This year’s gorey and yummy Halloween recipes.

Who can forget the award winning Halloween recipes last year?

My favorite was the hand meatloaf. Yum!

This year, some very creative people offer you the latest in Halloween recipes that look ghoulish and taste good all at the same time.

At Bakerella, you can see the recipe for Eye Ball Cake Pops.

The best part is they show you how to make the pupils of the eyeballs any color you want. In this way, blue-eyed, brown-eyed and green-eyed cake pops get equal time. And the capillaries are such a nice touch.:

At Edible Crafts, there is a Cupcake Ghosts recipe that I would like to bite into right now. I would if the ghosts weren’t so damned cute. I hate guilt. Ghosts need love too!

Will you look at these cute little guys and the yummy chocolate they are sitting on?

Okay Okay. So your kids find all this cutesy stuff boring. It’s Halloween, they say! We want blood and guts and stuff like that!  I mean, let’s face it, gang. This is not the bobbing- for- apples generation!

Well, here at Living Locurto, you can learn how to make Brains In A Jar Cake. Now that’s more like it, hey??


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  1. My costume.

  2. Say here’s a 50s commercial for cold cream where they made the woman’s makeup radioactive to show you how well it works. No shit. I wonder how long she lived.

  3. Scary. I never liked this Queen For A Day show.

  4. I do remember it. It ran all the way to 1964. Can you imagine?

    According to wiki, it STARTED in radio in 1945. Humiliating women for two decades.

  5. I’d like to know who the sicko was that put the whole thing together.

  6. I’m surprised they didn’t offer the uber chic asylum wrap jacket.

  7. 1950s education on women for supervisors.

  8. Ahh geez, that’s my ex father in law. The man is a trainwreck when it comes to things to say about the little wimmenz.

  9. Nite Ms. UW. We are down into the 40s tonight. I have not caught the new babies outside yet. Must make sure they like to come back so that I can catch them. They are still nursing.

  10. Oh man, you should see the 50s sex education videos. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Let’s see, during menstruation, you can wash your hair (so long as you dry it fast!), you can swim, dance, picnic and take a bath or shower.

    But you shouldn’t ride horses, or square dance, square dancing is baaaaad, And skating. You shouldn’t skate. Or play fast games.

    You can’t make this shit up.

  11. Eww. I remember that gross meatloaf. Laker is going to 2 Halloween parties, one tomorrow nite & one on Mon nite. The poor kid has been sick all week, but has been trying herbal cures & stuff all week trying to get well, these parties he’s going to are so elaborate, he doesn’t want to miss them. I can’t believe how much work people will put into Halloween. I never was into it. I worked at an alarm company for 6 years when I was young and worked the first 5 Christmases so I could take Halloween off every year; it was such a nightmare to work, non-stop alarms going off, lots of crimes, tons of paperwork.

  12. MKB looks very sexy in the header.

  13. From the last thread:

    You silly wabbits. The movie “Better than Chocolate” had a HUGE body painting scene! FF will know my reference!

  14. Lol I am going to send the brains recipe to my grandchildren to make their parents crazy!


    Debbie Dooley, national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, told the AJC that the group had inquired about renting Woodruff Park or Centennial Olympic park but had decided against it due to fees, red tape and restrictions.

    f Tea Party members had used civil disobedience, “we would have been removed and arrested,” Dooley said.

    “We feel like the mayor is selectively deciding who can use the parks,” she said.

    The Tea Party members say Reed should grant them a special executive order — as he did for Occupy Atlanta — allowing an outdoor event last past 11 p.m.

  16. Same thing is going on in Richmond Va, lorac. I heard it the other day on NPR. It cost money to be a law abiding citizen.

  17. That’s funny Debbie Dooley is saying the mayor is giving them special treatment. I heard Reed got alot of flak for arresting the ows protesters. Now he’s talking about sending in the clergy. Who in Washington called him?

  18. Just what we need. More crazies on the street and the clash of the titans.

    Sending in the clergy? ROFL.

    Jesse will answer the call.

  19. Anybody remember Barack Obama’s 2008 “Carve Your Pumpkin Change Your World” program? Something to keep the little morons occupied while he bullshitted his way through his campaign.
    yeswecarve dot com. LOLOL.
    They even gave the little dumb dumbs a template.

  20. Vivien, why did he arrest them? You know, these mayors and law people shouldn’t be arresting any demonstrators unless they are breaking the laws. And it should be consistent. Seriously, look at what a fool Bloomberg looks like. Make up your minds. Either they are illegal or they are not. I’m no OWS believer, but for Chrissakes, the mayors and police forces are looking like morons. And throwing that thing in oakland was just plain bullshit. What exactly were they doing that required the next step down from a grenade? That kind of stuff makes for violence in the crowd and believe me, there are rickety old SDS and Weather Underground people in that crowd just WAITING for a chance.

  21. What’s the tea party going to do, call themselves the Other 99%? lol
    Neither of these groups represent me so I must be the 1%. Coulda fooled me.

  22. Upps, they weren’t getting enough press coverage down in Atlanta. Who knows? The story I read, didn’t say why. I went there after lorac linked to it. I stopped reading ajc after Cynthia Tucker left.

    Money maybe?

  23. Well that looks stupid. Okay they’re being snotty. I never knew that was breaking the law.

  24. I have a hundred errands to run, and it’s raining it’s ass off here.

    Upps, the tea party is pissed because the city charged them money to protest in the park. Neither group represent me.

  25. When I do things I try to give 110%. So what percent does that make me?

  26. You’re right Upps, it makes no sense to arrest them. But they’re doing it anyway. Just another distraction from what is really going on in the world. Washington in particular.

  27. What Uppity said about mayors and law enforcement.

  28. a little Halloween PIE…
    trick or eat!

  29. I LOVE real pumpkin pie. Seriously. I would even cut my caramel apple walnut piece in half for some real pumpkin pie.

  30. No more vids of 50s shows! At least not without some librium (hat tip to Beata)!

  31. Pumpkin pie’s my favorite.

  32. Something I picked up from the comments at the neighbor’s blog.
    What’s particularly frightening is where many of these population booms are occurring. Hint: It’s where the goats roam.

    Thanks for the pie, imust. Say — playing on the theme of the linked article — what would 7 billion pies look like?

  33. See NES? We have more in common every day! Now it’s pumpkin pie.

  34. NES a 7 billion pies would look like….heaven 🙂
    Can’t find a photo, but here’s a PIE chart of the $billions$ spent by the federal government!

  35. No more PIE? Blasphemy!

  36. Huntsman’s daughters spoof that bizarro Cain smoking ad:

  37. That is so funny NES! I like his daughters. One is a pianist I think.

  38. HAHAHA. A riot. Here, let’s youtube it.

  39. He ate too much pie, imust. Even cartman knows one CAN have too much pie.

  40. Sounds like PIEism to me. Cartman is a PIEist.

  41. The Founding Fathers were PIEists!

  42. A must read. “These dipshits call themselves progressives?”
    See OWS’s stance on rape. Let me know if you see anything offensive, but not shocking for these little pigs.

  43. Yes I know Uppity. There were many who opposed pie-ism….but in the end the PIEists prevailed. We have institutional PIEism as a result.

  44. Boo Friggin’ Hoo! Love it FF!

  45. Brains In A Jar Cake.
    have your brain and eat it too. 😆

  46. Uppity, that Bakers Square restaurant chain that made the great pies used to make a pumpkin pie that was bottom half regular pumpkin and top half pumpkin chiffon. I used to always get that pie. They also made a peppermint & chocolate pie at Christmas that reminded of a dessert they used to have at Chasen’s (a famous old restaurant that celebs used to love in when I was a kid). It was a peppermint chiffon with chocolate sauce.

  47. The Huntsman girls are cute. They seem nice and normal for rich people. Its a pity that these two stupid parties rarely ever pick their best candidate.

  48. Just want to keep you up to speed on the bargains before your annual “Live Blog” from Wal-Mart!

  49. I saw a story on the news last night about Catholic University. Apparently Catholic University is one of the most welcoming universities to people of other faiths – but the understanding is always that it IS a Catholic university.

    Well, some attorney has appeared (reportedly hired and funded by CAIR) to file suit because the university refuses to make special rooms for these Muslim students to pray, rooms devoid of all Christian and Catholic icons or flavor. According to the counterpoint person, not one single STUDENT has requested this (as a matter of fact, there are 4-5 mosques within close proximity to the university). It’s apparently a legal action to screw up a well-functioning system in a PRIVATE institution, to push Muslim “needs” into the mainstream.

    Private institutions don’t even have to ACCEPT a non-Catholic (although they do and are welcoming). But they don’t want to have to physically alter their university, hide their revered icons, etc, away from certain rooms, to make room for people who don’t even believe as they do.

    This is disturbing to me. It feels like a gratuitious attempt at a power grab, to me. This is a private school dedicated to one thing – this is their right. If someone doesn’t like the way it is – go to a different school!!!!

  50. Totally agree, lorac. The Catholic University should hire a team of good lawyers and FIGHT back.

  51. Well the pope has been stroking them, so maybe now he Gets the point too. He’s been pathetically lazy about Islam, mostly because it tortures women, which,as with all religions, meant nothing to him. Pacifying these people is always a mistake and means nothing to them but another door to smash down. Try that in THEIR university and see what you get.

  52. imust that’s your assignment. You will be live blogging from Walmart. Right?

    I KNOW it’s just your type of post! I KNOW you can out-do me too!

  53. Yes socal ! I HAD J. Horner’s pumpkin pie!! Oh how I wish I could get J Horner pies again. They also made the VERY BEST caramel applie walnut pie I EVER had. These people win awards with their pies over and over again.

  54. Only 1 person clicked on this link. You should all click on it, especially if you are a women and think OWS’ white “non-leaders” give a shit about your ass. There is a movement about to demand that women stop having their voices squashed in OWS too.

    A must read. “These dipshits call themselves progressives?”
    See OWS’s stance on rape. Let me know if you see anything offensive, but not shocking for these little pigs.

  55. be careful in the storm folks.cause we wuvs ya!! 🙂

  56. My sister makes a pumpkin praline pie that is to die for. I’m not sure if she uses real pumpkin, I do know it has a gram cracker crust. I can taste it just thinking about it.

  57. I’m never gonna get that $4k fence I paid for installed with this weather. It’s been a month and a half. Took em 3 weeks to just schedule it and now the weather is horrid. Had an install cancelled last week because of rain.

  58. A very heart warming story and it will amaze you

  59. Is it snowing? I heard a nor’easter is coming through. Winter’s here.

  60. Uppity! I clicked on the link! The 1 person was me! Do I get a pengy?
    What? You want me to do the Live Blog from Wal-Mart? I don’t know…your post is a classic! I don’t think anyone should touch that one but you!!

  61. Where is NES I want to know just what she plans on putting in the crow recipe. I have my health to think about lol. So far I think I am going to have to come up with a way to fix it to please her pallet cuz these OWS ers are sure falling short of their goal lol. I read a story where they were handing out pamphlets in AZ for violence.

  62. I clicked love that Murphy. 🙂

  63. Come on, imust! Jump in, girl! I KNOW you can handle it! The object is not to Outdo me (although you might). The object is to be so freaking funny, people have to run to the john. Now I already KNOW Funny Is You.

  64. Now now Utah. Don’t sell OWS short! Why just the other day they tossed thousands of paper airplanes at wall street.

  65. There have been some story’s coming out about the violence going on in the park. Most of them are in right leaning rags, I’d link, but I’m not too sure I’d believe them.

    I will link to this story. Did anyone see this yesterday?

    I think Rep Cummings represents parts of Baltimore. His nephew was murdered here in a home invasion this past summer. It’s a sad story, they still haven’t caught the killers.

    It might turn into a full blown investigation if you have Dems asking questions too. I’d like to see it on the front page of the newspaper.

  66. Speaking of Halloween edibles, these worms look rather slimy.


  67. I clicked the link about OWS rape. They should have women forming Bobbit brigades; it might cut down on the problem.

  68. Millionaire capitalist Michael Moore speaks to OWS Oakland and tells them to keep fighting against the disparity between the rich and the poor. No irony here, is there?;stories

  69. Yes Lizzy, the brigade could provide the ‘issue counseling” for the rapists OWS so values. The counseling would consist of removing their balls and dicks to ensure that they won’t have “issues” any longer, and to guarantee they spend the rest of their rapist lives peeing sitting down.

  70. Hubby drove past the L.A. OWS today. He said it looked like a hippie encampment. He also said he thought it had moved a couple of blocks. Apparently, they did $400,000 worth of damage at their first location, so the mayor asked them to move. We don’t know if they did move or not though, becuz today is the first day any of us saw it. From what hubby said, it sounded like they moved. Laker and I want to go see it, but he has been sick.

    Also, we had a strange death in the family last week. Hubbies favorite uncle, the one that’s famous in the horse world, died in a freak accident in his pickup with his dog. (If was really weird, a few hours after hub’s cousin called to tell him, I read here a comment about Utah and her truck and dog.) Anyway, the dog died with him. Further weirdness is that this uncle has the same name & nickname as lakers brother that died a few years ago, and they died in the same type of accident, and they were both missing and then found by family members (laker & I found his brother after a 3 day & night search). Also, in both cases, the media falsely reported that they had been found by police instead of family members. Life is really strange sometimes.

    Anyway, this was the uncle we were going to ask to keep a horse for us. Btw, mom, hubbie did find a taker for the Friesian, the very next day. They are very popular.

  71. Ew, Crier. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  72. Wow that IS strangely tragic, socal.

    Listen, tell Laker he better get well. I decree it. We love us our laker!

    Please give my sympathies to mr. socal.

  73. He’s getting ready for a big shebang tonite. He’s not all well yet, but the cutest girls will be there!

    Yeah, and even though Uncle dying is the certainly the worst part, he was loved by everyone, was a picture of health and stamina, and had a wonderful life, the dog dying with him really made it worse.

  74. “Millionaire capitalist Michael Moore speaks to OWS Oakland and tells them to keep fighting against the disparity between the rich and the poor. No irony here, is there?”


  75. I also read the rape link. Bizarre. Agree with Lizzy.

  76. Uppity, that’s a shame about your fence. I can’t believe how much rain you guys have had. I bet you’ve had more than my fam up in the Puget Sound area.

  77. You can’t pour concrete in the rain, socal.

  78. socal, ditto what Uppity typed, we love Laker, so he better get well right now. So sorry to hear about Uncle and even sorrier to hear about Laker’s brother. Funny the curves life throws at one – not sure if it’s to test or to break. Sympathies to socalhubbie as well. Take care – sending good thoughts your way.

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