Bank of America Executive’s Youngest Child Works an ATM Machine

Title of post courtesy Uppity Woman. Video stolen shamelessly from our TowneCrier!

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  1. TC- Saw your message in the thread below- lol. Not to worry- Uppity and I figured you were busy working!

  2. This was in the comments at Crawdad’s. OWS woman uses her CHILDREN in a wagon to block a door. Nice. Take your kids to a protest and HOPE that no tear gas gets thrown? HOPE that a riot doesn’t break out? Well I HOPE somebody sends this video to social services. You will have to click through to youtube to watch it.

  3. NES I hear the fat lady warming up her lungs lol.

  4. Well it snowed hard last night and is going to let us have it all day today. Trees still have not shed all their leaves and we are being warned to expect many power outages. Glad I stocked tons of firewood.

  5. I think they should change the name of that video to FUCK YOUR KID UP EARLY AND AVOID THE RUSH.

  6. On balance, yesterday,a self-professed member of the tea party called Elizabeth Warren a “Socialist Whore” during a meetup. Time to whip out those naked Scottie centerfolds again, something’s gotta save his lazy do-nothing ass.

  7. my sympathy’s Utah.

  8. Some day, those kids are going to grow up and remember their mother doing that to them. That should be a rich moment

  9. I got a big laugh out of this when I saw it in the paper this morning. Thought I’d share.

    Get out of the road ya dumb asses.

  10. Yeah Anthony, but the memory wron’t emerge until the chld’s 75th psychiatric session, paid for by medicaid after rehabilitation to ween off of Xanax.

    Definitely a Mother Of The Year Moment.

  11. He said witnesses told police that the three pedestrians “either ran toward or jumped in front of the moving vehicle.” He said one pedestrian jumped on the hood of the car.

    Definitely not Harvard material.

  12. Another account said “Other motorists stuck in traffic were more receptive, honking their horns in support of the group.”

    Oh, really??? And I suppose all that yelling “Get the fuck outta here!” was directed at the banks?

  13. I liked this part.

    One protester, 29-year-old Jesse Folks of Riverdale, Md., told The Washington Post that he was standing in the street with other demonstrators near the convention center when the car “just gassed it into a bunch of people.”

    “They probably thought the driver would either stop or be able to stop, but it didn’t appear that was the case.”

  14. In other areas around the building, some drivers got out of their cars and confronted protesters who refused to move. Other motorists stuck in traffic were more receptive, honking their horns in support of the group.
    In addition, it appeared that small fights were breaking between protesters and other people, possibly neighborhood residents.

  15. Breaking! Bank execs take over plane!

  16. Wow utah. A hard snow already. Do the crows still come around in the snow?

  17. Still putting my house and life back together. i sure did miss this place. I tried to get here using the iPhone, but it’s more annoying than fun. And Safari sucks the life out of the battery. It took running my car for 2 hours to get the iPhone battery from 25% to 80%. So, the phone got re-assigned to phone call duty.

    I appended my Display Name to help avoid the confusion. I have to say, though, you can never have enough Sophie’s around!

  18. So, changing your name just a little bit gets you in moderation?! LOL.

  19. Lucky I didn’t make a significant change, for example, to something like: imustbesophie…

    Y’know, UW…you can delete this rambling to save some disc space.

  20. It looks like Virginia Beach wants no part of ows. Va Beach has always been more conservative than Norfolk.

    From the comments.

    “The protest is only effective if it’s heard,” said Tom Palumbo, a local activist and member of Occupy Virginia Beach.

    They have been heard and almost nobody cares, it won’t accomplish what they are trying to accomplish. The “Occupy” people should just give the former ACORN people their money back and tell them they couldn’t get it done! And before you flame me over the ACORN comment, do your homework and research who it is behind this movement and who is paying people to do the protests…

  21. Bhahahahaha Sophie. You changed your name so spam took you! Cracking up here.

  22. ROFL imust! It’s a Wall Street convention plane!

  23. OMG the poor cat!

  24. Yes Vivien, the Working Families Party had that ad on Craigslist.

  25. Well looky what got buried in all the ‘important’ news.

    Is that a skunk I smell?

  26. They can do that? “Vast fishing expedition.” Inquiring minds DO want to know. They would bury that in a Friday news dump.

  27. This guy makes tons of sense. Bravo.

  28. I saw this on Still4Hill’s site. A really nice story written by a man who became friends with Dorothy Rodham after interviewing her many years ago.

  29. k for C: I think the guy in that video twisted the message and took liberties that weren’t there to take. The OWS movement is not anti-corporate. They are anti-rapacious greed. Good luck boycotting any Wall St. firm when they own your government outright. It means they own you too.

    Now we may disagree over their methods and lack of organization or leadership. (I think we agree.) We may disagree over the personal imperfections of some of the occupiers. (We may.) We may even disagree about who sent them. (We do for the moment.) But their core message: that the 1% are sucking at the teat of actual middle class working people and that they have stolen most of the opportunities that used to be part of the American Dream, and that they add nothing to the betterment of the world from which they take–that part we should agree on. At least we should not rewrite it for them.

  30. Sophie, I don’t even know WHAT OWS is. I just think they are on a snotty camping trip making a mess of everything around them. However, I will agree with that snotty guy who needs a shave badly – that everybody is in business to make money. Otherwise, why take a risk? However, it’s one thing to make money and it’s another to manipulate the market with inside information and rape middle Americans and plunder their life savings. For this, they deserve no mercy and should be sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first. Unfortunately, the reason for the season is congress and the president. None of this could happen if they didn’t make it happen with their lucrative contributions to their honey pot in exchange for looking the other way. This, of course, is the reason congress is making money on THEIR portfolios during this otherwise horrible downturn – to the tune of millions in profit in their little No So Blind trusts. Such a coincidence.

    OWS is a satire of itself, really. They sit in front of wall street and throw paper airplanes, while using Facebook, Twittter, Credit cards, Paypal for donations, you name it. Yet they don’t see their own irony.

    In an edit, it does appear rather disingenuous of OWS to decry the sucking on the teat by wall street while demanding they be allowed to suck on the teat instead.

  31. Sophie, I lived in NYC my whole life and went to hundreds if not thousands of rallies in my time, being the political animal that I am, and they are lock, stock and barrel being tooled and dyed by the anti-capitalism factions. Young impressionable know-nothing former obots are being used as virgin bait in their war against this country.

    The pictures of all their rallies have tons of socialist, communist, anti-corp, sloganeering all over the place. These kids are being indoctrinated. They won’t even realize it till the molotov cocktails and rocks bring them to a hospital or jail cell. They target banks, etc. with their anger. They are out staying their welcome and making middle class people lose their jobs and destroying public property.

    This is not something that is organized well. Not wrapped too tightly and falling apart at the seams. There are pictures of some of the homes these “begging vagrants” live in. Many are Bill Ayers like. Rich family – bored kid looking for some fun and anarchy.

    Can’t stand the little bastards, myself. I think it might be their angst over voting for and being fooled by the fraud. At least they now know he’s part of the problem.

    I’ve seen it all before, been there done that and bought the t-shirt. They’ll be spouting Che and Marx and thinking they’re so kewl…

  32. Speaking of the OWS….this is an interesting post at Crawdad’s.

  33. I loved this comment by Votermom:

    votermom, on November 5, 2011 at 10:59 am said:
    When you need to stay in an all-woman tent guarded by a woman patrol and need to carry a rape whistle – wouldn’t that be a CLUE that you are in the wrong movement?

  34. Get the tissue out – make that a box – Saw this at His44:

  35. The third wave girlz tent. Serves them right for pissing away every right and freedom their foremothers handed to them on a silver platter. You don’t appreciate what you never worked for. Now they have a tent just for them. How special.

    boyz will be boyz, hey girlz!?? Now go make a haul video and see if you can get a autographed pic of Kim Kardashian who serves as a pig role model for your little sisters you are setting up for the bashing. Wish I had the spirit to write this up. But I don’t.

  36. Yeager’s owner is a man worthy of any one of our daughters. He Understands love.

  37. Yes, he does. What a tribute to both.

  38. This is why I can’t have a dog again. It’s too unbearably sad seeing them die.

  39. Or our sons, Upps.

  40. k for C: I agree that there are anti-capitalists and communists down there. I am saying that I don’t think that’s the intent of the occupation. And I will grant you all that this methodology is not working and is creating more problems. So, what can we really do to solve the core problem, so aptly described by UW.

    it’s one thing to make money and it’s another to manipulate the market with inside information and rape middle Americans and plunder their life savings. For this, they deserve no mercy and should be sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first.

  41. This is why I can’t have a dog again. It’s too unbearably sad seeing them die.

    …and through it all, it is always STILL worth it.

  42. Or our sons, Upps.

    what else could you expect from one of probably three incurable heteros on this forum???

  43. I think I’m getting the flu or something. I think I got it from the doctor’s office. No kidding. Yeesh.

  44. TC nailed it. hahahahaha

  45. Andy Rooney died. He’d just retired from 60 Minutes at 92 years old. Didn’t even get to enjoy two weeks of retirement.

  46. what else could you expect from one of probably three incurable heteros on this forum???

    You, PMM, and ???????????

  47. SophieCT, he swore off retirement, apparently…wanted to work till the day he dropped, and so he did.

  48. A doctor a day keeps the apples away.

  49. He was not a very nice man in person, you know. Kind of ungrateful, actually.

  50. A lot of that generation liked to work till they died. Hell, my grandfather put a roof on his house when he was 89.

  51. The baby boomers will HAVE to work till they die. after all they have to keep supplementing their kids’ lifestyle.

  52. UW, aren’t you a boomer?

  53. Apparently Newtie and Cain are currently engaged in a Lincoln-Douglass style debate…. Anyone care?

  54. Yes I am Sophie.

  55. Demographically, I’m considered a boomer, but I am not really a boomer. I think they got lazy about labeling a generation. Boomers are supposed to be children of WWII vets, not their grandchildren. My grandfather went into the service after my mother was born, which makes her a war baby, not a boomer (which she is classified as being too–like I said, lazy demographers). Neither she nor I were age-appropriate for Woodstock. I love boomer music but I was 9 when everyone was trekking to Yasgur’s.

  56. I thought this was hilarious

    “In the middle of an Occupy Chicago teach-in this week, traders at the Chicago Board of Trade dumped several sheets of paper on top of the heads of protesters below. Demonstrators were angered to find out they were showered with employment applications for McDonald’s.”

  57. The generation thing is weird. My Dad joined the army the last year of WW2 (he was 17), and although most of us are boomers, his last kid was born at the end of ’67 (Gen X?).

    Fredster, laker & socal hubbie & I are all rooting for your team. Go LSU!

  58. I have to say that taking a 20 minute helicopter tour from Sedona Airport (such as it is) to the Mogollon Rim and back was worth every penny… especially when there’s the lightest dusting of snow on those sacred red rocks. *happy sigh*

    OWS? Should be fizzling out now, eh?

  59. Anthony, if it were any place else but Chicago, I might believe it without video proof of a crapload of those applications all over the place. But alas, it is Chicago, where our own con man in chief learned his trade.

  60. Sophie you are right to a techincal point. That’s because they have a nasty habit of referring to eras as generations. For example, my late older brother enjoyed early Elvis while I was kicking slats off my cradle. That was his ‘era’. in a sense, and then my era was part his too. Two siblings can be a number of years apart and still be of diffferent eras, not of different generation though, as they are of the same parents. I think calling boomers a generation is wrong, as it refers to a situation known as a birth spike–that some say encompassed more than one generation if we take who birthed whom into consideration. Therefore it encompassed more than one natural generation. For example, Gen X, is NOT a generation,, it’s an era. Like the ‘roaring 20s” was an era, and so on. Some lazy ass just changed the meaning of ‘generation’ is all. All actual generations are the spawns of the full generation before them only and can’t encompass grandchildren of the same generation.

  61. UW, stay away from doctor’s offices. Disease lurks.

    As for the snake in the ATM, poor thing was probably freaked out at being stuck in a metal box doling out grimy cash.

  62. while I was kicking slats off my cradle

    UW, YOU were a cradle rattler????

    Seems like you probably would’ve been crib-blogging if comps would’ve been available at that time.

  63. Please all go over and visit Yeagar’s owner and producer of the video of his beloved dog. How can you not love this guy?
    And if that’s not enough, read about his personal relationship with Hillary’s mother.

    Hell, read his entire blog. You will be hooked on his historical writings, refreshingly absent of personal agendas.

  64. Crier, you aren’t kidding about doctor’s offices. The place was full of hacking, achey people, who, not surprisingly, sounded and looked just like I do now.

    As for the snake in the ATM, poor thing was probably freaked out at being stuck in a metal box doling out grimy cash.

    Well in this case, this snake could not be a bank executive’s spawn. If he were, he would TAKE their cash and then give them little or no interest for it, but always remember to charge a fee for holding it.

    But then, charging a fee to give back money that belongs to the ATM user to begin with, is also kind of Telling, particularly when you get to use the money for free or practically free.

  65. Is BO wearing a “divorce” ring?
    Divorce rings:

    See the ring BO has on in the first picture here:

  66. Actually, Crier, according to my parents, I was a pretty quiet kid and not much of a problem. Twas my brother who was the terror. He not only rattled his crib, but he MOVED it to other spots. I once asked my mother if I was an accident and she asked me why I thought that. Well, I said, you waited six years to have me. And she said, well, if you had a kid like your brother, you would have waited too.

  67. Michellesmirror enjoys bashing democrats. republicans, not so much. I wandered over there enjoying myself quite awhile back, till I went to the earliest post, or perhaps it was the about page, where the author bashed hillary, declaring that when it was HER mirror, it was covered at the legs, if you get my drift.

  68. Michelle 2016 is a ha ha to me. Tough enough trying to win as a woman, but as the wife of the World’s Worst President Evah, pfffffft. I guess she just plain wants to be “proud of America” one more time.

    I would envision an endless loop of “people are going to have to give up some of their pie” and “America is mean” TV ads.

  69. Hmmm, a tiny one who would move his crib around. Very good. Sounds like a real handful. Of absolute joy. And fatigue for mom and dad. Erstwhile, little Uppity was studying carefully from afar.. 🙂

  70. little Uppity was studying carefully from afar

    Not much has changed on that score.

  71. There are 17 years between the oldest & youngest sibs in my fam & 21 years between hubbie & his youngest sib. I’ve always thought of myself as a boomer, even though I was born at the end.

  72. I was in Riverside, CA at around 10:30 pm and drove right past Occupy Riverside camp… drum beating, no activity at all! Just a lot of tents in a parking lot. They go to bed early at Occupy Riverside!

  73. UW: I agree with your assessment of the generation vs era thing. But I thought the whole idea of the phrase “post war baby boom” referred to GIs coming home and starting families. If that’s the correct definition, then boomers must be the children of WWII vets after their return. Not their grandchildren born in 1959 and not their children born before they went.

  74. Ha Upps!…my “our sons” comment (with respect to Carl Anthony) was tres apropos.

  75. Sophie, you’re probably right about the Baby Boomer era being too long, but still a young guy coming home in 1945 and starting a family (earliest born in 1946, which is year when Boomer gen starts) could hardly have a grandkid in ’59 (a girl would be like 12 yo when she got pregnant), unless he had pre boomer kids. As I mentioned my Dad was 18 in ’45, & is a bonafide WW2 vet, but stayed in to transfer to the Air Force (I think started in ’46?), & had his kids in the ’50’s & 60’s (last one ’67). I used to read that the Boomers ended in 1960. Lately, I’ve read it extended to ’63, which would include Barky. He doesn’t seem like a “Boomer” to me. Of course, its hard to fit him in any group. Anyway, I think Upps is right and “era” is a better description than “generation”.

  76. socal, were you the “last one ’67”?
    Correct, boomer extends to ’63 (or is it ’64?). Barky (’61) is definitely a boomer; he likes to think he’s Gen-X tho’.

  77. No, I’m in the middle. Agree about bark, he’s more like Gen X. My youngest sis & oldest nieces (2 of them) are only a few years apart & used to play together when they were little. Even today, they seem like they’re of the same generation (X), so the whole family/generation thing is off in my family, which again makes think Upps is right & era is the better word.

  78. Upps is definitely correct on “era” being more accurate then “generation” to describe the attributes at issue.

  79. Hey Uppity, LOVE the title you gave the video! Meant to say so yesterday.

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