Halloween Pumpkin Massacre

Our TownCrier wants to play Tic Tac Toe with you here. Come on. You know you want to!


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  1. OH ROFL! But Ewwwwie so early!

  2. You know what they say about curiosity and the cat. I don’t think I like tic tac toe any moe.

    Happy halloween!

  3. Lol Viv I already got it earlier by someone else so no tic tac toe for me.

  4. Happy Hallowe’en!
    Believe it or not all the celebrations here in our area are over. Trick or treat was last Thursday and the parades were Saturday. Don’t ask- I have no idea why and nobody who is a life long resident around here has ever been able to tell me either. Must be like not giving the kids Veteran’s Day off from school- but giving them all the Monday after Thanksgiving- cuz that is the first day of deer hunting. Microculture oddities.

  5. Tic Tac Toe almost killed me……

    Happy Halloween!

  6. We’re just going to leave the inner front door open and let the dog sit there. Anything taller than 4 feet will set her off. Our friends will show up WITH their kids and she will know them. Mr U got her a scarf with pumpkins on it but I don’t want to use it because it implies these little rug rats are welcome.

  7. Yes tic tac toe was definitely a test of my mental stability. And I was winning too!

  8. I see ole Herman has a sexual harassment scandal. So rare for a Republican, hey?

  9. Well atleast none of you did the Tic Tac Toe at work. lol

  10. McNorman, you know how I LOVE to nail you at work.

  11. Holy moly, and I have a bad heart. Seriously scary and funny. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  12. BCL see? Obviously your heart is better than you thought!

  13. I sent the tic tac game to family and friends and told them I had won 3 out of 4 of my games and challenged them to beat that record. It’s a sure thing they will try it. Love it!!

  14. I sent the tic tac game to family and friends and told them I had won 3 out of 4 of my games and challenged them to beat that record

    Maliciously delightful!

  15. I sent it to a friend and said, you never beat me at anything, so here’s another chance.

  16. Mom, I can’t figure out if your town is slow or ahead of its time.

  17. Trick or treat night here is right on Halloween this year for a change. Don’t know why??

  18. Happy Halloween!Uppityikes 🙂

  19. love the header FF 🙂

  20. I love the vid. 🙂

    I don’t understand why folks would do T&T on any other night than Halloween itself? I mean it’s bad enough we have the scaremongers and party poopers taking all the fun out of it anyway, plus the whoring out of the ‘holiday’ to adults (boy has that become a zillion dollar enterprise in the last ten years)… why? why?

    People – some people – are just determined to make everyone else as miserable as they are. Sad.

    On a related note, I’ll be taking Boy to each of his grandparents’ houses tonight. I think that’s enough for a lil two year old. Hell, I was asked if I was taking him T&T the year he was born – I said ‘no?’ because, well, you know, he was all of 26 days old, but who was counting?

  21. Tic tac toe is more fun with the volume full blast!

    On the unsuspecting victim, of course. 😉

  22. The Sheriff of Nottingham has cancelled Halloween in our town this year. Because parents can’t decide if their neighborhood has downed power lines and act accordingly.

  23. UW, is this how you carved your pumpkins?


  24. Oh LOL mcnorman – that is funny as hell. Bet Mom’s is a bit more creative and neater around the edges!

    Hey? Can you carve a pumpkin with a whip too?

  25. I think anything is possible these days FF. This one reminds me of the usual west Texans. I have a few cousins who love to do this type of artwork. lol I daresay, a whip would be dangerous.

  26. I just got my first trick-or-treater…to say she was costumely-challenged would have been kind. She had on a white satin sheath dress, a Mardi Gras mask and a crooked (not very fangy) mouthpiece. I hope the quality gets better. If I’m going to give away my mini-York Peppermint Patties and Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups, I expect more from my neighbors. 🙂

  27. Reeses?

    For that I would blow the dust off my armadillo costume. I’d even dress like John the Redneck for Snickers.

  28. Yes, madamab, but did she try to bite your neck?

    Vampires are surrepticious. You think it’s a fake and next thing you know, you’re stake-worthy.

  29. 😆 Uppity!

    I know, right? I’ve got the high-quality swag here. I demand good costumes in return!

  30. Oh, I have Snickers too. Can I count on a visit from John the Redneck?

  31. madamab, Joan Rivers is one of your neighbors? I’m impressed.

  32. madamab, I think if you have some dogs under your porch and are handing out keystone beer, it might attract him.

  33. LOL Beata!

    Hmmm…I’ve got single-malt scotch and a stuffed cat. Will that work?

  34. If you have single malt scotch, to hell with John. I’m coming over.

  35. Finally I’m attracting the right class of trick-or-treaters!

  36. Oh yeah. I’m bringing ice. You’ve arrived.

  37. So good to see the Obama’s scaled down during Halloween in this economy.

  38. Uppity, I did a post on that!

  39. happy halloween from space

  40. Dear Lord, imust! What is that horrific getup she’s wearing this time? This woman has taste up her ass! And that basket. Is that a middle finger I see sticking up on that hand?

  41. Feeling sooo guilty! We get lots of trick-or-treaters. After answering the door countless times, I just put out the bucket so I could do the dinner dishes. Then I hear the doorbell ring. I realize that rotten kids had taken all the candy. I explained that to the little girl that had wrung the bell. She looked at me and said, “You can have some of my candy to put in your bucket.” Too sweet. Can she, please, be our leader in about 30 years??? Of course, it will be the kids that emptied my bucket that will be in the Presidential Debate in 2032.

  42. I resent having to pay someone to dress her as a clown all the time.

  43. I got 7. Cutest little things. I filled their buckets and shut down. They were the only ones out. They got Almond joys, reeses, skittles, Hersheys, mounds and paydays. After I dumped all that shit in their buckets I doubt they need to go much more.

  44. Trick or treat sure isn’t what it used to be . How sad.

  45. Of course, it will be the kids that emptied my bucket that will be in the Presidential Debate in 2032

    And true!.

  46. FF, carve your pumpkin here. No mess!

    OMG!!! The Etch-a-Sketch of the intertubes!

    HOW FUN!

    I must pass this on!


  47. We rarely get trick-or-treaters here, so I don’t bother. The kids here usually trick or treat at the Mall! Most probably just go to parties. Laker was scheduled to go to one tonite but he’s sick. I grabbed a Milky Way & a Snickers for him at the Dry Cleaners today, and also, when I stopped at the music store to pick up some Eagles music for him, they sent him a free music book!

  48. FF, thanks for the pumpkin link. Cute!

  49. Socal – Pumpkin carving link courtesy of TownCrier. Meant to include that.

    It’s so much fun!


  50. imustgotobed




  51. For Halloween, got an arrow through the head and a huge headache.

    Like this

    Oh well, back to work in the morn…

  52. Anyone have any spare Sugar Babies?

    Does anyone give out those black and orange wrapped candies?

    Bobbing for apples, anyone? The big score of yore was caramel-covered apples. Obviously that went out the window with the baby and the bath water.

  53. This ought to scare hell out of us all. Happy Mr. Utah works in ND. Sad we are apart like this but he has a good paying job anyway.


  54. That is a fantastic link, utah. Anyone with a job should count their blessings.

  55. McNorman, you know how I LOVE to nail you at work.

    Ooooooh! NES is going to be so J!

  56. MadameB – your little ragamuffin trickortreater – maybe she had to kind of put it together herself, not a lot of money, or not a lot of adult help. I think she was “faking it until she could make it”, she’s got goals, she’s working on it! lol

  57. FF, I love the header!

  58. Oh lorac, you make me blush, and that is never easy to do! hahahahhahaha

  59. Imusthavemissed the Halloween party!!!
    Uppity re: the finger….Freedom Fairy said the same thing! She said it was Rahm E’s finger….I don’t know…I think it was a Butterfinger!!

  60. Okay…so I had champagne and chardonnay at my Halloween party! C&C do they mix??? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

  61. Everyone should check out the Barack cartoon at the Pie Neighbor’s place. It’s hilarious and, for reasons that’ll become obvious, holds a special place in my heart.

  62. Both white grapes; you should be fine, imust.

  63. Someone dropped off a pumpkin packed with crows on my front porch.

  64. imustgotobed

    Hey FF, why must imust go to bed? Not bedtime in CA yet, ya know.
    (Lorac’ers is probably thinking, “imustgotobedwithFF”.)

  65. Wow, pumpkin carving with a WHIP! As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to worship MOM.

  66. Hey Upps, I’m in your ‘hood tricking and treating. Send me exact address.

  67. NES, you would do better to ask Nora Desmond. lol

  68. mcnorman, I’m hoping that one of these days, she’ll slip up….

  69. It cracks me up how you keep slipping that request in there, NES lol

    mcnorman I made you blush!!! 🙂 (but they were UW’s words!)

  70. towne – I always loved those orange or black chewy candies – but I wouldn’t touch them now – I’d be too worried about my dental work! lol My how things change!

  71. Oh my! What goes on here in Uppity’s Great Room when I’m busy…….Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  72. imustbestupid…..I do not understand the header….is it SNOWFLAKES? Why does pengy have his back to us?? And what’s with the intense look on MBKitteh’s face???

  73. Thanks NES….white grapes….is that raycissst???? Well, at least I’ll be fine in the morning……Happy Halloween………..

  74. Orange and black candy. That was always the candy that got stale in these parts because none of the kids would ever eat it. The parents would though. And now we come to find out, lorac would eat it too. Now? Fuhgedabout it! That Dentyne smile is priceless.

  75. I resent having to pay someone to dress her as a clown all the time.

    A sleeveless clown at that.

  76. Watch out….myiq may be lurking…..

  77. myiq is “sleeveless”? Muscle shirts?

  78. I almost forgot this was a halloween post. That was one scary map utah, but it seems to be where we’re going. I’m afraid it’s will get worse before it gets better. I found out in our company meeting on Friday, another one of our competitors will be closing their doors for good. Not the first in the area, but this one is a little personal. It was one of my part time gigs, and I know alot of the people there. They’ve been there for years. The sad thing is, it’s a dying industry, so there’s really nowhere for them to go. We’ll be going after what customers they have left, because that’s the business we’re in. We’ve been lucky, while all the other shops in the area, I should say state, have been struggling, we’ve been crazy busy. The boss blames great customer service, and an outstanding sales force. That’s got to be it, because we’ll never be the cheapest guy in town. Well, I better get ready for work while I still have a job.lol

  79. Aww man! I just saw the new header. Great job FF. Is that snow?

  80. New Header! Snow? Or is that a zombie penguin?
    Gotta run out today and get the pumpkins that will be on sale at the farm market. The goat and chickens LOVE pumpkin! Hope they have some of the small pie pumpkins.
    Seriously- the pumpkins have been up in the $5 range- today they will drop to a buck or two a piece. I can keep a bunch in the mud room- it stays cold but does not freeze- and I can roast some off and freeze the flesh for later use. Get your pumpkins for pie and soup this week!

  81. Hey everybody. Been away from computer for a ton of reasons for the past week. Back home now but my car is still 100 miles away.

    Life got in the way of my computer leisure time. Will catch up on what I’ve missed this week. No time to think.

    Hope everybody is well.


  82. Glad to have you back Karen, but now my food bill will go up again.

  83. but my car is still 100 miles away.

    That can’t be good.

  84. karen- glad you are back home. the car thing does not sound good- hope it’s not stuck in a snow bank someplace!

  85. What is with the Obama family and all wearing black & red? They did the same thing at the inaugural. I did read at that time that those colors meant something but I’ve forgotten what I read. He seems to always annouce his administration appointments with them wearing all black also. Aren’t those freezing raindrops in the header and I thought the other critter was a mouse, but Bill was ignoring it, so a penquin makes more sense. Anyhow, very spooky.

  86. Do you remember during the primaries when they both wore black all the time. He had nothing but black suits and she always wore black too. Wahhabi’s love them their black.

  87. Are not black and red the Anarchist party colors lol? Though with that black widow number she wore maybe it is the Arachnid party.


    Hillary’s mom (Dorothy Rodham) has passed on

  89. Anthony- prayers for the Rodham/Clinton family. I had read earlier that Hillary had canceled her overseas trips this week because her Mom had fallen ill.

  90. Oh dear, poor Hill. I’d read somewhere that wanting to spend more time with her mom had been high on her list of things to do after the election.

  91. RIP Dorothy Rodham: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/11/hillary-clintons-mother-dorothy-rodham-dies-at-age-92/
    Thank you, ma’am, for giving us our greatest political crush.


    Dorothy Rodham – November 1st, 2011

    The Mother of Many Girls and Women around the world, in her own right.

    Credited by Sec Clinton – the greatest advocate for women, children and human rights that the world has known – for her own successes and passion for helping others, beginning with the words imparted to her from her mother early on:

    You can be anything you want…”

    And, in honor of her own passionate cause – in lieu of flowers, :

    “Heifer Project – http://www.heifer.org/ – her Christmas gift of choice in 2010 and an organization dear to her heart; or to a local organization meaningful to the giver that helps neglected and mistreated children, a blight Dorothy was determined to remedy until her last day because she knew too well the pain too many children suffer.”

  93. PMM: I washoping she was OK—-Prayers and condolences to Hillary and her family–It is so hard to lose your mother (parents)

  94. Yeah karen! Missed you.

  95. This has the family’s message: http://www.arktimes.com/ArkansasBlog/archives/2011/11/01/dorothy-rodham-died-this-morning

    Note this comment from the linked piece:

    Although I am a conservative and never was a huge fan of the Clintons, (funny, my appreciation for them has grown after the present administration), I must say after reading her brief biography, I have a deep respect for Mrs. Rodham. Looks like she came through a childhood I wouldn’t wish on anybody only to have brought up one of the strongest,and smartest women in our generation, and indeed, a woman who should have been president. May Mrs. Dorothy Rodham rest in peace.

  96. prayers for the grieving family.

  97. So sad to lose her, no matter how long or well she lived. Yes, very grateful for her raising Hillary right and for being a great representative of that generation. We’ll not see their likes again.


  98. That was lovely, coming from a conservative. Truly. Gives me hope.

  99. Losing your mother has got to be one of the most painful things ever. Many of us here have known it.

  100. Very painful.

  101. I remember the overwhelming loss of a friend. All of the girls were very young. The void is always there.

  102. Yep, the void. I think it’s just a myth that time heals that particular wound.

  103. What’s shocking, Upps, is how infrequently one hears that from liberals. They can’t bring themselves to say it because, in so doing, they’ll be dissing the Black Jesus.

  104. Anyone know the back-stroy of Dorothy Rodham’s abandonment as a child? And, what precisely does “abandonment” mean in this context? Was she given up for adoption? Left on someone’s doorstep? What?

  105. Deepest condolences to Hillary. And to Chelsea, as well. And so, from woman to woman to woman…

    Dorothy Rodham lives on and on and on…

  106. Just checking in…still without power (that means no water or heat either).

    Happy belated Halloween to all.

    Very sad news about Dorothy Rodham.

  107. Pauvre vous, Sophie!

  108. Ah Sophie, got a chimney? Yikes. Gas?

  109. RIP Dorothy. Oh, poor Hillary. They were so close.

  110. A 2007 article about Dorothy Rodham, describing her difficult childhood:


  111. Good RNC ad: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/11/01/rnc_ad_its_been_three_years.html
    Like how it turns images of OWS against Bam.

  112. RIP Dorothy Rodham. Prayers for the Clintons.

  113. I am a big fan of this guy “John Shore.” My kind of Christian – through and through:

    A little belated Halloween Op on: “Christians and Halloween”


  114. screeetch!

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