The Pause. I mean Paws.


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  1. LOL I need one of those! Kozmoe will get up behind me and do the massage thing while I am reading or typing.

  2. My soulcat (RIP age 21) couldn’t wait for me to lie on my stomach so he could get on my back and knead it. He would make me giggle because he would put his paws on my shoulders and rumble in my ear. he would do it for hours if I let him.

    I also gave him massages and all I had to do from anywhere in the house was yell Masssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaageeeeee! And he would come running and yelling the whole time.

  3. Good morning all. Freezing my backside off out here. It is a damn good thing these goons changed it to climate change or I would be marching on their steps !
    Anyway I am going to get my house work done early and after the ice thaws take the crew out for a walk in the hills to romp in the leaves.
    If you do not hear from me I became some hungry bears lunch or am frozen to the ground somewhere lol.

  4. Hahah Utah. Not me! I’m running some errands that can’t be put off and then I’m scurrying right back to my warm house. Then i will make a pot of beef stew, gorge myself and be glad I’m not hiking someplace where my ass could stick to the ice. As for the bears…well you already know how well bears and I work together. lol.

  5. Beef Stew! YUMMY! I am thinking a big ole pot of chili would be nice today. Something long and slow cooking for sure.

  6. I might even put dumplings atop it.

  7. Atleast those kitties are not into objects.

    Disturbing tortoise play.

  8. Dumplings- nope- not my favorite. Husband likes them. I like biscuits. Slathered with butter, melting and dripping – ….. But cornbread to go with chili.

  9. I made ham and beans with cornbread and onion.YUM!! 🙂

  10. ooooooooooo that sounds good Foxy.

  11. OMG McN. that’s hilarious!

  12. Killer Tortoise!

  13. MOM, ALL men love dumplings.

  14. Maybe one of you cornbread experts can give me a good recipe for cornbread that isn’t dry as sawdust in a couple of hours.

  15. LOL on the cornbread sawdust Uppity. I only make enough to eat right away- even restaurants make it as needed for exactly that reason. Hushpuppies too- nasty little balls of fried lead.
    Dumplings just do nothing for me. Not sure why men love them- but you’re right- they do.

  16. I saw that blurb, PMM, and thought, “Busted!”

    When Barky claimed he was going to be all virutous about lobbyists, I immediately thought oh hell no, you’re from Chicago – money’s coming from somewhere. Dumbass.

  17. Oh he’s such a disgusting liar. Half his bundlers are lobbyists. Oh wait, I think I have a post I did. I know I did a post on all the lobbyists he took money from in 2008. And here’s another huge list of ‘bundlers”.

    And remember when this con man said McCain was “fighting for Joe Hedge Fund” with that snide snicker, only to find out they were giving HIM money?

    I honestly do not know how anybody can stand him or herself for pretending every day that this guy isn’t what he is.

  18. Mom I confess I love dumplings too! I must have an overdose of testosterone!

    I like cornbread with corn in it. But man, that stuff is a rock left over. Seems like a waste.

  19. Other things All Men love, unless they are nervous, skinny vegans. Even then, they cheat when nobody is looking: Mashed potatoes. Meatloaf. Steak. Chicken Fried Anything. BBQ ribs. Pork chops.

  20. Now see, how can you not notice this stupid shit and take OWS seriously?

    Gawd. I swear, Wall Street must have hiccups from laughing at this nonsense. Business as usual in the face of the scary paper airplanes!

    Thousands of letters that were submitted to will be folded into paper airplanes, and at some of the banks, protesters will execute a “mass paper airplane throwing event,” after which the planes will be collected in a large mailbag and left in the lobbies of the banks.


    Not a chance of crow on my plate. Ever.

    As someone who was very active in past protests, this is a f*cking joke.

    BTW – The Congressional Progressive Caucus supports OWS. Now tell me Obama’s hands aren’t all over it….

  22. Paper airplanes? Seriously? Practice maybe? This gets more ridiculous by the minute.
    Anthony- not surprised that the “progressive” caucus is backing them. The more equal of the equal animals.

  23. Found this at Verum Serum. Never heard of that site before. Anyone know anything about it?

    Iraq War Veteran Injured at OWS Oakland Founder of

  24. Chit this stuff is getting super hilarious . Are these folks really serious that they represent 99% rofffffff. Cripes I stopped sending notes via paper airplanes when my first grade teacher caught me roffffff.
    And I am an Archie Bunker ? lmao. I am dying here.
    I will not be holding my breath that these folks make a difference.
    Corporate greed ? Yes they are scaring them for sure. Corporate CEO’s are sensing a great holiday season judging on these mobs.

  25. I could never get my paper airplanes to fly right. Operator error maybe.

    Saw this in the paper. Who says he’s raking in the dough? Times are tight, people don’t want to waste money.

  26. The grey Kitteh in the video looks like my new Kitteh “Kat.”

    I am home working on drawings and just was watching Kat lying on her back in the window sill – playing with the sea oats outside the window. It was SO cute – until I realized there is a SCREEN between her and the sea oats. Or rather…there was. Well…it’s still there – except for the Kitteh-sized Paw holes….


  27. great header F.F. 🙂

  28. as to the dry the time I get done with the ham and beans it,s all gone. 😆

  29. FF! Excellent header! What a gift you are to us!

  30. Wow!! that’s a good header. Very friggin fitting, with the holiday and all.

  31. UW, I am in danger of losing my bailing wire tough guy badge over a video I posted, thanks to you!

  32. Friggin’ awesome friggin’ header!

  33. John, you must stop this senstitivity crap. As a recovery, should someone catch you in this act, turn one of the dawgs under the porch on him immediately until he forgets.

  34. What’s in your wallet?

    It’s just like the big banks. Get you hooked, then they stick it to ya.

  35. lmao who even needs one these days after everyone is finished fishing in it lol

    good read though

  36. Some guy named “Beer” just called me and asked me if I was two-time’n with some ferry duster named ” Wine-Spritzer”!

  37. So I posted this guy’s radio spot. Enjoy.

  38. I had to look. Wells Fargo, my bank is testing a 3 dollar fee in 5 states. Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. I might have to go back to using cash when the fee comes to Va.

  39. viven2u: Cash? What the heck is that? Businesses still accept that stuff? LOL!

  40. Things don’t move as fast in Virginia. I’m still finding it hard to believe there are hill billys in California.

  41. Yup, there are plenty of us here! Hillbilly is more than just a name, it is a way of life:)

  42. I have been with a local bank for decades. I have never had a single charge of any kind against my checking or any other account. Can’t say the same for the big banks. They do not have branches, they are a brick and mortar bank with one building. They offer the highest interest in checking and money markets in three counties. So, my only problem was always the one branch and whether or not I want to drive there. So instead, I have an account with HSBC just so I can cash my real bank’s checks to myself at one of their branches. They charge me 3 bucks a month just to have a checking account with them. I pay it for the convenience of the drive in. But I don’t keep any more money in their account than I need to cover my checks for cash. I had money with this bank about a decade ago and got sick of them feeing me to death so I yanked my money away from them.Their branch workers are awesome people and if it were based on them I would have money there. But they have no say over what china wants to do to customers, so they lost customers like me long ago. because they lost customers, instead of changing their habits of nickle and diming people, they just added MORE fees and lost MORE customers. So now they get a couple of hundred dollars in a practically dormant checking account. Every 18 months or so they send me a letter saying my account will go dormant if I don’t have activity. So for spite, I withdraw ten bucks. This has been going on for years. They just don’t get it. However, they make plenty of money feeing people who don’t have a lot and then they sleep at night with no problem.

    The truth is, local banks and credit unions will always treat you better, cut fees and give you better interest AND service. Period.

  43. Yes John, I know it’s a way of life. I just think of West Virginia, Kentucky, and the hills of Tennessee when I think of hill billys. Not Cali. Maybe I should get out more.

    Upps, I’ve heard you speak of the local bank thing. I’ve been with this bank through three buy outs. Oh wait, maybe four. Everytime I turn around it’s got a new name. I try to keep enough money in there to not get fee’d to death. That’s not easy.

  44. It looks like winter is coming to Zuccotti Park. Snow this weekend. Brrr. With all that money they have in the bank, they can get a room at the Ritz.

    City fire and police officials on Friday confiscated gas tanks and a half dozen generators being used for electricity in the makeshift kitchen and for media equipment. Mayor Michael Bloomberg had declared them a safety hazard. Organizers were baffled because they said fire marshals had inspected the park the day before and hadn’t mentioned any violations.

    “It’s strange that this happens on the first really cold morning,” said Bill Dobbs, a volunteer with the press operation. But rather than prompt calls for further rebellion – plans already were under way Friday for an action targeting Midtown banks – organizers said they would ask for the generators back. Several protesters said cooperating with the city at this point in the season seemed important.

  45. Dammit! It still is like the 1st of June out here. That means the Flea Baggers are heading my way.

  46. LOL John. Would’t it be just like those trust fund babies to go protest someplace warm in winter?

  47. Vivien, it IS cold in NY. They are using gas tanks and they can’t understand why that’s a violation? Are they in a tent? The fire marshals reported to the mayor as I am sure they were instructed to do. It happened on a really cold morning not because it’s “strange” but because gas tanks weren’t there are really warm mornings.

    Further rebellion will be Bigger paper airplanes?

    Several protesters said cooperating with the city at this point in the season seemed important.

    The adults in the room.

  48. They’re talking about occupying Miami for the winter. Just like the birds. Fly south.

  49. Sign me up for Occupy DisneyWorld.

  50. Sign me up for Occupy DisneyWorld.

    Hahahahahahahahh. I always wanted to go to Disneyworld. Sign me up too.

  51. Do they have an occupy Aruba yet?????

  52. I’ll go for the disneyworld one if they Occupy Epcot.

  53. Really, Miami?
    Will they fly there on a paper plane?

  54. Miami would not be a good place. I think things could get violent there. Just my observation.

  55. Love the header Freedom Fairy!

  56. Sign me up for OGC: Golden Colorado!

  57. Sign me for OGC Golden Colorado!

  58. Sign me up for OGC: Golden Colorado!

    I read this as “Golden Corral”

    Guess the Hillbilly occupiers would all go for that.

    And thanks to everyone for the nice words on the header.

    Lorac – honey – I haven’t left you. I’m actually WORKING.




  60. My cat tries to massage me with his claws. His heart is in the right place. Ouch. He does stop when I tell him it hurts mommy.

  61. NES: Having said that I will pout if there’s any implication that I’m like an OBot. “That I don’t forgive,” in the words of Don Corleone. So, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that and you pretend you didn’t say it.

    Awww… I bet NES is so cute when she pouts. Let’s make her pout somehow! lol

  62. FF – I know you’re working, dear. You’re always working. Work, work, work. No time for all the fans in your life! 🙂 But thanks for the shout-out!

  63. Yes lorac, NES is a lovely pouter.

  64. Lorac, FF told me she knows how to do great things with paint.

  65. lol maybe she’s alluding to the film, “Better than Chocolate”…. hehehe

  66. Jesu Christe! Looks like there were a LOT of reasoons to hate Queen For A Day. Circus day for The Queen! And her seven kids! Amd pregnant! A right wing dream!

  67. They gave her a cat! Jesus! That poor cat! Seven kids! PETA!!! PETA!!!

  68. Here’s the new queen getting picked from 4 humliated wives. But first. The wardrobe!

  69. You guys have GOT to watch the part 2 to understand the humliiation women had to incur in the 50s. And there are those who long for those good old days, mostly men.

  70. We’re talking body paint here, lorac’ers. Sign up soon — FF gets over-booked in seconds. Mom and utah have already signed up.

  71. Sheesh, what a sexist show that was!

  72. Upp, for moist cornbread, try putting 1/2 cup of sour cream in it.

  73. Upps, I was a kid in the 50’s and I hated Queen for a Day – hated it. I still hate it. So many brilliant women smothered under the blanket of what was expected and those expectations were set out by religion and men.

    WRT to the massage, when Zeke gets into massage mode, I run. For a 12 pound bit of fluff, he sure exerts a lot of pressure, and he only goes into that mode when he wants food or his own personal massage therapist in massage mode (that would be moi).

  74. Good grief, these ‘Queen for a Day’ vids make me want to shoot myself in the head! The moderator is beyond slimy. I’m sure he tried to do some of these “wives.”

    Hey Upps — You’re a “SWELL GIRL.”

  75. No wonder Librium became so popular in the late ’50’s. I would have required sedation to keep from going crazy.

    My cornbread would have been moist, however.

  76. Yeah NES. Swell.

    Did you see how unhappy and degraded they all looked? It was disgusting. And he looked like Snidely Whiplash. And yeah, I’ll bet he tried to do plenty of them.

  77. The winner had seven kids and was going to the hospital sick. Make then seven kids and a cat now.

  78. Ooooooooooo sour cream. I never thought of that! Thanks! SOMETHING has to give it moisture. My corn bread is just like a g’damned rock two hours later.

    And beata, I am THRILLED you are here again.

  79. We’re talking body paint here, lorac’ers

    Ding Ding Ding. Lorac is so naive!

  80. Hey NES. Are you and Utah an act or a team?

  81. After watching Queen, you can SEE why women rebelled so strongly. Who the hell wanted to live like that?

  82. Beata, my mother didn’t take no shit. She ran a male dominated company. Union, too. And let me tell you, they respected her. My father was an easy guy, too easy, and she took over and didn’t look back. My friends loved coming over to my house because my mother wasn’t any stepford woman beaten down.

    If you guys like how I am, thank my mother. If you hate how I am, blame my mother….and kiss my ass..

    I was a natural for the Rebellion.

  83. Those were the days before women learned they could kill them in their sleep. lol. Seriously, that’s disgusting, humiliating, degrading and downright criminal. And at the rate the third wave is going, they are heading back down there.

    And weren’t all those gifts “swell”? A fracking CLOWN PAINTING? Washiing machines and stoves. Jaysus.

  84. Special treat for you guys. New post going up.

  85. Thank God for mama Uppity.

  86. Hey NES. Are you and Utah an act or a team?

    Why do you ask?

  87. Love your mother!

  88. NES, I ask because it’s a riot watching your act with Utah.

    My mother would have loved you. Big time. You would have been hanging out for food and wisdom ad nauseum.

  89. Yep, I love me my utahwoman and her frontiers-woman libertarian ways!

  90. Yes, on you mother, Upps! I would’ve been a fixture at her place. I was always a favorite of my girlfriends’ mothers…unofficial adoptions and all.

    (lorac’ers is going to be all J now.)

  91. Humbug …………………….

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