We all need this.


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    Sorry I disappeared yesterday- today is likely to be the same. We are having unseasonably warm weather- so am puttering around the yard finishing up- husband had to MOW again yesterday! Ugh! In NOVEMBER? What the hell is up with that?
    We got the peony bed moved yesterday and some more of the brush burned. Laid cedar shavings down for the chickens (keeps fleas and mites away) Am going to try digging and potting a few of the peonies today- to sell in the spring. And there is a very long row of daffodils and paperwhites I should get after too. They are crowded and if I move some I will get more blooms.
    Busy busy busy.

  2. I really enjoyed this beauty on this Sunday morning!

  3. Beautiful reminder that spring will come again. For now though may I mention that it is freaking cold as ice. 24 degrees and a car covered with frost when I got home from my double shift early this morning.

    brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And this is just the beginning.

    *dreams of 85 and sunny at the shore*

  4. Uppity..thanks for reminding us of all the small miracles we sometimes take for granted.

  5. beautiful!!! 🙂

  6. Ahhh… beautiful. Thanks Towncrier, what a peaceful way to start the day!

  7. How wonderful is this technology which allows us to view a miracle on demand. Thanks, “towncrier.”

  8. If the asteroid on Tuesday doesn’t rapture our asses then we’ll get to have our normal treat of Lorac Wednesday.


    Don’t you just love the quote about our dear reader?

  9. He shut it down so it could save money to go to Mars…

    shutting it down saves money how? Doesn’t it all get all full of rust and cobwebs and require more money to get it all back on line someday in the distant future when obama expects another President to take it out of moth balls?

    obamalogic is puzzling to those of us who have lived long enough to hear it all and not be dazzled by bullshit.

  10. Solyndra is selling off their assets, a big time garage sale of all the stuff our tax dollars bought for them. The welcome obama banner isn’t getting any bidders.

    “The seven-foot-by-30-foot banner featuring an American flag and heralding Solyndra and “Made in the USA,” a backdrop for Obama’s tour, has yet to receive any bids, according to the auction website.”

    You all want to open the bidding, doncha?

    Do I hear one hundred pennies rolling?

    I think we’ll stick with the FF banners!

  11. I love that video. Have seen it several times and I find it very relaxing.
    Glad someone has warm weather. All I see is white chit and it is cold…… It’s here and not likely to go until May 2012. Oh well.

  12. Beautiful. It’s 60 here today. That’s the norm. Raptured by astroid. Hmmm. That beats getting raptured by snow. Stay warm utah. Hey wait a minute. Isn’t May 2012 the end of the mayan calender? I don’t know if I can handle another friggen rapture.

  13. I don’t know if I can handle another friggen rapture.

  14. Stunning. Thanks for that, crier. 🙂

  15. What a lovely video, thanks Crier. Now that is a gardener’s “Hope and Change” in time lapse.

  16. Do I hear one hundred pennies rolling?

    Oh God, I love it!!!!

  17. A really nice video that has now circulated to us here at UW’s place! Nature’s beautiful pleasures. How nice to be able to see so many blossoms through time lapse photography. Sometimes we run around so hurried in life, that we forget the simple pleasures all around us.

  18. Yes, today has been a busy day. Yesterday was the oven. Today was groceries and the stove, and the furnace. Tonight is prep work before a long day tomorrow at work. Hmmmm. Employment is a good thing. Repeat over and over until bedtime.

  19. An interesting story told mostly by photos of Occupy L.A. Seems there is dissension in the ranks. I also figured out what 99% vs. 1% really means – it appears to mean 1% women, 99% men….


  20. Lorac, it looks pretty boring. Maybe that is why they have not defined that movement yet.

  21. Very boring. I didn’t even make it half way through before I changed the channel. I’ve got to know one thing. In California, can anyone get a medical marijuana card?

    that this guy didn’t understand that marijuana is their “medicine”. “Everybody around here has medical marijuana cards” she told me, “We need to smoke it”. But apparently this guy was not sympathetic to their medicinal needs.

  22. Am in bed with bronchitis so the flower video (and the starlings) was very uplifting. Thanks.

  23. Surprise! Another version of the Bin Laden story – quite different from the one that the incompetent “fairytale,” MEEEEEEEEEE President told America

    Correcting the ‘fairy tale’: A SEAL’s account of how Osama bin Laden really died

    Seal Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden


    “It became obvious in the weeks evolving after the mission that the story that was getting put out there was not only untrue, but it was a really ugly farce of what did happen,” said Chuck Pfarrer, author of Seal Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden.

    “Seal Target Geronimo delivers an account of the night Osama bin Laden died with a level of detail unlike anything previously reported. Pfarrer bills the story as “absolutely factual.”

    “That’s the other thing. I’m prepared for the White House to say, you know, ‘this is full of inaccuracies,’ et cetera,” offered Pfarrer. He told The DC that in order to protect American interests, his book is “full of names that are made up, and it is full of bases that are not quite where they really should be.”

    “But the timeline of my events,” he cautions, “and the manner in which it happened is 100 percent accurate. And they’ll know that.”There was a choice that night,” Pfarrer told TheDC. “There was a choice to keep the mission secret.” America, Pfarrer explained, could have left things alone for “weeks or months … even though there was evidence left on the ground there … and use the intelligence and finish off al-Qaida.”

    But Obama’s announcement, he said, “rendered moot all of the intelligence that was gathered from the nexus of al-Qaida. The computer drives, the hard drives, the videocasettes, the CDs, the thumb drives, everything. Before that could even be looked through, the political decision was made to take credit for the operation.”

    And in the days that followed, as politicians sought to thrust their identities into the details of the bin Laden kill, the tale began to grow out of control, said Pfarrer.


    “The president made a statement, and as far as that goes, that was fine, that was the mission statement,” he explained. “But, soon after … politicians began leaking information from every orifice. And it was like a game of Chinese telephone. These guys didn’t know what they were talking about. Very few of them had even seen the video feed.”

    Pfarrer suggests that much of the misinformation was likely born out of operational ignorance, even among those sitting in the White House.


  24. Hmmmm… “Fairy Tale” – now where have I heard that before in describing this president’s incompetence?

    OH! It was before BO was elected – from President Clinton – who was called a raycist for using the term to describe the rise of MEEEEEEEEE-BO to a “presidential” (qualified) candidate!

  25. BigCatLover:

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather – bronchitis is apparently stalking the country since it seems to be going around also.

    Get Well, Feel Better.

  26. going around here, also

  27. Sorry I’m not around. It’s an infirmary here right now. I got the flu at the doctor’s ofc and spread it around. Feel like crap.

  28. Uppity – rest, lots of fluids, more rest and a good book for when you feel like some stimulation. Take care – had it at the end of October and for the first time, it took more than two days for the leetle white cells to destroy it, so take it easy.

  29. What HT said. Uppity, hope you get well soon!

    Gloria Allred may just have sunk Cain. She is giving an interview now with his 4th accuser, who just gave details of what he did to her. You can check it out on TMZ. They have a written out story and the tape of the interview.

  30. Feel better, Uppity, et alia.

  31. Lovely video TC.

    Thanks to all who had suggestions for bringing my Mom into the 21st century. She is now using a very nice basic cell phone. We are still practicing but she is getting the hand of things. Given the inability of the phone company to get my landline to operate for more than a couple weeks at a time and never in bad weather, I also feel better that she has another option when I am not home.

    Since I had to change to a family plan I went ahead and got a new phone for myself since mine was seven years old (the old phone is now the emergency back up pre paid). I am now the not so proud owner of an older generation of a no longer shiny smartphone. The model that the youth would scoff at as being passe while simultaneously protesting – who is it they are protesting again. This should last me another seven years – if the asteroid does not get us first.

    Everyone under the weather take take. I tried to avoid the doctor’s office by getting a flu shot last week. I often have mild reaction but this time I was down for the count for almost two days.

  32. HT, on November 7, 2011 at 1:43 PM said:

    Uppity – rest, lots of fluids, more rest and a good book for when you feel like some stimulation. Take care – had it at the end of October and for the first time, it took more than two days for the leetle white cells to destroy it, so take it easy.

    and we know our Upps has loads of those good fightin cells . 🙂

  33. Get well soon, any and all snifflers and hackers here.

  34. I saw that one group of OWSers was hauling around a large ‘effigy’ of Obama. If that was done in love, by a large and representative enough group of these guys, then I’m ready to eat crow. And, moreover, under those circumstances, OWS will be dead to me.

  35. ((((UPPITY’S))))

    Y’all stay warm, hot totties and rest rest rest

    hope you are all feeling better real soon

    Tomorrow is Voting DAY—-I can’t wait, supposed to be a lovely day tomorrow—should bring alot of peopele to the voting booths

  36. NES: I do hope that it isn’t true, I just can’t see it without causing real riots–

    Keep us informed

    PS: YOU aren’t alone in the crow eating—You, me and someone else,
    can’t remember

  37. Did I hear Crow and Wasabi ? lol.

    Hey Upps and others under the weather hurry and shake it off and get back in here. Luckily I have not had flu in forever. Stay away from doctors and hospitals. They are sure fire ways to get you ill even if only by the bill they hand you lol.

  38. If Gloria Allaboutme is representing someone you can smell the dead rat in it clearly. There is an agenda and you can bet it is crooked. Anytime that woman jumps on the band wagon I smell something bad. Got to say since she is jumping on board I am less inclined to believe these women and smell Obama and his cronies.

  39. michelina — I think the other potential crow-eaters on this side may be Beata, BCL and perhaps SohieCT.

  40. Whoa utah, hold on to yer wild ACDs…it ain’t confirmed yet. Need more proof.

    (…Slinking away to pack up and skip town….)

  41. Gloria Allaboutme

    Hahahahaha, utah, good one! Can someone please explain to me how what Gloria A. does is remotely like practicing law?!! Such a charlatan.

  42. More fun from the jerks. They really are clueless. The more I see of them the more I can’t stomach them. Many headed hydra. The level of mental illness at these rallies is scary. The tapes are filled with people who should be locked up and given medication to stabilize them. They are stark raving mad.

    Lorac, that might be a good research project for you. Diagnose the looney tunes running around the OWS tent camps. Some are very violent, some are obviously depressed and crying all the time, some are drug addicts, thieves, rapists, etc. to boot.



  43. OT-
    Big Dawg will be on Morning Joe tomorrow

  44. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Breitbart TV would show OWS in less than a flattering light. (Sort of like when the MSM couldn’t ever focus their cameras on other than freaks in the TP.)

    k-for-C, I think your view of OWS is unnecessarily harsh. I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t look at them with a more forgiving lens (like, eg, the one Big Dawg uses to view them). In the same vein, I find that most commenters here are usually super-quick to praise WJC for his insights and to share in them. But, on OWS and WJC it’s often crickets here. WHY?

  45. I wonder what Big Dawg will say about OWS. Nothing too insulting, I’m sure.

  46. NES, Big Dawg is a liberal. He’s a Democrat. He’s also very loyal to the party. I often try to read between the lines of what Bill says because he can be very clever about how he chooses his words.

  47. Hey NES, the Dems have been trying to embrace ows ever since it started. They want to think these guys, and yes, it’s a guy thing as far as I’m concerned, are on their side. You can say they are. They’ve taken the focus off of Bo. Looks to me like he’ll be sailing into a second term while no one is looking. To be quit honest, karen’s view on this is no harsher than any of us non ows believers around here. In fact, I’ve held back quite a bit myself. Big Dawg and Hillary are party loyalist. They stuck with the Dems, many of us didn’t.

  48. I’ll have to eat crow also. I mean, I think a lot of the ows people are idiots, still, I admit I was hoping that they might actually turn into a decent movement that could accomplish something. I still don’t know.

  49. NES Gloria gives attorneys bad press seriously. The other one that does is that Mark (idiot) Geragous or how ever you spell his name. They do not practice law they use it to get fame. It is sad seriously. When G.A. jumps on something I look to see who is paying her. Look what happened to Meg Whitman. While she was running for governor G.A. was all over the news with her housekeeper. What happened ? She lost the election and where is this housekeeper and Gloria now ? I believe this is just another of her stunts to destroy a Republican and I would love to know who came to her and asked her to and how much $$ is in it for the both of them.

    AND>>>>>> no running and hiding. I can make enough crow and mushroom stew for everyone lol.

  50. In fact, I’ve held back quite a bit myself.

    Chit vivien, don’t hold back. It’s Uppity’s!!

    Well, I know there’re a lot of people here — frankly, the overwhelming majority — who thinks OWS are idiots and tools and manipulated, ineffective fools. But, that’s a different order of things than this: “Some are very violent, some are obviously depressed and crying all the time, some are drug addicts, thieves, rapists, etc. to boot” (quote karen). Every crowd has its share of nuts, addicts and violent elements, but Breitbart and Faux Noise, and the like, would have us believe that those marginals define the group; I just don’t think that’s consistent with the reality of OWS. It’s not the OWS in LA; it’s not the OWS that my NYer friend keeps track of; it’s not the OWS that Beata reports on; it’s not the OWS I daily observe in my city…

    By the way, in instances like this, I have to wonder at how FAR a lot of you, dearly beloved of mine, have gone from the Dems. On OWS, most of you sound like crotchety, conservative cranks. (I mean, I was never a Dem (just a Hillary-devotee) and I’ve often been accused of being a crotchety, conservative crank (so I know whereof I speak)….but you guys are waaaaaay harsher on the OWS movement than I could be.) On Mexican migrant issues too, I have the same experience with the prevalent opinion here (which is waaaay to the right of Rick Perry)…I’m practically a bleeding-heart on that issue by comparison with most here. Just saying. Time to turn in your Dem Party cards, you lot.

  51. socal, you too?! Excellent. Let utah keep slow-cooking that crow and moistening that wasabi. There’ll be time enough for noshing.

  52. I’m a lifelong Democrat. The party left me, I’m sort of in limbo right now. That does not make me a Republican. There’s nothing wrong with being a Republican. Some of my closes friends are. That’s just not me. I always wondered why you went back and forth on so many issues. Now it all makes sense. For some reason I thought you were a Dem. Sorry.

    The minute ows came out and said what they wanted, I lost any respect I could have had for them. I still think it’s one big f*ckin joke. Look on the bright side, alot of homeless folks are being fed and looked after. I heard the homeless are giving them pointers on how to stay warm. I saw this the other day.

  53. “Traders From Chicago Board Of Trade Dump McDonald’s Applications On Occupy Chicago Protesters” : http://www.mediaite.com/online/traders-from-chicago-board-of-trade-dump-mcdonalds-applications-on-occupy-chicago-protesters/

    I wonder if the irony is lost on some of them?

  54. I’m 54. I was a dem from birth, born into a family that marched on Washington and all over NYC at the drop of a hat. We volunteered for every dem cause and I worked after school and all summer for dem organizations.

    Solid blue from birth.

    So what happened?

    May 31st, that’s what happened. I changed parties to unaffiliated that day and may never go back, that’s how pissed off they made me. I voted for McCain, something I would never have believed I would do.

    As for OWS, they aren’t so much democrats as they are an unorganized, unintelligible mess of ridiculous behaviors. They are camped out across the street from my sister’s home and they are quite good a destruction of property and insanity.

    Brietbart was the first link that came up with the Israel story. I strongly disagree with them invading a private property (the Israeli lobby) and acting like assholes. They were told it was not allowed and escorted out. They vowed to return. What part of “private property” do they not understand? They will return to sit and chant and do the human megaphone in a consulate lobby? I hope they get tossed in jail.

  55. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather Upps. Hurry and get well, we miss you.

  56. I always wondered why you went back and forth on so many issues. Now it all makes sense. For some reason I thought you were a Dem. Sorry.

    Don’t be sorry…I’m an Independent. From what I hear, we hold the cards in ’12. Of course, since I live in deep-blue CA, that’s only true in theory…this state will go O even though I will vote for the Reep candidate.

  57. Re Big Dawg and OWS:

    Bill Clinton says he can “sympathize” with the “resentments” that are fueling the Occupy Wall Street protests that have sprouted up across the country.

    “They have an amorphous set of resentments for which I sympathize,” Clinton said in an interview with USA Today. “I don’t think Americans can continue this level of income inequality.”

    But the former president’s advice to the Occupiers is that they need a clearer political agenda and that they should communicate more with political leaders.

    “They need to have some idea of what they want the country to do. If I were in their position, I would invite politicians down to talk to them. I’d invite [New York] Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo down to talk to me. I’d invite the mayor down to talk to me in New York,” Clinton told the publication.


  58. I think the OWS need some grown ups. Overeducated kids, who have learned little of the world, need to stop whining. If they are so smart, and have so much time on their hands, they would be welcome at any number of community agencies, where they could do some good, who knows ? They might even get a job out of it. It is a terrible time to be young and inexperienced, but some of them are giving what could have been a meaningful movement, a bad name.

  59. OT, back to the cantaloupe listeria breakout over the summer. Hubbie heard on the news today that a group of California growers are calling for more govt inspectors becuz they lost millions when we stopped buying their cantaloupe. Apparently sales became so bad, they didn’t even bother harvesting a lot of the fields. The FDA said the bad cantaloupes were all from the one facility in Colorado, which had contaminated water, among other things. I think the stores could have made more of an effort to advertise that their cantaloupe was from a different state. I stopped buying them myself, which bummed out hubbie cuz he loves them.

  60. Right, Anthony, WJC thinks their strategy is off — that they should be leveraging politicians. But, he doesn’t think they’re crazy, shiftless, violent, thieves, bums.

  61. Hey, Sophie2, toggling between here and the neighbor’s place is the way to go, eh?

  62. NES, are you still here?

  63. Yep, socal, another late night at the office, punctuated by checking in at Aunt UW’s.

  64. Given the on-the-record charge against Hermie C. today by a Reep woman, can we agree that it’s buh-bye Cain baby?

  65. It wouldn’t break my heart. NES, you were asking about this earlier:


  66. NES- I keep track of the OWS group closest to us- up in Erie, PA. There are two women who seem to be about my age or a little older holding the group to peaceful means. Their facebook page is very active and there are two young men (but in reality who knows what age or gender any of them are- it’s the web after all) Anyhoo- there are two young men who are constantly slipping in anarchist and communist references. So far the women have managed to politely knock them off those horses.
    The group is being tolerated by the city- but no more than that. The electricity to the gazebo they are occupying has been cut off- as it normally would be at the end of the tourist season- and the group is furious. They want free electricity.
    They DID go and protest at the mall- the message being buy local and support the little business owner not the mega corporations. Now THAT is worthwhile and a message I can back.
    Still- I will wait for them to go park themselves in front of the White House and Congress. If they ever collectively get it together enough to realize that “Wall Street” is NOT going to change their ways without laws being passed.

  67. Was a life long Republican here but left the party awhile back because in reality it left me. I support neither party now. However my votes tend to swing Republican still.
    Anyway NES I did not support OWS because they are protesting the wrong thing and they are too screwed up. Majority there do not really know what they are there for except to be a part of something big. All over I read about how they are destroying property, fighting, mooching, and in general a lawless group. This to me is dangerous.
    I support a persons right to protest and always will. I do not support a persons right to break the law, injure others or their property.
    Now if OWS had started as a group to protest DC and their taking bribes from big corporations and were setting about to end Congress and senate favoritism to big corporations and the ability to buy a elected officials vote I would be there with them.
    Going after corporations is not the answer going after the ones who have allowed corporations to run the country is right. These guys are after the wrong ones. Then it has expanded to where no one really has a reason to be there other then to protest what they are against. In other words too many causes turning it into one big clusterf***.
    Protesting corporate greed while begging for freebies of their stuff is senseless. If you do not like a corporation quite using their junk !
    If you are protesting corporations and unemployment at the same time you lost me there. How do you gain employment while taking down the employers ?
    I see anarchy in the OWS movement and it is growing. Anarchy is not a good thing and never has been.

  68. NES said

    On Mexican migrant issues too, I have the same experience with the prevalent opinion here (which is waaaay to the right of Rick Perry)…I’m practically a bleeding-heart on that issue by comparison with most here

    Ah the stories I could tell about illegal immigrants. First hand stories from a restaurant managers perspective. They are damn hard workers. And the majority I met knew how to game the social safety net system. To be fair I will say that “some” Americans could take work ethic lessons from them to the benefit of all.

  69. That’s the truth mom. There are lines of illegals willing to work in many farming areas. They do jobs for entire days that our spoiled kids wouldn’t do for an hour without texting and fast food.

    Roofs, mold removal, cattle ranching, farming and harvesting work, toilet cleaning and window washing – check. In the rural areas of Mexico, for example, there are men coming in from a long day in the fields with giant bags of fruit, etc. slung over each shoulder and their burros filled too. They then bring them to towns and sell them all night, just to go start picking early the next morning. I was so impressed by the workers in the state of Veracruz. They are poor but they work like the devil.

    They have no handouts. They work or starve. Guess they learn that a little hard work and busy hands are good for the soul. My father was an immigrant (Italian, came over at 14 years old) and he went right from farming there to construction here. He got a weekend job to make a few extra bucks and when it would snow he’d pace the floor like a bull till he could go back to work. Put three kids through college.

    They don’t make them like that anymore.

  70. “Right, Anthony, WJC thinks their strategy is off — that they should be leveraging politicians. But, he doesn’t think they’re crazy, shiftless, violent, thieves, bums.”

    Well, NES, neither do I, but I have been down there and unfortunately, its the unsavory element that greets you (and screens you) at every entrance.

    In the earliest days, I went downtown and saw people who looked like office workers in great clothes. That hit the news, and all of a sudden, the crowd’s appearance changed (maybe it was the busloads of people coming in from Canada via Michael Moore? Who knows….)

    I said all along that if they showed some direction and put their efforts where they needed to be (both sides of Pennsylvania Ave, not keeping people hostage in a convention center) I would support the movement.

    To date, OWS has shown no direction and has unfortunately allowed itself to be hijacked by what appear to be anarchists.

    I hope I cleared that up and you understand my opinion of OWS a little better now. RD is doing a good enough job of putting words in people’s mouths

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