Call It Intuition, But I Don’t Think He Will Be A Judge For Much Longer

If this guy really is a family court judge, I can say that it is over for him. Confirmed on that link…the turd is Judge Adams.

‘Family law judge’ brutally beats 16-year-old disabled daughter with belt for playing computer games. He can always apply for judgeship in a Sharia law controlled country, right?

It isn’t necessary to watch the video.

In total the girl receives 20 hard lashes from her father and one from her mother.

She screams: You turn over like a 16-year-old and take it like a grown woman.’

Identity: It is claimed the man in the video is Aransas County court judge William Adams

As she lies crying on her bed he shouts: ‘Do you want to put some more computer games on?

‘Are you happy disobeying your parents?

‘If I hear so much as you raising your f***ing voice to me or your mother with the wrong tone or do one little thing or you look at me f***ing wrong, I’m going to wear your f***ing a** out with this belt.’

Although it has not been confirmed that the man shown is Judge Adams, several people have posted comments below the video claiming it is definitely him.

One post from a J. Andre Bardin, who claims to be one of Hillary’s friends, reads: ‘I know in the article you say you cannot confirm the man in the video is him, but I can. It’s him.

‘That’s his voice, that’s his mannerisms, and that is his house.’

The woman, thought to be judge Adam’s wife, who is seen in the video delivering a single blow to her daughter, is said to have left the marriage after suffering emotional abuse.

She has apparently apologised for taking part in the beating and allowing it to happen.

Wonder what his constituents think now? Has this assclown never heard of The Burning Bed? If there is a very special place for this sob in Hell, I’m sure he will have it reserved for beating his disabled child and spouse. I don’t care if this guy is a judge or not. He should be held accountable for his deplorable behavior. His daughter says that she is sorry that she posted the video, but it is a plea for help.

Hillary, the gifted pianist.

I weep at the thought of an adult hurting such a beautiful child.

My journey through the world of piano, from a child to an adult. It’s pretty cheesy in a couple parts but hey, it won a $1500 scholarship from Ivysport! Thank you to my mother for being with me every step of the way, and helping me overcome the cards I was dealt.

Hillary Adams will move on to bigger and better things in life. I commented on lorac’s tribute to Dorothy Rodham, what a dichotomy in parenting!


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  1. Thanks for posting the transcript- no way can I watch a video like that. Evil abounds in the world it seems.

  2. This is the reason so many of these monsters get away with hurting kids and women. In law enforcement you ever wonder how many come out that do the same to theirs ? I was going to post this today too because it was sent to me a day or so ago. He needs to be in jail. This was a great idea Hilary had turning on the video cam. Of course this was in 2004 when it happened but none the less a crime occurred and it is on video now some one needs to prosecute.
    Oh yea Judge Adams , I think you can kiss your career good bye.

  3. Barack The Inept seals the Bush third term by finally going over the edge and declaring that God wants his jobs bill.

  4. I couldn’t watch it.

  5. She asked her twitter fans to ‘help her father”. I think they should help her father. Off a high cliff. As you can see, “daddy” is working on her and making HER feel guilty.

  6. Scroll down to see video of “dad” talking about how it’s not such a big deal, he hadn’t done anything wrong other than discipline his daughter, and his life is being made difficult. Boo F****** Hoo.

  7. PMM I could barely get through the first two sentences.

  8. Can you imagine what kind of pressure this young woman is under now? I’m sure that not only is daddy screaming victim, but so are his friends. People know when a control freak is in the room. Just like one of Hillary’s friends pointed out, those are his mannerisms.

  9. Where is mom now? Why hasn’t she cried foul in front of the msm as well? Hillary is such a sweet little girl in that video. I can only imagine that her parents will be screaming that she was in need of an exorcism in order to save their asses.

  10. Horrible.

    How long before the judge’s superiors and the State Bar take action?

  11. He’s already been removed from the bench as the investigation begins. What is to investigate? He said he did it. She outed him. He’s a goner.

  12. What a fabulous parent, blaming Hillary for the beating. She’s mad because she took the car and he wanted the car back? Seems to me that Hillary’s friends were aware of this creep’s behavior. I honestly believe that if this young woman had been truly malicious, that video would have surfaced long ago. Good grief, this assclown will be crying for cameras live on teevee soon because he didn’t do anything wrong.

  13. We most likely all know someone in our lives personally who went through similar if not worse abuse from family members. As a child one of my dear friends was my upstairs neighbor in my apartment building. Her mother and grandmother beat her with curtain rods, spoons, belts and one time broke a coffee table over her back. The kid went to Catholic school and the nuns beat her up too with wooden rulers and one time threw a set of keys at her, hit her face and left scars. Damn near blinded her. I’d hear her beatings taking place, discuss it with my family, and cry for her. She cleaned and cooked for her mother and grandmother. They had a spotless and highly decorated apartment filled with pictures of saints and crosses all over the place. Her mother was a large and pushy woman with a beehive hairdo and a Cadillac. She was always spotlessly and fashionably dressed. For child abusers they sure did look good in public.

    I can still remember the way her black and blue welts were all over her body. She was afraid to show them to her friends but we all made her show us what the bastards did to her. I will never forget the welt across her back from the iron and glass coffee table. She got an extra beating because she made her mother so angry that her mother had to break the table on her.

    It is an illness. A mental illness that makes them feel powerful when punishing children. Bastards from hell. May karma visit them all.

  14. I wonder if the Judge’s past rulings will be contested in light of this??

  15. karen, how terribly sad to have known about this. Back then, we couldn’t do much, but today is a different story. You are correct, it is all about power. I know that “saints” situation only too well, it was all about image. You must have cried often.

  16. imust, who knows? I do think that the GOP will try to insulate him as much as possible.

  17. Sometimes I need reminding of how lucky I was as a child. It’s humbling.

  18. I’m guessing they will, imust.

    The guy should resign from the bench — that he thinks he may survive this is very telling in and of itself. And, if he genuinely believes he did nothing wrong, let him waive the statute of limitations defense to criminal prosecution and allow his ‘belief’ to be tested by a jury of his peers. He’ll do that, right?

  19. That realization is very humbling, indeed, Upps. It’s like my dad is a different species, entirely, from this guy.

  20. The statute of limitations won’t help him when one day he crosses the street and somebody might just mow down his ass out of anger for the swine that he is. He may not be prosecuted but now everyone knows who and what he is and his life is about to be permanent trash just like he is. He can’t run and he can’t hide.

  21. Aww c’mon, mcnorman…why would the GOP protect this jerk? There’s no defense here.

  22. I have to wonder if he ‘did’ her too. I kept looking for ‘signs’ (in the vid) that he was turned on by the beating…search inconclusive.

  23. I’m sure Barack will soon be instructing God to “Pass this bill.”

  24. Thank goddish for video. How many of William Adam’s future cellmates will have seen it by the time he’s sent to live amongst them? May they administer prison justice accordingly.

  25. That’s true, Upps, but it’ll keep him out of the clink. His daughter spared him that by waiting to release this.
    Mind you, it’s not improbable that he took a belt to her in the last 5 years, and she can testify to that under oath if the DA prosecutes. I’m sure they’ll talk to her about that; I also doubt she’ll want to prosecute.

  26. Well, well, lookieee here:
    Barack’s election strategy.

  27. NES she won’t testify. He’s got her feeling like she’s to blame already.

  28. OWS kitchen volunteer arrested for two rapes. What else do you say about a guy who just got arrested for raping two women? Why, you say this:

    one cooking colleague told Gothamist. “He was a genuinely nice guy…he came to get shit done,” kitchen volunteer Beau Sibbing told the news blog.

    Yeah we know, entitled white boy. It was the girls’ fault.

  29. OMG I can not believe people. Elsewhere I am reading defense of his sadistic behavior. They are of course blaming the girl. Gee go figure. ( insert roll eye figure here) .
    They are saying she could have destroyed his career by downloading pirated music on the net. LMAO isn’t that the norm for most kids ? I mean when given the chance to get something for free ? Isn’t that the role of a parent to monitor what they do on the internet as well as all in their lives ?
    Gee Judge Adams had no one introduced to parental controls for your computer ?
    Then I read how Hilary set it up and performed a grand performance for the camera she secretly hid.
    My answer to that is Oh WTF are you thinking ? Do you believe that Hilary knew how to force her dad into a rage and that she was willing to suffer a beating like this for future blackmail because she could not have the car? God what is wrong with people ? And what I find interesting is these posters of this crap are MEN !
    It is my opinion that she knew she was caught doing something he told her not to do and yet did like the majority of teens have done but she turned the camera on to catch him in action because it was not a first time thing.
    I mean this is not a spanking this is a dominating beating ! What normal father would even consider spanking a 16 year old daughter in the first place ? This is physically a woman !
    Is anyone going to tell me that discipline , acceptable discipline includes a belt being swung indiscriminately at any part of a body and includes doubling up your fist and punching while yelling obscenities ? If this is acceptable then I am in the wrong world and you can stop the Mother….. and let me off !

  30. Uppity- I was just coming over to post that OWS rapist story. I have been warning my daughter and all her friends NOT to go to any Occupy events since the first stories about sexual assaults started leaking out. LOL she laughed when I first told her- she said even if she believed they were just regular average people she has not got time for that crap between classes, homework and work and looking for another job as well.
    She does pass the info on to her circle of friends though- so if I prevent even one young woman from being raped I will consider it a job well done.

  31. Oh and BTW I read that the mother had left this bastage several years ago claiming control and abuse. Go figure.

  32. my heart breaks for this child.

  33. The DA usually won’t bring a case if the victim doesn’t want to cooperate, Upps. But, if a case is brought, she would be under legal compulsion to testify. No Fifth Amdmt. privilege against testifying here. But, you’re right in speculating that this won’t go to court.

  34. GOP will protect his seat until they can figure out a replacement. It will happen soon. Absolutely no defense, they are buying time..

  35. NES re: Barack’s military strategy. It’s no secret he loves to kill. He’ going to reduce unemployment by drafting all his loyal useful fools. They are getting their camping out experience right now. Who’s baracks!? Our baracks!.

    I just know in my gut he’s going to institute a draft and he needs a war to do it.

  36. It’s always the girl’s fault UW. Judge Adams will tell you that.

  37. That’s un-effin’-believable, utah. The Internet never ceases to amaze.

  38. Yep. I’m sure he belted his wife too.

  39. utah, why didn’t she take the daughter with her?

  40. I suspect karma is coming his way. People are angry.

  41. I found this comment regarding statute of limitations in Texas:

    Quoting Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 12.01. FELONIES.

    Except as provided in Article 12.03, felony indictments may be presented within these limits, and not afterward:

    (2) ten years from the date of the commission of the offense:

    (D) injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual punishable as a felony of the first degree under Section 22.04, Penal Code

    Judge Adams deserves to be charged, convicted, and sentenced for the abuser he is. I hope someone has enough guts to do it.

  42. He’d be risking his base if he does that before the election, UW; right?

  43. I think the girl did live with her not sure. Have not found articles on that yet. I am just amazed at the arguments going on in other forums where they are defending him and saying she set this up and why she waited until now to release it. It matters not the whys and wherefores in my opinion but the issue that matters to me is what I saw and heard.

  44. I saw the headline about this judge bastard on my Yahoo news page this morning. I couldn’t read the story.

    I hope Karma visits Judge Adams soon by giving him a roommate named “Bubba”. And I hope his poor daughter finds healing and peace.

    Btw, Karen, I had “a saint” for a grandmother and went through terrible abuse from her when I was growing up. Also from my father who once studied for the priesthhood. I try not to think about it now. Both were highly respected in the community. I attempted to tell a few people about what was happening but I wasn’t believed.

  45. Oh he won’t do it before the election NES. Right after.

  46. Don’t be amazed Utah. The Regressives hate women, seniors and Jews. And they are experts at derailing the issue and turning it into something else. Look here! Don’t look there! It’s how they elected the Loser In Chief.

  47. My mother divorced my father when I was very young. Divorce was something that “wasn’t done” in my family but my mother did it anyway. Later, my father tried to get custody of me. My mother fought him hard in court. She gave up her alimony and most of her child support to keep me away from him.

    I thank God for my mother. 🙂

  48. No surprise utah, there are still a lot of people who believe that this is the only way to do things. I see no difference between them and the Sharia crowds.

  49. NES does not the DA represent the people of the state ? If they have the video is that not evidence enough to warrant charges and can not the people of the state the DA is speaking for demand he is brought to trial ?

  50. Mcnorman right now I am steaming pissed off. I can not go back into those forums or I am going to go berserk. I think I will go take my ACDs out for a walk and if a man any man happens to walk by I think I will allow my crew to have lunch !
    Just kidding I do know there are some good men out there. Few and far between but they are there.

  51. if a man any man happens to walk by I think I will allow my crew to have lunch !


  52. Yes, there are a few good men.

  53. OMG there are now women supporting this saying she was so bad she drove him over the edge. Spare the rod thing. OMG what in the Hell has happened to us as a society ? I got to go for a walk in the woods. Scratch that maybe I should go and look funny at a guy in the hardware section of Home Depot and allow him to beat the shit out of me and make sure to tape it all so others can agree I needed my ass kicked for being in a mans area of a store and looking at him.

  54. Are these the same women that allow men to beat them mercilessly so that they can repeat the vicious cycle? Good gawd Utah, you’re killing me…roflmao @ work.

  55. Utah, I don’t know what forums you are reading but get away from them now! Run, don’t walk!!!

    About the few good men – yes, they are out there. I hope Hillary Adams has at least one good male role model in her life. An uncle, a cousin, a teacher, someone. I was lucky to have a wonderful grandfather.

  56. They are overall good forums that cover many subjects. Man but this one is going overboard to agreeing that it is ok to beat someone who is out of control. I am amazed. I should not be having been on the internet sometime now and finding truth is you never really know the person behind the type. It is easy to be any one you choose to be on the net. I get to know folks after a bit because the truth about them will come out when the proper subject is introduced. Beata the forums and blogs do not influence me one bit. I stand up for what I believe in and do not change because I like someone or want to be liked. I think I have shown that here as anywhere. If you do not like me that is your issue in my mind because I am comfortable with the person I am . I worked through tons of bad situations to be the confidant person I am today so fear not about how I handle a forum Beata. I love a good argument and sometimes playing with folks that come to match wits half prepared is fun. I am actually enjoying bringing these folks out. The rest of the forums can now see how they enjoy watching abuse and standing up for it. To stop abuse you must bring it to light and then fight with all that is in you to stop it. Running and hiding is not my style. These folks want to stand with an abuser so be it I am going to show them for who and what they are.

  57. What is the worst that can happen ? They ban me ? Lmao

  58. I admire your toughness, Utah. More power to you!

    I personally would stay away from those forums about child abuse because it is a little too close to home for me. That is my issue, however. I probably shared too much about myself here today anyway. Lol.

  59. Beata trust me I am no stranger to abuse. I know it all too well trust me. Fighting it is the only way I see to end it.

  60. What is the worst that can happen ? They ban me ?


    Beata, I pity the fools that mess with utah.

  61. you all need to read this and then watch the last video. Addiction ? And we were right NES the mom was controlled.

  62. I couldn’t watch. I didn’t read much of the post either. I heard some of the women here at work talking about it this morning. She and her mother were on the Today show talking about why she released the video. Here’s the link.

  63. A younger sister? Good grief, no wonder she waited so long.

  64. Police Chief Tim Jayroe, of Rockport, Texas, said an investigation had been launched into Judge Adams after they were swamped with phone calls from all over the world when the film swept across the Internet. However he admitted it was difficult to determine when a line had been crossed.


    It was later posted on the social news aggregate website Reddit.

    Chief Jayroe said: ‘By state law a person has a right to discipline their children to a point, but not to the point that you cause serious bodily injury to a child.

  65. Imust, ALL of his cases involving children will be reopened. His beliefs.

    In a court judgement last October, Judge Adams said that a child’s statements ‘amounted to no evidence’ despite the fact the child’s words had been confirmed by third party witnesses and recorded on video several times. The young person had also been interviewed by a child psychologist who believed the child.

    Judge Adams also agreed with a lawyer who claimed all children are ‘fantasizers’ and their testimony should just be ignored.

  66. Yes how many cases has this man ruled over where the child abuser/molester walked away from ?

  67. I am still waiting to find out if Hilary and /or her sister were sexually abused by this madman or if after beating the crap out of his kid he went and had sex with his wife. Is that the addiction ?

  68. Now see Beata if I had left these forums I would not be enjoying seeing the Adams supporters eating crow and spitting and sputtering over how they were duped after I posted this story. I love watching people scramble giving reasons why they said what they said.

  69. utah- I pity the poor fools on those boards who want to argue this case with you.
    But isn’t it kind of hard to have a battle of wits with an unarmed asshole?

  70. No not at all Mom. Actually most of the time these are some rather intelligent folks. This subject I think many took the ” spare the rod” defense on as well as they said her downloading stuff that was pirated on the net could have gotten him removed from his job.
    In other words they do not understand abuse and how folks react. They saw him as a judge and father dealing with a surly teenage ingrate.
    Me I saw a man that is a control freak and abuser and most likely a sex pervert right off the bat. Maybe I am more observant because I have seen it up close and personal and others do not understand.
    The thing is regardless what his reason is the thing we all saw on the video was way overboard and out of line. This was the point I was trying to get across to them but think I might not have gotten that we shall see.
    Listen if I can change just one mind to see that this is abuse and he needs to be spending time with Bubba then it is worth it.

  71. Adams agreed that all children are “fantasizers” and should be ignored when they testify about the abuse they have suffered? God, this story gets more revolting by the minute.

    I doubt if the Adams’ daughters are able to speak out now about any sexual abuse that happened. They are too traumatized. Sometimes it takes many years to be able to talk about it. Sometimes it remains a secret forever. Just too much pain involved. I hope they are getting very good psychological counseling.

  72. I think the secret addiction will be forthcoming. No one is going to let this go.

    The Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct posted a statement on its website saying it has been flooded with telephone calls, e-mails and faxes from concerned people and is investigating the incident.

  73. utah, I’m suspecting sexual abuse as well.

  74. Utah, this Adams vermin is a sexual pervert. I didn’t have to watch the video to know that he gets sexual pleasure from abusing his daughter. All the signs are there. Is that an “addiction” ? I would call it a crime.

    Bubba, meet the Judge. Give him a fine welcome to his new home.

  75. On top of the many issues I am having with this is the fact there is a statute of limitations on hurting a child period. So this means if this bastage took a hot iron to her face and scarred her for life and no one saw it or reported it he is unable to be prosecuted after a time ?
    Good god don’t people understand kids do not tell and why they do not tell after all these years ?
    I think a change in the law is in order here and since this thing is all over the place and folks are outraged let’s get busy demanding a change in the law !

  76. Don’t be surprised if there is a lot of noise made about this law, just keep in mind that this is Texas. It’s a whole different world here.

  77. Mcnorman Texas like all places has it’s good points and it’s bad. Texas has Rick Perry and we had Jon Huntsman and we both are trying to pawn them off on the rest of the nation lmao.
    Anyway I do hope to Hell this law is changed. I also meant by sexual thing it might not have been the girls but rather he gets off by beating them then orders mom into the bedroom to drop her clothing and let her show him what a real man is.

  78. Texas has Rick Perry and we had Jon Huntsman and we both are trying to pawn them off on the rest of the nation


    I think the mom and daughters have a lot to say. The visual you paint strikes me as probably what this pig is all about. Both Hillary and her sister will have a lot to talk about in therapy. So much about relationships has now been skewed for them.

  79. If he were a normal person, which he is NOT, he wouldn’t have a stepfordized wife whose voice you can tell is one of joint fear, and he would have just taken the damned computer away from her, not beat the crap out of her. HIS response on video is the most telling of all as to what a PIECE OF SHIT he REALLY is.

  80. This is the quality of SHIT we have on the bench these days.

    See Judge SCUMBAG Moxley, who got a woman and a child KILLED. And this wasn’t his first offense as a NON HUMAN on the bench

    See this SHITBAG, magistrate Joe Rehyansky and his suggestion of corrective rape for lesbians, appearing by editorial in that bastion of shitbaggedness, Daily Caller.

    See SLIMY SCUMBALL Judge Samuel Kent, who had a habit of forcing his employees to have sex with him- and then impeded an investigation.

    See FUCKWAD Judge Donald Thompson, who enjoyed using a penis pump and exposing himself regularly in court.

    No WONDER women are ON THEIR OWN!

  81. His next re election isn’t for three years. The county needs to rid themselves of this savage. It doesn’t look likely that he will step aside.

  82. And let us not forget the LUNATIC Judge in New Jersey who decided Sharia Law makes it okay for a husband to abuse his wife. Fortunately this MORON’s decision was overturned, but let’s face it gang. there are LUNATICS just like him all over the country planking their asses on benches.

  83. I bet he is disbarred. He already will no longer be handling cases involving minors.
    Yes Upps there are many more out there just like him. Sad fact.

  84. When it comes to voting for judges, I NEVER vote for a man. If two men are running, I do not vote for either of them. If a woman is running, I vote for her, ESPECIALLY if it’s family court.

    He’s not allowed to handle minor’s cases. Big deal. He is a DISGRACE as a HUMAN, A MAN and A JUDGE. He shouldn’t be sitting on ANY cases.

  85. McNorman did you see the video of him mansplaining? This is one sick bastard. One seriously sicko bastard. He actually thinks when the “story comes out” that there is an ACTUAL good excuse for what he did. I hope the DA gets BOMBARDED and it doesn’t stop until they remove this son of a bitch.

  86. I agree that thisassclown should be the posterboy for FAIL in every sense of the word. He shouldn’t be delivering any judgments. He’s a mess. All those posts that you pointed out are still searing in my mind.

  87. Yes, I watched the creep mansplain his pathetic self away. I don’t think many are buying it. Those that do are just as sick.

  88. Ugh, I can’t take anymore. I am going to go re-read “Anne of Green Gables” .

  89. Beata, perhaps sending this turd “Anne of Green Galbes” by the semi might get a hint across?

  90. LOL Utah, on being ‘banned’ from a forum. I’ll bet you’e been thrown out of better ones. lolol.
    Go get em.

  91. And let us not forget, this girl has Cerebral Palsy. Sick bastard SICK SICK SICK bastard.

  92. Actually Upps I have never been banned yet. I throw myself out as you well know LMAO.
    Ha it is great to see these ass hats back peddling over there though.
    I guess I am really not cut out to be on forums lmao. I just get semi comfortable then something comes up that will piss of normal people and you have these dickwads that have to prove something or the other and fight the fight and I go in for the kill.
    While they are busy giving lip service I shoot them in the nuts and leave.

  93. That is what most disturbs me. The type of cerebral palsy that she has is one the affects her coordination. What in the world was this sob thinking? Obviously not thinkin.

  94. Hey Utah, I know some places I SHOULD have been thrown out of, though. Cowards. lolol.

  95. Cowards ? They were looking for post counts lmao

  96. I guess that was cowardice wasn’t it lol

  97. I am betting this bastard is behind in his child support payments too. Most likely another reason he is harassing the ex.

  98. Dear Utah..

  99. Welp, much to many people’s chagrin, it looks like I will be around to irritate for some time to come. My annual Buckshot physical included perfect blood pressure (I’ve always been a carrier, kind of like Typhoid Mary…I don’t have it but I cause it), perfect EKG, great cholestoral numbers…aggregate is 163, super duper stress test. Excellent liver numbers, thyroid and pretty much every other number these clowns make up. No osteoporosis, great BMI, and a partridge in a pear tree. I even passed a urine test without studying! I was not, however, tested for mental illness. heh heh.

    I probably should recheck my BP when I get the bill.

  100. Oh NES did you get that story about the OWSer wanting to be able to print their own money ?

  101. LOL Utah. Dem crows! Dem crows! Lotsa crows for dinner. La Crowza Nostra!

  102. Hey there were two of the big buzzards out in the road by my house this morning eating some poor kids lunch. Now weather the kid dropped it because it was bad or dropped it by accident I do not know. Maybe these awful horrid mean and nasty crows bullied him and took it by force what do you think ?

  103. Dunno, U. But if this is a very well fed crow, then perhaps we should save it for NES’ crow eating future.

  104. Glad to hear you are going to be around for awhile Uppity. Now you just need to watch out for that bus !

    So far I have all excellent reports from my check ups too. I take my bp daily just because and it is great. Even when I am pissed. Actually it gets lower after I explode so it proves to me folks who hold anger in have a problem those like me that explode and let someone have it keep the innards working well lol.

  105. That crow is the size of a young Turkey ! I bet those suckers are mean. Do I have to take it alive and euth it humanly or can I just stand back and let it have it with the 12 gauge ?

  106. Oh I know, I know, Utah. I’ve had them on my land. Bastages are so big they can’t even get off the ground. They go after dogs, cats, whatever. They aren’t, however, impervious to a 9mm bullet. Not that I would know…

  107. This thread needs some happiness. Badly.

  108. ah damn that video is over load of cute.

  109. Pit Bull Saves Woman With Brain Aneurysm, Given ‘Neighbor Of The Year’ Award

    Nice to know that atleast one is not vicious

  110. The best one? Seeing eye dog.

    Thomas Barrett

    “Lily a 6 year old great dane lost his eyesight due to a rare disease. He became disheartened until he met Madison. They have been together for 5 years and Madison guides Lily by the leash and touches him to make sure he doesn’t stumble over anything. The picture reveals how dependent and loving they are to each other.”

    Lily is blessed to have such a devoted friend.

  111. I LOVE that laughing baby video! Kids are so cute sometimes- amused at the silliest things. And a laughing baby always lifts my spirits!

  112. I even passed a urine test without studying!

    That is funny. I tried to tell that joke to NES. She didn’t get it.

  113. Karen for clinton at 1007

    It is an illness.

    Agree. Is there an appropriate treatment? Or is this one where there should be forced rehabilitation?

    Kind of along his own “gentle” ways???? What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

  114. Cat saves woman from pit bull attack.

  115. I tell you I hate those freaking dogs and you all know how I love animals.

  116. NES does not the DA represent the people of the state ? If they have the video is that not evidence enough to warrant charges and can not the people of the state the DA is speaking for demand he is brought to trial ?

    You’re right, utah. They should prosecute; I don’t think they will though unless the daughter is willing to testify to a similar instance of abuse within the statute of limitations period. I would support them charging him and compelling her testimony.

  117. Super Cat to the rescue. Literally.

  118. I’m betting there was sexual abuse.

  119. Cat protects old dog. This one made my dog start barking big time.

  120. Quite right, the statute of limitations should be changed for these kinds of crimes. It’s a matter of state (TX) law, so contact the TX legislators.

  121. Eyeless rescue cat saved ower from burgler.

  122. The only thing he should be sitting on is a bed of nails.

  123. I’m not having my crow with buckshot in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Hahahahaha vivien. I must’ve been eating crow when you said it.

  125. How she got Homer.

  126. Aw we’ll pick the buckshot out of its ass, NES.

  127. There is something wrong when there is a question as to whether those attack dogs will be “allowed back” in the neighborhood. They attacked a woman! Put them down immediately. And fine the owners and bar them from ever having another dog.

  128. Ah I know how you love animals UW. That pitty must be a different dog inside the outside body. I love Homer.

  129. NES, don’t tell me you’ve already started eating crow. I’ve not been paying any mind to ows. utah said they’re gonna start printing their own money. That’s one way to pay off that college loan.

  130. No, no, vivien, I ain’t started yet. But, it’s not the first time I’ve eaten crow…. Upps has the log entries.

  131. Ah NES, you know I always prepare your crow with love and make sure it is tasty.

    Besides, you’re sexy when you eat crow.

  132. Aye, Upps, that you do. I’ll have some extra sauce with this one (IF it comes to that!).

  133. Yeah McN. Their owners always swear they are so sweet after they rip a piece out of you. It’s almost laughable. I fear one day I will kill one out of shear reaction, as I no longer give them a chance. I’m going to act before I have to react, no hesitating. Hesitating can mean maiming. I have seen what they can do.

  134. Not to worry, NES. Aunt Uppity will prepare a special sauce for you, and then sell tickets to watch you eat it.

  135. Hey, I know that cat.

  136. HAHAHAHAHA you GO kitty!

  137. Can I get 1% of ticket revenues?

  138. Remember Hayward the yoga instructor’s cat?

  139. Can I get 1% of ticket revenues?

    Okay but only if you eat the beak.

  140. I don’t care. This guy STILL wins the prize.

  141. Check out that cat’s body language when he strolls up to him. That cat is treated VERY well and adores him.

  142. I still haven’t watched that video. I can’t believe the statement that “Children fantasize” and their testimony shouldn’t be considered…I pity the poor families that went before that judge. And like foxlady said, my heart aches for that girl.

  143. You should not watch the video imust. It is extraordinarily unsettling.

  144. I found the video of that POS discussing it nonchalantly even more disturbing.

  145. I didn’t see the video of him either. Is it anything like his statement? He questions her calling herself “disabled” and “special needs” even though she has CP. The guy is definitely a controlling abuser.

  146. That pathetic excuse for a human can say anything he wants, but his actions mute his words.

  147. You see imust…I saw a lot of words and heard nothing but blah, blah, me, me, me. He’s worried about his sullied reputation. Wah! No one hears him. Judge Adams should take it like a man.

  148. Really it’s too bad he just doesn’t keel over. The world is NOT a better place with creatures like him in it. Maybe the stress will kill him, then they can just throw his miserable ass in a hole face down and the world will be improved.

  149. Sadly Uppity I think jerks like him cause stress, they don’t feel it themselves. In fact, I think it kind of energizes them to abuse/control/stress-out others. They get off on it….power hungry like someone said above.

  150. Thanks Uppity, I watched the interview with him. He says “there’s a story” huh? There’s no “story” that could excuse him beating his daughter. Makes me sick. I’ve heard enough about the beating to know that he beat her for several minutes. Here’s the “story”….he’s one sick dude and he should rot in prison for the rest of his life. People like that can’t be “rehabilitated” because they are sick.

  151. Nes you mean to tell me I can not just shoot it ? You actually want me to go catch that thing ? I guess I can rig a cage with a dead salmon in it that ought to do the trick. lol

  152. This is so touching. This guy rescues a dog who spent days by his owner’s grave and refused to leave. He went and fed him regularly until he earned his trust.

  153. Utah, NES doesn’t know squat about how to catch dinner. Just shoot the flying shithouse and pretend you caught him by hand.

  154. I hate when people call freaks like this sick. There is such a thing as a BAD PERSON. And that is what he is. Just BAD. REALLY REALLY bad.

  155. …….or Utah……….you can send the ACDs after the crow, and then he can just be packaged as chicken parts.

  156. That little dog found a very wonderful companion at a most difficult time in his life. Kudos to the man who rescued him.

  157. I agree Uppity, he’s bad. But why I said sick was not to imply sympathy for him….just that he’s not going to be “rehabilitated”. He will never see that what he did was wrong, no therapy, nothing I believe will change his behavior, so he should be put away.

  158. Nite to all, gotta go and check my feral traps.

  159. You want my dogs to go after Rodan ? Come to think of it Whiskey and Kahlua found a mouse in the basement and tortured it and killed it. Now you ought to see them down there hunting daily. Still looking for how he got in. Set traps and put mothballs where dogs will not get them. Ok I will shoot the darn thing and pick the bb’s out. I will send it with a disclaimer though

    Please note: you are eating this crow at your own risk. Although quite tasty it can be accompanied by tons of bacteria leading to hoards of infections but again is tasty so do not mind the little stuff. Also it is found that some folks experience dental distress caused by chipped or broken teeth. Cause of broken or chipped teeth still undetermined. And finally the eating of some crows other then California crows where lead is banned from bullets or bb’s lead poisoning has occurred.
    Eat your crow and enjoy. Do not sweat the small stuff.

  160. God, that was awful. Actually watching a crime happen. Sick bastard. I agree with NES & bet there was sexual harrassment as well. Something about it made it seem like the attack was a regular event. I’m still shaking. Thank God for the laughing baby! Thanks for that Uppity! This POS should be strung up by the nads.

  161. I clicked on the statement. The idiot that wrote it (for the Judge) said that the fact that she stayed with the judge after the divorce indicated that the judge must not have been abusive. What a dolt. When a child is abused, either sexually or by beatings or both, it often keeps trying to win the approval and affection of the abusive parent, it thinks in its childs mind, that it has done something wrong to bring about the abuse, and will often show preference for the abusing parent in a subconscious bid for that parents love. I saw it in a family I knew as a teen. The evil creepy dad was abusing his daughters, yet strangely enough, they always defended his nasty moods and were always critical of their mother, who was sweet, but overworked and a nervous wreck in general. It took me a long time to figure out what was happening, but when I did, I confronted one of the daughters and she admitted it and was seeing a shrink.

  162. McALLEN, Texas — A Texas family law judge whose daughter secretly videotaped him savagely beating her seven years ago won’t face criminal charges because too much time has elapsed, police said Thursday

    Karma. Please visit this freak.

  163. The idiot that wrote it (for the Judge) said that the fact that she stayed with the judge after the divorce indicated that the judge must not have been abusive. What a dolt.

    Lost on this typical Obot is, the fact that he or she will vote for Obama again even though he shits all over them indicates they are not abused either. It’s called “no place else to go”.

  164. I’m sure that karma will be visiting the creep. It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when.

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