads.

  78. nice take on OWS

  79. I wish I were as confident about the PUMAS — I have already seen some of them buying into the “but the GOP is worse” argument because of OWS.
    One comment I read from a pro-OWS PUMA -“So what if OWS helps Obama?” That’s how it starts – when people start thinking the new cause is more important than any other earthly concerns.

  80. The GOP IS just as bad. I simply won’t vote if they offer me a shitbag. If OWS survives the winter, I’m Cleopatra.

  81. Exactly. No one owns our vote, One would think everyone knew that by now.

  82. Hey NES, is that a pelican on your front lawn?

    A pink flamingo? I can’t tell, except I know it’s plastic.

  83. Where did they get the money to make their signs? Homer Simpson says ” Free stuff, how much is that going to cost me?”

  84. Confused: I go back and forth between RD and UW: The otherwise great RD is processing the shock of being unemployed. Her “life” is no longer her job, and she has yet to grasp the self-employment opportunities available to her as the result of her own diligence and fidelity. Economics savvy does not a secure, paycheck-collecting, employed-by-others leader make. Relationships, as the Clintons prove again and again, are the keys to security. Take care of those you care about and you’ll always thrive. Disappointments are more readily processed and Eye Witnessing your own evolution can be more gratifying than “I Won” at the expense of those whom you “inspired.” The greatest crack I heard this week was from a Fox commenter relating the Under the Bus, Not a Campaign Bus Tour: “I didn’t know I was on the short bus.” Now, Beata, I’m not dissing special needs folks, just those who play on your kindness to skim resources they cannot begin to develop into prosperity. The Occupant of the Oval Office has got to be quite the study for the Secret Service. Sarah Palin got dissed for hunting Elk from helicopters, but OBambi wields drones like Bush pulled the trigger on Death Row Inmates.

  85. @utahwoman

    Great video.

    One of the most interesting points:

    “You’re naive enough to think that yelling or holding up signs is actually going to make a difference.

    The 90%ers out there – those of us who have jobs – are laughing at you”

    Am I the 90%?

    A very complimentary piece on Hillary from the current issue of TIME

  86. Eh Time magazine realizes nobody reads them any longer so they are trying to get their former customers back.

  87. BCL: thanks for the compliment, but she was a baby baby when it
    was taken,—she’s a big old huggable 10 year old baby girl now

    I should probably update

    How do I upload pictures any one know?? to my gravatar??

  88. John. Behave.

  89. I still just do not see how camping out on other people’s freebees, and ruining traffic to small businesses that EMPLOY people bothers Wall Street one bit. And OWS certainly doesn’t bother a President and a Congress that takes money from them hand over

    It’s seems obviously a set up to take what tepid heat the left was finally mustering, (after years of betral ), OFF Obama ….as far as the hidden from view OWS/OFA leadership goes , it was expressly crafted for Obama 2012 imo. The camping etc. is done exactly to discourage an actual movment’s growth . Now we are to supporting it without question? ….gee, what’s that remind me of?

    Once the Dem primary filing date is past, it will be interestring. Seems to me, OWS’s job (as seen by its bank account holders ), is to: take Left heat off Obie, while the Left extra mad at the polcie and fired to support Obama in 2012…as there will be no other choice besides whatever the GOP finally spits out …and so Jan 2013, we will have a GOP POTUS named Obama or the legacy Repug. Either way, The 1% wins .

  90. I would never dream of criticizing another blogger here. I wouldn’t want that done to me. I respect every blogger I respect, if that makes any sense to you. I read bloggers who don’t agree with me and that doesn’t mean i don’t care about them just because we disagree on a subject. I wouldn’t respect a blogger who just went along with the crowd anyways, and I’m sure most bloggers on my list feel the same way. I learn a lot from other bloggers. A lot.

    That being said, I never feel comfortable discussing them on this blog. It’s like talking about them behind their back and i don’t do that. So let’s move on with the fact that my opinion of OWS takes another path that others. We will all survive. We endure. It’s what we do.

    In fact the only time I ever ended a relationship with another blogger is when the blogger came here and violated the few rules, or as in the case of one blogger, came here and called everbody stupid, proceeded to tell everybody what to think while declaring herself a leader and a uniter, then proceeded to to a post declaring me stupid …in the title, yet….and targeting one of our members. That’s inecusable. Period.. Beyond those two issues, I respect what any blogger does in his or her own turf. It’s a hard lonely job being a reliable blogger. And it’s definitely not profitable. And it’s not always easy to stand alone on a subject, but it’s preferable to selling out your principles.

  91. upps, you are very wise.

  92. Unfortunately, Paper Doll, you are right. The 1% wins either way because they own both candidates, even with the other candidate not named yet.

  93. Michelina, you go to and log in using your login name and password. From there, you can change your icon. But I like that shot you have. Makes me want to grab your dog’s cheeks and do baby talk.

  94. Eh Paper Doll. And sometimes I’m an asshole too.

  95. “So let’s move on with the fact that my opinion of OWS takes another path that others. We will all survive. We endure. It’s what we do.”

    My grandmother used to say “If two people thought exactly alike, one of them would be un-necessary”

  96. LOL Anthony. My father also used to say that whenever two politicians agree with each other 100% of the time, hang onto your wallet.

  97. ROFLMAO! Picked this link up at Crawdads. Occupy Portland- dissension in the ranks- they have been incorporated- sort of kind of against the will of their consensus making general assembly.

  98. ” Free stuff, how much is that going to cost me?”

    I wish I could find this on youtube.

  99. Completely horizontal rule is mob rule. It’s a disaster. It opens itself up to personal needs only, and it results in inertia. Not only that but it is dangerous to minorities.

    If mob rule was the USA method, well……….just think about that one. Mob rule is what happened to Gadafi. Not that he didn’t deserve to die, but hey, anybody could be next when Mob Rules. Mob Rule is killing Copic Christians in Egypt.

    The other thing about Mob Rule is, sooner or later a leader emerges and leaders who are attractive to mobs generally take everyone straight to hell.

  100. “A point in every direction is no better than no point at all”

    —The Pointed Man

  101. Well you could have at least said I was 95% away from being the top 1 percent!!

    Aha! I see now where my fogged/pre-morning-coffee mind flubbed the meaning of what I meant — I was rushing to rescue you from any implication that you’re a plutocrat. What I meant was that you’re a 99%’er (which one of us isn’t??). I have corrected my prior comment to reflect what I meant (I can do that…I’m a mod.).

  102. If OWS survives the winter, I’m Cleopatra.

    Wait, wait…I thought you WERE Cleopatra (reincarnated).

    But, that’ll be a sight worth seeing…Cleo eating crow.

  103. In between I work the other side of the street.

    Nonsense! Needlenose would drive away any customers!

  104. Ok- I have a question. I keep seeing “living wage” in various blogs and comments around the sphere. Is there a definition of that term? Would it mean different amounts in different states to account for cost of living differences? If the living wage was higher on the coasts- would people flock to those areas to get the higher wages and share living space to save money to send back home?
    Who decides what constitutes a living wage? Enough for a modest apartment and basic sustenance or enough for a 250,000 home and all the modern conveniences?

  105. It’s pink crystal, Upps. Sheesh, get a better Google Sat. connection!

  106. Needlenose is a floozy, NES. SHe bats her eyes at the boy dogs. It’s truly nauseating. Now if she would only learn to charge a fee…

  107. Well, Anthony, as I recall, yelling and holding up signs did get this country out of ‘Nam sooner than TPTB wanted.

    In response to your question @ 12:36 pm, you’re only the referenced 90% if you want to be. The way I see it, anyone who laughs at the protesters because he/she has a job is incredibly shortsighted.

  108. The PUMAs can’t be split on Bam. What I fear is not that the PUMAs will vote for Obama, it’s that they’ll stay at home and minimize their impact against him.

  109. If it comes to that, utah, I promise only the most fine, organic crows for you.

  110. Now let me see if I can go catch those crows out in the orchard.

    Hold your horses, Mom. One commenter on a webpage does not a movement define. One must have patience and let this play out, as it will. The crows will be around long after we’re all dead and gone (or raptured).

  111. Interesting comment about Needlenose, Upps. It’s just a cover. She told me she’s really into grrrrls.

  112. Yeah she definitely goes both ways NES. She has the time, since all her needs are taken care of.

  113. It’s already played out, NES.

    This movement is a lot like elephant intercourse. A lot of hooting and howling and kicking up dirt and then nothing happens for two years.

    The movement goes nowhere unless Barack The Organizer needs it to.

  114. Hahahahaha, Upps. Love the implied view that bisexuals are those with a lot of time on their hands.

  115. NES holding up signs wasn’t the only thing they did. In fact, some people got killed. In addition, it gave us Richard Nixon because he was less scary than the protesters whose faces mortified everyone every night on TV. America was horrifed. Then they pulled the same shit in 72 and they gave us Nixon a second time. This is not the way to Americans’ hearts. So if that’s where this is headed, deaths aside, I would welcome it because it will get Obama run out of the white house on a rail.

    But at least back then, they didn’t ask people to send them tents. They REALLY were on their own. Until the “leaders” showed up of course. See my comment on horizontal leaders.

  116. Ok I’m looking at that bird right now. I’m zooming in and it says Made In China. So it’s china, right?

  117. Mom, I never knew exactly what a living wage meant, except maybe it means you can eat, heat your home and pay your rent. But at the rate the economy is going, that’s starting to sound like the American Dream. Seriously.

  118. Well NES, you definitely need more time to handle both.

    Truth is, 75% of the people around me are lesbians, so why not my dog.

  119. Ok I think I’ve figured me out. I don’t think I’m a 99%er. I think I’m a 50%er. You know, the people in the middle who are sick of getting screwed from both sides.

  120. we’ll watch them eat crow. 😆

  121. Anybody seen Pamela?

  122. Such good commentary going on here. I’ll just add a little something to the evil landlord thread….

    My mate and I rent because even though we have worked our entire lives oftentimes in jobs that were way below our skill level (Master’s degrees), we still can’t afford to buy a house. Mostly because of college debt and my own partial disability and exorbitant healthcare costs. Due to the advice I got from a free financial counselor, I paid down the debt for the healthcare and was advised that if needed I could file for bankruptcy in the future if I couldn’t pay my college loans. This was before both Bankruptcy Reform Acts, proposed by Biden, were enacted excluding college debt from being wiped clean. … Be that what it may, we currently rent from self-avowed Communists. No kidding! They are not the worse landlords we’ve had, nor the best. Fairly mediocre with response to problems; they didn’t respond to flooding in our area last summer.

    But, my point is … All I can say is that they still want the rent paid, raised all our expenses and rent citing the economy as the reason, and deny us access to park in the garage because they want to rent it out to college students to make, guess what, more money!

  123. Occupy SF in pictures.
    Much lollery to be seen.

  124. What %’er am I? I want to live out of a camper, work enough for beer, food, and gas. Pay for my own medical insurance, and just be able to drop a duece in the woods without being taxed on it! I will even buy my own shovel to dig the hole to bury myself when the time comes.
    I really don’t understand the folks who think they are owed services, money, or medical from the government, or those they deem as “rich”.

  125. oh good lord. this is exactly what I have been talking about, they get us all snarling at each other and then they snatch what is left in all our pockets while they get richer. they being the 1 percent.

    I am assuming NO ONE here is in that category. Utah, those kids don’t want what paltry sums of cash you or I or Uppity have in our pockets. They don’t want free stuff, not most of them. They are protesting FOR YOUR BENEFIT as much as theirs. If you are not part of the 1 percent, they are not after you, the protesters are with you and you are with them whether you want to see it or not.
    Uppity, they are not after your capital gains. They don’t think the thousands you make from capital gains is obscene or needs to be taxed. They think the tens of millions that someone in the 1 percent makes, some one who in most cases didn’t work a single day for that money, should be taxed.
    We are in a period unlike any before in this nation except at around the turn of the last century. The top 1 percent’s income has risen dramatically while the middle class and lower class is dropping and the money we have buys less and less every year.
    Of course everyone realizes that the pictures above are jokes, people mocking OWS. And of course there are dorks there. The commie party jerks always show up as do the anarchist punks. But at the base of it all, there is a need for change and at least some people are trying to figure out how to do that.
    And attacking section 8 renters is pathetic. If someone rents to section 8 they do it for a reason. They do it because they want that regular check from the government. So how exactly are they different from the people they are renting to in that aspect? If they got burned that is too bad, really. I have no patience for drugs or dealers. But the only dealer I know personally (well he doesn’t deal anymore…) is a guy who is the son of rich textile industry millionaires. Now he is a rich textile millionaire who never worked hard a day in his life. I do not begrudge him that money. What good would life be, going around being j over the good fortune of others? But he hardly worked hard for it.
    When did you all turn in to Archie Bunker? Did you all walk ten miles to school in the snow up hill both ways?
    Uppity, Pmm (sis) Utah, all of those “freeloaders” put together, if they are taking, collectively, .2 cents of every dollar you pay in taxes, then the people they are protesting against are taking 10. cents.

    I don’t know, call me crazy, but I went to the ows face book page and told them to go protest Obama their corporately owned president. I asked them why he was off limits. It seemed more productive than just continuing to knock them.

    This not the world we grew up in. The is not the booming economy that characterized our parents and our young adulthood. Maybe, just maybe the intentions of OWS is are good and they just have not figured out yet that our real problem in this country is socialism for corporations and fascism for the rest of us. Or maybe it is a giant astro-turf operation for Obama. If so we will find out soon enough. In the mean time can’t we all just get along?

    Oh Nooooooo, there is something resembling oobleck falling from the sky but instead of being green it is white. This is North Eastern Pa. we are NOT supposed to be getting the S word, otherwise known as white oobleck this early in the season.

  126. I don’t have an issue with making everybody play by the same rules when it comes to owning a business. I have a problem wihen the federal government plays favorites, or when the federal government competes in the market.
    I love to see people who have created a product or service and have millions or billions in the bank. I don’t like it when they are forced to share their wealth. It is immoral for the government to take the fruits of another person’s labor.
    I think too many people do not realize we are guaranteed anything in this country other than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not free medical, food, housing, employment, college education, and some others that I don’t care to list.

  127. Whaaaaaa? Everyone knows that Shirley McClain is Cleopatra.

  128. Aww c’mon, votermom. Pajamas Media?!!? We’ve seen how they roll — they’re enforcers of right-cliffer views. Of course it’s possible to make fun of some zany people and some zany signs in a large group. That doesn’t define the group. I’ve visited Occupy SF, and they’re perfectly harmless, non-offensive and non-violent.

    Ask yourself why the right-wing media is so threatened by them that they go after them day-in-and-day-out. I believe they’re threatened by their message, badly articulated and garbled though it is. If their views meet with general approval, then everyone in elective office and in high-finance is in deep doo doo.

  129. teresa- I am keeping a very close eye on the OWS facebook pages- and like you have asked why they are not protesting Obama- king of Wall St campaign contributions. Same old answers- the R’s are obstructing him. Point out the D’s had house and Senate and could not get anything done- get accused of being a glenn beck plant.
    IMO this movement is dangerous precisely because they purport not to have any leaders or any agenda. Ripe for the picking they are.
    When I see “Kill the Pigs” on multiple OWS facebook pages I get very very nervous. That certainly does NOT represent me or anything I believe in.
    Whatever good intentions they may have had? Those are being drowned out by the sleazy set of old anarchists and rabble rousers.

  130. When did you all turn in to Archie Bunker?

    Ahhh, Teresa, always the bomb-thrower. You know nothing could be further from the truth about UW or the commenters here. Like you, I’m an OWS supporter, but I don’t get the point of insulting those who aren’t. If anything, they currently have the weight of evidence, history, and logic behind them — currently, OWS is undirected, inarticulate, and vulnerable to being co-opted. By contrast, you, I and others of like-mind have only optimism, hope and a prayer to go on. So, some humility in spouting off may be in order. (Besides, if we’re right, UW will let us gloat right here on her blog…some commenters who disagree with our position have even agreed to eat crow, possibly baked into a pie by PMM; Hill Billy will provide beer, banjo ‘music’, and a few howling stray dogs.)

  131. NES…don’t call my hounds strays! They are easily offended. 🙂

  132. Teresa, when someone talks about raising taxes on capital gains, then they ARE talking about EVERYONE’s capital gains. So cut the crap before I lob one back at you like you just did. Because every once in awhile you DO require recycling.

    As for the “kids” they most certainly want every dime they can squeeze out of anybody, regardless of which “percent” they are in. They have proven it long ago, since they have bled their parents dry, even unto the fact they are pushing 30. Lord knows I have enough friends who will attest.. And after having done that, including spent down their parents retirement money these are the same Sweet little children who want to next take their parents’ social security away from them. That’s how innocent and loving they are. Go forth,oh judmental Teresa and find me one without the latest bright and shiny object and then let me know how sorry I should feel for them.

  133. Fembots, your landlords, like other marxists named Bill Ayers and Michael Moore, are communists when it comes to the camera and capitalists when it comes to their own wallets. Communism for you, comrade, but capitalism when it comes to them. Hope this clears things up.

  134. Yes votermon, we boycott thos POS’s over at pajamas media and here is why

    In short, they are the reason I despise the hijacked republican party. I wouldn’t spit on pajamas media if they were on fire.

  135. Just caught this on the news and thought I would share. (I have been wearing Wrangler’s for years- men’s- as they are the only jeans that fit me lol )

  136. WOW i just popped on the weather channel- and it is for real snowing in NH- looks like a pretty good storm for NE/NY. That’s a first- NE and NY getting snow before us. Not that I am complaining mind.

  137. OK Hilly Billy. Nice doggies.

  138. The pic with the clown made me laugh. Didn’t know you had a ban on them.

  139. Teresa you know me not but let me make it crystal clear. OWS does not and I repeat does not represent me in any way shape or form. Maybe when they can come up with something worth supporting I will say they do but as of now they seem to be my enemy.
    No one is this country should expect anything free. I am sorry but it is ridiculous to feel that your college , health care, and what ever else should be free. Free to you at a cost to whom ? Nothing is free.
    $20 an hour for doing nothing ??
    Hey if they mean what they are protesting bring a sack lunch, quit asking for handouts and then quit bitching about who helps them eat the handed out food lol.

  140. Hillbilly I have it on good authority that crow does not go well with beer.
    That authority ? ME ! I hate beer ! Can we have some nice assorted wines ?

  141. OWS wants to take down the greedy corporations all the while using their I phones to text lap tops to post on facebook and so on and so on. Listen to impress me and make me see them for real put down the toys and high end stuff these corporations sell.

  142. “Hillbilly I have it on good authority that crow does not go well with beer.”

    Excellent with a little tequila or a shot of jack, though. Tastes like chicken…

  143. Yeah well I was scheduled to have $4000 in fencing installed today at a house I rent (God I am such a horrid landlady), and it was pouring this morning and nobody showed up. In the meantime, the fence is on my charge card for heading towards two months. So I read a riot act, since the weather was realllllllly nice when I ordered the fence. So I got a nice discount credited. Meanwhile, i have NO idea how anybody can pour concrete around here without ended up with mud soup. It’s disgusting.

  144. Mom, how can you wear men’s jeans. Men have no asses!

  145. LOL Utah and they use paypal, keep their money in a bank and accept donations from charge cards.

  146. I’m with Utah. Beer. Bleck.

    It’s okay with corned beef or after mowing the lawn, and that’s the limit.

  147. My god….. All this ruckus…

    NES – I was part of the 60’s protests.

    I was born in 1952 and was also #12 in the draft lottery, so believe me – I’m quite aware of the difference between those protest movements and this one. Trust me – this one (OWS) just screams of contrivance.

    TERESA – they’re not protesting on my behalf. ANd if they tell you they are, please let them know that I said “Thanks, but no thanks”.

    Nobody here “turned into a bunch of Archie Bunkers”. Speaking for myself, I simply feel differently than you do about OWS. Doesn’t mean that one of us is right and the other wrong – only means that we have different opinions.

    I will say, though, that those who are skeptical of OWS sure do seem to be in a lot better humor…

  148. NES I will have you know that your hillbilly keeps his hounds under and enclosed porch. They have the life!

    …….while I had to feel guilty telling my dog to get the hell off my spot on the couch so I could use the laptop…. so who is stupid, John or me?

  149. Everyone knows that Shirley McClain is Cleopatra.

    Shirley McClaine channels beings from other planets. What more can I say?

  150. I will say, though, that those who are skeptical of OWS sure do seem to be in a lot better humor…

    Kind of reminds me of 2008, Anthony.

    I always find it frightening when I see people who where shocked when they saw others get conned…get conned themselves–and react the same way. Worse yet, by the same con men.

    Obiously, Anthony, you are part of the 1%. Like me. Let’s do lunch!

  151. The great thing about Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ was that he was an equal opportunity offender. Archie might have been the boneheaded bigot foil most of the time, but he didn’t make Meat-head Mike Stivic a sterling example, either. I’ve grown to appreciate that series more as I’ve gotten older. Lear really was poking fun–at both sides.

    Call me Archie Bunker if you wish. But do not include me in the supposed ‘99%’ either. They don’t speak for me any more than the Tea Party did.

    I guess I’m one of the ‘50%ers’ too. Well said, Uppity.

  152. There are a lot of Mike Stivics now. Except they have better haircuts. Paid for by their parents.

  153. “The Conservative Hill Billy, on October 27, 2011 at 12:30 PM said: Edit Comment

    Where did they get the money to make their signs”

    HillBill – I forgot to mention last night that the 20-year-old did tell me she traveled a lot this summer. First place was some music Green festival in Michigan – then – she told me she spent a month in an…in a….are you sitting?….in an “Anarchist Artists Community in Maine” (HER WORDS) where they did “really cool things” like paint political signs and give them away to groups for free” She was an “apprentice.” I asked her if that is what they called themselves or if it were a name she called them by. According to her, that is what they called themselves.

    Maybe OFA sponsors them too. Art supplies ARE NOT CHEAP.

    OK – off to bed.

  154. FF, another member of te 1%. She wishes too.

  155. o/t
    I refuse to look at the bright side of white oobleck. I have daffodil bulbs to plant and another hydrangea to get in the ground, mulch to spread…..grrrrrr. It’s below freezing, there go my morning glories. It is not even winter yet! I OBJECT.

  156. Oh sure sure. Light a match. Throw it at some gasoline, and then go plant flowers.

  157. Uppity Woman, on October 27, 2011 at 10:23 PM said:

    Oh sure sure. Light a match. Throw it at some gasoline, and then go plant flowers.

    Dying laughing here. At least I have learned from past mistakes not to drink while reading your comments. rofffffff

  158. Utah, if whatever you are drinking didn’t come out of your nose, I have lost my touch.

  159. OWS – so, they’re still around?

    I am also highly suspicious now.

    Is it just me, or can anyone hear the re-branding of Obama’s reelection campaign – from “the Messiah” (Yes He Can – Save Us From The Evil Oppressors!) to “Robin Hood” (Yes He Will – Save Us From The Evil Oppressors!)?

    Pleeeeze. Here we go again, me is beginning to think.

  160. From Kool-Aide to Meals on Wheels – Obama is Great!

  161. What President served up middle-class Americans as Fried Butter on a Stick to Congressional Fat Cats selling their votes to corporate power-mongers?


  162. Kind of reminds me of 2008, Anthony.

    Upps, it’s more like you and all other OWS critics here are just plain ol’ conservative cranks. Being, at most times, a conservative crank myself, I don’t mean that as an insult. Love you all — true statement.
    Having said that I will pout if there’s any implication that I’m like an OBot. “That I don’t forgive,” in the words of Don Corleone. So, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that and you pretend you didn’t say it.

  163. Uppity you have not lost your touch I have just learned better lmao. I do not think a margarita would be best served through the nostrils.

  164. Is your bathroom growing OFAs? I think you’re all getting a wee bit paranoid.

  165. Is your bathroom growing Obamas? He’s a doofus. No, wait, he’s a master-12th-dimension-chess-player. No, but wait…I thought he was out-of-touch, clueless.
    He’s not behind everything, guys. He’s just behind every bad golf game.

  166. “That I don’t forgive,” in the words of Don Corleone. So, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that and you pretend you didn’t say it.

    Then you’ll just have to “Leave the gun and take the cannoli”.

  167. Hahahaha!

  168. Time for some comfort food. How about a slice of PIE!

    New post….

  169. I see Egypt is planning a pro Occupy rally. They ought to know about Occupy. I suppose they will hold their protests in between beating the crap out of Coptic Christians. Women might be allowed if they know their place. Besides, a good gang bang might be in order.

  170. AP Poll. Over a third of Americans support OWS. That must be like 99% right?
    Incidentally, Huffblow has an ongoing update blog on protests at various locations on this page, scroll down.

  171. imust, I just had some pumpkin pie. My neighbor made it. I love pumpkin pie, just so long as 1) it’s real pumpkin and 2) you aren’t flashing a caramel apple walnut pie in my face.

  172. He’s just behind every bad golf game.

    That’s because he’s very comfortable on astroturf.

  173. It’s freaking cold here. Damned Global Warming.

  174. Mom, how can you wear men’s jeans. Men have no asses!

    No hips either. My Mom and sisters used to make fun of me back when I was a size 3. They were all very well endowed. I was wearing men’s jeans then, wore them when the sisters were all wearing mumus and sweat pants and wear them still.
    Women’s jeans? On me- if they fit the waist the legs are up around my knees- if they fit the legs I need to staple them to my navel to hold them up as the waist is miles too big. Plus they cost twice what a pair of men’s jeans cost.
    Wrangler’s. Men’s. Straight leg or boot cut.

  175. Mom – I wear men’s jeans too. The waist on women’s jeans is MUCH too high. I feel as if I am zipping them up around my tatas.

  176. FF! LOL Yup- and I am not that well endowed so hiking them up to that level won’t hold them up!

  177. Geeze maybe you guys are picking out the wrong women’s jeans. They come in several different waist heights.And body types.

    I am mostly legs and waist so maybe that’s the deal. Hop onto this stretcher and I’ll fix it for you. Won’t hurt a bit. lol.

  178. Look at it this way Mom. At least you don’t get hurt when you run.

  179. LOL Uppity- nope tried just about every known brand of jeans out there. Women’s jeans are for those who are built in the classic women’s shape.
    I used to think I got robbed. Sisters teased me about being behind the barn door when the curvy bits were given out. HAH! Their curvy parts turned out to be fat magnets! LOL

  180. I’m gonna find jeans for you dammit.

  181. Conservative Virginia candidate admits to lesbian affair with student.
    Another protests too loudly, methinks.

    But alas! She’s cured! Praise God! She’s an “Ex Gay”!

    Linda Wall, a conservative independent Virginia candidate for the House of Delegates, admitted on Wednesday that she had an affair with a female student as a junior high gym teacher in the early 1970s, but said she has changed.

  182. Oklahoma judge who used a penis pump in court won’t be getting his pension. Golly.

  183. No worries on the jeans Uppity- I’ll keep the Wrangler’s at 20 bucks a pair- and they last forever! I bought a pair in 06 that is just now getting to the point where they can only be around the house and in the garden jeans. Probably five more years left in them.

  184. Can’t say I didn’t try!

    And check your mail.

  185. Oh those videos. Damn. Hugs Uppity. What a mess.

  186. Cats and dogs rule the world – humans are just too puffed up by hubris to recognize their true overlords. (okay, live with Zeke and Milly for a week and I challenge you to refute my statement!) P.S. when Zeke did that with me it was not a massage – it was a message – “I’m hungry, feed me, I know you have liver in the fridge so get it out chop it up and put it in my bowl”. There was never an altruistic intention with Zeke’s “massages”. They were messages and depending on the intensitiy of the paws it could be “Feed me” or “Clean the litter box NOW”, or “I’m out of fresh water” or “Let me out the back” or at night “I want a massage, NOW”. OMG, I’m speaking cat.

  187. Darn, wrong thread!

  188. Now look. I want an Ipod. I want a flat screen TV. I want a video camera and a 4G phone. Just cuz I worked during the day and went to school at night you owe me dammit! I chose to do that but it’s your fault!

    Forget about the two jobs I worked to feed my family. I want money and sympathy. I woulda camped out but work got in the way.

    Some of us had no parents, no real home and managed to remain employed.

    Where’s my food stamps? Oh yeah I’m too rich for those. I’m a regular Bill Gates.

    I woulda served my country but… Oh wait. I did. Veteran here.

    So… The government By The People, for The People, and of the People bears no responsibility for this mess. Guess they should all go home. After all, there’s nothing they can do.

    WE are askin’ what the heck is goin’ on. But THEY ain’t tellin’..

  189. candymarl. Stop whining and give me your stuff.

  190. Dear UW,

    I would give you my stuff but…
    Due to my sense of entitlement I want your stuff. I also want the stuff of all of your posters and those that write articles at your website.

    Then we will all be equal. Or not.
    Wait, I’ll go out and come back in.

  191. candymarl- be careful what you wish for- if you want my stuff it includes the 120 inches of snow we are likely to get and the incessant rain we have had since last March.

  192. Nobody has ever wanted my stuff before – should I feel obligated to give them stuff that they don’t want, or should I try to patiently explain why they don’t want my stuff? It’s rather vexing – most of my stuff is over 100 years old with the exception of the fridge, stove, and washer/dryer – they are only 14 years old. I don’t have televisions, and only one computer which is over 10 years old. My car is a 96 Breeze so that’s over 15 years old. Who would want my stuff? I do have a rather newish fake xmas tree – it’s only 26 years old. Anyone want a fake tree?

  193. Okay Candy. Be that way. You can have my stuff. But then I want NES’s stuff. She can go get her new stuff someplace else.

    In theory, if we kept things going, we could all end up with our own stuff back.

  194. We can all trade stuff. Or we could trade our stuff to ourselves. What a novel idea!

    Then we all have stuff – old cars and Christmas trees HT. HT you have old stuff I don’t have. Therefore it is mine in equality world.

    Dear PMM, I deserve your snow so I can use it to show how all snow is equal. See how easy?

    I must take my medication now as I believe the voices in my head want my stuff. Really. Trust me.

  195. So HT, I take it that your furniture is actually made of real wood instead if Ikea disposible pressed board. How novel.

  196. Ever seen those ikea ads with the beatiful looking kitchens that saved them money? Every time I see that I think, sweet jebus, that shit is going to turn to sawdust in ten years. But then the kind of people who buy that shit don’t stay anywhere for ten years, so the crap in the house will be passed on to the next fool.

  197. candy, if you want my stuff it’s yours – but you have to pay for shipping, cause I’m just a lil ole lady on pension :(sniff, sniff, get the kleenex now). BTW while I decry the voices in your head, I’m just so glad they’re going after you this week and giving me a break.

  198. Dear HT,

    The voices told me about your situation. Therefore, I must defy the voices and allow you to keep said items.

    Free Ipods and financial donations are still on the table. Food is on the table too that I “borrowed” from neighbors as eating must also be equal. What? They want food? Good grief.

  199. Dear Candy, NOOOO, take my stuff please. Darn some of it might be quite valuable….maybe, perhaps, could happen. all that aside, I don’t have Ipods, the only cell phone here is my son’s and I wouldn’t know how to operate one if it was given to me, which is rather amusing as I was one of those minnions that were instrumental in introducing cellular technology into the world. I would not have a cell phone if you paid me – and most of the folks that worked on the tech wouldn’t either. Makes one wonder, eh?

  200. Just thought you all should know – Barbara Walters who reportedly has a net worth of over $150 Million is doing a “Special 20/20” on OWS.

    Funny, that.

  201. Weelll HT I’ll take it all as you insist.

    I must disclose it will be donated to the Center for Those That You Owe a Living.

  202. FF Barbara Walters is not one of the eeevviiill rich.

    Those worth millions or billions that support OWS are exempt. Many of them are a part of Wall Street.

    Remember when Oprah Winfrey appeared at Wall Street to celebrate her billionaire status? That doesn’t count because Oprah makes sure she’s seen on TV giving people things.

    Yet her largess has not caused the jobless rate, particularly among black folks, to decline.

    Bread and Circuses continue unabated.

  203. Candy – re Oprah – brilliant observation. Oprah is for Oprah. all those giveaways were donations from companies who wanted name recognition and they got it in spades. Funny how it was never reported that the revenue tax guys (IRS) were waiting in the wings. I hated Queen for a Day back in the ancient times for demeaning women. Times haven’t changed.

  204. Cell phones are a pain in the ass. Everybody is always calling about bullshit that could wait. You can’t shop. You can’t have lunch. You can’t even take a shower without that g’damned ringtone going off. A good day is a day when you forget to bring your cell phone along.

  205. UW,
    Amen sister about cell phones. I agree w/o humor or sarcasm. Preach.

  206. Yes Candymarl. I am sick of cell phones. I forget to take it along more and more. On purpose. I just can’t stand this any longer. seriously. I mean text text text. Everybody is hunched over all the time for chrissakes. And 90% of the conversations are simply useless banter. It’s okay for business, if you don’t mind working 24/7. Cell phones have sucked the personality and life out of everyone.

  207. Hilarious post Uppity! Dang I missed all the fun.

  208. Cell phones have sucked the personality and life out of everyone.

    It’s going to get worse as the children grow up.
    52 percent of kids under age 8 have access to mobile media

  209. @ Utah:

    To be poor is one thing but to be poor by choice is another.

    WHAT? Are you serious? Did this nonsense actually start as a thought in your brain?

    “Poor by choice?”

    Now I’ve heard everything!

    It’s one thing to ridicule people for having the misfortune of being “poor” but to suggest that they choose that as a lifestyle is despicable!

    As for Section 8….Yes the Government has regulations on how and what repairs one has to make to the property that one rents to the needy. Why? Because of the damn SLUM lords and their ilk out there that prey on these folks and their need for housing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you actually think that if these rules and regulations were not in effect that a “GOD FEARING, Responsible SLUM landlord would make the necessary repairs or keep the property up to snuff on his/her own? HELL NO!

    Obviously you have NEVER lived in what is considered a “Ghetto” and from your comment you’ve NEVER had the Misfortune of being needy and having to rent one of these shit holes! If you had, that crap would have never come out of your mouth!

    It’s a sad day in this country when we attack those in need, ridicule those seeking justice and all the while claim to be people of faith!

    No wonder we are so screwed up in this country!

  210. BTW…There are people out there that have some horrible stories to tell about their experiences renting to Section 8 folk. I know, I’m one of them. It seems Uppity is one also. I am in no way suggesting that EVERYONE of the Section 8’ers are responsible..far from it but not all are some hideous folk that deserve our scorn!

    Anyway… we’ve become so desensitized to the suffering of our own that we now ridicule those in need.

    If there ever was a GOD ( and I am not one to believe in fairy tales )…may He/She have mercy on us all!


    Ridiculous. Who needs to text right at the moment that you are supposed to walk down the aisle. Cellphones are sucking up souls.

  212. Dragon honey, I think Utah was painting a broad brush in what she meant. She meant it’s one thing to be poor and another to be, well…lazy. Case in point, I once paid a gas and electric bill for a family, only to find their beer cans piled up at the road on trash night. when I drove by to ensure their lights were on. Too lazy to bring them in and get a nickel apiece for them. Mother, father and two adult children, all drinking up their heat money. I DO know people who just do not WANT to work and actually find living this way preferable to having any ambition. I don’t know how or why that happens, but it does. And it ruins things for the poor who honestly just want a leg up just like slum lords ruin it for good landlords.

    While not glad, I am relieved you know what I mean about section 8. Yes there have to be regulations, but where does an honest landlord who isn’t a slum lord go for relief when beasts do to their home what was done to mine? Answer: Nowhere. It almost begs the belief that you can understand why people BECOME slum lords. It reaches a point where they just let the place go because the cost to fix the mess is just too much. Honestly and truly, I would have gladly lived in the apartment I rented to those pigs. But not when they were done with it. I bit the bullet and all is well now. But I think it’s easy to see why I would never take that chance again. A property owner in NY has very few ways to find out what is about to rent from them. that’s why I use credit checks. I have few other options without getting my ass in twrouble. So there is no way to distinguish if a person has fallen on hard time because of, say, illness, or the person is just burning everybody and doesn’t give a shit. I wish there were another way, but I don’t see it.

    Anyways, don’t be too hard on Utah. I know her from another time and place and I do know she was at one point in her life, very very poor. And Utah, don’t be hard on Dragon back. Because I also know him to be one of the few guys out there who would kill to protect one of us and the downtrodden.

    Hope I made this better instead of worse. lol.

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